Paul "X22" Magriel

Paul Magriel, known as "X22", is one of the weirdest poker players you will ever see. Most people know him from the WPT episode where he annoyed the participants and viewers by yelling out "quack quack" every time he went into a pot. Most people think he is an idiot when they see him play but his image is a carefully cultivated act to make players under-estimate him.

Magriel has cashed in the WSOP 5 times for a total of only: $24,908 and has cashed twice in the WPT for insignificant amounts, including a final table during Season One. He has nearly $300,000 in live tournament winnings.

Magriel is an expert at mathematics and games. He was New York State's Junior Chess Champion when he was attending New York University and later was a National Science Foundation fellow at Princeton University with an emphasis on probability. Magriel later became a mathematics professor at the Newark College of Engineering. He won the World Backgammon Championship in 1978 and was known as one of the world's best backgammon players. He has co-authored two backgammon books with his wife.


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He could have grown a beard & mustash to hide
his appearance.......but no, he wants to make people puke!

I saw him and that old broad Marsha Waggnor making
faces at each other during a tournament....she's
a real jewel also...

????? on December 19, 2010

What an ignorant, cruel and thoroughly immature clusterfk of losers the majority of you are...whatever the cause of the irregularity on Paul's nose it's irrelevant. I'm sure he's even less happy about it than most of you seem to be yet he has the bravery to face the world with a smile on his face most days. Do you? Or are you just too busy making fun of burn victims?

As for the comments about his tic, the tongue wagging is a symptom of a serious side effect (tardive dyskinesia) which is often brought about by long term usage of psychotropic drugs such as anti-psychotics...whether or not Paul does indeed suffer from a disorder or whether the tic began on its own I'm quite sure he is well aware of it and can no more control it than can someone with cerebral palsy, but thanks for possibly making him feel even worse about it.

What's wrong with Paul Magriel? Ffs, what the hell is wrong with you people? You do realize that Paul himself may frequent these boards, don't you? Could you spare two seconds in between your latest spiteful, vapid post to imagine what it might feel like to read such things about yourself? If you're really so subhuman as to not care then you might consider examining your character as closely as you do Paul's face.

By the way, the "quack, quack" that has so many of you in a befuddled uproar derives from two deuces being referred to as "ducks" in the poker, when he bets 220, or 2200 and so on, he says "quack, quack", and when he bets 440 or 4400 its "double quack, quack"...sheesh, was that too much work for your 10 collective brain cells? Probably.

Yes, there's no question that Paul's quirky and unique...he is also a mathematical genius, received perfect College Board scores, is a world class backgammon theorist and player, a National Science Foundation fellow at Princeton University and is widely considered an all around friendly, generous and truly decent short? He has accomplished more in his life than any of you small, petty individuals could ever hope to.

Zhee on December 16, 2010

If he is so successful, in life, why hasn't he used some of his money for an operation???

What self respecting person would go out in public
making people puke when they see him???

????? on August 12, 2009

bad_dog76,Unregistered,pocket7s and the rest of you spastics! jealous MUCH?? Paul has achieved more in his life then you retards could ever dream of.
Good on you for posting rude and harsh things on an internet forum it's easy isn't it to hide behind a screen,what great men you must be..
Who cares if he's not attractive.. i bet your all hideous too bad your not good enough to be on TV so we could all judge you.

getoveryourself on July 30, 2009

there are many cruel people out there. do you run over helpless dogs too? I know Magriel and he is a nice guy. you gutless people say things on cyberspace. man, you are tough. none of you have any b.alls. consider getting a life, you lowlifes.

GoodKingJohn on June 2, 2009

DONKEY! Just saying you played in a cash game with him, shows what low levels this idiot plays.
Maybe next time you play with him, you can kiss his ass in person "reverendrod".

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be seated in a cash game with Paul. I ended up staying in the game all night until 6 am when the casino actually broke up the game for one reason or another.

I found Paul to be a gentleman and fun to play poker with. He has a few quirks, but we all have SOME that we may not even know about. At any rate he was an intelligent, respectful player who was quiet most of the time and thoughtful the rest of the time. I believe his math skills are outstanding and his ability to read other players exceptional. I only post this because I see such moronic and disrespectful comments about Paul on this and other sites. He is a gentleman, a scholar (creditials to prove it), and a demonstrated top poker player. I would be honored to be in any game with him.

Reverendrod on May 20, 2007

God, I just had a terrible thought....Holloween is just around the corner.....can you imagine the trama the little kids would go through if they knocked on his door?

????? on October 29, 2006

Paul, what's ur email. I like to ask why u don't win.

Bender on October 5, 2006

If it was possible to survive an abortion, that's how the child turn out.

Bender on October 5, 2006

I just saw him on TV (PPT?) on the final table with som old
broad next to him....and this idiot turns toward this broad
and makes some kind of face at her, and she just looked at
him and made a face back at made me puke...if I
ever play on the same table with him, I'am going to ask him
why didn't he take some of the money he made off his backgammon books, and have an operation

????? on September 30, 2006

you guys are so fucking disrespectful. He is not a good looking what??? I bet he has a lot of good qualities. And I bet that most of you look like crap.

Unregistered on September 15, 2006

He knocked Hellmuth out in 2005 with pocket 7's. Of course Hellmuth was pissed. This guy looks like Steven King on Crack!

bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006

SHOULD BE 'HEeEeEEEeeeeeE HAwwwWWwWwWWWw" how irratating is this donkey to be at the same table with?

DonkeySlayer on August 10, 2006

You make fun of Paul Magriel, but most of you can't spell. Paul Magriel was mugged at knifepoint when he was a child. He got sliced in the nose. That's why his nose is like that.

Unregistered on July 4, 2006

coke nose?

????? on November 25, 2005

Alaskan woman is right, you should be ashamed if your posts are hateful. But if they're just mean, I don't know what to say because they are SO DAMN FUNNY. I'm laughing aloud, to the point of injuring my gut.

Lockhorn on October 11, 2005

hahahaahahahhahahfuck man this is like a friken debate!!! fuckin funni shit

hahahaha on September 3, 2005

let it all out everyone!!!!

lmao on August 24, 2005

Great news, Paul's wife just had a baby. It's a girl, and she looks just like Daddy.

Paul's Mother on August 24, 2005

he's not pro-creating is he!??Yuck. Is he missing the chromosome that determines where your nose-skin stops???SAW THAT EXTRA SKIN OFF YOUR NOSE DUDE!!!!! NAAAAASTY. I'd rather butt-rape a dude than be in a room with you for 45 minutes. At least with the dude, I'd be done in 30 seconds.

OH NOOOOO!!! on August 24, 2005

Previous poster - i mean that he makes himself look like an idiot so opponents wont take him seriously. Sticking his tongue out, quacking away etc. But he already has the deformed nose and butt-ugly face happening so he doesnt need to act it out much more.

Observer on August 19, 2005

who ever wrote: "Who the fuck are you, Yoda? I don't claim to be good looking or anything, but that is one ugly MF. Even his mother had problems loving that mask"
good on you thats what i was thinking!!!! lolz.......plz write another coment!!! :-)

omg on August 18, 2005

"Posted by: Observer on Jul 21, 2005 - IP= This guy puts on a retard image to put off his opponents?"
Whats the point, his mangled nose is enough to put opponents off their game. No one can stomach a glance in his direction to get any tells.

laughing my fucking ass off! on August 18, 2005

he puts on a retard image!!!!! what is that supposed to mean???

WTF?? on August 18, 2005

Previous poster - i mean that he makes himself look like an idiot so opponents wont take him seriously. Sticking his tongue out, quacking away etc. But he already has the deformed nose and butt-ugly face happening so he doesnt need to act it out much more.

Observer on August 18, 2005

"Quack Quack!" can you be MY duckie paul???

Zoe on August 16, 2005

" i think i need a nose job! "

Paul Magriel on August 16, 2005

Hey Alaskanwoman, "does not a big man make?" Who the fuck are you, Yoda? I don't claim to be good looking or anything, but that is one ugly MF. Even his mother had problems loving that mask.

WTF on August 16, 2005

paul magriel what happened to your nose???are you on crack???

annonomous on August 16, 2005

Where are all the photos of paul magriel, so'e so god damn sexxy!!!

Zoe on August 12, 2005

I just watched Paul Magriel on TV and decided to look him up out of curiosity. His antics would drive me crazy, but so what? As for all of the people that have attacked how Mr. Magriel looks they should be ashamed of themselves. Posting hateful comments on here, while hiding behind the anonymity of cyberspace, does not a big man (or woman) make. I also find it telling that, of all these postings, the people that claim to actually know Mr. Magriel have said nice things about him.

Alaskanwoman on August 8, 2005

Hello,Paul!Can you tell your e-mail? I would like to ask some questions about your backgammon book...

Alex Hovanars on August 7, 2005

Paul was hired to replace Shana Hiatt on next year's WPT broadcasts.

Mike Sexton on August 5, 2005

This is Paul, i had cosmetic surgery to stretch out part of my nose. I take my game very seriously and will go to great extremes to ensure i have an advantage over my opponents. I deliberately make myself look like a freak of nature and it works, i'm making good money in poker so fuck you all.

Paul Malgriel on August 4, 2005

did he pick his right nostril with his big toe for most of his life?

Unregistered on July 30, 2005

Makes Barry Greenstein look like a male model.

Dude on July 28, 2005

Was his nose painted on his face by Salvador Dali?

Unregistered on July 28, 2005

I use his picture to make my kids believe there really is a boogeyman

Unregistered on July 20, 2005

This guy puts on a retard image to put off his opponents? Whats the point, his mangled nose is enough to put opponents off their game. No one can stomach a glance in his direction to get any tells.

Observer on July 19, 2005

wtf is with his deformed nose? i feel sick. QUACK QUACK Why cant they blur out his mangled face on tv, i find it offencive, someone should send him a paper bag.

Xomvalldees on July 16, 2005

Married? To a human or did he build a virtual reality female robot in his dungeon? Look what he listed as his hometown for his WSOP entry: Planet X. No joke. What human female is attracted by that? Luckily for him his dashingly handsome looks compensate for his eccentricity. My guess is that he married the robot.

observer shmubserver on July 14, 2005

Previous poster, he's married u idiot!

Observer on July 11, 2005

however, there is no amount of poker winnings that could buy him the company of a woman for 2 minutes.

Observer cont' on July 4, 2005

This guy could probably afford it anyway with his poker winnings.

Observer on June 29, 2005

Why does this guy have an extended piece of nose on one side? It looks so deformed. Plus he's always sticking out his tongue, rubbing his face, messing up his hair. And to top it all off - he went ALL-IN with 7-2o and a pretty decent stack, got called by A-8 and lost. What a wacko.

Observer on June 19, 2005

If there was EVER a case for plastic surgery the time is now. In fact if I ever win a major televised event, I will declare (on TV) that I will pay for X-22's nose-job, so he can get that piece cut off or whatever. Man, shiver....

Unregistered on June 19, 2005

If he catches Leprosy and then gets caught in a horrible fire he would look better. He made my eyes bleed when he was on television, then he started qucking and my head exploded. I'm suprised he doesn't win every tournament just by making all of his opponents ill.

Paul's Mother on May 20, 2005

He is Humpty Dumpty. All the kings horses and all the kings men tried to put him back together again and they did a real shitty job. Even a female pig injected with whisky wouldn't let him do her.

the plight of the quack on May 14, 2005

he was real cute 25 years ago

paniked1991 on May 12, 2005

This guy is the original warren (from something about mary)

paul on May 9, 2005

he is a piss mongrel but you gotta love it

the zim on May 8, 2005

the elephant man of poker

the zim on May 8, 2005

He is one of the fifty most beautiful people at a star trek convention too. He also camps out for months for a place in line to see the next star wars film. quack quack is a friggin nerd. Named himself X-22.... which gave all of his jealous dungeons and dragons dork friends a hard on. What a douche bag

Unregistered on May 4, 2005

whats your dysfunction.... This guy is a retard. not buying the scholastic bit.

conjunction junction on April 23, 2005

I dare any idiot commenting on X-22's looks to empty out their bank account and play him for all they are worth. I am sure many of them would be broke very soon....X-22...Keep on quacking

GBTHECOACH on April 22, 2005

I just want to thank Paul for the blackjack tournement strategy pointers and inspiration to win the tournement that got me out of Vegas in 1983. I have such fond memories of those old backgammon days with you, Billy Horan, Stan Tomchin and the gang.

kate on April 19, 2005

what stu ungar would have looked like if he were alive today --jk

tm3545 on April 11, 2005

that was funny tm. there is some degree of truth to that.

Unregistered on April 11, 2005

'no limit, no hotel room table'. what the hell does that mean. kandie if you associated with this man you are one of three things: as butt ugly as him, a hooker (had to have been paid very well or youre the new girl), or a female robot he built in his basement. quack quack.

Unregistered on March 26, 2005

Paul! Hi sweetheart! I am very saddened to while searching your outcome at Harrah's, this forum and the idiocy on here. Even worse, I see that you actually read their crap! It was an extreme pleasure playing with you at our little no limit, no hotel room table :). I hope that we meet again soon and that all is going as nice for you at the tables and in life as you are. Until we play again, Baby Kandie

Kandie/BabyKandie/Smrtblnduc on March 15, 2005

Paul, it was fun playing you in Vegas. I can't get Quack Quack out of my head. Had the pleasure of taking an 8th at the AC WSOP final table. I'm catching up with you... :D Good luck in the future.

Kickyourace sneuman on March 9, 2005

They can both step into a teleporter device and get merged together into the same person.

OR..... on February 3, 2005

this guy and robert varkoni make a perfect couple. they should marry and put their dork minds together and inseminate varkoni. then varkoni can give birth to a dork baby born with his daddys glasses attached to his face and his other daddys f'd up nose attached to his face. of course they will name this mess QUACK QUACK, teach him how to play shitty cards and how to get rejected by the oppisite sex which little QUACK QUACK will learn immediately. they will live happily ever after in quantum physics bliss.

the story of the freaks on February 1, 2005

Qua-ck! I thought I shot you! Click-click, Quack! BANG! BANG!

Chad on January 5, 2005

You idiot, Gigabet is not X22 and Gigabet owns party poker tourneys.

stocktrader23 on December 31, 2004

hinchback of notre dame FREAK

i touch myself on December 30, 2004

Quack, Quack, Click-Click, Quack, Qua-BANG!!!!! (silence)

Chad on December 21, 2004

I play with this guy on partypoker "Gigabet" is a total loser. He most definatley is a party poker fish as he frequents the 1000+65 2 table tournaments often, with very little reward. Paul Malgriel shows that you can just be a complete moron who catches cards, make a final table 1 time, and have you're ugly mug posted on the web.

incognito on December 19, 2004

I d never saw him at poker ( Quack quack ???? )but i know that he is a true genious. A legend at backgammon. His book is know has the Bible of backgammon. And i had never read a single Quack in it. Little respect please for that man.

GamePolice on December 10, 2004

I can't believe he listed (whoever 'he' is)...06-Mar-03 $ 100 Limit Hold 'EmSpring Poker Tournament, Reno 9th $ 450 ...In his stats. Only 9th? 450 players. Maybe 300 players? LOL

Unregistered on November 26, 2004

i played at the same table as paul at the horseshoe,, he quacked, funny shit,, i was out of chips before him but he didnt make it much farther ... it was cool playing with him though..

broth on November 9, 2004

Quack Quack. Sat next to you in Vegas at the 60 game at MB. Enjoyed playing with you. I came in 2nd.Best wishes.

Scott Neuman on November 5, 2004

By the way, Loved the quack quack on the pair of red 2's and you call out, got a black quack.....

Scott Neuman on November 5, 2004

I totally agree kenko,what an weirdo typing all that out...only paul malgriel himself would do that..surely?

papillion on October 5, 2004

u kid us not huh? try this for measurement: X22 recent poker stat.
12-May-04 $ 1,500 Event #23 No Limit Hold'em
35th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2004, Las Vegas 57th $ 2,300
29-Sep-03 € 500 Pot Limit Omaha
Austrian Classics 2003, Vienna 1st € 15,910 $ 18,168
27-Sep-03 € 300 Limit 7 Card Stud
Austrian Classics 2003, Vienna 8th € 1,330 $ 1,519
26-Sep-03 € 500 Limit Holdem
Austrian Classics 2003, Vienna 6th € 1,400 $ 1,599
24-Sep-03 € 100 Pot Limit Omaha
Austrian Classics 2003, Vienna 4th € 1,850 $ 2,113
20-Sep-03 € 2,000 No Limit Holdem
Autumn Tournament 2003, Paris 5th € 6,000 $ 6,645
31-Mar-03 $ 5,000 No Limit Hold 'Em Main Event WPTWorld Poker Challenge 2003, Reno 4th $ 29,452
06-Mar-03 $ 100 Limit Hold 'Em
Spring Poker Tournament, Reno 9th $ 450
02-Dec-02 $ 1,000 Limit Hold 'Em
Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic, Las Vegas 9th $ 1,629
06-Nov-02 € 3,000 LIDO
Master Classics of Poker 2002, Amsterdam 17th € 4,704 $ 4,687
30-Sep-02 € 500 Pot Limit Omaha
Austrian Classics 2002, Vienna 1st € 24,500 $ 24,032
29-Sep-02 € 1,000 No Limit Holdem
Austrian Classics 2002, Vienna 6th € 3,190 $ 3,129
21-Sep-02 € 2,000 No Limit Holdem
Autumn Tournament 2002, Paris 1st € 48,600 $ 47,404
03-Apr-02 € 500 Pot Limit Omaha
Spring Tournament 2002, Paris 5th
02-Oct-01 ATS 5,000 Limit 7 Card Stud
Austrian Classics 2001, Vienna 5th ATS 36,880 $ 2,454
28-Sep-01 ATS 2,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Austrian Classics 2001, Vienna 2nd ATS 105,050 $ 6,991
26-Sep-01 ATS 2,000 Pot Limit Holdem
Austrian Classics 2001, Vienna 5th ATS 32,650 $ 2,173
12-Dec-97 £ 200 Pot Limit Omaha
Christmas Cracker 1997, London 1st £ 8,736 $ 14,384
Now let us hear about your 4th place in the 5 people homegame u attended last week.... Ignorant !

whatever on September 28, 2004

I cant believe you went to all the trouble of typing all that bollocks out.Im sure he is a good player my point though is this=he's got a face that looks like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle.

kenko on September 28, 2004

though x-22 is a cool name

pocket7s on September 24, 2004

dude it doesnt matter how many tournaments he wins the acts dumb at the table and you and him can have each other your both gay ikidonut

pocket7s on September 22, 2004

Paul magriel x-22 known by his friends Is A legend in the backgammon & poker circle & has written many books on this subject.He is an all rd player & anylist of the game & great sportmanship & won several tournaments world wide.respect

ikidunot on September 4, 2004

Seems to confuse himself as much as his opponents with his antics. Just not a convincing act Paul, if you want to put people off their game you have to be a little more subtle.

Hackerjack on July 20, 2004

why does he constantly gurn at the table? poker pin ups,magriel and greenstein.

kenko on July 19, 2004

Ok let me bring you guys back to his one day in question. Close to the chip leader if he wasnt the leader. He couldnt beat ron rose because he played like a dumb ass. He was to busy quacking and thinking i can only beat myself im x-22.

bond on July 10, 2004


Unregistered on June 22, 2004

Quack Quack!

Paul Magriel on June 22, 2004

I thought the Crypt Keeper was a fake?

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

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