Evelyn Ng

Evelyn Ng, nicknamed "Evy", is a former blackjack and poker dealer and a Canadian professional poker player.

Born in 1975 in Toronto, Ontario, Evelyn Ng was interested in playing games competitively at a young age. She played billiards for money at 14 years old. After graduating high school, at age 17, she began dealing blackjack and poker in her hometown of Toronto. She met Daniel Negreanu who became her friend and poker mentor. Besides helping her tournament play, they also briefly dated.

Negreanu also introduced her to the Las Vegas poker scene and made her realize that she could play poker professionally. Although her parents were not particularly supportive, Evelyn moved to Vegas shortly after her 21st birthday. She continued to work as a dealer while she played cash games on the side and built up a decent bankroll. In 2003, she entered and won a satellite for the World Poker Tour Ladies Night event. She achieved fame when she took 2nd place in the event alongside other great female poker players, including Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke, and Kathy Liebert.

Evy continues to have success in tournaments and has many medium cashes in major tournaments. She has 8 WSOP cashes for a total of $74,483, including a cash in the 2008 main event. She has a little better record with the WPT, having 4 cashes for a total of $180,842. Her best finish was her 11th place finish in the 2005 $10,000 Borgata Poker Open, earning $64,942.

Formerly a representative of the online poker room PokerStars, she is now part of Team Bodog along with fellow pro David Williams. As of 2008, her total live tournament winnings exceed $330,000.


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Oriental is still used you dumb fuck. You are the 12 year old that posted you wanted to "nut on her face" you immature dumbarse lol. Go play with your lego's boy.

headlessman1964 on October 28, 2008

dude, you called her 'oriental'? lol. what fucking world do you live, you inbred, uneducated, broke, stupid, weak, cretin? oreiental? lol,. thats from the 1950s. shes asian you stupid fucking moron. you wouldnt know the orient from the russian front anyway, go back to your trailer park,. fucktard

DonkeySlayer on October 16, 2008

For the clowns that said she was gorgeous,she looks like any other Oriental lol. And for the record,she said she never did Daniel,he is such a little gay fuck.

headlessman1964 on March 3, 2008

how u play poker ,has one nut?

cubu on January 4, 2008

One word: droools.

I love women with pierced belly buttons, drools

oh yeah, and drools

AceofSpader on December 21, 2006

what could be better than a royal flush? well, nutting on evelyns face of course!

DonkeySlayer on November 9, 2006

u would if u could but u cant so u wont

Betty Boo i luv u on September 6, 2006

She's so pretty and attractive. She should have pursued some modelling to make her known more.

Charry on August 7, 2006

In sales NG means "no good"

????? on May 31, 2006

I dont follow poker games but found this sight as I was looking for poker games to play with friends at home. Saw your pic and thought were a knockout.

justmoi on April 8, 2006

Would Love To Meet You In Person Some Day. To Play Poker Of Coursce.

THE RUDEDOG on November 28, 2005

evy i dont care what these guys say about you you are the best

jarnel jakson on September 4, 2005

has yet to win a damned tournmt. Looses money hand after hand.

evelyn on August 27, 2005

Here, here!

here here on August 24, 2005

Thanks For The Vid Link Sweethand, She Is Hott In The Bikini, I Saw Her At The Wsop....smoking Fucking Hott I Tell Ya

THAT VID ROCKS on August 23, 2005

Hey Evelyn, why the long face?

Unregistered on August 19, 2005

Hey all you horny poker malehood:) i have something you will really really love and you gues what it is?!The sexy queen Evelyn in bikini enjoying cool water:D, therz also cool jokes and interview with her and Daniel, link is bellow Enjoy!! [url]http://rapidshare.de/files/673859/cma-EvelynNg_WorldPokerTourLadies_Night1.mpg.html[/url]

Sweet_Hand on August 16, 2005

y'all bunch of children...wel bunch of grown ups who can't control their hormones...looking at a girls picture and all they can come up is some bullshit...pathetic it is...

aziaticc on August 13, 2005

Ng is a chinese name not vietnamese. Her parents are most likely from Hong Kong, or Malaysia/Indonesia. Moles are beauty marks.. I don't find moles ugly. They enhance your looks, granted you don't have too many of them.

Miss Hiatt on August 11, 2005

Be honest guys, what do you REALLY want to do to her? Don't hold back..

Olaf Thorson on August 9, 2005

She's Aight, she sux at tournaments though

Ric on August 8, 2005

Her name should be Evelyn Mmmmmmmmmm

Satisfied on August 6, 2005

do you part the hair on that mole to the left or right

ev babeee on August 6, 2005

Saw Her The Wsop At The Rio. Wearing Low Cut Jeans, Cut Off Shirt, No Underwear, Vert Nice Ass, Skinny Waist, Long Fingernails, Damn

SHE IS SOOOO HOTT on August 6, 2005

Mr Homepokerpages Person You Still Havent Put Up A Liz Lieu Profile If You Need Pictures There On Pokerpages.com In The Wsop Gallery Oh While Your At It Put Stefanie Ungars Profile Here Also Thanks Mr Homepokerpages Person

Unregistered on July 28, 2005

damn she's fine....and a great poker player!!!

bullet on July 25, 2005

Please Put Up A Liz Leiu Profile She Just Cashed In A Couple Of Events In The Wsop Shes Hot Or At Least Take Out Evelyns Pic At The Top And Replace It With The One With Her And Liz Leiu Together Thanks Mr Homepokergames Person

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

Also Put Other Profiles Of The Other Beautiful Poker Players At This Years Womens Wsop Event Thanks Again Mr Homepokergames Person

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

Of course she looks hot I'm mean who is her competion, Doyle Brunson,T.J Cloutier or how about Greg Raymer.

Rounder277 on July 15, 2005

evy, if you read this crap these a-holes are sayin, "fergetaboutit" when it comes to poker, your an ace! and yeah, i think your freegin real hot!!!!!! '

wally/gator/badabing07877 on July 11, 2005

she is nasty at chip tricks (yes now i have seen her on tv.) and now that i think about it, i would not be distracted in the least to play my normal game against her. i have played several woman before and it has no effect on me cause whenever i sit at a table no matter who is there, all i am trying to do is be the person at the table with all the chips at the end.

JetsFan315 on July 7, 2005

I,d love to play strip poker with her (just kidding)

coach on July 5, 2005

Evelyn is very tall. 6' 2" in heels.

Hyman Sheitstein on July 3, 2005

Is she orignally from Toronto?

Wonderer on June 18, 2005

You guys are idiots. Negreanu's not dating her; he's dating another Asian girl who doesn't even look remotely similar to Evelyn.

NewOrleanser on May 24, 2005

ummm....none of you clowns could probly get nothing more than a disapproving glance from her. And ummm.... Negraunu has like moved on and is totally fallen for a differant woman. BTW, she is a respected player by a lot of high stakes players. She would break every one that has posted on this forum before me and leave you all flipping burgers to make rent.

tsosumi on May 23, 2005

she has a nice body they see her in a bikini

bruce on May 17, 2005

Best looking ever to play the game.

loser on May 12, 2005

You should see her on a new uk show called CASINO CASINO (Challenge TV). She looks incredible the way they filmed her. Only thing is there's not enough of her in the show.

jeroid on May 3, 2005

another beautiful woman from t-dot, yea man...

mantocan on April 30, 2005

im sorry but there are millons of beautiful women out there.so thats what u call hot? no, i aint hatin. someone out there gotta agree with me?

Unregistered on April 26, 2005

u dont got taste at all man. angelina jolie is what u call hot.

Unregistered on April 26, 2005

shauna is what u call hot.

Unregistered on April 26, 2005

gimme a break, she ain't got nuthin

Barchetta on April 23, 2005

She Maybe Hot ... As For The Mean Game Of Poker .... Cant Say I Would Agree With That, Maybe Vs You Donkeys Who Wouldnt Be Able To Get Your Hands Out Of Your Pants Long Enough To Lift Up Your Cards.

TheDonkeyStamper on April 14, 2005

Me either, but would like to

wheels on April 4, 2005

HOOOOOOOOT i have never seen her before

JetsFan315 on April 3, 2005

Um...it would be more respectable if you could spell. blahblahblah. Evelyn Ng *is* good looking, of course. It's the same old song and dance: men like women for sexual attraction. Smart women realize that all men use them as prostitutes, whether they know it or not. The woman who thinks sexism is so evil just doesn't understand how the world literally works; instead, she prefers to believe that Jerry Maguire types exist and don't cheat on them just like the lecherous types. By the way, I bet you call an all-in with two running suited cards pre-flop, no matter their true value.Bug off. Sexist men are best implemented as fools with handles, manipulated like shovels or Atari joysticks...but then again, you just don't see the forest for the trees, do you?

2/7 non-suited on March 12, 2005

The Day Evelyn Ng Can Win A Tournament Is The Day Pigs Fly.

DIRK DIGGLER on March 2, 2005

just watched the battle of the sexes on the game show network....truly one of the sexiest women ive ever seen...

iveyfan05 on February 4, 2005

anyone that doubts evelyn's hottness please wtach the game show networks battle of the sexes..watch it on mute as the commentary is god awful..actually the whole things is awful but getting to see evelyn and karina jett is worth the price of admission

iveyfan05 on January 28, 2005

this woman is gorgous....a pretty good player as well....the same guys that make fun of her looks are the same ones that have to whack off to internet porn.....so stfu

iveyfan05 on January 19, 2005

There are at least 100 chicks that are hotter. But none of them play poker. She's no actress or model. She's certaintly above average looking, to say the least.

Unregistered on January 18, 2005

Overated in poker and looks,go get a new nose.

SICILIANO13N on January 18, 2005

you guys all need to freakin get out more. yeah there is no doubt she is fine but its not like she's the hottest girl in the world. get a god dang life and get over her, you know you could never get a girl as rich as her anyways

OMG on January 5, 2005

I really don't get what you guys are so excited about?? She's cute....but I really wouldn't consider her a "hottie"??? I think you're just surprised to see some half decent looking woman on the WPT.

Unregistered on January 5, 2005

I totally agree....maybe if you have a asian fetish??

Unregistered on January 5, 2005

or maybe a sexy woman fetish!

Unregistered on January 5, 2005

most beautiful poker player i've ever seen, i would actually love to lose money to her, her bf is weak

wolfy14 on January 5, 2005

From memory Ng is a Vietnamese name. Though last names and place of birth don't mean anything these days.

Oz. on January 4, 2005

but it doesn't really matter because she is just that hot.

Maybe on December 14, 2004

No im not gay,she is an attractive girl and i presume a good poker player.However if you go on her site and look at the pictures she isnt "absolutely amazingly stunning",but in my opinion she would be better off getting rid of those couple of fury moles on her face.

chris marsden on December 10, 2004

He's not going out with a female poker player he is engaged to a bird called Lori.I think he used to go out with Evelyn.

algi rhymer on December 8, 2004

She could do with getting rid of the those horrible moles on her face.

chris marsden on December 8, 2004

R U gay?!!! I think you are, saying stuff like that about a woman that is obviously too good for you

WTF Chris? on December 8, 2004

evelyn will you marry me?

roger/thesource/roger506 on December 8, 2004

saw her on the game show network, she's hot.

play with my chips on December 6, 2004

what asian female poker player does negreanu go out with?

??? on December 6, 2004

i dont know if i could have a wife who could beat me at poker, and she would, but with her looks i suppose thats the least i should care about.

thedetroitrounder on December 3, 2004

3 words that best describe her...hot, hot, and hot!

Chad on November 28, 2004

all i can say is im in love...evelyn will u marry me

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

she busted me at foxwoods. i loved every minute of it.

brian on November 11, 2004

Beautiful, rich, likes poker... I would definitely marry that woman.

Chad on November 2, 2004

Ng (ink w/o the k sound) is a actually a Chinese last name. She's probably comes from a Chinese-Indonesian family.

Colin. on September 17, 2004

I LOVE Evy! She plays a mean game and is SUCH a cool girl...

ericjtidd on September 2, 2004

very dangerous player, will get many caled/raised very often because of her looks making her a prime candidate to be an early chip leader

GoodNews on August 15, 2004

I would have a very hard time playing at a table with her...too much of a distraction.

Ryan on August 3, 2004

Any more actual data on her? I swear I played her about 5 years ago at the Bellagio. Very low-limit; 4-8 and 8-16 tables. She was a distraction, and was noodling her chips nervously, but she wasn't winning all that hard; nor was I. Probably she got busted on the higher limit tables and was building her stake up again, but still on tilt. She's clearly cleaned up both her game and her chip-gags. It'd be fun to go up against her again.

blair on July 25, 2004

Sooooooo pretty

phillyscr on July 21, 2004

She is a great looking player. Did you see her on ESPN? She can do tricks with those poker chips better than any player.

Jay T. on July 21, 2004

What kind of last name is Ng...come on buy a vowel.

WTF on July 19, 2004

wow, just... wow, lol

steve L. on July 15, 2004

I herd Evelyn and Jennifer Harmon were offerd 100k+ by playboy to do a photoshoot. They were going to do it but Jennifer has been having problems with her kidney latley so the had to put the photo shoot on hold for a few months.

JimT420 on July 12, 2004

her chip tricks are wicked

brill on July 12, 2004

Not only beautiful, but talented as well.

Danielle on June 30, 2004

Do something about that mole hunny

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

Simply georgeous, what more is there to say, oh yea, she plays a mean game of poker as well.

Crix on June 19, 2004

She's got me so excited, I can't even spell gorgeous right.

Crix on June 19, 2004

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