Phil Ivey

Known as "The Tiger Woods of Poker", Phil Ivey is a professional poker player who is considered by some to be the best poker player in the world.


Born in 1976 in Riverside, California, his family moved to New Jersey when he was three months old. He first played poker with his grandfather when he was about 8 years old and by age 16 he was playing in local games for money. He used a fake ID with the name "Jerome Graham" to sneak into Atlantic City casinos at age 17. He earned the nickname "No Home Jerome" because he spent all of his time at the casino. Later on, when he became older enough to legally play in the casino, he told everyone his real name and apologized to them about saying that his name was Jerome.


With 8 WSOP bracelets, Ivey is currently tied with Erik Seidel for the 5th most of all-time.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
2000 $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha $195,000
2002 $2,500 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo $118,440
2002 $2,000 S.H.O.E. $107,540
2002 $1,500 7 Card Stud $132,000
2005 $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha $635,603
2009 $2,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball $96,367
2009 $2,500 Omaha Hi/Lo / 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo $220,538
2010 $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. $329,840

WSOP - Main Event finishes

He placed in the top 25 four times between the 2002 and 2009, finishing 23rd in 2002, 10th in 2003 (one place short of the final table), 20th in 2005 and 7th in 2009 (his A-K lost to Darvin Moon's A-Q). This is a very impressive accomplishment considering the size of the fields during these years.

World Poker Tour

Ivey has also made 9 final tables on the WPT. His biggest win came in 2008 during the sixth season at the LA Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino where Ivey won the $1,596,000 first prize. Prior to this he had made 7 WPT final tables without a win. He has lost several of these events by being eliminated while holding the same hand each time, A-Q.

Other tournaments

In 2005, Ivey won the $1 million first prize at the Monte Carlo Millions tournament. The next day, Ivey won another $600,000 for finishing first at "The FullTiltPoker.Net Invitational Live from Monte Carlo" against six tough opponents - Phil Hellmuth, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, Dave Ulliott, and John Juanda. In 2005, Ivey was named Bluff Magazine's 2005 Player of the Year.

High stakes cash games

Ivey plays in some of the highest-stakes cash games in the world. He is a regular participant in the "Big Game", a $4,000-$8,000 mixed game at the Bellagio in Las Vegas where you can win or lose over a million dollars in a single night. He has said that he prefers cash games over tournaments because he prefers to play against the best players in the world all the time. It also helps that he can make more in a cash game session than a first-place finish in a tournament. He has also said he quit playing tournaments because it didn't bother him to lose and that he has actually played in tournaments where he dumped his chips just so he could play in a side game.

In 2006, he played heads-up Limit Texas Hold'em versus Texas billionaire Andy Beal. With stakes at $25,000/$50,000, Ivey won over $16 million over the course of three days. Ivey was representing "The Corporation", a group of professional poker players who pooled their money and took turns playing against Beal.

According to online databases which keep track of the cash winnings of online players, Ivey played in games with limits up to $500-$1000 no-limit and $2000-$4000 limit and earned $1.99 million on FullTilt in 2007, $7.34 million in 2008, and $6.33 million in 2009.


Ivey is part of the design team for Full Tilt Poker. He can often be found playing online at Full Tilt.

Ivey resides in Las Vegas. In December 2009 Ivey and his wife, Luciaetta, filed for divorce after seven years of marriage.

Earlier in his career Ivey had not been completely comfortable being known as the "The Tiger Woods of poker," saying that "Tiger is the best at his game. I'm not there, yet".

As of 2009, Ivey has 7 bracelets, 36 WSOP cashes, and total live tournament winnings exceeding $12,800,000.


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phil we need to talk business and i dont know how to reach you exactly so heres my email [email][/email] you of all people should know time is money so get back to me asap.


gimmethemoney on September 23, 2010

Ivey has a personality you just don't see it at the table cuz he's focused. And if you really think moon is better than ivey you are just ignorant. Even moon himself said if we have to play poker im in trouble. O and ivey didn't have enough chips to do anything but AI at the ft. so get off his di ck haters!

blake317 on June 3, 2010

After just watching the final table again on TV, it became apparant that Ivey is not a superior NLH tournament player..his game is based soley on the all-in bet, and using his bank roll(lack of concern about $10,000 buy-in)to put pressure on others who have concern about the money.

To many people pay him too much respect in these tournaments, because they don't have enough heart.

Darvin Moon has at least an equal amount of heart, if not more, and abetter disposition for NLH tournaments!

????? on January 2, 2010

Simple fact....Mr. Moon has played one (1) live major tournament, and finished second to a *&#@-out this point, his record is superior
to all others.

????? on December 30, 2009

Originally Posted by ????? View Post
Moon's record is superior to Ivey's.Moon has only played in one major live tournament, and finished second to a shit-out artist....that he out played!
LOL are you really trying to argue w/ me by saying Darvin Moon is a better poker player than Phil Ivey? You could line up Darvin himself, all his family, and his 10 best friends, and not one single person would agree w/ you. I'm going to stop commenting on your posts b/c you are obviously making stupid posts just to piss people off. I just wish someone would ban you, you contribute nothing to this place and the majority of your posts are vulgar and offensive.

VA Poker on December 27, 2009

Moon's record is superior to Ivey's.Moon has only played in one major live tournament, and finished second to a shit-out artist....that he out played!

????? on December 26, 2009

Originally Posted by ????? View Post
He mucked a winning hand, not realizing he had a flush...this guy had his chance, and doesn't have another one coming his way...Mr Moon should have won the thing, but that's the way the cards fall sometimes....he played bign stack poker, just like Raymer, but was unlucky that another player made mistake after mistake, and sh**out three times, and then won the thing....that clown should stick to the internet heads up action, not main events!
Another great post by mr angry question mark man. Yeah, you're right... Moon is way better than Ivey. Ivey isn't even in the same league as Moon. I guess you forgot how Ivey got eliminated? I'm pretty sure your boy Moon called an utg shove with AQ and hit a 3 outer. Who cares about that stupid flush thing where he mucked the winning hand. It was a tiny pot and it wasn't even at the final table

VA Poker on December 8, 2009

He mucked a winning hand, not realizing he had a flush...this guy had his chance, and doesn't have another one coming his way...Mr Moon should have won the thing, but that's the way the cards fall sometimes....he played bign stack poker, just like Raymer, but was unlucky that another player made mistake after mistake, and sh**out three times, and then won the thing....that clown should stick to the internet heads up action, not main events!

????? on December 7, 2009

mr. question mark man,
Are you really talking bad about Phil Ivey? He already won two bracelets this WSOP, to make a total of 7, and now he is in the final table of the main event with 6k+ runners. Everything you ever post here is extremely negative and nonsensical.

VA Poker on October 12, 2009

We'll see whath is excuse is if he busts out in nov 2009 main event final table...With over $8,000,00 at stake, he can BS all he wants..ther is no cash game to take its place!

????? on October 9, 2009

You hit the nail on the head,but most folks don't know that Antonius is one bad dude,doesn't get the ink he deserves,Ivey always says he busts out on purpose to play cash games,yea right.

headlessman1964 on March 3, 2008

The Match I was referring to was the Aussie Millions Invitational a NL Hold'em tournament which is structured as a "Cash Game." ... All money on the table is real Australlian Money. Ivey bet blindly in Antonious with a pair of 2s and lost big time. Also, the time I saw him in the Belagio he was playing the big "cash" game.

Drew1000 on June 19, 2007

do you mean a limit tournament?

HPG ADMIN on June 18, 2007

The Aussie Millions Invitational is structured as a cash game

Drew1000 on June 18, 2007

he is a cash game player, not a tournament player. He has stated in magazines that it is better for him to bust out early so he can play the cash games.

HPG ADMIN on June 17, 2007

I just watched Ivey get blown out of the Aussie Millions Invitational by Antonius, all the while Konik and Hopkins raving how he is the GREATEST player of our time. Ivey blows it everytime we see him on TV. Why does everyone set out to prove Ivey is the best when time after time he proves he's not. Cut the Bullshit out about this overrated ATM machine!!!

Drew1000 on June 16, 2007

Best All-Around player on the planet. Just about every major professional players endorse him.

ChipsO'Tooles on February 26, 2007

guy can play but has the least personality of anyone on circuit,,what a bore,yawn

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

He reminds me of a pool player 30 yrs ago called Delaware Dog"
he would run the first 7 or 8 balls in 9 ball, then drive the 8 or 9 straight into the rail.

Ivey is a dog....and Tiger isn't...Ivey's no Tiger!

????? on October 4, 2006

that's just bad luck - it is like people who play 10-2 because brunson won 2 WSOP titles with it.

HPG ADMIN on September 26, 2006

He hasnt had a victory at a wpt event because he keeps playing ace q

undertaker on September 26, 2006

he is a vrry good poker player. i wish he could win at the wpt finale tables he has had a appred 6 times but has not won one yet!!!! but still is great

extremekaratekid on August 27, 2006

Hands down the best holdem player in the game today! No Question!

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Best player in the world today hands down.

jarrel on July 25, 2006

this is my cousin cut him some slack he is a hard workin man cause he is the tiger woods of poker

liljeff09 on July 25, 2006

Tiger Woods my ass

????? on October 31, 2005

You'll find them at "fulltiltpoker" poker site. IMO its a pretty average place to play and the pros are rarely ever on. I only once saw Andy Bloch playing at a 5-10 limit table and he made a few hundred before leaving. If you aren't a "real money" player u cant use the chat facility, so u cant chat to the players if they are playing. Still nothing stopping you from watching quietly. Oh, and i think they just use their full names e.g. Andy Bloch

The Joker on August 31, 2005

Hey guys, I was intersted in watching ivey and ferguson and the rest of the guys online. What are there names and what is the best way for me to find them playing online to spectate.

TMAGolfer on August 30, 2005

How many times has Ivey been wrecked with Ace Queen in his pocket.. Just fold that hand Phil and you'd be one of the best of all time. I've counted 7 times he has been wrecked with AQ up against a pair or Big Slick

Timbo on August 24, 2005

he's been prahlad friedman lately heads up on Full Tilt, he's probably taken like $100K from Prahlad over the last week.

ill Fivey on August 24, 2005

Phil Ivey is clearly one of the premire no limit players in the game, he is willing to put all his chips in at any given time, not only that he is impossible to get a read on not just by the new players but by the best pros in the world, he is clearly a force at the table and is my favorite player good luck in 05

JMP14 on August 24, 2005

ahh he must be soo great; i saw him yesterday, losing 50grand in less than a hour, no joke!!

Unregistered on August 24, 2005

Yo Ivey,What up dog. It's phil Blum and Brian Goetz from the telemarketing days at CDG in N.B It has been a long time from Goetz's kitchen table where I use to take your cash. Shoot me an email so we can catch up. Peace Bro

phil.blum on August 23, 2005

he's the damn best pokerpro in the the world! he can read his opponents like he reads a book!

expert on August 23, 2005

Yo that kat Phil Ivey is a beast...... He has ice water pumping through his veins. I have never seen someone so calm, cool, and collect before in my life. Keep up the good work homey you are doing your thang.

smitty on August 23, 2005

interesting hearing people saying that Ivey isn´t good... very interesting... but I know some people who don´t think Ali was a good boxer, Pele good´in soccer and Michael jordan in basketball... I guess that´s how it is when one is the best, there will always be idiots complaining.... LOL

CHL on August 21, 2005

Phil Ivey is my favorite player because he doesnt stick to one style of play.

daniel on August 16, 2005

Phil, if you read this I want you to know i really admire your talent and modesty. Email me

daniel on August 16, 2005

Id really love to play a game with you and im sure my friends would to. Im 14 and live in San Francisco. If youre ever in town email me please. [email][/email]

daniel on August 16, 2005

and to all of those of you who are criticizing Phil's playing. Save it for when you could even compare to him.

daniel on August 16, 2005

Does anyone know Phil's birth date?

Tom on August 16, 2005

"Posted by: interested on Jul 31, 2005 - IP= whats this guys online name"

all the pros on full tilt's screenname r theyre actuall names,chris fergusons screenname is chris ferguson, phil iveys is phil ivey, i watched him play in a cash game online yestarday

JetsFan315 on August 15, 2005

I doubt any of you have even seen Phil Ivey .. fu cking idiots

Jason on August 15, 2005

check out on Full Tilt Poker NOW on the Kennedy 6 $50/$100 NL Hold'Em Phil is playing on itthats so cool

JetsFan315 on August 14, 2005

"Posted by: toronto shark on Aug 11, 2005 - IP= phil ivey's overrated yo...he's never won a major tourny"

so many pros have never won a Major tournament like TJ Cloutier, Eric Sidel, Amir Vahedi, Dave Ulliot, and Phil Gordon. plus he has won 5 WSOP Bracelets, lets see u do that and win one against AMARILLO SLIM

JetsFan315 on August 13, 2005

Phil Ivey is amazing. I would like to play a Live tournement with him, just to see how long it would take for him to take me out. Hes aggressive but hes smart. Most of his reads are dead on and he will stay on top of the poker world for a long time. Somewhere in the future he will win the a huge tournement like the Main Event.

JBegz on August 13, 2005

phil ivey you are my favorite poker player of all time... you need to write a book...i want to be like you when i grow are my hero...if u get this try to email me [email][/email]

airjohnny1023 on August 11, 2005

Yeah ur the best reader in the world. I bet u every time he does that. ur the smartest person alive. i guess if u ever went aginst phil u would win every time. No wonder Phil wins all the time. He is just that easy to read. U friggin idiot.

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

phil ivey's overrated yo...he's never won a major tourny

toronto shark on August 9, 2005

i picked up your tell after watching you play last night on espn phil when you make your hand or have the nuts you look at your opponent but when your on a draw or are bluffing you have the crackhead look your looking at the flop or looking everywhere else

Unregistered on August 3, 2005

Phil is a great son to have and to cherish. He plays in the big $400-$800 Go Fish game in Atlantic City.

Tyrone Ivey on August 1, 2005

this guy is wicked now ask yourself whos the mack

ice cube on August 1, 2005

whats this guys online name

interested on July 28, 2005

phil can you tell the people at full tilt to have a phone card purchase option to make deposits so i can play on there thats the only reaason im playing on party poker if you guys had the same deposit option i would play on full tilt plus you guys have better merchandise to redeem points with thanks

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

phil loved the full tilt tv commercial you should have one with john juanda calmly scooping a pot and a player cussing like crazy you guys should have more commercials and tournaments like that where EVERY hand is televised also you must have paid real players to appear in them because most of them do look like that in a bricks and mortar casino

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

that might be your dream but sorry, u will just lose trying, phil is good and will be at finAL tables but theres no hope for u buddy, with the millions play now it would be a miracle.

good luck buddy on July 17, 2005

ivey finished 20th in the wsop main event earning him $304,680.

Unregistered on July 14, 2005

This guy is my idol. I hope and aspire to become a professional poker champion like Phil Ivey. My ultimate dream is to make it to a final table of a WPT or WSOP event with Phil sitting right next to me. I would be in awe of his every move.

Unregistered on July 14, 2005

ivey and matosow final 2 ivey will win it

twhacker on July 13, 2005

Hope above didnt bet to much on that :)

Zack on July 13, 2005

Phil Ivey was eliminated today. What a shame.

Ahmed on July 13, 2005

ivey wasnt eliminated hes in 2nd place

jjay on July 13, 2005

7:05pm--The room has again been shocked beyond belief. Odds-on favorite since Raymer's departure, Phil Ivey, has been eliminated, getting every one of his chips in with JJ vs. KK. All the money went in preflop. The flop was Kxx two diamonds. Another diamond on the turn gave Ivey more outs, but they didn't come. Ivey is gone.

Ahmed on July 13, 2005

i know phil finished betweeb 27 - 10th place but im not sure eactly where in that range...can someone post the correct placement and payout please. i was rooting for the man to take home the bracelet again this year...

ihaveyoubeat on July 13, 2005

Yo English Cat...hit me up through email if you'd like. Dont know Phil Ivey, but he is the best out there right now and my all time favorite. I have something that would like to give him. So email me if you'd like. Would love to send it. Its Nice.

Moy/Bboy Moy/Moy on July 12, 2005

What u dont realise is that u can earn big money in poker tournaments, like over half a million just for a 10k buy-in for example. Ivey is currently in the top 10 of the final 60 at the wsop main event, and could easily receive a 1 million dollar payout or better just for a $10,000 buy-in amount. Thats a pretty damn good return, and only comes about through poker skill and yes, some luck as well. So he may not do well at cash games, which u can easily lose thousands in one hit, but he's an excellent tournament player and can sustain a living making tournament final tables. You see the difference now?

To Frenchy on July 12, 2005

Phil is going to win the WSOP 2005 and the big 7.5 mil pay out no doubt. He has like 2 million chips and he knows how to knock people out with those chips. GO PHIL GO PHIL GO GO GO!!!

GoPhilGoPhil on July 12, 2005

phil ivey is now 2nd chip leader with 27 players left. He is by far the best player left in the tournament anything less than 1st will be a shame

slrmclarrenballer on July 12, 2005

I started playing poker in AC (Taj Mahal) in 1998 and I used to see Phil Ivey play during 98-99. I never saw him get up with a rack of chips when he left; He would always lose. This is confirmed in the book "Aces and Kings" via Cindy Olivette who says he was just "experimenting." According to that book, he only had one job ( a telemarketing job for 3weeks) his whole life. How does someone without a solid job history or education get the money to lose at poker? Its obvious to any reasonable person he's a trust fund baby. Even the live game he play at the Bellagio is all against the same people, thus, half will lose and half will win all the time, so he isn't earning money (winning more money than you lose) while playing live games. He's no different than all those other dopes in AC. How come he doesn't allow a reporter to follow him around for a year to document his loses? Poker is not a profession and its not a sport, its gambling, and Phile Ivey loses more than he wins, just like every other gambler!

Frenchy on July 11, 2005

As his sister i never read these comments because some of them are mean and nasty, however thank you all for the support and wonderful things you have said about him. As for those who dont like him, you dont know him, he is one of the best people I know

Chey on July 10, 2005

this guy is amazing, the best no limit poker player ou there, u will here of him as the greatest.

hoopznut on July 10, 2005

Phil Ivery - Wsop 2005 All The Way Baby! U Can Do It! Show All Those Ultimatebet Satellite-winning Fat Fucks How Its Done!

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

how good is ivy?? a great pro like greenstein notices he isnt in a pl omaha and wakes him up becauce he is one of the worlds best. so what does he do? wins the whole thing thats pretty amazing in my book. the best say hes the best

loveland on July 7, 2005

Phil Ivey is very impressive. If you had the tv on of an event he is playing in and turned it on to mute, you'd never knew if he was the chip leader or the short stack. I think that says a lot. He always has that look and demeanor no matter what is going on around him.

MikeyEyesMG on July 7, 2005

and slim, forgot about him

JetsFan315 on July 6, 2005

who dosent love the dark meat! slurp

lecherious monk on July 6, 2005

Barry Greenstein and Howard Lederer both say he's one of the top 5 players in the world, if not THE best all-around player.

Uchiha_Itake on July 6, 2005

he was on the wsop tv on tuesday because he plays poker good or some thing yea ok bye all u nice ppl well tata

cool kid 1 on July 3, 2005

phil is a GREAT poker player. he is so intimidating, how he stares ppl down. and he is really aggressive too. but to call him the greatest, i dont know. i think the greatest is beetween Ungar,Brunson,Chan, and Hellmuth

JetsFan315 on July 3, 2005

Matt is that you dawg? You had me beat last time we played!

Phil Ivey on June 18, 2005

Yeah Phil, but you played a decent game, I mean it's like some of these fine gentlemen were saying above you shove your cards in too much.

Matt on June 18, 2005

Well, you were supposed to give me another lesson.

Phil Ivey on June 18, 2005

Yeah dude, wait till I get some time, and I'll show you something about pot odds etc...

Matt on June 18, 2005

Best player alive in the world. Best players of all time list: 1. Stu Ungar (had the best instincts in the world)2. Phil Ivey (2nd already, may pass Ungar some day) 3. Phil Hellmuth (already 3rd, is going to hold many WSOP records for a long time once Chan and Dolly are gone, unless Ivey takes that over shortly)(really annoying though) 4. Doyle Brunson (the legend, began the way we play poker and is still playing great poker, WPT title, WSOP title for 2005) 5. Chau Giang (great in cash games, actually the BEST)*Daniel Negreanu is hot right now, but I need to see more of him to pass these greats. However, his world series has been terrible from what I hear. I would rate him in the top 10.I can't see how anyone could exclude Ivey from the "GREATS" list.

greatwhite on June 18, 2005

It's nice to know there are so many people here who are apparently better than Phil. Because, I see a lot of comments about his flaws. Obviously he's better than anyone here unless we have a pro on the board.

Matt on June 17, 2005

phil ivey got a rugrat's hey arnold head, hahaha

Unregistered on June 14, 2005

hands down one of the best 10,000 players in the tournament(and foxwoods)

one of the best for sure on June 14, 2005

Phil's the coolest player on the circuit, but far from the best.

Phil Ivey on June 6, 2005

Could very well be the MOST overrated player on the circuit!

Unregistered on June 6, 2005

Dirk he would clean u out. You would have no fucking chance whatsoever.

Observer on June 1, 2005

Is Phil Mexican? His skin-tone is that of a Hispanic person. I know he ain't no thug. I think his dad is white and his mom is Mexican. I might be wrong. Peace out PD Stud King

Paul Darden on May 31, 2005

If I was gonna copy a guys game it would definelty be phil ivey, he is one of the most solid players out there

G Unit41 on May 30, 2005

He is a pretty good player but he plays to tight at time. I good take him! HAHA

Dirk Diggler on May 30, 2005

Phil is a very great player..< Keep it up and watch out for me in the future>

Brendan Kelly on May 29, 2005

Phil Ivey is THE BEST poker player you can find. He is impossible to read and he took my stupid ass out at the 2003 world series of poker. When he gives you that stare you know your fucked, and he plays 7 fucking 2 offsuit like they are aces. GODDAMN. He deserves to win this 2005 world series of fucking poker. I love the guy.

Nick/NickBigDick on May 29, 2005

I love this guy - he's my idol! Seeing him sit at the table with his baggy football shirt and jeans, listening to headphones, playing his game. It's just so cool!

Observer on May 26, 2005

good tourney player but a huge disappointment at cash games. Needs a lot of work before he'll ever turn a profit at cash games.

Chip Reese on May 25, 2005

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I really hope i meet that bitch Moneymaker again this year so i can kick his fat ass back to hicktown.

Phil Ivey on May 16, 2005

i like to see phil beat moneymakers ass

irishfeen on May 15, 2005

i think phil ivy is the best poker player ever

leeky on May 10, 2005

One of the top 1000 players in Atlantic City.

loser on May 10, 2005

too white, looks and acts like me, awkward and doesn't carry himself with any degree of soul. ghetto pass revoked. beeeeeeeeeeiatch.

whitebread chickenshit mutha fukka on May 10, 2005

Phil will be around playin great poker for a long time.

jambees on May 5, 2005

Hey Phil..It's Tom G.'s sister...we worked at CDG together. Just wanted to say hello. Say hi to Lucietta. She can drop me an email at [email][/email]. Hope all is well...Keep Winning!!

Lisa G on April 30, 2005

sonic, even if ivey didnt take that bad beat and won the hand, it is likely moneymaker would have make the final table. moneymaker would still have been third or fourth in the chip count. you could have included him in your hypothetical final table.

Unregistered on April 29, 2005

stop hating on ivey. till that day y'all can play better then him then talk shit. he's probably got more $ then y'all so shut the f*ck up

phil ivey on April 26, 2005

saw him in vegas playing the 2005 wpt. theres something about him . phil if your reading this i saw u at bellagio and you smiled at me.

kaligirl on April 26, 2005

that's what i've been saying that moneymaker had to get lucky or phil ivey would have dominated the final table at the 2003 wsop. Grey, Pak, Benvinisti, Lester all play too tight and would get pushed around by Phil. Singer, Vahedi, and Farha would all bluff off all their chips to Phil. Only Dan Harrington would pose a serious threat to Phil Ivey at that table.

sonic83244 on April 26, 2005

phil is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is he single?

Unregistered on April 25, 2005

if moneymaker didn't get lucky, phil would have won.

Big F Nasty on April 25, 2005

he's tall, good looking, and plays good poker. what more can u ask for? he's hot. i'll be yours anytime baby.

phil's future girl on April 25, 2005

Phil Ivey has burst onto the poker scene the last couple of years and is now considered one of the top poker players in the world and many people consider him to be the future of the game. Although he is often referred to as the "Tiger Woods" of poker, it is a name he is somewhat uncomfortable with. "Tiger is the best at his game. I'm not there, yet" says Phil. He is only 27 years old but has been playing poker professionally for 10 years. He is a highly-focused and very consistent player who often places high in the money in a lot of the tournaments he plays in. Phil finished 10th in the 2003 World Series of Poker. The only reason he didn't finished better was because Chris Moneymaker made higher full-house on the river to beat him. Originally from California but living in Atlantic City, he is a strong seven card stud player in addition to being a strong No Limit player, as evidenced by his win at the 2002 World Series of Poker and his placement at the final table in the 2003 event.

Dirk Diggler on April 24, 2005

I've beaten Phil before.... in a video game... :-\

tasha on April 17, 2005

He Reminds Me of my game ,if he keeps playing like me he's gonna do fine

xoffshorex on April 12, 2005

Phill ur gonna do great this year at the WSOP2005 best of luck buddy

Headdribbler on April 12, 2005

so dick, are you just nervous cos he'd steal ur chips at the table or jealous cos he has 4 WSOP bracelets and u don't???

Unregistered on April 11, 2005

Watching him he looks like just stole yout grand dad's cadillac..........probably has a prision record and we know he has an IQ of about 60.

Joe Dick on April 9, 2005

I saw the"Golden Boy Ivey" get his ass kicked at full tilt poker, on about 30 hands in a row. Hats off to the tiger woods of poker

ass kicking on April 2, 2005

Ivey is truly a fine player. I know I said a lot of things about him in the past but thats in the past. I have sen him play and it's on another levle.

sammy the brick on March 12, 2005

yall are fucked up because phil is the best poker player today

Unregistered on March 5, 2005

Phil Ivy, the Tiger Woods of poker.

statement on March 3, 2005

pighead- greg raymer omg are you serios you think greg raymer is better than phil ivey your a dumbass. also iveyfan i have to agree with him again vampyre is kinda messed up

ZAM on March 2, 2005

Half of you people that post on here apparently aren't smart enough to speak in proper English so how can you talk shit about one of the world's best poker players? I hate all this talk about how he should quit playing a/q because he keeps running into pocket kings. Do you know what the odds are that at a smaller table your opponent will be holding pocket kings? It's not 50% as some poster said. Ace queen is a very strong hand short handed so get off his back. He's aggressive, and it's that aggressiveness that has got him where he is today. If any of you people think you're that brilliant I'd love to play with you because I don't think half of you have played poker in your life. I play at pokerroom as badbeat3333 and at as badbeat33. I would welcome most of you idiots to play with me. It's not as easy when you can't see someone else's hole cards. . .

you morrons on February 28, 2005

greg raymer is so much better

pighead on February 27, 2005

i hope i have the honor to share the table with you someday

kyle on February 27, 2005

Phil defines a professional.

Potential just means you aint done it yet on February 24, 2005

watch out phil, your bankroll is mine. LA slick

tiger woods on February 20, 2005

im sick of hearing everyone dog on phil bout over playing ace queen. everyone has a favorite hand they like to play. some poeple love seeing J7, or KT. if thats the hand phil likes to play, let him play, specially since none of these posters have ever been in as many major tournaments and been as successful as ivey, quit doggin his game and go get your own

Jarod/jardo02/jardo02 on February 19, 2005

the tiger woods of poker

kev on February 17, 2005

very original kev...did u just make that up?

iveyfan05 on February 17, 2005

This kid is as old as most of us and he is a pro. Dont knock him for being good and u wanna be that way.

PHIL IVEY RULES on February 14, 2005

there are only two players people want to see go head to head on TVPhil and the Devil...

englishgent on February 13, 2005

Phil Ivey is one of my favoirte poker players and is one of the best in the world

Tony Restuccia on February 13, 2005

And the reason why you don't see Phil Ivey winning a whole lot of tournaments is because he doesn't play a whole lot of tournament. He said in an article in Card Player Magazine that when he hears about a tournament he often declines because there are cash games where he knows he can make more money. His t.v results don't do him justice. And his reputation is based on talent and not skin color sympathy.

Nuts2callU on February 11, 2005

Who is this guy who played with Ivey at the final table and is criticizing him for playing pp too much? This post isn't about you and you know why? Because you are a nobody. It's when they stop talking about you that you turn into a nobody. Phil is a supurb poker talent with amazing discipline and self control

Nuts2callU on February 11, 2005

phil ivey is an agressive player, and the best defense is attacking, i won one hand against him, he had trip 6 on the flop, i had flush draw ace 3 clubs, he check i bet 4000$ he calls, i check again he checks on the turn. on the river i bet 12000$, he reraise me i thought he had full house , so i just call

lotbou on February 9, 2005

"... amature players insulting phil iveys game..."dude, im not insulting him..... he's one of ma fav. players since ive seen him on WPT..... its that he should've been more agressive, but how can u be agressive against gus hansen?

LOB on February 5, 2005

Uh..for all those trashing Ivey..he's probably the best cash game player on the scene. He's probably made well over 10 million in the last few months alone. The guy logs between 50-90 hours per week at the 4-8K tables at the Bellagio and doesn't lose often. He is sick. He seems to be concentrating more on cash games than toruney's but then who can blame him when he probably takes hom more in 8 hours play than he could in 3 days play at a tourney.

Chuckeybuckets on February 3, 2005

Its amazing to me these amature players insulting phil Iveys game the guy won three world series braclets in one year. I would love to see the players that insult his game do that. These are the guys who dump off all there money at the online casinos. They watch him play ten hands of poker on tv and think they know what kind of a player he is. Beleive me Phil would love to play any of you fishies and take your money and shut your mouth.

Unregistered on February 2, 2005

anybody who doesnt think Phil Ivey is a good player does not understand the game its amazing how bad the average poker player is and how badly people misunderstand the game of no limit hold em.

Unregistered on February 2, 2005

no he just beats the biggest cash games in vegas on a regular basis...

iveyfan05 on January 31, 2005

he's good, but doesn't do well on poker superstars invintational

LOB on January 30, 2005

This is the type of guy who makes millions at casinos in cash games. However sadly as the the total number entrees into the wsop increases the odds of him winning a main event bracelet goes down. This guy has more money than any of you think.

Have to be in it to win it on January 17, 2005

Ivey has killer instincts and is better then any of you will ever be.

Hellmuth99 on January 13, 2005

dont badmouth ivey, he's the most emotionless player ive ever seen and he makes reads i cant believe, you say he got lucky on the turn in the WSOP i say he got unlucky and was bad beat, he had the cards and Moneymaker got lucky thats all there is to it, unlike other poker players he didnt run off screaming and cussing he shook MM hand and that was that, Money Maker and this new fossil fag are really nobodies and get lucky on draws.

poker guy on January 9, 2005

psychic theyll make good poker player cause they could read ppl. phill ivey cool cause he dont complain and cry like some pros like phil hellmuth little cry baby. take the loss like man not like a little baby

bruce on January 8, 2005

God damn moneymaker! He is sooooo lucky. Phil should be crowned king of poker!! You da man PHIL, you da MAN.

Papa Lewy on January 5, 2005

he bet 500 dollers that he would win in golf which he never played before!

someone on January 5, 2005

all these pros they all sucs they just got lot of money to play with.

bruce on January 4, 2005

saying that phil ivey cant compete in tourneys???? i admit hes had a run of bad luck , but hes killing em in cash games ..every pro fears ivey,,gus is a great player but heads up calling the winner would be hard ..if they played 100 times it would be like 50/50...saying ivey is one of the best ever is premature...hes a great pro no doubt, but time will tell on how great he will be

iveyfan05 on January 3, 2005

I am 16 and i just started playing poker a lot more and i am winning a good bit. I have got a lot of my style from Phil Ivey. I really likes the way he plays. All i can say is Phil Ivey is the MAN!

Poker-Kid on January 1, 2005

Hes a good cash game player but if you see him in single player tournaments against the best he really cant compete(WSOP TOC, FSN Poker Superstars) This kid is considered to be one of the best ever, while Gus Hansen is considered by some to be a joke. Gus is smarter player with more heart then Ivey and i would back him over Ivey any day of the week.

td8118 on December 28, 2004

Classy player and big tipper.A credit to poker.Go Philly!!

Warwick Cotterill on December 22, 2004

I played with phil in a big cash game last night. Ted Forrest was there too, and Dan Negreanu. Oh wait it was actually mommy, daddy, and scuba steve pretending to be them.

pocket7s on December 22, 2004

Phil I think that you play the game very well.Youare one of the world's best poker players.I love to see you play.I would like to play you head up.I know2005 you would win the worldseries ,good job! (N.C)

babygirl34 on December 22, 2004

People on this site have just watched espn or wpt and are just repeating what they see.The true sign of a class poker player i my opinion are "cash games".People who play at the high limits and can cut it are the real players.Phil Ivey is certainly one of them.As is Doyle(obviously)jennifer,daniel,chip reese,chau guiang,oppenheim,ted forrest,greenstein.TV stars such as Esfandiari,Fischman,Boyd would go bust playing in the biggest games.Esfandiari plays 80-160,now thats not world class.

nick berg on December 10, 2004

Phil plays great and I think he will make many final tables for many years to come... Good luck in 05

Can I get another 9 on December 5, 2004

OMG is Philly D (below a couple posts) is he on drugs?? Phil Ivey playing 100k 200k holdem!!?? You are retarded.Do you really think he has a 10 mil bankroll to play with? Get back to reality son.

Dustin dustin3406 on December 1, 2004

I would like to see Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey go head to head. That would be the most interesting match that I have ever seen.

Chad on November 30, 2004

this is justin noceda from Alabama I think your great but not at golf

jnoceda on November 30, 2004

Phil ivey does NOT play 100k/200k holdem.Ive seen him play personally seen him play in a 4000/8000 mixed game tho.A texas billionaire has wanted to take all the top vegas pros on individually heads up for 100k/200k,and they dont have the bankroll to do it.

warwick cotterill on November 28, 2004

No-one starts off playing poker at 50/100.Unless they have made money out of other ventures/inherited and are stupid.

warick cotterill on November 28, 2004

Phil Ivey hasbeen my idle for many years because he is the best therre is

Pkrmaniac9 on November 28, 2004

Phil Ivey is freaking NASTY!! I hear he makes a killing playing poker and then loses it playing craps

rob on November 27, 2004

in response to PhillyD, let me make it knonwn that phil ivey never "moved up" to 50/100 hold 'em. He started there, and he "moved up" to 100k/200k hold em'. thats where the real money comes in

PhillyD is wrong on November 27, 2004

heres the deal phil ivey is one of the top 10 players in the world..somebody posted that hes a boring player?? if winning crazy cash is boring than count me in..he plays the nuts and plays them well..if any of these negative posters played him head to head you would be broke inside of 1o minutes..i dont think hes the best player out there, but defenitley one of them... good luck in 05 ivey

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

Phil ivey played an english player by the name of joe beevers(a memeber of the hendon mob)in a heads up match and got beaten.The competition was four heads up matches britain vs USA,USA won there other 3 matches but phil ivey got beat!!!.visit [url][/url] to read about it.

true brit on November 22, 2004

like how phil thinks alot in the game with no emotion..knows how to keep his cool even in a bad beat..true poker player

richardeum on November 22, 2004

Yea thats a good idea to play Phil heads up... you better hope y'all are only playin for nickels and dimes cause he'll KILL you

I'm sure on November 21, 2004

phil ivy is the best poker player ever! ask any one he kills he will win nexted years main event

jake on November 18, 2004

dude, phive if your reading this i wanna play you head to head sometime...

Nealis on November 17, 2004

I wish I were this good because then I wouldn't have to work anymore and life would be smooth... It must be nice to just sit around and do things you love to do all day... I suck at poker

PHIL IS GREAT on November 16, 2004

He got his gambling money playing low limits and built his bank role by being a great player.(or maybe from crime like other black men his age)

pete gibbons on November 15, 2004

yeh phil is good but the best player is marcel luske

Michael Pelletier on November 15, 2004

Where did Phil get his gambling stake from.. Everyone else seems to be a self made DOT com exec

winner again on November 5, 2004

gabe you are severly mistaken, ivey was ahead preflop...last time i checked 9's are a slight favorite against ace queen not a "HUGE underdog."

texasKINGS on November 2, 2004

This guy's got some steel nads in NL poker. An admirable player.

Chad on November 2, 2004

no offence but hes easy to read im gonna be the next phil ivey

BCpokerBoy on October 31, 2004

LOL he's easy to read... thats a good one

hahahah on October 31, 2004

Having watched him play several times... I think his tourney game still needs some work (much less than mine of course). But ask Larry Flint or anyone else who plays in the $1,000-$2,000 at the Hustler and they'll tell you what a shark he is. I've seen him stacked about $200K - $250K at that damn game.

Scuba_Groves on October 26, 2004

Yo, I've seen Phil Ivey on a couple of tournaments on TV. From what I hear he is sick in cash games. Could Phil himself, or one of his cousins please give me his email address, or some sort of contact. I'm trying to Interview an upcoming poker star and from what I have seen/heard he is one of the best. Thanks :)

MeiKiller on October 24, 2004

anyone who disagrees wit me dont know their poker fo real yoif ya dont believe hes da bomb then you a foo!peace

werddawg on October 20, 2004

ivey is the best poker player everdont be a hatathere never has been and never will be a better playa than my dawg phil iveyhes da BEST

werddawg on October 19, 2004

I have never seen a better poker player... if anyone disagrees I'd like to see you sit down with him... Just because you won some 10 dollar internet tournament doesn't mean you can hang with a guy who wins millions a year playin the best guys in the world. So stop talkin shit because unless you are Brunson, Ledderer or Dan Harrington

Ivey's Possey on October 17, 2004

Wus Up Phil You Are The King Of Poker But I Dont Know About Your Golf Game But I Got Some Tips So Hit Me Back With A Email Alright Jball Out !!!!!

JUSTIN/J-DOGG04/BALLGOLF2 on October 16, 2004

Yeah maybe Ivey is good but Hellmuth is the funnest player to watch on tv i mean its hilarious when he complains about people playing BS hands and beating him, and he's usually right too, i've never seen a guy get so unlucky, he should win every time he's one of the best players, way better than ivey.

DarkTremor(pokerstars) on October 14, 2004

Jr where are you? Call me up, its your cousin Tom in NJ.

Tom G on October 13, 2004

Has Got Game.and If He Gets Some Cards To Play With........look Out

raul on October 7, 2004

keep winning that money phil its toms cousin

Frank Geivelis on October 7, 2004

Phil about as average a player as you can get..!!..on a 0--10-scale.i,ll give the guy a 6..because..he,s better then a 5..!!

Jim Lane/T4Tex./hillcreek123 on October 6, 2004

he is a good player,alligator blood.

Lizandro on September 29, 2004

Question?Surely when it comes to playing and winning in poker(side games)its all about the people you are playing against.Why do the likes of ivey,harmon,brunson,negreanu all play each other surely there isnt that much between them at this level(otherwise they would be found out and lose long term)and it cant be prosperous.Do these guys usually play eg texan billionaires in there side games,who would want to play such good players?.Anyone know??

Unregistered on September 23, 2004

I have seen some of the guys in Reno even. They play 300-600 or higher games and tourist go give them their money to say they played Phil Ivey. I wouldnt sit at that table, but I cant afford $300 for a thrill.

kto1243 on September 23, 2004

phil ivey smile sometimes, lol:)

the school bus driver and janitor on September 21, 2004

Tiger Woods of Poker??? Do me a Lemon.

Unregistered on September 20, 2004

Great player, but his final table halitosis lets him down

Unregistered on September 19, 2004

JESUS......Same crap as what people say about gus hansen. first of all, you only see 5% of what actually goes on when you watch t.v. 2nd, phil and gus BOTH play with brunson and other greats at high stakes games on a regular fricking basis. anyone talking smack about either of these players is just plain WRONG! you would lose to them 9 times out of 10.

choppincfan on September 19, 2004

great stuff: Raidan on Aug 21, 2004 phil is a true hustler, if anyone knows anything about poker/gambling/and hustling, its not about what you do at 1 event durring the year, its what you can do ALL year. phil wins and wins ALOT........of MONEY. where's all the REAL action durring the tournaments..... THE GREEN ROOM.

choppincfan on September 19, 2004

Phil Ivey sucks. Gus Hansen is better.

Mike Sexton on September 14, 2004

Phil is hot. I would be all over him if only he were a gay white talentless pop star.

Janet Jackson on September 8, 2004

Good pokerface, and has a good ability to read his opponents. Just a bit unlucky at times.

Ken. on September 6, 2004

Phil lives in Las Vegas now. If your a professional gambler you have to be where they gamble. The east coast aint it.

pokerface on September 2, 2004

1) I NEVER see P.I. in Atlantic City.... Where does he play?2)What the hell is all of this "Tiger Woods of Poker" crap? Because they are botth skilled black men? I think that is bullshit and racist....3) I totally sweat PI....

slick willy on August 30, 2004

the player i fear most

layne flack on August 28, 2004

Phil,is by far the greatest poker play alive. Maybe best ever. He's my idle and all i do is watch n hope to play like him someday. Keep it goin phil.

KyleFromMN on August 24, 2004

Phil Hellmuth Is The Best Poker Player Alive, He Has The Most Skill, Heart , And Determination, Philly Hellmuth Would Waste Phillip Ivey Jr. Heads Up In A 50 Million Match

Unregistered on August 23, 2004

for all those people who are asking what has he done in the past 1 - 1 1/2 years, u may want to check out the cash games in vegas cause he is KILLING there. He hasnt played in many of the tournaments (you can check how many he actually entered in all of the WSOP) because hes busy getting to the side games. as far as this years wsop is concerned... are you saying whoever does best in the WSOP main event is a better player than everyone else for that year?

Raidan on August 20, 2004

He only ever plays good hands!!! He never bluffs. ever. He is a very dull player.

Kitty on August 19, 2004

Phil Ivey is the best nothin else to say but keep it goin playa

Ricky on August 19, 2004

Phil Ivey is the second best player named Phil. I think we all know who the first is.

Kolby on August 18, 2004

phil ivy is the best after phillip helmuth jr.

Kevin on August 18, 2004

Phil is one of the best players right now. Hands down...

tntizzle on August 15, 2004

gabe, no because, on the flop its three cards, and on the river its one card, so that the chance that moneymaker won is very very little, ofcourse ivey had luck on the flop, but moneymaker had luck too on the flop and then on the river too.. I think moneymaker is good, but if ivey had won that pot he could have won everything..

haffe on August 15, 2004

Ok, about the moneymaker vs. ivey hand. I think it was a poor move move to call 70,000 dollar value bet bet into a 200,000 dollar pot for several reasons. Firstly the pot odds don't warrant it, he gets 5-1 on his money as a 10-1 dog. Secondly, theres no way he can bluff at the pot because it's pretty obvious moneymaker has the queen. In that hand, Lester had 10 10 and was smart enough to get out after the flop, because it was obvious to him that moneymaker had the Q. (Preflop Iver was a HUGE underdog to win) Then on ther turn, moneymaker bets 140,000 and gets raised all in. He has 7 outs (3 aces, 3 sixes, and one queen) He's getting the same pot odds that Ivey got for the bet on the flop, and his chances of hitting the river were just as good as ivey hitting the two outer. So why the hell does everyone say what a horrible beat it was for Ivey... he was behind the whole hand except for 1 miracle card, and one lucky card deserves another

Gabe on August 14, 2004

Along with a few others, Phil Ivey is one of my favorites. Besides his poker skills, he is a class act at the table and will be the best in years to come.

stevo on August 11, 2004

phil u r the best. u r my favorite player.u got robbed in the wsop 03 when moneymaker caught an ace on the river.u should have won.go all the way this year

professor_09 on August 11, 2004

ivey seems to be liked by all, including me, hes a great poker player and has class

smash on August 8, 2004

Thought you were going to go all the way in 2004...2005 is gonna be your year...I got money on that!!!!!!!!

PokrStudent on August 5, 2004

I think Phil surgically had the muscles required to smile removed.

Ryan on August 3, 2004

phil is by far my favorite player

slamdunk on August 3, 2004

this guy starts laying aq down at final tables, he'll win more than one wsop by the end of his poker career. Count the times he's gone out on AQ on t.v. coverage the past year. It's called the Brunson for a reason, and its not that its a lucky couple of cards like 10-2. AQ means your opponent has big slick kings queens or aces 50% when you make a preflop move allin with it. Best young player in the game, once he holds out for big slick at those final tables, he'll be wearing championship bracelets on his ankles, because there won't be any room on either arm.... Best of luck to you Phil

the voice of reason on August 2, 2004

"Oh I'm in bad shape...Throw a duece out there dealer"

Johnny Chan on August 1, 2004

Phill Ivey is one of the best. Not the best, just one of 'em. When you get to that level of the game, where you are constantly at final tables its really hard to say who's really better. I mean no body would seriously say that money maker is better than Chan, but he bounced him out of the WSOP. In any event you have to repsect ivey none the less. I mean the guy is toatally ice at the table. He doesn't respond at all. I've seen him lose 500K pots with the same reaction as winning them. That's why he's my favorite pro, the guy has ice water in his veins.

the guy on July 26, 2004

He's a great player but a lot of you guys are losers and suck ups.

Unregistered on July 25, 2004

I dont get it. Why does looking like Tiger Woods make him the "Tiger Woods" of poker? Tiger has one nine majors and is the best golfer alive. Phil Ivey has never won the big one.

TheCamel on July 25, 2004

One of the few players I wouldn't want to play against

Chuck Rock on July 22, 2004

I saw when Phil Ivey won the poker championship at Turning Stone. He looked pretty serious the whole time. Ivey is one of the top players in the world.

Jay T. on July 21, 2004

Does anyone know what the ids are for any pros that playon online poker sites? Whoever doubts the skill of Ivey is a moron.

tHe___WiZ on party poker on July 21, 2004

Bunch of racist, you can't even keep a poker post strictly poker, you are so intimidated and mad that another black man is taking over another one of your sports that it turns into name calling. Look past that and see a great player who just took down the live tourney at turning stone. If you don't agree fine, thats your opinion but don't bring color in this. Get an education.

just another oreo on July 19, 2004



and phil ivey is totally awesome. sorry phil but never play the ace-queen again because you will run into pocket kings like kirills. you are still the best tho

Unregistered on July 16, 2004

Turning Stone Champion. This guy is the real deal!

yOuRMOther on July 14, 2004

That was a great tournament from Turning Stone. I stayed up till like 3 in the morning watching it. The first ever live poker broadcast in the US...I hope Espn considers showing the WSOP live next year

Poker Pat on July 14, 2004

The tournament is too large scale to be shown live... with the technology we have so far anyway. Hopefully WSOP will be a live event at some point in the forseeable future, but for now, you will have to settle for just taped episodes of it.

BotchyDud on July 14, 2004

I love how some people here think they can read Ivey when most pros, who play poker for a living, can't even read the guy.

philivey on July 13, 2004

Phil was from NJ not Cali

Kevin on July 13, 2004

This guy got me into poker. Just a great player. You better have good cards playing this guy. All of you guys here think your the best damn players in the world and this guy would kick your ass.

Drue on July 8, 2004

Phil rocks i wish i could send him a letter

bobjoe on July 5, 2004

Phil sat infront of me in high school homeroom and was so lazy. Now he is a millionaire and I am the lazy bastard.

EdisonHighAlum on July 5, 2004

Phil,It's a good thing you gave up basketball for poker. I knew that beating you day after day in my driveway would somehow help you in life, LOL. Good luck man, we were all talking about you at an alumni golf outing recently and wishing you well. BB

BradB on July 5, 2004

Hey , Ivey nutz are so big, Ill never get off of them. GO ivey GO !

Deepinthecut on July 3, 2004

ok u guys are just so gay... Phil is a really good player just like every one else on the tour.. and one huge part of poker is luck and having some doesn't make u any worse of a player than those with no luck... just get the frick over it!

Dani on July 3, 2004

sure ya did - man get off Ivey's nutz

Unregistered on July 2, 2004

I've seen this "cocky" guy with the "bad attitude" signing autographs for rude fans who interrupt inm the middle of the 1500-3000 game @ Bellagio. Have any of you haters played in that game?

Unregistered on July 1, 2004

He is very unlucky. AQ...

bk on June 30, 2004

Ivey is the shizznit and everyone knows it.He plays every hand perfectly and the only thing he can lose to is badluck.

pokerprodigy on June 29, 2004

what a cocky azz; he is good, but he will fall if his attitude doesn't change

sportsbettor on June 28, 2004

every year at the chritmas poker table with the family, who do u think wins? Thats right my cousin phil so all u can shut it

Brendon Ivey on June 25, 2004

Yeah-I was at his table too, sucks to be Phil in the 2004 WSOP goin out like that. Sorry Phil

Unregistered on June 22, 2004

The "TIGER WOODS" of Poker?? Fuckong kiddine me? Hey IVey - go call Jason Kidd. Both of you Oreo's can cry me a river you sorry ass thug.

Boris on June 20, 2004

Look Ivey called a cheap turn card but knew Moneymaker had a Queen. Bad play with only 2 outs to win that hand. This guy plays lower pairs too much.Watch what happened to him at the 2004 WSOP on ESPN next month - I was at his table.

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

Actually - he lost that hand - That'll teach him.

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

What happened this year to this so called great player haven'e seen much

IVEY 2004 nowhere? on June 15, 2004

its all cool to say these kind or dumb things about this man on the one will ever achieve what this guy has done and if by some moneymaker long shot you do, i hope they make a site about you and you get dissed. the best players play one hand at a time at any given tourney or cash game. the player with the most succes is the one who keeps his emotions in check.

habbib from mobil on June 14, 2004

whoever said he made a bad call on the flop with pocket nines with a board of Q-Q-x is a fu--in moron..the pot had about 200,000 in it after the flop and moneymaker only bets 70, ivey is risking 70k to get back 270k when he can potentially have the best hand and still draw to the the boat..moneymaker made the bad play by letting him in cheaply..then he got sir are a moron who knows nothing about poker and odds..go read a book

Tha Kidd on June 14, 2004

Phil Ivey is for sure one of the best poker players. Poker will only get better for Ivey in the years to come. He will most likely make the final table or win the WSOP soon...good luck Phil

Derek on June 13, 2004

moneymakers flop bet on QQX was small, ivey got the turn card for cheap

yoyo on June 12, 2004

Asked him to play heads up $2000 - $4000 twice. He refused both times. My poker bankroll is about $ 7M, and he was scared of that. It is all about perpsective and that goes for any player and their respective bankrools. I can end any "professional" based on cash. Bankroll plays just as large of a part as luck does, in any poker game.

Mrs. Phyllis Ivey on June 12, 2004

He made a horrible call on Q-Q-x? Sounds like you place people on the nuts every hand and play too scared to win unlike Phil Ivey . He had two pair, most GOOD players would make that call. That being said, he's definitly not the best but he's a great player.

STU UNGAR IS BEST on June 9, 2004

You all are a bunch of losers. You all friggin kiss his @ss. He is a great player, but he's not a fuc king God. Johnny Chan is better than he is. Everyone STFU and if u don't no what that means.

Unregistered on June 6, 2004

WHat a phuckin' thug coming to the WSOP wearing a NBA jersey. This guy has a s h it ton of cash and he comes in looking like trash. I luv how he cried when he flopped a set of 7's and got burned buy a set of Kings on the river. DUde was about to cry -

Zoris on June 5, 2004

This dude had a horseshoe up his ass for a year that's all. It just so happened to be the year that poker exploded on TV. What has he done in the past year and a half? Nothing! He's not a player. Gimme a break.

Ivey is OVERRATED! on June 1, 2004

I agree with IVEY IS OVERRATED. Moenymaker had A-Q and the flop was Q-Q-x. Ivey called a big flop bet with pocket 99s and spiked a 9 on the turn! MM bet again and Ivey moved in. MM called and hit an A on the river. What was MM supposed to do lay down A-Q on that board? Ivey got lucky and hit a two outer after making a horrible call. He deserved to lose and he is not very good.

Unregistered on June 1, 2004

Ivey is definetly one of the best poker players for his age. Only 27 and he is still one of the most feared players. Phil has great potential and will likely win the WSOP sometime in his great career. GL, your one of the best

RATMfan72 on May 30, 2004

Who chokes on a chicken bone? way to mess that one up, hahahahahaha

PokerSlut on May 30, 2004

props to you.....It's a tough way to make a living. on May 28, 2004

Phil is a great player and just getting started. If Moneymaker didnt get the full house he probably would have won it all. But Phil if you need a hobby e-mail me and teach me a better approach at play holdem or 7 stud.

chancepatrick_1 on May 28, 2004

I played craps next to Phil @ the Taj in AC and he is one of the coolest people you could ever meet.

EteRnaL iMagE on May 25, 2004

I still can't believe everyone hasn't figured out this guy's achilles heal. Come on everyone....snap out of it.

Maverick on May 22, 2004

Phil is like Fine Wine, he just keeps getting better over time. Phil you will always be number one in my book...

The Peach on May 17, 2004

I'm 15 And I Just Started Playing Poker 10 Days Ago And Hold Em Is My Second Love After Basketball Because Of Ivey

Unregistered on May 16, 2004

A great young talent, will be around for a long time... seems he always gets to the final table, just a matter of time till he starts closing them out.

SP. on May 10, 2004

Sounds like "Stoney" is just a little jealous of both Phil and Tiger. There is no other justification for comments like that about either player. Think your a better player than both Phil Ivey and Tiger just shut your mouth and pick up some clubs or cards. Either way your ASS IS WHOOPED!

>Stonecall on May 9, 2004

Who cares about poker! Phil is a cutie! Mmmmmmm!

gay_asian_boy on May 8, 2004

ok is this isn't a golf website...why are you posting comments about tiger woods? ...well anyways phil Ivey is a great player and I like watching him play

Unregistered on May 2, 2004

What's so overrated about Tiger Woods? Okay, he didn't have much of a season - big mistaketrying to self-coach but name another player who has accomplished as much in so short a time. And, since Tiger turned pro, golf players make nearly twice as much. He's done for golf pros what Ali did for boxers.

Bann Haruch on May 1, 2004

Most overrated player of all time..if he was white, he would be just another face in the crowd..not saying he isn't good, but once Tiger Woods (another overrated media darling) says he is the "Phil Ivey of Golf" then I will give him his due..

stonecall on April 29, 2004

Ivey is the best player I have seen. I play NL holdem daily, and consider myself excellent. I can only hope to be as good as Phil one day.

Dennis Kirwan/ IceMan/ WayTooFIy on April 27, 2004

has to be one of the best no limit agressive players about, when high wins and few losses are going in this mans direction he is more lethal than the likes of chan.

samsdmf on April 16, 2004

Phil, for the love of God please stop overplaying Ace-Queen!!!!!!!!!

Burk585 on April 11, 2004

Phil Ivey should be rockin a Jameer Nelson jersey.. I see a lot of similiarities between the two and the primary one is that they are both FEARLESS!!

sjupoker on April 6, 2004

A little too aggressive for my tastes,but a fantastic player none the less.

Roy Batty on April 2, 2004

I've played with Phil from the time he played 10/20 stud to the time he moved up to 50/100 Hold'em. In term of poker skills, there is no doubt that he is a natural. The thing I respect him even more is his personality. I've neve seen him throw cards at dealer or curse at anybody the poker table. Good luck in the 2004 WSOP

PhillyD on March 31, 2004

GREAT player. prolly the best...him and farha should we crowned world champs

philivey on March 29, 2004

phil is by far one of the most calm cool and collected players on the tour/ he and howard are the f-in shiznit

kingtime on March 29, 2004

calm cool collected - never acting at the table. ivey will be the best for years to come

no limit newfie on March 21, 2004

he thinks his eyes will trick you but this is how he plays, pre-flop standard, flop cool and passive, turn aggressive with rags and subtle with nuts

pokermonk on March 19, 2004

I'm impressed with how contained he was after that bad beat to Moneymaker at WSOP 2003.

Harry on March 12, 2004

Phil is da man! If moneymaker didn't catch an ace on the river, phil would have been the 2003 champion. He is the best out there, and will be the best ever when all is said and done.

cduff/cduff/cduff1456 on March 9, 2004

phil ivy is a pretty good pro, but since all of you want kiss his ass.........let me say-PHIL IVY CAN TOSS MY SALAD!!!!!

MACKISGOD on March 8, 2004

pushes his chips in to much.

Peter Kinesth/twotopper/coke0cola22 on March 8, 2004

Phil is an average to weak super aggressive player that's it! How many times did he go all-in preflop with A-Q facing pocket aces or kings? He's not a world class player.

John R. on March 7, 2004

Phil Ivey, is no doubt one of the best. He doesnt lose a hand to anything but badluck. Good character.

GoDsUNe on March 4, 2004

lol. don't get all giddy just because he's one of the only black players in the tourney. he still plays good enough.

courvoisier on March 1, 2004

Everything is about STYLE, and Phil has got it.

nospamchris_lindsay on February 28, 2004

Dont know what to say, amazing player. Wish he ws my friend so I could play like him. Gotta love the way he play's those pockets. you da man Phil.

BillyTSlim on February 24, 2004

The Tiger Woods of poker! You are still young and a monster in hold'em. Go get'em!

Big Ant on February 19, 2004

Wonderful player with a very creative expressive style that is fun to watch but horrible to go against I'm sure. An excellent gear-shifter which will guarantee him great tournament success in the future...I predict a WSOP victory in 5 or so years.

Gman on February 19, 2004

phil ivey is a good player but i have seen better. I think he has alot of flaws in his game but i still think he will be one of the greatest in the near future.

ZMAN on February 16, 2004

I am writing an article about Phil Ivey. Anyone know how I can contact him??

candyleelaballe on February 15, 2004

what a class act.

rookie on February 12, 2004

I had the priviledge of getting knocked out of the WSOP 2003 by Phil. I must say that he is one of the hardest players to read. I won a few pots, then read him for two high pair, but when i went all in, he called with TRIPS!! Totally sets up the misread...

lowdraw on February 8, 2004

Unbelievable style of play. This kid has to ice his elbow because he shoves them in the middle so often!

FSU1 on February 4, 2004

This clown needs to start representing the NBA again before he loses his bankroll

DzNutz on January 31, 2004

Phil Ivey is the greatest poker player of all time and he always has the hand to back it up

split333333333 on January 30, 2004

Phil Ivey is the most exciting player. He'll wear a basketball jersey to the tables and just dunk right over you with his nuts!

indobud on January 21, 2004

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