Norman Chad

Born in 1958, Norman Chad is a sportswriter and syndicated columnist. Most poker people know him as one of the commentators for the World Series on ESPN, alongside sportscaster Lon McEachern.

He has a mixed following in the poker world. Some people think he is really funny and some think he tries way too hard to be funny and has lame jokes. One of his recurring jokes is his frequent references to his many failed marriages (he has been married three times).


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I am so missing Norman Chad announcing the WSOP on ESPN2. Antonio Esfandiari may be a world-class player but he is dull and BORING.

cafoxxyy on July 16, 2011

blue_moon916 must be a fag!

????? on January 25, 2011

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Norman Chad! He makes me laugh like crazy...Norman is EXACTLY the kind of man I would love to marry...someone who can find a bit of humor in any and everything. Thanks Norman!

blue_moon916 on December 24, 2010

I just watched the latest WSOP main event with Hellmuth at the featured table. Norman Chad must have referred to that line that Hellmuth said 30 times. Constantly saying "idiot player from Northern Europe" or something close to that. Like how many times can you say that before it gets old. I guess the producers like poking fun at Hellmuth becuase it somewhat entertaining but god damn find something else to talk about. I wish I could mute just his voice and hear the rest.

jacktors on September 10, 2009

Lol, I too wish Norman Chad would shut up at times. However, I think ESPN probably encourages him to act that way because most people don't find watching poker on television to be all that interesting. It can even be a little dull for me sometimes and I love poker.

VA Poker on September 8, 2009

I remember my Dad and brothers (and uncles, grandpa, neighbors, my neighbors' friends, their neighbors and friends, etc. - you get the picture) watching Monday Night Football all screaming "SHUT UP, HOWARD!" Now, everyone I know who watches the Worlds Series of Poker screams "SHUT UP, NORMAN!" So,I guess he's in good company - an annoying sportscaster every fan hates.

tolepaintingmom on September 8, 2009

Norman Chad is an annoying flake. Alex is right. They do not do any of that live. Its all after the tape has been looked at. He contradicts himself many times and thinks he knows everything. I hope i never have to hear him speak again

NevillesHaze on October 8, 2007

I don't mind Norman Chad but I think many people don't realize that he is NOT broadcasting the event while it is happening. He shouldn't be given too much credit for quick wit and expert poker analysis. Lon and Norm do their commentary AFTER the video has been prepared. One reason that I know this is true is that I saw Norm in the crowd during an event while he was broadcasting it.

alexlifeson on August 23, 2007

I don't mind Norman Chad but I think many people don't realize that he is NOT broadcasting the event while it is happening. He shouldn't be given too much credit for quick wit and poker analysis. Lon and Norm do their commentary AFTER the video has been prepared. One reason that I know this is true is that I saw Norm in the crowd during an event while he was broadcasting it.

alexlifeson on August 23, 2007

Norman chad is a phenomenal commentator/comedian. Not everything he says is funny. But not even a professional comedian is funny all the time. Not only that, his analysis is spot on. He reads the flop instantly, and I've never heard him make a mistake. He has a great sense of the game. And the chemistry with Lon is excellent. Frankly, either one of them outshines any other poker commentator.

go_cat on July 19, 2007

...Really? You actually like Norman Chad's comments? I suppose masochism does exist...and I personally couldn't come up with a better way of torture than strapping myself in a chair (eyes taped open)and watching norman chad either interview a poker player or give poker commentary. Norman Chad was probably chosen by ESPN for public service--ESPN rationalizes that they must counter balance the thrill of gambling with a negative reinforcer (and what better a negative reinforcer for gambling than a hideous and annoying commentator).

cdizzle on March 2, 2007

I didn't like him at first but he's funny now. He makes it more interesting to watch.

KO!!! on December 23, 2006

It tells me your sick!

????? on December 2, 2006

He's not that bad. Hey he got a compliment from Mike Sexton. I will admit it took awhile but the guy grows on you. He keeps coming back so that should at least tell you something.

Unregistered on November 27, 2006

this guy must be jewish, thats how he gets the job

DonkeySlayer on November 24, 2006

I Don't Want To Hear His Sick Gay Fantasy Of Meeting Young Men.

Fire Him!!!

Joe on November 10, 2006

His family must have some type of "pull" with the network, or
there's no way this idiot could win the job!

????? on November 6, 2006

Hey..he makes poeple laugh. Some don't get the sense of humor, but its there for msot people. Yes, he's often silly..but at the same time, if you take offnse to him saying Farha would go in with a 4 and a crackerjack're taking it all a bit too seriously. Plus..he's prolly right. And then josh Arieh would raise with just a crackerjack box and whine when Sammy took the pot. But that's beside the point.

Norm Chad is pretty funny, and tends to smooth over the duller moments of poker for the people who are forced to watch alongside the fanatics and players. The fact that he roll swith the psychology of the game, and the guys playing makes an interesting twist for thigns, and adds a new dimension make you udnerstand why certain people might do certain things.

AdamWolf on October 18, 2006

Sounds like you love everyman, every pair of pants, every pair
of b****

????? on September 30, 2006

Many people don't care for Helmuth & Matisow(I personally love them).. After seeing the smug, pompous Mr. Gold, these folks will no doubt have a change of heart. My husband did.

Also, I LOVE Norman Chad.

Jean Curtis on September 27, 2006

For all of you who don't understand, Norm is the "color man" and Lon is the analyst. Both of them do excellent jobs of providing insight...Lon on how to play the game and Norm on the psychology of player behavior and poker humor. Norm seems to be able find some type of common ground to which the average tv fan can relate. So folks, lay off.

Norm and Lon, you ROCK!

Unregistered on September 16, 2006

I really want beat him to the ground. Just look at his stupid ass. I'll admit he is funny every now and then but still, he's a pathetic loser, just look at him.

Bender on July 29, 2006

Norman chad is a loser,definitely in love,3 divorces.He has the audacity to cut down the ex's,like they were the problem. Probably stems from his lack of stature and looks.I still can't believe they married the punk.His so-called "humor" is grating, and is insulting to any intelligence he may have. His tirade of trying to be a macho man is absurd. The worst thing of all, he actually believes he is a funny, well-liked commentator. I would love to see someone actually confront him. The players he verbally insults should step up and be able to get their licks in. Norman Chad = loser!

jljoekool on June 19, 2006

LET ME TELL ANYONE HERE, if you DONT THINK NORMAN CHAD IS THE MAN, then you are a serious deranged lunatic.

Unregistered on May 2, 2006

Norman Chad is great. I didn't 'get' him at first, but he's great, can't imagine poker on ESPN without him honestly.

Unregistered on April 13, 2006

sometimes he is funny in a pathetic kind of way

HPG ADMIN on April 11, 2006

wow is this guy brutal

he's even more annoying than another espn genius, stuart scott

he's SO bad it makes me belive that the pro chad posters here are either him or his friends/family

Unregistered on April 11, 2006

1/2 of the most stupid broadcast team ever!
They miss calls on every broadcast (miss straight/flush outs)
Who did they b**w to get this job?

????? on November 25, 2005

What on earth is with this uproar over Norman Chad? So not everyone likes his sense of humor -well thats life but look at the bright side people; he and his partner have great chemistry and rhythm and its great that someone is willing to stand up for decent behavior at the card table. So he makes snide comments about the players -so what, they usually deserve it. For crying out loud - somebody has to tell those monkeys to start dressing and acting like adults.

MRZbomb on November 9, 2005


Unregistered on November 9, 2005

sheesh...does this guy know anything other than cuts and zings? I swear if I didn't know better, I'd think, from listening to him, that I was back in the 7thy grade listening to the class bully. He makes fun of people's names, their clothing, their comments (or lack thereof), etc. Get him off the show...the viewing would be that much more enjoyable with ANYBODY but him.

kysp on November 6, 2005

Norman has very quick wit and is absolutely hilarious to anyone that has a sense of humor and half a brain. Waaaay better than Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten

ChrisFilthy on November 3, 2005

Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten FOREVER!! Norman Chad...he's ok SOMETIMES!

Wild Bill on November 1, 2005

He's really funny but the wife jokes do get old after a while. He just needs to broaden his subject matter a bit more.

Bob Roberts on October 31, 2005

Norman Chad really is pathetic. He sincerely believes he is funny, which he clearly is not. It is sad to me that some producer saw that guy and said "Thats who we need." So, I blame him more

Unregistered on October 31, 2005

Needs to be replaced, both of them.neither one a math major....they keep missing calls

Unregistered on October 30, 2005

Chad, you're the best. Even though my son is on the WSOP and, of course, constantly watching it on TIVO, I enjoy your commentary. If it wasn't for you, I would find it dull, boring and the kind of a program to fall asleep with. You keep it alive and your comments are soooooooooooo funny. Keep up the good work. If I come to Vegas next year,I would love to introduce myself to you.

Carol/bowlersmom/sleepyhead5 on October 27, 2005

I had to stop watching your show because Norman Chad is so obnoxious and really need to try and find a replacement....

Rockman905 on October 25, 2005

Norman Chad Is The Best Haha

LOC on October 24, 2005

Read the title you know my feelings of this perennial loser. How can anyone like this guy??? He is NOT, funny in a way that makes Arli$$ hilarious. Jokes about playing Texas Hold'em should be done by a real comedian not this wanna-be funnyman. I'm sure Lon is tired of this guy, as are most people who watch Texas Hold'em. Bring in Joe Buck, hell bring in Chris Collinsworth, at least Collinsworth knows he's a doucebag and is willing to deal with it, Norman is out there trying to show you that he really isn't one when he himself knows it. He also once said that the Rocky movies were stupid...i'm not joking. How un-American is that. to conclude Norman is the KING OF DOUCHES PERIOD. Pay the man Shirley.

Big Boss on October 22, 2005

Norman Chand is the biggest Douche-bag i have ever seen in my entire life. Tries waaaaaaayyyyy too hard to be funny. Yeah i know what you are thinking..."you try and do it", well being an observer i have the right to critique. Does he make poker fun? Heck no, he makes it miserable and that's why i stopped watching it, plus the fact that it's the biggest fad since Pogs and the Yo-Yo rebirth. Get somebody else like a real comedian and somebody who can actually write a column, "Couch Slouch" is stupid...Pay the man Shirley??? huh? I hope he reads this post and realizes what a douche he really is.

Big Boss on October 21, 2005

Norman Chad is the funniest person i have ever seen... honestly

Kevin Szczesny on October 17, 2005

Best. Poker. Commentator. Period. This guy cracks me up. "3 of hearts, what a useless card. I don't even know why it's in the deck." Or how about when that guy started chuckling to himself last year WSOP in the middle of a hand "...I guess he just told himself a little joke." Bottom line, I look forward to Tuesday night 2005 WSOP for Norman Chad as much as the cards, and that's saying A LOT.

Sting on October 5, 2005


agorasauras on September 29, 2005

Norman has very quick wit and is absolutely hilarious to anyone that has a sense of humor and half a brain. Waaaay better than Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten

ChrisFilthy on September 12, 2005

Norm has a quick wit and even his repetitive quirks are funny. Aside from the hole cam, he's the single largest factor in the recent TV poker boom.

Unregistered on September 1, 2005

I figured some miserable person would answer my comment. You wait in the shadows until I call you out. Your the one that's hilarious...

Sinew on August 23, 2005

This guy is great, like all of you are great comedians. Get off his cock you lame ass bastards who sit on a computer all day and watch ESPN poker telecasts. Lame ass fucks

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

Are most of you mentally instable...I would have never thought that people actually find this schmuck funny...I mean his jokes are like something I would hear from my grandfather and force a laugh...One more joke about his past marriages and I might throw up..He reminds me of deranged commentator on HBO Boxing, Larry Merchant

World full of idiots on August 21, 2005

this guy is hilarious

theman on August 19, 2005

I'm over here reading about what everyone has to say and I come to this... Some of you people in this world are so miserable, you start to knock at Norman Chad, why? I mean of course some of his jokes are getting old but you got to admit..HE MAKES POKER FUN TO WATCH...simple as that. Remember this quote, for all you miserable people that like to address your opinion just because you have the right. ''Misery Loves Company''. Does your medicine taste good? I bet it doesnt now....

sinew on August 14, 2005

the best joke was made by his partner in the 2004 WSOP when Norm asked him what an oxymoron was and Lon said "It's like an inciteful colour announcer"

tim stoner on August 12, 2005

i hate this guy... I was just watching when Brown got knocked out by Jesus... on the river he had a 27% chance to win/tie. Norm basically told me he is "sitting pretty for a man who;'s about to be knocked out" WOW THANKS he did lose too. DUMB IDIOTS

y0 m0mma on August 6, 2005

You're right, englishcat. We are all very familiar with your mother's oral skills. What a tramp. But we also know that you are better than her. Hey at least she passed on a skill you can use. It is probable that one of us is your father. It wasn't me though, I only did your trampy little mom in the ass. I think it was Jethro, and he said to tell you to open wide for the hairy airplane!

All the guys in the trailer park on August 3, 2005

Great announcer, ery funny

bowhunter on August 2, 2005

I hate this guy.

satan on August 1, 2005

Norman Chad is so gay. He sucks and should be replaced as a commentater.

Ernest/ Netob12 on July 28, 2005

Norm and I go way back. We used to share cups of soup together because we were so poor. Many people don't know that Norm used to write for OUT the openly gay men's magazine. True story. He is not gay himself, but he lives in that world.

englishcat on July 20, 2005

I am not gay.

Richard Simmons on July 18, 2005

Norm sounds like he got his ass kicked all the way through life, and now he is trying to get back

Eddie on July 18, 2005

I was trying to come up with a list of people who were bigger raging closet homosexuals than Chad. Here is what I came up with. Richard Simmons. Dutch Boyd. Every Backstreet Boy. Jude Law. Did I miss anyone?

WSOP fan on July 16, 2005

he's my hero

cog on July 16, 2005

Norm and Lon are great. This is not golf they are covering, the crazier the better I say. More ex wife jokes and making fun of Phil Hellmuth in the Main Event !

WSOP fan on July 9, 2005

Motorhead. Motorhead is as bad as it gets. Can anyone understand what the hell "Lemmy" is saying when he sings. Norman Chad is necessary to make watching poker bearable, i agree.

Unregistered on July 8, 2005

norm is oneof the reasons poker is watchable.

loveland on July 7, 2005

Norman Chad rocks. the ace of spades is the prettiest card in the deck. and it has a song, the Ace of Spades by motorhead

JetsFan315 on July 6, 2005

Can anyone tell my why during one of the 2004 WSOP broadcasts Norman Chad says, "The Ace of Spades is the prettiest card in the deck?"Why is it? He supposedly told Lon during a commercial break.Thanks!!

blgteach on June 14, 2005

"I haven't seen a wired pair since my 3rd marriage"

BoonsFarm on May 14, 2005

He should play the tournaments more often. He knows everything, when to fold when to call and even when to move. He is amazing. He can read anything. Wait a minute he sees the cards while they are being played. Disregard my comments. Sorry.

loser on May 8, 2005

Norman Chad is the greatest person to ever live he is by far and without dispute the funniest human being on the planet. He make poker so much more interesting how can he not be the number1 sports commentator of all time. I would watch a highschool chess tournament if Norman was commentating it.

Norman Chad is the greatest on April 27, 2005

Norman Chad is a funny guy. He covers an event that is genuinely boring. Most people don't have the intelligance or wit to "get" Norman's humor. Check the ratings at ESPN's coverage of the World Series. The numbers don't lie!

Professor Tabacco-Poker University on April 24, 2005

A lot of you have envy problems...Norm Chad does his job well and is very funny at doing it..Sure is not easy to make the audiance laugh while watching poker but Norm manages to do it. Not a hall of fame bordcaster but he really is above average and if he gets to do more tournaments and get more practice in, he will probably get better. Keep it up Norm, love your style

GBTHECOACH on April 23, 2005

I cant believe Norm Chad is famous for being a lame-o. I would like Dennis Miller to sit in for Norm this year.

Galactico on April 5, 2005

I see him playing just about everyday at the Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles. He must be doing well...

Unregistered on April 2, 2005

I think he's great on Pardon the Interruption, and Tony Kornholeser's Radio Show. But [url][/url] has very little on his background. How many times has he been married? Anyone know? Is he currently single, or gay, or what?

ESPN fan on April 1, 2005

just to put things in perspective, id rather listen to 10 hours of norman chad than 5 minutes of vince van patten.

Unregistered on March 26, 2005

it amuses me with the stories of his 45 ex wives

atal 216 on March 21, 2005

norman chad is the worst poker commentator i have ever seen. seriously...he is a fucking joke. he has the stupidest jokes, but the funny thing is, he probably thinks theyre funny. he's not fun to watch, and i intentionally put it on mute whenever i watch espn poker so i dont have to listen to his gay ass remarks like 'sammy farha would go in with a 4 and a cracker jack box'. that is neither funny or amusing. just plain fucking stupid. i have a suggestion for you mr. chad...with the $10/day espn pays you for your shitty work, go buy a bullett, rent a gun, and put an end to your pathetic miserable life

peter on March 7, 2005

Norman Chad backwards is Dahc Namron. Coincidence??? I think not!!!

Santa on February 25, 2005

this guy is so not funny, that he actually becomes funny lol

iveyfan05 on February 23, 2005

This guy isnt funny.He wouldnt even make it in france.

Jerry Lewis on February 9, 2005

Norman Chad is a loser. As you all are. You Listening to world series poker*......

loser on January 30, 2005

Better and more entertaining than the guy who hosted 'til 2002.

Henry on January 25, 2005

I watch WSOP because of him.

Henry on January 25, 2005

Norman Chad is KING. He's always funny, and his comments are always brilliant. If I could only talk like that..

Countreyboy on January 14, 2005

Norman Chad is the new Howard Cosell. You either love him or you hate him, but boring he will never be. Lon plays the perfect straight man, and together they are the best poker broadcasting team out there. Now, if we could just get shauna Haiyatt in a bikini on their team.......

Poker Sloth on January 13, 2005

why is the ace of spades so pretty...i never got that joke

Toth on January 8, 2005

Hes needs to shut up about his EX wife already, We get it dude, your a LOSER!

Unregistered on January 6, 2005

I watch the world series just to hear him talk

mil on December 24, 2004

Chad being funny is like Affleck giving a good acting performance. Possible, but not going to happen in my lifetime.

Shaun. on December 22, 2004

Take the act to the Catskills!Leave the WSOP to others of a different taste.

misteru on December 20, 2004

does he actually think people like his jokes.I like them and him. He's a cute little cherub.

sammy the brick on December 18, 2004

Norman Chad, is bigger then the WSOP! Keep up the one liners....

ugly tuna on December 18, 2004

hey dude don't hate him. He makes WSOP fun to watchSpecially that reference to Norwegian Jan Sjavik was awesome. Norm didn't know if Sjavik was at the table the whole time in the Ellix Powers show :)

Enkhbat on December 7, 2004

His lame jokes are what makes him hilarious! Especially when he rips on Phil Hellmuth! Without him, the game would be too boring to watch. Well, actually, no, but he's still pretty entertaining.

Another guy named Chad on December 7, 2004

Norm Chad is the biggest loser on earth. I wish I could open up a 55 gallon drum of whup a$$ on his muggy little face. What a crotch stain.

Chadhater on December 6, 2004

I like the part when he asked Doyle Bruson "Does Phil Hellmuth play too slow for you?" and then he laughs in the end. lol. Norman is a great commentator

Enkhbat on December 1, 2004

I don't know why ace of spade is so pretty lol but certainly it looks different from other cards.

Enkhbat on December 1, 2004

Norman Chad is the best! He takes something boring to watch (fun to play) like poker, and makes it commical. He reminds me of Chris Berman also from Espn. His jokes are hysterical and his chemistry with Lon is excellent. His joke about Doyle Brunson treating Scott Fishman like his "personal boy friday" is probably the funniest thing ive ever heard on tv.Norm you rock!!!

Kwierdo1 on November 30, 2004

Norman Chad & Lon Mcheren are the BEST commentators on any media, of any subject. It's really a fantastic comedy team. They are the only reason to watch the WSOP series. Whenever one of the egomaniac poker players makes another one of their endless conceited statements, Norman Chad always has the perfect comment ready to sucker punch them in the gut and pop the air out of their baloon. Norman Chad is the MAN!

night wrider on November 30, 2004

mike sexton is actually a pro so he brings actual insight into the game , which i like..norm is funny at times, like when he made fun of josh areihs shirt lol priceless, but at times hes a bore..i like them both in diffrent ways,,,sexton is by far the most informative

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

Norm is the best. Period. His ex-wife jokes do not get old and he has a great sense for the game.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

Norman chad says the dumbest shit Ive ever heard. I dont get his jokes. I think they need to get someone on there that is more personable. He has no clue....Put Phil Ivey on there he would make people laugh

Whitey on October 31, 2004

Norman Chad is an excellent announcer. His humor is definitely helping poker grow in popularity and whoever thinks his jokes are stupid are too serious and dont seem to have fun dealing with poker.

Jon on October 31, 2004

Norman Chad is 100% hilarious. He is well aware his jokes are cheese, and he uses them perfectly. His partner Lon is also the perfect sidekick. Other commentators are boring in comparison. I don't need a howard lederer equivelant calling the hands cause that would be boring, and if you do need help catching people's tells and other nuances then learn the game...Helmuth is king

JohnKinsela on October 26, 2004

Applaud him for making attempts at humor and having the balls to dis someone, but he regularly misfigures a player's outs after the flop, and also seems to be somewhat of a bitter, blowhard, know-it-all who has never won any major money at the game.

Unregistered on October 23, 2004

Norman needs to have a few more break ups, his jokes are getting stale. And to Guano mike sexton is boring.

jaws on October 22, 2004

Norman Chad is the funniest guy on TV. He is a priceless asset to the World Series of Poker. The World Poker Tour should try to hire him away from the World Series of Poker. He would liven up the WSP's otherwise moribund coverage.

Guano on October 19, 2004

The Mad Cherub is a witty little runt...hey he sometimes acts like Rudy Ruettiger, but we all have had our Napolean complex issues...Norm is best on Reel Classics on ESPN Classic on Sunday Nights--Burt Reynolds could bore the balls off a pool table/

cesarioj on October 14, 2004

Norman Chad is the man!!He has some great one liners.

PokerPlug. on October 12, 2004

Why can't they just have Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten? Soooooooooo much better...Norman Chad is Terrible

jcgiant on October 8, 2004

Unfortunately, poker commentators like Norman Chad are going to remain terrible color commentators. Afterall, if they gave you more complete insight into each hand of the game, they would end up losing more money on the poker tables. For instance, you will hardly ever hear these guys comment about poker tells. Here's an example that Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten didn't say anything about. In one World Poker Tour event in San Jose, Phil Gordon was faced with a decision to call an amateur opponent with the short stack who went all-in on a hand. He stared at her through binoculars at the table and got a reaction from her. Now think about it. Why would someone bring binoculars to a poker table? To get a reaction from an amateur, thus getting a read from that person. Gordon got a reaction from the amateur, thus got a read from her that led Gordon to lay down his hand and save some money. But you'll never hear people like Sexton, Van Patten or Chad bring these things up, otherwise they would lose more money at the tables by giving away this information.

Poker Observer on October 8, 2004

i hate norman chad. i specifically seek out message boards where his name may be publicly slandered. i have to watch world series poker on mute because if i don't i end up holding fistfuls of my own hair from the frustration of the inability to cause him bodily harm.

i hate norman chad on October 5, 2004

Norman Chad is the reason to watch poker. Period. You would rather see Phil Gordon? come on.

xeef on October 2, 2004

are you guys kidding norman chad is the man his jokes are so bad they are hilirious get some class lads

grays on September 29, 2004

Norman seems to take puck shots at good looking young players. Norman, your "hunky" days are long gone (if there were any), let the young studs have their chance!!

Gigohead. on September 28, 2004

better than any other comentator, but that not saying much

pocket7s on September 27, 2004

this guy is hilarious.

Steve L on September 25, 2004

I never thought I'd ever say this in my life, but there is a poker commentator who is worse than Vince Van Patten-Norman Chad.

Peter Giordano on September 25, 2004

needs to get over his divorce

Tryla on September 20, 2004

I love my brother Nolan so much, but I really love you Norman Chad I always have wet dreams of me and my brother together, but Norman I love your sense of humor it turns me on, oh yeah so does my brother

Garret Russert on September 20, 2004

norman chad is the man

John. on September 20, 2004

I'm puttinh a hit on this man if he makes one more reference to the Ace of spades!!!

Smeg on September 19, 2004

Norman Chad is the MAN! He is the # 1 commentator in the history of sports, not only poker. His jokes are legendary and he reminds me of my late father, Glen Muller.

kevin muller on September 19, 2004

hes the man, well behind phil hellmuth

smash on September 19, 2004

needs to stop making jokes about things that arent funny but hey at least he tries

pocket7s on September 18, 2004

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Norman Chad
Shana Hiatt
Vince Van Patten
Wild Bill Hickok

Business & Industry

Anurag Dikshit
Barry Shulman
Benny Binion
Calvin Ayre
Lyle Berman
Matt Savage
Ruth Parasol
Vikrant Bhargava

Poker Groups

Hendon Mob
Team Bodog
Team FullTilt
Team PartyPoker
Team PokerStars
The Crew

Online Players

Brian Townsend


Andy Beal
Ben Affleck
Cindy Margolis
Gabe Kaplan
James Woods
Jennifer Tilly
Jerry Buss
Mimi Rogers
Norm MacDonald
Shannon Elizabeth
Tobey Maguire
Wil Wheaton

Poker Authors

Andy Glazer
David Sklansky
James McManus
Lee Jones
Lou Krieger
Mike Caro
Rolf Slotboom
Tom McEvoy
Vince Burgio

WPT Amateurs

Harley Hall
James Tippin
Randy Jensen

Fictional Players

Cincinnati Kid
Mike McDermott