Roulette Cheating


Here are some types and example of cheating at the roulette table. It should be noted that some of the system on the roulette systems page (particularly the use of electronic devices) would be considering cheating if there are laws prohibiting use of those systems.

  • Ball control

    Even though ball control is not considered cheating since it is a legitimate roulette system, it could be considered cheating if a dealer uses his own knowledge and skills of ball control against the players. It has been said that roulette dealers, especially male dealers, tend to get "territorial" when players start to win often. It is also possible that a dealer could be controlling the ball to fall into the pocket of a player that he is colluding with.

  • Denomination-switching scams

    Federal prosecutors in Tacoma, Washington charged four alleged members of a cheating ring that scammed roulette tables at three Indian casinos. The men are accused of pulling a scam that is based on the assigned value of the roulette chips. The roulette chips had a default value of $1 each, but a high roller can ask the croupier to count his chips at a higher value if he wants to bet more on each spin.

    The casino could be scammed if a player, for example, buys $50 worth of blue chips, then slips 10 of them into his pocket before cashing out and leaving the casino. Then he comes back tomorrow and buys in for $1,000 of the $50 chips and asks for blue chips. After playing a few rounds, but before cashing out, he clips back in the chips from yesterday.

  • Past posting

    Past posting is where a player places a bet (or adds to a bet) after he already knows what the winning outcome is. This is a common method of cheating and is not restricted to roulette - it happens at most table games. If a casino has a rule where a player isn't allowed to touch their chips then this scam is much harder to pull off.

  • Magnets

    Magnets were used in crooked gambling houses of the past, but never today. The magnets are placed near the wheel and the ball would have steel inside it. The dealer would use hidden controls to attract the ball near certain areas of the wheel or numbers.


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Roulette Cheating

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