Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow is a professional poker player, residing in Nevada. Matusow acquired the nickname "The Mouth" due to his reputation for trash-talking at the table. He is also known for tilting really badly and having a meltdown at the table, known as a "Matusow Blow-up" or "Matusow Meltdown".

Born in 1968 in Los Angeles, California, Matusow's began playing poker seriously in the early 1990s when he got a job working as dealer at Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Las Vegas. During his time as a dealer, he studied the game and the players. After a while, he started playing in small poker tournaments, built his bankroll, and started playing cash games.

At the 1998 WSOP, Matusow paid part of Scotty Nguyen's buy-in to a satellite event for the main event. Nguyen went on to win, and gave $333,333 to Matusow in return for his partial stake.


At the 1999 WSOP, he won his first bracelet in the $3,500 No Limit Hold'em event for $265,475.

In 2001, Matusow finished 6th place in the WSOP main event, earning $239,765.

At the 2002 WSOP Matusow won his second bracelet in the $5,000 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event, winning $148,520.

In the 2005 WSOP, Matusow finished 9th out of 5,619 players in the main event, winning $1,000,000. Several months later, he won the WSOP Tournament of Champions in a heads-up battle against Hoyt Corkins, earning another $1,000,000, making him the first player to win two million dollar prizes in the same year. He also placed third in the Tournament of Champions the following year, winning $250,000.

At the 2008 WSOP, Matusow won his third bracelet in the $5,000 No Limit 2-7 Draw with rebuys event and the $537,862 first prize. Later in the same year he finished 30th out of 6,844 players in the Main Event, winning $193,000 and making another deep run in the Main Event.


In October 2004, Matusow made his first WPT final table at the UltimateBet Aruba Classic, earning $250,000 for 3rd place.

In 2006, he finished runner-up to Tony G in the WPT Bad Boys of Poker II in heads-up play.

During season 6 of the WPT, Matusow made 2 final tables. In July 2007, Matusow won $671,320 after coming in second place at the WPT Bellagio Cup III Championship and made $271,600 for finishing in 6th place at the Borgata Poker Open.

In November 2008, during season 7, he made another WPT final table at the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals, finishing in 6th place, earning $124,048.

In 2007, he won $500,000 by winning the Poker Superstars III Championship.

In early 2007, Matusow appeared on two episodes of Poker After Dark where he finished 3rd and 2nd. He also appeared in the second, third and fourth season of High Stakes Poker.

Matusow wrote an autobiography entitled "Check Raising the Devil" that was published in 2009.

Matusow made a $100,000 bet with Ted Forrest that he could get down to 181 pounds by June 3, 2008. Matusow won the bet on June 3, weighing in at 179 pounds.

Matusow has had to deal with many personal problems. Most notably, he has battled drug issues, which led to a six-month jail in sentence 2004 after being caught with cocaine by an undercover police officer.

A big deal has been made out of Harrington's and Raymer's impressive back-to-back finishes at the WSOP, but Matusow hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves for his ability to finish strongly in the Main Event. He has impressive cashes in 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2008, and has finished in the top 1% of the field on 3 different occasions.

As of 2009, he has 3 WSOP bracelets, 37 WSOP cashes, and total live tournament winnings exceeding $7,200,000. He plays online poker under his real name at Full Tilt Poker, where he is also a member of "Team Full Tilt".

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1999 $3,500 No Limit Hold 'em $265,475
2002 $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better $148,520
2008 $5,000 No Limit 2-7 Draw w/Rebuys $537,862


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If he is, does anyone know his screen name?

horsingaroundoc on May 26, 2011

Mike Matusow is one of my favorite poker players, it is always great fun watching playing him. For me TV poker is entertainment and players like Hellmuth or Mike are important for the sports because they add the entertainment factor to the game. I also would regard him as one of the best Omaha players in the world, he really knows how to or hi-lo.

Chrishr on September 9, 2010

I just read the stupid post dated feb 14 '07..

How stupid can you be...nobody ever did coke once

or twice in their life; only once or twice.

????? on September 9, 2009

this tool was on fulltilt tonight getting PWNED by someguy who he was berating, mike challenged him HU and got spanked

DonkeySlayer on July 31, 2007

I'm sure that you are not Scott,his brother,but if you r,u are high on drugs also,,Mike has did coke once or twice?????? lol Funniest thing I ever heard. All us locals know he is the biggest cokehead around aside from maybe Huck. Once or twice,I'm still cracking up lol And your brother is a pus tht belittles everyone,biggest moron to ever hit the ESPN airwaves.

headlessman1964 on April 25, 2007

New York Yankees MLB =moneyline 4/20/2007

I will make you a winner Mikey...if you must bet... start small if you must and build up a roll....Im currently ranked top 2 on pro cappers challenge site...GOOD LUCK BUDDY...only if you must I am tired of hearing of your compulsive losses..like poker you must manage the br and bet no more than 2-5% of roll each game

DonkvFish on April 20, 2007

Please, spare me the BS..........only an idiot would believe Raymer started the taunting of Matusow..and only a ****** would post that BS...unless you consider shoving "it" up Matusow's ___ is considered taunting!

????? on March 13, 2007

i wont delete it.

HPG ADMIN on February 14, 2007

Lots of bullshit about Mike being posted on the net. which is why we have opened an officially sanctioned blog of Mike.

These blogs, I post about my brother the truth about his drug conviction, tha fact Mike rarely ever did Coke ( onece or twice in his life) and was an occasional E user.

Mike been clean since 2003

If you guys want to delete me, then delete me, I've posted here before


Official fan based site;


guys who lists front page on mikes player profile is a flat out liar. Mike never threw cards at Raymer. and He is ignorant of the situation that led up to what people saw on ESPN. Bet his guy dont know Greg was taunting Mike well before what you saw on TV. ESPN edits things to create good guy/bad guy image.

If this guy who says Mike got no class has class himself, he will allow this post of mine and not delete it.

we shall see;

Scott Matusow

delweine on February 14, 2007

Garbage..no book ever took 1 mil on a lions game!

????? on December 2, 2006

this guy is basically a modern day stu ungar if he wasn't as good at cards. you don't need espn to give you some fluff piece on what a legend ungar was and what it was like to know him and play with him, you can just go meet matusow. i won $1 million in a poker tournament! i lost it all betting on the lions moneyline.

homervdoh on December 2, 2006

This sick Hebrew really showed his contempt for anyone other than a Jew, when he was knocked out of a tournament by Gus Hanson, a non Jew. He looked as if he was going to vomit, he was so sick.........its in his nature to believe that a gentile shouldn't have any money that hasn't passed through his hands first!

????? on October 29, 2006

mike your awesome. There needs to be someone in the game on tv showing the dark side to poker. Ive seen people give up on life trying to scrape up enough money for a buy in. people spending their disability checks on poker.

Unregistered on September 18, 2006

A real Asswipe but he's funny as hell. Talks shit but can usually back it up. I did love it when Raymer crippled him at the 2004WSOP main event. Then watched him cry like a little girl when he got knocked out. Won 2 million at the TOC in 2005, I'm sure he's blown it all on drugs, alcohol and gambling. He'll be in jail again before long. I think he likes taking it in the ass from Bubba

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

can u say cocaine ? coke and poker and big money gambling = mike the mouth. a rather skilled fellow, just lets the cocke get to him too often

DonkeySlayer on July 29, 2006

he is funny he makes me laugh.

jarrel on July 25, 2006

your my favorite player

alan on July 12, 2006

Mike is an asshole of a person. complete jerkoff. BUT, one of the best poker players poker has produced. He can play high on cocaine or sober on coca cola. whatever you feel about this guy as a person means nothing when it comes down to it. When the subject matter is POKER, he's the shizzle. As a person, he's probably going to hell.

jhodges72 on May 5, 2006

i play on full tilt with matusow in the 10-20 nl games i just want to take this opportunity to say that he is one of THE best players in the game right now amazing playing six tables at a time with 10k - 30k at stake at once how many of u can say u do that well i can its HARD!!!!
ive seen some amazing play and yes some blowups but lets be honest we all make mistakes and react in different ways i know when someone hits a two outter on me for 3800 dollars i get a bit pissy but that is the game and the reactions and whining well its part of it and by some of these responces its obvious that these people are not at this level yet and cant fully understand the ups and down of mid to high level stakes think about that the next time u play ur 20 dollar buy in at your wednesday night regular. [email]chris7383@comcast.net[/email]

chris mcadams on April 18, 2006

Mike you play the game the way it should be played. Don't listen to these haters who don't want but dont have the lifestyle and money you do.

Unregistered on April 17, 2006

Mike may be a loud mouth and an obnoxious human being but he is good for the game. Mike is one of the reasons why people watch poker on TV... It is entertaining. Do you think watching Barry Greenstein play Dewey Tomko would be entertaining. Obviuosly not, they both lack personality. Would you rather watch Barry and Dewey, two courteous gentlemen or Matusow and Hellmuth two self- proclaimed ass holes.

DirkDiggler on April 13, 2006

Mike Is A Joke

Unregistered on January 2, 2006

Mike, I think you are extremely sexy.

143Matusow on January 1, 2006

Originally Posted by Mike - Met you at "I love Sushi"
Hey Mike,

I spoke to you the other night at the resturaunt "I LOVE SUSHI" If this email get to you email me back at:



Mike L on January 1, 2006


Mike L on January 1, 2006

Hey Mike,

I spoke to you the other night at the resturaunt "I LOVE SUSHI" If this email get to you email me back at:


Mike - Met you at "I love Sushi" on January 1, 2006

Hey Mike.......

You just won the TOC and celebrated with your family. Congrats.......now did you shake the hand of the gentleman who you beat????? You just pushed away into the crowd and left Hoyt just standing there waiting to congratulate you. Way to go JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps next year the TD should change the greeting from "shuffle up and deal" to SHUT UP and deal" just for you.

Unregistered on December 31, 2005

Probably one of the top 10-15 NLH tournament players.

????? on October 31, 2005

Yeah, Soyuz, you make a good point. I too was appalled at how and why he acted that way with Raymer. He said he did that becasue Raymer kept raising him. That's poker, and if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It was very obvious that Raymer got to Mike and he exploded because he couldn't take it. I haven't seen him act that bad with anyone else and I guess that's why I tried to defend him a little. I expect that Mike will always be "The Mouth" in that he'll always be cocky and obnoxious at the table, and that I can overlook. I just chalk it up to his style and enjoy the show so long as he doesn't get out of line. I agree that there should be an element of class in the game, and Mike showed absolutely no class when playing with Raymer. I think he probably knows that and that's why he tried to appologize to Raymer afterwards. It was definitely too little too late, and if I were Raymer, I wouldn't have shook his hand either. Mike was way out of line, but I'm hoping that he knows that and that he'll show more class in the future. I usually enjoy watching him play and I like to see him win, even if he is a prick. :) Because of how he acted with Raymer, it makes it hard to defend him, but I try to look at his playy in whole. I've seen him in games where he wasn't a total ass, and I prefer to dwell on those, rather than the ones where he took his nickname too far. As far as table control, with Raymer, yes he did have trouble controlling himself, but I think it started as him trying to get into Raymer's head and when he couldn't he lost it. In that situation, it wasn't an act, but I think in general his big mouth is just that, an act. He is by no means a "master" of needling, but that does seem to be his gameplan. Like I said before, I don't know him personally so I wouldn't presume to say that I am right, it's only my opinion.

acesfull on September 27, 2005

I take your points about it being a control thing - he can control the table if the players are cowed by his boorish behaviour and outright rudeness. That said I think the game still needs to have an element of class about it and throwing his weight around and being downright obnoxious isn't exactly good for the game. Yes he's a good player but he's not exactly the poker equivalent of John McEnroe is he? Throwing his cards at Raymer was appalling and he would have been justified in having a pop at him for that - but that incident in itself tells me there isn't THAT great a degree of control attached to Matosow's needling. In short I don't think it's an act or even a calculated attempt to unsettle other players - I just think he's an asshole who has trouble controlling himself at the table. If he was truly a master of needle and mind control he wouldn't have lost it like that with Raymer or cried like a baby after being eliminated. Decent player, but a prick of the highest order.

Soyuz on September 27, 2005

I gotta admit, when I first started watching Mike play, I thought he was a jerk too. I didn't like how he acted with Raymer and I didn't like some of the things he said in his interviews. After thinking about it for a while, I eventually changed my mind about him. When I think about Mike's table behavior, it just makes me think how I would never want to be at a table with him. That right there gives him a huge advantage. Anyone who takes his needling personally, is not going to play 100% with him. I'm sure that's why he does it. Of course it is. Yeah, I suppose he may go too far sometimes, but until you've sat at a poker table for 20 hours straight, who's to say you wouldn't be a little edgey too. If Mike's behavior bothers you and causes you to play worse than you normally would, than he has done his job. If you're any good at this game, you would just ignore him and play your best. I don't know him personally, but I'd bet he's a cool guy away from the table. I'm sure he's a little cocky in any given situation, but so are a lot of people. I would much rather watch someone with confidence at a poker table, than watch someone like Todd Brunson (no offense to Todd) who mopes at the table the entire time, thinking he's going to lose every hand. As far as the drug thing, who really cares if Mike is on or off coke? What does that have to do with wether or not he is a good poker player? Drugs or no drugs, Mike can play some f-ing poker. Anyone who complains about his table manners, complains for the same reasons I used to. You're just afraid of him. I wish Mike lots of luck in the future.

acesfull on September 25, 2005

Mike you're my role model. Seriously. I want to make millions of dollars and have all these internet idiots cry about how much money I make - still labeling me a sucker. You're the man keep it up.

WSOP 2006 on September 16, 2005

Mike You Were The Donkey, 3-3 Vs 9-9 And Catching The 3, Lol, Then Saying "see, Poker Is All Skill Guys" Congrats On The Million Mike, I Was Routing For You After The First Day I Was Out


it was probably some 13 yr old white kid from beverly hills

Unregistered on August 25, 2005

I gained more respect for Mike after he cried, because it was bullshit. Too many suckouts take a toll on you. The reaction was well deserved by the incredible suckout

Unregistered on August 24, 2005

Mike is the man, he would've dominated the final table if not for bad timing, KK vs AA, what can you do, and that read on the other jerk-off that tried to bluff him was right on, mike ur the man.

blackbart on August 24, 2005

cocaine + poker dont work very-well (i tried 2, now im only poker addict). better stop 2 be on coke, after the turkey, laptops wouldnt hit the pool anymore !be a man, dude! dont cry cuz u lost the buy-in. ure not the only1

mr. Estebàn on August 24, 2005

I lost all respect for Mike when he cried after he was eliminated from the 2004 WSOP.

Jabata on August 23, 2005

This guys a whiny bitch.

Unregistered on August 22, 2005

you whine just as much as he does

last post on August 22, 2005

he does have a good point, anyone who whines and bitches about mike, sounds exactly like him, fucking hypocrites

dave on August 22, 2005

"Posted by: JetsFan315 on Aug 20, 2005 - IP= Greeks are fucked at poker, fullstop."

u guys r gullible, i didnt post this, all the pros deserve respect

JetsFan315 on August 21, 2005

This guy was my punk bitch in prison... I sold his fat ass out for a pack of smokes.. we turned him after about a day

mike on August 20, 2005

Greeks are fucked at poker, fullstop.

JetsFan315 on August 19, 2005

Congrats Mike...dont listen to these idiots. Everyone has their speed bumps in life. I have watched u play for two years now and you are quite good. I was telling my friday cash game guys that you would do well this year. Hopefully u dont listen to the idiots who post.I was at WSOP this year, and I know what a carnival it was. To do that well in that environment is a real accomplishment. I look forward to seeing you do well in the future as well.

rainmaker on August 16, 2005

I'd only say one thing to Mike....."shut up and play."

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

maybe mike wouldnt do so much coke - if yall just quit with the gay jokes, ok folks? - no one on this postcould ever hope for - ever having eventhe chance to beat this Mike at poker. Maybe it's all just an act on TV - to induce people to push all in in with Queen-three.I think Scotts right- u r all just jealouswhats the size of your bankroll common sence, come on, tell us. I know u have one bad habit, BUT YOUR A NOBODY, so the world can't know your a crack addict.Right now Mike Matusow the mouth - is at the mansion, chillin, loungin on his couch, while your at work, tryin to make money for your spouse, it's funny how u joust at this man u never metyou're all cowards, now im out.

Mad Rapper on August 7, 2005

Say guys.....I'm a little short after making the WSOP final table. Can anyone stake me?

Unregistered on August 6, 2005

Ah, poor little Scott. Did I hit a soft spot? Oh well, I don't care. Your brother is still a greaseball creepo and a degenerate loser. I guess to your pea-brained logic, blowing $1 million bucks is justifiable if some other degenerates have done it. Sound thinking there, Scott. I see you have as much class as your slimebag sibling. Maybe someday you and he can wear prison whites together....idiot.

Common Sense on August 6, 2005

i look forward to watching him losing more big tournis in the future its better than watching phil helmuth lose.i wish he threw the cards at me on my poker table I'II crack his skull open, feed him the cards one by one and then get started on him.

Mataafatfck on August 3, 2005

Pay up. The smack ain't free man.

Your dealer on August 2, 2005

hey i dont need you guys ripping me all the time. (puff puff). I shouldn't have cried, as I know people have suffered much worse beats than that AQ, in poker and in life. Now if you'll excuse me... sob... i need to get back to adjusting my wig... sob

mike matusow on August 2, 2005

My brudder is better at poker dan you, an if you make fun of him again, I'll beat you up. I'm 6-2 an more dan 250 so I can do dat. You here me out there? An my brudder don't do coke no more. So quit sayin' dat stuff. You are all jus jealous of Mike. You all wish you wuz like him. So there! An if you have the guts to say your stuff to my face, I'll kick all your asses good!

Scott Matusow, AKA., NASA scientist on August 2, 2005

Mike, I have bad news for you: You can't play poker or do blow down here. See you soon, you're mentor, Stu.

Stu Unger on August 2, 2005

Vindication Baby

Mike Matusow on July 31, 2005

id lay 3-1 he'll die in the same manner Ungar did. 15-1 within the next 2 years.

jimmy the greeks ghost on July 30, 2005

Hey! My name is Juri. I am 7'1'' and I can kick your ass. Don't mess with me! I also play good poker. It RUNS in the family. I pound my dad and mom, plus my brother Mikey, and my still-in-the-closet-faggot bro Scott.

Juri Matusow on July 30, 2005

Most of you are funny in your quotes, I love it!!

"I raped mike in prison"
Mike never had one problem in JAIL, not prison with any inmate.

"Mike will use the money to buy coke or X"
Mike rarely every did coke, and before he was busted, actaully cleaned up and has stayed clean. He is on probation you moronic donkeys and he is pissed tested every month!!

"Mike is a rude scumbag"
Mike is rude, and a few times I have knocked him out cold in our lives. He is not a scumbag. He does suffer from ego issues from time to time, but only on a poker table.

"Mike is whining crybaby"
I didnt hear anyone call Derek Fisher than a few years ago when his team lost.

"Mike was out of line with Raymer in the 2004 wsop"
No he was not out of line. Raymer kept raising pot after pot. Mike purposely berrated him to attempt to gain back table control from him. It is just bantering.

"Mike is bad for the sport of Poker"
Since when is gambling a sport?

"Mike has no class"
Neither does a schoolhouse in the summer time.

"Mike is at best a decent player, or a bad player"
2 wsop braclets, over 20 major final tables, 2 wsop main event final tables in 4 years, (very few players ever have accomplished that) 20 wsop cashes near 3 million which puts mike in the top 10 all time at the wsop. Is considered by his peers the best all around Omaha hi low player in the world.Where do some of you guys come from? mars?

"I'd beat the shit out of Mike If He talked shit to me"
And I bite off your earlobes and donate them to hungly pitbulls.. see? I can talk smack too.

Well that about sums up a few things. Please continue to hate Mike, good for his PR, the more you hate him, the more you will want to watch him.Because you hate him, youhave helped tyo make Mike on of the biggest Poker stars on the planet. I, on behalf of my family would like to thank you for your continued hating of mike.Words are all good, ever mess with Mike, you can mess with me and Im well over 6 feet and 250 pounds. Peace

Scott Matusow on July 29, 2005

I would like to show people here just how stupid most of them really are. Take this post for example

"Posted by: Common Sense on Jul 18, 2005 - IP= Mike is a degenerate loser. He was a millionaire and managed to blow it all on gambling and God knows what else. Now think: What kind of person other than an unreliable creep would do something that freakin' stupid? Well guess what: The lowlife just made the final table at the WSOP, so he's a millionaire again. It doesn't matter He will blow it all once more. This guy is a classless slimeball and anyone who admires him is in the same boat. Frankly, I think the twitchy little scuzzbucket needs his teeth knocked out, and if I were Greg Raymer, I would have done it."

This moron wonders how Mike can blow a million bucks? does this guy know anything about the poker world? I do, Ivery had gone bust a few times, Lederer numerous times.These guys stake each other all the time.Layne has been busted a few times. I can go on and on with naming more. Oh I am sure someone will say "You are not Mike's brother". Any of you guys are more than welcome, the next time Mike plays a tourney, to come by and see me and say your shit to my face :) But you guys wont, only cowards talk this kind of shit online, never in person. Jealous little shits :)

Scott Matusow on July 29, 2005

Yo soy un burro. If some of those amateurs actually had a clue, they'd be able to pickup on MIke's tells in a heartbeat. I'd be willing to lay 2-1 that he'll go broke again in the next 18 months.

Miguel Matusow on July 29, 2005

I can't believe some of this crap these people are saying about someone they've never had the pleasure in meeting. I triple dog dare anyone to sit in front of my man to play him.. or better yet, tell him the crap you're typing about him. Congrats Mike.. from the AZ crew...

Your peps in AZ on July 28, 2005

i dont care if this guy becomes a billionaire, all the money in the world cant stave off his self-destructive slide into the abyss.

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

PokerRookie is an idiot

Unregistered on July 26, 2005

anyone who says matusow cant play is clearly mistaken, and to say he whent in 4th and whent out 1st is true but not very accurate on his play. on the second hand of the final table he was pushed all in, and he called with KK vs. his opponents AA. He flopped the set of kings, and then his opponent (lazar?) hit runner runner hearts to take the hand with a flush. He then defended his short stack well, climbing back to about 3 mill in chips before a player put him all in with nothing, then sucked out to an inside straight when matusow made the correct call. hes better then you

Unregistered on July 26, 2005

mike i liked the segment on sunglasses espn did on the 2005 circuit they just started to show it was funny you should have asked raymer if u could wear it at the final table

Unregistered on July 25, 2005

It's unfortunate that 15 year old losers come in here and trash people. You little babies haven't accomplished anything in life and I suspect you never will. Now that is funny.

PokerRookie on July 25, 2005

man you wish you punked him

THEDOOMGUY on July 24, 2005

4 days into the tournament and we still haven't seen a MIke Matasow blowup

Unregistered on July 23, 2005

I punked his bitch ass in jail.

what a punk on July 23, 2005

dan harrington is the man!!!!!!!!!! matusow is very good to, but not as good as dan!!!!!!!!

Unregistered on July 22, 2005

mike kix ass always has and always will. funny how some losers talk shyt about him on the net from their trailer homes. i bet the rims on mikes car cost more than that buket ur riding in. wenches

vampyre on July 21, 2005

I don't care if Mike won $50 million. He's still a no-class little cockroach. He'll put half his WSOP winnings up his nose, just like he always does. The guy is trash. Go back to jail Mike. You and poker will both be better off.

What a bunch of idiots on July 21, 2005

mm isnt a bad poker player he just needs to grow up

jester on July 21, 2005

I met mike at a party before the wsop and he was a real Nice guy.He came over introduced himself to everyone,and spoke to us for a few minutes.I was glad to see him do well this year.peace

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

its funny how there is so many haters and all of a sudden he does something good and now whereare the haters. where were you all last year on this post when he was crying. everyone hated on him in here. no one said one good thing about him last year though. its a funny world

loveland on July 19, 2005

mike is a freking cry baby

meh on July 19, 2005

mike is a 2 year old

paperweight on July 19, 2005

Yeah, I admire Mike Matusow .... like a case of the crabs.

Yeah .... Right!!! on July 18, 2005

oh well all you bad mouthers....he won a million dollars, mike if you read this, i was sad when you lost last year to that Geek Raymer and i was happy as anything to see you win a million this year, congrats on the ultimate bet win as well, im saving my pennies, hopefully i get the pleasure to play with you someday at the WSOP, i think next year you will win ...WtWhFeROCK@aol.com

WtWhFeROCK on July 18, 2005

All you people who badmouth him for egging raymer on...Raymer was being a Table Bully with his chip count and matusow was trying to back the Fat Bull up a notch, i have played on a table with bullies like raymer, and the only way to get em to respect you is to rub it in when u outplay them, because they wont wanna experience that again. You do however have to tighten up your play when you egg someone on, as now they play tighter and want to ONLY WIN when playing against you, so u need the Nutz almost to beat them...

WtWhFeROCK on July 18, 2005

Listen all you monkeys, I think it is absolutely assinine for anyone to come on this webpost and talk shit about Mike. What gives you the right to make degrading comments towards a man that you know nothing about other than what you have seen on a tv program that, by the way, is designed to villinize this guy. The man is joking half he time he makes his quote "asshole remarks". He is just trying to stir it up alittle and have some fun. How many of you are just jealous that you are not a pro like him? How many of you sit on pokerstars and play 1/2 dreaming of just having enough money to buy into the main event. Now picture this same person getting online and completely bashing a person who is living their dream, all because the cameras project him as a prick. In reguards to wheather or not he is a good player - I can say only this - then man called Raymer last year with a middle pair of 9's when Raymer only had a flush draw - Mike the big favorite there - for his whole touriment life at steak. How many players could have made that call? Could you? Mike has made himself into a celebrity, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The fact that there are so many posting on this site is a testament to Mike's genius. He is one the better players out there. And for me, or anyone else to pass judgement on his character would be blasphemous, because only God can, and will, judge Mike "the mis-understood" Matasow.

MikeRizzTheProphet on July 18, 2005

Yo mike has mad skill finishing at the final table this year was no easy accomplishment. Although he is annoying he, like phil hellmuth, is very entertaining, hope to see more of him soon.

mAD GenIUs on July 17, 2005

I agree he is a good poker player...can't really argue about that but I can't stand the guy...makes me not as anxious to see the final table on tv now..oh well! oh and to the post above me...I agree phil Hellmuth is annoying too but he does entertain but Mike is just annoying IMO.

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

all the people who talk trash about him are idiots, hes better than any of u and u wish u were as good, and the gay guy up there should go kill himself

hes good on July 17, 2005

Mike is a decent poker player, and might even be considered one of the best, but as a human being this guy is a low life. I agree with Greg Raymer, if this guy won this years WSOP, it would have been bad for poker. Every retard out there that thinks they can make it in poker will do so with extreme trash talking. If his strategy is to throw people on tilt while being an asshole, then maybe he should try some other form of annoying them because I don't see anyone going on tilt because of him. He seems to be the one going on tilt though.

PokerVertigo on July 17, 2005

Mike is a degenerate loser. He was a millionaire and managed to blow it all on gambling and God knows what else. Now think: What kind of person other than an unreliable creep would do something that freakin' stupid? Well guess what: The lowlife just made the final table at the WSOP, so he's a millionaire again. It doesn't matter He will blow it all once more. This guy is a classless slimeball and anyone who admires him is in the same boat.Frankly, I think the twitchy little scuzzbucket needs his teeth knocked out, and if I were Greg Raymer, I would have done it.

Common Sense on July 17, 2005

he should have won. that dork that won pretty much sucks

marlon on July 16, 2005

I love mike matusow, he's one of the biggest pokerstars out there. He's also got the bigges t mouth, wich I Respect. Noone puts a player on tilt, like mike. He's a poker God.Viva la Mike, and congrats on your 9th finish!

mr miagi on July 16, 2005

"Boy I can't wait to see it on TV - first one gone from the final table - that ought to make the ratings soar"yeah right. every other member of the final table was an absolute stiff except for the aussie. matusow didn't even blow up.

dan on July 16, 2005

he just won a cool million dollars in the 2005 main event. has anyone else on here done that?

wild chedder cheese patrol on July 15, 2005

Nice to see The Mouth win that much money ... Now he can get treated for his Big Balls problem, I hear they have Medication for that these days... maybe it will help with his inflated head too.

LV Cad on July 15, 2005

I have to admit that I found Mike's exit from the WSOP 2004 very amusing but you have to respect the guy for coming back this year and doing so well.It can't have been easy walkling back in to that room after everyone had seen you with tear stained cheeks,like a fat kid on sports day.

Rounder277 on July 15, 2005

Mikey listen,I hope you respond to this, because I know what you go through and I respect the hell out of you. You are a great player, that fact cannot be contested. But I feel like every tourney I play in I am in your shoes, getting sucked out on, with inferior players beating me. I am rooting for you this year, this is your tourney to win take it home for all the good players whose luck always faults them..........this is all u mikey....for all us good jewish boys take it home

kdawg099 on July 14, 2005

Thank GOD, it's about time you will be able to settle up with cash, rather than sucking on old man dick to make good on your debt! Yeah!

Your dealer on July 14, 2005

Mike you're awesome! The fact that you can be so relaxed at the biggest final table ever is testament to your poker ability! You were made for no-limit! I feel your pain with bad beats! Hope it doesn't happen to you tomorrow!

Loser_kid/ oharedaniel on July 14, 2005

Mikey is the man. Yeah, his antics last year at the WSOP main event were pretty sad, but you should hear what he said about Raymer getting knocked out yesterday when Raymer made an incredible read and lost on a bad beat: "Believe it or not, I'm a little upset at what happened to Raymer... that's just the sickest thing I ever heard. A guy works so hard to get so far to have a shot at defending his championship, and some idiot loses his mind and tries his hardest to go broke. I think that bothers me more than anything... How about throwing your hand away when you flop no pair and no draws? Does that ever come into your mind?" This was in reference to Aaron Kanter making a dumb play and sucking out on a 22% chance on the river after both players went all in after the turn. I really hope Matusow wins. I don't know if I could stand to watch another one of his blow ups.

Evil Twin on July 14, 2005

Mike Matusow Wins The 2005 Wsop Main Event

birdswontquit on July 14, 2005

Seriously, is he still on probation? What happens if he stays out all night, does he get in trouble? Was he raped in prison? Does anyone know?

Time in prison questions on July 14, 2005

hes guna finish top 3 in main event

99. on July 14, 2005

he is a millionaire

99. on July 14, 2005

so he's a milionaire, guy's goin have a heart attack in 6 months

stacksonstacks on July 14, 2005

Boy I can't wait to see it on TV - first one gone from the final table - that ought to make the ratings soar

vidpoker on July 14, 2005

roflmao went in 4th but 1st to go, good he pisses me off.

Unregistered on July 14, 2005

I predict this guy will lose a MASSIVE all-in pot to another big stack when J-J faces a Q-Q. Then he will spit the dummy, tip the table over and bash up Phil Ivey. This will be immediately followed by an all-in tilt holding 7-3o and called by an A-K and be busted out just before the final table.

Unregistered on July 13, 2005

there is no such thing as "dimebags of X" get a clue moron! If the guy wants do take part in drug activity, leave him alone, we don't call out the fact that your gay

no one on July 13, 2005

does anybody know why first place only pays 50% more than last year ($5->$7.5 mil) when there are more than twice as many players (2600->5600)? I think they spread the money out more. Everybody at the final table gets at least $1 mil. I think I like that. It's good more guys are gettin paid.KB

KB. on July 13, 2005

If Fossilman wins again this year I'm going on a postal rampage. Hide your women.

QueenTenOff on July 13, 2005

I hope all you dissong on Mike feel really dumb when you watch the wsop on tv next week. While he may be a bit emotional there is no doubt he truly is on of the best players in the world

verdinis on July 13, 2005

kind of funny when i looked back and read this whole post. who would of thought that he would be kicking eveyones ass? for all you haters - never made a mistake in life? hes making a living doing what he does and you make a living doing what you do. who do you think is having more fun?

insteadofme on July 13, 2005

THE CHIP LEADER. he is giving hope to the lowest of low

loveland on July 13, 2005

Mike is a excellent player and from day 1 I've been pulling for him. Yeah he wines alot but he gets the job done! I don't see but a few professional players still left in the game and a whole lot that has gone home. Fact is that he is number 1 right now...and you can talk all the bs about mike. One thing is for sure he's going home with a lot more money than you will see in 10 years...fry manager

nightowl007 on July 13, 2005

24 left now and he has over 6mil in chips he will win this and is a great player regardles of his talk. im sure hes an ok guy off the tbl and uses his mouth to put others on tilt Mike Vs. Ivey final 2 hopefully :)

ryky on July 13, 2005

a lot of you dont seem to remember the old adage "play the player, not the cards." the fact that so many dont like his style show how effective it can be

Jumbo135 on July 13, 2005

what was the hand he lost on

bob on July 13, 2005

in 2004 wsop main event

bob on July 13, 2005

Phil Ivey better run him tomorrow i am going to flip

da gunit on July 13, 2005

iveys gone

bob on July 13, 2005

You can all say what you want. Mike is a great player. His mouth is part of his game.

friend on July 13, 2005

Matusow is one of 4 in the 2million in chips club after last nights fiasco.

Gordon's Sidekick on July 12, 2005

Hey Jets fan how many bracelets do u have? Oh I guess u r playing 10 cents 20 cents limit. And he has 2 as of now. One in omaha hi lo and one in NL hold em.

yo. on July 12, 2005

matusow's got a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. needs to clam up. and everyone, everyone says "you think he's a jerk huh? how many [insert poker accomplishment here]'s to YOU have, huh? i thought so!" like that proves anything other than the speaker has a difficult time with basic logical statements. but whatever. some people are jerks, and some jerks support them.

g.. on July 12, 2005

matusow is playing the poker of his life right now. he is the most relaxed player left in this tournament. i think this year s series is revenge oft the pro and sweet revenge for the mouth

loveland on July 12, 2005

Matusow and Helmuth are the least respectable poker players of all time. True, both have talent, but that's no excuse to be a dick. You can learn to be a great poker player, but if you don't have some class, you're shit to me. Learn something from the true poker players, like Brunson, Ivey, Lederer, and Cloutier

Unregistered on July 12, 2005

They had 5 rounds in an hour and a half. They ended at 1:30a. Good thing they started at 12p today. Matusow is up above 4mil now.

Gordon's Sidekick on July 12, 2005

Matusow is kicking butt right now. I hate to say, and kinda feel bad, but I almost hope he busts out. No offense to him, but I want to see what happens if he does. Mike Matusow BlowUp, here we come...

brian_plumb2003 on July 12, 2005

Plus, if he leaves the tourney now, he will have enough money to purchase at least 2,300 dimebags of X and can then turn them around and make the million he would have anyways.

blowout coming on July 12, 2005

Blowout - great comment execpt its coke for him not x.

zman on July 12, 2005

i would kill for this man.....just because the man had a little blow doesnt mean you arrest him.....you find a mirror

moth on July 12, 2005

Matusow got penalized 40 minutes today for dropping the F-bomb 4 times. His kings got cracked (again) and on the next hand he gets j/7 os. The cards barely touched the plastic on the box and the dealer called the floor manager over and told him that he threw the cards at him and they touched his hand. (Lame dealer imo). Mike refused to take a 10min penalty and the floor man. apologized. Then Mike turned to the guy next to him and whispered "This guys F!@#ing crazy" then the dealer yells "FLOOR MAN F-BOMB!" Floor manager said "Mike thats a 10 min penalty for the F-bomb since someone heard it." Then Mike said "F!@# this place" Manager,"That's another 10" "F!@# you too!" "Another 10!" "F!@# you again" "40minute penalty" And then Mike walked out!

WSOP on July 11, 2005

Hellmuth is the most arrogant piece of sh!t on the pro circuit. He pulled up to the WSOP on Day 1b in a stretch white limmo with body gaurds and his own camera crew following him. When he busted out he did an extra special attention grabbing cry baby act that made me want to kick him in the balls. After wasting a NetFlix rental on his DVD I tried getting a refund, but the people at NetFlix said that it was impossible since I had returned it and I didn't actually pay for the DVD (Thank God!)

Gordon's Sidekick on July 11, 2005

Matusow is still holding a lot of chips.

Gordon's Sidekick on July 11, 2005

matusow is not entertaining. hellmuth is entertaining, matusow is just an ass. he says hes the best poker player in the world, while how come he only has 1 BRACELET. and how come he hasn't won one main event. hes good but no where near as good as he thinks. when i watched the 04 WSOP last night i was thinking," this guys the biggest ******* i have ever seen, not only in poker" theres ppl who think they are the greatest and are not but still good and entertaining like Scotty Nguyen and Phil Hellmuth but matusow just disses ppl and says hes the best. even if he loses a pot he still thinks it was a good move.

JetsFan315 on July 10, 2005

lol i love to see grown men cry.:t

fitty titty on July 5, 2005

Is Mike planning on crying when he gets knocked out of the main event this year?

mike fan! on June 16, 2005

i would write something about this retardbut i dont want him to cry.

Unregistered on June 16, 2005

I personally think mike sounds like a good guy. I rank a poker player's coolness on how good they are at poker in relation to how obscene they can act while playing. The best being if they can act very very obscene and horrible while playing great poker. It is obvious to me then, that mike must be the king of all poker. People should bow down to him and tell him he rules, and hope they can be dissed by him, so that they can possibly tape record it and worship the tape for the rest of their lives. Lots of people talk trash and suck at poker. They are losers. Lots of people are silent and are good at poker. They are alright. Very very very very very few people talk trash and are good at poker. They rule. They know they are rare, and that people are expecting them to lose, since they are such trash talkers. So when they instead do well, they can basically tell everyone else to shut up and admit what the real deal is. That all the trash they talked was all completely true. They got played at the game of poker, on and off the table. Not only did they lose to him on the table, but they also called what they thought was his bluff of sucking at poker, when they heard him trash talk, and got owned there too, when they found out he didnt suck. SO yea mike is basically supreme to all. He deserves a lot of respect. He is probably the coolest poker player in the world.Hopefully someday i will have the privedge to sit in the same room he is trash talking. O yea, he also definitely was right in crying. someone earlier mentioned that it was not a very bad beat, that ace king gets beat by 7 2 offsuit too quite frequently, hinting that gettind beat by 72 is worse. ITS NOT!!!!!! getting beat by ace queen is much rarer than getting beat by 7 2 when u have ace king. This is because ace queen is DOMINATED by ace king, meaning that it shares a card with the aceking (the ace) but has a lower non-shared card (the queen) so basically if no ace queen or king hit the board, the ace queen loses. If an ace hits the board, the ace queen still loses. If a king hits the board, the ace queen loses, if a queen and a king hit the board, the ace queen loses, if an ace and a king hit the board the ace queen loses, and if an ace a king and a queen hit the board the ace queen loses, it is only in that insanely rare instance that only a queen hits the board, that the ace king loses, rather than the ace queen. Ace queen beating ace king is quite frankly disgusting. It should not happen. It is messed up. Mike had every right to cry. Most of u guys would have to if u had any clue how rare that queen spike is. Im surprised he did not punch that guy in the face. It would have been very reasonable, considering how unreasonable of a win it was. In fact the fact that he didnt fight the guy, is a bit upsetting to me. That was probably the only flaw in mike, for the whole tournament. I hope mike destroys all his opponents for the rest of his life, and never has to endure the incredibly rare horrific beat of ace king losing to ace queen again.... truley horrid. But yea, hes a great guy. I hope u all like him now that i convinced u why hes actually ridiculously awsome. If not you are thick headed and deserve a bad beat, so bad u cant even understand why u should actually be crying about it, which u wouldnt be, since u wouldnt understand the significance. K cya guys. U probly arent very good at poker. I hope u understood all the stuff i wrote. Its complicated but if u reread it a few times ull see that im correct. Trust.

hey on June 3, 2005

these are provocative queries. i don't know. maybe he is both an ass and a great (except for the meltdowns) poker player. i think it's very possible that he is both.

talbrecht on June 1, 2005

Nick you are too cool...can I slap him too..you are so right he is a big crybaby. I like to kick his ass!!!! I wouldn't even give him the credit for being alright, but I changed my mind when him and Greg Raymer got into a mud wrestling match in their batman underwear

Unregistered on May 30, 2005

mike is a great player you cannot deny him that none of u guys would make it 87th in the wsop main event and as for the call he made was the correct call its just dumb luck and if mike is only an alright poker player tell me why he led most of the wsop main event until he got unlucky and tell me why hes regarded as teh best omaha hi lo player in the world

nextbigthing on May 30, 2005

Mike will be back...yea right, once he's released from prison

nicky D on May 29, 2005

Just saw Mikey get knocked out of last year's WSOP, again, on ESPN. It's still a beautiful sight.

Vegas Mike on May 26, 2005

I spoke with Mike over a year ago and let me set the record straight this guy has a good heart man a real nice guy if you know him. He needs to tone it down at the tables with his antics. A new and improved Mike will show up. Look for Mike to make an impact on the Poker world in the future. Good Luck Mike, your buddy the HURRICANE from Chicago!!!!!

Hurricane_Ivan on May 22, 2005

mike is the freakin man stop hatin cause he wears his heart on his sleeve, hes honest and doesnt hold back...so back off him

dangalange8 on May 22, 2005

This guy is halarious! He is much better than anyone else in the world! He plays a great game and he could take any player ever in the history of poker( except Stu ). His style is almost flawless except for his blow ups. Mike Matusow! A true champion of poker, and he would have won the world seris if that fat slob Raymer hadn't of drawn out.

Dirk Diggler on May 19, 2005

One Time! Let Me Get Lucky!

Dirk Diggler on May 19, 2005

100 fellow inmates found out why he is called Mike the Mouth.

Mike's Cellmate on May 18, 2005

Finally got out of jail...I saw him playing on Full Tilt the other day...

BoonsFarm on May 14, 2005

Mike Matusow is the Ryan Leaf of poker

'loser is right' is wrong on May 14, 2005

are you kidding me hoyt corkins best NL player yeah right

justin on May 12, 2005

Mike Matusow is the Jack Nicklaus of Poker.

loser is right on May 12, 2005

The guy is not a good poker player. He gets attention b/c he acts like a jackass. I would not fear him one bit at the table b/c I know the slightest down turn would put him on tilt.

J.. on May 10, 2005

The best NL Hold Em players in the world are Gus Hansen, Layne Flack, Hoyt Corkins...in that order.

J.. on May 10, 2005

yah i dont like this guy either,pathetic.

jambees on May 10, 2005

denying some village an idiot. This guy is a punk. Isnt he the one that got his ass whipped in aruba or some place? Fck the card game i would have hadto kick his ass.

he is obviously on May 9, 2005

Mike the mouth needs to have some respect for other players. I'm sure he has a passion for the game, but to carry on the way he does will not improve his imagine to those who view him on TV. I feel the same can be said for Phil Hellmuth.

Unregistered on April 30, 2005

Beg him for an autograph? I love poker just as much as anyone,but in my humble opinion anyone who begs ANY poker player for an autograph needs to re-examine themselves.

vincefigs on April 26, 2005

He no good, he and Josh Arieh are the two biggest coke heads out there.

Scotty Nyguen on April 26, 2005

You know, if you keep going all in on coin flips, or even with an advantage, eventually you will lose. People know Matusow will go all in with mediocre hands, and many are willing to call him. His play doesn't inspire fear. When he loses, as inevitably he will, he whines.

Vegas Mike on April 25, 2005

Sadly we all are not calm and cool. The poor guy has problems. Yes he looks like an idiot sometimes but I really think it is because he has so much passion for the game. Is he out of controll, sure he is. Is it funny to watch. You bet it is...Not everyone can be as calm as Action Dan Harrington. Yes Mike needs to calm down and grow up, but he is a man who cares. He is also a man with some of the worst bad beats I have ever seen....Someone give the poor guy a break

GBTHECOACH on April 23, 2005

'someone give the poor guy a break'. his kneecaps i hope. mabey for the greater good he will become enshrouded in a deep, dark depression (he handles adversity so well lol) and finally kill himself; a very probable scenario; i hope im right.

someone likes matusow......the same mike matusow on April 23, 2005

for all you guys talkin shit you can shut up. mikes a great person and good player. im sure if you saw him in person youd beg for an autograph.

ben on April 22, 2005

Coked Out!!!!!!

Unregistered on April 22, 2005

what a joke....the guy thinks he has bad luck...lol

mouth on April 19, 2005

Him and Josh Arieh should do lines of coke off each others taints

the truth on April 17, 2005

if they don't already

james on April 17, 2005

prison love

2 words for Mike on April 14, 2005

Hey Mike......hope you read this..MOTORMOUTH is more fitting than MIKE THE MOUTH....so now you want to kill me like you said on TV? Bring your Big Mac gut and let's get it on, you pussy.

Fonda Peters on April 9, 2005

Hey Mike...You are good for TV. How well are you gonna do at the WSOP 2005 ??

Vance Brown of Winnipeg on April 8, 2005

the guy is definitely one of the best poker players in the world and he got screwed in aruba

Unregistered on April 8, 2005

I think Mike the Mouth should learn how to act at the table..I would like to see Greg Raymer have a picnic with him...and mabye Phil can join in.

Unregistered on March 31, 2005

you guys are total retards.. he kicks ass.. maybe licking it for the next few months but he will be back winning tourneys soon enough!

medal_cue on March 28, 2005

this guy is a loser. Total prick. Trash talking is part of the game, but this guy doesn't have the game to back it up. Total waste and shouldn't even be on the list. Put Toney G on the list if you want a trash talker with some game.

Dino_Roxxx on March 24, 2005

You know Mike was really buying the coke for a dying kid, it was the kid's wish that he be involved in a coke deal.

Mike's Coke Connection on March 22, 2005

Actually, whineass isn't a main event winner. Last time I checked the last two main event winners were Chris Moneymaker and Greg Fatman Raymer.

hey sammy the brick on March 11, 2005

matosow is a VERY good player. so what if he bitches all the time! none of you can deny the fact that he is a wsop main event winner, and is one of the best players of our generation

sammy the brick on March 1, 2005

Mike, I'm raising a carton of Newports, no wait I'm all in. 3 cartons, a sandwich, and my bitch.

Penn State on February 26, 2005

I don't doubt his talent, I doubt his class.. maybe if he took a few cues from the real players (Negreneau, Farha, Lederer) maybe he would have more people's respect instead of acting like a two year old. Who the hell is he trying to be, Phil Hellmuth III?

Hey tbear on February 20, 2005

I see your two smokes, and I raise you a pack and a BJ

Mike Matasow, prisoner number -69 on February 18, 2005

first of all, addiction is a disease, people. second, all of those who are "dissing him" for trash talking are the bigger trash talkers than he is and you are not even funny or original. and i doubt that you can even play poker. the guy IS a very good poker player and his record shows that and personally, this recovering alcoholic/addict can't wait to see him playing again.

tbear on February 18, 2005


Unregistered on February 11, 2005

What good's money if you are stupid enough to get thrown in jail. Why break the law if you are rich?

Maybe... on February 10, 2005

he isnt rich, idiots

Unregistered on February 10, 2005

Hey mike, careful now, dont drop the soap

Unregistered on February 9, 2005

I seem to agree with everyone's comments made here. the guy no F@#$%^& class and is aBIG loser. He is a candyass and can't play cards. If he was to mouth off to me I swear I would hit him so hard...I would knock he back into yesterday!! I HATE this guy and he does nothing but poker a bad name...Phil Hellmuth is a close second ...another cry baby!!!! Hey Mike get a real job like driving a TAXI!! You are no where near what a real poker player is..LOSER!!!!!

TOPSTIK on February 8, 2005

If Mike the Mouth ever trash talks me like I've seen him do to others, I guess I'd be the first person ever ejected from a torunament for beating the crap out of someone. Then again, he'll have his big mouth wired shut for sometime. Justice would be served. Hell, I'd get a stadning ovation and may get a medal!

TN Poker Guru on February 3, 2005

matusow will enjoy playing holdem in jail. when he looks at his hole cards, he will find 9" of SPADE in his pie hole and 10" of SPADE in his corn hole, giving a whole new meaning to all-in, the nuts, and betting on the come. It will brought to us by the all-star broadcasting team of hollywood home game hero vince van patten, norman chad and the battle of the sexes announcers kennedy and whatever the hell the other fat bastards name is. hilarity will ensue.check your local listings for time and date.

holdem, prison style on February 1, 2005

Talk shit in prison like you did at the World Series then instead of crying about a bad beat you can cry about being badly beaten!

Hey Mike on January 31, 2005

Getting beat with having and AK versus AQ is not as bad of a beat that it may appear. I am a poker player and I do believe people put too much power in the AK starting hand. I like the hand a lot and I will always raise with it but with 5 cards still to come 2 7 off suit can beat you if and A or a K does not come off on the board and just a little 2 does. So value AK as a starting hand but don't over-value it and don't assume you will always win with it. As suck out goes it could be a lot worse. Bad sucking out is losing with a full house when the 4th 8 comes on the river to give your opponant 4 of a kind..now that's worth crying. Not cause your AK did not win. plus this guys is a complete dick, glad he lost.

In response to Randy - last post on January 24, 2005

I would had punch him out, if the Jerk had through cards at me. He needs a lesson in life and a good azzkicking from the KyHeadHunter...A Thug in a man's game....He is a lowlife that only surface's to say something bad..Sounds Familar... Raymer the 2004 WSOP, let me know if you need your back.....

LOCKCHAMP on January 20, 2005

My least favorite player in wsop of poker next to elix powers. This guy not only doesn't shut up, he cries, sucks up to negreneu and other pros, has no class,

Have to be in it to win it on January 17, 2005

Sorry i don't have time to read all the post, but i heard that THE MOUTH is in jail. I was told and undercover cop busted him for blow and what not...if there is any truth to this please respond

Unregistered on January 6, 2005

Here are some answers to questions posed about Mike "The Mouth"- Yes he does play on UB and his name is "Dill Pickle".Yes, he did get arrested for possession of Cocaine.Eddie_Dinero

Eddie_Dinero on January 6, 2005

its a shame he went to jail,he should stick to gambling at the table and i hope he doesn't gamble with his life after this

ginger 88 on January 5, 2005

:cry wah wah I got sucked out on but an amateur. :cry :sniffel I played my best game.Haha what a joke

Unregistered on January 3, 2005

mike matusow is an extreemly good poker player. And there is nothing wrong with him crying because he lost. He had an EXTREEMLY bad break and he lost. His only mistake was flying off the handle once. But that doesnt change the fact that he is very good at poker

meatloafpig402 on January 1, 2005

The people at this site are total douche bags. How about you put up an objective profile of a player and leave out your opinions of players? Don't be a douche and insult players you don't like. Granted, Matusow may have some issues at the table but there are nary a few players who don't. So just comment on the cards, not the man.

James Gatz on January 1, 2005

is that a hair peice on hes head ?

Jackyl on January 1, 2005

While I think Matusow is an utter DICK and deserved to get knocked out of the tourney, everything Randy said is the truth. If that happened to ANYONE else, it would be the Bad Beat of the century. But because it happened to Matusow, everyone calls him a bitch for crying. Call him a bitch if you want, but not because of that beat.

remarkable on December 31, 2004

Play the game, be courteous. Simple.

chris728b on December 28, 2004

You're in the top 80 at the WSoP and go allin with AK. Someone calls with AQ, and a queen hits on the river. Are you telling me that you wouldn't be upset over that bad beat? You guys must not be poker players. And if you are, I challenge you to play at the World Series. Last halfway through day one, and I'd be surprised. As a poker player, I would've done the same. Maybe not tears, but I'd be downright ticked off. I love the game too much to just let it slide.

Randy on December 27, 2004

Oh, and he's just an average player? He's regarded as one of the best Omaha players in the world. Get your facts straight.

Randy on December 27, 2004

Mike didnt go broke because of coke and strippers. you'll be surprised to know that he donates all of his tournament winnings to charity. He is backed anonymously and all of the tourney profits go to the make a wish foundation. He makes his personal money in cash games. One of the kids had the wish that they could sit at the final table for just one hand. Mike had already cleared it with the Nevada gaming commission and Binions. If he got to the final table, he was gonna let the poor little tyke, who has a fatal form of childrens' cancer of the pancreas, sit with him for that one hand and make that poor little kids dream come true. thats why mike said 'well, i wasnt trying to nickel and dime them, i was trying to go deep'. he didnt cry for himself, he cried for that poor child, whose family he has been supporting for 2 years now. so give the man a fucking break people. I everyone was half the man he is, this world would be a wonderful place to live. thanks to him, its already better than it would be without his presence. With regards to the raymer issue, as you all probably know, raymer was a patent attorney for a large pharmaceutical company. I was at an earlier table with the two of them, and when Matusow started

Did you know on December 21, 2004

talking about the little guy he was helping out. Raymer got all pushy when mike complained that the childs family could not afford drugs earlier on during his infliction that would have possibly saved his life, and how he wished they could have afforded them. Raymer took it personally and started bithing about capitalism and research costs and the need for sacrifice by the few for the betterment of the many. so before you cast a stone at this poor man, please realize that he had nothing but good intentions.

continued on December 21, 2004

Yes, he was likely backed "anonymously" by previous tourney and poker winnings. Or maybe it was from selling drugs?

Unregistered on December 21, 2004

Cmon,cry for me...Squirt a few...Cmon,daddy's little girl.CRY FOR ME!

The Great Santini on December 19, 2004

Anonymous said... "The circumstances surrounding his arrest for cocaine possession are very murky - with those close to Matusow insisting he was merely caught up in a favor gone horribly wrong by overzealous narc cops. In the state of Nevada possessing more than 1 ounce of cocaine constitutes a felony with intent to distribute - irrespective of the actual intent."The above IS THE EXACT case with Mike Matusow. I know this for a fact, I am his brother, I know exactly what happened.. Mike was not a drug dealer. He did get drugs for a guy who;1. Claimed he was Mafia and implied threats towards Mike.2 Was a cop who was duped by a person named Keon who himself was busted for selling Pharmesutical drugd out of his office, where he was a doctor/ In exchange for Keon to be let go, he fingered Mike as some sort of drug dealer and claimed "Mike knew the big guys" When it turned out that Mike knew the same people the cops knew about "The small timers" The cops needed to take someone down so it was Mike.Yes Mike did transport cocaine for this cop. Yes it was illegal and stupid.NO, MIKE NEVER MADE ONE DIME IN THIS NOR THIS WAS NEVER HIS INTENTION. I'm here to clear the record.. Beleive me, thats fine. if not, then kindly piss off..Scott

the truth on December 17, 2004

scott you're brother is a loser and a disgrace to poker.I hope they throw away the key,we dont need a cocaine addict/dealer ruining the image of our game.

joe cole on December 17, 2004

Where the link where is says he's in jail?

Jimmy/Tupac/mi_destroye on December 13, 2004

Can anyone provide a link about Mike the big mouth Matushow is in jail?

Jimmy on December 13, 2004

Im so glad he's in prison.He deserves it for claiming that he's one of the top five players in the world.

sean wright-phillips on December 10, 2004

when i d saw morosow shaking on his chair and arguing with Fossilman , i' d tough : this man is on coke. Now he's in jail...fun to watch but bad IMAGE for poker.

GamePolice on December 10, 2004

"Anyone catch the bit when Negraneau made fun of him...absolutely hilarious."In answer to that. It was only in jest or was just bsing around. Daniel and Mike are actually very close friends.

J.. on December 5, 2004

i think he delt sum coke to an undercover cop

ss. on December 2, 2004

Wouldn't be suprised, he acts like he's on coke.

Chad on December 2, 2004

Read all about this A-hol. The guy has real talent for poker. If he was not such a head case, he could be one of the best.

Chemsal on December 2, 2004

I read on daniel negreanu website that mike matusow had been sent to prison for 6 months.Does any one know what he did??

joann wallet on December 1, 2004

Cant say that i have ever seen a smack talking fool at any table i have been at win the Big cheese personnally i think the guy is a fookin idiot but i guess time will tell maybe if he shut his trap and played with a little respect he might go far.

Dandy327 on November 28, 2004

I know this will come off as geeky but I finally remembered who Matasow reminded me of. MST3K fans who have the movie 'The Sidehackers,' should pop it in and look for the bad guy "J.C." That's Matasow. That, or the Dick Shawn character in, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World."

slvsc2 on November 26, 2004

i hate this guy, i mean come on.... stop cryin and play ure cards, when u when u win, when you lose you lose........ thats cards.. thats life... dont need to cry over it. maybe if he wasnt stupid with his millions he wouldnt be in the situation he was in to where it was "life or death" for him

Steve on November 25, 2004

matusow is a decent to good player..hes a bad to terrible person tho..he talked lotta trash to fatboy raymer than got busted by buffet boy..justice....

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

matusow, just 86 more people to outlast and that 5m would be yoursmaybe next year

mike on November 22, 2004

i believe you are correct....not officially of course--- and i do not know of any site like that shares notes or comments about players -- i am curious too.

chump on November 21, 2004

Mental case. Mommy didn't hug him, his beer was spiked, something... He's an embarassment to the game and I have to think he hangs out with these players because they need someone to make fun of. The guy's like Fredo on steroids. Crying after getting busted out? Comparing size with Raymer? Can you say bi-polar? Whatever he is using to grow hair is seeping into his brain. This guy is a joke. True, fun to watch. For him to claim that he is one of the top 5 players today is about the funniest thing I've heard this year.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

i have a question for all of you....this may not be the best place for it. i would like to know what his and other pro's names are on the net. i have played for about a yr. (pretty high)...was mike "dill pickle" on UB? just curious...if i am being too nosy or out of step...just say so... i would think that some site out there has an index of who is who...even if done informally/unofficially

beano on November 16, 2004

I think mike is a WHINING crybaby, almost everyone hates the azzhole, and rightfully so. Hes the biggest walking richard cranium on this earth

billybabe on November 14, 2004

What a great laugh that was, first he is the big man then he is crying like a baby. The funny thing is he is not very good at playing poker anyway. I don't know where he gets this idea that he is in the top 5 players in the World. What an arsehole

English Tony on November 11, 2004

He's a DORK!!

BudFarmer on November 3, 2004

He's good. However, he's a terrible sport. I wish he would just shut the hell up when he plays. It was hilarious when he started crying when he lost at the WSOP! How ironic, rubs bad beats in everyone else's face, then busts out with one an cries about it. Perhaps he should sponsor vagisil the next time he plays.

Chad on November 2, 2004

i would have been kicked out of the tourny cause i would have popped his cryin' ass. play your cards and shutup...he needs to take tips from the true class acts such as lederer, seidel, brunson, and cloutier

texasKINGS on November 2, 2004

do you think at this very moment he is down there somewhere crying about a bad beat?

scott the iceman on October 26, 2004

when mike is BEHIND bars, im sure he will be a big winner a butt bingo too. Im sure we feel sorry for the once millionaire weeping joke.

jaws on October 22, 2004

matasow is awesome

aaaaaaaaaa on October 21, 2004

He's terrible. Raymer Busting him was one of the top moments of the WSOP? Anyone catch the bit when Negraneau made fun of him...absolutely hilarious.

Terrible on October 20, 2004

sucker...hes trash.

Unregistered on October 14, 2004

I love this man

Dyreekio on October 14, 2004

He can be an asshole, but is entertaining to watch at times.

Pokerplug. on October 12, 2004

LOL i cant belive a full grown man cried over a poker game. He better hope he dosent talk like that to someone like me, cause i would have knocked him straight the F#$k out.

Killsome1. on October 11, 2004

probably the biggest tit on the face on the planet... and he happens to be a poker player. I'm just guessing here but I suspect Raymer had the last laugh. Its a shame that mouthy shmuck won any money at all.

god on October 11, 2004

Matasow is fair at best, but with him crying like a girlie-man was hilarious- so much for his "big balls" hope we never see that p.o.s. on tv again

prushman on October 11, 2004

off to prison buddy

yup on October 11, 2004

Direct quotes from Mike "I am, without a doubt, one of the top 5 players in the world" "I have the biggest balls in No Limit Hold 'Em in the world. Without a doubt, the biggest balls in the world" This guy is one of the most self-centered idiots in poker. If he played 1/4 as much trash he talks he would be better than Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen and Lee watkinson combined. The fact that he cried is great.

Eatpasta/Eatpasta/eatpasta133 on October 11, 2004

Mike's not going to be playing for anything more than a pack of smokes for awhile.

iuindy2l on October 10, 2004

man at first i liked him but then i lost all respect when he cried when he was eliminated from 2004 wsop

pocket7s on October 10, 2004

I read on RGP how he's going to jail for a drug arrest. Does anybody have the details?

Unregistered on October 10, 2004

It was only a matter of time before the Mouth got his page, however the real question is Where is Ellix's page?The Mouth is an above average player, but nothing special.

SpecialK1224 on October 9, 2004

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