Howard Lederer

Howard Lederer is a professional poker player and brother of poker professional Annie Duke.

Born in 1964 in Concord, New Hampshire, Lederer grew up in a family of intellectuals who found enjoyment in playing games and cards. His father is Richard Lederer - a writer, linguist, and teacher.

After high school, Howard moved to New York City, where he attended Columbia University. Lederer was a former competitive chess player, so New York City suited Howard well since it is known for its chess clubs. He put his college plans on hold in order to pursue his dream of playing chess. He played daily at the clubs and it was at one of these clubs that he discovered a poker game going on in the back room. He played poker full-time and eventually began playing at the Mayfair Club, a well-known club for bridge and backgammon and a hot spot for some of the best players. Lederer played with other now well-known poker players like Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington.

Around 1993 Lederer moved to Las Vegas and continued his success as a professional poker player.

After racking up steady cashes in the WSOP during the 1990's, he won his first bracelet in 2000 in the $5,000 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event, earning $198,000. The next year, in 2001, he won his second bracelet in the $5,000 No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball event, earning $165,870.

Lederer made his biggest mark on the poker world during season 1 of the WPT when he won 2 WPT titles. In 2002 he won the World Poker Finals for $345,400 and in 2003 he won the PartyPoker Million for $263,850.

In 2008, Lederer won AUD 1.25 million by winning the $100,000 No-Limit Hold'em Challenge at the Aussie Millions, marketed as the world's most expensive tournament buy-in.

In 2009 at the World Series of Poker Europe, he won the £5,000 Pot Limit Omaha event for £126,134.

Lederer is known as "The Professor" because of his analytical playing style. He has made an instructional poker video called Secrets of No Limit Hold'em and he runs the Howard Lederer Poker Fantasy Camp. His sister, Katy Lederer, wrote a book about the Lederer family, Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers.

Lederer is one of the founders of "Tiltware Inc", the owners of Full Tilt Poker. After the passage of the UIGEA, Tiltware changed its name and relocated to Ireland.

Although he is a vegan, Lederer once won a $10,000 prop bet from fellow poker player David Grey by eating a cheeseburger. Overweight for much of his life, Lederer eventually underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

As of 2009, he has 43 WSOP cashes, and live tournament winnings exceed $5,200,000. He currently resides in Las Vegas.


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Go to Chris Ferguson and see how much $$$ these
thiefs stole from the FULL-TILT on line site
accounts of the players...over 400 million!

????? on October 7, 2011

Howard is the worst!!! This clip proves it. Anyone with any kind of tournament experience can see this.

jacktors on August 29, 2009

It shouldn't surprise you, just follow the money!

????? on August 27, 2009

I recently learned that lederer and duke are jewish. Seems like there are alot of jewish players in the circuit right now...many I didnt even realize.

jzJZJZJZ on March 6, 2008

u hit the nail on the head bad-dog,,10 times more respectable than his sis,,but what the heck has he ever done? he plays like a rock,,ala harrington,,predictable to the degree

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

Yeah Adam, great point. Talkign about great playes who never made a final table, and one of the players on your list actually WON the WSOP main event. GREAT POINT!

Also were any of those guys playing Hold em in 1987? How old was Ivey then? 9? What about Negreanu? 11? Great points. So I'll say this. As far as Luske goes, He could've easily made the final table at the 2004 Main Event. He was too aggressive for his own good and went all in with the best hand against Harrington who called and caught one of his many outs. So what?
Luske finished 14th in 2003 out of 839 people and 10th in 2004 out of 2,500+ people. WAY BETTER THAN LEDERER!

bad_dog76 on December 14, 2006

Oh, slipped my mind. That is right.

Thanks for proving that you had no argument, however, by focusing on my one mistake, and ignoring the basic point altogether.

AdamWolf on October 29, 2006

Let us know when you know what your talking about. Scotty
won the MF WSOP Championship in 1998!

????? on October 29, 2006

Would you like the lsit of great poker players that have NEVER made the WSOP final table, dog?

How about a few..Ivey, Negreanu, Luske, Scotty Ngyuen....

AdamWolf on October 27, 2006

152 entries in that tournament....Chan 1st

????? on October 10, 2006

Probably the most Overrated player in the game today. Made the final table of the main event in 1987 and hasn't been back since. Probably about 35 people in that tournament back in 1987. Never wins and thinks way too much for his own good.

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

I believe he is the smartest player in the game. He is a great player but just doesnt do well in the tournaments but that doesnt mean is not one of the best.

the champ on July 25, 2006

lol...whatever you guys are smoking...I want some...puff puff pass???

ms_pockets on August 22, 2005

Above posts sick and twisted..anyways I rung Howard up earlier..he sounded a bit down..I said "whats wrong Howard my friend?"..he said "Its Annie Cat,she misses you and George wants to sell the house for his map business" I said "I see,Howard I will phone up George tonight and tell him to lay off"..he liked the sound of that and said "Thanks friend Cat I think Annie would appreciate it"..I said "No bother Howard"!

englishcat on August 20, 2005

Yes but Annies children werent taught properly by George..Annies been playing all over the world so she cant be expected to teach them and it was eft to George..He didnt want to he was too caught up in his map drawing...anyways Howard phoned earlier and we chatted about when I should come over again...I suggested the weekend and Howard was delighted..he said "It`ll be so cool Cat,you and Annie can come to mine and stay the night and we will have a 24 hour home game"..I said "Sounds great Friend Howard I cant wait"..He said "See you soon Cat"!

englishcat on August 16, 2005

this is for englishcat annie if you and annie are going out. what does annie kids play and annie had to mist tournament to go to

englishcat is a lier on August 16, 2005

To the last post..Annie told me George has been seeing someone for ages and she didnt think it was serious but apparantly it is..George is with her now..Annie said about her children and I said I like children I could play home games with them..she said "Wow Cat they would so love that"..Anyways Howard phoned tonight and we chatted for a while and he said I should fly over soon and play a home game with him and Annie..I said "Howard I cant wait,maybe next week?"..Howard said "Yes Cat,I want to play you again and Annie misses you"..I said to Howard "Yes I like Annie Howard"...he said "Glad to hear it friend Cat"!

englishcat on August 15, 2005

the children dont no how to play poker and they said they dont like it because its to tough

Unregistered on August 15, 2005

that was for englsihcat

Unregistered on August 15, 2005

he lieing annie and george is find and how can george find some one in like a day whatch tv poker they talk about there life and they did annies and jennifer harman and they look find and you didnt even say anything about annies kids you lieing baster

englishcat is a lier on August 14, 2005

Hiya all...Just back from what a day!..I got there and Annie walked up to me crying..she said "Oh Cat Im upset,George has left a nite saying hes found someone else"..I said "Im very sorry to hear that Annie"..Howard was in the room and overheard and said "Well Sis,now that Fools gone you are free to go with Cat"..Annie smiled and said to him "Id love that Bro,I adore Cat"..I was there standing around not knowing what to do..I said "Annie I really like you but is this what you want?"..She said "Yes Cat"..anyways we kissed and then played a home game with Howard..I beat both of them and won $2000..Annie didnt seem to mind and she said when Im over again we will play again with Howard!

englishcat on August 13, 2005

i bet i know what englishcat says next. like when i got to annies house and annie and george made up so me and howard had a home day so that what hes going to say

englishcat is a lier on August 12, 2005

stop criticising englishcat, he's my friend and would never lie...he called me last time and promised to take me to supper. The next morning he took me to supper ok.

JetsFan315 on August 11, 2005

Thanks for defending me JetsFan. It is about time someone believed me. Remember when we were out in the clubhouse all alone last weekend? That was some of the best oral I have ever had. I hope that rimjob I gave you kept you happy. By the way, your nuts stink. Wash up next time, for chrissakes.

englishcat on August 11, 2005

Yuk..evil people...Howard phoned earlier and wanted to know when Im coming over..I said I might pop round on sunday after seeing Jesus...he sounded delighted and said "I shall make sure Annie is there Cat and you and her can talk"..I said "Ok Howard.Id love that and will you be cooking dinner?" Howard chuckled and said "No Cat my chef will do that for us,Perhaps while talking to Annie you can go outside in the stables for privacy"..I said "Ok Howard tell Annie I will see her sunday and see u too old friend"..Howard said "Be great to see you again Cat"!

englishcat on August 11, 2005

I can't quite figure out (no offense) if this is real or a dream? You know if you were really friends gloting is not an attractive thing. take a chill pill. LOL

ms_pockets on August 11, 2005

Howard just phoned..he sounded quite upset..he said "Cat,Annie is in a bad way,shes thinking of leaving George and wants you to come over and meet her"..I said "Why does she want to meet me Howard my friend?".he said "Because Annie is mad about u Cat and she wants to see if it will work out with you"..I was dumbfounded and said "Wow Howard I adore Annie I will come over very soon,and the advantage of being with her Howard is that You and I can play lots of home games"..Howard chuckled and said "Hurry up Cat Id love to see you with her"!

englishcat on August 10, 2005

englishcat you are bullshitt on a poker tournament couple of days ago they look in side annies live and she and george was kissing and just happy and everthing esle you are lieing like you told howard what to do at some thing he doesnt need help. and when annie and you kissed you said you was at london with jesus how can you be at to places at more thing annie has kids and she would never leave them ok englishcat.

englishcat is a lier on August 10, 2005

englishcat, stop trying to sound cool. You're just a fat kid in his basement who doesn't know a single pro poker player, and couldn't get anyone to like him to save his life. Lederer is an amazing player though. His precise calculations are amazing. He isa great reader, and one of my favorite players to watch.

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

Last post evil..using such base and foul language..ban him!..Howard would hate to see that time when we was out in a club near his home a drunk fellow used that awful word in front of him..quick as a flash Howard said "Buddy I think you better go out before I knock u out"..the guy looked ashamed and embarrassed..I turned to Howard and said "Well said Howard"..he said "Thanks Cat"..true story

englishcat on August 9, 2005

I would know the truth if it fell on my pointy little head. Me saying that something is the truth is like me saying that I am not a rampant homosexual douchebag.

englishcat on August 9, 2005

Howard phoned tonight..hes sending me plane tickets for next week to fly over and see him!..he said Annie put up half the money for the tickets..Its going to be so cool seeing him and Annie again...I cant wait !

englishcat on August 8, 2005

when will englishcunt be banned from this site? someone find out how

Unregistered on August 8, 2005

guess whos on the phone at the min? yes its Howard!..he just said "Cat come over and stay with me and we can play home games"..I said "Ok Howard will Annie be there too?"..he said "Yes and Cat,Annie adores you,she said to me in confidence that she thinks of you while kissing George!"..I said "Oh Howard what do u think to that?"..he said "Thats ok Cat you are my friend and I dont mind"..good old Howard!

englishcat on August 7, 2005

You'd be surprised how often 10-j or 10-q can outdraw big slick.

Unregistered on August 5, 2005

Yes but as I told Howard big slick is favourite over 10 j every day of the week :)

englishcat on August 5, 2005

Tut tut above post awful and wasnt by me..Anyways Howard just rung my mobile because Im at Devilfishes..He won his home game last night!..said he went all in on the end with 10 jack and outdrew Annies AK..he expected me to be pleased for him but I had to be harsh..I said "Howard dont go all in with that in future you will lose more than you win"..Howard stammered "But Cat,Its quite a good hand"..I said "No,Howard fold it in future"..he thought for a bit and laughed and said "Oh Cat you are right,I was lucky,thanks for the tip"..I said "Anytime friend Howard"!

englishcat on August 4, 2005

Hiya all..Howard phoned earlier..he sounded pretty upset..I said "Whats the matter friend Howard?"..he said "Cat,Im in a home game tonight and you wont be there,Annie and George will be there but you wont be"..I said "Howard I will be there in spirit and I will be thinking of you"..Howard cheered up at this and said "Oh cat you are such a good friend,thanks"..anyways I bet hes playing now..Good luck Howard!

englishcat on August 3, 2005

Howard is my friend and I will see him next week for a home game!

englishcat on August 2, 2005

hey englishcat i know you lieng you im going to say again why you lieing you said that you and chris was out night clubbing but on the same night you was at annies house and you said that you was writting from annie computer but the id adresses says that you was at your house because the id addresses is in the computer abd you and annies kiss she has two take care of her kids she doesnt have time to anwser all of this and dont give me all this shit like i do know howard sohoward rung me up last night. so anwser this if you can ok englishcat

Unregistered on August 2, 2005

anwser my post on AUGO3 come on englishcat

Unregistered on August 2, 2005

I rung Howard earlier and we had a long conversation..he said "Cat Im thinking of retiring from poker and going into the building business"..I was quite shocked and said "Howard why would you want to do that? you are a good poker player"..he said "I know Cat but you beat me all the time we play and I get a bit lost on self confidence"..I said to him "Howard my friend You have to admit after weve been playing you have improved significantly"..Howard had to agree with me and will carry on playing!..good old Howard :)

englishcat on August 1, 2005

Hiya all...Im sad to inform you that im broke yet again...I have no choice but to take desperate measures...I have decided to rent my anus to the public...My conditions and rates are as follows: Less than 6 inches, $50/min.; 6-10 inches, $10/min.; over 10 inches, FREE AND NO TIME LIMIT!!!

englishcat on July 29, 2005

Hmm hilarious..all i got to say is I Know Howard v well and we are getting together soon..I received a letter today from him with a parcel in it...itwas a t shirt saying "Lederer king of the table"..Im wearing it now I wish you could see!

englishcat on July 29, 2005

thats not howard's job, hes a poker pro.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

Hiya all..Im back in England was a good night with Annie and Howard..we had so much beer lol..Howard got drunk quite quickly but Annie and I were knocking them back..Im afraid to say Annie and I kissed in a dark corner of the bar...anyways about Howard..Hes on the phone to me now..He says hes got a hangover lol..I just said "Howard you cant play poker with a hangover"..He groaned and said "Never again Cat never again"..Poor Howard!

englishcat on July 28, 2005

Hiya all..just writing this from Annies laptop at the moment..her and George are arguing at the moment so its best to keep out of the way lol..I can say Ive seen a few plates flying about!.anyways Ive talked to George and hes ok with Annie flying all over playing poker..I said "George everybody has a dream and Annies dream is to dominate in a Mans game"..George thought for a minute and said "Cat I think you are right,I wont argue with Annie about it any more" the way theyre arguing now about whats for supper tonight..Annie wants Tacos and George wants steak!

englishcat on July 27, 2005

englishcat you not on her laptop look at your id addresses you are at your house. see your addresses is and you say you are at her house and it says so you lieing. see you dont know any poker player

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

I am on her laptop at the moment..My IP is the same as I log in with a needle programme meaning its the same on any computer..anyways I best go Annie and I are going out for a few drinks with Howard..George doesnt want to come hes in his study drawing a new map of the planets..Thats his job by the way :)

englishcat on July 27, 2005

when i go to the libary somtime and i log in my password and go to this it has a differnt idaddress then my home laptop so the idaddress is in the computer. so you lieing

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

and that was for englishcat

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

and englishcat you say in in london with cris and you say you at annies house so you at london and america at the same time

Unregistered on July 27, 2005


Unregistered on July 27, 2005

Amazed I take offence at your stereotyping of the mentally ill - how would YOU like it if YOUR bother or sister was a spazmong? I bet you wouldn't like it when they started eating their own faeces in public or pretended to be a parrot. Have a little more respect for the loonies.

Wizardio on July 26, 2005

LOL @ Wizardio.

Unregistered on July 26, 2005

I am friends with Howard and he will tell you the same if u would ask a matter of fact Im on the phone to him now...I wish U all had a cam so I could show u me on the phone to him...hes talking about Annie and George at the moment..theyre having a few problems with Annie being away a lot of the time..I just said to Howard.."My friend shall I come over and talk to George and reassure him everythings ok?"..Howard said "Cat thats brilliant come over soon and talk to him,he knows you well and will listen to you" so Im flying over on Friday and talking to George (Annies Husband)..It will be cool to catch up again!

englishcat on July 26, 2005

englishcat you are fuckl up in the head im being honest you need some help how can he get rid of that in a day you said you have a home game like a day or two days ago now you and howard hasnt see each other for a long time you need help i mean it

Unregistered on July 26, 2005

I bought his DVD's and they helped my game a ton. I e-mailed Mr. L a few questions and he was nice enough to answer them. Englishcat, get a life.Flashy play looks great on tv, and sucking out on a draw is dramatic, but not good poker.So for the trash talking types, enjoy your bluster, but if you sit with me you would keep your mouth shut, I can guarantee it.And a guy like Howard would demolish you at the table.

silentcold on July 26, 2005

I can't help it guys, I have these fantasies about all of the (male) poker players. Maybe it is a result of getting ass drilled by my cousins, I am not sure. All I know is I love cock, and any one of the players on here can show me their "pocket rockets" anytime.

englishcat on July 25, 2005

howard is one of the hardest players to read. and also 10-10 is a good hand no matter how many players

JetsFan315 on July 25, 2005

Thanks Ms Pockets..want to be my friend?..anyways its all true about Howard and of course u cant see his hands shake on Tv now cos I told him how to get rid of it..He rang tonight by the way..he said "Cat when are u coming over I havent seen u for a while" I said "How about I fly over on Monday and see u?"..he was so excited and started whooping and cheering..he said "Wow Cat you have made my day I cat wait to see you again"..see you soon friend Howard :)

englishcat on July 25, 2005

You people are too funny. I got on this site to learn more about some top poker players. I am a "Saturday evening kitchen table" player, $10 buy in kind of thing. Even then I usually get beat! I just like watching the WPT and wanted to know more about some of my favorite players. Half of the people who post on here are nuts! My favorite is Englishcat. I love the way he gets all of the rest of you worked up. Don't you all realize that this is just a lonley guy who forgot to take his medication. If you quit responding to him he will get bored and take up a new website where he can tell everyone he is best friends with all of the top players on the PBA bowling tour. Then perhaps we could actually read what mentally stable people think of these great poker players. Just a thought.

Amazed on July 25, 2005

That above post is v cruel..All I have to say is Howard and I are good friends..I have gave him many tips on poker..for example last time we played together he held KK..He was looking at his cards and I could see his hands start to shake a little..He said "Raise" In a husky voice..I was holding 10 10..I immediately said "I fold" then turned them over..Howard looked at me in shock..he said "Cat thats a good hand heads up why did u lay?!"..I said " I knew u had a good hand Howard" and then proceeded to tell him what tells He gave me..after that His tells are getting harder to pick!

englishcat on July 24, 2005

lol lol lolif i had a million dollars I'd buy you

ms_pockets (, full tilt poker) on July 24, 2005

he knows better to do that he never shakes whatch him on tv jackass and ms pocket you are crazy and englishcat get a life howard know better ok

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

English cat you fuck nut, no professional would be getting advice from a 13 year old. Get a life. You don't know shit about poker. Shut the hell up.

Unregistered on July 23, 2005

i agree

Unregistered on July 23, 2005

and i bet you suck at poker

Unregistered on July 23, 2005

Hmm..U fellows are so jealous of me being good friends with Howard..and if Im so bad at poker how comes I beat Howard the last 4 times we played together..After each time I beat him I explained where he had gone wrong and he agreed to tighten his game now Howard will have a good end to 2005!

englishcat on July 23, 2005

englishcat you say you beat howard 80% of the time and the reason you dont play at the world series of poker is because you dont want to take there money BULL SHIT howard can baet you any day and and you have to be mean to play poker ok pussy you just make up these thing up AND howard can tell what cards you have in a second and he dont need to ask you what to do when he has a good hand so stop lieing englishcat

Unregistered on July 23, 2005

By the way, not only have I never met a real poker player, I'm not even English. I tried to be a British citizen, but they decided that I am a pathological liar and kicked me out. I guess I will have to stay in my Mom's basement and ass-rape some more stray cats. Cheerio!

englishcat on July 22, 2005

Hmph the above post wasnt written by me...update Howard phoned this morning and asked me to fly over for a home game with him and Annie and Annies husband..I said "Would be great Howard when shall I come?"..he said "Come next week Cat U can stay at mine and we can sit up all night playing poker drinking beer and Talking"..I said "I shall book the flights Howard"..Itll be great seeing Howard again..we havent seen each other for a few weeks now..of course we keep in contact via the phone and email but it isnt the same as seeing your friend in person!

englishcat on July 22, 2005

I was going to play in the WSOP, but I spent all my money on meth and gay porno videos featuring underage Asian boys screwing midgets. Maybe next year.

englishcat on July 21, 2005

Hmm very funny..anyways Howard emailed me earlier with a few questions about when to raise and when to call and when to fold..I emailed him my replies thing the phone rings its Howard..he said "Thanks for the tips Cat I shall use them in my next tourney"..I said "Thats ok Howard anything for u my friend"..I also told him about me ringing up Annie last night and helping her and now shes ok..he said "Cat thanks a lot I owe u one" worries Howard see you soon :)

englishcat on July 21, 2005

you still didnt answer what i said on jul 22 2005 englishcat

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

I wouldnt play at the world series cos I wouldnt want to take money off my friends..when I play them in home games I win 80% of the time..last time I played Howard I took 2500 dollars off him...shows the mark of the man cos he remains a very good friend :)

englishcat on July 21, 2005

funny funny....hey if she said their friends who are we not to believe her. It's a big world anything can happen....but if nothing at all yoiu guys make me laugh. Thanks...keep it up.

ms_pockets ( on July 20, 2005

Thanks MS Pockets but Im all man :)..Howard phoned tonight for a short chat..hes worried about Annie..he said "Cat will u phone her and chat to her and cheer her up?" I said "Of course Howard it will be an honour for u my friend"..anyways Im ringing Annie soon and seeing whats wrong with her..I hope shes ok cos Howards such a good friend and its not nice to see him down :)

englishcat on July 20, 2005

englishcat it seems like every day there some poker player has a problem every day .and they call you to sovle it. when a poker player comes over and they have the best time of there life. and if you are that good at poker why dont you play at the world series of poker.

Unregistered on July 20, 2005

englishcat, u forgot to mention the part where Howard told you to FUCK OFF and GET A LIFE U LYING POS.

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

that was funny

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

Hmm I`m upset and offended..I told Howard what u had posted when I rung him..he said "Cat dont take any notice of them,we know we are friends and they dont" I said "Thanks for that Howard you`re a good friend"..anyways I asked after Annie and Howard said shes doing fine and that shes playing in a tourney next week in Europe..I said "Are you going Howard?"..he said "I may do Cat"..anyways Howard I know I will see you soon friend!

englishcat on July 17, 2005

I know hes an ok player but I give him confidence to do it..its what friends are for..and Howard is a very good friend of mine..He said Annie is playing next time we have a home game..I look forward to it..Seeya soon Howard :)

englishcat on July 12, 2005

"Posted by: on Jul 11, 2005 - IP= annie is better than howard i thank"

no she is not. she is overrated, she is good but overrated. she won the 04 WSOP Tournament of Champions, so what it was a single table thing, Johnny moss did the same thing in the first WSOP. i am definatley not saying moss is not good , he is debatebaly the best pokerplayer EVER. and by the way duke was eliminated on like day 1. howard is still in it.

JetsFan315 on July 11, 2005

jetsfan315, its a single table of the best player

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

Hiya news..Howard just rung me..hes doing very well in Vegas still in contention he rang me and asked if I had a few tips going into the final straight..I said "Howard pick a good hand and play it"..he said "I will try and do that Cat but its hard"..I said "Howard u are a fairly good player,play the best hands and remember if it aint worth raising with its not worth calling with"..he was stunned, "Wow Cat thats fantastic advice" he said..anyways good luck Howard :)

englishcat on July 11, 2005

why does he needs your help englishcat hes a great player and dont need ypu help

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

What have you done for us lately, Howard? I'm starting to doubt your credentials. I actually think Annie is better. You need to stop playing tournies like a cash game player. You'll never win that way. And stop with all the zen nonsense, just play poker!

Huck's Dealer on July 10, 2005

Howard rung me tonight and was talking about Eastern philosophy and crop circles..he told me when he comes over to England he wants me to show him some proper corn circles in fields...I said to him that Id be proud to do it as hes such a good friend

englishcat on July 10, 2005

annie is better than howard i thank

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

englishcat you know that one story you told on july 7 howard dont need to ask you want to do hes a good player why does he needs your help

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

hey englishcat why dont you play in the world series of poker you say you can beat annie and howard so why dont you play in the world series

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

Hehe thanks Mr Gerbil..all these "stories" are true and if u ask my friends the pro`s involved they will confirm them..Howards in Vegas now and Annie rung earlier saying that Howard has been sleeping poorly and what should she do? I said "Annie get him a small bottle of whisky to help him sleep"..she said "Thanks Cat I will go out and purchase one now" I hope that solves Howards sleep problems and that he wins the world series!

englishcat on July 8, 2005

I am a good friend of englishcat, and I want you guys to know that he is not making this stuff up. I have actually been with him during a couple of these stories.

englishgerbil on July 7, 2005

I'm looking for a good online poker spot. Not a fan of partypoker or pokerstars. Any other good ones? I'm looking for a site that offers cash games and tournaments and also has reliable payouts. All suggestions will be appreicated.

Need Some Help on July 6, 2005

pokerroom is quite good..Howard and I played a big tourney on there a while ago..I sat nr him and helped advise him what to do..first hand we pick up kings..he asked me what to do..I said "small raise Howard" anyways we double the blind and someone went all in!..he was umming and ahhing and said "now what Cat..whats he got?"..I said "Hes got Ace jack or ace 10 Howard"..anyways we called..turned over ace 10..Howard said "how did u know that Cat?"..I laughed and said "instinct friend"..anyways we won the hand and finished up winning the tourney!

englishcat on July 6, 2005

"Posted by: Mulli21 on Feb 25, 2004 Tell Howard to bring it! Next time I'm in Vegas, or if he has the guts to come to Ultimate Bet, I'll take him down...."

u could not take him down. He is a great player. He has made the final table of the WSOP several times in several events. His nickname is the professor for a reason.

JetsFan315 on July 6, 2005

People who say they have no fear of any player at a NL game isnt a good player. Ive been playing big cash games and tournies for serveral years (long before it became popular by T.V.) there are mahy many players here in L.A. that are every bit as good as the top pros that mix up their game so well that its extremely difficult to get an qaccurate fix on them at all times. the key is to use the fear as your ally. want to play against me? .... bring it! The__Dog on party pokerThe++

The Dog on July 6, 2005

needs a boot up his ass for wearing that beard.

angry hard on on July 5, 2005

Howard is a top man and his sister is well cute. Banged her once over the hood of a 58 cadillac and she fucking loved it.

Wizardio on July 4, 2005

James I do know most players..theyre all my friends..lucky u wizard..I adore Annie..away from the poker table shes so funny..I recall I was round there for dinner once and her husband dropped the washing up..she said "George dont kill the plates" funny :)

englishcat on July 4, 2005

???? Englishcat you're on every players page saying u know them or had dinner with them. This is a little pathetic don't u think?

james on July 3, 2005

quick update on Howard..hes in vegas at a high class hotel..he had dinner with Annie..they both had beef fajitas..theyr looking forward to the world series they told me :)

englishcat on July 1, 2005

I enjoy howard lederer I think hes a great man and wish he wasnt married alot of ppl think hes not that great but I adore him and he knows hes a great poker player I hope someday I can be a student of the infamous howard lederer...thnaks marion

cardplayergal on June 27, 2005

hiya marion..I know Howard really well actually..wish we could get together and i could tell u a few stories about what he and I have got up to..weve played a few times and been for beers and been round Annies for supper..Howards in Vegas now warming up..lets all wish him luck :)

englishcat on June 27, 2005

Dont u dare slag or howard or annie..annies fantastically funny..she told me so many jokes when we went for a drink in april..has a gorgeous personality..howard came into the bar we was in after me and annie had chatted for 4 hours..we got the cards out and after an hour id taken both their monies!...anyways i bought them a meal out of the winnings :)

englishcat on June 21, 2005

enlishcat lives in a dream world.

Unregistered on June 20, 2005

he is such a joke,,most boring person at the table besides maybe ivey..easy to read and plays too conservative,,doesnt scare anyone with tht stupid staredown,,,his sister is just a fat ass with a dozen kids,,,she talks more than liebert,,,darden and 'the master' tore his fat ass up

haha on June 19, 2005

Hey Dirk, Why aren't you commenting anymore?? Did you finally realize that no one likes you? You Punk!!

BNB on June 16, 2005

haha very funny "howard"..we did play each other 5 times now and we are playing after the world series for a home game at his house sometime in august...i hope to keep up the winning streak against him!!

englishcat on June 14, 2005

Yes and ive played him now 5 the moment its me 4 howard 1

eng on June 11, 2005

One of the best in the game, even though his sister whoops his ass everytime they go heads up.

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

tut tut..update on howard..i met him on sunday night in london..we went for a game round a mates..i announced "heres the great mr lederer"..he loved it..anyways we got to playing..after an hour it was just me and him...i had the most chips and kept beating him..anyways i raised with kings..he looked at his cards and said all in..i called..his face paled..he sheepishly turned over queen 9..i laughed and said "howard what r u doing?"..his head went down..anyways i won the small tourney and howard took me for a drink after and said he will try and remember what i taught him!

englishcat on May 31, 2005

Is She

ANNIE DUKES BETTER on May 25, 2005

I am so sick and tired of these idiots who write to this forum that have the balls to impose their opinions on Howard. Howard could run circles around any of you at the poker table. His style is flawless and he always gets his money in with the best hands. So people like iveyfan05 who spend most of their day having arguments on message boards and shrinking their yahoo play money accounts, should realize that they have no idea how to play a hand of poker correctly. Howard plays in the largest games in the world( 30,000/ 60,000) where the small blind could buy you a used Escalade. I've seen him sit down at a table where the big blind is more than every single player who has ever posted here combined has ever made in their entire lives. So all of you ignorant people who try and and give a good reason why you don't like Howard's play need to understand that just because your poker career highlight was a 10 person five, dollar buy in home tournament doesn't mean that you are ready to even get within 500 yards of a real tournament. You people should stop acting as if you know what you speak and you should continue playing grandpa (0.01/0.02)no limit hold em in the kitchen. Most of everybody in here just watch the World Poker Tour or the 2004 WSOP and think that just because there was one freak accident where they doubled up on yahoo poker that they have anything that remotely resembles any kind of poker knowledge. So they lesson today kids is too realize that you are all worse than amateurs and that you will never become 1/20th the player Howard is. And that you need to put your foot in your mouths and do what you do best, pissing and shitting your huggies, waiting for poker too come on T.V. so you can at least fantasize about becoming that good.

Dirk Diggler on May 23, 2005

This guy plays tighter than a dick's hat band. I would probably take it easy on him though because he seems like a nice guy. He could probably crush me as well, so I would not want to piss him off too badly.

loser on May 8, 2005

Sorry, but this guy bores the f*ck out of me.

PokerRookie on May 3, 2005

My Favourite Player... AWESOME!!! ad thats a ""no brainer".... much like half the people commenting about him here.

-NUGZ- on May 2, 2005

Now look, Howard appeals to the deliberate and brainy, not the punk types. If you think you can re-invent the wheel and not study, go ahead. You figure it out by making mistakes and I'll read up on how not to make them by the guys that have done the best.See you at the tables, until you do something stupid and bust out.As far as Annie Duke, grow up, put down the magazine and lotion, grow a sack and get your own woman instead of playing high-school games and talking about it.

silentcold on April 21, 2005

fine player plz keep it up.I love your style of play.

woks maraoke66 on April 19, 2005

funny story about howard..we played in london while he was here..anyways i was raising him and taking his money..he had a few chips left and got his cards...anyway i said just as he looked at his cards "howard your sister is good in bed" he went all in with 7 3 lol...i had queen king and called and of course won.afterwards he shook my hand and said "thanks for the lesson"

englishcat on April 17, 2005

Good One NutsinYourHand...I could not of said it better myself.

Unregistered on April 6, 2005

Iveyfan, you are hilarious. Were your mother and father also brother and sister? That would explain a few things.Go back to the $2 max no limit tables on Planet Poker and cherish that moment every night when you look at that favorite picture of yours.You know, the picture you have of Dutch Boyd and the Crew, that you cut your own picture out and fit it in between Dutch and Scotty Fishman? Yeah. Enjoy. Scary how well I know you, huh.

NutsInYourHand on April 5, 2005

howard lederer is too loose, he needs to play less hands

Gay Baron on March 26, 2005

Howard is an excellent player

Unregistered on March 20, 2005

I think you all should write more on this subject.

spud on March 11, 2005

LOL nice beard howard

sdadaff on March 10, 2005

nuts2callU...,. go back to 4 tabling at poker stars in the 5$ NL buyins, while at the same time popping your pus filled zits.

iveyfan05 on March 7, 2005

Sit around the house thinking of ways to win internet arguments? hmmm.. It was actually really spontaneous. You see...I was writing a four page college essay on homeland security and playing a four man game of Madden 05 at the same time. Next think I know I'm typing posts with my penis. That should give you a general idea of where this ranks on my priorities list. Now, let me translate your comeback since you've attempted to mature it as a result of my previous post. Here goes.."it would take more than a jerk like you.." Translation: "you're a doo doo head!!"...... "you really need to get a life" Translation: "I don't like you ANYWAYS!!". So there you have it. Exactly what I predicted. One thing I noticed about your post is that the person who laughs the hardest at your jokes is..well..YOU. You're trying to act mature as if graduating from the middle school was some deep growing experience. Just because you no longer call dibs on the back of the school bus and make fart noises with your armpit, doesn't mean you're all grown up now. In your posts you try to portray your image as the mature one and me as the one with maturity issues. If you really wanted to be a grown up then don't criticize established pros like they are going to read your posts and change their whole style of poker. Swallow your ego and your pride and praise the things they do well. you should be all grown up. Now that's my opinion so you can respect it or not. I'm hoping you will have grown up a little by the time I get your response. All you needed was a little help from me. P.S.- stop checking your made hands in first position after the river hits only to have your opponent check behind you and have your full house embaressingly revealed to the table for minimum profit. Just a pointer for ya lil guy. ;)

Nuts2callU on March 4, 2005

i love the way u claim to know how i havent a clue...i can post anything i want about anyone i want, as this is america sure if you read things that others have posted mine are at least more respectful in their critique...if you don't agree, dont are trying to win a pissing contest on the internet,,all in all very very sad lol...checking this site , like every 15 minutes waiting for my reply so you can respond.....very go back to 4 tabling ,wriiting your essay,playing video games ,as you care so little about what i say , that you feel the need to post an essay in response to me....i willl say you have defeated me,,,i are the best poker player in the world and i will now say every play on this site is the are the god of .50/1.00.....i surrender to your infinite wisdom...i am indeed frightened of your tying ability and your have humbled me deeply.....i now hang my head in shame as i prepare to start my day...continuing this argument is as pointless as richard simmons asking a woman out for a date...

iveyfan05 on March 4, 2005

I'm sorry, did you just say something?

Nuts2callU to IVEYFAN on March 4, 2005

Oh it's you (unpauses video game). So I see you've come to your senses and surrendered..hmmm..very noble of you. I must say I was a little hard on you the past few days..I guess I kind of took you under my wing but you've definately come a long way. I can remember (cloud appears above head) like...two..days ago this time you were just a cocky kid, oblivious of the potential you would one day posess. Well everybody you've heard it, Iveyfan has surrendered and has decided to change. And he did it in a respectful manner. For that he should be applauded. (crowd falls silent). I said for that he should be applauded!!(5 seconds of silence passes before guy B in crowd looks to guy C and says "wanna grab a bite to eat?" guy C responds with "Sure. I heard El Polo Loco has great taquitas") Ahem..anyway. I'm proud of you Iveyfan. Peace will once again sing it's song in the halls of this forum. Don't ever be afraid to come to me for advice. you Iveyfan. PS- would you please look at the board harder before pushing all of your chips in with the sucker end of a strait...someone could have a higher strait ya know. Sheesh!

Nuts2callU to IVEYFAN on March 4, 2005

you have never watched my play,so why do you pretend to have?

iveyfan05 on March 4, 2005

I'm still waiting for your rebuttle Mr. IVEYFAN. I made a post on Feb 13 for the sole purpose of humiliating you. I love confrontation especially when it is with an arrogant seventh grader who thinks of post ideas for this site in his freetime (also known as homeroom). So please read my Feb. 13th post in it's entirety so you can one-fingered type a childish comeback somewhere along the lines of "yea well you're a doo doo head!! And I don't like you ANYWAYS!!", as you run down the street with your arms flailing, sporting a pouty face. Following that, I will return the favor with another five star comeback making your previous comeback look like a melted bronze medal and hopefully (for the sake of everybody who occupies this site) driving you away from ever posting on this site again. :)

from Nuts2callU to IVEYFAN on March 3, 2005

i just now read youre "5 star post lmao...first of all if you read my post correctly, i said i do think howard is a genuis....i have not unfairly critisized anybody...i state my opinion ,if you don't like it, feel free to disagree...i love the way you make assumptions about my game and the limits i play, and are insulting much like a 6th grader,,,you seem to take great pride in arguing over the internet...says alot about how petty and small you far as not posting here anymore , it would take more than a jerk like you to stop me...i dont any "5 star " comebacks , i got rid of them after i left middle school... " one finger type" are such a moron if you think that would bother me really need to get a you sit around the house all day thinking of ways to win internet arguments lol??

iveyfan05 on March 3, 2005

Howard Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirk Diggler on March 2, 2005

wondering I am going tomorrow to vegas where would Howard play? I would die to meet ths guy he is my favorite!!

LUVLEDERER on March 1, 2005

Flush80 thats probalbly the only place you get your poker info from is tv poker. He is the Professor he's not marcel luske! hes analytical. he makes good bank. he's solid. sorry if he's not Greg Raymer or Josh Arieh (who your probably a fan of flush80 you fucking moron) but he is good. you cant deny it.

kgb1986 on February 17, 2005

since when is greg raymer considered mr.personality? id rather have a conversation with a doorknob than greg..oh wait,,,same diffrence

iveyfan05 on February 17, 2005

No personality? Well no shit, he's a poker player you retard!

Unregistered on February 15, 2005

guy is a loser, i saw that little cut scene on the legends of poker tournament, he likes to concentrate on the game, he doesnt like talking,.Fucker has no personality, id love to invite this prick to one of our home games, what a fucking great barrel of laughs he would be.

flush80 on February 13, 2005

I hope Howard reads your criticism and takes your advice to heart iveyfan. You are one of the most unpredictable opponents at the table and people like Lederer model their game after you. Basically what I"m trying to say is, you're a blip on the radar that is "the poker world". Every one of your posts I see are somehow criticizing established pros when you're probably a friggin Party Poker amateur who brings your entire play money bankroll to the ring games. Everybody...Iveyfan is a true legend in the Party POker play money world. He says his greatest strength is that he DOESN'T go all in every hand. And oh yea, he thinks any card with an ace attached to it is unbeatable. I know that this response was rude and confrontational, but you guys were thinking it anyways. aha!

Nuts2callU on February 12, 2005

i know hes a brilliant guy, all i was saying is that maybe if he loostened up a little his table image would allow him to take down more pots without having the cards...i think he overthinks at times...that being said he is a really good player. i love reading articles written by him because he knows the game so well

iveyfan05 on February 7, 2005

I thought his nickname was the teacher, being heĀ“s such an intellectual and stuff. Why not call him the Oppenheimer of AceĀ“s.

yeah u 2 on February 4, 2005

THE PROFFESSER!!!he got this nickname for a reason people, there may be plenty of players who may be better in some aspects of poker..... but none play as intelligently and analytically

lance/jparnell on February 3, 2005

howard's a great player..however, i feel he sometimes thinks too much at the table...what i mean is he overthinks his moves sometimes...hes a math guy,,some play by feel like daniel... something tells me that if he loostened up 5 % he would be unstoppable with his tight table image

iveyfan05 on January 30, 2005

i love watching this guy play. you can tell he really thinks about the game. watching him play has made me a better player because i too think about the game away from the table, especially when i get outdrawn. i particularly like his theories on "staying in the moment", a form of buddhism that allows you to control your emotions and focus in important situations. Truly the most knowledgeable and insightful player in the game today.

Unregistered on January 29, 2005

I want to know how to reach his sister. Maybe she'll give me a few pointers.

Laurie /Shamesu /laurie301 on January 8, 2005

Howard and his sister Annie remind me of Richard and Karen Carpenter.I dont know why though!?

the carpenters on December 21, 2004

Probably the unluckiest poker player I've seen...perhaps ever. He is a GREAT player who is very intelligent. Yes he has won some big tourneys and I'm sure he ain't hurting for money but Howard should have a lot more titles under his belt than he does. Makes you sick to see some of his bad beats.....Lil Sis Annie Duke makes a set of 6's beating Howard and his pocket 7's at the WSOP Tournament of Champions this year! Doyle making a flush on the river beating Howie's set of 7's! HORRIBLE BEATS! This guy is not very lucky and unfortunately that happens to some really good players. He has won his fair share but history won't show him as one of the all time greats and luck has a lot to do with that.

mje on December 11, 2004

Actually he has made quite a few final tables. Maybe you meant for the world series of poker, which he hasn't made one recently, but back in the 80's or something, he did make a world series final table. Get your facts straight.

Brenda on November 29, 2004

like i meant to say a final table at a wsop event in over a decade..he gets tv airplay without doing much in tourney not saying he isnt a good player, he obviously is,but ppl calling him the great and the best ,,its not far hes best known for his beat beat to doyle on o4s wsop...other than thats hes known as annie dukes terrible is that...i think hes a good player, but not a great one...

djnpa_30 on November 29, 2004

howrds a great player,that being said he does bust out early of all the tourneys..hasnt made a final table apearance , and didnt make the final two in the tournament of champions..hs a great player that has gotten more credit than he deserves by being on tv 24/7..

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

hey dude he taught annie duke how to play

hey dude on November 22, 2004

I like it when men the master asked him to "pushm in", howard goes, "you want me to pushm in" "okay ill pushm in" and men shows howards his pocket aces ......PRICELESS

poker buff on November 16, 2004

I like Howard. He's a class act at the table. But, I almost think he is a better TV analyst then player. Much of what he advises for players he is commenting on, he doesn't follow when he plays.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

when was the last time he made a finale table? if you can't remember, there is a reason. He has only made 5 finale tables in 22 years. Where is his wsop braclets at? oops he doesn't have any for Texas Holem. He is a washed up has been. Please don't make us watch him on tv. Let us see the real players play poker.

snowwolf on November 16, 2004

great player

Unregistered on November 4, 2004

you should think twice before you shake hands with this guy, you might lose a finger.

Shkerdhati on October 27, 2004

he can kill anyone in a tournament???? HUH??? Didn't, Varkhoni win in 2002?, Didn't moneymaker win in 2003?, Didn't raymer win in 2004?, etc etc.

Unregistered on October 20, 2004

truly a class act and the most well ronded and intellectual player in the game

lil Doyle on October 20, 2004

Howard Lederer is the best poker I've ever seen and that he can kill anyone in any tournament.He's my idle.

Mic Anderson on October 18, 2004

let me see him win something

craig on October 10, 2004

Hey Howwy! Does it make your skin crawl every time you see you sister on tv making an ass of herself as usual. You should have left her at home doing the washing up.

groovy on October 6, 2004

He got punked??? You feeling ok FSU?

Unregistered on September 20, 2004

hey this is for FSU. he's not trying to stare them down retard he's looking for tells, looking at their pulse things like that and he himself is one of the best in the world? so what the shit are you saying?

Sammy/the brick/trompos on September 13, 2004

I LOVED it when Men the Master told Howard to push all his chips in against him.... so he replied "You want me to push em in?.. ok.. I'll push em in for ya" which he did and Men folded. The look on Mens face. Priceless! Poker at its best.

the calculator on September 13, 2004

the only way to get better is to lose alot, howards the shit because he lost and learned

Unregistered on September 4, 2004

i was about ready to shoot my self watching hes bad luck at razz, i was feeling his pain

smash on August 9, 2004

He iz a good a player and to me iz a god to me and other poker madmen.

Howard iz so cool on August 7, 2004

thanks brenda sue

rhk on August 4, 2004

Howard has got to be in the top 5 players of all time. NUFF SAID!!!

BruddahV on July 30, 2004

You can order the dvds from [url][/url].

Brenda Sue on July 30, 2004

how can you order these dvds

rhk on July 29, 2004

A new one is coming out that is for more advanced player's. I heard it was really helpful, though I've never seen it.

Brenda Sue on July 20, 2004

good for beginners only phil hellmuths is better.

got u beat on July 14, 2004

Lederer is a great player. One of the best in my oppinion. I would like to see him destroy Phill Hellmuth. That would be the best thing to see on tv. I hope i becoem just as good as him in the future... Howard Lederer- All time greatest poker pro!

MarkDoh on July 13, 2004

I'd really like to hear comments of Howards DVD before I shell out 40 bucks. Anyone seen it?

All-In Ronnie on July 13, 2004

dutch Boyd is still alive, and finished second in this year's WSOP Razz tourney. Take Howard-crime rumors with great skeptisicm.

Unregistered on July 9, 2004

It's good to see that punks that have only played poker on nintendo think they know the game. The man has won a loads of cash.

Fatty on July 8, 2004

Seven cashes at this years WSOP, various events. Pretty much says it all.

herman007 on July 7, 2004

this guy rocks. knows when his ace high is gold.

Brompton on July 6, 2004

Before we all lose our life saving going to the WSOP think about this. Howard entered the WSOP for 22 years straight, and did not end up in the money.He finally did last year. So all you joe six packs play your home games. Something else to chew on when howard went all in with crap cards in the tourny of champs last year ,when they panned the cam to his wife she was saying a little prayer.Why do that if poker was not alot of luck and prayer.

splat on July 2, 2004

He is a dominet player. And all of you who read poker books will never be as good or better than the player who does not.

bk on June 30, 2004

Hello everyone, read his sister's book. He wasn't doing anything illegal, only questionable, which is why he was arrested. And what business is it to any of you? Lay off his personal life, and talk about his amazing poker skills.

Brenda Sue on June 27, 2004

Felon. I knew there was something about this guy that seemed slimey. What crime was he convicted of?

Unregistered on June 25, 2004

he is quite possibly the most intellectual player out there, not sure why everyone is hating on him

gmarbalest27 on June 24, 2004

where is the information regarding Howard's alledged felony? How do you know Howard disliked Russ Boyd?

herman007 on June 23, 2004

It's pretty well known around the poker world that Howie and Dutch hate each other. That's why Howard paid off the "crew" to dispose of

jon on June 23, 2004

This guy is an outstanding analytical player, but sometimes he is too analytical. A good way to throw him off is too mix up your tells.

Unregistered on June 22, 2004

sickest? he gonna die? Are you kidding me? How do you let your sister elminate you out of the WSOP? And don't give me any of this..."oh annie duke is a great player" BS.

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

I like how this *** writing on here lets everyone know that he's a "Lederer family member" What a sorry ass.

rizzo on June 20, 2004

This guy is the sickest player in the world. A true student and teacher... u should read the shit on his site it will make u a better player....

Gangstashizz on June 19, 2004

Howard Lederer is a sorry ass criminal - yes a convicted felon!

The Poker Truth on June 17, 2004

looks constipated while playin poker LOL

pocket aces 1 on June 6, 2004

you scare me......

bigdad on May 28, 2004

BEST LIMIT TOURNY PLAYER, PERIOD. I love watching this guy heads up, raising on the button every hand. This guy reads people and situations in limit better then any player in the world, in my opinion. If he could master No Limit and Pot Limit like he's master Limit, he'd be the best player in the world. The only weakness I've seen in his game is his ability to read great N.L. players bluffs. I've seen him fold quite a few times when guys push him around and he has decent pre-flop odds, it always seems to keep him a little too tight and with not enough chips near the end of N.L. tourny's to take the whole enchilada. But this guy is a definite class act. Would be nice if he was a little more entertaining, he's about as fun as watching paint dry. Except in heads up limit play, when he seems to frustrate the hell out of his opponents.

jmarlowe on May 18, 2004

So analytical...reminds me of my HS math teacher. That guy had a mouth like a hoover.

Shelly Ralston on May 18, 2004

Howard Lederer is simply brilliant and it is a pleasure to watch him play. You can almost see the mathematical permutations in his aura when he goes to push in his chips. Smart, sophisticated and highly entertaining!

Danielle // djpiacente on May 16, 2004

Wow, I never realized Howard had so many fans out there. That be bangin! It's good to see!Sammers (Lederer family member)

Philly_Sam sammers1 on May 16, 2004

I LOVE to watch Howard play! He is an incedibly interesting man as is all of his family. Great ability must run in their family. I am reading a book currently by his other sister that people have not heard of Katy and it gives very interesting insight into the play of both Howard and Annie Duke (his other sister for those of you that don't know) and the family they were raised in that makes them who they are today.

cg. on May 12, 2004

I've only recently been watching poker and I've getting the hang of it, but I can still tell what an outstanding player he is. He knows just how to interact with a person to contemplate what they are holding and how to play the hand. I am hoping he does much better than 19th place this year, he deserves it.

cptg on May 12, 2004

Quite possibly the best poker player on the planet today. Every decision is well thought out and he is usually bang on. Two time winner on the WPT this year ain't bad.

SP. on May 10, 2004

Howard Lederer is one of the best poker players. I say this because he layed down 10,10. If he called, Paul Darden would have eliminated him, since he had pocket Qs. How does he know what he has? Pocket tens are a good starting hand. Howard is very good.

ChakreyKong/k_chakrey on April 29, 2004

I am trying to reach Howard for private lessons for a dear friend. Any ideas how I could reach him to dicuss this proposition?

EAL19 on April 9, 2004

I have truly enjoyed watching Howard play and am learning a lot. He is extremely intelligent and a joy to see play limit hold-em. He also adds the element of class and discipline to every tournament that he enters. Keep on doing what you are doing Howard.

gulfport on April 5, 2004

Cheating, lying, dishonest, scum bag. None of the pros trust this guy.

Unregistered on March 25, 2004

This guy has one of the most uncomfortable stares out there. Great player

brill on March 24, 2004

The Professor is by far my most favorite to watcg. Howard be the pimp fo sho with his powerful poker essence, and power player reads.

GoDsUNe on March 4, 2004

Lederer has an instructional holdem video out that I bought a few days ago off of [url][/url]. It hasn't come yet, but I'm curious to see what's on it.

Fenwick on March 1, 2004

I'd rather be broke then have this guys high school life. Great story, Fat Kid gets Rich and Slim.

Ledererer Player Hater on February 29, 2004

See you on the boat.

HiStacks on February 25, 2004

Tell Howard to bring it! Next time I'm in Vegas, or if he has the guts to come to Ultimate Bet, I'll take him down....

Mulli21 on February 24, 2004

The professor is pretty fun to watch. He gets unlucky at times by having people draw out on him. But he is the most analytical poker players around.

civil66 on February 23, 2004

I have modeled my poker play after Lederer, and along with reading a few books by mike sklanski and of course supersystem, i am currently just cleaning up at neihborhood and stealing Fed-Ex players money

15 year old poker prodigy ;) on February 14, 2004

Great player one of the best no doubt in my mind Exciting to watch never. But that isnt meant to take away from his ability in no way howard is top notch and always on top of his game in every aspect

poker king on February 13, 2004

he left college to become a chess player???? Is there money in that?

KC Kid on February 12, 2004

easily the best player today, at least for tourneys. the guy does not take a hand off, unlike most of us.

rookie on February 12, 2004

Who cares how much he used to weigh. He slimmed down, looks good now, and is one of the most famous poker players around. As for FSU1, every player makes mistakes, it's part of the game. He may not read accurate 100% of the time, but I'd say 98% of the time is pretty darn good. Good luck in '04 WSoP, Lederer!

Brenda on February 6, 2004

I like when Men The Master Mocked Howard in the world series of poker.

Kansas City Kid on February 6, 2004

Didja know that Howard used to weigh about 400lb. Fat guys rule at poker.

FYI on February 5, 2004

I'm trying to gain weight to make myself a better player

Kansas City Kid on February 5, 2004

Its a joke to watch him try to stare down the best players in the world! He got punk'd in the 2003 WSOP by Paul Darden.

FSU1 on February 4, 2004

The Professor is by far my favorite player to watch. He is the thinking man's man - I guess that's what makes him interesting to me. Hopefully Howard will see the final table at 2004's WSoP and take 1st!

Bubba on February 1, 2004

howard "reeks"of class a master technician that is a true gentleman

skip on January 26, 2004

I enjoy watching Howard as well. He gives off that "everyman" quality--not real flashy, but extremely smart.

Edward on January 23, 2004

He is an inspiring player to watch. You cannot help but fall in love with his play style.

Rocksl1 on January 17, 2004

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