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Royal Vegas Poker was part of the Prima Poker Network and ran Microgaming software. The site was a medium-traffic site and was not notable for any reason other than it once had popular poker author Lou Krieger affiliated with the site as a poker host. In 2007 Royal Vegas Poker became PokerTime. In 2010, PokerTime closed to US customers.

"Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, as of 1 June 2010, PokerTime will no longer be able to take bets from players residing in the United States. If you currently have a balance in your account you will need to cash-in prior to 31 May 2010 as PokerTime will not be able to process cash-ins after this date. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming you all back to our poker room should these conditions change.

Kind Regards,
James Grant
Customer Relationship Manager "


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I actually just tried the same in poker went very well until i withdrawed my first 500$ from tournament then i loosed with anything i won with before AK - AA - KK - QQ etc. loose loose loose

On river just like pokerstars i just blocked from my computer

pokerdudedk on October 22, 2008

yeah, i think they meant "get" the money. Having a bonus credited to your account but not being able to cash it out is worthless.

HPG ADMIN on December 14, 2005

I see that someone put that you have to make a deposit to get the bonus. That is totally untrue. I started out with their $10 and turned it into over $1,000. The only catch is that you do need to make a deposit to cash out. I made a $20 deposit and was able to immediately cash out. I actually like this site. It isn't the best. Sometimes they are a little short on people, but the games seem to be very easy to win. In the end, isn't everyones goal to make money? You will make money at Royal Vegas.

Unregistered on December 14, 2005

very much enjoyed playing in this site learnt alot from the online players got my bonus pretty much straight away had no problems at all.really cool site i think.

miss_punter on July 27, 2005

Hey Bob you said:"Anyone who is thinking of joining Royal Vegas, don't, and if you do, just be prepared to get screwed over once you withdraw. "People keep thinking that after they cash-out the casinos start dealing them worse cards and you begin to lose??Your logic seems really crazy, why would the casinos want to get rid of you after you start cashing out? The casinos aren't paying you any of their money, the money you made was won from other players you played against and not the casino. The casinos get their money from the rake & tournaments fees, they dont care if you win or lose money as its not their money, all they want you to do is keep playing.More players = more games played = more rakes & fees for the casino.

NA. on July 27, 2005

I personally want to thank lou for the 50% bonus on a $100 that i have received over 1000 times and cashed out everyone of them through different accounts... too bad they caught on and make you reach the raked hands before giving it to you now... and anyone that wants the free $10 bonus over and over again just email me and for $100 i will show you the secret to that " the registry key can be deleted!" Also on royal vegas poker collusion is at every other table so make a couple accounts and have at least two computers beside you.. its pretty much the only way not to get screwed over yourself!!Boy oh Boy is this info ever gonna piss them off :)

quik_si1v3r on June 18, 2005

I have played at this site for several months i used to win money, lately cannot win nothing, Someone always raises and hit's on the last card, if i have 2 pair in five stud they hit 3 of a kind on the last card ater raising me to build the pot. Now folks this is to obvious, something is rotten in denmark. I suggest you set back and watch before you play.

sparky on June 4, 2005

This site owes me $60 and will not pay...... Also an abundance of cheating at the tables especially in the late hours. Also it is infested with house cheats who always make unusual bets and just coincidentally draw the cards the need. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

ripped off on June 2, 2005

Just another legit poker site. Great offers though im not a fan of graphics. The games are allways good I had no problem clearing a bonus and leaving. The idea that the cards are manipulated is rediculous, they make plenty of money off the rake and have no reason to jeapordize their reputation.

Allen on May 30, 2005

I can personally vouch that this site does manipulate cards dealt. After playing for two weeks on it, everything was going well, and I had won a good amount of money, many bad beats in there, some a little unbelievable, (AA flop A 7 2 offsuit, all in, lost to J2), but overall seemed ok. Then I tried tow withdraw. The day my withdraw went through, My win % on 8-10 person tables went down from 13% for 2 weeks to 4% which it stayed at for the next 5 days that I stayed with them. During that time, my hit percentage of anything including low pair dropped from the 30%-40% average when including 4 flushes, down to around 15%. My hit rate for Flushes when have 4 flush on flop and on draw dropped to about 15%, and my hit rate on outside straight draws dropped to less than 10%. when flop flush12 times in a row with pocket Aces or pocket Kings, with all ins against 1 or 2 people. This happened as a trend over the 6 days directly after my withdraw was processed. On top of all of this, got outdrawn by other players consistently. 3 times in a row when hitting top set, was outdrawn with one on one betting by an inside straight draw. I calculated the odds of underhitting so much, and of losing with AA and KK so many times for a couple hour period, playing on multiple tables, and the odds were on the line of 1/10^17. Anyone who is thinking of joining Royal Vegas, don't, and if you do, just be prepared to get screwed over once you withdraw. When you withdraw anything, withdraw all of it, and put your money somewhere else. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Bob on May 24, 2005

Got my ten free dollars easy enough. Good customer phone support. Don't like getting disconnected in the middle of a hand (with all-in protection) only to find that I am folded out of the hand. This may seem a bit skeptical, but that random card generator seems juiced. Lots of action at the site, good freerolls.

bob on May 7, 2005

I don't know why other people are upset with Royal Vegas Poker, but I can say from my own experience this is the best and most stable place of all the online poker rooms I've checked out. They have a wide variety of games, limits, formats, etc, just about something for everybody and plenty of Sit-N-Go's to go around. This is one site I feel very secure depositing real money at. For new players who are unsure, you get $10 just for opening an account. No frills or anything, so I don't see how you can go wrong. I've never encountered any cheating or anything, and the software itself is not buggy or full of errors that I've seen at other places. I highly recommend if you want a great place to play online poker.

Earthslahs on April 3, 2005

I have played at a number of great sites however I am very impressed with Royal Vegas Poker. If you download the software and register an account, the site will place $10 in your account. I received mine in 6 hours. The games are very juicy. There is money to be made here. The staff is responsive and supportive. They have multi-table tournaments going off all of the time. I can almost always find a big game to jump in. I would highly recommend.

Suutiss on January 26, 2005

definately my favorite site. one of the most trusted sites on the net. lots of players on every limit of table. many deposit options. i recieved my check from my winnings in 8 days, the same cannot be said for many of the other shady sites out there. you will find the customer support to be by far the best anywhere. use me, bustyafool as your referral when you sign up. once you deposit a minumum of $20 and meet the raked hand requirement you automatically recieve $25 in your account. im not going to lie, i also recieve $ for refering you. so we both win !dont forget to claim your free $10 on sign up, [no deposit required] i know you will enjoy royal vegas, it is one of the only sites i never have problems with the software. thanks, and see you at the tables.

bustyafool on December 29, 2004

Great games of all types, no limit, pot limit, full tables and short handed tables. That makes it a great place for newbies to practice their craft. The cashout is the fastest of those that send checks, though using Neteller is about the same at all the casinos. The only reason it is not a 10 is because they don't publish the number of your raked hands for bonus purposes and you either have to email or call them. C'mon, guys, hire a 12 year old programmer for half an hour and make that feature available to us.

Kid Charlemagne on December 28, 2004

Im having a hard time understanding why people are bashing this site. I have been playing on this site for a long long time. I have never had a problem cashing out. I have never had any type of idea there was cheating going on. I have friends that play here and they love it too. When you look at sites like party poker....come on.....they are terrible. All the other sites have poor table design. Customer support has always been very helpfull. you Must call them, cause the email process is very slow. I do not plan to leave this site.

Marcus / MMoney / mddecamillo on December 24, 2004

Don't be fooled into thinking you're getting something for free here. I've had this crew changing the rules on me concerning hands played toward getting in events and so forth. I have emails I have saved telling me things completely contradictory to the posted rules. I have seen so many questionable things here it's not funny. I've had the software freeze up at the most inopportune times(with the nuts and couldn't bet). I have raked the pot when I didn't have the best hand. I have lost the pot when I had the best hand. On and On. As my old Pappy used to say, "I wouldn't trust them in an outhouse with a muzzle on."

Maverick on December 19, 2004

I got my free $10 without 24 hours like promised and have NEVER had a problem cashing out (4 cash-outs in 3 months), and I've never had to wait any more than 7 days for money to make into my bank account. I find the characters and graphics at other sites extremely annoying. I don't need a cartoon who doesn't resemble me whatsoever representing me at the table. The site is not at all flashy, but still very attractive. The customer support has been incredible, responding to all of my questions in a timely manor. Royal Vegas also gives away more money every month than any other website, featuring a $20,000 (monthly) Poker Points Challenge, and a $17,500 (monthly) Poker League. They are also host to the "World's Largest Freeroll Tournament", which is a $100,000 guarenteed tournament that will run in December. I've never encountered cheating (I'm not sure how one would even be able to cheat) or had an issue with collusion. RV is the third poker website I've played at and I doubt I will ever choose another over it. I strongly recommend playing at RoyalVegas.

Kyill on November 14, 2004

Edit: That should have read "within" 24 hours. Thanks!

Kyill on November 14, 2004

If I'm in AC or Vegas for more than 2 days, I always come home a winner. I play $10/$20 games, and a I'm a solid player. Online poker on the other hand is shady business. After much digust with the likes of Party Poker, I came to this site because it had Lou Kerriger's name (I don't recall his exact spelling) affiliated with it. He is an excellent author. It took me only a few hours to discover this site was the worst of all with respect to cheating. Lou should be ashamed of himself for getting involved with this crowd. Deal me out forever.

fortheloveofpoker on September 14, 2004

This site sucks. They say they are going to give you 10 dollars for free and you go there and you DO HAVE TO MAKE A DEPOSIT. Maybe this site needs to change their thing to say that. I am not impressed with other things about it too but if they gave me 10 bucks free I'd give it more of a chance. I hate it when places advertise lies. Don't even go.

cubsfansean. on August 31, 2004

This site has a couple of nice free roll tournaments. The low buy-in sit and go tournaments are real loose because of the $10 in free chips. The games are much loser then the other sites that I have played at but other than low limit games there is not much action.

jcdgoad on August 10, 2004

dont get on their email list because you'll never get off, the software doesnt tell you how far along you are with your bonus so you have to email the site and you get a different answer every time. The games are loose though because it is a Prima skin

kk. on July 7, 2004

DON'T PLAY HERE!! This site is shady and once you get on their e-mail list you'll get spam for a lifetime. Also, I tried to cashout after I played enough hands to redeem my bonus and they changed the terms of the bonus offer... I've never had problems cashing out anywhere but here. BEWARE!

lovetopolka on June 28, 2004

Not that great. Cool to start out with free money, but once that novelty wears off, you realize that the site is pretty ugly, and the servers can't handle it when they offer a WSOP seat as grand prize at a freeroll tourney. Golden Palace is much better.

PokerFoos on May 27, 2004