Rounders Sequel


Many people in the poker community have always hoped there would be a 'Rounders 2'. During the mid-2000s, during the height of the poker boom, there were rumors in the internet that a sequel was in the works. Most people thought nothing was going to come of it. But the rumors were confirmed by the Weinstein Company when they announced a 2012 re-release date for a Rounders sequel:

“I’m entertaining the idea of doing a ‘Rounders’ sequel because there’s a side of the story that we haven’t told. I want to do it because there’s something that we didn’t say.” Harvey Weinstein said.

Updates on Rounders 2

2012. Production of the movie stalled based on concerns about the general decline of DVD sales. Currently, the release date has been pushed back to 2014, according to IMDB. Matt Damon and Edward Norton are expected to come back.

2013 (December). The latest rumor is that the script is written and that most of the big players (Damon and Norton) are in. The rumor has Robert DeNiro playing the bad guy.

Here is the link to the IMDB page, although there may be nothing on it as of now.

My Opinion

This is probably going to be one of those sequels like "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas. Sequels in general pretty much suck, but you can tell that certain sequels are specifically made only for money. Usually these are the kind of movies where a sequel doesn't come out until 10-15 years after the original. 'Rounders 2' seems like it will be a big-production kind of movie with a crappy script. I hope that they make it in more of an indie style. But either way, everyone in the poker world, including me, will probably still see it anyway.

Post your sequel ideas below...


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lol all funny heres the best one mikey goes to vegas get his kicked by all the pros then he meets up with worm realizes that all ny poker rounders suck and that work had teh right idea the next year worm becomes the dealer at the final table mikey plays phill hellmuth for the bracelet mikey realizing he can beat the whining cry baby tells worm not to cheat to deal it sra8 up and then worm goes around and say fuck u mikey fucks him in the ass royaly and cheats him outta beating phil hellmuth then grammar shows up shoots mikey in the head for pissing him off that nite at kgbs and him and worm take over vegas the end lol that was so stupid but it was funny

belizard23 on August 30, 2008

Mikey hooks up with that brunette chick and takes her to Vegas with him. He places 10th in the WSOP main event, goes nuts because he missed the final table, then Worm shows up in Vegas and Mikey suspects him of hooking up with his woman. After that, all hell breaks loose and Mikey sets Worm up to get his butt kicked in a back alley by some Russian outfit guys who still blame Worm for Granpa getting repaid and not being able to break Mikey's legs. The ending would be the hot chick Mikey took to Vegas falling for Matusow and having his baby. Then Mikey would play Matusow heads up for the baby... and win.

mrkromer on June 2, 2008

Teddy gets word of Mike's moving to Las Vegas and his success in cash games preparing for the World Series of Poker. Teddy contacts his western affiliate, Russ Georgiev, and arranges teams of cheaters to drain off Mike's tournament stack. Mike's stack is slowly dwindling away, when Worm shows up out of the blue, and Worm concocts a scheme to scam the scammers. Mike wants no part of the scamming and calls Knish, who counsels Mike to return to law school. Mike doesn't know what to do, and moves to Reno and becomes a dealer.

kyhangdog on June 1, 2008

Cheating at the WSOP.

Ace Mahoney on May 30, 2008

If Rounders had a sequel, describe what the best script would be.

HPG ADMIN on May 30, 2008