Robert Varkonyi

Born 1961 in New York, Robert Varkonyi is best known for winning the 2002 WSOP Main Event. As of 2009, his lifetime live tournament winnings exceed $2,100,000. He has become a columnist for Card Player Magazine and a pro for online poker room InterPoker.

After graduating from MIT, he worked as an investment banker in New York but retained a serious interest in poker, which he picked up at MIT.

In the 2003 WSOP, he won the Main Event by beating the young and talented Julian Garnder. Varkonyi's Qh 10s defeated Julian Gardner's Jc 8c on a board of Qc 4c 4s 10d 10c, resulting in Varkonyi's full house beat Gardner's flush.

An interesting story about the final table: the TV commentators for the final table were Gabe Kaplan and Phil Hellmuth. When it came down to the final table, Hellmuth told Kaplan that he thought Varkonyi had little chance of winning because he was an amateur. He also said that if Varkonyi won the tournament, Hellmuth would let someone shave his head on camera at the end of the show. Soon after Varkonyi won the tournament, Hellmuth had his head shaved on camera.

After his big win in 2003, he hasn't had too many notable finishes, although he hasn't played in too many tournaments since then. The next year, ESPN had Varkonyi's table as the "featured table", since most WSOP winners garner a lot of attention when they go back and play the next year. Scotty Nguyen was at Varkonyi's table and beat Varkonyi with pocket aces when Varkonyi held pocket kings. Varkonyi then cashed in the main event in 2007, finishing in 177th place in a field of over six thousand players (the top 3% of the field), winning $51,398.

At the 2009 WSOP, Varkonyi was among 20 former WSOP main event world champions who competed in the first ever Champions Invitational tournament. He finished the tournament in second place, after getting defeated in heads-up play by 1983 world champion Tom McEvoy.

Another interesting note is that his wife Olga, who also plays poker, cashed in 238th place in the 2005 WSOP Main Event as well the 2008 Ladies $1,000 No-Limit Event.


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I agree with Faro,the guy never said or thought he was an awesome poker player,he started the poker boom going,not Moneymaker.

headlessman1964 on March 3, 2008

This Piece Of Shit Hasnt Cashed In But One Tourney For 20 Dollars Since He Stumbled Onto The Main In 2003. He Sucks. What A Donkey, Id Bet My Life This Fish Will Never Win Shiit Ever Again, Ever

DonkeySlayer on January 3, 2008


No, but you get the feeling he tried to become a major player in the game and failed so it's not because he took the high road and left after he made his big kill. He played in some big tournies and cash games after 2003 and got killed. Then his wife came into the game and did pretty well.

HPG ADMIN on May 1, 2007

The guy never really was even a full time player. He paid his fee and ended up winning. End of story. He never claimed to be the best player and certainly doesn't/didn't revolve his life around poker.

farokh3000 on May 1, 2007

Donkey Slayer you da MAN! VarDonki! I love it. I'm glad to see at least one person on this board knows what the hell they're talking about.
Varkonyi SUCKS!

bad_dog76 on December 20, 2006

moneymaker played like a donkey, he calls all ins with 33 to 4 over cards on the board, he goes all in with 8 8 against brenes who was holding A A and sucks out, he then sucks out on Ivey who had a boat and moneyDonk was dead to a ace hits it. He got lucky, did the wrong things and still got lucky and somehow won it all. He will never win another tourny 1k buy in or larger, ever.
Varkoni is even worse, the moron thinks Q 10 is a great hand, and now 16 years later hasnt learned it isnt. worst player to ever win the big one, varDonki

DonkeySlayer on November 9, 2006

So true! He went pretty deep in this years WSOP but otherwise has done nothing. Moneymaker hasnt done much except for a 2nd place cash at Bay101, but at least he played with balls when he won the big one.

Unregistered on September 14, 2006

This Donkey, Who Went All In With Q 10 Time And Time Again And Got Miracle Lucky To Win It All, Has Never Won Anything Since. Look Up His Stats, He Won 1 20 Dollar Buy In Tourny And Thats It ! He Sucks, Hee Haw Hee Haw, Must Be Still Playing Q 10 For All His Chips, Damn Donk

DonkeySlayer on September 12, 2006

Never heard of this guy after 2002. Does he still play? I know his wife does. She's better than he is

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

WSOP UPDATE: "Robert Varkonyi ranked in the number 4 position by late Monday."

HPG ADMIN on August 1, 2006

He still plays. He was on the professional poker tour. He sucks but he is well known.

HPG ADMIN on July 29, 2006

Why is there even a profile on this guy

Bender on July 29, 2006

best poker player around.

dave caines on September 7, 2005

This nerd made me shave my fuking head.

Phil Hellmuth on September 6, 2005

No Other Word For This Clown But Hes A Donkey

DONKEY on August 29, 2005

took doyle for 1.3$ M heads up at H.O.R.S.E last March. A god among men.

A guy who lies a lot on August 17, 2005

The Greatest Player In The World. When Stu Ungar Saw Robert Play He Went Back To His Room And Overdosed.

Fred G on August 9, 2005

3+3/2 times the square root of pi = 0.987999 good pots odd call

Unregistered on July 28, 2005


Couldnt agree more. who would think he has aces, the probability of that is like .000003 or something like that. but i do think he is a fluke but his move against scotty was not bad.

JetsFan315 on July 20, 2005

they need a sight for olga. or share this one with her husband because she is a retty damn good player

loveland on July 12, 2005

you suck varkhoni

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

i did not even know that varkonyi was a fluke, until i saw him play (i didnt see the 02 WSOP) he has always been eliminated in like day 1 of the WSOP every year and this year is no exception. Olga Varkonyi (i think his wife) is still in it.

JetsFan315 on July 10, 2005

its guys like robert that give players hope. you know if you have some game, you have a chance. robert has game and let me say from experience when you get a sniff of victory, it can be intoxicating. you almost feel unbeatable. sometimes thats how a championship is won

loveland on July 8, 2005

Luckiest player to ever win the WSOP. Someone said that the only person better than Men the Master was this guy. He need a coach to help him at the WSOP. OVERRATED!

greatwhite on July 2, 2005

this guy sucks

Unregistered on June 17, 2005

This guy sucks ass. He got lucky in the 2002 wsop and now everyone thinks he is good or something. This guy can't play his way out of a wet paper bag. He got pocket aces every other hand at the WSOP main event final table and the only reason he won was because he got his money in with the worst hand and sucked out. This guy blows and any one who thinks he's good is a flat out moron.

Dirk Diggler on May 25, 2005

Dirk Diggler, you might want to celebrate your 17th birthday before you begin talking. Your commentary is blatantly idiotic. At what point, other than calling 10% of his stack versus someone with Q-10 (other guy had a-9) did he get his money in with the worst hand? He was all in against Shipley twice, both times with J-J, both times against overcards, both wins. He also called down Gardner when Julian simply had a halfway decent flush draw and way overbet the pot. The man shouldn't have to apologize for other people's mistakes. The fact that your teenage ass managed to see 4 or 5 hands on ESPN reruns that he played (out of a couple thousand over 5 days) means nothing. ESPN doesn't show the hands that get people the stacks they need to MAKE the final table - the blind steals, the semibluffs, the value bets ... in other words something an amateur idiot like yourself wouldn't know about.

Adam - ACSCashMoney on May 25, 2005

Robert has been setting the poker world on fire lately. He came in second behind Chris Burke (actor from Life Goes On), in a celebrity poker tournament, in Kenosha.

Vegas Mike on May 17, 2005

He is not and never will be a great player. He did though do somthing that none of us will do and that is be a world champ. Congrats Sir, great win. Hope you still have some of the money you won...Keep it up and enjoy your life. Dont let jellous people rain on your parade.

GBTHECOACH on April 23, 2005

his coach is smart man played with him a lot in the bay area card club tournaments knows the odds if u watch the 2003 wsop after he leaves the casino u see the whole back of the group walking there called the berkeley brain trust

Unregistered on April 21, 2005

He played a lot better at the final table than Moneymaker did. I didn't see any really dumb moves from him that required major luck.

Hey on April 16, 2005

He was what he was, a little bit goofy, like a star trek fan, be he WON, he made som VERY good plays at the final table to go from last to first. Then he played a big stack very solid. To me, Gus Hansen plays worse EVERY TIME I SEE HIM, I saw him call 400 k with 89 suited, yet he is a "genius" He gets lucky all the time, cracking big hands with crap over and over. RV may not be the best player ever, maybe not even good at all, but those 5 days he was, and no stupid post by jelous children can change that.

southern gambler on April 9, 2005

I just found out that the 'coach' that Robert hired was just not anybody - he was the mastermind behind the MIT Blackjack team of the early 90's 'Mr M'. A math wizard. They tried to black out his image on the History channel, but it was obviously him. Once he admitted to moving to poker after blackjack, I knew it was him.

kjCoin on February 28, 2005

revenge of the nerds. plus varky loves dogs and little kiddies

Unregistered on February 12, 2005

We'd like to introduce our new president for life,Robert Varkonyi.

Nambla on February 9, 2005

Varkhoni is not a good player for the same reason video games are not good players. He has no "feel" for the game, and is unable to make "outside the box" moves. add to that the fact that HE thinks he's really good, and you got one annoying a-hole.

Pasadena Rex on February 6, 2005

very well said adam..i agree that rv caught cards, but we cant blame him for the other's stupid play....

iveyfan05 on January 30, 2005

Lovely response, I have a proposition for you. I'll personally send you the 10k entry fee to the 2005 WSOP Main Event if you can point out to me where I commented that you are 16 and play for $5. What it clearly says there, it plain English, is that, and this is a quote, "I won't touch the assertion that Varkonyi is worse than every single person on this board, other than to say that this board is likely made up of, at minimum, 20% 16 year olds who have yet to play for more than $5 outside their kitchen table". Scroll up, see for yourself, that comment doesnt even come remotely close to suggesting that YOU are one of those people. It would however, be absurd to think that there aren't a great deal of people posting here who fit that description. Christ, there are posts here where there are no words spelled correctly that contain more than 5 letters. Other than that, it's good to see that you're a very good player who has won tournaments of high magnitude. However, this is a discussion of poker professionals, and this forum is on Robert Varkhoni. He is famous for winning the WSOP 2002 main event. No one else here has won such an event, therefore, they cannot criticize. No, he cannot get lucky for 7 days, which likely comprises 50-60 hours of poker play. If you read the final table transcript, you would see a key hand in the early stages of the final table was when RV moved in with J-J, and after about a year and a half, was called by Shipley with A-J. Shipley self destructed at that table, why should the champ have to apologize for it. Also, Julian Garnder is the one who moved all in on the final hand on simply a decent flush draw with a pair on board. It would seem RV's opponents made mistakes and he was able to capitalize on them. Not exactly the marks of a terrible player my friend.

Adam - ACSCashMoney on January 29, 2005

Well, Adam, perhaps you shouldn't be quite so presumptuous as to assume that I -HAVEN'T- participated in any of the tournaments you describe. In fact, I just recently returned from the Bahamas where I placed 52nd in the WPT no-limit event there, which I qualified for by finishing second in a satellite at PokerStars. I also won the May 2003 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split tournament at Turning Stone, have made 4 final tables at limit Hold 'Em and 7-Card Stud tournaments at the same venue, and have won at least one multi-table buy-in tournament $10 or above at PokerStars in -every- format of poker they offer -except- Omaha High and No-Limit Hold 'Em. So your tacit assumption that I am one of the 16-year-olds that you mentioned who play for $5 is, to be blunt about it, flat fucking wrong. And you're right, I COULD afford to play some medium-to-high-buyin tournaments with my $10-20-level bankroll, but I generally don't. I choose not to. Why the hell should I? The 10-20 and 20-40 games at Turning Stone are, quite frankly, so damn soft and fishy that it's not worth my while to subject myself and my bankroll to the vagaries and luck of tournament poker when I can play ring games at this venue and make an absolute killing. There's a reason, Adam, that most of the greatest players in the world prefer cash games. And while I don't claim to be anywhere near their level, I DO claim to be, at the very least, one of the 3 best players at the venue and the level I play at, which makes it a lot more +EV for me to stay at Turning Stone and continue the fishing expedition rather than prove my manhood to you by playing in a tournament setting where luck is the overriding factor in who wins and who loses. Not to mention, how is it "backing up my abusive post" re: Mr. Varkonyi for me to play in more of the tournaments you describe. Even if I fell flat on my face in all of them (which I wouldn't...I'd make the money and/or final tables as much as the next guy would), how would that make Robert Varkonyi suck any less? What would that prove? I have no animosity toward the man, I've never even met him, but I call them like I see them. Varkonyi was lucky. Damn lucky. And any player with even the slightest understanding of probability should understand that it is VERY possible for a lucky streak to last for 7 or more days. The long run does not equal one week. Despite iveyfan05's assertion, it is NOT hard to say that he got lucky throughout a tourney that lasted more than 1 day.$35-$50 an hour is a rather nice wage for an occasional second job, thanks. I'll be satisfied with that and pick and choose my spots to enter tourneys rather than get greedy and possibly lose it all. In a tournament, a spell of bad luck and I could lose a good chunk of my bankroll. If I play the particular ring games I do for long enough, it is inevitable that I win unless Chip Reese, Ted Forrest, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson et al. all decide to move to upstate New York.Incidentally, I never asserted that Varkonyi was worse than EVERY player on this board. My assertion was actually a counter-assertion to a previous player that Varkonyi was better than ANYONE on this board, which is a much more debatable proposition. I would like my chances against him better than any one of the -players- (not commentators, I think I could probably take Shauna Hiatt, and wow would I like to :-P) listed on the left side of this page, by about a factor of 5.

cognito20 on January 26, 2005

rv was the luckiest player in the world in 02 ...agreed....but hard to say that about a tourney that lasted more than 1 he a great a good player that got lucky.....sometimes thats all you need....he has the braclet ....we dont....until then...we have very little room to talk

iveyfan05 on January 21, 2005

Ive watched the 2002 wsop final table many times and its true Robert did catch a lot of premium hands but he played them perfectly. In order to win a big tournament you have to play well and catch cards and Robert did both. But never once with all that money on the line did you see Robert crumble under the pressure he showed that he is a champion. Even Phil Helmuth said that he was surprised how well Robert played. He is also a very nice person and deserves the title he won. Congradulations Robert hope to see you at many more final tables. You're the man.

bencole32 on January 16, 2005

Cognito, it appears from your two posts that you have some excessive animosity towards Robert Varkonyi. Claiming someone is not the world's best player is one thing, but you're taking it to the extreme. As for the commentary in your posts themselves, I won't touch the assertion that Varkonyi is worse than every single person on this board, other than to say that this board is likely made up of, at minimum, 20% 16 year olds who have yet to play for more than $5 outside their kitchen table. You may be right, he may be the worst champion ever, and worse than many in the field, but it's ludicrous to claim to someone for 60 HOURS got cards that made it impossible to lose. It takes skill to beat out 600 some odd other player, you may get lucky a few times when you have a ton of chips, but he put himself into a position to GET those chips in the first place. The bottom line is, he won by a combination of playing well and utilizing good cards when he did get them. However, my post is not even concerning the man's play. My question to you, Cognito, is why don't you enter a World Series event, or a WPT event, or even a decent sized MTT at Foxwoods or in AC, both of which are within a few hours of Turning Stone? If you play regularly at 10-20 as you claim, your bankroll should be well more than it would take to enter even a smaller event at the WSOP, say, the 5000 or 3000 buy in. If someone as bad as RV can win, then perhaps you should take a shot at it to back up your abusive post, no?

ACSCashMoney on January 16, 2005

give the guy a break. Robert, congrads on your win 2002 your a gentleman and a good player.

Unregistered on January 15, 2005

Um, Mr. Hawkins, no. He is not better than any of the people who post on this site. When I said he'd have trouble beating a $5-10 game, I completely meant it. Varkonyi for 5 days in 2002 was the luckiest poker player on the face of the Earth. His "skill", if you can call it that, was an amazing knack for avoiding hands where he could have been outplayed by a more skilled player (read: "just about anyone in the room").He made the vast majority of his chips on hands where he had the mortal nuts or improbable draws to the mortal nuts that he (in many cases improperly) drew to and hit, which is the only reason he won that tournament. As T.J. Cloutier said in his book (referring to Hal Fowler hitting about 5 or 6 inside straights head-up at the final table in 1979 against Bobby Hoff), "You could have played as good as God can play, and you couldn't have won those pots." Robert Varkonyi was hit over the head with the deck harder than perhaps any man in the history of high-stakes tournament poker in 2002, which is the only reason his simpering mug is up on the wall at Binion's. He has not even finished -in the money- in any tournament of any decent stake since then, much less won one. He is the only "world champion" who I would not fear, or even be apprehensive about, seeing come into my normal $10-20 game at Turning Stone.

cognito20 on January 11, 2005

He is better than any of the wannabes who post on this site.You need more than luck to win the WSOP main event.You also need more than $5 in your daddys pokerstars account.

taylor hawkins on January 7, 2005

When he talks he sounds like the biggest fruit alive. "I expect you to take my chips and be successful with them, har har, derrrrrr."

ugh on January 7, 2005

worst player to ever in big, worst person to ever play poker with, how can people put up with that guy?

wolfy14 on January 5, 2005

With the possible exception of Hal Fowler in 1979 (when the field was much smaller), by far the worst player ever to win the WSOP Main Event. I honestly don't think that even $5-10 players in a typical ring game would have much to fear from this guy. His win in 2002 was perhaps the longest example of sustained ass-luck in the history of poker. He had won nothing before his WSOP win, and has won and will win nothing of major consequence since then. If it wasn't for the $2 million influx to his bankroll, he probably would not even be able to survive as a professional poker player fulltime (yes, I realize LOTS of people can't do that, but you would think a "World Champion" could - yet one more reason why the World Championship of Poker needs to be decided by something other than one no-limit hold 'em tournament).

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

What. A. DORK. Biggest nerd in poker. EVER.

VarkFAGy on December 27, 2004

I love watching him win the 2002 WSOP main event. The way he does the thumbs up when he wins..... orgasmic.And his column in cardplayer magazine is riviting.Sammy the brick you can give me head anytime.

pocket7s on December 22, 2004

I'll win next years WSOP!!! I promise!!!!

Varphony on December 19, 2004

one of the few players I would fear going heads up against. But if Ive got a brick in my pocket then I can take him out.

sammy the brick on December 19, 2004

Luck plays a major role in winning any tournament. Varkhoni played well but it is hard to argue that he may be the least talented WSOP champion ever. To my knowledge he has not survived day 1 of the tournament since. He "knew" Scotty Nguyen had pocket Aces in 2003 but called anyway with his pocket kings. I understand this is a "hard hand to get away from" but if you "know" you are beaten, lay the hand down no matter WHAT you have. Moneymaker and Raymer got very lucky but they are legitate pros. Anyone can win the WSOP and this amateur proved that. More power to him but I'd be pretty shocked to see him at a final table again.

mje on December 11, 2004

i've seen this guy play on many occasions and he is a solid player...i've never wasted my time to post on this site but you dipshits out there that are criticizing him are just a bunch of wannabees that have no clue what talent is...i felt the need to share this with you (assuming you can read and didn't dictate your message to your mommy and have her type it in for you)...

greek on December 11, 2004

robert is the worst world champion ever

Unregistered on December 7, 2004

Everybody say the same old crap about every one who wins the WSOP main event. About sick of hearing it, personally.

Chad on December 7, 2004

come on man, i've seen you and on too many pots i see you win, i wonder what even compelled you to stay and how what kind of bs are you pulling to have gotten so lucky. at least be consistent when you play, you betting is so random, its as if you cards change every 5 second

some guy on December 1, 2004

I can't believe all of you people. I just watched the re-run of the final table where he won and I was amazed. First of all I was amazed of the cards he got and the luck that he got but I do not fault him for that anybody at that table wished he got the cards that Robert got. This whole site can be ridiculous, all these people putting in the 2 cents about these players thinking they are the masters and understand poker completly. How can anyone say that he is a horrible player, a horrible player is someone who does not even know what beats what not Robert. True he may not be the best but how decides who's the best???? He had to do a lot of things right to even make it to the final table. You guys see the final table and make judgements on his play. None of you who posted here I doubt ever made a final table certainly not at the WSOP. Until you do, you can't make a judgement on how a final table for that much money should be played. He obviously did the right thing to win. Luck or no luck he made good choices...kudos to you Robert!

Unregistered on December 1, 2004

problems happen when your favorite hand is Queen 10. probably wouldn't see him placing in a tourney any time soon

brill on November 23, 2004

i beat you in 97

hey on November 18, 2004

people were talking about folding pocket kings before the flop and how crzy that is..but if u all remember phil hellmuth made an excellent lay down and folded pocket KK's at wsop 04 and he one of the best players to ever play the game.

Aces high 23 on November 17, 2004

He sold his soul to his devil to win the WSOP. Beyond that, this guy is a hack. His 2003 WSOP was embarassing. He was more interested in showing off his engraved bracelet and poker coach then in focusing on the game. He's a joke.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

RV is a horrible player. He plays like an amatuer, and never should have won the WSOP 2002. As for the hand that he was knocked out on in 2003 against Scotty Nguyen, what I don't understand is how Varkonyi got so low of a stack in the first place. He was forced all-in with the kings, because his bad playing gave him a low stack. His plays just seemed to have no logic or merit to them. I mean why raise Scotty (very aggressive player) with nothing? There wasn't any serious money in that pot.Besides, if he's so great - why have a poker coach?

Nightwolf on November 6, 2004

You HAVE to be lucky to win the WSOP and Robert played a helluva tournament. I remember it, because it was the event to get me into the sport. Varkonyi might not be among the current greats, but he deserves to get a little respect. He won $2 million, and we mock him. Something doesn't seem right.

Randy Lilley on October 29, 2004

Living proof that every dog has his day and 15 minutes of fame. Can probably beat the average Joe fairly consistantly but against the big boys he found his needle in the haystack.

Buca Bear. on October 12, 2004

Who is this jackoff and what has he done lately?

Smitty Brunson on September 28, 2004

This dude is gnarly! I heard he's part of Dutch Boyds crew now....

Gnar Balls on September 18, 2004

Very big nerd.

Rick on September 14, 2004

I said no such thing. I never said he "sucked". I said that he was an amatuer (which he was) and I dont know how he made it that far in 2002. It wasn't a degradative comment. I personally didn't think he was that good and luck played a big part. But we all get better. Thats the beauty of Poker. Anyone can win.

Doyle Brunson on September 13, 2004

Look I don't like the guy's game at all but you all are misqouting him. He said that he knew Scotty Nguyen had ace's after he called his all in bet. He never said he knew he had aces before he went all in. Obviously there was nothing he could do after his all in bet was called.

None of your business on September 3, 2004

Varkonyi sux and he just got very lucky like moneymaker did.

Someone on August 22, 2004

This guy was in the revenge of the nerds !!!

Artist on August 18, 2004

doyle said he sucked after varkhoni knocked him out

all in on August 13, 2004

Hey JP27 SMD when was the last time you won $2.5 million playing poker or a WSOP Braclete

jp27 on August 10, 2004

Doyle said he sucks he doesn't know how he won the WSOP. What Doyle says goes man, this guy blows.

The Corporation - Will on August 10, 2004

JP27 your an idiot he sucks the WSOP Main Event is the most over rated tourney just cause win that your a great player?Get real if your consistently the best like Ivey and Hellmuth then your great

JP27 SMD on August 5, 2004

Listen Up! He has more WSOP Braclets than all of you idiots combined. Luck is part of poker and he won the main event with luck, yes but who hasn't. It took his skill to get him there. He could take any one of you heads up

jp27 on August 2, 2004

In The 2002 WSOP he called Hellmuth's allin with Q10 before the flop what kind of idiot calls there chips off with that crap

He Is An Lucky Fish on August 1, 2004

If Varkonyi is the greatest poker player of all time i must be a poker god and i only play $5/10 holdem on Ultimatebet You Must Be An idiot to believe he even deserves to be on the top 10,000 players all time list

I Must Be A Poker God on August 1, 2004

Lets face it... He may not be one of the best of all time but... what they show on the final table is a very small portion of the whole tournament. Could you possibly imagine how many times this guy would have to get lucky to get to the final table with a field of that many players? Luck plays only a very small part of it. Everyone has to remember when he was at the final table he was the only amatuer playing among a school of sharks. Not to mention he was the short stack. And as for him going all-in with KK suspecting that the BLUFF MASTER Scotty Ngyuen had AA, turn the roles around, put KK in Scotty's hand and AA in Robert's hand. Does everyone think that Scotty would've folded even if he suspected that Robert had AA? Has anyone ever seen anyone fold KK on TV before the flop? I've watched just about all of the shows and I've got to say I never have. I know if I had KK pre-flop and someone like BLUFF MASTER Scotty Ngyuen raised me all-in even if I suspected he had AA...I WOULD CALL WITH OUT A DOUBT. You not only play the cards but you play the plyer too. Scotty Ngyuen bluffs way too much to fold KK!!STU UNGAR...BY FAR SECOND TO NONE.

BruddahV on July 29, 2004


Unregistered on July 14, 2004

This guy is a FISH.

herman007 on July 13, 2004

His new nickname should be Moby Dick...The Worlds Biggest Fish.

Roy Batty on July 13, 2004

im from brooklyn and i thinkl u stink if your in the area i will love to take your cash u stink cant belive uwon a game that important

gotubeat on July 11, 2004

This is the luckiest poker player ever. Who the hell has a poker coach anyway??? I can't see Doyle Brunson at the 78 WSOP glancing into the stands looking for Amarillo Slim say, "I have 78 suited, what do I do now?" This guy is a human joke and a worse poker player. Goes to show you that luck plays a huge part in winning a big tournament. I'm pretty sure I bet that guy in a home game in Pasadena.

mrnoluv on July 10, 2004

i cannot believe sum one actually said robert might be the BEST OF ALL TIME. i guess that guy hasnt heard of stu ungar, johnny chan, or doyle brunson.

brian on July 4, 2004

Good luck everybody! Goes to show that any MIT dummy can win at poker if they read a few books.

sportsbettor on June 28, 2004

NERD NERD NERD NERD...the only WSOP champion that is worthless!

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

The one person he suspected of holding AA was Scotty Nguyen. It was the 1st day of the tourney and chip stacks were low. That statement about never being able to fold KK just cost Varkhoni all his checks.

VABORIS on June 20, 2004

Comparisons 2 Him And Chris Moneymaker None Chris Is Miles Better Wot Has The Joker Done After His Lucky Wsop Win Nothing Im Jealous 2.5million Richer This Man Is A Joke

Unregistered on June 19, 2004

Hope And I Mean Hope For All Fancy A Heads Up

Unregistered on June 19, 2004

OK, you are an idiot if you don't understand why robert could not fold KK. Even if you suspect your opponent has AA, you can never fold kk preflop. ITs just one of those things you have to suck up, and hope for some luck. Folding KK preflop is stupid in any situation. If your opponent does have AA, it was destiny that you lose.

Some random guy on June 15, 2004

extremely lucky to win? I don't know what wsop you guys watched, but that man didn't get lucky at all. His call with QT was a great play.. Did you not see his stack size??? AAHHH yes you must have forgot the great wall of china he had.. Do you know anything about tournament poker? The goal is to knock out players.. Especially shorthanded

Some random guy on June 15, 2004

Actually the goal in tournament play isn't to knock out players, unless its down to heads up....the goal is to build your chip count. Knocking out players isn't something that true pros actually care about.

Howard Lederer fan on June 15, 2004

He was extemely lucky to win the 2002 WSOP. But then again all winners need a certain amount of luck to survive and win the championship. However, in the long run Varkonyi has shown to be a loser! He has not a won a major tournament since. The same cannot be said for last year's champ Chris Moneymaker, he was recently shown at a final WTP table. Moneymaker is a true poker player worthy of being a world champ. Varkonyi SUCKS!

Unregistered on June 14, 2004

Ok, let's be real. This guy won the WSOP 2002 so he's clearly not terrible. He did get a little lucky and he's CERTAINLY not the best or even close to the best player in poker but he's good enough to win. I'm not a fan of his but I don't want to hear anyone who hasn't won a WSOP event knock him.......not until they win one at least. Even more aggrevating is these people who are saying that he is the best of all time. Come on guys, get real. Nice win Rob. Always good to see something like that happen to Phil Hellmuth, lol. P.S. Phil Hellmuth is an unbelievable player people, maybe the best in the game when he's focused and not getting rattled when people come over the top of him.

STU UNGAR IS BEST on June 8, 2004

Oh my god this guy is horrible. In the 2003 WSOP he had the nerve to bluff Scoty Nguyen once with nothing and then got delt KK and said he "knew" that Nguyen was holding AA under but went all in pre-flop anyways. What a complete and total dipshit. This dork has never been laid. And he's married.

VABORIS on June 5, 2004

Robert varkoni is just a lucky guy, he might be decent at poker but he had very very very little chance in winning in 2002 in 2003 he got trounced, he even said "i knew he had aces" if he thought u was beat why didnt he fold?> its better to lay it down then to hope u catch a king but to everyone who disses him he did altight in the 2004 he at least made it past the first day and the guy who said he would like to go up against him with a short stack, i say he would probably get owned because varkoni would more thna likely mop the floor with you, and make u look like a chump.prediction for wsop 2004, JESUS 2nd Harrington 1st

Jerry Rimmer/CooLMoDi/J_Rimz on May 26, 2004

This guy is living proof that "Anything can happen". He is down right awful. How do I know this? Because I knocked him out of a NL tourney, and I am only an above average player at the moment. The guy made a horrible button move, all-in with Q-7 suited after I had raised in front of him with K-K. Bad read you say? Yep, and it wasn't the first one i saw him make at that table, calling a small stack all-in with A-J in his hand with K-K-7 on the flop?? Say good-bye to another 6800 in chips Bobby! Yeah he's got a braclet and i don't but i know it was way more luck than skill. Any one can win...for sure

JJJ on May 26, 2004

In my opinion, no luck was involved in his tournament win. He is by far the best poker player ever to play the game.

John Baker on May 22, 2004

Not the greatest ever by no means, but he did win the WSOP more than I can say for myself. I have been in the money 1 time out of 5, its not easy and takes a bit of luck. What you see on "TV" is about 1% of the entire event. You see the "lucky draws", the "big bluffs" the "bad beats". You do not see the very solid play of the other 50 hours of the week that is not on TV. Robert is a good player and has a chace to make the final table again, just like anyone else out there that knows how to play the game on our level, and with time and effort anyone can learn to do just that. Congrats Robert and hope to see you at the final at any big one.

JR. on May 19, 2004

man theres so many jerks posting comments on here. I like watching this guy play and I don't see how luck can win you the whole wsop. so all you guys need to keep your mouths shut.

Unregistered on May 11, 2004

Playing 10-12 hours a day over a 5 day tournament, Varkonyi played from 50-60 hours of poker. You saw what, a half hour of that on ESPN? Everyone who makes the final table has to have lucky breaks, but that does not mean that luck alone can carry you to the final table. To respond to burt's comment on the Q-10: in my view, Varkonyi played all of those Q-10's well. If you would take a minute to consider how deep his stack was, how much was already in the pot and how much his opponent pushed in for, the amount in the pot and the chance to knock out an opponent more than compensated for him taking the 40-45 end of either a 60-40 of 55-45. Just because he was taking the short end of the stick does not mean he is a poor player--indeed, knowing that he had enough equity in the pot to become involved shows that he understands the game a lot more deeply than many of his critics . . .

Matt on May 9, 2004

he plays Q-10 like it's QQ, KK, AA , or AK, give me a break. Was it even suited?From what I saw, I believe I could play this guy and win, and I'm no great player by any means (I'm not bad, but certainly do not consider myself great).

Burt on May 5, 2004

It really kills me, all these people saying RV will never get to a wsop final table again. These people have never been to a WSOP table themselves and they are saying a player who not only makes a final table but wins the whole enchalada cannot repeat the feat. I think the ridiculousness inherent speaks for itself. I watched RV on espn and found him not only to be an excellent player but an extremely courteous one. he was exceptionally gracious about the fact that that goofball "celebrity" Phil Hellmuth kept trying to place himself at the centre of the whole event. Now that's class. Very New York. I know it was two years ago, but well done Robert!

greghemphill on April 29, 2004

You guys are all pretty dense. To think that my 02' championship was all luck is ludicrous! I made solid plays, especially with Q-10, and we all got to see Phil shave his head. Watch out for me this month.

R_Varkhoni on April 26, 2004

PS., "thnx to those of you who wrote supportive comments" ;)

R_Varkhoni on April 26, 2004

Varkhoni is a dweeb. Even if he was the greatest poker player alive, I wouldn't mind going heads up against him with a low stack.

dallas rounder on April 26, 2004

Yeah, there is no way I wouldn't at least see a flop with that hand but did Robert not say, "I knew he had aces." Or, well you know what he said, "I knew it." That shows he didn't deserve to be a champion, he doesn't even trust his instincts. I would have ended up all-in most likely as well, although I may have just called the reraise there considering how early in the tournament this is. If an ace didn't come on the flop, and it wasn't like a straight 3 card flush draw on the flop, I'd probably move all-in...unlucky for him, but he didn't even trust his instincts. Not good...

Gman on April 17, 2004

What Is A Man Going To Do When He Has Pocket Kings And Scotty N. Has Pocket Aces?i Would Of Gone All In, Wouldn't You?

the dude on April 12, 2004

A flash in the pan.Granted,a 2 million flash in the pan isnt bad at all.This guy will never make it to the final tabel ever again.

Roy Batty on April 2, 2004

Robert is my favorite poker player. He displayed masterful skill and intuition at the WSOP. I have modeled my game according to him. He may be the greatest of all time.

Jake on March 25, 2004

just cuz he's bald and he has glasses doesnt make him a nerd you assholes!!!!! AND! luck cant win you the whole damn tourny you dumbass!!!!!!!

Unregistered on March 25, 2004

It is so interesting how someone can do well in something and just because they dont do it everytime they suck, I think i would trade bank accounts for sure. Heck I would borrow the luck that you all say he had if it made me money luck that.

Curious on March 17, 2004

Nerd!!! Nerd!!!! Nerd!!!!

Ogre Padinowski on March 10, 2004

yep he got lucky won lots of money but he is still a nerd

fatboy on March 7, 2004

I would like to see Varkoni and MM on celebrity poker..They would probaly finish somewhere behind David Schwimmer..They are a couple of very lucky a..holes!!! P.S. Moneymaker's Dad and RV 'scoach had way too much tv time. They may be more clueless than the other two...

smallstakessammy on February 29, 2004

I would play him heads up any time for any amount.

case ase on February 22, 2004

u can kind varkhoni playing at the 6-12 table at the borgata because he's broke. The next day after he won the wsop 2002 he lost big money to doyle. hahaha this guy sucks. I played with him at borgata he's no good. Every good player whats this asshole at there table..... hes a joke

nick baby on February 14, 2004

mit. enough said. the guy is not a gamber, just another analyitical idiot.

rookie on February 12, 2004

I don't know why so many players dismiss Varkhoni. Sure, he might not be Johnny Chan, but he's a very dangerous player... all the more dangerous if he is taken for granted.

Ian on February 10, 2004

I dont get it...if you have a poker coach then why isnt he playing in the tournament instead of you Rob??

Kansas City Kid on February 6, 2004

"Yeah well, I'm not so fond of you either"

R_Varkhoni on February 5, 2004

i dunno y, but he just annoys the hell out of me, i hate this guy. i think it's pretty obvious he's just a lucky stiff, cause he played horribly in the 2003 WSOP

Eli/laxd77 on February 1, 2004

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