Poker Spreadsheet

This free poker spreadsheet is a journal that helps you keep track of your profits from playing poker. It has 2 different sheets you can use - one for ring games and one for tournaments. You can download it by right-clicking spreadsheet-poker-profits.xlsx and selecting "Save target as". Most serious, full-time players use more sophisticated software to analyze their poker skills but for the semi-casual player or pure beginner who just needs to know if they are a profitable player, then this spreadsheet is fine.

Sheet 1 - Ring Games

The first sheet is for ring games. It keeps track of all your sessions and calculates your session winnings (in $), your session winnings (in Big Bets), your total winnings (in $), your total winnings (in Big Bets), your win rate (in Big Bets per hour), your total # of hands played and it is all adjusted for the # of tables you play. It also records information such as which poker room you played at so eventually you can sort the information and look at what your win rate would be at different poker sites.

Sheet 2 - Tournaments

The second sheet is for tournaments. It keeps track of your total winnings and what place you finished in each tournament.


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Poker Spreadsheet

HPG ADMIN on March 5, 2013