Slot Machine Payouts


Slot machine odds are usually expressed as a percentage of the wager that is paid back to players. Most slot machines are programmed to pay out anywhere from 75-99% of the money that is wagered. The minimum payout percentage differs among states and is usually set by each of state's gambling regulatory bodies. In highly competitive gambling markets like Nevada and Atlantic City, the payback percentages will often be higher.

Another factor affecting the slot machine payout ratio is the bet size. Slot machine bets can range from one cent to $100 and the highest denomination machines understandably have the highest payout percentages.

Slot machines are also unique in that each bet is a composite of different bets (the outcomes that are listed on the pay table). As a player, you don't know what the payout percentage is for each individual bet and you also don't have the choice of making a particular individual bet. In most other games, there are different bets that a player can make, with some of them having more favorable odds than other bets. A player is free to choose some bets and ignore others. But with slot machines, the machine chooses the type of bet for you by mixing all of the bets together.


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Slot Payouts

HPG ADMIN on February 27, 2013