Party Poker

History of Party Poker

Party Poker is owned by PartyGaming llc, a publicly-traded company on the London Stock Exchange. PartyGaming was founded in 1997 as a network of different gambling sites operated by Ruth Parasol in the Caribbean. The network originated with the launch of Starluck Casino and later operated under the name iGlobalMedia, before changing its name to PartyGaming. PartyGaming's flagship site,, was launched in 2001. Its primary shareholders were Ruth Parasol, Operations Director Anurag Dikshit, Marketing Director Vikrant Bhargava, and Parasol's husband, Russ DeLeon.

Early Years & Growth

PartyPoker experienced huge growth when the poker boom started because of their heavy advertising on during the World Poker Tour broadcasts. Their image was enhanced by the co-hosting duo of Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten as well as hostess Shana Hiatt.

In its early years, PartyGaming entered into marketing partnerships that allowed other poker rooms (including Empire Poker, Intertops, Multi Poker, and Coral) to share in a common pool of poker players. These other poker rooms were referred to as "skins".

In late 2005, PartyGaming decided to separate itself from the skins. They issued a new version of their software that segregated PartyPoker players and left the players from the skins on the old network. In response, Empire Online, the owner of Empire Poker, sued PartyGaming. In February 2006 the two companies announced a $250 million settlement deal where PartyGaming agreed to acquire Empire Poker's operations and Empire dropped the lawsuit. PartyGaming also acquired the operations of two other skins, IntertopsPoker and MultiPoker, in separate private transactions for undisclosed amounts.

In June 2005 PartyGaming went public on the London Stock Exchange. The initial offer price valued the company at $8.46 billion and within a month their stock price rose to make the value of the company over $12 billion. The company was soon promoted to the FTSE 100 Index.

Dikshit and Bhargava stepped down from the company's board in 2006. Dikshit remained with the company as the Chief Operating Officer and Bhargava continued as an advisor and shareholder of the company while pursuing other business interests.

PartyGaming launched an online backgammon site,, in 2006. That same year, PartyGaming acquired sports-betting operator Gamebookers which focused on the European market.

PartyPoker is represented by Team PartyPoker, a mix of established pros, sports stars and up-and-coming players. The most recognizable names are Tony G, Mike Sexton, and Kara Scott.


On September 29, 2006, the U.S. Congress passed the UIGEA. Soon after, PartyGaming announced that it would suspend all real-money games with US customers. As a result of these developments, PartyGaming's stock dropped almost 60% in 1 day. In April 2009, PartyGaming settled with the U.S. government and agreed to pay a penalty of $105 million over the next four years as part of a non-prosecution agreement.

Prior to the UIGEA, PartyPoker was a powerhouse. Although it has given up its leadership position and is no longer dominating the market, it still maintains a relatively strong poker site, especially for non-U.S players.

Playing on Party Poker

PartyPoker offers a $100 sign-up bonus, satellites for the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker, guaranteed tournaments, bad beat jackpots, freerolls, tournament leaderboards, and generous rewards. Their software is one of the best on the market, a result of their regular software updates. Their games have a reputation for being loose but they can vary from loose to medium.

PartyPoker also offers access to bingo, sports betting, financial trading, backgammon, and casino games, although their poker and casino offerings are probably their best offerings. If you are looking for a sportsbook (or poker and sport-betting combo), I would recommend Bodog.


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I started playing on-line poker as my mates got into it and then i got hooked. I'm a winning player in touraments, cash, and SnGs - I play mainly on Pokerstars and FTP. Partypoker however is a different story, its the site I started on, as Im sure many do due to the heavy marketing they do. I'm here to tell you to not do this!!

The touraments are rubbish compared to Stars and FTP, too few and very very poor structures (the crazy stack tourney is the most idiotic). It demostrates strongly that this isn't a pure poker site like stars' or FTP, which focus on offering games that player want.

The software is very poor, it crashes a lot, and the e-mail support is terrible.

The bonus' are rubbish compared to the other sites - you have to play a sick amount of hands to see your bonus.

However the biggest problem is the random number generators, which seem massively different to other sites, Id be willing to put a lot of cash on this being true. I know Im a winning poker player because I use pokertraker, and what struck me as strange is my partypoker cash game stats.

(odds to get a specific pocket pair are 220/1)After 2,129 hands, I have never had AA, 1-KK, 1-QQ, 1-JJ, 0-TT, 2-99, 3-88, 7-77......etc etc, I should have, on average had each of these hands just less than 10 times!!

The site sucks in so many ways, if you have pokertracker, compare your stats from different sites, you will notice a massive difference, never play it, its not a poker site, like stars or FTP. Its a blackjack, casino and a sports betting site!!

If you love poker like me, play poker in the right place, use sites which change and adapt to what players want. Party is a static site, it never changes, when it drastically needs to!

pokerfan01 on February 23, 2008

There isn't much to say about online poker, except that it is one of the biggest fraud schemes this world has ever seen. The smart people know this, and they shouldn't be afraid to speak up their mind. I'm not, I eat people that try to scare me for breakfast each day, with a little bacon on the side. I like bacon you know. The fact is that employees/houseplayers of online poker rooms roam this kind of forums just to scare the truth away, by any means. They talk about how it is not within their interest, that we are bad players which they profit off, that we are dumb and should learn the game. And while they are so busy trying to scare us, they don't even read the actual posts, or have arguments. They suffocate you with their distractions and swearing, so you start focusing on that. Its a psychological game, almost similar as the one casino's play with you. The fact is, we are in greater numbers, but we fail to unite because of those little rodents that use their mind games to split us up. Believe me, they are paid well to do this. The one thing that you will always have to remember is not to be afraid of them. Don't be intimidated by those people, because they don't really have compelling arguments, just distracting intimidation. We know that online poker is rigged, because we have seen it over and over and over again, like many hundreds of thousands of other people. The fact that those people don't let you have your opinion, means you're right. The madder they get, the more right you are. If you want to piss them off, don't respond to what they say. This is very important, because if you do they start to get in your head and draw others like them into the discussion, and that is something you will lose for certain. Say what you think and get the hell out of there. Oh yeah... Party Poker is fixed. Why is it within their interest to do that? Because there is a great difference between 500 million and 3 billion of rake. HA!

Hunter on February 19, 2008

Tuff Fish is a mutha fukkin legend! LOL!

bad_dog76 on October 25, 2007

Hello to every one,I want to tell you about poker. I play at the casino in my town every week two to three times a week and always win, I mean I always win. Ive been playing for 6 years and consider myself a shark I play no limit and all the way to low limit. I play tight and fast and aggresive and I know when to let go of my hands. I never win online and I play no limit and limit and I never win. Why???? I can win like crazy in live games but as soon as I go online I lose. Dont change my play but I still lose. If you think a company wont lie ,, and cheat, steal from you. I just have this to say ENRON, World COM, Bre X. All these companies were based on North American soil. World Com and Enron lied to the public about how much they were making, while their executives got rid of stock. These companies were actually losing money, and were turnig around and telling investors they were making money. Bre X was a Company based out of Canada that sprinkled gold into their mining samples to make it look like they had hit a huge gold mine. Executives sold the stock when it was high. When it was discovered that the samples were tampered with the stock was worthless in two days. All three of these companies lied to investors, their have been trials,convitions and investigations into these three companies. So dont think that a company based out of Gibralter wont rip you off. Ohh one other thing

Ruth Parasol is the founder of partypoker but look at the delings she has been involved with below.

In 1994, Parasol went on to start her own phone sex and online adult entertainment businesses from which she sold-out in 1996.

Ruth Parasol and Seth Warshavsky invested millions of dollars in phone porn companies that were sued by North Carolina and Nevada authorities for alleged improper billing and collection practices that included threatening to seize a person's property.

Warshavsky was a protege of Seattle phone sex entrepreneur Ian Eisenberg, who was advised by attorney and phone sex business veteran Parasol. Eisenberg mailed phony "rebate" checks for $3.50 to millions of households. The fine print on the checks stated that by cashing the check, the recipient agreed to pay up to $29.95 for Internet service. Subsequently, the FTC filed charges, and Eisenberg and company were ordered to pay $17 million in restitution.[2]

Parasol was a fixture at adult entertainment industry gatherings until 1999.

Nuff said

good live player bad party poker player on August 31, 2007

Originally Posted by bad_dog76
For whatever reason, once in a while partypoker gives me $50 for nothing. I have no idea why but they do. I've found that playing every single hand and chasing every single draw pays off BIG TIME here. A good example, playing in .25/.50 NL holem table I'm dealt 47 suited I raise BB to 2.00 three callers. Flop comes 5s 8s Ah I bet pot get two callers next card Ad I go all in get one caller who had A8 and river comes, you guessed it 6s I hit my straigh flush LOL. Of course the person with the boat was mad but hey that's poker right? About 10 hands later I hit another straight flush playing 27, Flop came 3,4,5diamonds turn 6s river 6d LOL. Two straight flushes in a matter of 10 hands ?
Partypoker gives me money and I play like a fool only to cash in big time. I have nothing to lose so why not. I bet I'm up a good $800 or so from playing rags.

They dont give you something for nothing.....theres only one winner....and thats the person who OWNS THE SITE...dont take no damn rocket scientist too figure that out!

Unregistered on September 1, 2006

Originally Posted by EricVonPain/ Dr.Nitz
Party Poker is awesome. The have the most players, the most games running at any time, and the most BAD players. Anyone who thinks Party or any of the other large poker sites (e.g. Paradise, UB, Pokerstars, Prima, etc.) are rigged is an idiot. They make hand over fist raking legit games--no need to cheat and kill the golden goose.

Unregistered on September 1, 2006

Well all I have to say, is that Party Poker is the WORST maintained site of all. In the last 2 days, I have been in 2 cash tournys. The first was a $33 qaulifier for the 100000 dollar tourny they are running. After about 1 hour & 30 mins, and over 3/4 or all players gone im in chip lead and they cancell the tourny.

Thats Bad !, But in the process ig ain entry to a $1000000 tourny, which just happened to be cancelled as well about 1/2 way thru. Once again, Party Poker has fucked me over in good chip position . Now i try to ring them, and bear in mind im calling India from Australia.

The person i speak to, puts me thru to the supervisor, as i havent received a refund as the tourny was cancelled. The supervisor tells i nee to speak with his superior, and i would get a call in 15 misn, needless to say, its an hour later and im still waiting.....

Party poker should stick to small stuff, as its obvious their servers cant handle ay decent amount of traffic.

Unregistered on August 13, 2006

For whatever reason, once in a while partypoker gives me $50 for nothing. I have no idea why but they do. I've found that playing every single hand and chasing every single draw pays off BIG TIME here. A good example, playing in .25/.50 NL holem table I'm dealt 47 suited I raise BB to 2.00 three callers. Flop comes 5s 8s Ah I bet pot get two callers next card Ad I go all in get one caller who had A8 and river comes, you guessed it 6s I hit my straigh flush LOL. Of course the person with the boat was mad but hey that's poker right? About 10 hands later I hit another straight flush playing 27, Flop came 3,4,5diamonds turn 6s river 6d LOL. Two straight flushes in a matter of 10 hands ?
Partypoker gives me money and I play like a fool only to cash in big time. I have nothing to lose so why not. I bet I'm up a good $800 or so from playing rags.


bad_dog76 on August 10, 2006

Of course, you're always going to have the people who demand "proof" in the form of some million hand sampling (and even then, it won't be enough). Here are just a few observations as to why I feel PartyPoker is rigged beyond a shadow of a doubt. You can take my comments at face value.

First, if you've ever multi-tabled, you've already witnessed a definite, major indicator that something isn't quite right on PartyPoker.

Time and time again, if I have even only two tables open simultaneously, there is an uncanny correlation between the cards at the two tables (the behavior may or may not depend on where you sit, when you join the tables relative to one another, etc. -- I've never wasted my time digging that deeply; I'm there to play poker.). If I have hole cards of 2c/5s on one table, more often than I believe is "random" (to say the least), I'll see the flop on the second table contain 2c/5d, 2s/5d, even 2c/5s.

Multiple times on a whim, I've tried to take advantage of this odd "phenom" -- often, quasi-sucessfully. Example: Multi-tabling, two tables. Same game, same limit. Joined tables only a minute or two apart, if that. Random seating position. Flop on one table comes Q 7 x. Second table, I get hole cards of Q7o. Obviously, a hand you'd throw away in most all cases. I call, however, whimsically, as a test. Flop comes Q 7 x (different suits to the Q and 7, but the point remains). I still lose the hand to some other ragged hands, but that's not the point.

This alone happens often enough that something about seems a bit "off". However these "random" decks are seeded, they're not random enough. Maybe someone else out there has already figured out how to exploit this and is using it to their advantage.

Second, I think PartyPoker probably does have some type of mechanism in place to "encourage" action. I play at B&M casinos often, and while I relize that the number of hands per hour is tenfold online, you still see things online in one hour that you don't see at a B&M casino in ten hours.

I don't use tracking software, but many, many times, I'll toss a very marginal junk hand (Q9o, for example) from middle-late position, and a Q99 or QQ9 will flop. Of course, people will say, "You only remember the times that the flop is good for you! (or would have been)" Maybe that's the case for some, but I see this occur way, way more online in one day than I do at a B&M casino in weeks of playing. The reason is simple: get more players in, more action, bigger pots, bigger rakes.

Third, many people have mentioned their performance going downhill when they cash out. I don't cash out often, but I think I've seen very similiar behavior just with my existing bankroll. For example, I quit PartyPoker for several years due to my believing it's rigged. I gave it another chance recently, buying in for $300. I dropped $200 of it playing large multi-table tournaments with moderate buyins (typically $33). I played these for experience and enjoyment, not to build my roll.

Finally, I decided to move back to cash games to get back some of my initial investment, and simply to change gears. Not being driven by "poker ego", I sat at a very comfortable $100 pot limit (50c/$1d) 10-max table. In three or four hours, I turned the $100 into just over $300 ($303 to be exact). After that, I couldn't show down a winning hand for the life of me.

I know how I play, and if I have one poker strength, it's discipline (I may go nuts at the bad beats, but I continue to play "correct" poker by standards; I won't loosen up or try to break someone to get even).

That being said, I thought it was simply uncanny that the quality of the cards degraded in time so perfectly with my bankroll approaching my initial buy-in.

With anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 people on PartyPoker at once, they obviously have dozens if not hundreds of servers in their little offshore hole... and with those servers comes a lot of power. It would not surprise me to learn that there are some very advanced mechanisms in place to tailor table action based on the players at the table.

As for the people who say, "Why would PartyPoker rig the cards?" Nevermind the fact that they're off-shore and basically subject to no laws whatsoever... The fact is that poker is "boring" by most people's standards. Yet look at TV. Big hands, big action, PartyPoker commercials. People who come to PartyPoker want that "big action" they saw on TV -- and most truly random hands have no such action. That being said, PartyPoker must "force" the action.

I'm currently deliberating buying back in for $100, grinding up to $400 (by playing only the stone cold nuts), cashing out, and never returning. I'll be looking for another more reputable online casino. I'll be honest... I like PartyPoker's look and feel, but I simply won't play at a rigged casino.

Quite frankly, I think there needs to be some better govermental control over this (and I think it's coming). I don't care if PartyPoker is located in Timbuktoo -- they should be required to release certain parts of their source code to true, un-paid, un-biased, third parties to ensure fairness. Right now, all we have is their word... and quite frankly, the "word" of an online casino means about as little to me as it can.

Woopster on August 5, 2006

Well, you don’t really make any sense because obviously, the more times you reload, the more you’re playing and the more rake and entry fees they collect. It would be in their best interest to try to keep you coming back, and it would be a good way to do just that ask described above. I’ve noticed the same thing as well, catching cards left and right when I’m new to a site and I’m not one to suck out.

Unregistered on March 29, 2006

The problem with your insight on that is its not partypokers money its the players money party poker only see the rake and buy in fees

Unregistered on March 25, 2006

Has anyone else noticed that when you first sign up, you tend to "catch" a lot more cards than you do after you've been playing for a while? I've noticed that at the beginning, I would catch inside straights and flushes a lot. Almost as if they are trying to program your mind into thinking that you're going to catch those cards everytime you have that draw. After a while, you never catch those cards. You run up your bankroll only to eventually lose it. Then you think, hey, I was once ahead, I can do it again, so you deposit more money only to lose it again, even after tightening up your game. I, and others I've talked to, have seen this trend, not just on party poker but other sites as well.

Unregistered on March 24, 2006

i think, tkat PP is good to take the 75$ bonus and run away :) And I'm suprised, that when You playing for bonus - they don't cheat ... i have now $65 on my moneybookers and THX for play on PP :)

Unregistered on March 14, 2006

Originally Posted by Pepsi King
This was my first poker site. After being disgusted about being beat on the river ALL THE TIME, I went to another site where I actually started winning on a regular basis. Now that I have played for a while I realize that TOO MANY PEOPLE GET LUCKY ON THE RIVER at Party Poker. Mathematically speaking it occurs a lot more than it should. It gives the impression that Party Poker intentionally rewards bad play in order to keep novices hooked. I have also noticed that everytime I cash-out or win a bonus I suddenly start having a losing streak. I was once dealt over 100 losing hands in a row after receiving a bonus. I am very suspicious of this site and will not play here again.
The same happend to me, except for the bonus situation. I like ultimate bet, personally.

Chad on November 17, 2005

like the site, but i stick to the single table sit-n-gos. much more realistic cards than the cash games. i like the $10 buy in NL games, plenty of fish. $50 for winner, $30 for 2nd, $20 for 3rd. i played 4 today, two firsts and two seconds, im up $120. like shooting "fish" in a barrell (pun intended). if you move up to the $20 or $30 SnG, the profits are obviously even higher, but the players are better as well. best of luck all.

tommy vercetti on October 3, 2005

party poker is as shady of site as one could imagine. if you don't mind being dealt three wining hands out of eighty and you beleive them when they say it is just "co-incidence", then this is the site for you. I have also played more than 500 tournaments and found one or two players getting every winning hand, 23 of the first thirty, forty two of the first 60, only to find they have no player history when I look them up on "". In my opinion they have a pre-defined outcome with every deal of the cards and no matter how strong your hand is the "ringers" will play junk and get the only card in the deck that could help them every time.

ttxttx on October 1, 2005

PP Is still rigged!!! These postings here go back to May 2004, and I agree with them all, its BS!!! Especially the weekend I just had. Flopping Full Houses and losing!?! Once is BS but twice in one weekend is just insulting. Getting AK called down but some jerk with 10, Q, make my 2 pair, then he's rivered a straight? Seeing, 999 or 333 or 7777 on the community cards during a tourney, not different tourneys, THE SAME TOURNEY, WITHIN MINUTES of each other. And this wasnt over a couple of months of play, THIS WAS THIS WEEKEND ALONE!!! I'm not kidding. Then to top it off, during this tourney, after all my bad beats, I consider going ALL IN with a Q4, but folded. and just to screw with me the flop comes Q44. I give up, you will never see CowboyFrank at PP ever again!!!

CowboyFrank on October 1, 2005

I have $2000 in my partypoker account, i love staring at my cashier and feeling down,i play $22 singletables all day long in rage, i win so much on this site, u wanna know the secret???? I PUT ON MY GOLDEN KNEEPADS AND SUCK PP DICK!!!! THEY LOVE ME!!!P.S. AL BUNDY IS MY IDOL!!!

dave matos on September 27, 2005

Omg!!! Partypoker Is The Best Site Ever!!! They Love Me!!!i Make $1000 A Day, And To This Date I Am Up $219,000!!!reason Being: My Proffesor In College, Asmara Agha, Worked For Partypoker And She Hooked Me Up!! That Hot Slut!!!!! I Am On The Goodlist For Life!!! I Always Suckout On The River!!! This Is The Best Site Around!!!!! I Also Used The Bot Program And That Is Another Reason Why I Have Made So Much!!!!! Omgggggg They Love Me!!!!

dan messer on September 27, 2005

I Love Ppyou Cant Lose With 23 Suited !!!!!!!

mugsy on September 27, 2005

Whether PP cheats or not, I do know that some forms of cheating are possible. Many times I've been at a table where some player has 10-20 million chips, and their chip total keeps going up 1000 to 5000 each second, and they're not even playing, they're sitting out! After a while (usually when they get up over 30 million) it stops, then they leave the table. What's the point? It's PLAY money! I e-mailed PP about it, and their response was a generic, "we take every effort to prevent cheating, blah blah blah..." My feeling is, if PP can't prevent blatant cheating on their play money tables, how could I be sure they can prevent sophisticated, subtle cheating on real money tables? After reading most of these posts, I don't have any confidence that they can, or even care to. So whether PP itself cheats or not, I won't be opening a real money account there.By the way, a dik doesn't really care about the gender of the mouth it's in. They both feel the same (beards notwithstanding).

MysteryMan on September 25, 2005

Just got done playing a tourney at PP. I bet half my tourney stack preflop with pocket KK; of course, someone called me with a J8 offsuit; i mean, why not? that's normal play right? (sarcasm) Flop K Q 10. So, I go all in--Im thinkin; I got trips. turn is a 2. River throws down a 9. Happens all the time at PP. Going in with the best hand is not an advantage at PP. Withdrawing all funds right now, it's just too shady. Stay away from that site, it's gotta be rigged. Oh, yeah Im sure they have employees posting to the contrary, they probably get a real kick out of inflating PP all day long on sites like these.

holla on September 24, 2005

terrible worse than jokerstars

Unregistered on September 19, 2005

Play Omaha hi-lo. I question the number of times a deuce comes on the river. More than the 1/13 odds. A turn with a 2 or 3, and then a river with a 3 or 2 also more common than odds. Wonder if others have observed this. Don't bother to tell me to play ace - 4.

cousin john on September 18, 2005

PP cheats, last night, I had 7 2 offsuit, I went all in in my regular $13 NL game, 2 guys called me, with AA and KK, and the flop was 4 8 T, all I need a 7 and a 2, or 7 7 or 2 2, but guess what, J on the turn, and 4 on the river. I'm never playing there again. I always win with 7 2, PP is so rigged.

cowboy joe on September 18, 2005

First of all, if you can't talk poker, you are dismissed because nobody with a pulse gives a crap about you unless you have money to lose. Next, this moron calling people broads is the one acting like a broad, putting her nose in where it doesn't belong. Again, either fork over some cash or your dismissed. Finally, "fkin dope", he sucks in real life so I might as well put him to work.

bigdaddy on September 1, 2005

LOL! Why all the anger bigdaddy? Did I hit a nerve?? LOL. Who the hell ever said "I" bet into those flops douchebag? I never said that. I clearly stated that MOST PEOPLE ON LINE ARE JUST LEARNING AND THEREFORE AN ACTION FLOP WILL INDUCE BETTING! I never stated I bet into it idiot lol. I got $5,000 meet me at Ultimate bet so we can play heads up shitpie. We'll see what's up. One last note sorry I didn't know you was a F.A.G and wanted to put your dik in a guys mouth. It's good to see you're not afraid to be GAY. Keep up the good work bigdaddy I'll be waiting at UB for you if you got the "nuts"!

Blow me on August 31, 2005

Where you running to? monday nite, right here. UB is just as bad as this. If you know you cant beat me here, what makes you think you can beat me anywhere? By the way, its you WERE, not you was. How did a 4th grader who cant even speak the language come into 5G anyway?

bigdaddy on August 31, 2005

Woohoo... more bad poker players crying fraud and conspiracy.... which means more money for me!!!!!!!!!!! You people think you know how to play poker, and you are so mistaken it makes me laugh... PP is totally legit and good players have made so much money off you babies that it's almost criminal.... you lose because you suck!!! No such thing as action flops.. and you people wouldn't know true odds if they hit you in the face, you haven't played enough hands to see them... (and never forget, if you can't find the fish on the table it is YOU)

unregistered on August 31, 2005

Excuse me waiter, can I have another order of the fish? ... Sure, just go to PP.

Unregistered on August 31, 2005

Hey conspiracy buffs, why don't you bring down the so-called fraudulent site??? I know why... because you suck at poker, or don't understand bad beats and can't handle them... (I can't wait until this trendy poker thing stops)

Unregistered on August 31, 2005

EVERYONE of you need lives and are degenerate losers!!!!!! EVERYONE of you need lives and are degenerate losers!!!!!!EVERYONE of you need lives and are degenerate losers!!!!!!EVERYONE of you need lives and are degenerate losers!!!!!! HAHAHA

Unregistered on August 31, 2005

All of you dorks on here need to shut up all sound worse than broads... time for a tampon change i think. Grow some balls b*tches.

Unregistered on August 31, 2005

bigdaddy STFU! People like you crack me up. "I am not a pro, but I certainly don't have to work full time with the money I make here." Another funny statement from someone who no doubt is playing .50/$1.00 tables. You probably brag about getting laid too LOL. Usually people who brag about shit are completely the opposite of what they say. Anyway, people play online poker because they can make foolish bets, calls, and raises and never need to worry about getting shit on from anyone. Online poker sites know this and therefore why not induce a flop that will cause betting or calling. You talk about people jamming KK into a 6,7,8,9 flop and turn. The whole point is 6,7,8,9 or four diamonds or pairing the board even two pairing the board happens CONSISTANTLY here you dope. You barely ever see this in a casino or on many other poker sites. When you have K10 of diamonds and a flop comes Q,8,2 of diamonds and you go all in and get called by A(diamonds)2 and the river is a diamond what can u do? Party Poker rewards loose calls and bad play all the time. Common flop on Party Poker is K,Q,10,10,9 with 3 of one suit. A lot of people who play online are just learning and therefore AN ACTION FLOP WILL INDUCE BETTING YOU TOOL! Anyway Keep living in your dreamworld bigdaddy and thanks for the laugh!

blow me on August 30, 2005

Blow me couldn't be more dead on. The problem isn't jamming KK or AA into 6,7,8, flops its that almost every flop has an A or a K or 2 of a kind or some straight or flush possibility. I haven't kept track but i'd bet that a someone pulls a straight or a flush every 3rd or 4th hand. That just doesn't happen in live games. Granted there are some real lousy players at this site but it doesn't seem to matter when they are constantly paid off for their stupid play.

Bigdaddys an idiot on August 30, 2005

Nothing like some jackass like Blow Me to make my point for me. You tell me i am wrong and in the same breath say "why not induce a flop that causes betting" THATS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID YOU 4UCKIN MORON! It takes a moron like you to make the bets. And just a little FYI, the only reason I brag about getting laid is because I pay for the hooker with your money. You're the one that must brag about getting laid, it happens so seldom for you that you come here and beg people like me to "BLOW YOU!". "AN "ACTION" FLOP WILL INDUCE BETTING (ONLY FROM A MORON LIKE YOU)" I was playing 50/1.00 tables before you were the twinkle in the eye of a horny teenage hooker sitting in the backseat of an el camino at a drive-in movie chargin your old man $50 an hour to stick his head in her snatch. Dont like 4 diamonds, FOLD, dont like pairs, FOLD. dont like the straight, FOLD. My dream world consists of you coming up with $5000 and putting your money where your mouth is. That is, after I get my dik out of it.

bigdaddy on August 30, 2005

The stupidity still amazes me. The only way you get this so-called "action flop" is if there are enough morons to bet at it. The flop can pair or 3 straight every hand, if nobody bets it, it's not an "action flop" is it? If your dumb enough to jam your queens with a 4 card straight on the board after you let 4 others limp in, you deserve to get your ass handed to you. Again, I am not a pro, but I certainly don't have to work full time with the money I make here. Why, because of whining idiots like three quarters of the idiots here. Play anything less than 5/10 and I dont want to hear you piss and moan about being outdrawn by 10-8. Who needs to rig a poker site when morons are jamming 2 black kings with 4 diamonds on the board? He'll get you your rake without rigging the site. If you took every action flop that had 6-7-8-9 on the board, and had intelligent people throw away pocket queens, any 5, and 9-7s, there would never be any "action". Any person who plays these hands to the river should be shot. These are the idiots that make "action flops", not the site. All the site does is prey on the stupidity of its players, and believe me, its out there, everywhere.

bigdaddy on August 28, 2005

"The reason these sights put up action flops is to increse betting and thus the rake"........ That's a bunch of crap, I have to agree with bigdaddy's post. And I might add that action flops do not induce action from decent players, if anything they should scare people away from the hand. This concept of an action flop is nothing more than conspiracy theory at it's finest, it makes no sense and is simply not true. People at the low limits play too many hands, can't find the fold button, and are fish for an accomplished player. Online poker is different from live poker for many many reasons, I have found that the best way to win online is to play extremely tight-aggressive. Too passive and you never protect your hand; too loose and you are just a calling station.

Unregistered on August 28, 2005

Here's an example of what I mean by my last post, Mr "random" who posted on Aug 21 says he lost with AA and KK more than half the time. Why? Because the idiot is jamming his aces with a 4 straight or a 4 flush on board. I just finished a 3 hour session at a 2/4 table and was dealt aces and kings twice each. What seperates me from this monkey is that I folded 3 of these 4 hands and all 3 hands I would have lost. This guy would have lost at least another $100 trying to jam these hands into 4 clubs, 9-T-J-Q, and a two pair board. ME? I folded every time and left the session up $160 instead of up $50. HIM? He jams every pot, loses his shirt, and pisses and moans about it here.

bigdaddy on August 28, 2005

Played at a sit and go yesterday and was dealt AA on 3 out of 4 hands. Not that i'm complaining about it but what the hell are the odds of that happening with a true random generator? Very fishy.

RPM on August 26, 2005

The reason these sights put up action flops is to increse betting and thus the rake. How many times in a live game do you see two of the same suit or three to a straight? It happens all the time online. If you can't see why the poker sights would want to do this then you need your head examined.

Unregistered on August 26, 2005

Yeah, I agree that something illegitimate is going on at PP. I'm a pretty tight player, and do well at PokerStars and hold my own at Pacific Poker. But at PP, I'm kept seeing these weird flops and people betting and raising with junk hands and WINNING. I don't see this at those other two sites. Stay away from Party Poker.

Unregistered on August 25, 2005

Party Party Party. Well im down 500 at this god forsaken site. But why do I keep coming back? Because of the freaking players thats why. There are literally thosuands of players first off. And secondly the skill level ranges. I can easily make my money back. Whats the key? Tight play.(cash games im talking about) Out of the 500 I lost, about 300 was my own fault(chasing,calling preflop with medicore hands qk,j10,etc. and tilting) And the rest of 200 were bad beats. So I know I will make my money back.. Just takes time..

doyoulikefishing on August 23, 2005

and when I lost to the bad beats, could I have prevented it? Sure! What couldve I have done? Fking fold! Example your dealt KK, at a 25nl cash game and you raise 1-2 dollars, you get reraised all in with pocket 7's!(but u dont know that duh) What do you fking do? Fold! Thats right fold... Also there is one insance I was dealt qq, flop is something like aq5 ace and the 5 are diamonds. My caller goes all in with flush draw.. What could I have done? Fking fold... but no, i call with my set and he hits his flush on the river. Yes its a fking bad beat, but why risk all your $ if you dont have the nuts? Anyways, just play super duper tight, and youll do fine at online and real money games.. Gl all..

doyoulikefishing on August 23, 2005

I've been playing poker for 2 years now. My first online experience was with these idiots. I chose to play there because the competion was soft. Well, after a month playing, I am done. Oh yeah, after my first 3 weeks, I was at $303.00 after starting with my $50 deposit. My playing style is very tight. I see strange things there all the time though. AA or KK being called down with J4 off suit and so on and them winning every time. Last night, I witnissed a guy get beat after raising and re-raising twice then all-in with his KK by a guy holding 8-10 offsuit. You guessed it.. the guy with 8-10 hit trips on the river.But these bad beats are hardly my most concern. What I have noticed since I started playing there is the alarming rate that the board pairs. I actually sat down last night and counted 21 hands that went to the river, and out of 21 hands 12 of them the board paired! And twice it two-paired! Now I am no statistical expert, but I know from live play that this happens rarely. I don't care about these guys telling you, "oh well that's because you're seeing more hands online." Well, I am going by percentage, and these ARE the facts. I could have sat down and done it today, tomorrow, last week, measured 10 hands or 3,000 hands.. it happens on there ALL the time. And it's definitely done to induce more betting, thus a bigger rake. Full Houses occur on that site so frequently it isn't funny. What are the odds of a full house?? C'mon guys, wake up! If you don't believe me, that's fine but I'm just trying to give some advice to anyone that may be thinking about signing up there..DON'T DO IT!!! I have withdrawn my money that I have there and will deposit it on another site I found. And no I am not saying where I will be moving to, just so you know I'm not trying to endorse another site. I am being totally honest about this experience. Good luck, everyone.

wised_up on August 23, 2005

You're a ucking idiot! You want to go all in with AA against KK & QQ. If you fold AA, you're playing the wrong game. Why would you fold when you're going to win 3 out of 5 times, MORON?

AA. on August 22, 2005

I don't understand the point about action flops, maybe I play differently than some people but I'm more prone to fold on an action flop than call or raise. Why would PP put as many scare cards as possible on the flop only to have most players, or at least tight players, fold immediately. Three to a straight or flush on board and I'm more likely than not to fold my top pair, depending on my outs and the size of the bet. I've also noticed that in spite of what some of these posts say, people often play VERY tight at the lower no-limit tables, often just the top 10 or 20 hands, I don't find this to be particularly suspicious regarding any mode of cheating. However, sometimes it's very predictable, great for bluffers and sharks. If I see someone playing like a megalomaniac, I'll find a better table. And to conservative players on PP, hit and runs can make you quite a few dollars without ever giving any of the players info about your long term play. Buy in on a $25NL with about $10, wait for the nutz, double up and leave, all the while taking notes on the other players. Because of the blinds you may only walk away with about 17 or 18, but it's an easy way to slowly fill your bankroll (and you can only lose ten bucks at a time). Also, lots of fish on the .50/1.00 BEGINNERS table, but watch out for lucky draws. Raising with beginners is often a fruitless effort due to all the calling stations, so just be patient. As for the conspiracy theories floating around the internet about cheating (other than collusion), I just simply have to laugh. Long live party poker and I'll see you at the tables.

Unregistered on August 20, 2005

pp has some obscene flops. not to mention the river. more than 50 percent of the time im holding better pockets such as aa or kk and the other player qq or jacks and goes all in...on the river magically another jack or queen. statistically these lower pairs winning the hand is very slim. ive lost with aa or kk more than half the time. i think the site is a bit rigged. they try to distibute money evenly keepin the players happy. so once i win big i always lose bigger. pp's cashing out system isnt also that great. they leave you with a pending amount for the longest time. make you lose so you have to deposit that pending amount back in. ive also played on ultimate bet and i think that site is not as fake as party poker. you can win at pp but you will most def end up losing much more.

random on August 20, 2005

Hey random, if that's true, stop going all in with aces or kings and only do it with jacks or queens, lol. If you are so sure that it happens all the time take advantage of it. Anytime you put all your chips in pre-flop you are gambling (even with those shiny aces), never think otherwise. With enough callers (all-in) you are actually better off folding your aces. For example, I wouldn't want to gamble all my chips with aces against both kings and queens, 2 in 5 times you will be busted by a set with two callers. Tournaments are different and some people have obviously seen too much poker on tv. Aces are the best starting hand, but it's only a starting hand, not a finished hand. In my humble opinion, going allin preflop is never a good decision in a cash game, unless of course you can handle the bad beats, which apparently you cannot.

Unregistered on August 20, 2005

I really don't think that any site is conspiring against any certain player whether they withdraw or not. I think there is something to the action flop thing. These sites will take money from whoever whether they withdraw or not due to the increased betting and calling at the low limits through the rake. As for the people who say that only bad players lose on the internet due to bad calls they obviously have not had one of the bad beat streaks that happen and have been talked about over and over on this board. I too have been the victim of several of these for whatever reason.

Unregistered on August 18, 2005

I played at party poker for about a year, hit it big (for me at least) in March of this year. I won $8100 in a span of 2 weeks, cashed out and then began too see the most unbeleivable bad beats ever. So after months of giving my winnings back, I signed up at Poker Stars(about 2 weeks ago). I deposited $50 and in my first hour at the .5/1 NL table I was up to $250. In the next week i was up another $100 and had the original $50 up to $350+. It was so relieving to see good cards hold up, as on Party I would almost always get my money in with the best hand but would lose to some ridicolous beats. So last Friday night I withdrew $50 and it has been all down hill. I kid you not, in a 2 night span I was dealt pocket pairs 22 times, and not once did I hit a set--on all 5 community cards. That seems abit unreal, being stats say you hit a set 20% of the time when holding pockets. Anyways, I am now down to $94 in my account and I am curious to see if this withdraw curse is for real on Stars as well as Party.

jupitert on August 17, 2005

Well apparently i have to provide a here's clue #1... Partypoker vs. Pokerstars. If you read the few hundred posts about these two sites you will come to one conclusion (if you have a brain, that is)...that Pokerstars has far, far less complaints than Partypoker. Hmmm...interesting... probably the two biggest sites out there. Of the posts... 25% are complaining about Pokerstars, whereas, 75% are complaining about Partypoker..interesting.

Unregistered on August 16, 2005

read above for the clues...pretty obvious...if i need to explain, it's really really ...really sad

Unregistered on August 15, 2005

I've read every post on here, and most for the other sites... The only thing I see are bad beat stories, and we all have plenty of those. Where some of you see possible evidence of cheating, I merely see bad poker plays and bad beats. I'll believe that some players cheat via collusion, and that sucks, but it's hard to stop. I want you to provide me with clues that PP is cheating, and from my perspective a hand history is not a clue. If it was a clue, all the above posts would provide clues to different types of cheating, not just one. We could assume that an opponent could see your hole cards, we could assume that PP intentionally gave the underdog the winning hand, we could assume that action flops are dealt to induce betting, we could assume there are planted shills to increase the rake, we could assume that someone just made a withdrawal and PP is punishing them, we could assume someone just made a deposit and PP is rewarding them. Lots of assumptions about different possibilities... but even the clues don't add up to circumstantial evidence of a single method of fraud, there is much reasonable doubt. I know for a fact that some people are learning to play poker with real money, instead of play money, this could easily explain some of the bad poker plays on the low limits. It's a nightmare for a decent poker player to sit with a beginner, they will do anything just to see what happens. I've watched the upper limits on PP and UB and rarely does anyone suck out on the river, no one calls that far into the hand, these people understand the game... low limit is a different story, some people could care less about their 25 or 50 dollars. Others take their money much more seriously, and can't understand why some people make such bad plays. I think it's a situation of the relative importance of money for different people. A decent player seems to assume that because they would 'never make that call', that when someone does it must be evidence of cheating. It's beginners and people who could care less about the money, that's my explanation.

dumbo on August 15, 2005

I started playing at Party in June 2004. My bankroll grew from $100 to $2000 in 3 months all at the $0.50/$1 limit. However, soon after, my tight playing started me on a losing streak. Bear in mind I only play now when they give me a bonus. Ever since they updated the software in late 2004, bad play is rewarded. There's no doubt about that. When you flop trip aces and the other guy keeps raising with A K Q 10 and rivers a ucking J, somebody's cheating. Who is it? If this happens every so often, I would say "big deal". But it happens all the time to the same players. If this was legitimate, why would they give such generous bonuses? They know exactly how much money they're going to extract from you while you're trying to the required rakes either by using bots or employees. CASE CLOSED ALL YOU UCKING CHEATERS.

updated software on August 15, 2005

Dumbo, i dont get your argument. we didn't program the software so how can we come up with empirical evidence of fraud??? you learn by observation, mistakes and taking action. I have observed many irregularities in PP that i never see in a live game or tv tournaments. As i said before a live game is dominated by top pairs, two pairs and sets. online poker seems to be dominated by higher hands as a regular occurence and we have had to adjust by tightening up our games to win, or play really loose when you the computer allows you to get on a roll. data and player statistics can be measured, quantified and adjusted on the fly so subtle hand controls can be made to occur. they can track everything and if they are overly greedy and expect to have tighter restrictions/laws placed on them in the near future, who's to say that they wont try for their buck?

dennis on August 15, 2005

I'm not going to bore you with hands that seemed out of whack or whine about bots taking my money. My experience with PP leads me to believe that there are two random number generators working at the same time. One distributeds the cards randomly and one distributes those players based upon account history. It is possible to classify it random yet place those random cards where you want them. It is subtle, but I firmly believe that when they decide it is your turn to re-up more money into your acct then it will happen. Putting in an extra sequence of code into an algorithum is not that tough if you are a good programmer. Go play in a real game in AC or Vegas, or even locally and watch how pairs, two pairs and sets dominate the action, while at PP straights, flushes and boats dominate. Losing to a second pair on the river is considered a bad beat in live games. Losing to quads or a boat is the norm on PP. I went to a site that rates your play on PP and was given a 42% (500+ games in a sit and go format) win ratio, which was considered a pro so calling me a rookie would be an unfair generalization. I am headed over to another site to try it out and track similarities and differences and will post back.

dennis on August 14, 2005

Look here old man...the only original point i was trying to make.. (IF YOU WOULD READ AND PAY ATTENTION EARLIER) is that there is cheating in online poker. At the very least they need another card generator if they're not cheating because this one... not so good. Online poker sites have been brought down because of cheating, there is cheating. PERIOD. I know you want to focus on the facts, but we will never know the facts, so be a smart person and use some clues. Fact of the matter is...something ISN'T right with Party Poker...whatever it may be. P.S. The fact that you missed my whole point I was trying to make shows the intelligence level that I am dealing with. How can you argue something when you misinterpret the point??? lol purely comicalMaybe you can enlighten me with the laws of aruba next?? lol

Unregistered on August 14, 2005

"Don't twist my words dickhead... hold em is about chasing and catching WHEN THE POT ODDS ARE CORRECT... I did not say that is the only thing the game is about, it obviously is not. As for the K-7 vs. K-K, the player that saw that (was it you?) never specified when this occurred. How high were the blinds? "Responding to this bullshit quote. Hey asshole You stated above people who lose on party poker have POOR POKER SKILLS. My point was (obviously you can't comprehend what you read) The person calling an all in bet with KK and losing does NOT have poor poker skills. Calling an all in with KK is the CORRECT move. Losing to K7 is a BAD BEAT no matter what the scenario is dip shit. Doesn't prove anything about people who lose have poor poker skills. I also NEVER stated going all in with K7 was a bad move, depending on the situation idiot. Go back to school and LEARN to COMPREHEND what you read.

Unregistered on August 14, 2005

I read all of these comments and have to say they helped me win around 2K over the past week. Playing 2/4 pot limit hold em. If I had a flush draw I'd raise and catch a good 70%. I called big pre flop raises with maginal hands like J9 off suit or 56 suited. I won a lot of those too LOL. It's comical how easy this is. All of you who complain just need to play extremely loose and see every flop. Chase any staight or flush draw to the river. Or if have flopped low pair just stay in and you'll most likely either turn or river a set. people get pissed at me on party poker lol. That's fine with me. They can critcize my play but I still have their $$$$$. A great site and a piece of cake to cash in on big pots that you'll always draw out on if you don't fold!

I Love Party Poker on August 14, 2005

"I know you want to focus on the facts, but we will never know the facts, so be a smart person and use some clues.".... Tell me Sherlock Holmes, what clues do you have????? (p.s. please put some names on your posts so I know who I'm chatting with, too many people resonding about the same thing and I've lost track of who is who.... probably because of my ignorance, lol) I will be DUMBO JONES from now on, lol. And how about we all stop this childish name calling and have an honest discourse, we can at least agree to disagree in the end.... or is that too civil for some of you?

Dumbo Jones on August 14, 2005

oh yeah... what did you want to know about Aruban Law?

Dumbo Jones on August 14, 2005

Thanks professor...and this pertains to cheating how??? the US has a president and a house and well even they're a bunch of crooks looking to pad their own pockets!!!! Try again

Unregistered on August 13, 2005

calling pot sized bets with straight and flush draws is not justified by the pot odds ever and it will happen quite often on any online poker site. Going all in and getting called by a better hand and then catching on the river is just getting lucky trying to bluff at a pot which is completely different and happens in live card games as well. I understand the straight and flush draws will catch by the river around 30% of the time, but anybody that has played a significant amount of online poker would probaly aree that you will see many more flushes and straights than you would in a live game in spite of how many more hands you play. I think that there is something to say for the theory of draws coming up on the flop to generate action and therefore increase the rake. You have to admit that at times it seems that every flop has two of the same suit. That being said the sites can't rig idiot players calling raises with any two suited cards or hands such as 9 10 offsuit. It is and will continue to be a hazard of interenet poker play regardless of what site you play at.

Unregistered on August 13, 2005

As to your comment about the Bush administration, that statement is normative - descriptive - subjective, I'm trying to be empirical - factual - objective..... and poker and politics don't mix so don't go there... give me proof of cheating and I will listen... a few hand histories don't cut it... I was merely responding to someone elses post who tried quite unsuccessfully to accuse Gibraltar of being a place where there are no internet regulations, thus a higher chance of cheating... answer the above post under CONFUSED about the K-K vs. K-7... I really want to know what kind of cheating specifically you think is occurring... please young one, enlighten and humor me, lol

Unregistered on August 13, 2005

For those who think Gibraltar is just some 'foreign country' with no regulations you are wrong. Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the UK that does not operate with autonomy, they answer to English law and have the Queen as their chief of state. It's not just some third world country. They have a very high standard of living. The only reason why many gambling sites choose Gibraltar to operate their business is that they have tax breaks that would be stupid to not take advantage of, this is also the reason why offshore banking in Gibraltar is a primary source of income for the territory. I know most of you imbeciles assumed that because you've only heard of the country that it must be some third world hub of corporate scandal. That's just your own xenophobia. Therefore, Party Poker is not just some "unregulated website based in some foreign country that is under absolutely no online laws." That is a complete fabrication, so before you make some ridiculous assumption based on your own lack of intelligence, do some research. It's no different than someone in the U.S. opening a swiss bank account to take advantage of higher earned interest rates.

About Gibralter on August 12, 2005

Hold em is about chasing and catching?????? LMAO You're an asshole LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hold em is about a bunch of different things sparky. Chasing and catching is NOT what the game is about. Sure if pot odds call for it you can chase a flush draw. Pot odds will NEVER call for someone chasing a gut shot str8 to the river when someone puts you all in. I also noticed you said nothing about the K7 VS KK deal. Simply put you have no clue what you're doing, just like many online players. You just call and pray. That's why you win on that site. Party Poker always rewards bad play. Oh yeah one other thing I won a tournament on Party Poker and walked off with $926.50 just so you know. I won many times when I was all in with the worst hand. It's gone for me and against me. The point is it happens CONSTANTLY! Maybe you should go back to playing Old Maid and Go Fish with you're mommy and daddy since you don't have a clue LOL. Hold em is about chasing and catching HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! One of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard!

Unregistered on August 11, 2005

Don't twist my words dickhead... hold em is about chasing and catching WHEN THE POT ODDS ARE CORRECT... I did not say that is the only thing the game is about, it obviously is not. As for the K-7 vs. K-K, the player that saw that (was it you?) never specified when this occurred. How high were the blinds? Who called and who pushed? How much $ was the tourney buy-in? Was it SNG or MTT? Was anyone pot committed? I saw Hoyt Corkins (you may have seen this WSOP) go all in on a final table with J-7 in small blind, DiAgostino had 10-10 in the big blind and called... Corkins caught trip sevens on flop and the fourth 7 on the turn... That's a bad beat, yet if it happened on PP people would never think it to be legit. He was caught stealing the blinds, happens all the time, and he profited from it. Therefore, K-K vs. K-7 means nothing without proper context. 12 out of 100 hands you will see the K-7 win anyhow... that's more than 1 out of 10 (for those still learning to add) which means it more than likely happens several times a day considering all the hands played on PP. Is it stupid to push or call with K-7?? Most of the time, yes. Are there stupid players on PP? Without a doubt. What does this prove? Absolutely nothing.

Unregistered on August 11, 2005

Quick question, if this was somehow fraud (KK vs K7), how was it done? Are you saying the guy with K7 knew what cards were coming up? Or are you saying the software intentionally put two 7's on the board? Or did the person with K7 know that you held KK? If he did, I doubt he would have called. I'm confused what this supposedly proves. Even if AA was against 72, the dude with 72 still has a 12.6% chance of sucking out by the river. Some people like to take the gamble I guess, it's a better bet than placing your money on any number on roullette. Sure it's bad poker, but some people play for fun just to see what happens, they play any hand. That's certainly why low limit sucks. Every hands a winner and every hands a loser.

Confused on August 11, 2005

Another interesting stat: If 72 suited was against AA (neither of which is same suit as 72) the odds go up to over 16% for the 7-2. In that scenario, aces would be cracked about one every six times.

Confused on August 11, 2005

I'm back after 3months of playing more party poker and losing about $1000 in all. Now thats nothing to me but the fact is I dont like to be cheated. I saw AA vs KK at least 6-10 times a day and that's just what I've seen. I left an example on this website in june where I had 99 in the pocket and caught my set on the flop. Someone holding jj to the right of me also caught his set on the flop. I saw situations like this at the 50 dollar NL tables all the time. So the question is why? Obviously this is a unregulated website based in some foreign country that is under absolutely no online laws. At cash tables this creates a larger rake and in tournaments it helps speed up eliminating players. Either way THIS IS UNFAIR. Any moron out there that says that this is fair poker obviously has not spent enough time on the site. Finally I wouldnt be shocked to learn that they had players working internally winning huge tournaments such as the million dollar guaranteed. STAY AWAY TRUST ME!

truman on August 11, 2005

Well that's obvious idiot, I didn't need you to tell me that cheating has occurred.... online credit card transactions have often been a source of online fraud, but I still trust most of them, especially those operated via large companies ie. I'm not afraid to buy something from Walmart online, I'm also not afraid to play poker at THE LARGEST ONLINE POKER SITE IN THE WORLD... I'm not sure you people realize the scope of your allegations against PP specifically, if some of you are right there is a big problem in the whole world of online gambling (it could shut down online gaming in general, or at least all affiliates of IGaming Council, which account for most of the big gaming sites, the reputation of more than just PP is on the line), if one day PP gets into trouble I will eat my words, but until then I stand by my words... YOU PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND NL HOLD EM (I know you think you do, but it's clear you do not) AND YOU ALL THINK YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO LOSE, DON'T BLAME PP... BLAME YOUR POOR POKER SKILLS AND YOUR INABILITY TO SUCK IT UP WHEN YOU LOSE...

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

How can you possibly state people who lose have POOR POKER SKILLS? If someone goes all in pre flop with K7 and someone calls with KK and community cards end up being A77J4, The person with KK loses and they have poor poker skills? If you go all in with a set after the flop and someone calls with nothing and catches runner runner to win the person going all in with a set has poor poker skills? Sorry pal I think you're the one with poor skills. If someone beats me fine. If someone chases an inside str8 to the river or goes all in chasing one and I lose yeah I'm gonna be a little pissed off. Everybody would be. Even pro's get pissed off when they take a bad beat. NOBODY likes losing. Bad beats are a part of poker but they are always happening on Party Poker. There is no skill involved on this site. It's mostly people chasing and catching. It occurs at all levels. So Yes people have the right to question the credibility of this site. It's very suspicious.

what the hell? on August 10, 2005

You moron, holdem poker is about chasing and catching assuming the pot odds are correct, it's not just about your pocket cards... maybe you should go back to playing penny / nickel 5 card draw with deuces wild... you are all a joke and are attempting to give PP a bad name because you lost a few hands... anyhow this is my last post, it's becoming pointless, there is obviously nothing I can say to convince any of you paranoid losers that PP is legit... I know for myself and have no complaints, so I will continue to play there and be the bad beat of any future posters who will claim that I was a bot and work for PP... You can all call me whatever you want.. but remember you are complaining because you LOST, I am defending the site because I WIN overall and accept the bad beats no matter how crazy they are, I have never seen anything suspicious...

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

Well i win in real know ...where card percentages matter, and the cards are REAL!!!!

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

Actually if you knew anything about poker, you would know that great players play like machines. I never mentioned that you don't have to adjust to the players you are playing with, of course you have to. Just referring to the magnitude of cheating. As far as your whole conspiracy thing goes. You really just don't know how the world works. Hmmm... why would a multi billion dollar corporation cheat? Like i mentioned before...Enron..perfect example of greed and stupidity. So don't tell me it doesn't happen. Your proof is right there. So the day these online poker site's go down i'll be laughing because it will happen soon enough. Also you can do some research and find that two sites (Pro Poker, Choice Poker) have already been shut down in the past year for software that proved to be, well, not so legit. Also, they had workers playing alongside you. And guess what they knew while they were playing alongside you????? THE CARDS YOU WERE DEALT. So there's your proof. Cheating does happen and has happened. So i guess, well, it's not a conspiracy at all.

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

Look pal. Just because I have a feeling that certain sites get away with dealing cards to induce betting and get a higher rake, and then ask why they wouldn't do it if they can get away with it I'm a thief? How naive can you be? Maybe you should go back to school since your psycho analysis is way off. You're saying all these people on here saying things may not seem right on party Poker are thieves or cheats? That doesn't make any sense. How can you possibly make such a rash judgement? Who the hell are you? Maybe you actually work for the site. Who the hell knows and who the hell cares. If people believe something is wrong with the RNG on a poker site, they are entitled to express their opinion and shouldn't be judged as thieves or cheats by you. Why would a million dollar corporation steal or cheat? Like the last poster said GREED and STUPIDITY. Just because you don't see it happen doesn't mean it's not going on. One last thing, you stated you make money online by waiting until you have the nuts. Well this just seems illogical to me. There is no way you could make money by waiting until you had the nuts after the river. How many times does that happen? Whenever I play in a casino usually top pair is good and I certainly DON'T have to wait until I have "the nuts" to win a pot. If you're playing that way online it speaks volume of the type of shit that goes on. Get you're facts straight and stop judging people you don't know simply because their opinions are different than yours.

online poker on August 9, 2005

All I'm saying is that everyone has a different version of the fraud that is occurring... they cannot all be true... therefore some (or all) of the allegations must be false... And it's too bad that ever since Enron no one trusts any large business and immediately assumes that they must be cheating / stealing... And as was said above, "Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not going on".... the inverse must be true as well... Just because you don't see it does not mean IT IS going on... No one has any proof except for some bad beats from bad players, and if the two sites mentioned above have been busted, then don't you think other sites might be more careful as there is obviously some doubt as to the legitimacy of all poker sites... I'm sure after Enron many large businesses were more careful about their finances and reluctant to commit any fraud... I understand people steal because of greed and stupidity, but they do it without anyone knowing (until they get caught of course), yet it seems with PP there are so many people crying fraud, and if what people are saying is true it seems too obvious... fraud usually goes undetected and if PP wanted to steal from the players there are many foolproof ways they could do so without giving anyone a chance to complain... also the only people who complain are low-limit amateurs... I have read every post on here and not a single one comes from someone who plays very high stakes poker online, my hypothesis is that people who play high stakes understand the game and the swings that occur, they do not blame the site when they lose... Most amateurs don't realize that even 'pro' players often have a losing year. What makes you people think that you are so good at poker that if you lose $100 it must be because the site is fraudulent. Those who are whining are simply losing poker players.. face it, the game is not for you....

stopwhiningorstopplaying on August 9, 2005

To set everyone's mind at ease I found the proof
This is a must see for those who question online poker legitimacy, it is quite shocking, sorry to disappoint some of you.

found the proof on August 9, 2005

Yea have you watched any high stakes games online?? Have you seen the dialogue that occurs after someone loses? lol "This site is F*&^*in fixed"... "F*&^ this"..."You suck D*%^" ..etc. etc. .... hmm..yea they really take the "bad beats" well. This was at a $100/$200 no limit game mind you. So please don't even tell me that people with money (or sorry i mean the pro' don't blame the site. Just because someone has the funds to play high stakes doesn't make them a pro. If i had the funds i'd be a high roller too. There's fish at every level.

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

There is definitely fraud on PP, I saw two players using hand signals the other day.... I think PP is also connected to Halliburton and big oil, I bet Bush is taking the extra money from all the cheating to support the illuminati and their plans for global domination... It all started at Roswell, and we never really landed on the moon... it could be the greys... What I meant to say is that you are all a bunch of paranoid morons, do your research on all the regular players who make money on PP, they are more than happy to post their long term results on their own sites and prove that a good poker player makes money overall (or do they just work for PP, hmmmm must be) Let's be honest losers, no poker player will admit that they suck, so when they lose they look for someone to blame... thus is born the conspiracy

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

Hey stupid...a conspiracy would be something that is believed to be true without proof. Two sites have already been shut down for cheating this year....hmmmm that would make cheating in the online poker world not a conspiracy. Do YOUR research. You are a smart

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

Well, I suppose if two sites were fraudulent they all MUST be!!!!

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

there's a good possibility....there's enough complaints!!!! probably should be looked into huh

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

Just proves my ONLY POINT....that there has proven to be cheating in online poker...and when you have a site (Party Poker)where there is the MOST amount of complaints by far...somethings probably up.

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

PartyPoker has the LARGEST number of players, hence the LARGEST number of complaints.... you proved no point, lol

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

All I can say is the two so called "big" sites of Ultimate Bet and Party Poker have so many players because of advertising. Both of these sites will tell you their RNG is legit and unfortunately there is no way to prove otherwise. If they can ge away with it, why wouldn't they deal and flop cards that induce big pots to increase the rake? Anyone would do it. To the person above. I also love playing in a casino because at least if I take a bad beat there (and maybe that's 1 in 15 or 20 not the 1 in 3 it happens online) at least I know it's legit because it's happening right in front of my eyes. I can see what's going on. On line nobody can see this RNG and therefore nobody will ever know if it's legit or not except the people running the site. You'll see more flushes, straights, boats, quads and even straight flushes on line in one hour than you will at a casino in 12. People will say you play more hands per hour online than in a casino and that's true but thats no excuse. Play online at your own risk and expect the unexpected to be the usual.

online poker on August 8, 2005

It's frightening to read how many people say things such as "why wouldn't they do it if they can get away with it"... I can think of a million reasons why a big business would want to be legit (more $ in the longrun, as opposed to criminal charges in the short term).... sure there might be a few bad apples in any big business, but all it takes is one whistle blower. So then, where is that one person with proof of fraud who might be a real honest person? It seems that most people are simply dishonest, including the people posting on here... some of these posts sound like they are directly from fraudulent thieves, half of the people complaining are stating that they would cheat and that's why they assume others are cheating. (why wouldn't they cheat?) Cheaters and thieves always think everyone around them is like them. I also have to wonder, if I wanted to create a fraudulent poker site to make money, how would I do it... well for one, I wouldn't make it as obvious as the fraud that people claim is occurring... and what exactly are people saying? That PP pays shills to fire up the game? *happens in a casino* Or is it that PP has payed players who can see all the cards? *that wouldn't explain why a player would call an all-in with K-7 against K-K* Or is it that PP pays players who know what cards are going to come up on the board? *highly unlikely as a hacker could access the same info if it is available to someone* Or is it that PP creates action flops for a higher rake? *rarely necessary as the rakes are capped and usually are for most hands* ... No one seems to know exactly what is wrong, just that 'something' is wrong.... All of these allegations cannot be true simultaneously... therefore, something is rotten in the accusations themselves. So if I wanted to make a fraudulent poker site, I would quickly realize there is no reason to do so. Just create the software and let it run itself. Online gaming sites make about 25% profit vs. B&M casinos 8%. Real casinos have more of a reason to cheat than online casinos if you think like that. I also think that with all the 'pro' players out there with utmost respect for the game of poker, someone by now would have uncovered fraud if it existed and come clean to the public... If you don't think so, perhaps you are the dishonest one, because if you were behind anything fraudulent you would obviously not be the whistleblower... but there are still honest people out there. Until someone in the mainstream uncovers the supposed fraud, I will continue to play online poker, for I have never seen anything so suspect as to cry fire in a crowded theater... I accept the bad beats and wait for the nuts (and the nuts for me is not a hand that can still lose on the river when I have the goods after the turn) Go ahead and call me naive, but I win online so I have no reason to complain... I've simply adjusted my play to catch the myriad of fish online

Unregistered on August 8, 2005

There's a difference between being smart & having common sense and being a thief. Last post makes no sense. I'm not a thief nor do i think like one. I just have a functioning brain. Also, you shouldn't have to adjust your play to accomodate the online cheating, and "fish". That kinda proves something is fishy by simply stating that. In real life i adjust nothing, i play how i play and win a lot.

Unregistered on August 8, 2005

If you know anything about poker you should know that your play is always adjusted based on who is at the table, that is why a good strategy in casinos is to pick your table carefully.... same goes for online play... the more you know about certain players the more you may need to adjust your play based on what you think they might be doing... and I never said in the previous post that I accomodate my play for online cheaters, because if they are out there I have never been taken by them or have just been lucky to avoid them...I only accomodate for certain fish and take careful notes on anyone I play...

Unregistered on August 8, 2005

The most appealing thing about a conspiracy is that it cannot be disproved... introductory logic teaches that one cannot prove that something does not exist, so people will always cry fraud and cheater and they don't need proof... perhaps because there is no proof

Unregistered on August 8, 2005

I wasn't calling anyone specific a thief, I'm simply wondering why people would say, "why wouldn't they cheat if they could get away with it?" You might as well assume that someone who makes that statement renders their own personality transparent... I wouldn't ask a question like that because I can immediately think of reasons why someone would not cheat, especially a multi-million (or billion) dollar business.

Unregistered on August 8, 2005

I called customer service after taking my 5th bad beat in a row in a tournament. First one pre flop all in KK vs K7, 2) AJ vs J10 (after flop JAK turn 8 river Queen) 3) 66 vs 89 (after flop 356 turn A river 7) 4) Pre flop all in 88 vs A2 (I could've lived with this one if it wasn't my 4th bad beat in a row after going all in) finally the one that knocked me out and the most ridiculous of all it still makes me laugh, I had 99 of in big blind flop 9 9 J two clubs I go all in get called guy has KQ of clubs turn 4 river ao of CLUBS! That pissed me off so I called up just to see how they're RNG worked and how they could tell me it's honest with hands like that constantly happening on a regular basis. After givig me the run around for about 5 minutes the guy just hung up on me. What an ASSHOLE! You can play on any other site and it will be better than this piece of shit. I just asked for a simple expanation and all they tell me is bad beats happen. I asked the last 5 times someone went all in against me I took a bad beat? It shouldn't happen 5 times in a row. 2 out of 5 is pushing it. I'll NEVER put money into this site again. A true scam artist is party poker. Constant full houses, straights, flushes, quads. You will almost never see top pair walk in party poker. 90% of their hands have a straight or flush draw not to mention the ridiculous amount of times the board is paired (especially in Omaha) Try ANY other site besides this one.

Derek on August 7, 2005

Does the world live in a bubble or something? After playing at a lot of these sites i have come to a conclusion....They are all set up and fixed to make more money. DUHHHHH!! Are You people that stupid? I love how one person said, "Party Poker and UB are already big sites. None of these online poker sites would put their reputation in jeapordy". That was the funniest. Hey, one word....ENRON!!! Yes they may be big companies with good reputations, but GREED always wins in the end. They prey on stupid shits like you people who say, "Oh they're all legit". WAKE UP.

People Stop being NAIVE!!!!! on August 7, 2005

I love how people try to justify that a site is legit by saying, "Well the pros play there". First of all there is no such thing as a pro anymore. There are a FEW exceptions, but generally those days are well over thanks to the internet. Anyone who endorses a site is basically an average dickhead who had a lot of money thrown in his face by the website to endorse their product. Duh. If someone threw hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in your face, would you take the money? Of course you would. Now getting back to the "pros". What really is considered a pro? Well, after watching the world series of poker for the past couple of years i have a conclusion on what a pro is. A pro is basically a rich shithead who has a lot of money and wants to enter the world series of poker and be a "pro" (i.e. Ben Affleck.) I mean lets face it, there are some great players that will never see the wsop because of a lack of bankroll. Another type of "pro" is the someone who knows absolutely nothing about the game of poker, spends $40 on a satellite tournament, wins a seat at wsop, gets lucky the WHOLE entire tournament, and wins the whole thing (i.e. Chris Moneymaker). Now to fully understand exactly how little he knows about the game, buy his video, or better yet burn it off the internet. Why give the stupid lucky shithead more money, right?

Unregistered on August 4, 2005

I figured as much fatty. Mike Sexton is an announcer LOL. He doesn't play on there. I knew you didn't have the sack to play me heads up at a more legitimate site. Simply because you WON'T catch all the shit you chase on Ub like you do at PP. Party Poker is 80% luck 20% skill. I don't really give a shit what you say. 70% of the reviews of this site are negative. I'm not the only one. The reason I play there is because I have a shit load of points. I only play in the freeroll tourney's until all my points are gone. Read an above post Party Poker Blows. He must've done some stats. He says AA wins about 65% of the time on Party Poker. I think he's being generous. Fact is people that complain about this site are GOOD players that are sick of being sucked out on the river by lousy players that make bad bets and bad calls and get lucky. When someone puts you all in pre flop and you have AA you're going to call. When they turn over K9 and flop comes J 10 Q or K K J, perhaps 9, 7, 8, turn J river K. It's going to piss people off. Not because they took a bad beat but because it CONSTANTLY happens at Party Poker. One last thing, don't tell me that I don't have a clue on how to play the game when you don't have the balls to play me straight up. You've never seen me play. I guess the 70-80% of the people saying Party Poker is junk don't know how to play either right?

Eat shit PP on August 3, 2005

I've been reading these posts here. Now I'm not getting mad or complaining about anything. I justb happen to agree with most of the reviewers here. I actually left this site about $50 ahead of course I was up around $300 at one time. I've seen all the beats people talk about. I've had them work for and against me but it seems it happens every hand, especially in OMaha. If you have the nut straight or flush on the turn, you're guaranteed the river will pair the board giving someone a boat or better yet quads. On other sites you don't need the nuts to win all the time on Party Poker you do. To the guy above; how can you tell someone they don't know how to play unless you've seen him/her play. That goes for anyone. Everyone has an opinion and just because they don't agree with you doesn't mean they don't know how to play. Get over yourself. For people looking for a quality site I suggest Paradise Poker or Full Tilt.

TD Watershed on August 3, 2005

I want to know why every post for every other site is claiming the same fraud.... read the posts for UB, they say the same thing about that site... PokerStars, same thing.... Everyone seems to have their favorite site and they think the other sites are fraudulent... Seems that either everyone is cheating or no one is cheating, and given Occam's razor I believe the latter. Perhaps the problem is the RNG, any computer generated RNG is pseudo-random, a computer cannot truly be random... However, I see the same bad beats in home games when people call to the river... people play low stakes online poker as if it's a home game, the more amateurs the more bad beats you get... seems difficult to win consistently at low stakes on any site. And I didn't mean to get your panties in a bunch EATSHITPP, and I would play you online if I had the dough, unfortunately I do not... Sure, you're better at poker than me... I hope that makes you feel better... but that doesn't change my opinion that most or all of the poker sites are completely legit... everyone has the same complaints about every site, just read the posts of every site and you'll see. Just because Mike Sexton is 'only a spokesperson' does not mean he isn't putting his reputation on the line as a representative, I don't think he would do that if there were any doubt as to the legitamcy of PP...

Chunk on August 3, 2005

You Just Don't Get Bad Beaten 10 Times In A Row After Having A Good Roll At A Casino. I 've Been Beaten By Quads 5 Times. It Just Doesn't Happen In At A Casino. So Of Course The Site Is Rigged To Keep The Newbies Coming In. If The Cards Dealt Were Not Rigged Only Tight Players Would Win And Play There Which Means No Money For Party-poker. Loose Play Is Rewarded At The Site Because It Brings Bigger Pots Which Means Pp Makes More Money. Frankly All The Other Sites Are The Same. So I'm Done With Them All.

Mikey73 on August 2, 2005

Listen Chunk you fat bastard. Nobody is saying the best hand has to win EVERY time you moron. You're a str8 up asshole if you think that online poker doesn't reward loose players with unreal beats more often than it should. I'm sure you're on of the chasers on line that can't win shit at a casino because you don't catch that str8 or flush 80% of the time on the river or turn like you do online. I've taken some awful beats at casino's, everybody has, but not nearly as often as I have online. So why don't you stick it up your fat ass and get off my case Tubby!

Eat shit PP on August 2, 2005

Answer me this EatShit... why are so many WSOP qualifiers strictly online players... do you really think all these professional online players would play for thousands of dollars if they thought it was rigged... I've never heard a professional complain about online poker fraud, only amateurs and beginners... Why you ask? Because pros don't play low limits (25NL or 50NL), only beginners play those limits and those people chase their hands... when they catch it the pro sits back and says, "that's poker".... people like you say, "fraud, conspiracy, illuminati!".... it's actually quite funny from my perspective.... hopefully you paranoid amateurs will simply stop playing on the online sites and leave it for people who understand the game.... or you can keep crying and increase my bankroll so I can stop playing lower limits with beginners like yourself...

FatBastard on August 2, 2005

Also, I DO chase hands when the pot odds are correct for calling... so it's not my fault when I catch it... it's my opponents fault for giving me the correct odds to call... So please EatShit, make another deposit, I'd love to be your bad beat...

Unregistered on August 2, 2005

LMAO dude I'll play you any time any place. Meet me on Ultimate Bet. We'll go heads up at a $200 table. We'll see who's bankroll increases. I'm sure I understand the game more than you fatty. When pot odds call for it of course you chase dip shit i never stated otherwise. When someone goes all in pre flop with 9 10 and goes up against JJ. 9 10 shouldn't win the 40% it does online. So I'll be waiting at the table for you. You can find me at Ultimate Bet under the name I8A4RE22. You have the sack? I seriously doubt you do. I'll be waiting!

Unregistered on August 2, 2005

One other thing Fatty. What professional plays at Party Poker?????????????????? NONE! I wonder why dumb ass. Ultimate Bet,Full Tilt, Shit even Poker Stars have professionals on them. Party Poker??? NOPE NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Unregistered on August 2, 2005

I've quit playing at party!!!!Thanks for all the input guys!It has helped my decesion!The way I figure it is:Sure you're gonna get bad beats...But keep in mind if you get a bad beat... some one else is getting LUCKY!!!Why should I sit there getting bad beat after bad beat after bad beat and some one else is getting lucky, getting lucky, getting lucky??Why should I?I shouldn't, you're right!That's why I have taken your advice and I have quit playing on party poker.comI feel happy!!!!!EVERYBODY....Quit playing there...Wise up...If you wanna play No limit...Play in a live game and keep your eyes on the dealer...Don't trust some guy in India or at the Rock of Gibralter to do the shuffling!!!!QUIT PLAYING AT PARTYPOKER.COM!!!!YOU'LL BE THANKFUL YA DID!!:)

Read all the post. Decided to quit! on August 2, 2005

In a tournament this morning i got burned twice. Once i had the most chips out of the 5 people in the hand had KK guy to my left raised all in two callers before me I go all in get called hands 88, 10,10 KK AA flop 827 turn 2 river 7. LOL 4 pocket pairs? Two hands later 5 players to the flop after raising and re raising. Cards 77, 99, JJ QQ AA. 5 Pocket pairs? Are you kidding me? oh of course the 7's won when flop came 792 turn J river 7 LOL. I wanted throw my computer out the window. This is bullshit! i've never seen 5 pocket pairs in one hand. it's a crock. Never matters how you play or how you bet or what your cards are on party poker it's always a coin flip. You feelin lucky?

Eat shit PP on August 1, 2005

AH another one to add today. I have AK I'm put all in pre flop I call guy has JK. Flop AJ10 turn J river 4. OF COURSE! Party Poker is the most ridiculous fucking site I've ever seen.

Eat shit PP on August 1, 2005

Hey Eat S*** PP... why are you still playing then? And another thing, just because you had A-K does not guarantee you a win.... Why do people think they deserve to win with every good hand, and then cry conspiracy when they lose? Poker is gambling you retards... Why does everyone think that just because they read a few books and watch poker on tv that they can dominate all the tables... Ever since this game has been put on tv, there has been a serious misunderstanding of how to play the game... and this forum here shows the beginnings of that understanding, there are huge swings in real poker both online or offline and everyone complaining here is starting to understand this... poker is not for any of the people in here who have complained... Stop playing or stop complaining. There is no conspiracy, shills are legal, and bad players often get paid off for bad play, deal with it!

Chunk on August 1, 2005

I just read the last post and had to laugh, move from table to table, yeah, that really works well, go from 1 table with 3-4 house plants, to another with 3-4 house plants, makes a lot of sense. I don't call the loses on PP bad beats anymore, because they are really more of a joke.A recent example, had pp 10's flop come 2 5 10, sitting pretty, just 2 players on a 2/4 tables, I bet, get called then raised, so I reraise, and get called by 2, one of the 2 doesn't hve much money left, and he raised me. I know I have them both totally beat, the board is rainbow, neither are on a blind. So, the turn is an 8, no help to them to beat my 3 10's, I bet, same thing called, reraised, I raise again, get called. Now, the drum roll, the MAGICAL river card, its a 9, and low and behold, what did player 2 have, a JQ off, now, was this bad play, indeed, first off, he probably should not have called the preflop raise, no less the raises on the flop, and turn, but sure enough he stays in to the river and catches a gut shot Str, what are the chances, slim, very slim, was this a bad player getting lucky ? You would think so, but I didn't see him play any hands the same way, except for that hand, he wasn't chasing hands before or after this. Next day, same thing, pocket 10's flop is almost the same 8 3 10, the turn a 2, and the river, drumroll Q, and to my surprise, player 2 had j9 off, and the other fellow has pp A's, More bad play ? you decide, or was this a good player, it was according to the defenders of the site. And, according to them, I am the bad player, I should have known to fold after flopping trip 10's each time. What was I thinking they would hold up, when the odds of losing were exremely high. The same table, I lost with kk, AA, qq, aks ak off, all within 5 minutes. I had a player, tell me my exact stats, right to the tee, so I know he is using some sort of a program, and PP never did anything about it, and no matter what he went in with, it hit the board big time. Its really easy to spot the shills/house players, they never seem to get rivered over and over, if they are holding the slick, you can count on them hitting the flop, and no one hitting anything to beat them. And, if you make a comment about something not being right, the 3-4 players, you think are shills, defend this site with their lives, try it sometime. The thing I find the strangest is, I've gambled all my life, and there are always a lot of people complaining at the tables, no matter what game it is, but you don't see very many poeple complaining on this site, unless, you go into one of the free torny's they bought in with their points, then you will here the horror stories. I don't care what you have in your hand, when they trigger you to lose, you will not win a hand, and its not bad beats, its not bad players getting lucky, its predetermined hands, they are making a ton of money on the rake, but let me tell you, the rake money is peanuts, compared to the money they are making, with house players and rigging the hands. Can this be proven, of course not, because nobody is looking over their shoulders, period, end of story.

rigitagainsam on July 24, 2005

I actually talked to one of these foreigners on the phone today from their site. I told him I have over 2,000 names on my website ready to press the issue with the Better Business Bureau so they would be investigated on how their site was set up. He seemed to be quite threatened by that and constantly said our cards are randomly generated. I told him I've played on a dozen other sites and kept track of all stats from each site hand by hand. Example : on Ultimate bet we'll take K9os agaist KK. On UB KK wins 94% of the time, where as on PP KK wins 67% of the time. That's quite a difference. On Full Tilt Poker AA vs 99. AA wins around 88% of the time while on PP AA wins about 65% of the time? Not to mention how many times I've seen at least 3 wired pairs on PP. That'll happen one out of every say 20 hands on that site or 5% of the hands played. That number isn't even close on any other sites or any casino. The funny thing was I asked him about giving people money who complained about the site. He said they give people money who complain about the constant bad beats. Can you say BRIBE! If this isn't the shadiest internet poker site on the web today I don't know what is.

Party Poker blows on July 24, 2005

Did I seriously just read a post from above that states, "go to a casino, guaranteed you will win there"? I hope everyone takes that advice expecting to win... as a matter of fact that's what everyone thinks when they play at PP, which is why everyone who has complained on this site cries conspiracy... I have a suggestion, EVERYONE TRY THIS: deal out ten hands of hold 'em face up and deal the community cards... then tell me how often the best starting hand wins, I have seen about a 20% win rate for dominating starting hands. For some reason people think that their kings or aces must hold up unless there is fraud. And for those that complain about being on a table with a lucky winner (whom they call a shill / bot), why don't you switch tables until you are fairly sure everyone is playing the cards they are dealt. I have played plenty of legit tables at PP... when something seems funny I leave the table and go to another. It's just like in a casino, you have to pick your tables wisely. Take careful notes on all suspect players and don't play with them in the future, it's that simple. PP allows all players to pick their own spots, take endless notes on any player, and hit and run from table to table if they so choose... those that don't take advantage of these features deserve to lose... IF YOU THINK A PLAYER IS A BOT, LEAVE THE TABLE YOU MORONS!!!!! TAKE CAREFUL NOTES YOU ILLITERATE LOSERS!!!!! IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE BAD BEATS, DON'T PLAY POKER!!!!

Chunk on July 18, 2005

I couldn't agree more..... i've seen what you described above just 2 many times on here to be a coincidence. Are people really that naive to see that all these sites are fishy? And the answer is YES! Common sense people.

Unregistered on July 16, 2005

Can't believe they have managed to fool so many people.Saw yet another of the crazy sights you can witness at party poker yesterday walked into the room (50 NL) most of the players had about the same stack (around 35 $ ).As soon as i entered i witnessed mass carnage.First off a few pre flop raises - nothing unusual there flop hits .... 2 players go all in rest fold one player wins with a straight the other had trips.Player who just lost his 35$ swiftly leaves.. Next hand no preflop raises looking pretty normal.. flop hits .... another player on around 35$ makes a small raise.Player who just won (on 70$) goes all in then the other player calls...This one player has made 70$ in 2 hands and is now on over 100$ but its not over yet.Comments in the chat are like "OMG" "unbelievable" .Next hand - same player hits flush.He called a 5$ bet with nothing and hit runner-runner.Theres now only 3 people in the game including me( the rest where probably scared off by his extrodinary luck).Im thinking ok hes had his bit of luck i know hes won a lot but his streak must stop now theres just no way .... how wrong i was.I get dealt KK im thinking this hand is in the bag with only 2 other players.They are fairly agressive so i put in a small pre flop raise ... this guy (now on over 100$) comes over the top.Im thinking after all that theres no way he can catch 4 big hands in a row he must be bluffing.I go all in .. big mistake he CALLs .Flop hits... J 3 7im getting ready to pat myself on the back for doubling up turn 5 river 2.I then watch my chips sail in his direction as he turns over his J 7oi then leave the table as this guy sits there alone having cleaned everyone out and made nearly 200$ from 35 in the space of a few hands.Could you see this thing happen anywhere else apart from the rediculously rigged party poker .p.s its a shame the rating system doesnt go down to 0 giving party poker a 1 is to much of a compliment

steven.barfoot on July 14, 2005

Party poker is RIGGED I'm gonna SUE Them. the way the random cards are dealt is not random at all. Just like pple just said, u win the beginning and keep on losing no matter what. What's with the river cards. There is just so much river cards that make pple over and over and over non-stop. Serioulys IT SEEMS LIKE PPLE WHO KEEP ON RAISING USUALLY GET THE RIVER CARD AND WINS. SO IF U WANT TO WIN JUST KEEP ONG RAISING AND U WILL WIN ON THE RIVER. THATS HOW FUCKING PARTY POKER WORKS IT SUCKS. GO TO A CASINO GURANNTEE U WILL WIN THERE!!!!

Kevin junkykev on July 13, 2005

It used to be a good fair game (when I was a new player). After a few months I got the feeling there was something not quite right, but I put it down to just plain bad luck. After consistently (over weeks) winning ONLY every 15th hand..over and over, I took the hint..these guys just don't want me here anymore.I kept at it (god knows why) but it just got worse. Then on the day before the 4th July long weekend I was unbeatable - over and over - it was a awesome! Then the next day it didn't matter what I had - it was beaten over and over again.I've actually recorded the games as avi's so anyone can see what sort of crap is going on at this site.Do they cheat? YES It's so blatant and becoming increasingly blantant over the last few months (as they are loosing money from competing sites I suspect)You may not be aware of this, but they take screen shots of your desktop while your playing. I guess it's an anti-fraud measure, however, this is also against the law. I'm surprised that they are still operating, though I have been watching their ownership move from country to country.I will personally laugh my ass off when the owners are all finally busted and imprisoned. Then they'll know how it feels to be fucked over.

Flick on July 12, 2005

I started my online playing with PP and found at the start it was great, but have also noticed lately the extreme amounts of bad beats.. And I have started to believe all this hype about them jucing the hands to increase the rake, yes its possible to win but Im fed up with the amount of crud that occurs compared to the local casino or other online poker sites. I think there is a reason why PP makes so much money :\

ben on July 12, 2005

Deffo a dodgy site. keep your $$$ away from party poker

Chelsea Player on July 12, 2005

I'll tell you what, this site is a crock of sh**. Ive wasted so much money trying to kid myself i could win back the ridiculous losses ive recieved. Im talking about guys flopping quads meanwhile im sitting with a pretty full house. Also i know what you guys are talking about.... maye it be that 1 or 2 cards that could beat you its always thsoe cards there holding. Im seriously convinced party poker pays people to sit down at tables and feeds them info about upcoming cards or maybe even the cards your holding. It always goes like this, win money, lose more money, win some more lose it all. Now i know thats how poker goes ive been playing forever, but the way it happens on this site is just ridiculous! PEACE and DOWN WITH PARTY POKER!!!!

char on July 12, 2005

Good point prestbury.... if games are rigged (and I don't think they are) then why would they rig the games in such obvious ways... they could simply rig good starting hands and take the money.... I think people are seeing bad poker players throwing money around that doesn't mean much to them.... if I was wealthy I just might go into a low stakes room and play like a maniac, but the money means too much to me... none of the hands written about above surprise me, I've seen them in home and casino games.... either people aren't raising enough to protect their hands or they are playing limit and getting rivered... happens all the time. Unfortunately, you cannot prove that a conspiracy doesn't exist, that is why they are always so appealing... perhaps some people won't admit that they are simply bad poker players and won't accept the fact that some people get lucky...

TheMosquito on July 10, 2005

Very interesting reading this stuff! I have not yet played any online games and based on what I read here would be mad to do so without at least some investigation. One question comes straight to my mind though, if games are rigged why make it appear so blatant as many of these stories would indicate? If there are bots playing predetermined outcomes you would only need to program them to win a little more often than they should and they will still get your money eventually but subtly enough for it take a very long time to detect.

prestbury on July 9, 2005

i deposited $50 yesterday at partypoker and today my bankroll is $35037.66. I am the best poker player alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YoYo on July 6, 2005

This site is definitely rigged. As I have gotten better as a poker player I am finding the worse and worse I do. At first when I would fish quite often I had tripled my money in no time at all. The more seasoned I became, the worse I did. After I played real poker with my friends one day, and I told them I played Party Poker they told me it was rigged - which at the time, I didn't believe. When I went home I fired up Party Poker to play a few hands. In the utmost irony I witnessed the most ridiculous things happen for the first time. My first hand of the night was pocket Kings (pretty sweet first hand). Flop came up K,4,J all different suits. Next two cards come up clubs (Jack is a club too). What do you know, guy beats my trip kings with a flush on the river. And not just any flush, 2 4 suited. Wtf? The VERY next hand I am dealt pocket aces. As if THAT alone isn't sketchy enough, with KK then AA back to back. Regardless, flop comes up J 8 4. Turn is 5. River a 6. Guy wins with a straight J 7 suited. I wasn't quite as upset with that loss since it wasn't as ridiculous as the hand before, but lame none the less. Nothing can convince me anymore that the site isn't rigged. I've heard enough good poker players come to the same conclusion as well to give it any second thought.

Doclw on July 6, 2005

I am not sure about anything. I play in the 30 and 50 dollar hold'em single table sit and gos. I have won a little over $1000 in the past couple months, but I sense I should be winning more. I recently placed 4th (just out side the money) in 14 out of the last 20 tournaments I played in. This sucked, but it is NOT outside the realm of possibility, but it is HIGHLY unlikely. Things like that kind of make me wonder. But then again, I will occasionally win 3, 4, or even 5 tournaments in a row. As for the apparent propensity for a bad luck streak to strike after a cash out, I am not sure. However, I would venture to guess that the reason people cash out in the first place is because they were just on a good luck streak. Luck runs in streaks, and what goes up must come down. As for hackers or party poker cheats, they probably exist, so I guess you just gotta be that much better.

crazy J on July 4, 2005

I wish when I made my first deposit I won with anything - like some people claim has happened to them, only to lose with good hands after a win streak. Unfortunately, I learned that I have alot to learn about playing poker... play money teaches you NOTHING!!!! I made my first deposit and lost it all that same night, because I played poorly. My next deposit lasted almost a week, apparently I learned something. My next deposit will hopefully last longer. Not sure I believe the site is rigged... you play twice as many hands in a sitting than a real b&m or home game... therefore you see twice as many bad beats than in real life. Poker is a game of skill, but also a game of LUCK... it is gambling... no one can win every hand... not everyone can be the next Gus Hanson (calling an all-in with 10-8 offsuit)... if he could call that bet in a live tourney and win, why can't an online player do the same and get lucky as well. As for the stat keepers, statistics even out in the LONG RUN, keep your stats going and you will see... 6000 hands will hardly represent the true odds.... with a ten person table, there are 168,048,732,312,823,708,461,925,671,413,760 different possibilities of hands being dealt = 1326 (different starting hands) to the tenth power (number of players, in a specific order) * ten (different positions)........ most people will never see the true odds represented, some people are doomed to lose in their lifetimes... and apparently they all came here to complain.

TheMosquito on June 29, 2005

In addition, to people who say that four of a kind never happens 2 or 3 times in a 'real game', I hit four of a kind three times in one night at a real home game in a few hours.... I guess the party poker god somehow rigged my home game.... the nerve of these deities! Also, about the rake.. to put things into perspective, if ten people bought into a $100 table at a real casino with a $3 rake and the obligatory $1/2 tip per win, the casino would take almost ALL the money in roughly 8 hours of play if everyone stayed until they lost, leaving only one winner who may only have his initial buy-in left, depending on how quickly the other people lost. Hmmm, casinos make money.. PP makes money. I once saw a breakdown of millions of hands played at pokerroom by expected value.... they all evened out to expected odds in the longrun. Poker is a lifetime game, it is not impossible to have a losing streak last months or even years.... some things in statistics are highly improbable, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

TheMosquito on June 29, 2005

Mental Note: If You Really Want To Make The Money.... Start A Poker Site!!!!

TheMosquito on June 29, 2005

just a little note,ive played at absolute,ive seen the incredible moves,some players make,iv complained,to no avale the sites dont care unless they catch you,what i would like to know,is someone or can someone do anything about it,i like playing,take the good with the bad,its just not a level playing field,if someone can see your their anything out there,to stop cheats???how can you really spot a cheat???

tiger7164,robertgange on June 27, 2005

this site is rigged PERIOD!... they have their own players... their are hackers that can exploit the software and see your hole cards... why play at a site like this that is so obviously DODGY when their are loads of honest sites around.The posters here standing up for party poker are either cheating or work for party.... keep away from this dodgy sh1thole...BTW: they are not regulated by ANYONE... thats total BS

abacrombie chief on June 27, 2005

Whilst I acknowledge the arguments above about loose players causing more bad beats (that I can live with), my concern is mainly that the low chip player in an all in hand loses so often on PP. It seems that they need to reduce the tournament/sit & go numbers at a set rate which basically screws the low chip players. Having studied hands odds, I know that when I am low stack and go in ONLY with a good ace or pair above 9s, I should usually (1 in 3 times or so, depending on what I am up against) be able to double up. In reality I win these hands only about 1 in 20 times, and see the same thing happening to the other people at the tables. I also experienced a winning streak when I first started playing and now, even though my game has not changed at all, cannot even get close. Would appreciate any suggestions of better (honest) sites to play.

Tomsk on June 26, 2005

party poker is rigged. how many times have we seen full houses, flushes, 4 of a kind, then how many times would you see that in real life?????you are truly kidding yourself if you don't believe it's rigged

jaz on June 18, 2005

OKAY, LET'S SUM UP ALL WE KNOW ABOUT PARTY POKER!!!1. Most people have experienced extended losing streaks after cashouts.2. Most people (dare I say all people?) have seen a few 4 of a kinds, which just doesn't happen in real life3. EVERYONE has seen someone go all in on 2 5 os and catch a full house or 4 of a kind or some such rubbish, beating AA or other.4. PartyPoker is licensed in Gibraltar - do you know what it takes to get licensed in Gibraltar? nothing but $$$5. Have another look at the nice logos that partypoker sports and tell me how many actually MEAN anything in the real world - none. They relate to non-gaming issues, such as software security, or they are members of dodgy 'authorities'.I got an email stating that partypoker was regulated by the government of Gibraltar, so I checked out what that means. The answer is simple - nothing. It just means that they pay money to the government for being a Gibraltar-based company.You hear of people who blame losing on bad play - the number of times I have seen AA cracked by absolute rubbish is too countless to mention.Anyone who thinks partypoker is legitimate needs to watch game after game of real poker played live, then make a decision.As for RTP (return to player), it is uncanny how similar this is to online slots. Poker has completely different odds, yet if you look at what you have spent compared to what you have made, and then compare this again to a wider group of players, I can say with absolute confidence that you will find the RTP at almost exactly 93%Don't be fooled by ANY online gaming site - they are in business to take your money, they are in the business to keep you interested until the moment that you wish to leave, they are, in effect, parasites, sucking out your cash without any remorse.

Jaz on June 18, 2005

Avoid this site at all costs. Ask anyone who has played this site. When a player gets down to all in or very short stacked party poker will deal this player a winner about 90% of the time. It is suppossed to be random. You will lose your $$$$ at this site.

arlwv on June 16, 2005

Here's why you see more bad beats at Party than anywhere else:There are a lot of terrible players playing there. If there are more opportunities for someone to suck out, then there will be more suck outs.As far as comparing the free money game to real play, it's impossible. People just don't play free money the same way... they're conditioned by TV poker to go 'all in' before the flop. These morons don't realize that the pros only do this at the end of a tourney, when they're short stacked and about to be blinded out of the game.Party is legit, you just need to modify your play to accomodate all the FISH.

screwball on June 15, 2005

Notice how you almost always get a good hand dealt when you first arrive at a table. Also notice how newcomers to the table almost always get dealt a good hand. By good hand, I mean one that you almost always will come into the pot with and not necessarily win. I have seen the win-lose-win-lose-win-lose cycle for over two months. I too began to loose when I made a withdrawal. I suspect that PP seeds your player ID to win at first, then lose.I have seen way too many second best hands that are ridiculous.A few weeks ago I witnessed 4 Royal Flushes, one of them my own, in the space of three hours. What are the odds of that?BTW they gave away the bad beat jackpot that same weekend. Someone with a really good hand got beat by the Royal Flush.That is when I started to watch for the idiosyncrocies of the deal.Yes, I too could start playing A2o, A6s early, bull-sith, bull-sith, but for some strange reason, I don't catch the flop, turn or river. My opponents do though, when I have AAA they have 4444. FISHY site!

I-suspect_Party_Poker_of-CHEATING on June 14, 2005

Guys, please stop this nonsense about rigged sites. The only (proven) way sites stole player's money is much simpler than making biased shuffle - PokerSpot was the most prominent example. I'm 100% sure that _none_ of the big rooms is intentionally rigged; as for Stars' - I had doubts about them at some point (after a bad beat streak obviously) and asked them to send me the whole history of my play there; when I've got it, I made all kinds of statistical analysis with it (and I have a degree in maths) - and came up with nothing beyond statistical expectations. So until somebody will provide a mathematical proof (rather than emotional "he got one-outer, it should NEVER happen, at least not to me") - I won't even consider such a possibility. Face it, guys - bad beats is an integral part of poker. And those who cannot deal with it, just should not play poker, ever - there are other ways to have fun in life.

Nobody on June 12, 2005

I used to work for Party poker, in the admin & accounts section.The flops that are dealt out at parts are designed to create action, its as pure and simple as that.The flops are 'random', but they are 'randomly GOOD'.As far as i was aware employees could not see users cards, however, their were LOTS of instances where players (hackers) could exploit the software, and were able to tell what cards other players were holding.This was happening all the time, and none of the staff (including programming) could do anything about it, because they simply did'nt know how hackers were manipulating the software. If you do choose to play at Party poker be aware that this site is RIFE with hackers.

PP x-employee on June 7, 2005

Just to add to my previous posting : we used to ban/suspend around 10 accounts a week, usually for players that were chatting on the Party site about the sort of things this forum topic is regarding.The banned accounts allways had their funds 'frozen' , so be very carefull. Ann.

PP x-employee on June 7, 2005

Here is a great example of the software being set up to raise the pots in a NL table. I caught 99 in the pocket/ The flop came J 9 5 / Obviously I played this hand quite aggressively being there were no straight or flush draws/ Me and another guy bet and raised all the way to the river/ He had JJ in the pocket making his set better! What are the odds of that happening.

truman on June 6, 2005

This is the only site I have tried and I can tell you that almost 70% of the hands are predetermined. I play every other day in Atlantic City at the Taj and I have never seen so many pocket pairs being dealt at the same time. The bottom line is anyone can get lucky and win on this site but your skill is devalued due to the unfair software.

truman on June 6, 2005

Changing tires is gonna make me 10 times more money than this bullshit "magazine" of yours most people wouldn't even bother wiping their asses with. 2 different id's at once at the same table? register at party poker and empire poker from different computers. Simple. You're the biggest moron of the bunch. I am supposed to believe ex-employees are gonna talk to some schmuck like you, put it in a magazine nobody can be bothered with instead of going to the "real" media? If it was true, it would be all over the place by now. As far as I go, i am not a cheat and can beat you out of much more than 4 grand in a lot less than 2 or 3 hours. Your interviews are bull####, your article is bull####. you are bull####. And if it actually took you 4 grand to figure this out, your a bigger moron than I give you credit for. I dont believe in hearsay either, and until you put your money where your mouth is, thats all you are, therefore, your article is hearsay. The only fraud here is you.

Unregistered on June 4, 2005

Full of house cheats making unusual bets and drawing on the river, time after time after time. RUN, DON'T WALK FROM THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

ripped off on June 2, 2005

Honk honk, big daddy and all the other PP employees. Yes, you are brilliant, why aren't you playing pro? Does your day job changing tires challenge you that much?Of course the employees and honks and cyberrefs have chirped in "Well, it's just that you suck" refrain with a chorus of "show me your proof". Damien's work is already out there online, see him play 2 different ID's at once at the same table. There's the proof about collusion. Argue it, please, prove what an idiot you are.Next, the employees are playing and can see your cards. No, they are NOT going to rape the table completely, just take down 2 or 3 hundred in an hour or 2 maybe twice or 3 times a week. Know how far $600 goes in Costa Rica? I don't believe in hearsay, and can't publish it. What I do believe is the videos I have of ex-employees showing me how they can see EVERYBODY's CARDS!!!Party poker is rife with cheating. Stick to the 50 cent game and it doesn't matter, but by all means stay away from the high stakes and pot limit games.

Found Online Cheating at Party/Paradise on June 2, 2005

Amazing, just happened again! Just won a $300 pot from a guy who called me down to the river with KK with the board showing a queen, jack, ten, and 3 diamonds. Then proceeds to tell me that I just gave him the worst beat he's taken in over a year. (got a free look with A7s from BB called a minimum bet with nut flush draw on flop, bet 50 on turn, 100 on river) This is what is represented by half the idiots in this forum. This IS NOT a bad beat, this is flat out stupidity. Big difference.

bigdaddy910. on May 31, 2005

I guess I find it very humorous the people who talk about how great their playing is when they deposit, and how bad it gets when they cashout. What I'm wondering is, if you believe that you win when you deposit (because of some grand machinations of collusion or crime going on at PartyPoker), then why not just keep redepositing money every week or so. This should keep you winning forever. Then, when your account reaches 1,000,000 you can just cash out and never play there again. Sigh...

Grayswandir on May 31, 2005

It still amazes me how bad poker players need to create a "conspiracy theory" to explain how bad they are. Just say it: YOU SUCK! I am not a pro, nor have I been playing since the Nixon administration. I play as a hobbie and for fun one a week for the past 6 years or so. Never have I suffered because of a cashout, I suffer because millionaires will sit at a 1-2 table and call and raise anything with anything. I guarantee that if you sit at a 10-20 table, all the stupid crap dissapears. People call anything for a dollar. But make then call $100 with bottom pair or a gutshot and I guarantee fewer bad beats. Most of these idiots who claim "bad beat" are ones who will call and raise two black aces to the river and beyond even after 4 hearts hit the board and claim bad beat. I watch you do it time and time again, and you make me a pretty nice chunk of change in the process. Read a book, take a lesson, use half a brain and an ounce of common sense and you'll win. got pockets with an overcard on the board, check or fold. If u take a chance and lose, its your ass. A4 beating KK is only a bad beat when your dumb enough to play your kings when its obvious the other guys got an ace. You think it doesn't happen in real life, watch the 2004 U.S. poker Championship the next time its on. John D'agostino took it in the ass 4 times at the final table and blew 1.5 million chips in less than an hour. He had aces cracked by J5s, had TT cracked by 87 hitting quads on the turn, had KK in a hand with QQ and JJ at the same time when the flop hits QJx. Are the rng's completely random, NO. randpmness is impossible by a computer. but its as close as you can bet it. And for any idiot who needs a conspiracy theory, heres another theory, go play canasta, its cheaper.

bigdaddy910. on May 30, 2005

Sorry fellas, no doubt about it, party poker and paradise are complete rip-offs. Collusion abounds, and that's not the bad part.I interviewed 2 designers and ex-employees. They independently verified that there are phantom players, employees for whom part of their compensation is playing when they can see everyone's cards.It's not in the tourneys or the 1-2 tables, it goes on in the pot limit games all day long. I have identified several players whose id's say they are from the US or Europe, but my digital pcm puts them in costa rica.Luckily, the magazine I am writing for is paying for the $4,000 it took to download enough hands as verification.You will read the article this summer.Here's a quick synopsis - if you play at party poker or paradise poker in anything other than a 1-2 game, you can pretty much kiss your $$$$ good-bye.

Found Online Cheating at Party/Paradise on May 29, 2005

I think it's true - looking at a PL 1000 Omaha player at 4 tables for 12 hours now and counting, from 3am when first spotted him - with his location as "Not Available". Funny thing is the guy is up only $200 net with all that playing time and never pre-flop raises.

Unregistered on May 29, 2005

Believe the hype - PP is NOT legit at all. Trust me, I'm not one to be overly superstitious about poker - if i take a lot of bad beats, i'm gonna take my cold run of cards like a man. But for the last week, immediately following a significant withdrawal of cash from my account, i have seen an unbelievable number of bad beats. EVERY big NL pot i get into i get outdrawn - one hand i had top trips with 10-10, and someone went all in with AK and caught a running JQ to win. If that happened just once, I'd understand that's just the way poker is, but i've had beats like that repeatedly ever since i took money out of my account, so i dont think its a coincidence any more.

james on May 29, 2005

nice tourneys lots of players loads of ring games available, nice jackpots available for bad beat and high hand, cant think of anything bad to say about this site

golferscrote or danthescrote on May 27, 2005

dude take a deck of cards and deal out 10 two card hands and deal out a flop, turn and a river. You WILL find that 99% of the time the best "pre-flop" hand will not be the winner. If alot of players go to the river every time, same is true with online poker. doesn't mean it's rigged..

Unregistered on May 23, 2005

Bad Players+bad Beats+bad Cards After A Cash Out+bad Customer Service=one Heck Of A Great Party Poker Experience..........not!good Luck To All Believe Won't Be Enough

TELL IT LIKE IT IS M'AM on May 23, 2005

I play a lot live in the UK and the US, and have seen a lot of strange things. BUT online poker is definately stranger. Flushes and str8s are classed high hands because they dont happen often. And yet once I had withdrawn a large win from a UK site (ladbrokes) I start losing despite playing in the exact same style as before. pocket kings, flop 597, all in, three opponents call... they all have ace high... two cards to come... A on the river... had to be.... next 5 games.. beaten in the exact same way.. solid cards defeated by lesser cards, against the odds.... ok, so thats poker right.... except.. I switched and used my GF's account who hadnt played much, and immediately started winning.. no change in play style... dipped back to my account again, axed out of that game with pocket king's, flop 2k3 , two players called one with ace high, the other with 3's and an ace kicker.....guess the turn, guess the river. The odds of that happening are immense. and had it been a one off, I could beleive it bad luck... The interesting thing is, that my GF's account is still lucky.... now I wonder what happens if I withdraw that cash?

UK Player on May 22, 2005

Do Not Play On This Site!!!! Beware!!! You Will Have Extremely Good Luck At First, But Then You Will Go On A Losing Streak No Matter What You Do! Do Not Try To Withdraw Money And Keep Playing Because You Will Lose The Remaining Balance. I Have Run Into The Same Problem Along With 4 Other Friends Of Mine That Play Nl Holdem Poker!!! Poker Stars And Absolute Poker Are Pretty Good Sites But The Hands Seem A Little Fishy Sometimes. I Feel That Full Tilt Poker Has The Most Honest Software Program!!!!! Do Not Play Party Poker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MoralesStyle on May 22, 2005

Never seen such a lier. In my whole expierience playing here, and all my friends, too, no one has seen an "n/a" player.

Way to BS it, get the money and run on May 21, 2005

I have seen the N/A player/bots.....and to my recollection only in the SNGs. Now everything makes more sense with the all postings here.

Unregistered on May 21, 2005

So many of the complaints about PP echo my experience with the site. One thing that has not been mentioned which I have noticed and question is the mouse over giving your location and what does "Not Available" mean. Well, I found out what it means one night as another player demanded to know if the N/A player was an employee of Empire or Party Poker. The N/A player at first stalled on the response and finally when the other player told him to "Answer me". The PP employee responded "Yes, Sir." The table soon broke up. Many tables now have N/A players that are more than likely fielded bots with a human overseer to respond to chat. Anyway, I am done with PP after reading the comments here that have re-inforced my own experiences.

get the money and run on May 18, 2005

i GOT THE SOLUTION FOR YOU AllPartypoker duped me nicely, so what did i do, go play at a caisno where I can actually see the dealers, CASINO WEBCAM, you can actually see the cards being dealt live on a webcam, and play poker and all other casino games interactively! 100% signup bonus!

Real Deal on May 17, 2005

I'm writing to tell a brief story and to admit that I can't prove cheating takes place, but hear me out. I received these starting hands in order(5 / 10 holdem) - QQ, 77, JJ, Q3, 10/10, AK, JJ, 8/8, Q9, 10/10. Now, I won some of these hands, but I lost 2 of them to pocket aces. How is it possible to get 7 pocket pairs and one AK out of ten hands and match two of them up against AA? I've been playing casino poker for 12 years and online for about 6 years at 4 different sites. Party Poker has to have some problems wtih it's ability to deal cards randomly. I've won substantial money at other sites and only lost a little here, but I don't think I'll continue. Can anyone explain or refute my claim, logically? Please use logic, not a ridiculous assumption that the site has "no" reason to cheat. More money is reason enough to cheat. Please respond with some other arguement.

touchdown on May 16, 2005

Alot of people are suspicious of online poker. Ever consider WHO is actually running these sites? Check out these links. [url][/url]

Unregistered on May 14, 2005

Party Poker totally rigged site. After initially winning then losing on single tables (Like most people) thought I would small cash tournaments. I have played in four over the last week. 3 times I went all in after getting short stacked got 3 outragious beats and 1 where I was marginal favourite 55% to win but lost. The first was Tourney was a classic, short stacked went all in after the flop was 98.1% favourite to win (checked with card calculator afterwards) but opponent found two miracle cards on forth and fifth street. Ridiculous Site. Of course the site is going to cheat everyone, so it makes me laugh when I see people on this board thinking they are poker gods because they win and think they think the rest of us are fish. Not so, get a grip and find the truth.

Turnbull on May 8, 2005

Follow up to the above. Made a couple of spelling errors and typos in my comments above. Line should read (Of course the site is Not going to cheat everyone)I have about 7 $ left in my account. Will play a very small money tournament when I get chance for the comedy value. Will post my bad beat when it comes.

Turnbull on May 8, 2005

I have only played PP for online poker play. With that being said I have to agree with a lot of what is said here. At first I won a lot. Then after cashing out a couple of times the "Amazingly Long" losing streaks would occur. I would get beat by the most incredible hands that would always come ON THE RIVER. This same scenario also has happened to several of my friends as well. It didn't matter what I had pocket Aces, Pocket Kings, Three of a kind. Several players stay in with low hands that should never call the healthy raises myself and others I know put in. It is also amazing how many straights there are. What are the odds of being dealt the same 3,4 hand in a row?? It happened to me 8 times in a row. Quite questionable in my book. I recommend playing the play money tables as it is fun and won't cost your pocket book and you can still see all the BS bad beats and straights.

Joe on May 7, 2005

yet another method to loot u dumb americans LOOOL

Paki_pothead on April 26, 2005

PP is rigged. If you cash out you get targeted! They will make u lose so you reload your account! Been playing here for years and win after deposits and lose to unbelievable hands when I cash out! It is unrealistic to see what people call with and then river you! Looking for a new site that is more realistic! lost with a full house on the flopp A/k and the guy calls my all in with a pair of 2s and gets a two at the turn and a two at the river. Come on now what kind of bologna is that? Have an 87 on the big blind flop is 8 A 8 turn card is a 7 all in A at the river to beat me.... they will pit two players against eachother and wait for the action to fly. Especially in tournament play, they will pit you against players with the same amount of chips to get rid of one of you. Go play lotto, chances are bettter and more fair!!!!!!!

mrsdiamonds on April 25, 2005

Party poker along with several online poker sites are rigged. But they aren't doing it to make you lose large pots, they're doing it to collect a large rake... Try an experiment... if you ever wind up a shortstack at a 1 on 1 table at any poker site, watch how you will suddenly get a good run of cards.. this is just to keep the balance of chips flowing back and forth so they grate in the rake.

PokerVertigo on April 25, 2005

Unreal is all I can say about it. The amount of people that call and hit two outers is unreal. It is like the bots know when its coming. I reload the bonuses and then take off. Have no use for this site

chess player on April 23, 2005

Generally happy w/ PP with the following exceptions;1) customer service is deplorable2) redemption of points for merchandise is a joke...I entered an order about 3 months merchandise, no response from customer service, no nothing3) too many players in the cash games can "sit out" for extended periods which ruins the game...I think if you are gone more than 5 minutes you should be booted off. If you are the 3rd player "sitting out" you should be booted off. I've seen players sit out for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. It's not fair to the other players.4) Yes, it does seem that too many bad hands are rewarded with their 3-out river card...but I haven't documented it to seeif the odds stand up. It's just an opinion.5) Too much rude behavior is tolerated...some of the lunatics on PP should have their IM privileges revoked.BUT OTHER THAN THAT, IT'S A GREAT SITE!

Fast_Jimmy on April 21, 2005

Nice bonus promotion, the best in the world. The game is rigged but if you play well in the distance you win, shure!! The game is rigged because the lucky is simulated, the card are not random.

nenver on April 20, 2005

Much better site than PokerStars. Cashouts are prompt. Customer service is prompt. Good play is generally rewarded the majority of the time, unlike "RiverStars". The Multi Tables could have better structure (I prefer Ultimate Bet for those) but on the whole, this is the most popular site for a reason. I've never had a cashout or deposit problem and never had a reason to suspect the software. Recommended.

FT. on April 19, 2005

I haven't been playing for long but Party Poker seems fishy. When I first started playing the real money tables, I was winning like crazy. Tripled my 50$ in 2 days playing like a complete fish. Then I lost it all over the next two weeks. Lost on 7 bad beats in a row once, three of them were cracked pocket Aces. Caught a flush on the flop, was called with top pair and a 2 kicker. He caught runners for the full house. I played raked hands for the bonus they offered me and I made $60 in an hour on the $.50 tables! Won another $50 the next day. Then I started losing like crazy once again. I recently swithched to the $10 tables. I made $200 in 3 days. I was finishing in the money 85% of the time. Over the course of the next week, I could not catch a hand. I played most tournaments without ever seeing better than a Jack. And if I did get something I went down on a bad beat. Every time I try something new, I catch whatever card I'm looking for, and then it's followed by a tremendous drought. I know bad beats and streaks happen, but they happen all the time on Party Poker. I don't play for money. I play for fun. But when the hands are stacked against you, it quits being fun. I have noticed that I'm rewarded for loose play. If I start going all in like crazy, I start winning. But that's not fun either.

capnadequate on April 17, 2005

XXxxoVoxxXXWhere do you feel a good semi-passive player like myself can make the most per hour? Do you like sits?Thanks!

ZipaDeDoDa on April 14, 2005

I Play At This Site Only When A Reload Is Offered.i Play Internet Poker It Rigged, No Idea. But When I Put My Numbers Along Side The 9 Other Sites I Play At For Bonus Purposes It Isn't Even Close, This Site Ranks Dead Last In My Profit/hr Category. I Am A Very Tight Player. Can This Site Be Beat, Of Course. Can Others Sites Be Beat For More Per Hour, For A Tight Player Like Me, No Question.unless I'm Being Paid I Never Log On This Site.

XXxxoVoxxXX on April 13, 2005

youre comparing poker to acquiring AIDS? thats a little drastic. i know pp is rigged, and i keep playing. you guys have to think long term, you will not be millionaires in two weeks with a 200 dollar deposit. it sthe same with me in that i have been on two week dry streaks, two week badbeat streaks, etc. i just got done emailing them, asking them to control their system, as i went thru a string of improbable (not impossible)badbeats. their cardplay is not fair, but i keep playing. if you guys play good cards, and make the correct moves, in the long run it will pay off. im not high level, since november, ive deposited 675 bucks. with cashouts, and current acct, im at 581 bucks. i was down nearly all of my deposits, but i am working it the right way now. you guys need to realize that poker is a game of patience. you can fold nearly all the way to the money most times, so if you just played proper hands, you could score everytime. poker is also a game of capitalizing off of your opponents mistakes. if you play a winning style of poker, you will win. stop crying, and realize that sometimes, your pocket nines arent so good....

Unregistered on April 12, 2005

its also a strategy. if the player count is low (in tourney play), and theres an allin with a call, fold the pocket 7s, or the A10. sometimes stepping out of the way pays too...

Unregistered on April 12, 2005

Hi Guys Paul Again,As a gambler we all no doubt recognize and accept the "laws of average" factor.It cannot and will not be denied. I play Blackjack at a local casino. I usually play at the $25 minimumtable for hours at a time. I have seen dealers go on fantastic streaks of luck as well as players. Suddenly a reversal of fortunes surfaces and it goes vice versa. The same trends occur when I play in the casino's poker room, I can go an hour, sometimes more without getting involved in a hand, no viable pockets to even play loose with. While online I experience the same trends. I go bad and then suddenly I get a rush of winning pockets. As for the droughts occurring after money withdrawals from online poker rooms, it's just a coincidence. I would love to blame my droughts on rigged software. The other night there were over 80,000 players online at one time. Now just how in the world do you figure they singled you out? Out of the entire population of "players currently online" do you suppose any software can do that?!!!They can deliver weak pockets which I refer to as a "lags" because they delay your game as any good poker player will bide his time and wait, wait, wait and wait some more if need be for a viable hand.The community board may be a tad juiced as well, but then again it is going to lose for you and win for you in turn, as the "laws of average" kicks in again! Same thing at a Blackjack table when a player does the opposite move with his/her hand as he should and then the dealer instead of making a solid hand, BUSTS! Nobody wants to kick the lame player unless the dealer makes a 21. Same thing in online poker rooms. You seem to remember the "bad beats" more predominantly than the hands you committed the bad beat on yourself. Human nature, we are basically negative creatures. Some more than others, thus the constant complaining and finger pointing. A decent comparison for the online community boards would be looking back to when you were learning poker as a kid, remember when deuces were wild? That creates excitement and more possibilities for everyone's hand involved. Again, it works for you and against you within the guidelines of the "laws of average". It's how you play the winning hands that differs the winners from losers.Maximize your wins and minimize your losses. It's just that simple. Rigging? Yes. But not individual conspiracies! Well guys/gals that's the way I see it.

PaulsGTO on April 12, 2005

If you want to see what a fair online poker game is like, play the free games at PP. It plays completely differently. It's not rigged there. So here's how we could have some fun. Set up a site to deposit $ somewhere else, but use PP's fun game to play with. Send the payouts from the new site. Probably too hard to get going, but it would be the only true odds game on line.

steve-savemart55 on April 9, 2005

i agree that party poker is INCREDIBLY shady. I cashed out like 300 in 2 days and havent cashed out more than 75 in the last 3 months the bad beats happen all the time and are sometimes the biggest BS u have ever seen (guys making runner runner flushes to beat trip aces and such)mayb im imagining it but pp has a lot more river suckouts than pokerstars, pacificpoker or ultimatebet. on the flip side, limit .5-1 is often a place where $ can b made cuz even if u get sucked out on u can only lose a limited amount and the playrs there suck. i think pp IS rigged but also if u play the right limits and tables, u can win

rockhands22 on April 9, 2005

At first I was weary of THIS website, thinking there were just a bunch of crappy players talking about how they didnt win with AceKing all the time. HOWEVER, after playing quite frequently these past two months; it is quite obvious that something serious is going on with PartyPoker. I first opened an account with PP last summer, and had fun with it as well as making a reasonable amount of money with it. I cashed out everything, and didnt play again until last month. At first everything seemed all right, but after I cashed out twice, and had some disputes with them about verifying my account, things started to seem very very odd. It's not just the crappy players making a flush on the river with 10c 2c, when the flop is Ad Qs 7c. It's the fact that newly signed up players seem to win more often; it seems like PP is trying to sucker them in, making them think they can win, and after a while, just shutting them down. I tried this myself, I created a new account, and deposited some money, and after playing the cards the same way I did with my other real money account, I actually won a fair bit of money. Not so with my first real money account, this past week has been amazingly awful, I never seemed to get any cards to help me or anything, and other players always get their impossible draws. Its crazy. And unbelieveable. I definitely agree with steve, the cards in playmoney are amazingly different and relatively more realistic than the real money tables seem to be. PP seems to want to lure people in, and then kill them. All in all, PP is like a heroin drug dealer, at first they seem cool and the drugs are good. Then after a while, when your money is gone and you are diagnosed with AIDs, you realize you've been swindled. Screw PP though, I'm just going to keep opeing new accounts :)PS. never play pocket pairs unless you have AA, cause someone always has a better pkt pair!

3 Stacks of High Society on April 9, 2005

rockhard: exactly correct, as I said before, I couldn't shake the feeling that the only card that could beat me was always the card that beat me, even though pre-flop I had the nuts..Many (not all) of these online poker rooms have nothing to loose - they will juice cards and seed their own players w/o any concern for their consequences because of the same reason: the fact that they shouldnt do it is the exact reason they can do it - they have more people signing up and depositing than they know what to do with... they are not going out of business any time soon. And, of course, they are based outside of USA, so they answer to no US authority..

owhynot on April 7, 2005

paul, dont be so ignorant. to understand why they would rig their game, simply apply the concept of greed. enough is never enough. this site is most definitely rigged. i dont need to list my hands, but i am in the midst of a three day river beat bonanza. 6 outta 9 have been unlikely river beats. ive given up on complaining though, just keep playing through it, hoping not to make any more deposits

Unregistered on April 7, 2005

Alright i hear what you are saying Paul but how do you explain the unusual cards that come up on the board at most of these sites-like aces seem to come up every freakin hand seems like if someone needs a card and he has the dog hand it comes up for him thats the rigging that I think happens all the time

rockhard on April 5, 2005

PokerStars, PartyPoker WHATEVER! They are painstakingly similar in just about all areas. I have played at both for a lengthy period now. To pick one as a favorite over the other would be bias. I play brick and mortar at a nearby casino in Niagara Falls, NY. It's only 25 minutes from my home. I have been playing Poker for years now. For all you numbers people, I am sure you'll agree with me on most of the following issues.1. Number of hands vs. number of badbeats. Of course you are going to see some strange calls, badbeats, all-ins and you're also going to win and lose in roller coaster fashion while playing Poker online, because online play is literally 10 times faster than brick and mortar. With that in mind and considering you see 10 times as many hands per hour of play, you are going to see many more "against all odds" plays. You will also witness more "badbeats" and more ignorant play. If you calculate TOTAL number of hands for both brick and online play you would arrive at the same outcome..2. Badbeats happen online, occurs at my Casino just the same! I was recently playing in a No Limit game, brick and mortar, I had pocket Aces, the game was low key, and I would rate it fairly loose. I am in late position, 3 players before me just call, (no signs of slow play) I have only the blinds to consider, I decide to make them pay to see the flop, I push to $300 to avoid getting caught slow playing myself. Small blind drops as do the other 3 shooters, Big Blind calls! OK, he is proud of his pocket pair, that's precisely what I want. Assuming all flush and straight draws properly removed themselves from the hand we see the flop. Comes Ace, Five, Seven (rainbow). I shove my remaining stack in, about $360, three rockets, wow I am counting the pot already. BB calls me! OK, I have a rich stubborn wanna be poker player that is playing pride not Poker! Fourth was a 2 and river was an 8. This so-called Poker player had a 4 6 off!! No misprint! A 4 6o! I had to stop counting "my" pot and relinquish it to BB on what has to be the worst "badbeat" in my Poker career! This guy yanked a straight out of the Poker Heavens! Wouldn't have been as painful if he would have made a full house with a medium pair but, 4 6o! Get outta town! Sure, he is ignorant in Poker, sure he will drop his bankroll, (probably the same day) but I had to take the hit at the moment. I had to go home and complain to the gambling god's, "why me"? My point, Badbeats are just that, Bad! I have never found any good in a badbeat yet. They can and will happen online and in brick and mortar just the same. 3. Rigging online; Not happening. Why would these (PS & PP) highly profitable online poker sites have to rig the play? Poker has taken this country and the entire free world for that matter by storm! They are certainly not hurting for players. They win no matter what you do! So why risk being evaluated by professional companies and being tagged as "rigged"? What does occur and "player beware" is the most basic cheating, player collusion and phone or Instant Messaging cheating. That happens at brick and mortar as well. Physical signals at brick and mortar are commonplace. I have complained to Pokerstars about player collusion in single table sits. They informed me of their state of the art software that detects the frequency of players playing together, above average. The query they could not respond to was, "phone collusion" and the ongoing Instant Messaging problem. That I'm afraid is up to the individual player to detect and duly note in the "player notes". There are high speed areas to cramp the cheats style, but I doubt that has any real effect on the outcome.Pokerstars or Partypoker. . . .pick your site. Stay focused, absorb the good with the bad, have confidence in your ability and shake off those badbeats, it's all part of the game! One word of advice, playing in large money rooms most definitely increases the probability of collusion, etc. Stay in smaller priced rooms and enjoy yourself. Don't quit your day jobs either! I can be yelled at, [email][/email]

PaulsGTO on April 4, 2005

I tend to agree with all the posts that say Party Poker is fixed. I have lost a ton of money in about 7 months, playing the best hands and getting beat on the river with garbage. Why would a real player stay to the river with several raises and then make their set of 2's on the river? It seems like alot of players are bots. I have stopped playing this site and switched to a different one. I have also joined a propping site that pays you 100-110% rake rebate. I am now making money and the play is better. If you are interested in trying what I'm doing drop me an email and I can fill you in with the details. [email][/email]

FAFASTERN on April 2, 2005

Just a comment to BK, maybe you don't know the rules of Omaha. I reacted to the same thing before I read the rules. Only 2 cards counts from your hand, together with the 3 best on the table.

Nikita112 on March 21, 2005

I just play with play money - just fooling around. I was playing Omaha 5/10 and had an ace high flush, but the pot got awarded to a player with 3 of a kind! It happened again 2 hands later - I had another ace high flush, and the pot got awarded to another player with a straight. Very weird. Anyone else notice this kind of thing? I definitely won't be playing with real money now.

BK. on March 20, 2005

i think you guys are being a little paranoid here. if youre convinced that its rigged, then pull your money out, and walk away. you are making the decision to play every hand. and you claim badbeat, but keep playing. cut your losses and play somewhere you feel comfortable playing. i have sent pp emails telling them, 'dont bother, we both know its a scam'. i keep playing though. i originally went in the hole to 650 bucks (not 5000 like these other lying focks), badbeat after badbeat, but for the last two months i have been on a steady incline. i have cashed out for 240 bucks, leaving me with 50 to start over, and i currently have that at 160. admittedly, the badbeats have taken their toll, and i have resigned myself to playing $6 sitngos. i also play open games sometimes. but i consistently place, and make money instead of losing it. in addition, its obvious there is a fix, you have

Unregistered on March 18, 2005

to adjust your play. i readjusted, and you have to consider many things, too many to list. but its not just the cards, its an array of variables. and play a good game. in the LONG RUN, it will pay off. i have a simple research system i use to study my play. in every hand i am in that involves an allin, i apply a 4 number system to the hand. i record the hand number, then i apply a number to indicate which best suits the hand: (these numbers reflect position at the exact time of allin, whether preflop, on turn, etc.) 1. i lead, i lose, 2. i lead, i win, 3. opponent leads, opp loses, 4. opp leads, opp wins. its useful in as it helps to study how many badbeats you get. also, it helps to show you if you are making the right moves at the time of allin. for instance, since i started, i have 91 entries. 73 times, i led at the time of allin. i was beaten 23 out of 73 times by the time the river hit. so 50 times, it held up. the point is, try a simple system like this. recording the hand number, you can always complain and cite specific hands if you so choose. get it on paper, and study your play. figure what youre doing wrong, or maybe it just seems worse than it is. and dont be fooled thinking higher buyins net better players. i am playing low limit because ive been slapped around with badbeats. be smart, and stop thinking your pocket10s are good with a qj out on the damn board! i know when i play, i am playing a player, and a damn computer. if you play smart, play smartER. dont go ignorant on me here people.

Unregistered on March 18, 2005

I am launching a site in which people who believe they have been manipulated by can come to and we can make a possible legal case for this. I believe certain things are rigged on this site for larger rakes. Everything they have is on record so we are going after them and i'll demand to see everything. E-mail me/send me an instant msg, i am on AIM with [email]USmarines0311@aol.comI[/email] have a web designer on retainer for the matter. E-mail me for details or to donate towards the construction of the site.

David Usmarines0311 on March 16, 2005

I sent numerous e-mails about 7, arguing with them that the site is rigged and that comps are given to certain players. After getting 7 e-mails in return of "sorry's" i sent one more and guess what. After saying I will push this matter further and seek additional outside help THEY CREDITED ME MONEY. Corruption. Pure and simple. They'll pay you off so there are no problems.I just got the e-mail"However, we have complied with your request for this last time as a sign of good faith and have gone ahead issuing you a bonus of $10 (on your last deposit) to your account. We request you to please check and confirm the same.Please be informed, we will be coming up with new promotions, which will be communicated to you via e-mail. You can always check the "News and Events" section of our website to know more about the exciting offers we have for you."

David Usmarines0311 on March 16, 2005

Also The majority of players on are underage. They can't verify anything. again send me an e-mail at [email][/email] or instant msg me at usmarines0311 on aim. Something has to be done about this. Re read my above 2 posts for details.

David Usmarines0311 on March 16, 2005

I just want to say I have a program that plays party poker on its own.It tells me how to play what to play the odds of winning or losing I can over ride it but why would I want to do that when I can go grocery shopping while my computer sits at home and plays for me.When it comes to money cheating is inevitable.Its getting harder because I can tell im up against a computer vs computer poker war.Hint holdem is played with 4 decks. Cash in I dare you!

Haxed$$$$$ on March 15, 2005

Played in Atlantic City this past week for about 6 hours at the same table. Could count the # of straights and flushes I saw the entire session on one hand. Why is it that at Party Poker it seems you see one or the other at least once every 4 or 5 hands? Strange if you ask me.

Done22 on March 15, 2005

PP is RIGGED period. BIAS toward new players. They are not regulated. So they keep, money in the hands of new players. Which makes sense business wise. Make people believe they can make money at poker. Then transfer the money to new players. The old ones will keep pouring money thinking there on a bad streak. My advise, play for 3 month. DON'T CASH OUT anything. When you reach 2k to 3k cash out everything and never come back. My mistake : made 3426.16, cashed out 1426.16 ...oh boy...oh boy... from then on ... one way down !!!! drop 1500.00 before I woke up and read other comments here ... finally cash out the last 500$. I though I was on a bad streak (1 month)…wrong, I changed site and went to the Prima Network. Steady profit again just like before PP. I will try the site again with another name since you get better odds in the beginning, I'll keep you posted !!! ;)…If you try it remember, don’t cash out, and when you do… “RUN” !!! See you there and I wish you some Good “Beginners” Luck !

rigged on March 11, 2005

I would love to think that some sites are better than others. But if I was a casino exec and I knew that I could buy a program where you could easily set the exact odds, I don't know if I would spend the $ to program my own. Price, Waterhouse also audits a lot of the on line casinos. The odds there are no better, maybe worse. They are accountants, not programmers. I hire accounting firms for my business. Maybe I should hire them and find out what they actually investigate.

steve-savemart55 on March 10, 2005

I think Party Poker It's one of the best site's i've play at because it's got all kind of came, especially my favorites, and if you dont have money to play for real money you can play for play money and you can also play different kind of tournaments which i like.

Gladis Catani on March 7, 2005

I play extremely tight (face cards, suited connectors, or high pocket pairs) and I am convinced that PP is rigged. The bad beats that occur regularly are outrageous. If you see a pair flop, you are guaranteed that someone has a boat. Almost all of the flops have straight and flush draws simultaneously. If you have a K high flush, muck it because someone will have the A. If you have an A high flush and a pair is showing, muck it because someone has the boat. If I don't have the stone, cold, gorrilla nuts I don't stay in because someone else will have it. It has almost gotten predictable.For example, I'm playing right now: I'm dealt KK and Ah,Kd,3c flops. I say to myself, "Lay it down because you know what's coming" but of course I don't. 4th street=4s and River=5c. I fold on the river and see the pot taken down with a straight. I have played for over two hours and have called on less than 7 hands. Calculating EVs and pot odds is pointless because some "fish/bot" will always make his 4 out draw. Playing the hands that Sklansky recommends will lead to being slowly bled to death. I don't know if the other sites are better but I'm going to find out.

HS_PP on March 7, 2005

ppsux:Paradise Poker has legit auditing w/ PWC and seems fair enough to me for only playing it 4 weeks - been a constant winner and cashed out every week there after loosing $5000 in four months on Party PokerHS_PP:I mentioned before (but forgot to sign the post), with Party the only card that can beat you is always the card that beats you - its a fact.. I feel your pain, my brother. Sign up w/ Paradise, and you'll see the different immediately w/ your first hand A/K... dont be afraid to play it!!! lol

owhynot on March 7, 2005

Not even worth rating it is so ridiculous, I want to know what site owhynot, joined where price waterhouse audits the games, anything has got to be better than the party rig.

ppsux on March 6, 2005

I mentioned before, I always felt at Party that the ONLY card that could beat me was ALWAYS the card that beat me.. it was a horrible feeling that something was really really wrong w/ that site.

Unregistered on March 5, 2005

i have lost 3000 in 3 months by winning 3 times my money one day ,and losing 4 times my money the next with the same cards and same strategies..i was ready to give up when my girlfired decided to try to open her own account ..miraculously she won the first 4 sit and goes she entered hitting all her high cards and winnig when she should have with top 2 pair or trips or even flushes ..then strangly she lost all her money to bad beats ..hitting aces and losing to 3 kings, hitting flushes and losing to full houses we redeposited and sure enough ..she cant win a damn hand with pocket aa kk qq ..she cant hit a draw and i tried to take over when she was chip leader and i hit 4 bad beats in a row ..not in a row but the 4 times in a row i entered the hand ..its proof that you will win alot at first and then chase after the high for the rest of the time your on PP just like coacain , the first high is the only one that gets ya high ..after that its a downward spiral my opinion ..terrible customer service ..lousy odds and even worse losign streaks that are not normal ..even a bad player should occasially win with aces and kings..not ..

Gary987 on March 5, 2005

OK, we all get mad and go full tilt when we loose. And yes there are some bad beat hands out there. And yes some newbies will play a poor hand and catch the river. But when I played and played at a $100.00 tournament with over 300 players (paying top 18 spots) and got down to 26 players, I assumed all left were smart-no risk players- no newbies left. Here is my hand, you tell me if you think puts in house players to take EVEN more money from us. With 26 players left I was chip leader!I am dealt A (spades) K (spades)I bet 10,000 chips pre flopI get 5 callersflop comes A (hearts K diamonds Q spadesI bet 30.000 (trying to slow play) get two calls4th street is a J spadesI go all in with my last 70,000 chipsOne guy calls....I have AA KK with Q kicker, possible flush and possible ROYAL FLUSHTHE ONLY THING I AM WORRIED ABOUT IS IF HE HAS 10-J DOWN CARDS AND FLOPPED THE NUT STRAIGHT, OR STAYED IN WITH A 10-? HOPEING FOR A JACK TO MAKE HIS STRAIGHTHe calls me, the river is a 5 of clubs.HE HAS POCKETS 5'S WINS WITH TRIP 5'SYes a bad beat, but would you play ALL YOUR CHIPS on a 55, when there is a AKQJ of spades on the table, and every card in the table is an over card, and a possible flush and a possible straight and a possible royal flush? The only card he could catch to win the hand.FINAL COMMENT – If I owned a poker site, and could design house / computer players to win even 25% of the cash tables or tournaments… I WOULD…. WOULD’NT YOU?

you tell me on March 4, 2005

Im not sure what to think. I reloaded 50 bucks, and lost it all in about 6hrs of play last night. I was playing extremely tight on the 25nl games. And when I mean tight I mean calling with face cards and suited connectors only and will allways fold with a raise preflop. I had been dealt at least AA's 3 times in 6hr of play, and didnt even win once and lost about 22 dollars. The rest I lost to idiots going all in with there flush or straight draws and me calling with a set or 2 pair. Unreal.. The site sucks, not me..

Mr Rigged on March 3, 2005

Dont Trust Crooks They Can Steal And Nobody To Enforce Had A Bad Beat Jackpot 700000 Wonder Who Won Your Money Demand They Regulate These Sites.

Unregistered on March 2, 2005

we need to unite

Unregistered on March 2, 2005

I played at PP for a while. I am an experienced poker player but after doubling my initial investment in one day, I went on a never-ending losing streak. I thought it was because I just needed to improve my game so I read some more and practiced etc. only to find myself still losing consistently. Then I played a real holdem game with actual people and slaughtered them. In this live game, I found myself being overly timid with strong hands because I was so used to getting beat on the river. In the live game, unlikely crap didn't happen. When poor players went all-in on garbage hands, they lost. Not so online. People can say what they want but you can't ignore observable facts. I think the card distribution odds on Party Poker is a lot like flipping a coin twenty times and getting the same result every time. It can't happen. My theory is that some players have a higher likelyhood of drawing face cards on the pre-flop where as others are more likely to get low cards. Hence the streakiness of the play. It's probably still random to a certain degree but stacked in favor of players who have just joined. This shouldn't be such a suprise. If newbies walked into a real poker game and bet the way they do online, they would lose so fast they would never play again, which would mean lower rakes for the casino. There is a term in psychology for blaiming everyone but yourself for failure. I try to avoid doing that at all costs. But if these guys really are shifting the odds, then not only is it unfair but it makes good players feel like they aren't really that good or just cursed with bad luck. I don't play poker to have fun, I play to win money and it's unfortunate that I can't do it online.

BR21 on March 1, 2005

Hit Em Big Early 14000 In 3 Months Then All The Stuff People Say Happens Cash Out Get Killed That Being Said Stay Away From Live Games Hit Tourneys The Small Ones 10 20 30 U Can A Least Have Fun And Not Lose To Rookies I Am Up Here A Decent Amount In 2 Years Do I Trust No.learned How I Can Better My Game With Out Losing

Unregistered on March 1, 2005

A house edge of 64.01 per cent. That's what the above profit numbers work out to. Al Capone's numbers racket had nothing on these guys. With the game so stacked, there are thousands of players who are going to be very surprised in a real game that their runner, runner straights don't occur very often. I rated it a 1 only because I like some of the hats that I got to wear.

steve-savemart55 on March 1, 2005

Many online poker sites are fixed in two ways. First, the cards are “Juiced”, that is, at a 8 - 10 person table, 70 - 90% of the players have a taste of the pot based on the 2 down cards they receive. The more people who bet, the more they loose. The more people who loose, the more they re-deposit. The more they re-deposit (and play) the more the online poker company rakes, and the more transaction fees it receives from both the player and the electronic funds companies that sponsor the site. Online Poker is addictive, and by “Juicing” the cards, most companies are preying on this, with 18 - 25 year olds being their prime target audience... By the time the “below average” poker player has gotten in major debt and closed his account, he has already re-deposited 3 or more times, many times more than the initial deposit - it’s a fact. Secondly, after a cash out of money that you won beyond your initial deposit, nearly everyone experiences the “losing trend”, where you catch no cards, you get bad beats time after time, and the ONLY cards that can beat you are ALWAYS the cards that beat you. After extensive searching online, I cannot find any reasonable explanation to this from anyone, other than most online poker sites want you to bust for the above reasons. I am a 14 year “Hold ‘Em” Player who is above-average in skill, but not a “Pro” by any means. I played online Hold Em for the first time 6 months ago on ‘Party Poker’, and had never seen such card distribution in my life. It was very clear from the first hand that something was a little odd about the cards that were dealt. I lost $ 4800 in 4 months on Party Poker, most of that in disbelief of the bad beats. I recently joined an online site that uses PricewaterhouseCoopers auditing of their cards, and have been a consistent winner every week since ...

owhynot on February 28, 2005

PLEASE READ... FACTS ON INTERNET POKER. First of all I am no expert on computer software, but I recently held a long detailed conversation with a person who is an expert on computer programming, and he enlightened me to some interesting info on online poker.What most people do not realize is that most internet poker sites do NOT use a TRUE random number generator (and it is completely legal). The software they do use has two main purposes: 1. BIG RAKE and 2. KEEP THEM PLAYING. 1. BIG RAKEThe software used is meant to create multiple "big hands" in order to increase the pot size, thus increasing the rake. This is why you see so many hands of a flush rivering a straight, or a full house rivering flush, etc. The hands are PREDETERMINED in order to get the rake to its MAX. This is why you see so many pairs on the flop, one suited flops, and under-pairs hitting to beat over-pairs. These situations are perfect bait for large pots (thus large rakes). ***note- when i say predetermined, i mean the software will designate multiple big hands , but will NOT designate them to certain people (who receives what hand is actually RANDOM)2. KEEP THEM PLAYINGLet me go back to the PREDETERMINED hand philosophy. When a player is all-in during a hand with EVERYTHING he has (nothing left in his bankroll), it is MORE likely for him to catch his cards no matter what the circumstance, or it is more likely for his hand to hold up. The software recongnizes that the player will go BROKE if he loses, so the software INCREASES his odds of winning the hand. In short, internet poker rewards river players and short stacks, and punishes slow players and big stacks going against small stacks. This is not say that river players will win in the long run, but they may experience the river hitting more often than the odds indicate.

PokerPlayer25 on February 27, 2005

In higher games such as $50 or $100, the employee player either plays without actually buying in, or is sitting there looking at all the hole cards at the table. Easy to program. Either way, the other players are screwed in the long run. The Kawanee Game Commission is just a group of on line casino owners and Price, Waterhouse, Coopers just talks about the RNG. If PWC wanted to reassure players, it would audit the financial results of the sites. If I owned a legit site, I would provide bank statements, sworn affidavits by bank officers, inspections by Microsoft engineers, and any number of other documents to prove that my site was fair. I don't see any such efforts. Until a site is created to track real results from real players, these on line sites will continue to steal millions. Interesting that I have never seen a post or an article from an ex employee of one of these sites.

steve-savemart55 on February 26, 2005

Here's a quote from Yahoo Business, "It's a high-margin business. On Feb. 22, Sportingbet reported that in the six months through the end of January, the ParadisePoker site contributed $15.3 million in operating profit on $23.9 million in sales." Sure doesn't look like a 10% rake to me. Unless my math is really bad, the profit should have been $2.39 million.

steve-savemart55 on February 26, 2005

Another track from the broken record:Did well, cashed out 4 digits, and now can't win period. Tight-aggressive player... my large pairs are holding up 20% of the time. QQ,KK,AA against smaller pairs, smaller pairs have hit sets 8 times in a row... yes, that is in a row. A pocket small pair has hit the set 8 times in a row when I have had a pocket overpair. I have not hit a set since the cash out... though I did get trips once in the big blind!River beats are constant since cash out, with numerous requiring the turn as well. Keep in mind that my problem with small pairs is in conjunction with all the other crazy things, like 64o of equal stack size calling an all in and hitting a 6 and a 4 versus AQs. I guess it was a RGP'er calling...I remain absolutely convinced that the vast majority of whiners are bitching about the one night where they had AA or KK busted by a fish... but after 10 straight days backed up by careful record keeping, I'm switching sites. Why would a profitable business cheat? If it was a straight up site, the real players would feast on the fish, the fish would go away, and so would the good players. This fad will only last as long as the fish can win... Vegas learned that with the slots... a high rate of return generates more money for the house. Poker is between players; if the casino didn't manipulate things, the fish would be eliminated and the business would be reduced to good players... and good players don't give action to good players. The business would end. The dollars are too large for PP or any site not to look 5 years out... reload bonuses are not good enough to keep the traffic high. All players have to have some wins, and if most are inexperienced, they have to get help.

wintersteel on February 26, 2005

onvb. dontbother silly. they will recognize ur ip. and get some spelling lessons, how can people trust the validity of your results if you cant get basic grammar downpat? pp still sucks, but its like good coke...i go on my good runs and my bad runs, but i keep comin back. its most definitely the most userfriendly.

peckerneck on February 25, 2005

and i have to agree with ted. dom, just keep sweepin floors and chase your pipe dreams, bif.

peckerneck on February 25, 2005

Hey, how are all you losers doing? I posted towards the beginning months ago, and somehow made it back here. Nice to see that there is still a million whine bags here. Can I offer you some cheese for that whine?Seriously, if you have not figured it out yet, the people who are complaining about Party Poker are nothing more than losers. How many would cry if they were winning? Get a grip, read some books, and quit your sob story's about the river. Just because you guys saw WSOP on ESPN does not mean you are going to dominate poker yourself. Maybe you guys should try bingo or keno, hahahahahhahahha

Jason Moffatt aka TheDirtRoadWarrior on February 24, 2005

PS, if I see any of you crybaby's at Party I will be sure to raise you with my 3 8 off suit just to see you flood your desk with tears.

TheDirtRoadWarrior on February 24, 2005

I am running an expariment this weekend. I emailed Party Poker and asked them to close out my account entirly. I am going to open a new account under a new user name and make the initial deposit. I'll let you know if I get great cards teh first couple of days.

Jonvb1 on February 23, 2005

I began playing online poker about a year ago and my first poker site was PartyPoker. I have been playing there on and off the entire time. My experience with this site has been "normal". When I began I lost approx. $400 playing $.50/$1.00 over the course of several months. Bad beats, YES, why?, because I didn't know how to play poker. I thought I did but boy was I wrong! The reason I was getting "bad-beated" was because I was in the showdown way too much! I should have gotten out much earlier. After reading and studying several books, playing other sites, (Pacific, Emipre, Paradise) I am much better now and am back to even and making money. Not much, but steadedly winning money. Are my bad beats any fewer, yes. It is because I don't go to river as much as I used too. I have found the card dealing at PartyPoker to be very consistant the entire time I have played there. I have runs of bad luck, runs of good luck and steady runs of win some/lose some but all in all the cards have always seemed to be "normal" with respect to what you would think poker hands should be. I continue to play at PartyPoker because it is a break from the other sites I play on. It is no worse and certainly no better than the others. I don't particularly like the looks of the table and I certainly don't like the fact you don't know the percentage of flops seen. Cash outs have been excellent for me and I do not seem to be punished if I do cash out. The software is adequate but not on par with Paradise for instance. Games are fairly loose and the competition is average. Just realize you are playing against some bad players and when they get lucky you get mad. It's not necessarily the dealers fault. I prefer to play with players who know something about the game. You can predict them better and manipulate them easier if necessary. The word bluff is not in the vocabulary at Party and Pacific. It won't work with these players. Just play solid, tight poker and you will probably win. It won't be as much fun as playing half your hands but more profitable. Another negative is the fact that I have found that the server is not as stable as Paradise. You will experience times when you are kicked off-line and the server will have to reconnect you. Sometimes it can't. Seldom to you need to get back into the system. When I have been playing at PartyPoker, Pacific and Paradise at the same time I experience the same effect at Pacific at the same time I do at Party but do not experience this at Paradise. Paradise must have a more stable server. Overall my experience at Party has been acceptable, not great! I will continue to play there if nothing changes.

brian123 on February 23, 2005

Party poker has the best graphics and it is the most organized site on the web....I am a professional poker player and i can gaurentee this site is rigged...I have been calld by fish with abosultely nothing on the flop and turn and they catch a str8 on the river...Once in a while it will always happen, but this happens way to much ...I have complained to party poker and they have sent me money, they do this because they know I am right ....Believe me people, party poker is fixed one way or another, and i can gaurentee they have people working for them at tables....Nothing could convince me otherwise, and i believe everyone on this site posting the positives about party poker are working for them to keep there image up....Dont risk it, play on poker stars and try to stay away from party poker...BELIEVE ME...I have cashed out $2000 in party poker and didnt lost much, but it was discusting how much more money I should of won....

Dom on February 23, 2005

Dom - if you are a professional poker player, I am the president of the United States of America.

Ted on February 23, 2005

I won 5 grand at party poker one night in a multi-table tournement, but here is the kicker. It was about five in the morning I had 2000 in chips and I was loaded. So i decided to just go all in until I lost. I played every bad hand you can think of. Before you know it I've got 35,000 in chips. At that point I was like play smart you got a shot here. The second I started playing smart my stack dropped back down to 5,000, so I said screw this and played dumb again and won the whole thing. Bottom line with party poker: I don't think they cheat, but I think there is a flae in their sortware. I win consistantly in 1/2 and 2/4 because players are so bad that it compensates for the bad beats. I also win in single table sit-n-go up to 10$ buy in. I recommend you stick to low limits and find the drunk suckers at two in the morning. That should off-set the bad beats.

Jonvb1 on February 22, 2005

P.S. The guy who posted about the hot and cold seats is right. I find that whenever I reach three times my bankroll ($50 buy-in in a 1/2 game = get out the second you hit $150) I start to lost everything back.

Jonvb1 on February 22, 2005

great site plenty of action loose games 100% trustworthy join now and use code power123 and start making serious cash

micduff on February 22, 2005

This has to be the worst poker website out there. Im not bitter about CONSTANTLY getting cheated on the river at this website, but i will never put another dime into that site. The patterns others above are speaking of are true. Poor players are calling big bets w junks hands and win almost all the time against a very strong hand. Its sick. Try to trap someone on this site, and you will get burned everytime. Just dont play here.

joshua on February 22, 2005

this site is bad, i mean im up in last year playing here aroung 5,000 but i just cashed it all out, i notice so many bad beats against me that it is unreal, in ring games you have to play perfect to make any profit, better off to play there 30 speed tourneys and try to get lucky, warning stay away from this site i beleive they use prop players that they program to win and place one on every table taking 1 or 2 hands a round in addition to the rakeif anyone wants vivit me at

pokerpromos on February 21, 2005

Tracie 8,7,5,3,2 is lower than 8,7,5,4,A. Just wondering how you figured you got low on that hand? Party Poker still SUCKS don't get me wrong but your wrong on that account.

Party Poker Sucks on February 20, 2005

so it is rigged

swestdawg on February 19, 2005

So here's how it works according to a software friend. You get assigned a seat with a 1-10 ranking which is previously calculated by the computer as to the chances of winning. It gives you winning seats for a while, no matter what your hole cards are, plays about even for a while, and then you lose every match up no matter if you have AA every hand. Then you rebuy. The reason players play so loose is that miracle draws happen often when you are in your winning phase. This also keeps the bad players putting in more money. If you play brilliantly and happen to win, it just keeps giving you 1 or 2 ranked seats until you lose. If you have ever played on line casinos, you have probably senn the same thing.

steve-savemart55 on February 18, 2005

to be objective I thought people were full of it until the stuff started happening to me,disconnects happening at key times usually before enter in the money,I was told told that sometimes in 10 man rooms 2 to 3 players are computer generated players

swestdawg on February 17, 2005

One more thing to support this bad player theory...get a REAL deck of cards and give yourself aces...Deal out a suited 9,10, an offsuit 10,j, and a suited K,Q and a pair of 8' the flop and see how many times your aces hold up.

whip on February 16, 2005

One thing for sure...have to agree w/ the guaranteed losing after a big win. Happend to many of my friends and myself...I did win $8,500 off a multitable though so who knows?

whip on February 15, 2005

i think its not real poker. regulated by indians. do these indians have a real casino or those fake pull tab slots (not random like a real slot)? too many hands with multiple pocket pairs. too many funny calls hitting miracles. These same players would be busted in 1 day real casino so how do they last online with faster play? If it was legit it would be ruled by a small group of really good players. I thought I was paranoid about losing after cashout, not anymore.

sickofit on February 12, 2005

no longer regulated by indians. has moved to island of gibraltar

sickofit on February 12, 2005

I started my first real money play on this site. It is amazing how many times pocket pairs are dealt out together. Although people complain about the flushes etc, the biggest flaw you will immediately notice is in this hands where there are 2 pair on the board (a person at table will have the high full house and one with the low end), 4 card straights on the board, and 4 card flushes (someone will have the 2nd nuts and someone will have the nuts). This builds the pot. Whether this has anything to do with Party Poker being rigged I have no idea. I have wondered if the high stakes tables experience this. I imagine that not as many bad beats occur, but Party Poker's players in general are terrible. They chase and chase regardless of the bet. Take it as you will, but my money is now in Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars.

AJH on February 6, 2005

I was playing 7 card hi/lo today and had 8,7,5,4,A for lo, and didn't get the Lo pot (1/2 the pot), but the hand that got it had 8,7,5,3,2. I have screen shots to prove it. I e-mailed PP and have yet to hear back from them. I have often thought they were rigged, and this just proves it to me. If their computers can make this simple of a mistake, what other mistakes are they making? I asked the table what had happened and only one guy responded and said that I should have had the Lo hand.

tracie on February 5, 2005

I have watched the same awful beats for a couple of months now on this site. So I did a survey of players at my tables. I don't really see any reason for them to lie, so here are the results. Out of 210 players only 7 said they had cashed out more than $200. Only 3 said that they were actually ahead. These were $10 tables. If more were ahead, I would think that they might want to brag about it, but maybe not. This is the big secret of online poker. Someone needs to have a site where people honestly post their statistics, and watch for casino employees posts like I see here. Survey tables often where you play and let's shut down the cheaters.

steve-savemart55 on February 2, 2005

My note on you, ILoveClOCKS: "Plays all inside straight draws to the river....this guy is a complete joke who thinks he's good"

rheins2000 on January 31, 2005

Lets see, I had a suited AK in the early position right off the button, raised the ante, and was called by the SB. The flop, A5A, excellent.The SB bets at me, even better, I raise him, he reraises me, I raise him back. The turn a 7, he bets at me, so I just call him, and the river a 2, same bets. He flips over his A7 off. So he beats me with an A7 off. I know the PP scenerio, if I had the A7 off, I would have lost the hand with the low kicker, but this is Rigaroma, we are talking about, and once he kept raising me after the flop, I knew, that I had him beat after the flop, and he would somehow beat me betwen the turn and the river, that is how the rig is played on this site. I agree, poker has its bad beats, but the truly amazing thing at Party Poker, is, you are 99% of the time on the losing end of the bad beat. I have had this scenerio repeat over and over and over again. If you want to know who the planted players at a table are, thats easy, just say that party poker is rigged, and watch them jump out of their seats defending it. Why would a site that makes so much money on a rake do this, you might ask, well I guess the answer is simple, Greed ! Do you think the site is run by a group of honest alter boys ? Or, can it be a bit sinister ? Look at the largest jackpot they ever had, lets see now,Lucky1lucky1 lost the hand to zzzzz69, hmmm, what names, wonder how long it took the site to make up those 2 names, at least they had enough of a sense of hunor to throw in the 69, kind of an ironic way of saying they just screwed everyone. I can list hundreds of hands I played that were beaten with nothing, AA with preflop raise called only by the BB with 10 2 off, whats the flop, 722, AK preflop raise 2 hands in a row, called onyl by the BB, and both times the BB got flushes with suited 72, and suited 63. KK called by AJ off, lost to runner runner diamonds. The list is so extensive, and to look at all these hands is almost humorous. The last and final hand I played before I deleted the site, I had high pair, with 4 hearts, which also gave me a flush draw in a NL torny, The bb made a small bet after the turn, and I went all in, he called my bet, and the river card gave him an inside str, he had nothing whatsover when he called an all in, and then he says, boy did I get lucky. Well, its funny, cause there are an awfyl lot of people calling down great hands with nothing, and magically getting lucky, and if you should try chasing a hand on this site, I guarentee you, you will not be so lucky. Are these just bad players, playing gawd awful cards getting lucky, I don't think so, why are the humna players, always the ones getting badly beaten ? Its very simple, they prerig the hands, they plant house players at the tables, and they get lucky at an astronomical rate. There isn't anyone sitting there looking over PP's site, so they can do whatever they like, and they are, period. Anyone defending this site, is working for them.

Rigaroma on January 31, 2005

I've gotten the same bad beats at pokerstars too. However at Party poker, I've won a 100 hold'em tourney for $6000 and a $12600 package for the WPT cruise in March - so how can I complain? If you feel the table raked games are rigged - don't play them.. However, I have had lots of success in the touneys and there is no rake for the site to steal. Learn to enjoy the site for what it is or go to your local casino and play at a live table.

Mahovlich on January 31, 2005

I'm going to say that the site is horrible on account of its mediocre software, horrible support, and insanely loose players. I don't buy the accounts of cheating and bots and so on, but even with that, it's probably not worth your time unless you enjoy **really** loose games. I gave up on the site after realizing that I had to spend an hour to find a table that wasn't too loose for my taste. 50,000+ users and about 12 of them know how to play a good, fun game of poker.

Citizen Cain on January 31, 2005

Holy Sweet Hell...all of the people who are saying Party Poker is legitimate and the people losing are just whining and are terrible players, are those same joke players who are gut fishing every hand and pulling ridiculous rivers. I think everyone here knows how to play poker, and to sit down at these tables and compare them to every live game Ive been in and every TV game Ive seen is a freaking JOKE. I dont care if you're brain dead stupid, and just got your neck severed by a rusty tractor, NOONE plays 86 off suit for a 900 chip 1st position raise when there are 4 people left in a $200 tourney and the chip counts are about 3000 to 2400 to 2200 to 2100.......then the flop comes out A A 10.........then I bet all my chips with an A J.....he calls with nothing, and pulls 2 running diamonds to get a flush. That doesnt happen. Ever. Period. And if you think that was the first time.....wrong.....that was the 2nd to last in a losing run of 14 straight tournaments where I put all my chips in EVERY SINGLE TIME BUT ONCE WITH THE BEST HAND.....LITERALLY. Two times out of those 14, the guy calls with a one card gutshot straight draw with 1 card left. And guess what card came on the river both of those times. Probably the worst thing I ve ever seen though, was in a stud game(and I realize stud players stay with anythying and everything)....but I had 3 aces showing(yes I said 3 aces showing on the first three board cards)....a guy called me all the way down.......we were the 2 chip were his cards in order.....9 2 J 3 6 5(no flush draws by the way....none at all).....and the last card....does anyone know what it could possibly be?....if you said 4, then youve played at Party Poker before. Called me down for all 2400 of his chips with a pile of crap I wouldnt use to scrape the dog crap off my sidewalk with. And, if it matters, I am still up $700 overall since I started, so to all those morons who dont see anything weird with Party Poker, I'm not dead broke and just whining, and I probably have notes on every one of you.....reading: "This guy is the freaking dumbest thing Ive ever seen....I mean, are you kidding me....he called with (name your cards) when the board showed(name the board)...I am going to find this guy and rip his teeth out and beat his robot head in with them." Literally, if the cards went the way of the odds, just 60% of the time, I would be up there with shaunyboy and his $32,000. This site is a complete joke. I tell myself ever time I get on that the odds have to work themselves out after a while.....they never have....I have had to grind my way through limit sessions so many times to keep my money total up after jackasses pull rivers on me in every big tourney I play. I have logged about 5,000 hours on this site, constantly getting jammed by people calling monster bets on the come and drawing out every time. I know poker, I know odds, I know jokes....and this site is a complete joke. But it sure is fun when you win on morons calling that same stuff and not pulling it on I keep playing until I lose money.

rheins2000 on January 30, 2005

Oh and by the way, if you are having any problems with your account, talk to Mihjad Mehosapitapetilan in the customer service department. He is very long as you are fluent in the Mid East Coptic languages of the dead era.

rheins2000 on January 30, 2005

Oh, and DuckbombTom is right on.....if some guy played that 86o against my AJ that close to the money in a live game like he did, I would sacrifice my job, my life, my wife and kids, to jump over the table and plunge my fountain pen into his dirty river rat jugular. Have a great day everyone!

rheins2000 on January 30, 2005

The river is not shady you are a bunch of annoying paranoid fucktards. Learn math and get a basic understanding of probabilities. However, party poker will freeze your account if you make a mistake depositing or something and its a real pain in the ass. so it gets a 9.

ILoveClocks on January 30, 2005

People bluff with rags more online and suck out because they do not have to look their oppopnent in the eye when they make terrible poker moves. Getting beat by A-7 with A-K is not that terrible. Happens all the time. Its a game of numbers and random probability. PP seems alright, but I only play low stakes. My only complaint is that once you go below 5 bucks your money is dead, until you deposit more. No free rolls either. As for online cheating, my answer is, where there is a will there is a way. Especially when millions of dollars are at stake.

DuckbombTom on January 29, 2005

A lot of big pots being lost or giving to people who stay in with next to nothing and bet like there is no tomorrow and end up winning on the River card, which by the way would be played with a slight delay. Played over 150 hands nothing to even bet on. I won the first time I joined and lost ever since. This site is not on the up and up stay away! Convinced they have their own players at every table. STAY AWAY!

Me. on January 28, 2005

I would rate it a 0 but they don't have 0. Lets see, the last hand I played, I had an AK and raised from early position, the only caller was the sb. the flop was AA5, THe sb raised at me, I raised him back, he reraised me, and I raised him back, next card was a 7, and wouldn't you know, he called the preflop with an A7 off, what miracle. Anyone with any poker skill, would have a good indication I had the AK, and would have just called, but to be reraised twice with A and low kicker, come on. The hands are rigged and the house players clean up. I can tell you a few hundred of these same stories, I know bad beats are a part of poker, but at party poker, 99% of the time, you are on the losing end of the bad beat, thats the odd part. Just a few hands before this one I had pp 7's flopped a full house, and a k comes on the river and my heads up opponent just happened to have KK, Two hands in a row I raised the ante and was called by the BB, and aces flopped both times, and I was flushed on the river, by the BB's, twice I was on the bb and caught 3 of a kind only to find that the ante raiser caught full houses. When I'm not in the hand, high pair wins, when I am in the hand I get reraised by someone with nothing who gets a magic river card, Its a constant series of bad beats which you are on the short end of the stick. There is only 1 true reaon this happens, they plant house player and rig the hands for them to win. And the really wird thing is they chase you to the river and always catch, if you played stupid like them, you get a nice slap in the face on a constant basis. There is just no explanation for so many other people to see the same thing, the site is totally rigged, and we were their suckers.

ppsuxs on January 28, 2005

The article is really good and I would agree that playing against a BOT programmed to "Play" poker is normally easy to beat. I have the MxSholdem simulator with 9 canned players (BOTS) and I can beat them without to much difficulty.But Party Poker's BOTs aren't there to win, they are there to generate larger pots = bigger rakes. This changes the complexion of the game.Also: notice that BOTS employed by Party Poker as SHILLS is not being addressed anywhere. Seems a bit too big a possiblity to be overlooked by folks. At least you would expect a denial or soeone to ask PArty POker point blank if they are using BOTS.

skeeter on January 26, 2005

Your Sample Sizes Are All Insignificant. Do Any Of You Understand What That Means? Do Any Of You Undertand The Concepts Of Probability? Standard Deviation? Variance? The "long-run"?

sample size on January 26, 2005

A while back, 2 guys in Florida called the police to report they had been ripped off during a drug deal. If you are smart enough to recognize how stupid these two guys are, apply the exact same logic to reporting party poker. It's illegal to gamble in most states. Besides, as SAMPLE SIZE as so disingeniously implied, all you are WRONG because you can't "Prove" you were cheated. In fact, it is a statistical impossiblity to prove you have been cheated. That's right. You get pocket aces dealt to you 5 times in a row. Strange yes, outside the mathematical norms, yep, Statistically possible? Betcher ass. Let's review: you are involved in an illegal activity with a company that is outside the jurisdiction of everyone and no matter what happens, there is no way to prove you have been cheated cause SAMPLE SIZE is going to jump in and demonstrate how your losses are within "acceptable" variances.Party Poker is a web page with some software. Computer geeks call this a virtual company. It exists on the web. They could shut down party poker today and start up as tomorrow.

skeeter on January 26, 2005

Article on bot usage in online poker rooms

Unregistered on January 25, 2005

BOTS are in play at Party Poker. I had AK suited and raised from an early position. The BOT sitting next to me Re-raised, a 3rd raise came in from late position. 4 of us in the hand. Flop was A J 4. I raised with my aces. Ths BOT Re-raised again. Turn was a 3, river was a 9. BOT re-raised a total of 5 times. He had a 3 and 9 unsuited. He re-raised with a 9 high pre-flop, no flush or straight draws. He re-raised after the flop, still had nothing and 2 overcards on the board. He re-raised on the turn with a pair of 3s. He re-raised on the river with 2 pair... And won. One player immediately commented: That sucks. Player 2 commented "That ain't right". Two players immediately left the game.

Skeeter on January 24, 2005

unreal, ive been a favorite in 95% of my showdowns and lost 80% of em. This site is a joke. Would certainly go elsewhere.

enreal on January 24, 2005

If you like to play rags this is your site. Im never playing at this crooked site again.

rags are good here on January 24, 2005

How is this site not investigated and shut down. The rules and percentages of poker dont apply at party poker.

how on January 24, 2005

If there is two people all in in front of you and you have rags push them in you'll surely suck out. This site is an absolute joke, would strongly advise u steer clear of party poker. To many bots and is designed to keep you around even no matter if you are great or terrible in poker skills. That way the buy ins never stop.

amazingly gay on January 24, 2005

the betting, playing, and navigating through the site is good. lots of different games to play. Not playing there again though. For over a month i've lost almost 95% at the river. this is when i got sets, straights, flushes, and full-boats after the flop or turn and i knew i had the stronger hand and was betting accordingly. I know "it's poker," but, i play at real cardhouses/casinos; and sure, i lose at the river at times. But, not 95% of the time. Yesterday i had a friend watch, and whenever i put someone all-in, I always (100%)lost at the river, and i had the better hand 80% of the time. after losing a bunch of $$$, my buddy was right, play with play money, but NOT real $$$. lesson learned, never again. keep your money, and if you have to play, go to a cardhouse.

neveragain on January 23, 2005

There is an accepted and understood part of poker in casinos and card rooms: Shills and Props. These terms refer to players who are employed by the cardroom to get a game going so that players arriving at a cardroom have a place to sit down and play. The differences between a Shill and prop? One keeps his winnings, the other doesn't. Both are on the payroll at the casino/cardroom.You should immediately notice the simularity between a SHILL/PROP and a BOT. Given that the BOT is merely performing a service that is considered acceptable in the gaming industry, why on earth would Party Poker NOT USE them.I think Party Poker's random number generator is fair, but the dynamic of the game is changed when a BOT is introduced. More betting, more people invested in the pot and staying around longer than they should = more beats on the river. For the record, party poker is raking new players over the coals with their BOTS. I was completely discouraged by my results at Party Poker but when I went to Ultimate Bet and Poker Room, I immediately started winning and have progressed to the $3/$6 tables where I routinely win. Not a lot, but enough to keep the game enjoyable and the free.For those of you playing in the tournaments and high level limits at Party Poker, the lower limits are an absolute mess and unless you spend a fair amount of time playing at these levels, you shouln't pass judgement.

Skeeter on January 21, 2005

I love these people that talk about how much they've won. LOL I'm sure shaunyboy. I've also seen you play and I know your full of BS. The reason party poker falls short is because of unbelievable hands that happen too many times seeing runner, runner to claim a pot. Always so many callers and chasers that catch on the river. This site is unrealistic. People do not call all in bets hoping to catch and inside straight draw on the river in real life, but on party poker it's a normality and I'd say a good 30% to 50% of the time they catch their inside straight. Also too many 4 card flushes on the board. Don't know how many times I've flopped a flush only too have a fourth of that suit show up on the river and lose to a higher kicker. I've won and lost on this site but honestly luck seems to prevail over skill on this site. For those who say all these people complaining don't know how to play poker get a life. The people complaining on here are the ones who DO know how to play and are sick and tired of getting burned by bad players that catch miracle river cards. Party Poker takes the skill out of the game!

Party Poker Sucks on January 20, 2005

ithink partypoker (PP) is the perfect on-line poker site for any1. i have played several other sites but so far i think PP is the best.there is always good connection unless it is during a storm and u have dial-up. i have had no probs.with PP the only downside is that there are a few cheating sites that people use that makes u very pissed off..i recomend u to play the multi-tournament games because they are the best. the sit and go tournaments are pretty good.....

baseball89 on January 20, 2005

Great site, if you have a problem with either thinking new platers get great hands, or losing on the river. Your looking for an excuse because your sh*t.I play on $2/$4 & $3/$6 tables, and always start every night with around $50 - $100 from my account. 5 nights out of 7 i will end with roughly $400 after 2 - 3 hours play, and oocasioanlly i wont but i limit myself and dont reload that night.. Making a profit each and every week since i started over 9 months ago..If you cant play poker YOU WILL lose money... If you cant play poker YOU WILL look for excuses to blame anyone else but yourself. The only reason i dont give it 10/10 and 9, is that the river card could do with coming down slower so your able to actually see the hand that one, rather than it all taking place and having to look at the hand history to see what happened..

shaunyboy on January 19, 2005

Totally agree shaunyboyThis site is the dogs biscuit

youhandloses on January 19, 2005

you guys need to move on. ive been thru the anger phase, you will get over it. there are more important things out there. just realize it is a scam, no doubt. anyone who says the cardplay is fair is just being ignorant. play your speed, or go work on your car. close this thread and move on w your lives.---shaunyboy, over 32000 dollars in nine months minimum? never losing? damn, we must be blessed...we have witnessed the greatest pokerplayer ever...youre bs. (ive seen you play)

peckerneck on January 19, 2005

This place is a joke. I used their site to refer my roommate... then proceeded to sign her up on my other computer. I followed all their instructions exactly and they refused to honor their $50 bonus that was offered for referrals. After fighting for a week they insisted that instructions were not followed and I would not be getting my bonus. They were rude and slow with their responses. Their site lacks graphics, not easy to maneuver around their site, and customer support is slow to respond. There is no shortage of places to play. Dont bother supporting these scammers. Obviously, there are plenty of complaints other than just mine... just look around.

Jo. on January 17, 2005

I agree with alot of people here about bots and scanners. once you start winning and cash out, the hands get real bad and your forced to deposit the money back in again. Percentages are fixed with certain players depending upon who party poker wants to keep hooked. Stick with the real live casino poker games where people cant see your hands. Check out websites and put in "poker bots" and "poker cheating" in your search bar. you will soon discover how these online casinos rake in money. not only by hand buy by putting in bots at $30 tables. go in yourself and see how many (bots) just sit at tables waiting for a person to come along. They wont respond to you and they sit for hours at a table. according to MSNBC, the only way you know it is a bot is when they sit there for 24 hours in a stretch. no exhaustion factor for a bot. play fake money it will keep you on top of your game for when you go to a real casino.dont be stupid like I was.... investigate first before throwing your real chips in the pot.

riverstud on January 15, 2005

Alright. There it is. An analysis of David Sklansky's top 16 hands as recorded by PokerTracker (see the software tab) for the 2,500 or so hands I have played at Party Poker over the past two months. Please note that all but one have been profitable. I am no expert, but I am competative. I am not a bot. I do not work for Party Poker. I do not cheat. If you are not getting similiar results from these hands, it is not because the game is rigged, it's because your soft-playing them and letting your oppenents outdraw you cheaply. If your losing, hit the books, rethink your game and stop whining.(2,478 hands)Hand Dealt Win % Net AveAA 10 80.0 $57.00 $5.70 AKs 6 66.7 $53.00 $8.83 AKo 19 47.4 $47.00 $2.47 AQs 12 75.0 $92.00 $7.67 AQo 17 29.4 ($2.50) ($0.15)AJs 6 83.3 $38.50 $6.42 ATs 5 40.0 $14.50 $2.90 KK 9 66.7 $35.00 $3.89 KQs 6 50.0 $12.00 $2.00 KJs 7 28.6 $44.00 $6.29 QQ 19 84.2 $293.00 $15.42 QJs 6 33.3 $8.00 $1.33 JJ 6 33.3 $13.50 $2.25 JTs 6 16.7 $10.00 $1.67 TT 14 35.7 $55.50 $3.96 99 12 66.7 $128.00 $10.67

Harry on January 15, 2005

Ok I'm not a pro but I don't think I'm terrible either. If I was a lousy player maybe I'd win some money on this crooked site. Of course bad beats are a part of poker that's why it's called gambling, but let's be reasonable. There are way too many examples of absolutely ridiculous hands that win on this site. Good example playing tonight, throwing my last $22 into a $20 SNG NL hold em tourney. 4 people/bots left. I have 1912 chips I'm dealt pocket kings. I raise all-in 2 people fold, one calls with their last 1700. Cards are turned over he/bot has 2,9os I'm thinking are u kidding me. I knew I was in trouble. Flop comes 2,2,9 now if that isn't some BS I have no idead what is. What person in their right mind would make that call? One more example last night I was playing at a 25NL Omaha table and no lie I saw one person/bot win 8 hands in a row with 6-8 people at the table during that span. What are the odds of that happening? If this site isn't crooked I have no idea what is.

Party Poker Sucks on January 14, 2005

Also would like to agree on many comments on this table about multiple pocket pairs. Don't know how many times I've seen 3 pocket pairs in one hand. Pocket aces are about 50% to win on this site!

Party Poker Sucks on January 14, 2005

I got attached to internet poker after seeing a Party Poker television advertisement. I DLed the software and played for awhile. For the first 2-3 weeks, i won like crazy. I would have great starting hands, get behind on the flop and pull it out on the river. I loved it, and then all of a sudden it disappeared. Maybe it was because I sat down in a 5-10 and cleaned up and then processed a cashout for over 2-grand. It took Party Poker 19 days to process that, and then the Middle-eastern support techs called me 4 times to verify my name, address, and bank information. After the cashout I left 200 in my account and had NOTHING!! My QQ would go up against J-6off...I'd lose to two pair on the river...or 4 of the same suit would come out, none of which I was holding. It was AWFUL!!! After the 200 I lost, I was done. It is definitely obvious that they support poor players to keep them winning, so they can lose it all on a binge. It is also obvious that once they see you take money out, they "red-card" you and don't win much for a long time. I also noticed, and agree with a previous post that I could win well one day, and lose the next. It was a pattern...never did I win 2 days in a row. I even waited a few days after I would win...and still, the next time I would play, snapped by awful players, playing awful cards. I wouldnt play or recommend Party Poker to ANYONE even for fun. The players are rude and foul, the support is rude and you can barely understand a word they say. I think they have it all laid out who is to win, and its all just a crap shoot so to speak. Party Poker is a 1 out of 10,000,000 on my scale. I started playing after a short hiatus to get my head on straight and LOVE is GREAT. Most people are nice...and the play money tournaments are fun when you don't want, or can't afford the real action. it out, I GUARANTEE you'll love it. Let me know what you think of it at [email][/email]... GOOD LUCK ALL!

PokrBowlict on January 12, 2005

Well as a newbie I put $50 in and busted out.They put $20 in my account and I started playing SnG's with it.I got it up to $500 (about 300 SnG's) and stated playing Ring 6 months ago.I just hit $2000 bankroll (all profit).I play lots of sites and shift money around for redeposit bonuses.Party's is the easiest and quickest bonus to release at the 25c/50c NL tables.I have almost 70,000 hands in PokerTracker from Pary/Empire. The distribution and expected winning hands are fine. Well within standard deviation.I can track 14 different types of player with PT. All the expected results are seen. The Fish and Calling Stations lose the most, the Tight and slightly lose Agrressives win, the Maniacs lose less than the CS/Fish but still lose overall and have the highest variation so include big winners.Stop whining - Party makes $2bn in rake/year entirely legitimately - do you really think they would fix it so the a flush-chaser hits too often at your 50c/$1 limit table or in your 10 $ SnG.Play well (and within your bankroll) and win money. Play badly (or outside your bankroll and lose).Part of the problem is that human beings don't really understand true randomness as they have evolved to spot patterns very well and are always looking for them. And random doesn't mean evenly spaced. If I get AA twice in a row then KK it isn't Party fixing the cards in my favor -it's just how true randomness works..

excession on January 10, 2005

Party used to be "almost" fun. I started out on Party my first site just learning. Went to cash, went up and down as expected for newbie. Kicker was though in 20 dollar tourney, me and only one other stack in hand, me short stack, (of course), I had AA pockets, flopped AQQ, I got all in, he turns over pocket queens. I got the gist of it. After depo depo depo just gave up. This site is a joke. I'll concur with the preponderance of magical river bad beats with a8 a9 all ins and runner runners. I just play the play chips now they wont get another nickle out of me. Its always the same, the 3 that get lucky out of hundred, say "oh its just good play". The 50 who got screwed who know how to play well and flop what appears to be nut then bad beat are never heard from. The rest are just amateurs who dont know what a bad hand is and call anything all the time all the way to river. Why do you think they have to advertise? Need new fresh meat but you depo and win DO NOT CASH OUT all the sites are like that you cash out you are screwed. I played at Desert Poker ran 20 bucks up in a hurry then lost lost lost. Put another 10 bucks in ran up to 120. Dropped to 100 cashed out. The beats were unbelievable. Paradise has same gig. Once you reach 120 off 50 depo the bad beats are unbelievable good go ins zero flops. They get it all back. The secret to online poker is to never win....

BigShoesAAA on January 10, 2005

Sorry last comment should read "turns over pocket queens, turn queen" for quads.

BigShoesAAA on January 10, 2005

You people basically do not understand that poker is not about the cards but about the players... You "great" tight players are so tight that you can be bluffed out by a couple of check-turns when there are overcards or flush/straight draw on your pocket pair. You are too passive to bluff out people after raising with AJ, AQ and not hitting a pair. And guess what. Sometimes you actually hit a hand and call my check-raises without reraising hoping to get more money out of me and on river sometimes magic happens. I actually hit my gutshot or flush and then your set is toast. But you do not notice the 8 other times when you had the same hand and i folded to your bet on river so you didnt see my cards. And its all your fault for being way too passive, too conservative. Your lack of aggression allows me to bluff you out enough to compensate me for those times when you do have a hand. So when I river your hand with a gutshot draw thats just pure fun and profit, especially cause you start thinking that the software is rigged or that i can see your cards. I dont have to see your cards to know how to play your type using a general strategy. PP is great! Its full of rocks like you guys to be bluffed out and loose aggressive fish who chase and raise like madmen with lowest pair. Learn to play with fish who watched too much WSOP and rocks who read too much lederer and helmuth and don't know how to play heads-up and you can consistently make money....

bubba on January 9, 2005

how can so many different players from so many different regions and so many different styles of play have such similar comments? i was floored to read over these posts, as i relate to each and every bbeat listed. pointless to list arguments, as there are diehards on both sides of the fence. i am on the 'rigged site' side, just wanted to pipe up.btw: consistAnt=consistent your=you're,youre to=toohow can you make a solid point if you cant pay attention to your grammar?the fix is on, face it. if you touch a hot stovetop, you get burned. if you touch it again, its on you. you take your chances, cuz you cant get away from the game. me either. i hate PP, but its like coke. it gets a 5 cuz its the most user friendly. pacific poker has better sit and go tourneys by far though...more to come

majorpothead on January 9, 2005

Way Way too many fake players. They seem to work on teams. I found out the hard way how they get you.... they out draw you by calling bull with multiple player. If you fold they almost never run them to the end. You might as well call this site a racket. ***This is coming from an honest player!

Franky Aces on January 8, 2005

Are these "Fake Players" real people or are they just screen ID's that are just planted there and then run on the computer software program? Why assume that all these "people" who call with BS or who catch their magic card on the river are just "BAD PLAYERS" simply getting lucky?Maybe they are planted there by the hou$e. Maybe they are players who don't even exist. Just think: 1 or 2 plants could do per table. They could play so unpredicatably and so "Poorly" and get so lucky that almo$t alway$ they would be unbeatable!Why would a HUMAN PLAYER call an all in pre-flop bet wQ7 against a player with about $800 who has only played 1 hand in a tournament so far after about 20 hands? Why? You can probably figured out what happened that's why.Just ask yourself why sometimes! Scratch you chin, shake you head in PURE DISBELIEF! $imply $hocking. Don't a$$ume that all these bad beats that happen when your "POCKET ACES GET CRACKED" are just due to someone calling you out of $TUPIDITY. Maybe the person who called you isn't even a person at all. I'm not any allegations. I'm just simply asking questions. Just out of curisity. Everyone should ask themselves "WHY?" once in a while. A few days ago, I was wondering this myself when some one went in all in and I called them pre flop with pocket Kings! (WHY not I got the 2nd best starting hand, right!!??) Gue$$ what? They had deuce seven offsuit and caught there card on the river to make a $traight! Needeless to say, I was very suprised. But even more importantly, I wa$ bu$ted!

Are these "Fake Players" actually people on January 8, 2005

Well, it $eems like people are finally figuring out why they are rigging the hands. I have seen so many preflop ante raises with 5,7 off and 46 off, were these players always hit a straight that its sickening. PP would like you to believe that these are bad players getting lucky, but its house players playing out prerigged hands.And if you watch even closer, when they have AK and raise the ante, the flop will be AKK, never fails, no matter what they have, thats what the flop is, and when you do it with AK the flop will be 567, then comes either the 89 or 4, for the old 1 card str, or a 1 card flush. If you really want to get a good eye full, take the top money players, and do a table search on them, and you will see they are playing 4 tables at the same time, non stop, with no breaks, and they are the top money winners on all 4 tables, with the same nonsense, take it a step further, and you will see these people on all the time, and always winning, and a lot of times you will see them at th same tables together, Hmmmm, what a coincidence ! Believe me, pp is a non stop bad beat site, if you have a solid set on the flop, watch it get clobbered after the turn and river. When you complain to PP, they tell you its very bad players getting a fluke lucky hand, well if thats what it is, than a solid player should be cleaning up on PP, but, every hand is a bad player getting lucky. Another thing to watch for is this, when you get Ax, the flop is always K, when you play Kx, the flop is always Awhen you have suited red cards, the flop is all black and vice a versa. I've seen so many people do a preflop raise with JQ off and the flop will be 10,K,A. Or a 4,6 off and the flop is 75K, and of course a 3 on the turn. If you want to have a good laugh, just watch the play on 1 of their tables, my best guess is they have 2-3 house players and sometimes as many as 5-6.

ppsux on January 8, 2005

pokerstars is better, pokerstars is better, pokerstars is better, pokerstars is better!

akqj10 on January 7, 2005

Party Poker is a great site, support is good, bonuses are great and the players are loose. I am amazed at how some players who take a bad beat believe there must be some sort of cheating going on, well, we all take bad beats, its part of the game, so get over it.

skipp on January 7, 2005

Hehe PP is rigged...riiiiiiiight.Personally, I prefer PokerStars, but if you think a site is rigged then you are genuinely an idiot.What are the cons of the managing director or PartyPoker deciding to rig the cards? He could go to jail, lose everything and more and the site don't actually make any more money from making it rigged.And what are the pros? It gives good players something to bitch about.Poker sites aren't rigged, just because your aces got cracked doesn't mean the site is rigged. Period.

nick on January 7, 2005

pokergenius is right on the money ! I would either rate the site a 0, because thats what you will leave with, or a 69, because thats what they are doing to you. The minute I get a full house at this site, I know I should just fold, because there is going to be a magic river card, that will give someone else a better full house, and it happens over and over. THe really amazing thing is when you flop top 2 pair, and bet, next thing you know, you are being reraised by 1 person, so you reraise them back, then the turn and more reraising, then comes the river, and bingo, you had k's and 9's, the person rerasing you had a pair of 4's, and guess what he has now, A's and 4's, happens over and over again, was this just luck ? Nope, what it is, they plant house players, set up the hands, and whack you on the river, Plain and simple, PP is rigged, there is no other explanation for the consistant bad beats by people reraising you with nothing, and then rivering you time and time again. PP will tell you its either a bad run of luck for you, or its a bad player getting lucky, I would buy that story if this was a freak incident, but this is the norm here, I had pp AA and flopped a set of aces, 1 person stayed in with a 5 7 off, and he reraised the preflop, he reraised the post flop, he reraised the turn, and at this point he had nothing, on the river, was the magic card, a 6 which gave him an INSIDE straight, what a miracle, he had nothing preflop, he had nothing post flop, got 1 card on the turn for an inside straight, and caught an inside straight on the river, I can see if this was an idiot just chasing and getting lucky, and just calling the bets, but this guy reraised all the way through the hand to the max limit, now, PP shills, how do you explain your way out of a hand like that.I have asked PP to investigate several players and several hands, but they do not, of course not, they know the why this is happening, its because they are cheating and prerigging the hands to their planted players. I have requested a refund from them, for their dishonesty and they refuse. I would like to create a website, for other people who agree with this and go after them with a class action lawsuit.

ppsux on January 6, 2005

one very simple reason why i rank this site a 1 on a scale of one to 10. PARTY POKER has absolutely no integrity! Switch to poker stars if you are playing on party'll see what i mean. POKERSTARS is the best online poker room the net has to offer.

prankster4609 on January 6, 2005

made thousands playing on POKERSTARS...lost thousands on party poker...i hate party poker...i lover POKER STARS...and to ppl that defend on pokerstars where there are better players...u'll find ur not as good as u think u r

rounder35 on January 6, 2005

harry i totally agree bad poker players will lose to solid players over the long run on a level playing field but with bots and collusion things you cannot control is where problem lies. online poker is a great concept but there are just to many ways to cheat as i stated and i am postive the site dose not want it to happen either. the 60 minute story will not come good players beating bad ones it will come from the cheating side. enjoy the football game hope they are not shaving points ha ha

prodgers on January 5, 2005

I originally made a post a few months back defending partypoker. After taking a little more time to investigate, I must admit I was wrong. Now dont get me wrong, My beef isn't with game play. Getting your brains beat in at the river more times than not has mainly to do with the schools of fish who learn bad playing habits while playing for play money. Where my beef stands is with the cards that are dealt and nothing to do with gameplay. Try this sometime: Take a deck of cards and deal Texas Hold Em like there were 10 people playing. How many times do three players have pocket pairs in the same hand? Very rarely. This is a constant happening with PP. Now heres the kicker. On the day I decided to leave, I played a $20 sit-n-go and saw trips on the flop ON THREE STRAIGHT HANDS! For anyone interested, the odds on this is 424*424*424 (424/1 on trips happening one time) Exactly 76,225,024 to 1! And its not the first time I've seen it! My advice to you is to come to the Gaming Club. THeres only a tenth of the traffic as PP but that means less collusion, very few cheaters, and many tables you will see the same faces making it easier to pick up their playing styles. You can still get a respectable ring game at nearly any limit you choose (as high as $200/$400) They also have multi-table sit-n-go's. And with 6 FREEROLLS every day, you'll be playing a lot of free poker for real cash. A solid player will clean up over here.

bigdaddy910. on January 5, 2005

I deleted Party Poker for a second time and never intend to go back. I thought I would give them a 2nd chance after not playing there for a couple of months. They by far have the best tournament structure out there, but when the games are "programmed" or "predetermined" to make certain seats/players win, it creates major suspicion in my mind. I have played at numerous other sites and find Pacific Poker to be the most realistic and fair. The best hands win and are very rarely beat by the miracle 1-outer. Of course it happens occassionally, but not with the same over and over again repitition as Party Poker. I base this on simple facts. If you still play at Party Poker, keep track of this and you will see what I am talking about. We all love bad players at our tables, you know the ones who call with little or no outs, but it seems on Party Poker that these guys are hitting those outs at an alarming rate. You could be winning with the best hand against 6 or 7 people at the table, but are constantly losing to 1 or 2 players. That would be fine if they had the best of it, but they don't. They are literally hitting their miracle card time and time again on the river, against you only. It is like it is programmed to pay off that way almost like playing video poker instead of true randomness against an inferior opponent. How is it that possible? It's like OK seat 3 will lose to seat 1 when in the same hand, but will beat seats 8, 9 and 10. But seat 1 will lose to all seats except seat 3, even if their hand is far inferior, then the 2 perfect cards seat 1 needs to beat seat 3 will hit. You know what I'm saying? I truly feel there is no randomness to the play at Party, but predetermination of who will beat who. Give the bad player just enough of the hand knowing he will play it out, and put out the cards he needs to win when up against certain players. Seriously, watch for this. When you are taking bad beat after bad beat when going in with the best of it, you will see that it is the same person tha tis putting the bad beats on you with far inferior hands. Like some of the other posts have said, maybe they do this to "hook" or "reward" new or bad players to keep them coming back, but once they do, the same beats will be happening to them. By the way, I am not some disgruntled recreational player, I am a Floor Supervisor in poker at a Major SOuthern California Casino as well as a 40 hour a week player. I watch thousands of hands played every week and never see the severity of bad beats that I do on Party Poker. I honestly feel they are not legitimate and they do things to increase their amount of play and players without any regard to fairness, only to their bottom line. Their is no regulation of online poker, no gaming commission to ensure fairness, and Party Poker exploits that fact.

pokergenius on January 5, 2005

i agree that it certainly is not in pp best interest in do anything wrong and i am sure that they do all they can to prevent any kind of wrong doing the golden goose is at stake but this is the justification i think everyone has that wants to play i myself moved down from 15/30 to 3/6 thinking it was less advantagious for collusion but it is also no good for a full time player because of the rake the time put opposed to your profitability is very small the tournaments 30 and up seem your best option because a multipel team of entrants would have to last long enought to get to the same table to do damage. which is possible but harder to do. their security has to be just as vigilant about their own people as much as the general public because it is a fact that most stealing in retail and the corporate world comes from a few bad employees. REMEMBER WHAT MAN CAN PUT TOGETHER MAN CAN TAKE APART. THIS COULD BE A 60 MINUTES SHOW WAITING TO HAPPEN

prodgers on January 4, 2005

Next on Sixty Minutes, thousands of bad poker players lose to better players on-line. Details after the football game.

harry on January 4, 2005

You people are very sad. Party poker isn't rigged. I don't need to offer any reasoning why becuase none of you will listen. If it's rigged, surely someone somewhere would be able to bring the entire company down. That is my challenge to you. Expose Party Poker with cold hard evidence and bring them to their knees.

you people are sad on January 3, 2005

Well, here's a simple test!Go to PARTYPOKER.COM.Play 100 hands on the play money tables.Record the results of each hand. Let us know what your Hole cards were and what your opponents hole cards were and what the odds were for each of you pre-flop, after the flop, after the turn and then after the river.Then put a star beside each bad beat and each "Miracle Card"!Also, of particular interest, put 2 BIG STARS next to each hand in which it would make sense to go all in but you loose any way!!See how many STARS you come up with and on how many hand the odds are "ROUTINELY" defied!How many stars should you have in 100 hands?How many bad beats should some one suffer or how many miracle cards should some one get?It would probably take less than 3 hours to play 100 hands on PARTYPOKER.COM on the play money tables...I've been there. I've seen it with my own two eyes.If some one wants to find out for themselves,Go there and play!IT WILL BE PERFECTLY OBVIOUS! CRYSTAL CLEAR!IT WILL SMELL LIKE YOU'RE WALKING THROUGH A FISH MARKET ON A HOT SUMMER DAY!

to sad on January 3, 2005

Here are some typical scenerios on pp, that happen on a consistant basis** Dealing down cards ** I am aaaaa and raise the ante, with AA only 1 player stays in.Dealt to aaaaa [ Ad As ]aaaaa raises [$4].bbbbb calls [$4].** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, Td, Qd ]aaaaa bets [$2].bbbbb calls [$2].** Dealing Turn ** [ Js ]aaaaa bets [$4].bbbbb calls [$4].** Dealing River ** [ Ah ]aaaaa bets [$4].bbbbb raises [$8].aaaaa is all-In [$1.5]bbbbb shows [ Kh, Th ] a straight, ten to ace.aaaaa doesn't show [ Ad, As ] three of a kind, aces.I had the same thing happen with a set of 8's on the flop, and another player had pp j's, the turn and river gave them a str using the jjVarious other times I had top 2 pair and reraised the better to be raised back, he had a pair of 4's I had k's and 9', the river is anA and he ends up with A/4'sThese scenerios hapen over and over, you can say bad luck, yes, I agree,but on PP this is what happens 1000 times over, if you hit a set or top 2 pair, or a str or flush on the flop, you might as well fold because the river card will beat it. They should be closed down.

ppsux on January 3, 2005

This is only a test!Try this on the PARTYPOKER.COM's play money tables:Only play strong starting hands!Fold everytime you have a marginal or weak hand ONLY play:*Pocket pairs that are 7 or higher (Or pocket 9's or 10's on up depending on your starting hand strength criterea).*A,9 through A,K.*K,10 through K,Q.*Q,10 and Q,J's.J,10's just out of curiosity!Each time you get one of these hands, simply go all in!Someone will more than likely call you with "Non-playable hands" such as 8,4 or J,2 etc. You'll be amazed at how many times people will call you pre-flop all in with hands like these and flat out bust you when they manage to flop or draw 2 pair, 3 of a kind or get lucky enough to somehow get a straight, a flush or even a boat! It seems like whenever you go all in, even with a legitimate starting hand, you are actually commiting suicide most of the time! See for youeself if you don't believe. (DON'T BELIEVE ME OR PEOPLE LIKE "YOU PEOPLE ARE SAD". SEE FOR YOURSELF CAUSE SEEING IS BELIEVING!)Again here's a better idea: Go all in PREFLOP for one hundred hands with the hands mentioned above! Record the results. Post them here please. Please let us know what your starting hands were, what the community cards were and what the hole cards were of the callers and of course what your odds to win the hands were preflop. It would be nice if several people did this and posted the results here! Good Luck!

even better idea on January 3, 2005

i have played poker for 40 years quite successfully in brick and mortar and home games i started playing at pp 15/30 held my own then lost 4k after cash out same results as i see stated here. i quit for a bit and decided i would play 3/6 had success and won 1500 took a shot in 15/30 again and won 3k entered 30 tourney placed 3rd win 1900 cashed out 4k and then i got more aa kk qq beat over the next 4 days then you could ever imagine and i played 8 to 10 hours a day everyday the only one i recoginize posting is eagle scout whom i have played with and i will say is a excellent player and i believe he has been successful he is one of the few people i see left over the past 1 year the point is BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT PLAYING ONLINE I HONESTLY BELIEVE YOUR NOT GETTING THE BEST OF IT THERE ARE WAY TO MANY WAYS TO CHEAT DONT MAKE A COSTLY MISTAKE LOL PAUL

prodgers on January 3, 2005

I've never claimed to be an expert at poker or a killer player, else I'd be playing more casinos and makeing rounds at WSOP. However, I do well for myself at the end of my week. When I first started online it was Paridise and Stars. I didn't care for the layout so I didn't stick around for more than a few months. I've been at Party for a little over three weeks and have been doing terrible. Now I admit, at first I could only throw my hands in the air and entertain some paranoid idea about forced hands for the house rake. I was seeing more boats, flushes and straights in one night than I saw all week. And watching some of these catches on the river really made me raise an eyebrow. But, I just told myself that the ego talking from too many bad beats. It happens. It's natural to remember more of your bad beats than your best take downs. And of course you see almost ten times as many hands online than you will at land based games per hour. Even takeing all this into consideration I'm at my wits end here. I play for an hourly rate an my home games and a weekly rate at the casinos. Depending on the stakes, my ratio stays pretty consistant. Not online. Whether I have it or not, I have to shake my head in disgust at seeing the same thing over and over. You've all seen it. The things that are caught on the river, the constant flush wars that are always one overcard higher than the other and two pair against trips. Now, again, you see more hands online bc the game is much faster, but the ratio in the real world just doesn't work out like this. You can get "cold hands" or go on tilt just as easily. But, doesn't it strike you as odd to hit a slump everytime you cash out here? Now don't call me paraniod or a sore loser just yet. When you go to enough casino's, you find the fixed tables and the shady pit lords. It happens to all of us when we start out as fish. They can do it bc there's always more fish out there. It's the rake that bothers me about this site and the others. That's where the money is generated. Remember that. Now think back to the ratio of made hands that go up against each other. That rake goes up higher and faster the bigger the pot is. Now maybe you're doing well. I'm not dead here, but I'm not makeing any money. Nothing signifigant at least. It's always up and down. And no offense, but the hand selection I see makes me cringe. But then I noticed something. Nobody was makeing any real money. Aside from the tournaments, at every table the money was just being passed around from player to player. The only real winner I saw was, you guessed it, the dealer and his rake. Now out of, let's just say 30 catagories there are about 100 table in each. Each table pulls a minimum of $1 a minute for the rake. That's 3000 tables. All makeing a dollar a minute. You do that math. I'm not trying to spread propaganda here. Just this, if you want to play online, don't play anything less than the 5/10 table or stick to the tournaments. All you have to do is watch a table for half an hour to notice. It's uncanny to see the difference in the winning hands from the 2/4 table to the 15/30. -end-

thelma on January 3, 2005

Trust me! Do not spend one dime on this site UNTIL you have at least played for a week or so on the free money tables first!Then you can judge for yourself if the near CONSTANT bad beats are unrealistic and improbable enough to be almost impossible and completely laughable!PARTYPOKER.COM is a digrace to poker!Who's getting rich!????????????Seriously, before you make your first deposit on this site, play on the free money tables for a while.Play "tight" and try to play as best as you possibly can.Keep notes!Figure out what the odds are for you and your opponent to make their draws , who's the favorite, who's the underdog etc.THE BOTTOM LINE IS:THE ODDS ARE ALMOST CONSTANTLY DEFIED ON PARTY POKER.COMDon't believe me. See for yourself.Again, my reasonable suggestion is: Play on the play money tables for a while (At least a week or 2)and then, only they decide for yourself if you want to play there for real money!!WILL even 1 person who's even played on there a lot even disagree with me about what I've just said?To summarize briefly: "The ODDS of underdogs vs favorites (Preflop AND after the flop), making draws etc, etc are in complete defiance of statistical probibility"Correct me if I am wrong BUT this is just my opinion!I'm not offering any proof of what I am saying!Go see for yourself! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!If you've never played on there before and then you happen to read this and go there and play, I would really like to hear from you in a couple of weeks!Don't let what I have said here cause you to have a biased opinion or a pre-conceived notion.Again: See for yourself and you decide!I'm not claiming anything!I'm just expressing my honest opinion after playing many, many fun and exciting and unbelievable hands there! POKER SHOULD BE FUN AND EXCITING BUT BELIEVABLE TOO!THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN? THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS?

John. on January 2, 2005

As far as programming goes, it's very stable and works well with my computer. Now, everybody wants to hear about how rigged this site is... well I can say I cashed out and for 2 months had nothing but just one long, depressing losing streak. I don't know how real that is, I have only cashed out a few times, I'm losing that bad lately, haha. OKAY OKAY BUT HERE GOES, here is the one thing i can attest to is being totally valid. THE PROBLEM IS WITH POCKET PAIRS. DON'T GET ALL EXCITED IF YOU HAVE A POCKET PAIR, WATCH THE GAME, AND YOU WILL SEE HOW MANY TIMES, HOW MANY TIMES, ***NEARLY ALL*** of the time someone else will have a pocket pair, if not 2 and sometimes even 3 others on that one round!!!!!!! That is my only gripe, but I have come to learn to fold my QQ's and JJ's and 44's when the flop doesn't support it, it is hard to do, but every time I just watch and in the end, realize that yes, it was a good fold, that was just a bait, A BAIT. not a bad site though, once you figure out how to handle this tidbit. =)

Antranik on January 2, 2005

All the bad beats come from magic river cards.... so ignore the shills posting

ppsuxs on January 1, 2005

I've been playing at Party Poker for over a year at low limits and turned a profit 13 of 14 months, playing sit and go tournaments and 2-4, 3-6 hold'em. I win by playing solid, patient, tight, aggressive poker. Yes there are many bad beats and more so on-line than in at a card club, but that is because you're are playing against some of the world's worst players, and you're playing three times as many hands per hours as you would live.I was playing at the Canterbury Card Club yesterday and lost with a set of sevens, set of fours and set of kings, all within 30 minutes. Was the dealer cheating me? Does the card club deal suck-out hands to house shills? No. I survived, regained control and ended up winning money on the night.All of you who are complaining need to take a step back and re-evaluate your game. I'm no house shill. I can't see your cards. I am not a bot. I do not work for Party Poker. Yet, I win every month. And I win money from guys like you who apparently don't understand that bad beats are part of the game and you will suffer a lot more of them when you don't know how to play your hands when there is a dangerous board. That's the beauty of Texas Hold'em. Since everyone shares five of the seven cards, whenever you get a good had, it's a pretty good bet the other guy has a good hand too. All those complaining here are the same ones that don't know the difference between an AK and an AJ and will play both the same, or when there is a lot of pre-flop betting they don't understand that your set of 8's can easily be beaten when you have two over cards on the board that could make someone a higher set, or that your pocket aces are in mortal danger when something like AJT flops, etc. etc. and on and on. I'll bet that none of the whiners ever make a tough lay-down when they need to. They just play there second-best hands to the river and whine when they get beat. And that's what makes me money, not some rogue software program or rigged site.

Harry on December 31, 2004

the bad beats on here are ridiculous stay away from this site

IveyWannabe03 on December 31, 2004, I wish I would have pulled my cash out before I lost it all. I turned my 190 buy in into 1200 bucks in about a week in a half, only to loose it all the past three days. The beats that I received today were too crazy to think they are doing anything other then cheating.1) I get pocket A's, raise the pot to 6, get raised to 25, I make the person on a pair lower then mine and go all in. I get called, pot is 142 dollars....the guy who called me has 9-7 off suited and hits two pair on the river.2) I get pocket A's again, things have been going so bad, I bet out at 15 bucks to force out the bad hands. I get one guy who calls me, flop comes all low cards, but all clubs. I have the A of clubs, so I go all in, get called by a guy who called my 15 dollar bet with 10-8 of clubs. I loose another 200 dollar pot.3)I flop top two pair two pair and bet 20 bucks. There is two diamonds on the board, bet another 20 on the turn and on the river another diamond hits and I loose out a hand where that is all the guy had going for him.That is just a few of the hands today, but I was not winning anything, my trip hands kept getting out drawn, two pair, people betting 30 bucks before the flop with hands like 8-3 off suited when I get top pair on the flop.The site cheats, there is no doubt in my mind, I will never return, just wish I would have looked this up before I lost all my cash.

Berserker on December 30, 2004

Party has the most selection of any site and the sit and goes are the only ones with essentially no waiting.I have mae a lot of money at PP, but I have also had 100 big bet draw downs. If you play enough, it all comes back with interest. PP is the real deal and they have no incentive to do anything but provide an honest game.

EagleScout on December 29, 2004

PP is the biggest joke on earth. There isn't enough room on this site to tell all the stories of all the really great hands that got rivered.If I have high pair, someone has higher kicker, If I flop 2 pair, then someone has trips. If I flop a straight, then someone rivers a flush. If I get trips, its either a straight or a flush on the river. Everytime I get a straight or flush on the turn, the river matches a card and someone had trips for a boat. The list is endless, it just gets worse and worse. Like others said earlier, they tell you your just on a bad run. Yeah right, of course its a bad run, and it lasts for months, same story no matter what. I can't tell you how many times I flopped sets, and someone flopped higher sets. If there is only 1 card that can come on the river that can beat you, your best bet on pp is to put your life savings on that card coming up, because it will. The tables are so rigged its pathetic. The last time I played there I actually sat there laughing at the ridiculous bad beats, one after the other after the other, no matter what table, no matter what limit. I cannot warn anyone more than this, if you have money you want to lose, save your time and just mail them a check. I don't care what anyone says, they rig the games pure and simple. Oh, and if you turn around and try to chase after a hand, you could have 20 outs and you will not get a card you need.

screwpp on December 29, 2004

OVERRATED!!! This place is not as good as it looks. Terrible Customer service and horrible game set-up. If you're smart you'll play somewhere else.

Dboy on December 27, 2004

LMAO, straightshooter says the site is on the up and up, then says they reward agressive betting. The cards are either random or rigged. If our Professional evaluator is correct, then it is rigged. My experience is more or less the same - you start off winning like crazy, play consistently and lose while playing the same strategy. I have a real money and a play money account. I have over $3 million in play chips but was smart enough to stop at original $100 real chips. Real money shot up to over $500 then like everyone else, started losing consistently. OK PP shills, now tell me play money people play loser and that's why you win with fake money - rigged pure and simple.

Str8Shooter_is_a_shill on December 26, 2004

I found this site because I was curious to see if others have had the same experience as I have with Party Poker. After reading most of the reviews here I see that others have had the same problem. I firmly believe that PP is a set-up. They purposely set up hands so that at least two people will go against each other. I'm not saying every hand is set up but I play at casinos just as often and I never see the kind of hands that I see on PP. How often do you get KK and someone else has AA? Give me a break. How many flushes and straights can people chase down on the river? I've read many poker books and the odds just don't match up. I've tried to play aggressive and tight and you get burned no matter what. PP lets you win a lot in the beginning and then as soon as you cash out your luck changes. So you deposit more money and get sucked in. I can't accept the excuse of "Well, you're just on a bad beat." No way. I know what a bad beat is and I know when I'm being set up. What's scary is all this talk about "scanners" and how people can see what cards you have. I'm cashing out permanently from PP. The reason I do give it a 3 rating is because the graphics and set-up of PP is excellent and user-friendly. The game play, however, is quite suspicious.

guest on December 22, 2004

A "rockish old fart on a respirator"idea is almost as funny as the concept of a "professional poker site evaluator". If the new wave of poker players are learning from television then they should know better than to play half the crap they play. Nerves of steel and killer instincts are second fiddle behind a guy whos willing to waste away ten grand at a 3-6 table. playing like an idiot doesnt matter to him. Thats what it is. Do yourself a favor, stick strictly to no limit tournaments. Let some idiot try playing his A3s or chase his gut-shot straights in a tourney. If he doesnt hit the first hand he chases, hes gone. The notion that your first mistake may well be your last will scare any maniac straight, that or he will lose his shirt one or the other.

bigdaddy910. on December 22, 2004

I consider myself a very good player and after spending some time at PP I am also of the opinion that something isn't right. I've played tens of thousands of live hands and never, ever seen the nonsense you see on this site. I too, was winning like crazy when I first deposited. Then after a while I got on a cold streak that I haven't seen in 30 years of playing. I'll go dozens of hands with rags then get KK when someone else has AA every time. I track every hand in PokerTracker and statistically something is very, very wrong. The hand strengths are way below average. Between the endless bad beats and 90% of the AKs type hands that don't even pair, I was beginning to think I was just the unlukiest person in the world. But after talking with others and reading online posts, I'm convinced that something's fishy. My gut was telling me and the statistics prove it. For me I'm taking my money out for good.

RegularPlayer on December 22, 2004

I'd like to know what the odds are of this hand happening the way it did. I'm not a poker pro and just play for fun but this hand seemed very strange to me. I was dealt 8s9s in late position it was raised about 3 times the bb and I called and the big blind called. The flop came 7s10sJs. Needless to say the bells and whistles went off and the first guy leads off with a sizeable bet, I thought here's my chance to bust this guy who had been playing really aggressive at everything and you just couldn't get him/her out of a hand. So I raised and he reraised, so I put all my money in and he called. So I think I got this one in the bag when he turns over Qs6c then the turn comes As and the river comes Ks. I just wanna know what the odds of that happening are and I still can't justify his play, but I'd really just like to hear from someone who calculates odds or something, cause that has to be some kinda crazy miracle to hit a royal flush to beat me. Needless to say after that I stopped playing at party poker.

guest on December 21, 2004

Wow, I was able to predict the quick response to my post about party poker being rigged, just as accurate as one can predict what will come on the river to beat you on this site. Its nice to see the people who are winning (aka - the fixers) quickly defending pp. They speak of the new breed of poker players, which I think they mean, is someone who is stupid enough to keep playing on a rigged site. That is the new breed that pp wants, ignorant people who don't mind having their hard earned money stolen from them. If PP is not fixed or rigged than I would love for them to invite me to come and examine the systems that are running their games. I will form an organization that validates the fact that it is legit. I will hire a team of trained programmers to audit the site on a daily basis, and I will build I website with the results. I would do this with every casino on the internet. If their site is legit, than they would be more than happy to acomadate such a request. But from what I have seen, I don't think they would want such an audit done. But my biggest observation is this, why would anyone who is winning so much money at these sites, have so much free time to be on here defending it to the max, why are they ot using this time making more money on the site ?

rtmxyz on December 16, 2004

First of all, I lost $200 on this site. I am not rating it high because, yes, I lost a good deal of money. However, I seriously doubt that it is rigged. All of the people on this site that rate it badly seem to have had some bad beats. I've heard all the rumors about Party Poker screwing with hands. Bad beats happen, and you all recognize that they happen. That's all that needs to be said. The smart ass computer geek that explained his "statistical significane" earlier on these posts doesn't know what he's talking about. He lost 100 hands in a row because he doesn't know how to play poker. Someone needs to tell him it's not all about the cards, it's about betting, too. If someone outbets you or outplays you and the cards aren't shown, how in the hell can you tell me that you had 100 losing hands in a row. Yes you lost a bunch of times, but if you can't tell me you didn't see AQ, low pockets, etc. during that time. YOu didn't see the other guy's cards, he probably outsmarted you. Keep to the computer programming and stay out of poker (and the English language as well as this guy, along with a bunch of other people, can't even speak or spell correctly. It bothers me when people don't know how to use "then" and "than," etc. If you can't tell the difference in these, I'm not taking your word on poker sites.). Anyways, I am not saying these sites definitely aren't rigged, I'm just saying I want someone (who hasn't been beaten and knows the odds) to give me hard evidence that these sites are rigged. Remember, I lost money. I'm not bitter, I understand that people lose money. Stop whining.

Brakinball on December 16, 2004

Luca said "There have been some players caught coluding and with bots they have had their accounts frozen" I would like to know how Luca knows that they were cheating, and also how he knows these people's accounts were frozen ? Unless, of course he worked at PP. This forum is as big a joke a PP, if someone complains, the PP shills, jump right in and defend the sight, well of course they are, they are the ones profitting from the Rig.

rtmxyz on December 16, 2004

I have to laugh when I read the posts that defend party poker. I have to stop and wonder who these people are, and who they work for. Beleive me, these online poker rooms are making tons of money on the rake, and they are greedy to the max, nobody is checking on them, and they can do whatever they like. Go play on PP and you will feel like you have been rapped when you are done. While you are playing you will notice that all your good hands will be beaten. You will be bet at, in a way, that only someone who either knows whats in your hand, or knows what cards are coming can do. The only thing these places claim is that their random number generator is random, well I believe that, but believe me, there is nobody looking over their shoulder to prevent them from fixing the hands. There is a program you can download where you can predetermine which player will get which cards, and what the board cards will be, download it and play it, because it will remind you of playing on PP. If its that easy to do on your own, well how easy do you think it would be for them to do ? Use some common sense, or lose all your money trying to determine on your own if its rigged. Nobody is watching them or preventing them from rigging the game, and don't listen to these people trying to defend them, with talk of the rake. They are raking you and rapping you at the same time.

rtmxyz on December 15, 2004

There are some very intersting reviews. Party pokers software playwise is not perfect but its does the job. There are more games and players at all limits than every other site combined. I have played 30000+ hands on and don't notice any statistically significant variations in rivering frequencies. Nobody remembers the time their flush holds up the two pair or their aces beat 55 but everyone can tell you a story about how they lost with them. The more suckouts you see happening is due to more players seeing the flop with various garbage which makes good players profit in the long run on while multitabling had aces on two tables and kings on another and none of them held up but I seem to win with aces a little over 70 percent of the time I certainly don't try to slow play them. There have been some players caught coluding and with bots they have had their accounts frozen but I don't think cheating at party is greater than at other online rooms. Most people complaining about rampant cheating and bots are just shitty players.Cheers,Luca

Luca on December 15, 2004

It's nice to see a bunch of losers who can't beat the easiest games around whining and moaning about how the site is "rigged" just because they cannot admit they are not good enough to beat the game.For Pete's sake most of you think they are rigging .50/1 and other low limit games - get a grip and think logically (which is obviously a challenge for 95% of you). If they were to rig anything it wouldn't be your little games.Your losses are your own fault. I know your not Man enough to admit you suck, but rest assured that is the cause of your pain.Admitting your a loser is the first step. First however you will have to extract your heads from your behinds.BTW - Party is the best Poker Room for making monay you will find on or offline. You just have to have half a brain.

LoserDetector on December 15, 2004

Actually I have played at over 30 sites. I played almost every Internet cardroom there is, because I do it on a professional level as a reviewer for a nationally recognized poker magazine.Contrary to what people say here, Party is easily one of the best sites there is. One just has to learn how to play with the people who play there, and adapt to the software.All you rockish old-farts "professional" land-based casino players on respirators should DEFINITELY stay away. The action here is way too good for you. You should stick to games where everyone folds to your UTG raise. Party Poker is designed for a new generation of poker players, specifically those who first learned poker on TV (ie. WPT on Travel Channel, WSOP on ESPN). This new breed of poker players are not afraid of action, and if there is anything they can stand it is "rockish old-farts "professional" land-based casino players on respirators" types.This is where Party Poker shines! Featuring the "action flop", Party Poker rewards the risk takers! If you are young guns, not afraid to take risks in order to get big payoffs (and BOY do I mean BIG: the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot routinely gets over $150,000 and it does so in a matter of days! Highly recommended place to play!) you should play here.BUT! Before you do, throw away all those poker books by "Experts". All that book learning won't help you here. At Party you will need nerves of steel and killer instincts, and no book teaches you that. If you got those, you will crush these games!Remember, Party's software rewards action and loose play (just read all the other comments here to confirm this! It is not just me saying this). So don't be afraid to play any suited cards, any Ace, and connectors too! Don't be afraid if the flop doesn't exactly hit you. Remember there are 2 more cards to come!Well, there is one drawback to Party, as with any online room. And that is the fact that you can't gloat to your opponents face when you crack their Aces with 75o that rivered a gutshot straight!

StraightShooter on December 15, 2004

Almost every comment I've seen on this forum about the unbelievable bad beats that occur on PP I've encountered (or witnessed). However, I typically win when I play with a little discipline. I lose when I get tired or bored. Bad're gonna see them (a large number of them or not). I am not even a good player...but DINGLEBERRY...what were you thinking? A "2-3"? Raise? suited or not, I know enough to realize that there are 11 other cards that can destroy your hand and seeing how 9 other players were playing at the table, chances are one of them could beat you. Your first clue should have been the raise after the flop...a pair of A's had you beat. All the fish that people have been writing about in the other statements? Guess what dude? You're the definitive FISHY. Funny thing about that I was actually at the table when that happened...I still cant figure out what you were thinking. A loose player may be inclined to play J6, A5, Q7, K6, etc...but a 2-3? A monkey can be trained not to play those kind of hands. Good'll need it.

LabSlick on December 15, 2004

Hey rtmxyz, how is party "rapping" us? I don't recall them piping hip-hop into my home. You're a moron.Party has some of the best games on the internet. There are sites with softer games, but not many. Here's a quick question ... when you raise preflop with AA, do you want the guy next to you cold calling with 75o? I bet most of the "Party is rigged" morons here would say no.

PrettyFunny on December 15, 2004

Hey LabSlick why don't you mind your own beezewax!!1111 I lost my life savings because this site is totally rigged. And now I learned that they don't even HAVE .25/.50 tables!!!1111 My money was totally stolen, but Najeezeablahalaekaeahan in Customer Service totally doesn't care and stuff.

Poker Dingleberry on December 15, 2004

Most of the people posting here don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.I started to type a response here, listing all the errors in people's reasoning, but I got too frustrated. There are too many of them to address in a single response.Suffice to say, most of the above posters who insult Party Poker's integrity are losing players who can't admit such.In any case, to those who are debating about playing at Party Poker: do not let the above posters discourage you. Party has some of the easiest, softest, most beatable games on the net.**Please remember, though - AND THIS IS KEY - the poorer the players, the more suck-outs you will experience, almost by definition. This translates into greater swings in your winnings, both UP and DOWN. However, in the long, long run... the greater players will prevail. **W.P.

winning player on December 15, 2004

I believe that party poker is rigged. I am a very experienced player who has been playing serious cash ring and casino games for seven years. I started on the internet 3 years ago and on pp a little over 1 year. I have played a statistically significant number of hands given the deviation from the normal expectancy. I have hypothesized why pp would or would not do such a thing, but what it ultimately comes down to is the data. Therefore, if there is anybody who has been compling their hands with a tracker, please let me know and we can arrange for you to send me them via e-mail. I am quite confident that pp's holdem boards are way too correlated to the hole cards. I am not sure about the cashout theory though.

amazed on December 14, 2004

This is a brutal site. I cashed out for $125. I then bought in for $50. I lost every single $5 sit'n'go I entered. I lost to flush after flush after flush on the river! I got beat with AK, AA, KK regularly. My statistics were terrible.I may visit again after they are busted and clean up after it comes out their software favors large money players.BTW when I first signed up for $50, in 6 seated sit'n'go's I won 2nd,2nd,2nd,3rd,2nd,1st,3rd,1st, and 2nd. I cashed out and got my ass kicked after that.I am now on ULTIMATEBET and doing wonderful. I have cashed out 4 times with zero side effects :-)

hefrod on December 14, 2004

Party Poker is awesome. The have the most players, the most games running at any time, and the most BAD players. Anyone who thinks Party or any of the other large poker sites (e.g. Paradise, UB, Pokerstars, Prima, etc.) are rigged is an idiot. They make hand over fist raking legit games--no need to cheat and kill the golden goose.

EricVonPain/ Dr.Nitz on December 14, 2004

The comments on this site are a joke. Anyone who says they can win somewhere else but not at Party is an idiot. Good poker players can adapt to whatever game they find themselves in. If you play on-line like you would in a B&M Casino (starting hands wise) you will get KILLED. Hands like K10o, Q10o, J9s, Q9s (just to name a few) are monster hands in a Casino but are absolute junk on the internet. If you consistantly play hands like these (and other marginal hands) out of position you will lose a lot of money. It is that simple. You see so many more hands (like 2 or 3 times as many)when playing online that if you are not more selective about your starting hands, your hands that win cannot possibly overcome the number of losing ones that you will have. The majority of posters whose rant on about bad beats and sites being rigged have/can not make the adjustment to on-line play.In support of Party, I started seriously playing on-line last November. I started with $50 at .5/$1 at Party and in the past year have worked my way up to $3/6 with a bankroll of over $9,000. I definitely wouldn't say that I am great (or even good) yet, but if I (a rookie) can consistantly beat the online game at each stage along the way it is most surely NOT rigged.I cannot stop laughing when reading some of the posts above.

busguy on December 14, 2004

Party Poker is the most rigged sight there is ! Once you make a deposit, you win hands with just about anything you go in with. You get a feeling that you can't lose. You will win hands with Q high, hand after hand, high pair, 2 pair etc. Then you hit a certain point, and Wham ! No matter what you go in with, and no matter how good your hand is, it magically gets beat, and usually on the RIVER, by junk cards. The one example that sticks out the most was, I held AA and maxed out the ante. The flop came 5 A 7. A set of aces, everyone folded except this one player who kept reraising me, the turn was a 10, the board was a rainbow, I kept betting and he kept reraising me to the max. After the hand I found out he was holding a 4 8 off and he was not on the blind. Guess what the RIVER card was, ???? yup, it was a 6, this is a true story, and very similiar things keep happening on this site. I can see if he chased an inside straight, but him reraising me ? give me a break. The last time I played I was beat with straights that I flopped, A set of jacks, a full house, and the list kept going on and on, at the same table, no matter what I had, it was beat. And if I did manage to withdraw a little, I couldn't win a hand with 4 aces. And all the other posts are true, you never win 2 days in a row, if you have a winning day, rest assured its followed by miserable bad beat after bad beat.

rtmxyz on December 12, 2004

Something else I forgot to mention, if you do a search on the players at the table with you on party poker, you will see that there is a very large majority of the people playing on 4 tables at the same time. This I find very strange, it is hard enough to play 1 table and keep track of other peoples play, etc, but 4 tables ? And its not just a few people its a large majority, and they are winners at most of these tables. Not only can they play 4 tables at the same time, they can also carry on extensive chats in the rooms, these people must be modern miracles of science, or are they PP Robots ? Do yourself a tremendous favor and don't play at these sites, I have actually felt rapped after some extensive play on the site, I cannot prove nor disprove that the games are rigged, but from gut instinct I can only conclude that they are VERY rigged.

rtmxyz on December 12, 2004

Got a situation for you all.I just cashed out prior to this hand being delt to me I entered a $20 SNG..just 4 of us left I am holding A-K in my hand on the big blind. Only one person calls the big blind..I raise it to half of my chips hoping to steal the blind..he/she/bot calls I was suprised..flop comes K-2-6..el primo flop for A-K I in 4 handed check...guy bets half of what he has left and I call...4th street pops up a KING Chip situation is me about 200 ahead of the player in the hand....I am salivating right now! I go all and he calls.......he is holding pocket fives......and I dont need to tell everyone what the final card was..because anyone who has cashed out knows the card was the ONLY card that could beat me...I chalked it up to oh it can happen no big deal....then I enter a $10 Stud SNG...and everyone knows that stud on pp is a chase anyway so bad beats happen.....first hand I am rolled up with ACES! and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that you ram and jam I did.....and end up losing my full house to a straight flush!.....but here is the kicker....I am again down to the final 4 people and the guy/girl/bot is still left and at the chip lead..I am 3rd in the chip standings licking my lips at oh yeah gonna make some cash....when I am rolled up with 7's!!! two people fold I ram and jam the before the flop and after the flop...4th street comes giving me a 7!!! No way I can lose!!!! So I jam it again..guy calls (by the way the guy calling me was the one who chased his straight flush) make a long story short.......the girl/guy/bot chased and caught another straight flush! I now have 4.50 cents in my PP account.they can keep it..after cashing out $150 on my original $50 deposite.....I thought I was the only one in the world to lose after cashing out!! GLAD I AM NOT!!!!

DoylesNephew on December 7, 2004

I did not use to think there could be any reason for internet poker sites to cheat. I won consistently at Truepoker and WSEX poker sites at low limits and I am a consistent winner over past few years in all casino and home games I find myself. Just recently I decided to try internet poker again and bought in at Party Poker, just playing 2-4. I play very good hold'em, you'll have to take my word for it. My plan was to make a little stake and move up in stakes, as my friends are playing 10-20 and the like. But lo and behold I can't even beat 2-4. I have had the most ridiculous beats, all in a row, that I've ever seen. My initial plan, once I was down a little and I thought it seemed fishy, was to make back my buy-in and cash out, as I didn't need to play on something I felt doubtful about. I figured I could easily at least make my buy-in back. Unbelievably though I have not been able to make my buy-in back and I am sinking even deeper in the hole. I am very choosy about the tables I play at, always picking the juiciest ones, and I can't get a hand to stand up. I've never had a streak over the past month like I've had there, just seems absurd, even comical to me. Now I've decided to cut my losses. If I do play internet poker again it will be somewhere else. And for everyone talking about all the bad players making it hard to win, I play at a casino regularly with very loose players and I do well consistently. It just doesn't feel right to me.

zach on December 6, 2004

My experience with Party Poker has been excellent. I have won money ever since I deposited my first $300. I have also won a ton of play money on this site. There are many other sites that do "stack the deck." I have been playing with Party Poker for over a year now and I am up to $7000 in my account (I have cashed out before, that is just the total.) I also happen to believe that it is somewhat rigged.

SwooperLB on December 6, 2004

Atleast all the rooms i been in have noless than 3 to 6 people with poker bots.You can call and complain all you want too about it..The free poker rooms they don't do anything about....Who's to say they don't do anything in the real money rooms my advice is if you have a credit card with lots of cash and you can afford to lose GO FOR IT ! party poker is connected with other sites...good luck

halowhunter on December 4, 2004

This site is the biggest joke i have ever seen. As some of the other reviews mention the first time i buy in i was unbeatable. not just once, but i bought in probably 4 times and qiut all for times up anywhree from 50 150 bucks......... just to lose it again the next day. Between me and all my friends that have played here (about 6 or 7) i have never heard of any of them cashing out ahead. By the way my last day i had pocket aces cracked three times in two hours after raisng $15 in a $1/2 room. once by jack five offsiut!!! All i can say if this site is not rigged itself there are hackers who can do it themselves.. stay away from party poker

no party for me on December 2, 2004

I have tried everthing on Party Poker & sometime i win, sometimes i lose. I have tried aggressive play based on above comments - i doesn't work. I have tried tight (which is my game ) it doesn't work. Play what you are dealt as you see it & you will win at your level. I have had bad beats ! I have made bad beats ! I have watched loads of poker on ESPN & others, i have seen in "real" games all the things mentioned in the previous comments. I had KK took down by 49 suited but i also saw Paul Dardon do it to Brian Haveson. I have gone a few games without a hand or played bad hands chasing pots but don't we all !!. I have to believe the site i play is honest.The EndA Sad Guy

kirk on November 30, 2004

Here's an interesting theory. Over 133 sessions of at least 50 hands per session, there was nearly always one player at the table playing everything and betting a lot. I gleaned this info from poker tracker.Question for the pros: Why would these players play 70% of their hands, take them nearly all the way to the showdown, and then fold. Further, these players have an interesting quirk that they check and then either call or fold so that they seldom show their hands. I have only encountered this style of play on a regular basis at party poker's lower limt tables. Nothing like this at Ultimate bet or poker room.

been ripped off on November 29, 2004

To jlwallnutz: First point – You said you’ve been playing 26 months, and what, that makes your opinion better and more believable than anyone else’s? I’ve been playing for years and so you’ll forgive me if I trust my own experiences over yours.Second point –Here’s the correlation between PP possibly rigging the games and Enron (and stay with me here, cause this is where it gets tricky) – both are (were) making tons of money, and no one knew they were on the take until it was too late. People like you think “why in the world would they be cheating, they make more than enough money,” yet it happens everyday. There is no such thing as “enough” money. It’s called greed and human nature. Your statement about gambling being an addiction and all it takes is one large win for people to keep coming back again and again, lends credibility to what some people on this site have said about their games going downhill after their cash-outs. And no, I don’t cry foul at the casino when I get dealt a bad beat, and that’s due to a number of reasons, most of which have to do with the fact that I can see the cards being dealt and I can see the other players at the table and know they’re real people and not some programming code built in to take my money.As for them not needing to because they make so much money just like real casinos, we’re talking about poker. The house only makes money off of the rake, buy-ins for tourneys and interest on your money that is sitting in their account. At a live casino, they have BJ, craps, slots, etc. That’s where they make their killing. Look online or talk to a casino host and ask where the majority of their money comes from and they’ll tell you it’s the slots. These games all have a very high house advantage, and THAT’s why the casinos offer them and that’s where they make their money. Ask them what they make off of their poker games, and they’ll laugh. If poker was soooooo profitable for the real casinos, they would have 90% of their floor space dedicated to poker tables. But they don’t, do they? They have a little corner room with 20 odd tables in it. Why is that? It’s because poker is not a profitable game for the casinos. More and more they are offering more games cause the demand is so high right now, but that’s all they’ll ever do cause there are lots more games out there that are more profitable and that have a house advantage. But an online site where no one knows what is going on and would never think to question the fairness or randomness of the games? That could be very profitable indeed. Casinos have to pay employees to deal the hands, bring drinks, floor people to watch the games and deal with disputes, security people, etc. etc. etc. And what does an online site have? A program code and some people to deposit money in the bank.I don’t know if you think your stats on your third point are impressive, but I won more than that over the course of a five day tournament spree in October, at a live casino, so it’s not particularly impressive to me.“Why would they rig the game?” My answer is, and always will be, when that question is asked - because they can. Whether or not they do is still to be seen, but they can. Period. If you’ve never experienced anything you think is shady, more power to you. But I won’t play at a site I’m not comfortable with, and will continue to play in live games where I can see what’s going on.As some people have discussed above, I’d just like to add my own version to why PP would reward bad players: good players will make money and cash out, taking money out of the system. Poor players will win just enough to stay even or a little above, and not take their money out of the system. PP works just like a bank in that every second they have your money, they are making money off of it. But why would they do that? I can’t fathom.

tstewart on November 28, 2004

Okay skippy, Here's the math.If party poker increases their take on a .5/$1.00 table by just 50 cents per hand, times 40 hands an hour (very low for internet play),Times 200 tables = 4000.00 AN HOUR (note: over the last weekend, there were 250+ holdem tables in play and that doesn't include the $1/$2 tables which are just as bad). Which is a mere $96000.00 PER DAY which is $35,040,000.00 a year. No way anyone would cheat for a mere $35 million dollars. The beauty: bad players play in low limit games. Good players play at the higher limits which probably aren't rigged cause if the big boys start bitchin, stuff happens.Oh and for KEEP_BITCHIN. Every poker author makes it a point to mention that it is, in fact, the fish who contribute the money the pro poker players live on. These authors (check it out for yourself: Sklansky, Malmuth, Jones, Burton et al) then make note of a special breed of idiot that thinks it's his responsibility to point out to the mistakes the fish keep making. This has 2 effects: it pisses off the fish and/or they get smarter, or quit playing. The "player" the pros don't want at their table is KEEP_BITCHIN. But then, I am guessing he/she already knows this.

Best Western on November 28, 2004

I have to agree with the cashoutsyndrome. Played with Party for about 4 months and when I reached 4K I cashed out. Wow, did my luck change. I had heard about this problem before but simply didnt belive it. Its to much of an random thing that I would go on a badbeat run after my cashout. Another weird thing is I noticed that a player was doing really strange moves and hit close to 100% of his hands. So one day I was sitting down at the same table as him and within a few hands I got KK and we ended up going allin preflop. He had the 2 and 3 of diamonds. And yes he hit his flush. Thats when I left Party forever.

SWeeper on November 27, 2004

This site is rigged. Lost $100 in two days due to people chasing and hitting the river. BS site. I'll never play PartyPoker again.

zASIAN_TEAMx on November 27, 2004

WOW. TERRIBLE. That about sums it up. I got $50 from some website to play on it, didn't have to deposit a dime! Anyways, it is shady as all hell! Got 2 straight flushes in an SNG once...statistically speaking that is almost ZERO. Got beat on SO MANY outstanding hands by shotty players it wasn't even funny. If you are going to play PP, stick to the SNG's, they seem a lot more legit than cash games. I got over $100 after being down for a while, and cashed out! Lesson learned, and over $100 for nothing. DO NOT PLAY PARTYPOKER, go to PokerStars.

AG. on November 27, 2004

I've seen people go on unnatural winning streaks, including myself. I has to make you wonder. I don't like that, for the novice, they have no freerolls and their lowest limit is .50/$1. I like the 3-table NLH tourneys for $6

slim on November 25, 2004

People who think this site is rigged is retarded. Bad beats are part of the game happens in real life happens online. People who deposit 200 each time and play cause they think they are good I really hope you keep doing it cause it is making me a lot of side money. Keep up the good work fishes and keep chasing those pot odds cause us sharks will be there to take your money.

KEEP_BITCHING on November 22, 2004

Some things still amaze me: 1. every post I see is by someone who claims they are a "semi-professional" or they "know what they're doing" or "has played 14 million hours of poker with stat trackers running". If there are Really this many players who REALLY knew what they were doing, then nobody would have to worry about the idiot who calls a massive preflop raise with 6-2 offsuit, he wouldn't exist! Hard for me to believe everybody's a pro. 2. How on earth did we wind up comparing online poker to Enron? Are you serious? Why do these sites NOT NEED to rig their games to make a profit, the same way casinos in real time generate over 600 billion dollars a year, because of the weakness of people. GA doesnt stand for "Great Adventure", gambling is a serious problem and an addiction. All it takes is one big win to keep you coming back. Anyone whos been playng for 6 years making enough to file on their tax returns SHOULD BE smart enough to know that. Do you cry foul every time a dealer in a real casino deals you a bad beat? Maybe the casino is using a deck with 17 spades, 6 aces and one 5. Come on now! 3. Finally, with all the stats these "einsteins" are rattling off. let me give you some stats: 26 months $17,585 in profit 4 hours a day X 30 days x 26 months = 3120 hours of play (approx.) 26 cash outsCorrelate these stats in your database and tell me what happens!

jlwallnuts on November 21, 2004

As mentioned previously, I have 6,300 hands in my Poker Tracker database (which is actually built on a Microsoft Access database). We are in the process of porting the Microsoft Access Database from Poker Tracker into an Oracle database that we plan to run against a couple of stats packages. There are measures in statistics that can clearly show skewing or "flattening" in a dataset that would be present in a non random dataset. What is interesting so far: playing at the lower level at Party Poker, almost every table I sat at had a "Playstation". That is, there was at least one person seeing 80+ precent of the flops and betting all the way to the river. Given the skill levels of the players at what could be termed a beginners level, it is highly suspicious that almost EVERY table I played at Had one of these players. One of the things we intend to measure is the amount of money these playstations generate and if there is a correlation between the starting hands these players have and their play rates. Another anomoly: Poker tracker only knows what a player has when he is forced to "Show" his cards. While many of the playstations stay and play, they seem to alter their betting at the showdown so that they either fold or call so that they do not have to show their hands.We are starting to see some things that do not add up statistically or mathematically.

been ripped off on November 18, 2004

Here's a liitle more research:1- Party poker's user agreement authorizes them TO SEIZE all monies in your account if they cath you SAYING ANYTHING BAD about PArty Poker. They also can report this information to credit card companies, OTHER POKER SITES, and just about anyone else.2- Party Poker's user agreement states that the site is provided FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. This same disclaimer is required on Casino slot machines as their payoff rate is being manipulated. This eliminates Party Poker's liability if they are caught stacking the deck.3- That gaming commission that Regulates Party Poker is composed of 3 people, in Canada.This just keep sgetting better and better

been ripped off on November 17, 2004

I have had very similar experiences at PP as that of others. I deposited $50 and within 2 wks I had amassed about $1100 (and did not cash out). Then PP turned against me. I dropped about $500 in two days and cashed out. Bottom line, they hook in the "new" players, but once you get too successful, watch out. I am looking for a more fair website. At pp, it seemed like every time I had a straight on 4th st, a flush would come on the river. Every time I had a flush on 4, a boat would magically appear on the river. Definitely not "real" poker.

EJT on November 17, 2004

Not as good as poker stars, but people, please. This is a cash cow for the organizers and there is NO WAY THEY WOULD JEOPARDIZE the huge income they are raking from the games. 50,000 players and they have to scam pots? That's like saying the Pope is going to walk down the center isle at mass, grab some change out of the collection basket, and put it in a coke machine in front of the congregation. There getting theirs already, believe me. I have won consistently on this site, mostly playing 25 NL against VERY inexperienced players who just turned off the WPT on the travel channel. Not alot of raising prior to flops with inexperienced players but who cares. Take advantage of it - see every flop and then check raise - it works. The world has more conspiracy theorists than...

chris on November 16, 2004

So, what you're saying is that since they make good money, there's no chance they're fixing the games to make more? Have you ever heard of Enron, PGE, etc? Multi-billion dollar companies that are (were) on the take everyday. And what did they lose in the end (they being the people who were fixing the numbers)? Nothing. No jail time to speak of, no restitution, nothing. That's still going on today in every industry in this country. And we're talking american's with american based companies. You think some offshore company, who doesn't answer to any justice system is going to give a crap about taking more money than they should? And who exactly is it that you think PP answers to if they are caught? Who are they (PP) regulated by? And who do you think is going to catch them? You'd need more than one player playing 3000 hours to be able to find a pattern. You'd need thousands of people tracking their games for hundreds of thousands of hands, getting together and analyzing the results, and still what would you have? There are always going to be hands that don't play out according to the stats. There are always going to be players who are on rushes, and those on losing streaks. I can't even comprehend the amount of data that would have to be collected to prove that someone is fixing a game, especially when you consider the number of games that are played on PP. You think PP doesn't play the other side of that information to their advantage?Even if an someone (ex-employee) came out and said PP was fixing the site and had proof, you think that would stop people from playing their site? Whistle blowers come out of the woodwork everyday, and what, people stopped smoking cause someone said the tobacco companies knew cigs were addictive and went out of their way to market them to children? People stopped buying health insurance even after employees came out and said that claims were routinely denied as a matter of course? You think PP, on the slim-to none chance that something definitive ever came out that they were on the take, couldn't have another board of trustees set up in an hour and be back online with another name, taking money the same day?Again, I don't know if they are fixed, but the possibility that they are, cannot be ignored. And you are ignorant if you think otherwise. Realizing it's a possibility does not make it a conspiracy theory any more than a few people noticing patterns in the way the site runs, but it doesn't mean those things are not happening either. Just because they have RNG programs doesn't mean they use it for every game. By the way, I do win at this site, and at Pokerstars and UB, and win in real casino games as well. I'm not one of the WPT cronies, and I win enough that I've had to claim it on my taxes for the last 6 years. I just recently started playing online poker, and with this site, I notice it more than any other site. I keep track of my hands, keep notes on players, etc. and there is a definite pattern at PP. I agree, there are lots of newbies and the games are really loose, which does translate into more river rats, more bad beats, etc. But then there are the constant things that cannot be ignored.

tstewart on November 16, 2004

tsstewart has wise comments... i think PP card randomness is off.....i have played 25 yrs semi professionally and am winner at PP ......but soon will be taking money out and putting in another site.

beano on November 16, 2004

I complained sometime back about the Party poker site being fixed. I stand by it. I purchased poker tracker and installed it on my machine. Quite by accident, I was able to read in nearly all my past sessions: 6,000 to be precise. The results: The site is clearly rigged. Party poker handicaps the hands at the lower levels and aggression is rewarded (which also build bigger pts = bigger rakes = moremoney for party poker). Poker tracker provides user stats on other players. Guess what: there is a nearly 100% correlation between win rate and aggression (using the default measure provided with tracker). Now, you might argue, aggression is rewarded in Texas holdem. Well, if the starting hands dealt to the aggressive players are any indication, it certainly is rewarded.106 hands played over 125 minutes, 6 sessions: 2 winning hands. Taken in tandem with the 6,093 hands prevously played: over 85% of all the sessions were losing sessions. Intersting notes: I deposited $250 and played it down to 0. I figured something was definitely wrong so I started playing other places. No problem winning at Poker room, or in the simulator I was using. Just Party poker.Last month, I FOUND $20 in my party poker account. No bonus, just showed up. So I figured what the hell and started playing it. Playing .5/1.00 I amassed $147.00 in a litle over 2 days. Then I started losing..... and losing.... and losing....I don't like being screwed. So I bought Poker Tracker, put another $250 into Party Poker. And guess what, the losing continues.Simply stated: the worst fish, on the worst night of his life has to win something or he just gets bored and leaves.Average starting hand: 120. 6,000 hands. IT IS FIXED.

been ripped off on November 16, 2004

With thousands of players on Party poker, surely you will run into the occasional couple sharing hand information over the phone, trying to raise you out of a hand, etc. Believe it or not, that doesn't change a great deal. Very few hands develop where a "team" would be correct in laying you 2 to 1 on your money. As Sklansky put it, "it is easier to become a winning poker player than a winning cheat". In addition, they all get caught sooner or later, given the site's monitoring systems. Do you really think they'd tolerate mischief on their site and jeopardize their QUARTER OF A MILLION PER HOUR income? I have consistently won several thousand a month for the past 14 months on Party, and prior to that I was barely making it in Vegas as a mid-limit pro. Results speak, and 3000 online hours make a sufficient sample. If you need a bot, or you are afraid that your opponents are using one, you are not a winning player yet.

Nick/KGB/7kgb7 on November 15, 2004

I've cashed out way more on partypoker than I can even count now. Losing streaks happen to everyone, and if you're solid you're gonna be able to keep your cool when one occurs. Partypoker allows the LESS THAN AVERAGE player the chance to play 1000's of hands, of course they're gonna pay to see any draw, sometimes that's hard to swallow, but if you can't accept that then you shouldn't be playing. It's not corrupt, it's just the bad players that are makin everyone mad.

sdunn34 on November 12, 2004

Been playing at PP for about 6 mos. I've been keeping histories of my hands, and am finding some interesting trends. Same thing as noted above in regards to winning/losing streaks coinciding with deposits/withdrawls. Inordinate amount of Q with undercard hole cards (running average of more than 24% of dealt cards). I keep telling my husband that something's not right, but he says what would they gain by cheating? That was a good question. But think about this: in tourneys, if they have a bot player (or 2) that takes 1st & 2nd place, they have pocketed (on a 30/3 tourney, which I play), $270, and only had to pay out $60. I'm not a programmer, but I can imagine that this can be done. As for why they would do it - if there's money involved, I don't trust anyone at all. If they can make a buck off of it, you can be sure that someone will try to find a way to make more. I don't discount that I could be making poor plays, am on tilt at times, etc. But the number of bad beats that I see on this site are incredible, and too many to ignore. I am going to feed my hand histories into one of the tracking sites and see what the results are. But I don't see how I can track anything other than my progress as I cannot get information other than what the winning hand was and those that have to (or choose to) show. I play at casinos for live play as well and have never seen the beats that occur on a regular basis on PP, happen in live games. I don't know if they're rigged or not, and I don't think there's any way to definitively tell, but I am not ignorant to the possibility that it can happen.

tstewart on November 12, 2004

I have played party poker for about 4 months now and I am exasperated with the sight. I am a good enough player. I'm not claiming to be a pro but I'm good enough. It seems the more times I re deposit. The quicker and harsher I lose the money. But then when I'm on free money, I just win oodles and oodles of money. I never have to re up on free money. I play so well and become so confident that this time I'll do well, that I re up to real money. And what do you know, gone in less than a day. I started noticing my bad luck string and how much worse it was getting after I cashed out. Ever since I did that, I've never gotten squat for cards. I'm not saying that the sight is corrupt, but it's just so aggravating. It's almost like they have me pegged as how to push my buttons with cards. I would understand if in free money, I was one of those guys that constantly had to reup but I've never reupped even once on or free money. I've built bankrolls into the millions on those sights, and then when I play with the real money all of the sudden I'm such a bad player. I don't buy it. I think you're account gets blacklisted if you cash out. It's the only explanation I have for it. It's so non-random. That's enought ranting for me, but I do warn everyone that reads this. There are a few tricks up their sleeve.

sam on November 10, 2004

All this negative commentary about PP is very interesting to me as I have been contemplating playing for real money after 50+ hours of play money games. I'd be way ahead if it had been real money, probably winning more than 35% of 10/1 NL and PL Hold'em tournaments and top three in excess of 65%. Maybe need to do some more homework before putting down the $$$.

merlinAK on November 9, 2004

I've won money after I cashed out, I've lost money after I deposited and I've won and lost money at various stages in between. I've had numerous amounts of bad cards in a row, but also a lot of good cards in a row, with which I've gotten bad beats and good profits. I don't see any pattern here.Remember, because the tables are so loose, it's often mathematically correct of those loose players to call a bet on the flop because the pot is so big most of the time. Frequently the pot odds are over 7 : 1 and in really loose and wild games over 10 : 1. So people with a flush draw, outside straight draw, 2 overcards, set (to make a full house), pair + overcard and even gutshot straight draw are correct to call. That's the disadvantage of loose games and you'd better get used to it. Also, if so many people stay in the game the probability of just one player getting some wild hand increases.

florispro on November 7, 2004

One A Span Of Two Hours Last Week: Trip Kings On The Flop, Opponent Hits Quads On The Turn, Lost $90. Trip Queens On The Flop Opponent Hits Boat On River, Lost $60. Pocket Aces, Opponent Moves All In With 9 7, He Hits Trip Nines On The Turn, Lost $90. Trip Fives On The Flop, Opponent Hits Trip Queens On Turn, Lost $50, Same Opponent As 9 7 Hand By The Way. Not Playin There Anymore.

joeinhouston on November 7, 2004

I began playing Texas Holdem about 6 months ago. I’m a computer geek with a strong math background and figured I’d just go on line and beat everyone. I lost. But I was having fun. So I went back to the drawing board: purchased about 12 books on poker: Sklansky’s book on poker theory (great), Jones, Bill Burton, Small Stakes Hold’em (Sklansky, Malmuth, Miller), Vorhees (sic). I also dusted off my old stats books and did some reading on gaming theory. I was impressed by the sound approaches these authors have taken to poker in general and specifically, Texas Hold’em: Play only premium starting hands, be aware of your position, read the board and keep an eye on what your competition is doing. I purchased the MS Texas Hold’em simulator. I played 7,000 hands through the simulator. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate myself about 2.5. I am not ready for the big time, and I would get killed against most of you. But that’s okay cause I am learning.I had played my account at Partypoker down to basically nothing and was playing at other sites and still doing a lot of simulator work when I noticed a $20 credit to my Partypoker account. I figured what the hell and started playing in the .5/1.00 tables. I wasn’t really surprised when the results mirrored what was happening in the simulator and in my home games. I am tight, but I will bet and raise. I was winning but at a modest level, and the poor play of the other players was what contributed to my winnings. I might not be that good, by man, some of these folks are really bad. Then last Wednesday, something very strange happened: I went 86 hands without a winner. I played a total of 130 hands and only had the one winning hand. Results were the same on Friday, Saturday and finally Sunday. I lost $140 and never really got to play. Every hand I did play was beaten and I mean every one. On the average, at a table with 10 players, you should be dealt a winning hand about once every 10 hands. Going nearly 300 hands with only 1 clear winner is statistically significant and can’t be ignored. If I was doing medical testing and expected a 10% hit rate and only got 1 hit in 300, I’d have some explaining to do.The way I see it: Partypoker needs a constant injection of money to keep things going. While they virtually have a license to steal raking pots, there isn’t anyone regulating them or watching what they do. As far as I know, even if they were caught cheating, I am not sure it’s even a crime. In my mind, they are clearly handicapping the cards. I went along for about 3 weeks going up a little, coming down a little. I honestly believe my betting style wasn’t conducive to their profitability, as I seemed to dampen the action when I got into many hands. I really think the game is skewed. After all, how would anyone be able to “prove” it? And what does Partypoker have to lose? They are nothing more than a set of web pages and some software. They could close down and re-open at another location in a matter of a couple of days and who would know? Actually, there’s nearly zero chance they could be caught and not really any penalty if they were caught. I am convinced the fix was in. They gave me a couple of bucks, let me play for awhile and then blew me out of the water.

Unregistered on November 7, 2004

I agree with everyone. This Site is rigged. Im sorry but im a good consistent player who plays alot. Theres been soooooo many times were i'll go on incredible runs. I play mostly 25 NL and i'll make 200 in a night. Then the next 4 nights i ll lose 50 a night. The hands i'll lose to are ridiculous too. Im talking the one single card that could beat my hand would fall on ther river. I mean it was like i was seroiulsy the most unllucky person in the entire world. It was unbeliavable. THen the next night though, id go on this rampage and clean up the competition. Then the next 4 days i'd lose 50 a day. My account history is full of about 3 days of $400 cash outs. Then the next 4 days are full of about $600 in deposits due to riducoulous losses. THIS SITE IS RIGGED.

mcbr on November 7, 2004

I have been playing, and collecting statistics on for about a year. I too was suspicious when players would stay in with a 10 - 3 off-suit after being raised 4 times the BB, only to catch a full house or some monster hand after the flop. So, I tried an experiment: I setup the pp software on a new machine with full network monitoring. I played a tournament and won. I played a second tournament and placed third. I played a third tournament and won again. During the third tournament, I noticed I was getting lots of alerts from my firewall, and, I noticed that a new application was running on my machine. I shut the machine down in an attempt to kill the software, and, I thought I had -- so, I played another tournament. Got put out with aces when someone called a very large raise with 5 - 9 suited and drew into a straight. Next tournament I had JJ and again raised big. The other player had a nine - 3 suited. I caught another J on the flop and the other player caught one more suited card (so they only had three cards to the flush). I went all in, they called and drew into a flush. Now, I have been playing poker with live people in Vegas for about ten years, and, I have never seen the pattern of bad beats that I have seen on pp. I know how this sounds - but you have to admit that this is very suspicous behavior based on the statistical facts. I am in the software business, and, I have heard rumors that some of the online gambling software IS doing handicapping, where the software will put you in a "lucky" position in order to get you hooked, and into a normal seat once you have won. I am having a hard time believing this, but, the statistics on the number of bad beats is a bit alarming.

nocomment on November 6, 2004

Bad beat stories are like A-holes.....everybody's got one. If you lost in Poker, it was most likely due to your own reckless play. Probablilities / Odds ARE NOT GUARANTEES....some players need to learn where the brakes are? If you don't have the nuts - you might be beat. Blaming PP is ridiculous, if it wasn't for loose players - you'd never get paid off with a monster hand! DUH.....did all you complainers think that bad players would ever play regularly if all they did was pay you? I place either 1/2/3 in PP one-table tourneys about 40% of the time. Unless you're on a card rush, or just a top-notch player, that's about all you can reasonably expect on a consistent basis. I began to notice that the tourneys I did best in, I folded the most often pre-flop. Only discipline and patience win long-term

sting12 on November 4, 2004

I have played the site for 3 weeks now. For the first 2 weeks the deal and player patterns seemed normal and what I'd expect. I then withdrew 75% of my winnings. for the last week, since withdrawing cash I haven't won a dime. My play hasn't changed but the patterns of play around me in any particular game are now fluctuating. For example, a player thats been solid\tight for an hours play will suddenly call/bet all the way through the turn with a pair of threes, with four overcards on the table, to make his set at the river, beating the pocket As. Its not that someone has had a lucky draw that's worrying, we can all do that from time to time, its the sudden variation in the pattern of the game that concerns me.

louis_wu on November 3, 2004

Is it just me, or.... is this the most "LOADED" site ever? O.K., I know crazy things happen on the River with live poker games, etc...that is gambling... BUT >>>>> this site is UNBELIEVABLE with all the times people pull out those 1 in a 1000+ odds at the end. Either their is some serious MULTI-Player Scanning going on, or Party Poker's software is LOADED towards unnatural River draws.... Stay away !

tinky on October 31, 2004

I love to steal money from little piggies like you whinners at partypoker. Anways why would the BIGGEST online poker site risk their company for a little bit more money. When you goto their website do you not look at the bottom and see all the corp. pp is regulated by. They would not risk the gold mine of company for and extra $12 of your money.

the1814 on October 30, 2004

Has anyone noticed the following at PartyPoker's 30/60 limit hold em tables? There are only two tables and they always a large number of people waiting to enter. The players at the table with short stacks who lose all their money rarely quit the game. Instead they are dealt out unitl they get another short stack (less that $1,000) and then they go on winning streaks, while a large number of players wait to enter.

tmonk on October 30, 2004

Partypoker is just out of line ( Flush) . No matter what you play sit and go or regular tables 90% of the time a player will catch a flush. I've lost probably more than 5 $20 tournaments having AA against 88 or 1010 or even 33 and for some reason 4 spades in a row will show up for a flush or A ( hitting a set aces ) and then 245 for my opponent to make a stg with 33 ?? . Ultimate bet is the fullhouse website and 4 of a kind I have seen people having 4 of a kind 3 times in a single table tournament. Pokerstars is a good website bad beats as well but not as often as partypoker and ub.

leon217622 on October 28, 2004

I won a few lost a few for the first day or two that I played at PP.Then after that all the stuff everyone talks about started.One thing I never read about that I noticed is when in any tournament I can get to just before the money; then what I call the low guy shuffle starts. Two people will go all in and watch; 80 to 90 percent of the time the guy with less chips wins.Call me a griper; you probably work for them who knows and I don't care.I know what I see.Check out the low guy shuffle next time you play a sit and go or any other tournament.

100 dollar lesson on October 27, 2004

I find for the most part that this site is a joke. I still play all the time, but would never play for real money on this site. There is too much scanning and stacking of the deck. I have to try table after table just to find legit players. Need to start monitoring play tables more, and then maybe I would consider playing cash. Until then, I will stick to real casinos. P.S. I play at real casinos on a VERY regular basis, and know how to play poker. Cheating is involved at Party Poker. Those who say that it isn't are probably the cheaters.

steff on October 25, 2004

i've played at a few sites, and have to admit i like PP the best... however something is definitely wrong or fixed with the site. typically for the past 6 months i've made a steady $ 500 per week profit. For the last few weeks, I win about 20% of my races. If I have A-K, all low cards flop. If I have pocket 4's, someone hits a straight and the board looks like 10-10-J-K-9. Hands that are supposed to be 75%-25% in my favor (eg: KK vs 66 or A-K vs A-J) end up losing for me 80% of the time. The odds just don't add up - and a 2-3 week time period is a big time frame where there should be SOME equality.Already today I am down a few hundo, and have lost 3 of 3 races (A-K lost to 9-9, 6-6 lost to A-J, and 8-8 lost to A-Q) - and lost 2 bad beats (Q-Q lost to A-J and K-K lost to 9-9) - these were all pre-flop all-ins, and there is almost no way that one can continue to lose consistently. I'm a tight player and am curious as to how for 6 months I could be pulling in profits with the same game play, then all of a sudden I am losing the same amounts?Don't get me wrong, I play for fun mostly, but it's sickening when your account dwindles down to zero b/c of some ridiculous beats that always hit.

jayslater81 on October 25, 2004

What I dont understand is this: Everybodys mind is set on this "I'm punished when I cash out and rewarded after my deposit" conspiracy theroy. If thats the case, then use some common sense. Next time you cash out, cash out EVERYTHING and re-deposit whatever you want! OR wait, let me guess, there's a little elf inside your computer thats relaying this information to partypoker so it wont happen if you try it. Maybe if you came to the realization that you suck and read a book or two, you'll see how rediculous you sound.

jlwallnuts on October 24, 2004

I know you see more hands than casino , and i know people play more loose, but the bad beats are absolutely out of this world. Today i had 3 aces on river after first flop , king was at the end , the next 2 cards on the river show up king , king , my opponent had a king in his hand . now this is jus one of the few instances ive seen that my mouth dropped and said yea this gotta be bs .... the tourneys are drove quicker to re-up buy in , and the real money tables are rake built up ... only explanation

takemoney on October 22, 2004

I started my online play at PartyPoker. I like the inter account transfers, i like the volume of players around the clock, and I enjoy being the guy with the hat. What I don't like is the fact that on three different occassions I have seen pocket KK beat pocket KK. How many times can a flush splatter the board. I also had to leave party for the reason that when I make a big bet in 25 NL with pocket AJs and the board comes JJ6. Why would someone call with 54. This is after a healthy preflop raise. did he just figure he'd get lucky and catch a 23 on the fourth and river? What makes me sick is the 2 came on the 4th when I bet again. I went all in for my other 7 bucks on the river figuring he wouldnt possibly have the 5 4 or a J /236 after he called the flop. Anybody know who could have that sense to stay?

BenjaminsClub on October 20, 2004

Yes Party Does cheat, when I first played I made about 3,000 dollars over a period of 3 months, then all of a sudden after cashing out I lost every time for then next Four months. I could not win at all at any stakes. I never go on bad streaks like that at any Brick and Mortar or home games. The most insane situations would constantly come up over and over again. For instance whenever I have QQ or KK some one has A\pocket aces. And when I do have aces people with 44, 33 get set on me. AA should would 70% OF the time no matter what against a full table of random hands played to the end. On party AA will only win about 20% of the time. It feels like a miracle when it happens.

saki on October 20, 2004

I have played in many different sites and all of them have good poker...but Partypoker by far has the best poker. There are a few MAJOR problems, errors, mistakes whatever u want to call them. lets just say they need to re-write the game from scratch i have noticed some players when the maximum buy in is 100 come in with 500. An error...or is it something more i seriuosly think something has to be done about the way the supervisors handle affairs. Take last week for instance, I was playing Ladbrokes Poker and i paid in £5 and the game froze the minute i went in, it stayed frozen for about 15mins bye then i had 20 pence left. I email them and straight away they returned my buy in and said that over 20 players had the same problem. Then on PartyPoker i was in a buy in of $100 ages ago and the scren froze for like 40mins and when i came back this guy had like 3 times his chip stack before and all the rest of the players had hardly anything left. So PartyPoker officials if u r reading this, get your act together Boys!!!

kr1305 on October 20, 2004

has anyone played against MRBASSASSASI? he is unreal if he sits down at your table run!

bruck jackson on October 18, 2004

I am what you might call a "tight" to "extremely tight" (rock) semi-pro player. Very nice layout & functionality. HOWEVER, I am concerned about the unusually long "streaks" of bad luck. I am familiar with poker odds & the fact that everything will even out in the long run - ASSUMING that the correct poker probabilities are being utilized on the website. In the last 1,000 hours (+-) on this site, I have consistently found that the fequency of BAD BEATS is disturbing. We must keep in mind that there are inherently more bad players in online gaming because of the convenience & less threatening ability to play from your home; with more bad players - you get more bad beats. With all that said, I still have a bad taste in my mouth. Here's something tangible that should matter to the average poker player... I track my poker "live" games I average $55 per hour over the last 2 years; at Party Poker that number is NEGATIVE $46 per hour!!!! Good Luck!

WillyQuick77 on October 17, 2004

Greatest site ever. My cashouts are processed in nomore than 45 minutes. Many many tables. Loose and tough. Great support. Man!! 60000 players.No freerolls however.They will occasionally give you a free $20 to play with. It happened with me.It can only be compared to pokerstars which is great too especially for tournaments

bad on October 16, 2004

I think their front-end is the best - clear and simple. After several months of playing I definitelly notice the trend of losing hands after withdraw request, it's not even funny. As long as you don't touch your bankroll - it's a fun site.

rafcin on October 12, 2004

I thought the posts about the losing streak after the cash out was very interesting. I just wanted to say that I had a similiar experience, where I just could not win a hand...Maybe pps way of redistributing the wealth after a big up streak.

sknapsleg on October 11, 2004

PP is a total joke and won't handle a situation fairly if it occurs.....a couple weeks back, I was in a $100 buy in limit tourney, about 90 players, $9K prize money......I was in 4th chip position when the tourney had reached 19 players ( top 10 in the $$ )....the tourney froze for about 45 minutes, they let it continue, and one player was able to not be frozen during this time and to his surprise and a couple observers, he was able to quadruple his chip stack by swallowing the entire 10 player table's blinds during that time while all other players not only couldn't do anything about it, they didn't even know it as happening until 45 minutes later, when we all returned, saw what had happened, everyone complained, I had already contacted their support twice during the freeze and now was frantic after seeing what had happened and was on the phone again with them....the ended up doing, nothing, letting the tourney go on, I finished 12th out of the money after having my chip stack illegally crippled....complained for FIVE HOURS of my personal time following up thru their customer support ( all of whom are from Indian descent and NONE of which knew anything about poker, including all of their supervisors )...they offered to refund my entry fee of $100, when I had paid $100 + 9 and was in a chip position worth almost $500 based on remaining chip counts at the time of freezethe above info has already beens sent to most major poker sites, tournaments, magazines, and online gambling watchdogs...thought the members here should know alsogl luck all

donquixote34 on October 8, 2004

anyone wanting a transcript of the situation described above, email [email][/email] .. ....I've the complete hand to hand log history, with player commentary as well

donquixote34 on October 8, 2004

Overall site is decent. As in any poker forum, good play usually prevails. However, I have noticed some truth to the onset of losses after cashing out. Coincidence?? A seasoned player knows that a bad stretch of cards is inevitable if you play enough. With PP, that stretch always seems to come after a cash out.

stillina on October 8, 2004

I have some success on this site, as well as some of my friends. Yet, I still think this site is bogus. I know a complainer sounds like a loser in poker, but I know the odds and the probablities. I also know that I am a solid player, great? no! Here's the problem, you will see a run of bad luck after a cash out. I have cashed out three times and all three times it has happened. The last one being the worst. I am up about 2k, but I still don't like the site. I lost for 2 weeks straight after my last cash out. The second week I kept track of the percentages. I lost 83% of the hands I was favored in pre-flop and after flop, 83% what more can you say. My success came in tourneys mostly. My last 8 were hilarious. AK suited was the best hand i saw in 6 of them. I go all in with the short stack 5/6 times I was up against AA, the other was QQ. lost all six. My last tourney, ended after my pocket A's got cracked twice. Twice in the same tourney. Those percentages are too far fetched for me. Do what you please, there is plenty of money on partypoker, but the site is bogus to me.

Forth_Street on October 6, 2004

ok heres an example i get ace king in the hole oon 25 nl game so i amke a $5 raise one caller..flop A K 7 so i go in my last $10 this guy calls when they turn the cards over hes holding 45 off suit and what do you know turn 6 river 8..he knew what was coming up..turns out 45 off is a 85% winner..tested and proven i got the hand histories lol..its rigged

jwlaw33 on October 6, 2004

You Are Silly If You Think Party Poker Would Be Anything But Completely Fair In Its Games. It Rakes Millions Of Dollars Every Day And Does Not Need To Cheat To Make Money. It Does The Best Job Of Attracting Fish, Period. Play There.

jptsocal on October 6, 2004

My good days come right after I deposit or come back after a long break, and my bad ones generally after I cash out. That's the only thing no one's explained that I am personally seeing on my account. Anyone think becoming a "preferred player" by filling out and faxing in all those personal details has anything to do with it?

jb. on October 4, 2004

Quit the moaning... Party Poker has loose players = more people playing at the river -> more people rivered.... big deal... the fact is this site has the biggest and best multitable tourneys online... the weekend tourneys have 20 minute blinds rather than 15 mins and that makes a big difference... the best players are constant winners... just check out Quick_Pay, he is always high in the money in the big Multi's and that's skill rewarded, not collusion/fishy rivers or whatever the rest of the moaners say.... great site... only downside is too many players so that you cant get to know your opponents...

ed. on October 3, 2004

There is truth to what many are saying. Yes, many times poker is poker. But the idea that Partypoker punished you for taking out money and rewards poor players to keep their money in circulation in generally valid. When folks call All-Ins with 22 v AA or $30 raises with 3,5OS v AA and win, tell me it isn't rigged. Time and time again it will happen. Have had THREE flopped straight flushes beaten on the river by perfect-perfect and a Quad beaten by a bigger quad the same way. Yes, poker is poker. But anyway who thinks Partypoker isn't juicing the hands to bump of the rake is kidding themselves. They are washing the money. Same asa slot machine. You get a 93% return if you put in $100 and never put the money back in. But if you keep playing you get a 93% return in $500 worth of play - you don't lose $7, you lose $35 of your original $100. If Partypoker gets you to have $1000 worth of play on your original $100 with a 5% rake...ANYONE DISAGREE?

BubbaGump on October 2, 2004

I agree with above. I will no longer play for REAL money at I also have seen way to many 4 of a kinds. Also when there is a flush out you better bet there is a boat there so they rake more money. Or a boat and 4 of a kind in the same hand as well. I have been beat WAY to many times on the river with good hands. 2 pairs flushes and such. I have also seen the losing streaks after cashing out and getting bonuses as well. I just only play there for fake chips now. Passes the time doesnt do much for my bank account though.

ewm250 on October 2, 2004

I do disagree. If a rigged simulator and a rake increase are the excuses people want to use when they get outdrawn, let them. If you went to a local casino and saw 4 quads beaten by higher quads, would you acuse the casino of putting more aces in the deck than there should be? Of course not. Specifically, 5-3 and 2-2 will beat aces 17% of the time, thats one out of every 6 hands. In the long run, it will work out that way. The aces may be beaten 2 or 3 times, then not beaten for the next 150. Try this, show the person ready to call your aces with 5-3 your aces next time. I gaurantee nobody will ever call. Plus you cant tell me that you believe the 5% wash system but not the hand percentage system. All I can say is this, Ive played on partypoker for a little over 2 years now and my initial $500 deposit has made me just about $17,000. I've never had a major problem with bad players being rewarded, hands being juiced for bigger rakes, or anything like that. If bad playing was the case, then my suggestion would be mortgage your house, sell your car, invest the kids college fund, put it all on the first 5-3 offsuit you can find and buy that dream vacation home in the Virgin Islands you've always wanted! Dont you think every person in the world would do it if it were that easy? Anyway, excellent site. Known for loose players and maniacks at times, but tight/aggressive players usually walk away with a decent chunk of change. My main bit of advice is this..... DONT MARRY YOUR ACES! Contrary to popular opinion, they are beatable.

jlwallnuts on October 2, 2004

Pretty good website. Last time I cashed out took several days longer than I liked, started to worry a little. I like the sit n go options.

bolandry on September 29, 2004

Excellent poker site. Most of the crap you readn here about cheaters and scammers is just that, crap. I looked at the pokerbot and its nothing. You have to program it to bet, call, raise, fold the hands you want it to. Now read this carefully... IT DOES NOT PREDICT WHAT THE NEXT CARD DEALT IS GOING TO BE! Therefore its not a cheat! All it does is what you tell it to do and you can set it to play for you when you're not around. As far as the RNG goes, its a computer program, its not going to be perfect. Sure some hands will repeat at times, sure some hands seem fishy, but GOOD card players know that the cards in your hand are not the most important thing in the game, betting is. A fish is gonna make a bad call no matter what happens. him/her catching on the river is as much a part of the game as you bluffing him out when he has you beat. If partypoker got rid of all the fish and all the maniacs, nobody would be complaining about cheats, or rigged rivers, newbie bonuses, or any garbage like that. GOOD players dont whine about the fish, they just get their money back in the long run. Overall, its the best site I have played at. Cash-ins and cash-outs are quick and easy, sit-n go multi tables are a great way to get the exitement of a big tourney without comitting 5 or 6 hours of your time. Most of all, the private table option is an easy way to make some quick cash. Find yourself a maniac or a real loose player, put his name on your buddy list, when you find him/her, invite him to your private table, play them heads up and collect a quick payday.

manster on September 28, 2004

Use to think something was up, like after cashing out i'd loose over and over. But then I came to terms it was my attitude. I would sit down for an hour or 2 at a 1/2 game and be up 60-100, but then I get cocky, get beat, then go on tilt. As for getting beat on the river, the fishes are lucky, and if someone calls me lucky if I hit my card I keep quiet, then say to myself pot odds were good, and I had a good chance of catching it.

drunkstar on September 22, 2004

I agree with most of the negative comments about partypoker. Too many river winners. I don't know if it's b/c the site's software is screwed up (erroneous random selection of cards), players cheating (playing in collusion with other players or using a "scanner"), or what.

playerman on September 20, 2004

I've only played at A friend mentioned that people cheat on that website and I didn't really believe him until i came to this page and read some reviews. After reading up on some things here I needed a bit more proof so i did a search for poker bots and I found this website. If you do not believe that there are scammers out there that are cheating at poker then your a fool. visit this website to see the proof. [url][/url]

mastermgw on September 20, 2004

I agree with Tim.Seeing these posts makes me happy about the competition I face there. =)

Agrees with Tim on September 17, 2004

All those whining about this site should just play the "Play Money" tables. You can get the fix without losing your $$. You can't complain about those. It's fun can take risks you'd normally never take just for the FUN of it! Shouldn't poker be FUN? Later, go take money from your poker buds and the real casinos.

Merf80 on September 15, 2004

Don't believe what TheDirtRoadWarrior is saying. In fact the comments you've read from others above are true in just about every site, and not just party poker. They all cheat. These sites are not regulated. I for one always win when I'm in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, and over there I don't see the dealing patterns that I see online.

badbeated on September 14, 2004

If you cash out, you will go on a losing streak 4 sure,the river will get you, way to many times,

stb111, aol on September 13, 2004

With the thousands of people playing at Party Poker, it is inevitable that there will be tons of complaints. These complaints usually come from losers who can not come to grips with the fact that they are not good players. Ego is a killer in poker, and when most lose they can't possibly blame themselves. Therefore, it must be the site hey? Yes there are tons of loose, inexperienced players at Party Poker. This explains why so many beats on the river. It is gonna happen when call stations just don't know when to stop. They are rookies. If you are really a good player you will be able to outlast the rookies who rely on fishing for river cards. Sure you will get beat a bit more often, but I will put my skills against a bunch of reckless fisherman any day of the week. Luckily there will always be a bunch of whinebag losers who will never figure out they suck, and will continue to play. Whether it is at Party Poker or somewhere else, they will lose, and hopefully I will be there to grab their chips. A bit of advice, if Party Poker constantly rewards bad players chasing river cards, why the heck don't you start chasing every straight and flush and adapt to the corruption you speak of? Heck, if I could always fish out a river card, I would play a bunch of bad hands too.

TheDirtRoadWarrior on September 4, 2004

I concur with one nephew on a point: end of hand, they take it down so quick, often you can't see who won/with what.

Dr. John Lee on September 1, 2004

People who give party a low rating because they think it's fixed have no clue what they are talking about. They are not good players and they try this conspiracy theory is their excuse. Party's low limit games are the softest you'll ever find. I have thousands of hands in at .50/1, 1/2, and 2/4 and have consistantly won at every level.I really get a kick out of people who say this after playing with just play money. You all have no clue.

Tim on August 30, 2004

I have never seen bots at party poker and I have never had abnormal losses after cashing out. The site has a high rake on low limit games but it has the most players of any site on the web and there are a lot of poor players on the site. Ignore the negative posts. The site is legit.

jcdgoad on August 24, 2004

i am professional gam,bler played on party poker for 8 months it is most corrupt poker site ever seen bots on every table stay out fo side rooms especially $15'30 if there are 10 at table guaranteed 6 at party poker bots i kid you nto i documented over 400 cases finally had enough i was major player on there site so much as they refunded me over 3,000 jsut from me complaing of very strange hands per example one player hitting 4 4 of a kind in a row when i was at 30/60 table my advice is to stay way clear of party poker unless you jsut are casual gambler like $1/2 but anyhtng mroe and you can't win take it from me who bets over 2 million a yr you can email me i will be happy to tell your more mr rober ferguson is poker investigations knows me well take care im still looking for honest poker site cant find one also gaming poker and tiger poker also rigged

GAMESPEOPLEPLAYK on August 23, 2004

not happy with it. i swear i think they have "employee" players that are dealt winning hands for the company. its amazing how many bet with junk, large bets... and end up catching the river hand after hand after hand.

iiiandviii on August 20, 2004

Think about it, if this site is so bad why would so many people actually play there? Currently there are 50,000+ players at peak times. That speaks for it self.

joe on August 19, 2004

Players are so bad they will call any raises with anything so most hands never stand up and get rivered. Software is junk and bogs down the computer (have to re- start every hour or so). Tables look so unnatural (bets are in numbers and no chips). Junk for actual poker players.

firemedic77 on August 16, 2004

I agree with many of the other comments. I took 2 deposits out, and rarely ever won a hand after that. it was comical. There are more bad beats on this site than any other that i've ever seen. i'm shocked so many players stay and play on this site- many better options out there

wallman on August 16, 2004

I play at this site more than any other site. I play the low stakes sit and go 1 table tournaments and the $25 6 handed no limit games. I've found that I'm beat less on the river at Party Poker than I am on PokerStars. Party Poker is a good legitimate place to play. I wish that they had better multi-table tournaments. I think Party Poker and PokerStars are the 2 best sites that I have played at.

jcdgoad on August 14, 2004

I've had the same experience as most of the people above. I am a tight player and won't play much junk. So whenever I have a decent hand I play, and it has happened too often for me not too suspect the shady river. I have been beat on the river so many times at party poker. I thought it was just coincedence at first, but after reading others people's comments it's becoming more and more clear something is goin on.

KidDian on August 13, 2004

This was my first poker site. After being disgusted about being beat on the river ALL THE TIME, I went to another site where I actually started winning on a regular basis. Now that I have played for a while I realize that TOO MANY PEOPLE GET LUCKY ON THE RIVER at Party Poker. Mathematically speaking it occurs a lot more than it should. It gives the impression that Party Poker intentionally rewards bad play in order to keep novices hooked. I have also noticed that everytime I cash-out or win a bonus I suddenly start having a losing streak. I was once dealt over 100 losing hands in a row after receiving a bonus. I am very suspicious of this site and will not play here again.

Pepsi King on August 8, 2004

there are some very shady hands. i would never play with real money here.

devil fish/ nashperry/ brysenperry on July 31, 2004

Played my first real money online games here. Is it me or does this site give out Flushes like they're going out of style? Really loose players who will call raise after raise with mediocre hands including gutshots and beat you on the river everytime. That's Poker I guess. Moved to Pokerstars.

MrBippy on July 29, 2004

I'm all for fast play, but there is one issue where Party Poker is too fast: the end of a hand. I have trouble seeing who won, and with what hand, because there is no delay (not even a full second).

CatOfGrey on July 25, 2004

One of the worst poker sites on the web. Playing with play chips is a joke on this site. When you see a player have 20,000,000 play chips at the table you know youve come upon a shady site. I wouldnt dare play for real money on this site. Software and support are sad also. Dont waste your time downloading this crap.

evilhemp76 on July 16, 2004

Games used to be a lot looser than they are now. Better software can be found elsewhere and their support department is deplorable.

lester on July 13, 2004

For the biggest online poker site you'd think they would care more about customer service.. stick to pokerstars if you want to play somewhere you can trust. Stay here if you want a lot of fishy players.

lovetopolka on June 30, 2004

Hi, for me Party Poker give lucky hands for new players for come back here in to party poker again. Or give lucky hands for looser player. I play here from several mounths and if 1 day lost next day win..if 1 day win next day loose. never i wins 2 days or loose 2 days. why???All new players (several friends are include) in the beginning wins a lot..after..loose all in a few day!! why??? always!!!!! best regards..turn off the unlucky from my nick thanks.

Alberto on June 29, 2004

theres a lot of cheating going on with scanners you need to up grade for that / thank you

rusty vernwald on June 20, 2004

Mediocre software, support and players (some may see it as an advantage though)

pokerguy11 on May 17, 2004