Lottery DVDs

This exciting new show teaches you how to play smart and savvy when you go for the big jackpot. Learn all you can before you put the money on the line.

Are lotteries a harmless escape from the pressures of daily life, or a ticket to misery? This is the show you must see before you take another chance on the lottery.

MILLIONS (A LOTTERY STORY) follows the lives of six different big money lottery winners to show in detail just how dramatically a life-changing experience can deeply affect ordinary people. MILLIONS documents the true stories of people as rich in personality as they are - or once were - in material wealth, and tells a poignant story of luck, loss and redemption.

This program follows the day-to-day routine of ordinary people who are suddenly very, very rich. It reveals exactly what lottery winners really do after striking it rich. And it's never what you think.


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Lottery DVDs

HPG ADMIN on February 27, 2013