Daniel Negreanu

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Born on July 26, 1974 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian professional poker player who has won multiple World Series of Poker bracelets and multiple World Poker Tour Championship titles. He is considered one of the best poker players in the world.

His parents left Romania in 1967 and came to the United States to look to start a new life, but ended up settling in in Toronto instead. At age 15, Negreanu considered a career as a professional snooker player, but also learned how to play poker. Shortly later, he was going to pool halls to make money playing poker. He ended up dropping out of high school, even though he was only several credits short of graduation, to begin playing poker professional in local casinos and illegal games around the city. While in Toronto, Daniel met and began dating Evelyn Ng, who would later also become a well-known professional poker player. After building up a decent bankroll, he moved to Las Vegas at the age of 22 to play professional poker there. He fared poorly though and had to move back home to Toronto in order to rebuild his bankroll.

Poker Career

In 1997, he won two events at the World Poker Finals at Foxwoods, earning $55,064. He was also named the tournament's best all-around player. Negreanu followed these wins by winning $169,460 at the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em event in the 1998 WSOP. He became the youngest WSOP bracelet winner in history — a record he held until 2004. Over the next few years, he became one of the most successful tournament players, winning two WPT events (for $1.1 and $1.7 million), another three WSOP bracelets, and appearing at 12 final tables. He was also named the WSOP player of the year in 2004 and WPT player of the year in 2005.

In 2008, Negreanu won the fourth-annual British Columbia Poker Championships main event, topping a field of 690 players, earning $371,910 CAD ($299,951 USD). Negreanu was the runner up at the 2009 WSOP Europe, finishing second to Barry Shulman and earning £495,589.

For many years Negreanu has been a regular at the famous "Big Game" at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, playing at limits as high as $4,000/$8,000. Much of Negreanu’s success is attributed to his ability to read opponents.

In 2006, while playing in the $1,000 no-limit hold'em with rebuys, Negreanu made a record 48 rebuys (46 rebuys + 2 add-ons), breaking the WSOP record.

Negreanu has stated that his playing style was heavily influenced by a particular occasion where he played poker at the same table as Stu Ungar. In 1998, at age 23, Negreanu was playing with Stu Ungar in a no-limit game at the Bellagio where he was sitting Ungar's immediate left. This meant that he was always forced to react to Ungar's play. Ungar, being a poker master, completely bullied the table and was in complete control of the table. Negreanu called that evening "the biggest revelation of my poker life".


As of January 2010, his total live tournament winnings are $12,427,047 - second on the all-time money list. He has 42 total cashes at the WSOP.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1998 $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em $169,460
2003 $2,000 S.H.O.E. $100,440
2004 $2,000 Limit Hold'em $169,100
2008 $2,000 Limit Hold'em $204,874

Poker Projects

The Wynn Las Vegas resort recruited Negreanu as their "Poker Ambassador" to play in their poker room. This job lasted until October 2005, when he quit because it was restricted his ability to play in other high stakes games.

In 2005, Negreanu started his own poker web site, FullContactPoker.com, which includes his blog and poker forums. He also started an online poker room, FullContactPoker but it shut down in 2007. He was known to play at other online poker sites under the screen name "KidPoker". In 2007 Negreanu signed on with PokerStars as a member of Team PokerStars. He has given lessons to celebrities such as Tobey Maguire.


In 2008, Negreanu pubished his book "Power Hold'em Strategy". The book is similar to Doyle Brunson's "Super/System" because it is comprised of contributions from many other poker players, including Evelyn Ng, Erick Lindgren, Todd Brunson, Paul Wasicka, and David Williams. He has written over 100 articles for CardPlayer Magazine and contributed to Doyle Brunson's book, Super System II.

Negreanu has appeared on many poker TV shows such as Late Night Poker, Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker, and Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, as well as serving as a commentator and host on Ultimate Poker Challenge.

Negreanu made cameo appearances as a poker player in the film "The Grand", and as himself in the film "Lucky You", and as a poker player in Katy Perry's music video for "Waking Up in Vegas".

Negreanu has always been outspoken, and when he was younger, was considered by many as being very immature. One famous incident which contributed to this reputation was a post he made on the RGP (rec.gambling.poker) USENET group, an online bulletin board. Negreanu posted a verbal attack about Annie Duke, criticizing her table behavior and her personal hygiene. Some say that the post was driven by Negreanu's close friendship with Jennifer Harman. Harman was considered by many as the best female poker player in the world, despite the fact that Annie Duke received much more media attention. Howard Lederer, Duke's older brother, posted a lengthy response defending his sister. Many people pointed to Negreanu's post as evidence that his personality contrasted with his positive public perception. Many people have pointed out that Negreanu has matured a lot over the past few years.

Personal life

Negreanu resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2005, he married Lori Lin Weber but they later separated in 2007. He still publishes his blog at FullContactPoker about poker and non-poker topics. Being Canadian, Negreanu is naturally a big NHL fan and is often seen wearing an NHL jersey at the poker table. He has been vegan since 2003. After many years living in the US, he received his green card in 2009.

Negreanu has made numerous appearances in charity events (such as “Ante Up for Africa” which raised money for crisis-torn Darfur) and is the founder of the annual “Big Swing” charity golf event.


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gimmethemoney on September 23, 2010

He certainly is an accomplished player, but he is always jumping around like a f*****, when out of the tournament, pulling for a specific player; that he may be sponsoring......totaly classless

I suspect that he is bi-sexual.

????? on January 2, 2009

What is Daniel's email address?
I'd like to contact him.

vjarch15dr on January 6, 2008

Hi Daniel,
I really enjoy watching you play. I've seen your commercial where you're sitting on your couch with a laptop and you're using a mouse that looks like you just use one finger to work it. I've searched everywhere for that mouse and can't find it. Could you tell me where you got it and it's name? Thank you in advance for your time, I really appreciate it. Good Luck in the future and take care, Tabi

skosh on August 31, 2007

Hey Daniel,

My name is Dan, and I'm a huge fan of yours. I play on PokerStars, and am thrilled you joined there team. Look me up sometime. I named my ID after you, its K!DP0KER...LOL. If you ever have time look me up.

DannyBoy on July 1, 2007

first of all daniel is one of he best poker players ever
second of all who playing poker for a living and whos not
third i cant name a guy who plays professional poker that aint cocky
and last i would put my life saving that daniel could kick all your sorry a**es at poker any day

darebear on June 26, 2007

If you like this guy then your an idiot. I want to kick the ever loving shit out of him so bad.

KO!!! on March 14, 2007

A prime example is Hillary Clinton....she and Donna Shalala
have been going down on each other for years....but this lesibian gor married to Bill and had a kid.

????? on January 9, 2007

You have alot to learn, if you think that being married means that a person is straight..........there are active, and passive fags all over the place!...And many lesbians and homo's get married in order to hid their homosexuality.

????? on January 9, 2007

The bio needs to be updated. Everyone knows Daniel is married now. And ????? is really the [-BE NICE-]. I love Daniel for his cool, his integrity and his pleasant attitude. Everyone knows you can't win every time and he accepts loss with the same grace as his wins. His momma did a good job.

Poppyswife on December 31, 2006

The cocky fag just blew it in the Bellagio...had monster stack
with 3 players left, and went out 3rd.............Hachem won!

????? on December 23, 2006

Who dat?

Unregistered on October 5, 2006

He use to be my favorite, but now he's to cocky.

Bender on October 5, 2006

Very annoying. If u talk a lot then u better be funny which he's not. Just shut the fuck up already. Freak.

Bender on October 5, 2006

Did anyone knows an e-mail adress?

Liahim on August 29, 2006

Did anyone knows were Daniel's parents are coming from? I think they're from Romania.

Liahim on August 29, 2006

yeah dude, what was up with all the rebuys? with that much money you should of f-ing won it.

jesse shultz on August 19, 2006

he rebought 49 times in the 1k rebuy that hellmuth won this year. danny is the best cash player and a great tourney player. and he used to bang evelyn ng in the hoo-hoo, now what beats that hand?

DonkeySlayer on August 12, 2006

Seems like a great guy and a great player as well. Very friendly and outgoing. Loses with dignity and grace. He's a great player and a cool cat as well

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

He gives the best advice on how to be great poker player. He's definitly one of my favorites

Bender on July 29, 2006

"talking alot" isn't the definition of a loud mouth. Hellmuth and Matusow are assholes at the table but negranue is rarely rude, if ever. And IMO he doesn' talk to get a read (even though he may say he does), I think he talks because he is a very social person.

HPG ADMIN on July 25, 2006

the most overrated player in the game. I give him credit for his reads but from what i can tell he doesnt have a real solid game. People probably make fun of Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow for their loud mouths but he also has a loud mouth. Players who needs to talk to their opponents just to get better read on them really sucks.

jarrel on July 25, 2006

why do you love J.H.

alan on July 11, 2006

Good old Daniel....Daniel rung me up last evening to enquire whether I would be interested in going clubbing with him. Unfortunately, I had to decline due to previous made plans with Kathy Liebert (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). But I did inform Daniel that I am available on Tuesday for a night on the town. Daniel liked that very much saying, "Thanks friend Cat2, I can always count on you for an exciting night on the town." Yes, good old Daniel.....

Unregistered on February 17, 2006

Daniel is probably one of the best poker players ever i played with him once in a tourney nice guy.

undertaker on November 18, 2005

Are there many homosexual poker players from Canada?

????? on October 28, 2005

Highly underrated. I have Daniel in my top 5players right now. He's not gay. Currently dating somebody... or was last year anyway.

johntexrep on October 18, 2005

Good solid player and not a Azz hole from all the exposer he gets. Canada needed someone like him to come along.

I could careless who is is banging, If its not me:)

Unregistered on October 17, 2005

the best bar none stop hating

torontojay on September 22, 2005

Don't be jealous of Dan because he is a multi-millionare superstar poker player. Negreanu is the best player in the world - and the richest as well.

Kid Canada on September 19, 2005

he may have gotten to put it in once or twice but i bet he started to gag b/c he is such a flamer. just look at him. he's not into chicks. at all. Stickin it in for a few seconds then feeling ill would never be considered "banging".

I respectfully disagree with you on August 24, 2005

Just Talked To Danny Boy At The Wynn "wanna Play Heads Up " He Says " 100k-500k, You Name The Game, I Name The Price"........uhhhhh, Yeah Dude, Let Me Refinance Of One My Houses And Ill Be Back In A Couple Weeks.

HEADS UP DANNY BOY on August 23, 2005

The Fact He Used To Bang Evelyn Makes Him Top Dog In My Book

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

this guy couldn't bang two cymbals together, much less a 5'11" GODDESS like her. Get real. I don't think Evy-babee is into midget p0rn.

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

my favourite player no doubt.

devilcards on August 23, 2005

yes, he banged Evelyn, the lucky bastard [url]http://rapidshare.de/files/673859/cma-EvelynNg_WorldPokerTourLadies_Night1.mpg.html[/url]

He banged her on August 23, 2005

M.Caro sucks more!!!!!!!!

McDaddy11 on August 22, 2005

we all know that the best poker players come from eastern Europe, but you poker fanatics cant see them on TV, so what the fuck you know.And this guy you can see always on the stands where he belongs, in audience.

McDaddy11 on August 22, 2005

THis guys got some fucked up hair.

Unregistered on August 21, 2005

Daniel looks like Edward Norton, dont you think? Yummy!!!!!!

JetsFan315 on August 19, 2005

This guy is the biggest "bottom" I've ever seen. Jeeez.

Andy Dick on August 14, 2005

Dan is a great poker player. He's one of the best in the world easly. Those of you who have posted in here saying he sucks or whatever, obviously have no idea what you're talking about, and don't follow him or the game of poker very well.

Justin/Justin/nikekid2627 on August 10, 2005

hey daniel scaredy cats dont have wings

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

danny sucks

McDaddy11 on August 8, 2005

Man ther is sum atroshuss speling on this sight. It does'nt usualy bother me but this is sum of the terribblest gramar ever! Oh deer, u guys need to go too skool an get an edducation. Anuther point, u need too camm down a bit! Ameracans and Canadans shood bee frends and suport one anuther.

whitewolf on August 2, 2005

daniel san are there any special game codes for stacked where we can make evelyn ng nude

Unregistered on July 31, 2005

anyone know what daniel's ultimate bet name?

interested on July 30, 2005

My personal favorite poker player today. He sets very high standards with his great poker play, and his gentlemanly conduct. I have not once seen him lose his temper at the table.

Dave on July 27, 2005

He is of the best(watch any of his WPT showings this year),but he needs MAJOR work on his persona,cuz some people(like my friends tend to take it the wrong wayat some times).If he comes a more cool,edgy,and matureplayer,he will become one of the most beloved playersin the world of poker today.Other than that,he is one of my favorite players today(top 5 to be exact),I just like the way that he bets sometimes,It is just awesome!!!

onibaku on July 26, 2005

wow a lot of canadian bashers on this site. have you ever been to canada? ever met a canadian? probably not. i am a canadian that used to live in the states and to be honest the only difference is that amaericans are a lot more arrogant and money hungry, canadians are more laid back. and i don't really see where the arrogance comes from, i've seen the southern states...yikes, talk about slack jawed yokels, not the brightest breed on earth. oh ya good luck with bush the next three years, thought you would have learned your lesson the first 4.

not american and proud on July 26, 2005

daniel's one of the best in the biz and if anyone thinks otherwise then they don't know s**t!!!

bullet23 on July 25, 2005

daniel's an awesome player, he has tremeandous people skills and is a very good jusge of character. Him and eric lindgren are the new guns of poker

DreZZ on July 24, 2005

any haters out there? cause ure lookin at one of the top 5 poker players in the world . go back to playin poker stars ....

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

he s good player. he has been good for some time, we are just seeing it though. he won the us open at the taj back in the 90's. he has game and thats about all you can say

loveland on July 19, 2005

daniel is a really great player and i wish i was as good as he is

sara on July 19, 2005

I personally think Daniel is gay. Every encounter that he's had with a guy he thinks they're hitting on him.

Unregistered on July 18, 2005

The guy's a pimp ok. Everybody likes him. Stop hatin, he will go down as one the best ever.

MikeRizzTheProphet on July 18, 2005

mr negreanu i wanted to see you win a bracelet this year but you didnt and (please dont take this personal) i think it was because you were playing those big games at the wynn at the same time please stop playing those wynn games and let wynn play for himself that way you can win a couple of bracelets next year .

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

I think he is the one of the greatest poker players around. Why? he is smart and able to read almost every hand his opponents have. Just like one person earlier in comments. He is a sheep in wolf's clothing. But I disagree on him be a total sheep. He is both the wolf and the sheep. Sheep: being innocent, living life to the fullest, and enjoying everything it has. Wolf: cunning, agressive, a fighter when needed, enjoys family life, a person who loves you if he ends up loving you, a man who can be a great friend and more. That is Daniel Negreanu. He is all that and more. He is hilarious! He has this great charm. Innocent, yet undoubtly chilling. To the people who talk bad about his hair do. Just stop hating him. This is who he is. I don't think he hates Annie Duke. I don't think anyone should hate anyone. Just Dislike. He dislikes her and when I read his words on why he dislikes her I had to admit some of the things are plain true.He is the best poker player of his generation and will have great wins for many years to come.He is Canadian, and Romanian. But frankly I don't care about this issue.Daniel is a great player and to the that one person who called him a fag. Well go somewhere else and shush. I must admit Daniel Negreanu is FINE. under line three times. capitalize all letters.ok call that obsessed but he is fine, hot, or sexy. whatever you want to call him. HE IS THE BEST PLAYER OF POKER.!!!!!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa Tagupa on July 13, 2005

he a great player

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

daniel rules

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

he can read anybody he is a great player

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

a good good player.but if he changed his look he wouled be wierd looking.kinda like a naborhood player.

Unregistered on July 5, 2005

one of my fav.but dont make fun of canada.were do you think pam anderson came from.sexy bitch

mercinary mike on July 5, 2005

Daniel, you have done NOTHING this year. Are you ever going to place again?

Where have you gone on June 30, 2005

dan's the man!!! from what ive seen of him he seems a real nice guy, and a trememndous player. hellmuth could do with a lesson from this guy. Negreanu for the 2005 WSOP!!!!!

scotia on June 19, 2005

truth is he is a frigging nerd that plays poker well,,he boasts about being one of the best just becuz he gets some air time,,there are thousands of old men tht play in the back rooms tht dont have the means or finances to get to tourneys that wud crush his and all the other 'tv' players to death,,he's a mama's boy who also likes guys,,thts been documented,,but he can play,,least he has some personality,,tht phil ivey is quite a boring drone

truth on June 19, 2005

Where has Daniel been in this years WSOP, has he placed in the money yet? I am betting on him making the final table in the main event.

poker on June 14, 2005

Go T dot!! An amazing reader and a very aggressive player.. he tops it off with class and a good sense of humor. He is probably the best player on the tour. WSOP 2005 baby!!

Black Aether on June 14, 2005

well for a kid who joined a game and braged about getting beer under age, congrats!! me and the rest of the toronto boys are eating your dust and enjoying every second of your fame. their are not to many people who can say they helped the best poker player in the world to get where he is today. unfortunatly i came away from the games poorer and wiser. good luck daniel and dont forget the boys back in Toronto

killerken on June 9, 2005

Any table this guy sits down at, he's a threat to win. Seems very easy going and friendly. Excellent in all aspects of poker!

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

he's mega aggresive and unafraid to gamble, if he gets on tilt he plays real unsound

Unregistered on June 6, 2005

Don't be jealous of Dan because he is a multi-millionare superstar poker player. Negreanu is the best player in the world - and the richest as well.

Kid Canada on May 28, 2005

dan is good

Unregistered on May 24, 2005

The best tournament player there is. I don't know enough to comment on his money play, except to say that everything I hear about Daniel's cash play is good. Hasn't he made enough money to buy Romania?

Vegas Mike on May 20, 2005

Born In Romania,daniel Negreanuend Emigratein Canada .daniel The Best

PEPINO on May 19, 2005

Got to hand it to Daniel as of late, he has really been playing well. He has been cleaning out tournments all over the country as of late.

Dirk Diggler on May 17, 2005

danial is a good guy and knows a lot about poker knows how to win. just like me.

bruce on May 16, 2005

I watched Daniel Negreanu beat Jerry Buss the other night by calling an 8diamond on the turn and a Jdiamond on the river, thereby solidifying his win with a diamond straight, queen high. I heard later that he was beaten by someone that was not expected to win. In any case, I believe he took that beat like a gentleman. One thing I've noticed about this particular message board that's different than the Phil Gordon message board on this site, Daniel has a LOT more negative comments than Phil. I am just wondering what is the "real deal" with Daniel? He seems like a very decent human being with a huge heart for the game. He has a joy and a child-like attitude that I find very refreshing. It makes no difference to me concerning his biological or geographic roots; Dan is what he is, and all he is is just a man. He's been blessed with some very nice talents, and I wish only the best with him. Have a great poker life, Daniel, I only hope to meet you someday when I move to Vegas! :) *goes back to dreaming of Phil Gordon...*

Marina on May 15, 2005

Danny has a huge ego and is extremely arrogant

Unregistered on May 13, 2005

i had the pleasure of meeting daniel tonight at at baseball game in toronto. he seems like a great person......would love the opprotunity to sit at the table w/ him.....even just to get a ass kicking....lol

crankybull on May 5, 2005

I feel the guy knows how to play and is very entertaining in a positive way...he seems to liven things up. Wish more players would follow suit.

Unregistered on May 3, 2005

Dan is the man, he is extremely good at reading and he will win the Main event within the next 5 years

Randy / Fan4Life / rktackett on May 1, 2005

Who the hell is this cat? He is only famous because he dated Evelyn Ng.

loser on April 30, 2005

just dont bang heads too hard. he may lose some more hairline

heads up on April 22, 2005

First time his name stud out for me...it's a Romanian name "Daniel Negreanu"...I've been watching his play all the time since, until I got hooked on poker too....lol...I hope one day we'll play heads up

Ted of Calgary Canada on April 19, 2005

Dan, you rock dude, keep upthe good work

Niccoli Volcoff on April 18, 2005

The worst combover in the history if poker. God only knows where his hairline has receded to. Probably all the way to his neck. He then let's his neck hairs grow 12 inches and combs it all the way to his eyebrows.

Without a doubt on April 16, 2005

No one looks dumber at the poker table than Negreanu in those oversized Hockey jerseys. If this guy stepped on the ice, the players would think he was the puck. Daniel, you look like a dork in those Maple Leaf gettups. How about a coat and tie?

No one looks dumber at the table on April 8, 2005

Clearly Daniel is the Wayne Gretzky of poker!!Cause.... NOBODY'S THAT GOOD!!

Vance Brown of Winnipeg on April 8, 2005

disgusted is correct apart from schwarzanegger...hes austrian

englishcat on April 4, 2005

What a bunch of assholes! Who cares if Daniel Negreanu is Canadian, Roumanian, or maybe eventually even American. He could apply for citizenship some day. Will all you "American" creeps cry out as vociferously that he's not American? What is Arnold Schwarzenegger, besides being Governor of California? A German? Or a German-born American? The only TRUE Canadians and Americans are those of Indian (Navajo, Apache, Mohawk, etc.) or Eskimo descent. Everyone else...white, black, Asian etcetera are just 3rd, 2nd, or even first generation immigrants ...including all those of "Mayflower" descent!!!Wake up! A person born in the USA is an American. A person born in Canada is a Canadian, as is anyone who enters either of these two countries as an immigrant and becomes a citizen! To the everlasting shame of the USA and Canada, all true native peoples were robbed of their land and put on reservations....only recently have they even been given back a modicom of their rights by all the foreigners that rule these two countries.

disgusted on April 3, 2005

disgusted, ill bet you get hostile when the wind shifts directions, even when youre indoors. there are many kind loving professionals willing to help you with your neurosis. however, thanks for the history lesson and have an angry unfulfilled day.

y b disgusted on April 3, 2005

Hurrah to disgusted! The only thing that should concern anyone reading this site is poker....not the poker players' sex, creed, or nationality.

Unregistered on April 3, 2005

Who's the angry neurotic? Can't take the truth? Better not play poker then...YOUR anger will only hrlp the other players.

disgusted on April 3, 2005

What most seem to forget is the fact that these guys make 100's of thousands, by playing chumps like you. WSOP pays plenty, but they make a comfortable living by not even being in a damned tournament.

Unregistered on April 1, 2005

I think he is a great player, but he needs to be careful. The ride will not last. I watched him call david williams several times with "no hand" to speak of and it almost cost him. yes, he won, but could easily have lost. Its reckless and it will catch up to him.

Unregistered on April 1, 2005

Don't get me wrong, I think the guy is a great player and everything, but does anyone else think he seems a little fruity?

Chris Popovich on March 31, 2005

if u read from the beginning a few comments down there is a comment by somebody named buckeyedog that says poker players are geeks who probably got beat up after school when they were younger. i would like buckeyedog go upto someone like eric lindgren or mark seif and see his ass get kicked. we all know poker players are tough mentally and would not take shit from idiots like buckeyedog. by the way, i've noticed there are a lot of haters on this site hating on all of the pros. for all of u haters, none of u can beat any of the pros on this site's list, so stop hating just because u know u'd get beat for your money if u played against them. you haters are ruining this site. anyways as for negreanu, he is the man who is extremely talented at poker and would beat any of u haters who knock his style.

Unregistered on March 27, 2005

Funny Guy And Good Player

Unregistered on March 20, 2005

anyone who say's negreanu is lucky is an idiot - LUCK doesn't win you cardplayer of the year and 4.4 million (just in tourneys, not including cash games) in a single year - he's for real.

Unregistered on March 20, 2005

UK defender, the answer about Adrian Mutu is yes. He is regaining power as we speak. He will make a good act in the italian football league.

Dan Chirila, Romania on March 16, 2005

dan is a little too lucky to me. Do you think there is or was a little tilt like action going on? What do you guys think?

soona on March 16, 2005

he too lucky ...I can't stand him

Unregistered on March 14, 2005

Good player knows how to bluff. He can play with the best of them.

poker stud on March 6, 2005

a class act player, one of the best 50 players eververy aggressive, amazing readshe took my money a few times but he sure deserved it

Connord on March 1, 2005

his parents are romanian but, as far as I know, he never reached romanian soil. his mother makes some great romanian dishes though. one of them consists of cabbage leafs, rice and meat. God damn tasty.

Connord on March 1, 2005

I doubt he eats that Romanian dish seeing as he is a vegetarian.

Samuel on March 1, 2005

yea he hella does hes such a playa

ZAM on March 1, 2005

No one can beat me playing cards..I'm God and Danny Boy would have a hard time even coming close..I am the Man!!!

tommy on February 28, 2005

He's gotta be in the top 5 in the world at this point. I love watching him play and he's really consistent.

Drew on February 26, 2005

Thank you kgb1986. I couldn't have said it better.

Dan Chirila, Romania on February 21, 2005

Dan Chilrila, what do you think about Adrian Mutu...can he regain good form for your country when he begins playing again?!

uk defender on February 21, 2005

Negreanu is my hero

joe on February 21, 2005

he is way too feminine. daniel go to some push-up or something

the mighty ducks on February 20, 2005

Almost the best in the game.

theboss on February 20, 2005

I think you are just jealous on Daniel Negreanu's success. I did not suggest that he is the perfect man. I just emphasized his romanian origin.And if you think about yourself being a real man you should at list state your real name. It is easy to cover and say bad things about someone when no knows who you are.

Dan Chirila, Romania on February 17, 2005

Daniel Negreanu is my hero! Just like Mike "The Mouth" said. I love playing hockey and poker both are my life. I love how u always wear hockey jerseys to the casinos. You are a world-class player. Keep it up! -Adam-

Adam/hockeypoker/usuck on February 17, 2005

Never mind daniel negreanu being romanian...what about Adrian Mutu!!

uk defender on February 17, 2005

Something else moronic and pointless by flush80. Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker players and is still aproachable and a class act all the way. the love he shows his mom and the friendliness he displays combined with his impeccible play could make him an ambassador for poker in this revitalized atmosphere. As for him dating Ng... Wow You Go Daniel. But seriously in Card Players interview with him as Player Of The Year he expressed he wanted to find the right person and have a good life I for one am pretty sure he'll have no problem doing it. Hats off to Daniel. Best of luck at this years World Series and other events.

kgb1986 on February 17, 2005

He's no Jerry Drehobl.

Vegas Mike on February 17, 2005

iveyfan05 - if you knew anything about the romanian genetics you would know that romanians are much above average level of intelligence in the world. The environment has a great influence too but at his roots he is romanian.baccardi - you should keep your words in your mouth when you try to speak about romanians. You do not even dare to state your real name so watch your own "manhood". And try to read a little about romanian besides drinking habbits.

Dan Chirila, Romania on February 16, 2005

if negraneu is an indicator of romanians, then romanians disturbingly like their mommies a little too much and covet the sex organs of both genders.

Unregistered on February 16, 2005

One of my Poker Gods

Kul2ulPt on February 15, 2005

Go Canada, represent

canuck11 on February 13, 2005

i never saw a happier guy more at peace with the world amazing...i dunno daniel but hes very very good

vampyre on February 9, 2005

he is romanian but hes from canada...im italian but not from italy lol..same thing...hes such a good card player because he has the ability to read ppl so well .he knows the math , and is a great feel player as well..his being romanian has nothing to do with it...go to his website , he isnt all that romanian lol..

iveyfan05 on February 7, 2005

I do not understand why all the people are bragging about Daniel Negreanu being canadian. He was born in Toronto but his parents are both romanian. So he is romanian. That is why he is such a good poker player.I don't want to offend anyone but romanian people are far clever than the canadians. You can check it looking at the prizes they won at International Olympics for Informatics, Mathematics, Physics and even English international contests.

Dan Chirila, Romania on February 6, 2005

Daniel Negreanu..the fine line between hockey and poker...

Vinny V from Southern California on January 27, 2005

Great poker player,but I wish he'd just shave his head and not persist with the futile blonde dye,youve got hardly anything left.If your gonna dye it blonde at least transplant something to dye!!

russ on January 25, 2005

One of the best poker players, I also really like his personality. He is good for poker, brings style.

Unregistered on January 24, 2005

this guy is shark

jackpot on January 24, 2005

Awsome Poker Player....the best poker player. The only thing i cant stand is that Leafs Jersey!!!

River J on January 19, 2005

dan you are hot you should call me !!!!! wish you the best. hot hot hot

amyjean1110 on January 12, 2005

DN found his girl. Check out his blog, it's terrific. [url]http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/[/url]

JenLeo on January 12, 2005

Dan is truely a talented player. His reads are precist, he always knows when he has the best hand. Most of the time when Daniel is in a pot, he knows what the other person has right down to the exact card, and if he doesnt know exactly he is extremely close. I hope to meet Daniel one day and I am looking forward to watching Daniel in the 05 world series, World poker tour, and on FSN. Daniel makes it look easy, but those of us who play know its not.

Towle on January 12, 2005

Daniel made Freddy Deeb look pretty bad at the last heads up battle they had, but then again he does that to most of the players he plays.

Towle23 on January 12, 2005

Seriously this guy is a fabulous player and highly entertaining to watch. Loved WSOP 04. Whats the point of dissing his hair and looks? Is that all the negative stuff you can come up with? I'm an 18 year old girl and besides respecting him greatly as a fellow player of the game I reckon he's also a bit of alright ;)As for him being a nerd as some of you say...I certainly hope so cause nerds/geeks etc ROCK.And thats my two cents :)

Madam Pyro on January 7, 2005

Cognito20 you are wrong.Daniel won POTY playing in less events than anyone else who won the award previously.

warwick cotterill on January 6, 2005

daniel is the best in the game hands down, with winning wsop player of the month and now cardplayer's player of the year is enough to say that he is the man to beat. looking at the wins he's racked up and keeps racking it'll be something to watch as he continues to get better, you the man d.

wolfy14 on January 5, 2005

At the moment, the #1 overall tournament poker player in the world, taking all formats into account. Part of that has to do with the fact that he plays in almost -everything-, but he plays -and does well- in almost everything too. One of my favorite players.

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

daniel is one of the top 5 in poker today,,but even better than that hes the nicest guy ..hot girlfriend , a millionaire, a pokerpro,,,pretty great life congrats daniel

iveyfan05 on January 3, 2005

Free speech is a wonderful thing taken advantage of by the ignorant sector of society. Thank you, Daniel, for having a site where we who love you can express our views as well. You make watching poker on tv very positive and entertaining. Not sure what your girlfriend or your mom have to do with it. LOL You are a great player and asset to the game. Would love to hear from you anytime. Anglfish

heigert on January 1, 2005

He will have more bracelets than Hellmuth, Chan and Doyle before he stops.

Eddie on December 30, 2004

He is one of the few good things that came out of Canadia

Eddie on December 30, 2004

daniel is gonna be a legend in years from now! he plays the best poker on the planet.he shows everybody that poker is not fortune but skill

marius on December 28, 2004

Annie Duke cheats? Come on... Sounds like the good ol' boys don't like the idea of lettin' a woman into the club...

sarah on December 28, 2004

I Think He Is And Will Be For Along Time The Best Poker Player In The World. I Think There Are Some People That Can Learn A Few Things From Him. I Hope To Play Against Him Some Day. I Hope To Meet Him Soon. I Think He Is The Best Holdem Player There Is.

hanginace1077 on December 28, 2004

Of all the poker players out there, Daniel is the best. I like that he plays psychologically as well as numerically. Just very very impressive. I want to learn his style of play. He's a very good spirited player but he is a fierce competitor. Awesome.

arnie on December 28, 2004

I'd let to say that Mr Negreanu is a credit to poker.Ive only got into poker since watching WPT on challenge (uk tv),and then read your articles in cardplayer which has helped me improve my game.I then discovered your website which has also been really helpful. Mr Negreanu is probably number1 player in the world right now and fully deserves his success,also from reading his journal that he keeps he also seems like a good bloke. Cheers Will

Will Code on December 23, 2004

D Pham. who won the player of the year? oh, thats right, daniel did, by 1000 points. I guess thats what will happen when you come in first place right after you predict you will in the very last tournament of the year, not to mention the 1.8 million he won from it. I guess daniel really is the best huh?

Hey D Pham on December 21, 2004

Oh no...not another Negreanu internet groupie!Its a bit scary how many of them he has now.

reply to "Hey D Pham" on December 21, 2004

congrats on winning POTY

Unregistered on December 17, 2004

someone said he used to date elvelen ng? wow hes got a thing for them asians huh?

aquateen on December 17, 2004

I appologise.I take it all back...current chip leader of the wpt tour event playing out of his skin and getting lucky breaks when needed(straight flush!).Should make final table and reclaim POTY or even win tournement!!

D.Pham on December 16, 2004

Wway to go i love the way your rocking those hockey jerseys...(if you ever, read this can u put on a HABS jersey lol...i doubt, it considering your from T.O.

Phil ACE on December 13, 2004

Haa seems like your arrogance has got the better of you.with you losing the player of the year!!and to think you and Juanda were running a special section on your respective websites and sharing romantic dinners discussing your little POY escapades.David Pham turned up for the tournements on time and displayed a desire,hunger and proffesionalism which puts you to shame.I suggest you dress your little dog "mushu"in his clothes and take him for a walk.Thats all you seem to do these days>

D.Pham on December 12, 2004

Not only is Daniel a great player, he is a true gentleman. I have recieved answers from a couple of emails to him, and he is always thinking of those of us who are small stakes players. I think that he will become one of the greatest of all time.Obie Dixon

obadiah3 on December 10, 2004

I like his playing on the flop style.

Chad on December 8, 2004

Dan is a very fun player to watch. He seems like he can get annoying but a very nice guy all around. One thing that is true is he is an exeptional player . I have nuttin but respect and admiration for the guy. He's a likable guy in a game full of A$$ Holes.

MGComedianAK on December 4, 2004

Just a comment from a while back about the WSOP guy who thought there were 4 burn cards and the guy who rubutted the statement. We know that all of the cards are random, but since we know the card we saw wasnt the right one the probability that the other one was correct is increased, take it as a conditional probability problem if you know what that means

thedetroitrounder on December 3, 2004

He is the most entertaining poker pro out there. I actually hope is going to be the greatest ever; After me of course!

JMT23. on December 1, 2004

does anyone know the exact format for the wsop point system?

chip on November 30, 2004

Daniel is on top of his game and plays so many of the different games so well. Great player with great instincts

Rob on November 27, 2004

A POKER GOD!!! Definetly player of the year.

PHILLY on November 27, 2004

Without Hockey... He's like the hottest thing goin.

lisalynn on November 27, 2004

Bibby, my guess is that one of the people he refers to is Gus Hansen. I've heard that Hansen regularly gets beat up in cash games. One more note on Daniel though. While I do enjoy his play it's starting to get old seeing him all over the place. His agent probably doesn't give a rats ass but Daniel is starting to be overexposed. People are going to start growing weary of that Canadian charm if you see him everytime you turn on a poker show (not as a player but as a commentator or 'advisor') or go to a poker web site.

slvsc2 on November 26, 2004

i think daniels a great player, that being said, i think he plays too many hands.too many mediocre hands i mean..as far as his dislike for annie duke, who can blame him..she is the most annoying person in poker outside mike matusow and josh arieh

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

probably the best player when it comes to switching gears: tight to aggressive and back. i admire the way he can play so many multis in the WSOP and still finish so high in each event... one of the best tournament players around

brill on November 23, 2004

daniel plays smart

richardeum on November 22, 2004

Daniel is one of the class acts of "poker". Enjoy his playing and sportsmanship. It makes it such fun to see all of the personalities come together in such a stressful game. It comes across without question that Daniel enjoys the game to the fullest. Good luck in the future.

anglfish/heigert on November 18, 2004

On daniels website "fullcontactpoker.com",in the journal section he mentions that allot of the "t.v" stars cant cut in the big live cash games,does anyone know who he was refering to?

bibby on November 17, 2004

I bet its amazing how many "cousins" and long lost "relatives" crawl out from no where when youre a famous millionaire poker player...eh cammy!!

cocklepicker on November 16, 2004

Daniel is one of the best players today because of his table-smarts. He can analyze hands and players very well. Where he suffers, like many pros, is when he goes up against amatuers and unseasoned pros who do illogical things. He's the ying to Phil Hellmuth's yang. Phil is great at reading people too but when he misses a read, he self-destructs. When Daniel misses, he moves on. He is an outstanding player.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

daniel is one of the best players ive seen play the game and any man who loves his mother as much as daniel you know he has to be a very nice gentleman . i was lucky enough to meet him very nice man

angel on November 16, 2004

daniel! This is your cousin Cammy, How are you? I am so proud of you ! More power to you , baby! I want to come to your wedding . How are we going to do it? email me at

cameliaflower on November 15, 2004

dan rox, my fave player

rossc on November 10, 2004

It's Mommy's lunches that keep him playing good. All the right vitamin and nutrients he needs to play the game,and as far as i'm conserned she's doing a damn good job. Keep up the good work mom

Sauce171 on November 9, 2004

Hey sweete224... I am actually crushing on Layne Flack. Daniel is more out there and he has a really cool website. Daniel is engaged and I do wish him well on his marriage. My enthusiasm has lots to do with the game. I appreciate all players who play well. I play with a large group of players in Central Florida and I could easily rave about many of them, both male and female. I loved watching Annie Duke beat Phil Hellmuth (I talked about that one for weeks) and I like watching the Internet kids get to the final tables. However... I do think both Daniel and Layne are cuties... its just a fact. I am just the kind of woman who is more into the brain than the brawn.There are many great poker players out there that will never get the same kind of recognition that Daniel Negreanu gets and the main reason for that is Daniel has charisma. None of these post would be here if he didn't have that extra something. It's what makes him a poker star. John Juanda is an amazing player, he is very cool, calm and calculating. However, he does not generate the same amount of post that Daniel Negreanu (or Layne Flack) gets. The difference is that even though all of these people are professional poker players some of them are also poker stars. A poker star is someone you enjoy watching whether or not they are at the top of their game. A poker star is engaging, entertaining, charming, dramatic and you can't wait to watch them play. So am I crushing on them? Maybe. I think when it comes down to it, I am just a little bit starstruck.

Theresa/ theresa113 on November 8, 2004

Daniel is one of my favorite players, I think he is great in so many ways. Good luck to you Daniel with everything you do!

Unregistered on November 7, 2004

I'm not american, I'm romanian, and if it makes u feel better I hate americans more than I hate canadians. What I meant to say is that it's ridiculous when people(usualy North Americans) claim export "products" to be theirs as if North America would exist if it wasn't for the Europeans.

Baccardi on November 7, 2004

PS: Your sweet Canada wouldn't be too proud of you "mon fraire", I have a feeling you have french roots. :):):)

Baccardi on November 7, 2004

Hey, I'd date him! He's freakin hilarious! And he loves his mommy. :)So....anyone wanna hook me up?(haha) I don't think I'm crushing as hard as theresa, however; that's a bit much!

sweete224 on November 6, 2004

Decent Player, a little bit too romanian, as hard as he tries to be canadian. Sometimes u can tell he's peeing in his pants when playing tough hands. Typical Romanian, so drop the whole canadian pride.

Baccardi on November 6, 2004

He is the best player in the world.hes well respected and won player of the year.you cant say he sucks if he can that.people get lucky but theres no mistake for him to continue to make final tables and bracelets.he'll be around for at least 10 more years.he cant go broke he has over 1 mill and good friends with toby meguir.he can take out a loan

i hatetheriver on November 5, 2004

I absolutely love Daniel Negreanu. He is a little boy in wolf's clothing. He has this sweet innocent charm but he is so very skilled at the poker table. I have noticed how well he can read others and he is smart enough (most of the time) to know when to fold even with a very strong hand. I love his website [url]www.fullcontactpoker.com[/url]. I look forward to read his journal (it's always witty and amusing, even when he talks about video games) and I like that fact that he lets people in on his personal life as well as his poker life. I think he is one of the few (except for maybe Doyle Brunson) who reconizes that a good poker player needs stability in both their personal life and at the table. (Note to the Ladies... Check out on Daniel's site his photo gallery and the picture of Daniel with Layne Flack, it is photo number 6 under the category of poker friends. WOW! These two are hotties! Don't you think Daniel should make a poster out of that picture?)

Theresa/ theresa113 on November 4, 2004

Dan is the player I would most like to have as a friend. Hope to see him on the tables someday.

BudFarmer on November 3, 2004

Daniel is a very well rounded player. Quite possibly the best in the game. Did anybody see the tournament of champions episode he was in? He folded a 2 pair to Lederer's flush on the flop. That's pretty impressive, I'd say. I wouldn't be able to let that one go.

Chad on November 2, 2004

Daniel is awesome.......he is one of the most entertaining players on tv....I always root for him even on reruns when I know he doesnt win....Daniel would be a cool guy to hang out with and drink a beer.

Whitey on October 31, 2004

I just got into poker like 3-4 months ago im obbessed now. I play it , read it , watch it everything and Daniel is my idol :) His mom is cool id like to try her home cookin. Check out his webpage at fullcontactpoker.com

BCpokerBoy on October 31, 2004

Thank goodness for Daniel. Since hockey is not , I have been rooting him on in the tourneys shown on TV, He is a lot of fun to watch . Love to watch him take out Phil the Pill at any time. Go Leafs,,,and Daniel Goooooooooooooooo

Michelle on October 31, 2004

I was so stunned to turn on the tv and see Daniel's face at the table....I used to go to High School with this guy. Glad to see he's enjoying the subject that he was best at.....Way to go Daniel!!!!

A.Y. Jackson on October 29, 2004

"oh I almost forgot...canadians should be proud to have him from canada...what good has come from canada besides him and hockey??"

In response......Alexander Graham Bell, Rachel Blanchard (Cher from CLUELESS the TV series(, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Peter Jennings, Sum 41, Robert Goulet (Vegas Entertainer), Dan Akroyd, John Candy, Michael J Fox, Raymond Burr (The dude who played Perry Mason on TV), Pamela Anderson, David Cronenberg, Neve Campbell, Kim Cattrall (Sex in the City), Tommy Chong (Half of Cheech & Chong), James Cameron (Director of Titanic), James Doohan (Star Trek guy), Tom Green, David Foley, Cowboy Junkies, Crash Test Dummies, Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars), Elisha Cuthbert (from the show 24) Yvonne DeCarlo (from the Munsters) William Shatner (see previous), Linda Evangelista (Super model), Nelly Furtado, Brendan Fraser, Samuel Goldwyn (Founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer), Glenn Gould, Lorne Greene (guy from Bonanza), Lorne Michaels (Producer of SNL), Norm MacDonald (Former Weekend update host) Martin Short, Joshua Jackson, Phil Hartman, Eugene Levy, Monty Hall (from "Let's Make A Deal", Bret Hart (WWF guy), Michael Ironside, Norman Jewison, WP Kinsella (Noted baseball author who wrote Field Of Dreams), Rich Little (Another Vegas guy, impersonator), Gordon Lightfoot, Amanda Marshall, Keanu Reeves, Leslie Nielsen, James Naismith (inventor of Basketball), Catherine O'Hara, Matthew Perry, Mary Pickford (Ironically dubbed America's Sweetheart she was a silent film star), Jason Priestley, Ivan Reitman (Directed Animal House and Ghostbusters), Kathleen Robertson, Donald Sutheraland, Paul Shaffer, Steppenwolf, Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons' wife), Treble Charger, Sloan, Tragically Hip, Bare Naked Ladies, The Tea Party, Alan Thicke, Alex Trebek, Shania Twain, Neil Young.Thats just off the top of my head...........

RainmanAKQJ on October 27, 2004

Oh yeah read this [url]http://ccr.ptbcanadian.com/simpsons/[/url]

RainmanAKQJ on October 27, 2004

Dan is the man. He is always fun to watch. I wish he'd make it to more final tables.

santa68 on October 27, 2004

I have played in many cash games with danial and believe me people line up to play when he plays live.tournaments are all about getting lucky these days thats why the best players are found in live games.Bottom line is you geeks that watch on tv and think hes a good player dont know st

Unregistered on October 27, 2004

p.s I know all the big name players and I would put mike matusow in a game. I would never let danial play my money.

mikeca on October 27, 2004

this is typical daniel.I DON,T KNOW WHY I DID THAT.

ahh chew on October 26, 2004

I'm glad to see all the success you've achieved, you've come a long way from the plaza!!! Keep up what you're doing, cuz it's working...Peace...Jesse M

Ways Ute on October 26, 2004

He was born in Canada, hence he is Canadian. This isn't rocket science, fuckwad.

retards on October 26, 2004

big fan dan your the man

ron on October 18, 2004

Very good player, but babbles way too much instead of just playing the damn game.

wizardofroz on October 15, 2004

With all the foul mouth,low life,trash talking types Poker has inherited in the last few years,Danny is a breath of fresh air.Best all around and a nice Mother;what more could you want?

Clay Bertrand on October 14, 2004

what a change; from the high school days when Daniel first started to play with the boys in our weekly house tournaments its nice to see at least one of us became a success in poker ! Keep up the good work (from Ken K, Chris R, John C, and the rest of the crew

killerken Killer_ken_99 on October 9, 2004

play a cash game with him man i swear he always makes the correct read but man congrats on player of the year man so young yet so great hope you win the 2005 main event

pocket7s on October 7, 2004

I have just started to watch all the events of 2004's WSOP. I really like Daniel, he makes a boring TV show exciting. Win or Lose. He is a interesting character, and I would love to get a chance to meet him...maybe more, and sit at a table with him, even just to get my ass kicked.

SELStipes on October 5, 2004

The great canadian player. 1 of the best player to ever play the game

CANADA ROCKS on October 5, 2004

Hi all, I have only a couple of things to say. First, Daniel has a beautiful girlfriend! Er, at least he did in the last WSOP episode I watched the other day. She's an American of Asian decent, with short, black hair and a beautiful face. Her name was something like Lesley, but that's not it. Also, wasn't Daniel the WSOP Player of the Year? Something to that effect that he had the most points? I don't yet understand the "point" aspect of playing poker.

Marina on October 5, 2004

wow you all are gay...enough smack talk, his appearance and actions make any poker table more fun to watch. Do not critique him at all because you are all a bunch of online poker nerds. Bunch of professional wannabes.

bk. on October 4, 2004

oh I almost forgot...canadians should be proud to have him from canada...what good has come from canada besides him and hockey??

bk. on October 4, 2004

blame canada

Kirk on October 4, 2004

dave is one of my favourite players. i want to seem succeed only to challenge him in a tourney in the future......

the next wpt champ champ on October 4, 2004

My favourite player.I love the smack he talks and the hockey jerseys. More OHL jerseys Dan!

pkm on October 3, 2004

Stop Pretending Daniel Is Canadian,hes A Romanian Who Lives In Canada Like Other Thousands.his Parents Are Both Romanian So Hes Not The Product Of Your Country.he Is One The Greatest Poker Players And Nothing More And Hes Romanian ,not Canadian,and Stop Posting This On The Forum Because It Makes Me Sick!!!

Cosmin/cos/m206301"richmond.ac.uk on October 2, 2004

Read his articles on [url]www.fullcontactpoker.com[/url], is extremely articulate funny and gives a good insight into the world of professional poker.Not to mention the fact that he is probably the number1 player in the world at the moment.Keep up the good work.

Unregistered on September 30, 2004

He's great at cards, but I would love to see his stand-up act. Does he tour the comedy club circuit? He's very cute. I love his hair and that mischievious grin. MMMM

dan's_fan on September 29, 2004

Daniel, you are fun player to watch, keep playin like you do.

Joel on September 28, 2004

borgata wpt winner,a well deserved 1st wpt victory ,probably the best player in the world at the moment.Still should shave his head though.

Unregistered on September 23, 2004

Daniel, you're a champ, all the power to you!Keep up the good work! Enjoy, be happy and share the wealth.

sloozy on September 23, 2004

I heard the good news. Congratulations, all the best to you. Share the wealth with family.

sussi "Q" on September 23, 2004

Daniel, Keep up the great playing.

Vegassummerlinarea on September 22, 2004

yeah, they might have gotten 'beat up' at one point in their lives, but now they're making over 4 million dollars...dont be jealous idiot.

hmm on September 22, 2004

Daniel Negreanu is the ALL-TIME best poker player in the world today... he has the best strategy, and is sooo much fun to watch!(no... I'm not just saying that because I'm Canadian) Daniel... if you're reading this... I love you & I'll see you at the final table one of these days!! xoxo - Cheryl

cheryle420 on September 22, 2004

daniel is an awesome poker player, and i hope i play against him on the internet or in real life someday

bulldog on September 19, 2004

Dan is one of the best, but i think he goes all in with nothing too much. It gets him knocked out early in tournys that I think hed win.

LocaL R S on September 18, 2004

Daniel is the superstar. Too bad he didn't make it to the money round in WSOP 04. He did win the Toyota car thou. A very classy guy on the table too, unlike Matusow of course.

lynch_chung on September 17, 2004

You know what I find most amusing? All the haters on here are illiterate. Are you angry because Daniel is a nicer person than you? Wealthier? A better poker player? Because he's an all around quality person? I think you're angry because your dumbasses can't spell and obviously do not know grammar. Have a nice night - I'm sure wherever he is, Daniel is.

Daisy_If_Udo on September 13, 2004

i love daniel. he is my favortie player and i think he is one of the best. keep up the good work.

Fish on September 11, 2004

Daniel is my hero. thats cuz he is good at poker. i wish i was good at poker. why does daniel make fun of me? is it cuz im such an annoying moron? either way, i wanna have your babies, dan. why does everyone hate me?

Mike Matusow on September 8, 2004

On top of his game - oh yeah. Brings a breath of fresh air to the 'old' reputation poker has had for years. A true gent. Engaged now too as of last month, I read.

bzzy1 on September 2, 2004

Shave Your Head

Unregistered on September 1, 2004

He's a great player and is probably a blast to be around. He's my role model. I hope he keeps up the good work.

Mike Skud/ huge fan / WiseGuy317 on August 29, 2004

He's got a girlfriend now, someone he's apparently serious about. Check out his site -- fullcontactpoker.com -- and you'll see he's written about "the girl that made me" and three essays on "the girl that broke me". Entertaining stuff, plus he's got a lot of insight now into how a relationship can screw with your head if you let it.

leistico on August 28, 2004

Great player, no debate. His writing is easy to read and he tells it like it is. His articles really explain the background of hands, the tournament, and the players. He talks objectively, even when he makes a mistake (or mistakes), while telling the story of his poker and his life: good and bad. You could do a lot worse than head off to his site ([url]www.fullcontactpoker.com[/url]) and read all of his articles from the earliest to the current. One of the best writers out there, as well as one of the best poker players too.

flintsword on August 28, 2004

he is with a chick, and i like him, he seems like a great guy, but why does he have to be from canada

smash on August 27, 2004

Negreanu is my poker idol! and he has a very attractive girlfriend...thus making him a kickass mofo

Joe C on August 26, 2004

Negreanu is the man.

THETWITCH on August 25, 2004

I think Daniel is the cutest,sexiest,funniest guy on ANY poker channel. I love to watch him...he makes me laugh & makes poker fun. A little bit of excitement always leaves the table when Daniel goes away. I even watch stupid celebrity poker on the chance they'll use the RED card & Daniel will appear! I love Daniel!!!

Ivy/IvyBaby?ivybaby30 on August 24, 2004

Rock on!!!!! Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unregistered on August 23, 2004

Here is the link to Daniel's article exposing some of Annie Duke's questionable behavior: [url]www.recpoker.com/article.php?gID=1&ID=129476[/url]

MisterC on August 22, 2004

Daniel is a great player. And an even greater ambassador of the game. I really enjoy watching him play. He has a great future ahead of him.

Jackie/skichick on August 20, 2004

I am 7 yrs old and learning the game. You are my favorite player. Hope to meet you some day Mr. Dan. I play texas hold em with my dad and older brothers all the time. Do you have your own website? Hope to play against you one day. your Number #1 fan

JACOB on August 18, 2004

Okay great! As long as I'm not totally crazy. Lol. His website is: [url]http://danielnegreanu.com/[/url] Ths AWESOME thing is that if you E-mail him he honestly writes you back! It's soo cool! Peace Love and Harmony.

ElvishLOTRfan on August 18, 2004

My favorite player of all time because of his great demeanor. He also has a great read on players.

rolt4003 on August 17, 2004

hes fun to watch and he gets the jpob done

sfarhaQQ444 on August 17, 2004

You have to love his energy. He makes it exciting for the new comers to poker. He's great! Yes he's a hottie!!

amber on August 17, 2004

daniel is a class act all the way and a great role model. he treats his mother well and i always found that to be a good way to judge people. he also is good at relaxing the table he sits at. hope he continues to light up the poker world. he is the best.

cohocorp on August 17, 2004

he is a hottie

angell52482 on August 15, 2004

Why do the haters take the time to come to this website? Dan is the Man!

boozer on August 15, 2004

hes the best poker player ever. he beat freddy deeb on Championship Poker at the Plaza heads up. ur all morons. canada rules

loomis indiana on August 14, 2004

Hes Canadian......nuff Said

MACK IS GOD on August 12, 2004

Daniel is a great player; he's exceptional at people skills, he can place almost the exact hand anyone has at any time. The only bad thing is that he will call when he is sure that he is beat; I guess it's just to make sure he is beat, more information of how people play I guess.

bcswan on August 11, 2004

Daniel owned Deeb big time heads up. Hey PRO you suck big time how many final tables have u made? FREDDY DEEB WOULD EVEN OWN U.

THE CORPORATION -Will on August 10, 2004

can i have one of your moms sandwiches daniel?

smash on August 9, 2004

I love him sooo much! Does anyone else have a crush on him, or am I insane? LOL

ElvishLOTRfan on August 8, 2004

Hes a great player..very funny makes good bluffs, reads and calls, i bet we see him winning a main event in the future

smash on August 8, 2004

Elvish...you are definitely not insane...Thank God he's been on TV so much lately so I can get my fix...and, oh, learn a lot about poker, too. Keep winning, Daniel..you rock!

Jen Jen 21 on August 8, 2004

He has an uncanny ability to read other players and their cards. He's got a good memory, and he's aggressive, but smart. And he's hilarious. :) He's absolutely one of my favorite players to watch and learn from. Best of luck to him in love, life and cards. Great guys like him deserve it!

me_myself_and_ai on August 6, 2004

I like watching Daniel play. He seems like a really nice guy and besides, I happen to like players that don't hide behind dark glasses, head gear etc. I know a lot is for that intimidation factor, but I think it also shows a lack of confidence in their ability to contain their emotions. Thanks Daniel.

reindeerjumper on August 5, 2004

i love his style and really enjoy watching him play.

Unregistered on August 4, 2004

I love to watch Dan play. He is great. There is something about him that is sexy.

Jessica on August 3, 2004

This guy is everywhere! You can't turn on the TV without seeing him at some final table.

Ryan on August 3, 2004

i really think daniel is one of the best poker players out there (along with Ivey, Farha, and Dutch Boyd) his ability to guess your cards can really get in someones head. also, can anyone tell me if he won on championship poker at the plaza? P.S. for all you that says hes a loser and a bad player, id love to see you try to even win one hand on him (even if he had 7-2 offsuit)

slamdunk on August 3, 2004

Dan is great to watch, but what landed on his head? Can someone post the background on his complaint about Annie Duke cheating?

Interested Party / robert.stein2 on August 2, 2004

An excellent poker player, who has shown an ability to read the other players very well. Takes good risks.He has contempt for Annie Duke because he feels that poker should regain integrity by getting rid of the cheats.

Unregistered on August 1, 2004

What a chump good player but still lives with his mom...who goes all in with KQ suited terrible freeroll play

Time To Move Out on August 1, 2004

I AM THE BEST POKER PLAYER ALIVE...But if I wasn't canadian more people would believe me

negreanu on August 1, 2004

i think Daniel Negreanu is an awesome poker player and i wanted to see if there was a way to contact him to get an autograph

daredevil21786 on July 29, 2004

Yeah Daniel seems to be a pretty decent guy but I can't totally say that considering I've only seen crap on TV. From what I have seen on TV Daniel seems to be a great reader of other players and plays No-Limit pretty well considering his aggressive and often fearless style.

Gman on July 27, 2004

daniel---wow--here is a man that can not only play poker, but can read other players like a book. By far a true pro. I love it when he tells you what you have....he gets in your head.

bruno on July 26, 2004

Does Dan have a girlfriend?

Sarah/hockeyfan9868 on July 26, 2004

Recently A Friend Sent Me Some Articles That Were Published On Line By Daniel Negreanu...they Were All True Stories About Annie Duke And His Blatent Dislike For Her..it Was Some Pretty Strong Stuff..most Of Which I Totally Agreed With...so Say What You Want About Daniels Hair, Or That He Broke Up With Eve, Even Discount His Talent If You Want...but Know This.....the Poker World Is Full Of Liars Cheaters Backstabbers And Fakes...here Is A Guy Who Is Honest And For A Change Even Nice...so Say What You Will But Think Of This If There Were A Few More Daniel Negreanu's In The World Maybe Playing Poker Would Be Even More Fun Than It Is Allready..

JOE FROM CHICAGO on July 26, 2004

I love to watch him play. One day I hope to be great so I can sit across the table from him and win!!!! Seems like a real sweetheart and he is super cute!

PrincessDebKay on July 25, 2004

hey steve, he's a great player. and you can't spell

Unregistered on July 23, 2004

watching this guy play on fox was worse then celebraty poker!

phillyscr on July 21, 2004

this guy is the ultimate professional and and world class guy. we all aspire to be in this man's place. And maybe one day we'll be sitting across from daniel at the final table. be positive.

mtlaf on July 21, 2004

Daniel is a class act. He's got a good attitude, and one tough poker player.

Jay T. on July 21, 2004

he didnt get knocked out by juanda he just folded after he missed his flush....and it doesn't really matter how many cards you burn since its supposed to be random anyway

drew on July 20, 2004

My favorite player, from watching on TV. I hope he proves to be the greatest player of his generation.

SlfMade on July 18, 2004

Am I crazy or did Daniel possibly get screwed by a dealer error at a WSOP final table? I only saw the show once but I swear that the dealer burned twice on the hand where Juanda knocked him out. The dealer was burning when Juanda stopped him to go all in before the river. Then the camera was above the dealer as he burned and turned the black 5. I am fairly certain that I counted a total of 4 burn cards tucked under the chips. The 4th burn should have been the river, not the card we all saw. Can anyone else verify this?

dgrannen on July 18, 2004

when did dan get a new girlfriend?

what what? on July 15, 2004

The Truth Will Now Speak I Thought He Was Top 5 Till I Saw Him Completely Destroy Deeb In A Hand At The 1 Mill Tourney In The Plaza This Guy Has It All But The Hair Is Bad Oh Well Maybe He Is On A Run But Fellas Once He Is Off It He Will Still Win Tourneys And Bracelets We Might Be Seeing The Best Player For The Next Decade Between Him And Ivey!!

THE TRUTH on July 14, 2004

2 or three years ago dan was not doing so well. i always saw him go out early. Now is his time good for him. This is to Brian the headphones are a hellmuth jedi trick, you think hes not listing but he is. he only has the music on half the time.

half truth on July 14, 2004

Very nice guy in person!!

Undeniablu on July 11, 2004

whats with the headphones?

brian on July 9, 2004

Respect to Daniel......Good player, Great Human Being.

Daisy_If_Udo on July 7, 2004

Nice guy.

herman007 on July 7, 2004

he's an amazing poker player and a great person

steve L. on July 4, 2004

Wow, lot of posts for my fellow Ontarian Canuck. I played in 2 wpt events with him, at the same table for quite a while. There is no denying he is great. I just don't understand how he gets away with a style the everyone else goes broke or leave tournaments early with!!! Oh well. I wish him the best anyways. Bye the way, his new girlfriend is much better than Ng.

Omaha Ed on July 4, 2004

This guy is the man. He's got such incredible talent and his instincts are incredible. Will be a Hall-of-Famer when it's all said and done. WSOP Champion is also a definite possibility. Guys like him, Phil Ivey, and Erick Lindgren are changing the face of poker.

ElRey04 on July 2, 2004

Some of you guys are really jealous I can see. I went to high school with Daniel and everyone liked him there. I would love to see any of you guys sit at a table with him and not get killed.

michaelborneman on June 29, 2004

I like Dan Negreanu, not only as poker champ, but also as a cool, funny guy, with a great sense of humor. His hair it's a reflection of his dreams...

Sandu on June 29, 2004

PRo, stop hating dude. Everyone has there runs. Dan is on his right now. Stop whining. Jealousy will get you nowhere. We all get on runs from time to time. He is on his just like Ivey and Helmuth and many others have had. Open your eyes dude. Like him or not he is a fantastic player.

WrongPro on June 27, 2004

There are some pros who are great players, but lousy human beings. Daniel is both, and that makes him exceptional. When we used to play in the charity casinos in Toronto, his mother would bring him his lunch - now that may seem corny, but when you see a grown man treat his mother with the respect that he did, and you see that he has her support, you know this is a pretty decent person. Hope he continues to show the poker world what a CLASS ACT really is. He is a GREAT player, and a GREAT human being

Al_in_TO on June 25, 2004

He is not so great as a poker player or as a person. He is on top of the world right now but it wont last.

PRO on June 25, 2004

great player, great poker guru, I not kill him

Ikillwhitepeople on June 24, 2004

A great player definietly a wsop champion one day. He is awsome so is erick lindgren those guys will tear up the poker world. peace

zman1979 on June 17, 2004

Is he going bald..look at the silly head of hair..looks like a bad toupee

Little ole me on June 16, 2004

Will lose any tournament winnings he has just as soon as he finds the right woman. Any time you see him in a live game, buy him a corona.

Maverick on May 22, 2004

Can't believe the chick ever dated this guy. He seems to be making money on the tournament circuit, but who knows how much these guys really make when it's all added up at the end of the year? This guy is a geek - but look at everyone on this list - it makes the guys at Microsoft look like Brad Pitt. You look at a table full of poker champions and you see a table full of goofy bastards who used to get beat up every day at school.

buckeyedog on May 20, 2004

A very good player. He will be around for a while, plus he's Canadian

SP. on May 10, 2004

fucked up hair

No, I'm Rick James Bitch on May 10, 2004

I wonder how a guy like him used to date Evelyn Ng. She's a hottie.

YoYo on May 8, 2004

Daniel is a great ambassador for the game. I played with him at Rama a few years ago and found him to be honest and entertaining. I also have friends that knew him in the old days in Toronto and they don't have a bad word to say about him. Scott, Stan the Bookies Friend

westsidesun on April 17, 2004

This guy reall has his game together. I would not be surprised if he wins the WSOP in 04. What is he going to do I'm Rick James hes Charlie Murphy

I'm Rick James Bitch on April 7, 2004

A class act and a great personnality to represent poker to the world! Thanks for all the advice!

andy/andy_123/andrew_vajda on March 8, 2004

one of the best player

Armani on February 23, 2004

Great role model for canadian poker players

Oh Canada on February 23, 2004

Real player but needs to tone down or will be broke again

Ron on January 27, 2004

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