Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar (September 8, 1953 November 22, 1998) was a professional poker and gin rummy player, widely considered to have been the greatest Texas hold 'em and gin rummy player of all time.


Ungar was born to Jewish parents and raised on Manhattan's Lower East Side. His father was a loan shark who ran a bar/social club that doubled as a gambling establishment, which exposed Stu to gambling at a young age. Stu began playing gin in underground games and quickly made a name for himself. Ungar was gifted at school and skipped seventh grade, but then dropped out of school in tenth grade.

After Stu's father died of a heart attack in 1966 and his mother became seriously ill, Ungar got involved with the New York gambling scene and he was befriended by alleged organized crime figure Victor Romano. Romano, considered one of the best card players of his time, shared Ungar's skill at calculating odds. The two became very good friends and Romano served as Ungar's mentor as well as protector, since Ungar's crazy behavior sometimes got him in trouble.


Ungar dropped out of school to play gin rummy in the 1960s full time to help support his mother and sister after his father died. He regularly won tournaments and by 1976, was considered as one of the best gin players in New York. Ungar eventually had to leave New York due to gambling debts at local race tracks. He moved to Las Vegas in 1974.

In Las Vegas, he performed so well at gin tournaments that several casinos asked him to not play in them because many players would not enter the tournament if they knew Ungar was playing.

Athough Ungar is better known for his poker skills and accomplishments, many people (as well as Ungar himself) considered him as a better gin rummy player than poker player. One of the reasons Ungar eventually took up poker exclusively was because gin action had dried up due to his reputation as a great player.

Poker - 1980's

In 1980, Ungar won the WSOP main event, defeating poker legend Doyle Brunson, and became the youngest Main Event winner in history (he would later be surpassed by Phil Hellmuth in 1989). Because of his young age (and young looks), he was given the nickname, "The Kid".

The next year, in 1981, Ungar won his second WSOP bracelet in the $10,000 Deuce-to-Seven Draw event, defeating 1978 world champion, Bobby Baldwin. He then went on to successfully defend his Main Event title by defeating Perry Green. Ungar nearly wasn't allowed to play in the 1981 WSOP. A few days before the main event, he was banned from Binion's Horseshoe by Benny Binion because he spat in the face of a dealer after losing a big pot in a high-stakes game. It wasn't until Binion's son, Jack, convinced his father that the media attention from Stu playing would be beneficial.

In 1983, Ungar won his fourth WSOP bracelet when he defeated poker pro and multi-bracelet winner, Dewey Tomko in the $5,000 Seven-Card-Stud event, winning $110,000.


Because of his genius IQ and eidetic memory, Ungar was also a prolific card counter. Consequently, he was frequently banned from playing blackjack in casinos. In 1977 Ungar was bet $100,000 by Bob Stupak that he could not count down the last two cards in a six-deck shoe. Ungar won the bet.

In 1982, Ungar was fined by the New Jersey Gaming Commission for allegedly cheating while playing blackjack. The casino said that Ungar "capped" a bet (put extra chips on a winning hand after it was over to be paid out more), and gave him a fine of $500. Ungar vehemently denied the allegation, and said that his card counting skills were so good that he didn't need to cheat. Ungar fought the case in court and won. He avoided the $500 fine, but paid about $50,000 in legal and travel expenses. Ungar stated that he was so exhausted from travel and court proceedings that he was not able to successfully defend his WSOP main event title.


Ungar started using cocaine around the late 1970's based on the advice of fellow poker players because of the drug's ability to keep alert and energized for a long period of time, something that would come in handy during marathon poker sessions. His recreational use soon led to addiction. During the 1990 WSOP main event, Ungar was found on the 3rd day of the tournament unconscious on the floor of his hotel room from a drug overdose. However, he had such a large chip lead that even after the dealer blinded him down, Ungar still finished in 9th place and won $20,500.

His drug addiction was so serious that many of Ungar's friends said that they thought that he would not live to see his 40th birthday. His friends, including Mike Sexton, encouraged him to enter drug rehab. Ungar refused, believing that drugs would be easier to obtain in rehab than on the street. Ungar's motivation, instead, was based on his determination to see his daughter grow up.

Comeback - 1990's

In 1997, deeply in debt, Ungar was staked in the $10,000 WSOP main event by fellow poker pro and friend Billy Baxter moments before the tournament started. They decided to split any winnings evenly.

Ungar was exhausted on the first day of the tournament because he had been awake for over 24 hours trying to borrow money for the buy-in, and even began to fall asleep at his table. Ungar wore a pair of tinted sunglasses to hide the damage done to his nostrils from cocaine abuse. During the tournament, Ungar kept a picture of his daughter Stefanie in his wallet, and regularly called her with updates on his progress. After the first day, Ungar got some rest, started playing better, and amassed a large chip lead going into the final table.

Ungar won the main event for the third time (splitting the $1,000,000 first prize with Baxter). After his victory, which was taped by ESPN, Ungar was interviewed by Gabe Kaplan, and showed a picture of his daughter Stafanie to the camera, and dedicated the win to her. Ungar was nicknamed "The Comeback Kid" by the media because of the 16-year span between his previous main event win, as well as his past drug abuse. This was to be Stu's last victory.

Ungar also won the main event at the now-defunct "Amarillo Slim's Super Bowl of Poker" in 1984, 1988 and 1989, when it was considered the world's second most prestigious poker title. He is the only player to win it three times. He won a total of 10 major no-limit Texas hold 'em events (events where the buy-in was $5,000 or higher) despite only entering in 30 major tournaments in his career. He is one of only two people to have won the WSOP Main Event three times (Johnny Moss was the other, although one of his titles was by a player vote). Ungar has 5 WSOP bracelets, 15 WSOP cashes, and over $3,600,000 in tournament winnings.

Ungar was known for his ultra-aggressive playing style and well-timed bluffs, having an uncanny ability to read his opponents' hole cards. Stu Ungar was inducted posthumously into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2001.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1980 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $365,000
1981 $10,000 Deuce to Seven Draw $95,000
1981 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $375,000
1983 $5,000 Seven Card Stud $110,000
1997 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $1,000,000

Final years

Ungar spent all of his 1997 WSOP prize money over the next few months, mainly on drugs and gambling. He attempted to give up drugs several times but could only stay clean for a couple of weeks at a time before using again.

As the 1998 WSOP was approaching, Baxter again offered to pay his buy-in to the main event. However, a few minutes before the tournament started, Ungar told Baxter that he was tired and did not feel like playing. Ungar later said the reason he chose not to play was due to his drug abuse in the weeks prior.

In the following months, Ungar lived in and out of various Las Vegas hotels, rarely leaving his room, and was spotted around various Las Vegas poker rooms begging for money. He said the money was to play poker, but would often be used it to buy crack, which he had to use instead of cocaine because his nasal membranes were so damaged he could no longer snort the drug. Many of Ungar's friends refused to give him any money until he got cleaned up. Ungar was also arrested for possession of crack cocaine during this time.


On November 22, 1998, Stu Ungar was found lying dead, face down on his bed, at the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas. An autopsy showed traces of drugs in his system, but not a large enough amount to have directly caused his death. The medical examiner concluded that he had died of a heart condition due to his years of drug abuse. Despite winning an estimated $30 million during his poker career, Ungar died with no assets to his name. Friend and fellow poker player Bob Stupak took up a collection at Ungar's funeral to raise funds to pay for the funeral services. Ungar is buried at Palm Valley View Memorial Park in East Las Vegas.

Personal Life

When Ungar moved to Las Vegas he reunited with his former girlfriend Madeline, who later became his wife in 1982. Ungar and Madeline had a daughter, Stefanie, in 1982. Ungar also legally adopted Madeline's son from her first marriage, Richie, who later committed suicide in 1989. Ungar and Madeline later divorced in 1986.


Many people today have wondered how many WSOP titles he could have won had he not been addicted to drugs. Although he is considered by some people as the best poker player, this is based mostly on pure talent on not on longevity of results. If Stu were still playing today, would he really be the best in history? It is difficult to say because Stu has been turned into a mythological player, a "Poker God" as so many people refer to him.

Movie and Book

A movie based on Ungar's life, "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story", was made in 2003. Ungar was played by Michael Imperioli. The movie was generally well-received by the poker community. A biography of Ungar entitled, "One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey 'the Kid' Ungar, the World's Greatest Poker Player" was written by Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson and was published in 2005. And an Emmy-winning ESPN documentary "One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar" was broadcast in 2006. It contained interviews with Ungar's wife and daughter, and several other people who knew him. It also featured excerpts from tapes he recorded in the last year of his life for an autobiography that never appeared.

Stu Ungar Stories

Ungar was once at an airport attempting to fly out of the United States to Europe with several fellow pros to play in a poker tournament. But Ungar lacked a passport. After telling the airport customs agent that he needed a passport immediately, the agent said that for a small fee (an "expedite fee"), they could push the necessary paperwork through quicker. Ungar misinterpreted this as a request for a bribe (something he was used to back in New York). Ungar slipped the agent a $100 bill. The agent was going to call the police to have Ungar arrested for attempting to bribe a public official, but his fellow poker players stepped in and smoothed things out.

Ungar didn't even have a Social Security number until after his 1980 WSOP win, which he aquired only because he needed to have one in order to collect his winnings.

Ungar never had a bank account in his own name. He preferred to keep his money in safe deposit boxes in hotels around Las Vegas. He thought it was ridiculous that you couldn't go to a bank at midnight to take money out (this was before ATMs were around).

Despite owning several expensive cars, Ungar rarely drove. He preferred to take a taxi anywhere he went, even from his home in Las Vegas to the casinos which was only a short trip. He reportedly spent what most people make in a year on cab fares.

Ungar had a reputation for being very generous with money. He was known to be a large tipper to cabbies and casino employees, regardless of whether he was winning, and was known to always be willing to help out poker and non-poker friends who were in financial trouble.

Ungar rarely washed his own hair. Instead he chose to pay a professional stylist at The Dunes casino to wash it for him twice a week and cut it when necessary.

One time when Ungar was walking through Las Vegas with Doyle Brunson, a complete stranger stopped him and asked for some money. Ungar pulled out a $100 bill and gave it to the man, not knowing who he was.

Rumor has it, Ungar had rhinoplasty done in order to fix nasal damage that cocaine had caused. Following the surgery, he snorted cocaine again, causing his nostrils to collapse again.


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Let's not bad mouth Stu Unger. He was a very talented individual and a great card player and the best Gin player that ever lived. It's too bad he isn't around today? I would have loved to see him play in the events today and I'm sure these pro's today would have their hands full trying to win against hi.

pokerace on February 26, 2008

I was Stuie Unger's camp counselor @ Camp Roosevelt in New York in 1965. What a great kid he was. He had a gleeful zest for living, and was smart as a whip, to be trite. He loved playing basketball, but couldn't resist shooting even when it was not best. He had a bunkmate named Neil Strom (the atomic bomb) who was a good 6'6" and later played at Wichita State. They traveled the camp together like Mutt and Jeff. He had an attractive older sister named Judy who died. I have many fond memories of Stuie.

Brian Raff on October 23, 2007

No, sorry.

HPG ADMIN on April 18, 2007

Dear Admin, thanks for the response. Any news on Stephanie ? Any idea how I might contact her ? Thank you on April 18, 2007

It's quieter because I made it so you had to log in to make comments. I may switch it back later but there would either have to be moderation or comment flagging.

HPG ADMIN on April 3, 2007

Not much action on this site lately. Anyone know any info about Stephanie ? She has been quiet as well. Does anyone know if she has a web site or email address ? on April 3, 2007

Dear Stefanie, hope all is well with you & yours. You haven't posted on this site in quite a while. You are missed. on March 5, 2007

btw,you can email me stefanie at: [email][/email]
much appreciated, hope all is well with you

JMAGUIRE11 on March 2, 2007

Hi Stefanie. I am trying to learn more and more from your dad, most of all learn from his experiences/mistakes for the betterment of myself. I too am Jewish, am living in Las Vegas, and am making my income right now as a professional gambler. I have a masters degree in sports business management, but was not enjoying my "typical" 9-5 job in management/accounting. I feel this is right up my alley as far as work goes, and feel I can live a normal life doing this. I am dtermined to learn from people like your dad and others, too not getting involved in out of control "action" sports betting, not getting involved with any drugs, not getting involved with any escorts etc.. I want a normal family life, kids etc.. along with under control, calculated gambling as my "unique" job of self employment. I would love to talk to you and perhaps even meet up with you here in Vegas, perhaps there is more I can learn, knowledge we could share with each other.. If this is possible please email me back, I'd appreciate it.. take care stefanie, be in touch


JMAGUIRE11 on March 2, 2007

Dear Stefanie, it has been a while since we communicated on this site ( September 15, 2005 ). I had hoped for a promised e-mail from you but I guess you've been busy. Hope all is well with you & yours. I finally found one of the picture I mentioned. It is our junior high school graduation class picture from 1968. I would be happy to have it duplicated and sent to you, if you wish. I recall that you lost many pictures due to a fire. I'll keep looking for more pictures --- I'm sure they're somewhere. Hope to hear from you. God Bless. on January 11, 2007

ur right ?????,best picture they ever took of this mean,abusive-to-all junkie,,he was trash that cud play a few cards,,one gross looking sucker on his last bracelet win,,snort the whole world he could lol

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

Is the foundation up and running yet? Let a mofo know. I googled stefs name for images and found this tiny little picture. Its funny as hell, zoom in and she has this gold belt type thing hangin over her crotch and it has a round bullseye lookin ring on it, hehe. Its awesome cause shes fine. Her mother's sweet too....

Gitboxjoe on December 22, 2006

I bought the book at the airport in LAS. Read the whole thing on my flight home. Great book, truley the MJ of poker. Sure he had his flaws who doesnt. And i think it comes with the genius. The Van Gogh of poker may be more apt. Awesome story

mrrobert on December 5, 2006

He was a Gin player...........not the best hold'em player,
and he couldn't beat me playing stud!

????? on November 22, 2006

He was a coke-head, but he could still OWN you at any card game. By the way, how many WSOP do you have? creepy lol. what a tool

DonkeySlayer on November 19, 2006

Isn't this picture so cute?...This old picture doesn't show
you the creepy little puke junkie he really was.

????? on October 25, 2006

Damn, do you think you are the only one in the world? Don't you think that Stefanie has more things to do than keep you informed on what she is doing? Sorry for the hostle post but geeez I felt I had to say something. Stefanie, I would like to say hello and hope your school career is going well.

GoreApostle on October 11, 2006

At the taj years ago, we player 300-600 heads up and i took him for 22,000. He said i was the best limit player inthe world. Thanks Stu

DonkeySlayer on September 28, 2006

who was the guy at the end of High Roller movie??
was that suopposed to be the moment he died?

Kidd on September 20, 2006

After reading all about your father I have to say he is my all time favorite cardplayer. I recently placed 140th in my first main event at the wsop 2006, and met all the pros. You can't imagine how awesome it was for me to meet all the people I look up to. Its also very very sad that I will never get to meet your father, his records are mindblowing to a poker player and a gin rummy player, records i don't think can ever be beat again. At the very least I am honoured to chat with his beloved daughter. You are awesome for providing a connection for poker players to pay their respects to a truly great legend. I thank you again.

Yours truly, Joe "beefcarver" Macek, Winnipeg Canada.

Joe Macek on September 8, 2006

Hello Stefanie, I just started researching info on your dad and WOW!!! Not only was he a fantastic card player but what a fierce competitor. I read that his IQ was 185 and he had a photographic memory... he could and wouldve been great at anything he put his mind to. Just wanted to say that although I'm not a gambler my best friend who, much like your dad, is one of greatest guys I know, but loves every kind of action!!! We all used to worry about him all the time and try and give him advice but then we realized he's doin what he wants to do and hes the only one that can change himself. I think its clear your dad loved you very much and although hes the best poker and gin player in the world. I'd bet his proudest accomplishment was you. Take care and cant wait to see more about Stu Ungar.

Unregistered on September 1, 2006

A true legend of the game. 3 time main event winner and one of the greatest players ever. If he were around today he'd be schooling young punks while taking their chips on his way to more bracelets

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Stefanie is there any news on the new film projects ,books etc?

Lottaluckusa on August 5, 2006

stefanie......what kind of things did your dad enjoy doing
like tv shows,books,or hobbies?

Kidd on August 2, 2006

Hi Stefanie. Please email me at [email][/email]

primericared on July 27, 2006

I actually think stu would be kicking ass in the less popular WSOP tourneys today as opposed to hold em with it's huge fields and mass appeal.

HPG ADMIN on July 27, 2006

Johnny Moss didn't actually win it 3 times. Back when he did 'win' it in 1970, it was just a vote of who they thought was the best. But he did actually win it 2 more times, but I think it was harder for Stu because Moss only had to beat 6 people in 71, and 16 people in 74. Stu had to beat around 75 players when he won in in the early 80's and then over 300 in 97. So I give stu a lot more credit then Johnny Moss. And for the guy who said hellmuth is 10x better than stu because he has 9 and stu onlu has 3, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. First of all, Stu has 5 bracelets, and won 10 out of the 30 major tournaments he entered. I never heard about hellmuth winning it 3 times, and we can only wonder how many bracelets stu would have if he were alive. Definitely more than 9, you can put your money on that.

Jmlad91 on July 27, 2006

one of the best players ever. who else can you say won the main event 3 times besides johnny moss.

jarrel on July 25, 2006

Originally Posted by HomePokerGames Admin
The problem wasn't that the movie was too artsy, it was that it was just not important to the studio - low budget, mediocre script, and no good actors.
My problem with it was that it was very innacurate. It may as well have been about a person other than Stuey. It was ok for a low budget film, but was too far removed from what it was supposed to be, a portrayal of Stuey's life. It was not as far off as the recent book about him was. Some of those stories were totally made up.

If they ever do make a movie, I hope they get facts right.

rola on July 4, 2006

The problem wasn't that the movie was too artsy, it was that it was just not important to the studio - low budget, mediocre script, and no good actors.

HPG ADMIN on July 3, 2006

I really believe if they make a movie about Stu that follows his life more directly and honestly than HIGH ROLLER, it could be huge. I hope they touch more on the relationship with his Mother and show the demons he fought daily.

One of the best moments in the book ONE OF A KIND is when he borrows Mike Sextons Dilliards card to buy clothes for Stephanie to go back to school in. I got choked up when Mike talked about how grateful Stu was for a measly $300!

Stu had plenty of issues, but at the end of the day he was loyal and he loved his family. I think these are the "human qualities" that could make a great movie.

I hope they speak to gabe Kaplan, Mike Sexton and others and really flush out his character. HIGH ROLLER tried to be too we really need him talking to death the whole movie? Tell the story, show the triumphs and the failures and show how fragile and human Stu was.

Anyone who challenges his abilities is ridiculous. In a game where luck still matters, he won 3 flippin' championships!

kneelblender on July 3, 2006

this message is for stephanie ungar. in 97 when i was 20 years old i had the chance to meet your father in las vegas. we talked about poker for close to 2 hours . i had only been playing for almost a year. his advice and his many years of wisdom are why now im 29 yrs old and a very succesful pro player. your father said to me if im serious about poker dont do drugs that instead of being remembered as the greatest poker player ever he will be known as the greatest junkie player ever even though he knows when he's playing straight he cant be beat. he also couldnt stop talking about his little girl and how he still had to earn her trust and love back ... he was a great man who will surely be missed. the one meeting i had with him is why i play poker now . i just wanted to share that with you hoping maybe you will respond and we can chat more about your dad........

Unregistered on June 7, 2006

Hi Stefanie. First of all: thanks for posting here and putting your experience across. I managed to find a couple of very short bits of footage on a few weeks back but i'm sure it's nothing you haven't seen before. it was while doing a google search i came across this page. i need to say a couple of things, first of all Stu Ungar was one of the best if not the best poker players to have graced a casino. the fact he's no longer with us is a genuine loss, and what may have happened away from the table does not change my opinion of him in poker terms. I like to take a positive lesson from his life in that we're all human. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people in saying it's a shame he's gone.

TomBoyRacer on June 6, 2006

I wish he was alive today.

TheRaizer657 on June 4, 2006

Did the Stuey book come out in paperback?

rola on May 9, 2006

Originally Posted by Unregistered
the perfect actor to play stuey in the real upcoming stuey movie----- joaquin phoenix.
He would be good, but he might be too big. Also, Ungar looked much younger than he was, until last few years. But Phoniex is great actor.

rola on May 8, 2006

stu ungar what can you say about him he was a great poker player but he couldnt control him self with money and drugs

jjj on April 28, 2006

Hey, Hank the bank was your uncle, ave n ? I was buddies with Hank, RIP.

TONYFLASH on April 13, 2006

Hi everyone! Hi Stephanie, I hope u post here again as we all really love to read what you write. I would like to know if you have any kids... It is know that many genetic characteristics skip a generation. (That is, one may have some characteristics inherited from ones grandfather) If Stuey's innate abilities with numbers and cards would've been a genetic characteristic I think it could just be possible one of your kids may adquire it. At least that would give a little hope for us who where never able to see him play to see someone as great. Regards to all!

Luis Fdo. Leiva/lfleiva/lfleiva on April 4, 2006

Stu Ungar's Interview after winning the 1997 WSOP:Gape Kaplan: "In 1980 and 1981 you won the championship, but you weren't smart after that. Your life didn't go... 100% in the right course. Now, you're older, you're wiser, you're 43 years old, do you think you're going to do things differently now?"Stu Ungar: "Well, I hope so Gabe. You know, uhhh..., I've neglected my kids, you know, I've done a lot of stupid things to myself, but I want to tell you something for a fact. There's nobody that ever beat me playing cards. The only one that ever beat me was myself and my bad habits. But when I get to playing like I was on stroke this tournament, I really believe that no one can play with me on a daily basis."Well said Stuey

Moogle9 on March 24, 2006

Its really kind of pathetic to hear alot of people bash someone they know very little about,much less ever met.It all in all shows what cowards and average people most of us are in that other peoples failuers,it validates our own.So as you sit in your homes and pradle on,just remember.........Tommorrow,when you go to your job,your taking a handout from someone,you are....replacable,and that is the most pathetic thing i could ever dream of,a forgotten man.I was 30 years old and never imagined I could become a drug addict,and thought people who were,were pieces of shit with no self control,ect.,ect.,ect.most of you will never understand self-destruction,but then again why would you,no one will ever remember you,because you never had the drive or imagination to do anything about it.At least Stu had that.

King George on March 19, 2006

See you at 06 WSOP Ungars,and you tell em King George is commin and hell's commin with me.

King George on March 19, 2006

And River Phoenix can play Stuey today.

Unregistered on March 17, 2006

hahhaha cute?? you should have seen him in his last years he was a druggie who BLEW it

lonewolfsap on March 17, 2006

the perfect actor to play stuey in the real upcoming stuey movie----- joaquin phoenix.

Unregistered on March 16, 2006

80 wasn't taped. wish it was

sleeper on March 14, 2006

Just found an amazing website that covers Stuey's 1997 WSOP win. The website is [url=""][/url] It is absolutely golden. It may be long, but it is definitely worth reading. For the people that have already seen the 1997 WSOP on DVD or VHS, they will be able to find hands that were never aired on TV. One is able to see how tough and aggressive Stuey played throughout the tournament, and wow, some hands that he plays during the tourney...well, that's for you to read yourselves, don't want to spoil it yet. The current website I gave has a hand summary, much like internet poker, for the final table play. It was recorded by Tom Sims who does a terrific job for his coverage of the 1997 WSOP. There is also a recap article by Ken Adams on the side. In the previous pages you can find highlights of the previous days. Well, I hope everyone checks this website out and I hope that we are able to steer the focus of this forum back to its real purpose: to honor a man that has given so much to the game of poker and life. Enjoy!

Moogle9 on March 14, 2006

Hi steph i have lived in las vegas for 21 yrs and spoke to many people who new your father and said he was not only the greatest player ever to play the game but a great person also. i read the book and thought it was great.steph can you please tell me where i can get any video of your father in the 1980 1981 or 1997 world series. take care Dave

Unregistered on March 13, 2006

The only place I can think to get a copy of his 81 and 97 WSOP tapes would be from ESPN or Binions. I know the 1980 championship can't be found. I tried to get one myself and no one can find it. I'm not sure if it was even taped. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on March 13, 2006

Thanks Stef for your reply i found the 1981 & 1997 dvd on ebay thanks. Dave

Unregistered on March 13, 2006

The movie is still in the "Development phase" when I know more I'll be sure to tell you all. To answer your question if my dad was an alcoholic, he was not at all!! I never once in my life saw him drunk. Even when he was growing up he never did any drugs or drinking at all. Unfortunatly not all of us can say that. I know I've expermented growing up. But is his case he never had an intrest. It wasn't until his days of late night card games is when the drugs started. Hope you all are staying far away from all that kind of stuff. It's is hurting you alot more than you are realizing. Trust me. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on March 11, 2006

nothing more to say then stu is the man i admire for his game and the way he love his family(daughter)my personal live have alot of simultane ups and downs i can only try to use his story to not end the same way he did stefanie keep the good work going, nice job you father is proude off you be sure off it.and to all those who use this site to yak about who was the that realy so important?he was a genius no doubt about that.

Unregistered on March 9, 2006

stef, is it true ur father was an alcoholic, because i met him on 2 occasions, both in the mirage. and i never saw him touch a drop of alcohol

the jackal on March 8, 2006

any updates on the new movie stef?

sleeper on March 7, 2006

Unger was a weak puke, who couldn't control the drugs.Now everybody is trying to make a legend out of this piece of garbage, and feel sorry for him.His sucess came from him disrespecting himself, and thus not respecting anything or anyone else ($$$ inc-luded)............he wouldn't make it as well in todays field of more educated players, and fields ofhundreds and thousands of players.

?????? on February 24, 2006

whatever. i read the book it was pretty tite that sux that in the end he was basically panhandling for some crack money, i didnt know it got that bad, oh well. still a person u could look up to in a way. whatever, like i said

vampyre on February 21, 2006

Stephanie, are there any plans to market your fathers name ie.. T-shirts, posters, etc.. i know you are not looking to profit from his death but i know that as a poker enthusiast i would purchase anything w/ your fathers name on it - i have all videos and books i can get my hands on

reflex on February 20, 2006

mike matesow is the next Stu Ungar - MM is by far the greatest player in the game right now- he sees all the angles- Lasttwo ws main events played great just caught bad beats - with just a little self control he will put the poker world on its ear

delusional on February 20, 2006

Dike Watacow---The next Stu? Yes Dike was the one who played in Brokeback Beats with Hellmouth and Gaymer. Maybe with a little self control he could show the poker world that he's really Queer.

Unregistered on February 20, 2006

The other night of insomnia was a treat. ESPN broadcast the last WSOP that Stu won. It was great watching the legend at work. At the end, after beating everyone, after winning a million bucks, after becoming the first person to ever win 3 titles he made sure to let everyone know what was important to him. He held up a picture of his beloved daughter and gushed. It was pretty wonderful. Stef, if you're still reading this, you should feel wrapped in love forever.

pokermom on February 19, 2006

Its 2:00 in the moring and i just got done watching the High Roller movie. I play poker on poker and ordered his book and also recieved that tody. Im only threw the first couple off chapters, but i would recommend reading the book instead of watching the movie. I think the movie streched the truth way to much! Im excited to read the rest of the book! I have been a heavy drinker and gambler for a long time and can relate to mr. ungar. I also have a 5 year old daughter and im not with the mother because of my habbits, i think this book will help me a bit. Gambaling and drinking is a serious disease and without the right treatment you can loose it all, i have. I havent had a job in 5 years and am finacially stable, but money comes and goes. Your family is the important part i just hope my daughter will realize how much i love her and repect her when she gets older. Just remember, it takes a strong person to ask for help, and it takes a week one to not help!

chad on February 13, 2006

it's no fun without kent. hey vamp, u reckon if we talk nice bout him, he'll ome bk an chat to us?

the jackal on February 12, 2006

a great poker player, but a awful human being

botaro on January 28, 2006

Hello Everyone! I haven't wrote in a while. Thank you Alex for your kind words about me dad. Yeah, I really do still miss him. Some days are hard. But ALOT better than they use to be. I'm glad everyone likes the book. I happen to like it myself. Talk to you all soon! God Bless, Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on January 27, 2006

hi folks,ive just read the book(the man behind the shades)the rise and fall of stuey (the kid) ungar, i realy enjoyed it, its very well written and a must for anybody interested in this facinating mans life and times.........andy in the uk

aedwhite on January 26, 2006

Stefanie... I just started reading the book (halfway through it)... truly amazing view into your dad's life. My most sincere sympathies to you on his early passing. His prowess at the game of poker has sure made a tremendous impact on the game as it is today. I have sent you an email to your contact address that was listed on CardPlayer. If you still follow this post, please reply if you get a chance. In either case, thank you for making the book possible, and thanks for passing on the memories of your dad to us, his greatest fans.

Alex Notov on January 25, 2006

its been a while since somebody said something on here

Unregistered on January 24, 2006

After reading one of a kind there is no doubt who will be the king of the poker world for all time, dead or alive is stu the kid ungar. Guys like Juanda etc wannabes got the green eye monster & can only wish they were 1/4 as great. Long live the [legend].

thefient/rmcgillin on January 14, 2006

I liked the book, but I noticed something in the reviews on Amazon and other sites. People say Stu Ungar grew u in Little Italy, or in an Italian neighborhood, which i snot true, his neighborhood was mostly Jewish, with some Spanish and after the late 1950's. Also the mafia stuff is overblown. I hop ethe movie they make from thi sbook is better than one they made with Imperioli calle dHigh Rollar. That was a disaster

Unregistered on January 11, 2006

Thank you

stefanie ungar on January 10, 2006

Just finished "One of a kind", I knew he was good but I did'nt think he was that good. Unbelievable book about an unbelievable person. Stu is the best ever. And no disrespect intended: To Stephanie and your mother...You are very hott! seen pics in book

moneyman136 on January 9, 2006

stefanie is hot!!!

Unregistered on January 8, 2006

who is writting the screenplay for the movie?

Who has the title role as Stu?

wut is the movie called

Unregistered on January 2, 2006

Its a shame those of us who were not involved in poker when stu played missed seeing him play. I am sure without question that he was the greatest NLH tourney player of all time, and we wont even start on his talent in gin. we may never see a natural talent such as stu again. I think he said it best when even he said "I dont know how I know things, I just do!" Anyone who reallly does the research will see what an amazing talent this man was. To all of you who just see his drug abuse and choose to define his life by it, you are just narrow minded. His love of life was displayed by his zest of gambling. He was willing to put it all out there, all the time. I dont know about anyone else but what a man it takes to live every day, hour, min., second like its your last. Stu's accomplishments in NLH and gin will probabally never be matched, but more importantly we should all try and live our lives to fullest just as stu did. Stef. I dont know anything about you, but thank you for contributions to this site and the book. Its nice to have a chance to learn more about men like your father. Stu-keep cracking the big game upstairs like we know you are!

cc/ xemos_damion on December 31, 2005

You're joking, right? Stu was a genius who was completely owned by his addictions.

Vegas Mike on December 31, 2005

Stu the kid Ungar. The greatest to sit at a poker table, he played with no fear. His balls were titanic. Hes my definition of a gambler. Either you win big or lose it all thats the only way to play as far as im concerened. The man was a genius something of a pheneomon. When he played to his ability he couldnt lose and he knew that, and hed make sure you knew it too. If he could still play today i could only imagine the impact hed have on the poker world now. I think i heads up match between him and Mike the mouth would be an event for the ages. Or him and hellmuth. Hes the greatest poker player to ever play the game...then, now, and forever.

Greg C. on December 29, 2005

Stefanie, All the best...I am currently reading One of a Kind and will look forward to the future movie. You have landed a first rate guy to create the proper silver screen story. It is something to read about the dismissive statements regarding Stu Ungar as a junkie. Your Dad was a tremendous individual and terribly conflicted one at that. From what I could gather the biggest drug problems surfaced later in his life after your brother Richie's death. Was the spiral into drug addiction triggered by that event? All the best and be well.

Unregistered on December 28, 2005

he once with a board of a 5 6 k A Q called a huge bet after the river with a 9 10 and said you either have 3 4 or 7 8 come on hes te best ever hands down

b-easy on December 27, 2005

That was against Mansour Matloubi. But the board was different from the post above. The board was 7-3-3-K-Q. Stu w/10-9, Mansour w/5-4 offsuit. Stu beat him with a mere 10 high. What an incredible read! Stu is da man!

Unregistered on December 27, 2005

those who have yet to see the movie, go rent it A,S,A,P, it is one of the msot influential poker movies ever created, better then rounders! RIP Stu!

BiGkDiZzLe on December 24, 2005

Steph,I would love to talk to you, maybe interview you for a website I post on. Please respond. My email [email][/email]

PowerfulRog on December 23, 2005

Come on guys, lets all settle down now. Anyways, about Doyle being the best. Yeah, I thought so too when I first bought Super System and read all about his back to back wins. I thought he was a legend, which he is, don't get me wrong. But when you start to learn about Stuey you realize there exists a man with a far greater legend in the making. In fact, when he beat Doyle in 80' to win the Championship, that was the starting point of his amazing story. It just seems like fate that a man who was bound for his third World Series title (Doyle had two from 76'&77') was beat by another man who actually went on to attain three championship titles, and that man was none other than Stuey 'the Kid' Ungar. (80',81', 97). And he beat THE Doyle Brunson. Wow, you know, all I can say is that it had to be fate. I mean, what else could it be. A phoenix risen from the ashes to come back 16 years later to win it one last time to make history... just something to think about.

Moogle9 on December 22, 2005

i just seen the movie its a great moviesteph u should aim me i want to know more about ur dad my sn for aim is provman11

joe on December 22, 2005

Thanks for the Kind words Steph I was disappointed but that ofyen happens when we get our expectations too high. For me staying clean and away from the rush of drugs or gambling came through 12 step programs which allowed me to re-connect with a "higher power" which was the teachings of Jesus. We often look for a plan and when we hit our heads against walls we look for escapes (drugs,gambling...quick fixes...then dissappointment). A mind seeking escape does not confront fear and for me faith and awareness of my diseases relieved that fear so I could go on and become what I was put here for (a calling) and not throw my life away looking for escapes or an easy fix. No one "including Jesus" said life would be easy. But the desire for money and "stuff" blinds us to life. We must learn to live in the present not the past or future and enjoy gods gift of life. That was just for me... each one of us are on our own path and own purpose... no better no worse and without judgement. Money and desire to be the greatest leads to the isolation of the spirit and away from truth of who we really are. We all fall short at times and no one can cast the first stone. I have always believed you are who you are... I have always admired your Dad and knew all about him and his life and knew who you were by what you said as truth... but after getting to know his daughter here (a little..which is why i was so dissappointed not to meet you) I now realize there is a reason beyond our comprehension and evolution of his life and now through you and your Mom a lesson for all of us. Thanks again and God bless your Mom and you for using the money to help others. KentP.s. I am not only clean but have stopped gambling.

Kent on December 21, 2005

P.S. Too those with hate in your hearts an petty words...I will pray for you and not take time to get involved in hatred. If you could read what we were talking about you would have understood. There are always those that must stand on others to to look taller. Sad

Kent on December 21, 2005

Stu is truly the greatest card player to ever live but one of the best proposition gamblers? No. As far as proposition gambling goes Titanic Thompson was and is the best. No one could hold a candle to what Ti could come up with.

Unregistered on December 14, 2005

However if Ti and Stu went heads up in NLH, Ti would go down hard like the legend goes.

Unregistered on December 14, 2005

Genius courts failure! This guy was far and away the best card player while he was alive! He was one of the best propostion gamblers up there with the likes of Doyle and Slim. As he said when he won his 3rd title, "The only person that can beat me at this card table

edconrey on December 13, 2005

"He was one of the best propostion gamblers up there with the likes of Doyle and Slim"Then what did he blow his money on? I've never heard before that he was a good gambler, just a fantastic tournament poker player and the greatest gin rummy player ever.

Vegas Mike on December 13, 2005

i think thats a bad name for a foundation thats gonna b geared 2wards anti-suicide and drug/gambling abuse prevention. stu ungar was the foremost card genius this race ever produced not a fking junkie. its like "hey there was this guy stu who did drugs and gambled and he died dont be like him join this foundation we named after him" his name needs to be on card clubs or maybe a museum not a rehab center.

vampyre on December 8, 2005

I feel sorry for the people who leave comments like he was nothing but a drug addict!?! that still doesn't take away from how unbelievable good he was at NL. 3 main event wins!?!? STFU

jb. on December 6, 2005

The book was Fantastic!

Pete on December 6, 2005

HI steph ,could u pls tell me the name of the new movie as i can,t find any info at Graham King,s website TYVM/// P.S release date;;

StanDaMan on December 4, 2005

The movie is in it's deleloping stages. I don't even know what the name will be. But when I have more info I will fill you in.

Stefanie Ungar on December 4, 2005

DJ,My mom and I are starting "The Stu Ungar Foundation." It is going to be geared towards Sucide prevention, Drug and alcohol abuse and Gambling addiction. We plan on opening a rehab center too. Tell me how you are going about helping others who are cumpulsive gamblers. I would really like to know more of what you do. Thanks! Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on December 4, 2005

The movie I saw was called "High Roller the Stu Ungar story"..Is there another? If so, I'd like to know. the one I saw stared the guy from "The Suprano's" Thats the only one I know of.

SirBumpAlot/ on December 4, 2005

Stef, loved the book, thank you for keeping us up to date and recommending it. Your right, I couldn't put it down though I think they rushed through the final days almost as if hurridly put together either because the writers were so worn out by the roller coaster ride of Stu's life or just to get the book put out by a certain date, I would recommend that the writers or publisher would redo that last chapter. None the less, EXCELLENT reading and a fantastic life Stu led even though almost as short as the fantastic life of Elvis Presley. Billy Joel was most correct when he wrote the song, "Only the Good Die Young" and there is no doubt that good people get caught and pulled down by bad addictions and depression. I seriously think that just like Howard Hughes, Stu could have been helped tremendously with the correct medications such as Lexapro or something else that would have helped control his hyperactive and addictive mind. I hope the book brings light into the lives of those caught up on the same merry go round and help them to get help and climb off safely. Would love to know when their might be another book signing. I will be out in Vegas this coming January, I plan on placing a rose on Stu's grave if that would be okay. Best of Luck to you and yours.

Greg Shamblin on December 4, 2005

steph,Iam so glad to hear that your dad gave his life to the lord.I played with him at many poker tables in L.A. in the 80s.I gave up poker and am helping other compulsive gamblers through recovery. God bless you .

DJ. on December 3, 2005

Hey Steph-High Roller-Stu Ungar story. Was that an acurate depliction of the life that your father lived cause i know it was one of the best texas holdem/gambling movies i have seen. I too am a (old school)Texas holdem player and make a great living at it. For the younger up and coming players, especially the one's in college, my advice STAY IN SCHOOL!! And the people in here with all the ignorant and VERY disrespectful comments pertaining to Stephanie's Father,use your brains before typing in here. There is still a thing called poker etiquisy and just plain respect I see it not being used more and more each day and it is those few people that give "our" game a poor name. I grew up in a house that had alot of poker playing in it and Stu's name came out of my fathers mouth alot over the years. My father passed away 1 day before Stu did and he idolized him as a great and TRUE poker player. R>I>P holds barred "the greatest Limit poker player to ever live" <-- Doyle Brunson's quote and my opinion also!

SirBumpAlot/ on December 2, 2005

Last night I watched "High Roller" for the first time and was sadly disappointed. Yes, it was a good MOVIE, but I feel as though they made a mockery out of my poker idol. There seemed to be so many inaccuracies that the movie was made strictly for the sake of being a movie rather than an actual portrayal of Stu himself.That being said, I'm relatively new to the whole tournament poker scene - only been playing for three years (after 2002 WSOP; only playing in the casino since last year when I turned 18 :-/) but the more I play, the more I see poker changing. Never again can I imagine a player like Stu Ungar being successful at the WSOP or any other big event in NLH. There's far too many "online pros" out there that haven't the brilliance nor determination Stu possessed. He was truly a legend and will forever remain, in my mind, the greatest poker player of all time.

Scoop on December 2, 2005

still trying to find out the difference in "One of a Kind" and "Man behind the Shades" books. ANyone know? same authoris, sane subject matter, different covers, different (but similar) titles. Are they same book (i.e., like a re-release, re-print, etc.)?

bundyesq on November 30, 2005

"Man behind the Shades" was the original book title but it had to be changed due to conflict with another book title is what I heard. "One of a Kind" was the official release title. Cheers.

Tony. on November 30, 2005

Hey Everyone!! Man, It's been a while since I've been on this site. To the guy Jason, I remember meeting you. You were the only person I signed a poster for. I had so much fun over those 4 days at the WSOP. I am so glad to hear everyone likes the book. You would be amazed how many people have told me the same thing as Matt. About not really liking to read but, when reading my dad's book they just couldn't put it down. I have been telling you guys for years that my mom and I were not behind "High Roller" I am sorry you were disapointed. I was too. Anyone can make a story about anyone these days. To the guy named "Silver Wind" what kind of info are you looking for? What exactally do you want to know? I would really be intrested in seeing the finished project. What made you choose my dad? Hey at least you all finally believe I am who I say I am. Guys, don't rag on Ken. He seemed to be a really nice guy. He was just very disapointed. I am sure we all know how that feels. Talk to you later. I will check in sooner this time. Take care. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on November 29, 2005

yeeaaa stef!!!

Unregistered on November 29, 2005

Stefanie,(I'm not the jackass matt from above)I was just writing with one thought that kinda bugs me.. I dug High Roller when it came out, until I did some research (and read what you said about it) and found that the names are wrong, some events are wrong, and that so many things are wrong, it just ruined the movie for me. Then I read the book (Normally I can pay attention for about 10 pages, I went through this one in about 2 sittings) I was thinking that if only this movie had followed the book it'd be great, I loved the casting and the 'feel' of the film, and I was just thinking, despite the inaccuracies, what did you think of the casting of the film? I thought Imperioloi was great in the roll of your Dad, but I wanted to know what you thought of him in that roll, and although we'll probably find out eventually when they make a movie out of your book, who do you think would portray him well as far as look/acting style?OH, and about the book, amazing, well written, flowed easy, and like I said, for someone who isn't into reading much, I loved it, very interesting, and very insightful. Congratulations.

Matt on November 24, 2005

What is the measure of a poker player? Is it tournaments wins, or the amount of money you win playing? And what use is it if you win at poker but blow your money with other types of gambling? Johnny Moss won millions playing poker, and lost millions shooting dice. Same for TJ Cloutier. I just read that the million dollars Mike Matusow earned for coming in 9th at the WSOP is already gone, what kind of a sicko loses a million bucks that fast?

Vegas Mike on November 22, 2005

Mike Matusow is an Ignorant, Mouthy, Momma's Boy poker player. Need I say more¿

Kickn1Back on November 22, 2005

Stef, I am glad I found this page. I am working on a project for school (The Art Institute of Las Vegas) and the subject I picked up is your Dad's life. I am serching for some REAL stuff about his life, and I mean the good things. Because there can't be anything absolutely good or absolutely bad on this world. So, if U can give me some tips about him, I would be grateful. I will send U also the whole project when it will be ready. I am sure U will like it. If U like to know how I am thinking in general about the bad things people do, read "1 Chorynthians chapter 1, verses 27, 28, 29". I am not a religeous freak, but I think it sais a lot about how I think. Thank U.

The Silver Wind. on November 22, 2005

It is an infinite challenge indeed for a mind that aspires to mediocrity to attempt to conceptualize genius.

Ms. Ungar, you had less time with your father than would seem fair but you lived with a spirit the likes of which few ever experience.

So many here have tried to put into words what cannot be. Genius, legend, icon. None do justice.

Then there are those that attack the lifestyle of a man they have no right to judge. A man that gave us reason to believe in the limits, or lack thereof, of mankind.

When we visit the fair, we have a compulsion to seek out the greatest thrill ride on the grounds, the rollercoaster. We have a primal desire to touch the clouds at the top and tremble as the bottom rushes towards us. Stu Ungar did not need to pay the fare, his life soared higher and lower than any rollercoaster ever made.

His life, his gambling prowess, his abilities, his skills, his habits, these are not what should be remembered, respected and revered; his dominance of the rollercoaster is.

God Bless you and your mother Ms. Ungar.


Streetfish on November 22, 2005

Stu the Kid Ungar passed away on this date-Nov 22 -1998. Rest in Peace Stu, you will always be one of the best. Condolences todaughter Steph on this day, your father was a Champion and that can never betaken [email][/email]

tony on November 21, 2005

david the reason he just didnt play black jack all the time was because they banned him. if u owned a casino would u let stuey play??also he was an artist, he expressed himself threw gambling,, he couldnt just stick to one game, he had a need to show the world how good he was at various different strata. although, i do find it puzzling why he played RAZZ and bet on horseracing, when he had such favourable odds in pretty much any skilled card games he looked at!

fibonacci on November 19, 2005

yo did any1 read thru all these postings? there is this one guy named kent who was chatting with stef and basically she was gonna go to atlanta to do some book signing and hes there and he took time off work to see her cause hes a obsessed loser and she ducked him and he was all sad and he was like "u dont care about me!" it was so funny what a crackhead. u guys gotta read that its so hilarious. what a total looney. its so funny he like "im not talking to u anymore!" ahahahahah. i think he got so sad he killed himself. i hope he comes back plzplz kent come back and show every1 what a loser u r some more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzp.s. i have a run-on sentence problem try to ignore it

vampyre on November 15, 2005

I gotta say that it is a good thing that opinions are not worth anything and the truth is worth it's wieght in gold. Stu was a man that had a gift for cards that some can only dream about and like all great people who have a special gift, thier time is limited. I have read a lot of derogatory comments about Stu here, " He was a Loser", "He was a Junkie", "He was broke" Well, he was niether and lived the life most of us can only dream about. "Junkie", hmmm. When poker was poker, not this play anything get lucky bingo that it is now, the tourny's were literally "Last man standing". Stu did what he had to do to stay with the game, trust me, he wasn't or isn't the only poker player to do this, who do you think turned him onto it. Take a wild guess. A poker player. Why didn't Stu just play black jack and become mega rich? Stu did play black jack and was barred from playing black jack in vegas. Stu had some demons yes and the drugs was the biggest but, it is hard to sit here reading this and knowing the "Facts" about him, He lived his life the best way he knew how and enjoyed the biggest percent of it. Money is not everything in this world, yes it is nice to have but it can't buy you everything in life. Stu never held a job, spent his life doing what he enjoyed. Did not die broke either, you can not take your money with you when you die. Stu was a very smart man and alot of people took advantage of his talent's. I am sure that the one thing that Stu died of is a broken heart not being there for Stef. Hang in thier Stefanie, you are doing a great job in keeping your father's memories alive. He was a great man. To the idiots on here that judge Stu for his wrong doing's and have labeled him, I sugest you take a hard look at your own life before taking such a harsh judgement on another's.

Kickn1Back on November 14, 2005

What i dont get is if i was him, id just play black jack, jim rummy and poker and become MEGA richbut it seems always with things like this, the person as well as being amazing oin one area, this is made up for a major lack in anotehr area - hence probably why he gambled so muchbut i want to see how he played, like how he was so good etc

david l on November 10, 2005

Stu's Advice, "show Me A Player Who Doesnt Treat Poker As A Business, And Ill Show You A Loser" Soon As I Read That I Won The Very Next Tourney I Played, 1st Place. Life Altering Quote From The Best Ever

I WON A TOURNEY on October 28, 2005

Just one last thing, since it has been bothering me for quite some time: The book "One of a Kind" is an amazing book, you should definitely get it. But there are two minor details that I found were sort of inaccurte. 1) In the 1981 WSOP, it was written that Stuey (after CALLING a raise preflop) called a big bet on the flop with KK when the board showed an ace and caught his "lucky" card on the turn. What really happened was Perry Green raised on the button with AQ and then Stuey pushed all-in PREFLOP, which Green eventually called. The dreaded ace came on the flop but the King of diamonds on the turn gave Stuey a set (thank goodness or else he would have gotten third instead of winning back to back!)(Reference:1981 WSOP DVD)2) The final two players in the 1997 WSOP came down to Stuey and John Stremp. While it is written that the final hand came immediately when headsup play started, it actually came about three hands later (Reference: The Championship table by McEvoy, Smith, & Wheeler).Oh, and for people who think Stuey got lucky in the last hand to win his bracelet, you will not believe the guy he was playing heads up with!!! He was utterly reckless throughout the final table!!! He pushed all-in with a flush draw and sucked out on top two pair, and in another crucial hand went all-in with TT vs. KK and caught his case ten (one other player had a ten in his hand) on the turn. He was lucky enough to have made it to the top two, and I believe that the cards finally evened out to give Stuey his third title (yayyyy!!!) Well, that is all, hope you guys get those DVDs, very entertaining to watch "the Kid" himself in action. Long live Stuey!!!

Moogle9 on October 27, 2005

Stuey is the man!!! He is a brilliant cardplayer and if you would like to see him in action in the 1981 and 1997 WSOP, go to Ebay and purchase the "20 years of the World Series of Poker DVD" set. Its a bunch of ripped DVDs with certain years missing (including 1980, Stuey's first win, since it was never televised). It's still a great buy and you'll get to see other years as well, very interesting. You will find Stuey dominating in both of the DVDs!!!

Moogle9 on October 24, 2005

The first time I ever came across Stuey was when reading the Championship Table book by McEvoy, Smith, & Wheeler. For some reason, when viewing his pictures, I felt there was a mysterious and yet mesmerizing presence about him. I could just sense this sort of genius quality from his aura, even though I knew absolutely nothing about him!! After learning more about him two years after I have first found out about him I have truly come to appreciate the brilliance and magnanimity that he brought to the game of cards and life in general. I hope that through this site, the book "One of a Kind", the upcoming ACCURATE movie, and most importantly, through his beloved daughther and wife, that people will be able to come to appreciate the phenomenal qualities that Stu Ungar used to carve his name into a legend. May you rest in piece Stuey.

Moogle9 on October 24, 2005

Stefanie, Finished book, just wanted to let you and family know that how great it was. Worth the wait. Hope Graham King is more proficant than NolanD on getting film ready. Sorry didnt get to meet ya at WSOP. Got swamped after 7stud braclet. Your Dad was not only a great card player. He was a great person. See ya soon, Good Luck. Cliff

JohnnyBax on October 23, 2005

Boomshaka does not realize that the stu could have lost the hand, been at a disadvantage and still outplayed the guy. and we are still talking about the Man my friend because he was the greatest.

tony. on October 23, 2005

Stefanie, I know this is a long shot. I meet you at the WSOP 2005. I told you that I had a book signed by Nolan and wanted so bad to have you and your mom sign it, but had to settle for you two signing a great picture of your dad. I framed it and have it hanging up now. We also sat and talked a bit there at the tables while you were taking a break. I never even thought about getting a way to stay in contact. I guess I did not want to seem weird LOL. I seen you post here and wanted to say hello. I am looking forward to your movie coming out. Being your dads biggest fan I wish I could play a part in it but oh well

Jason.schooley on October 23, 2005

I recently purchased the book about Stu (the kid) Ungar. Before then I had no interest in poker whatsoever. Now I am fascinated by it. His story is funny, poignant a mixure of the absurd, ridiculous and his pure genius for the game. I have to confess that the book (particularly towards the end) The Man Behind The Shades reduced me to tears at the end. A brilliant book, which is far beyond mere statistics and dry commmentary.I am sure he would still be a poker great if he were alive today, but his drug consumption got the better of him in the end.In the poker world he will always be remembered as a legend.

Peter_Walters50 on October 23, 2005

he wasn't the best ever....take the 1997 main event, he's heads up, 1.8 million chips in the pot. he has a-4 opponent has a-8 board goes a-5-3-3-2. he sucks out a straight. if he loses that hand, he's at a 2-1 disadvantage and we might not be talking about unbeatable stu ungar

boomshaka on October 21, 2005

The main event is so embarrassing to watch. This is supposed to be the tournament that decides who is the best player in the world. Now it is a crapshoot. All it is, is who is the luckiest on flips, who wins the card setup, and that is it. Frankly, there is a huge gap in the market for someone who will put together championship tournaments with only high profile players in it. like 27 person tournaments or 18 person tournaments

MAIN EVENT DILUTED on October 21, 2005

I hope everyone realizes that the movie that has already been released on DVD is not the movie I am talking about. Me and my family are not behind the DVD movie. Graham King is the producer on our "Authorized Movie." Mom my and I are consultants on the movie too. For those of you who were interested about my Psychology degree well I will be starting up again at the end of this month. I can't wait! I never was one who liked school but this is something that I have known I wanted to be since I was 9 years old. I have an article already out in Cardpalyer. I have another one comming out in this next issue too. Keep a eye out!! Talk to you all later! Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on October 21, 2005

Top card player, Top gambler, Top geezer. from his book wud ave been quality bloke 2 know...

Maccaroo on October 20, 2005

Stu Ungar, in my opinion the greatest card player of all time. I've read alot about him and he was a true genius. There's no comparing when it comes to Gin, but he made a hell of a Hold 'Em player also. Just thought I would make a comment and show my appreciation. Thanks for keeping a legend alive,Dusty

Dusty on October 19, 2005

HI Stefanie seen the movie about your dad and i was a very good movie i have to say.I havent read the book u are talking about but i will check it out soon.I play poker for a living full time now and hope to make some great marks in poker like your dad did. I am 28 and live in lynchburg virginia right now but am from southcarolina.I play alot in atlantic city nj often and am coming out to vegas sometime soon hopefully in november.I have never played poker out there or even been for that matter LOL.Do u have any good suggestions on thing to do there for fun? well maybe ill run into ya sometime out there and get my picture with ya;) ok well takecare and godbless you and sorry for ur loss of a great dad and great poker player.. Daniel

DANIEL ADAMS / sneakeradams on October 18, 2005

i'm looking for a good bio of Stu "The Kid." I've seen: (1) Behind the shades, the Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar and (2) One of a Kind: The rise and fall of Stu Ungar. Both apparently written by the same people. Can someone explain this to em. Thanks.

bundyesq on October 16, 2005

stefanie do u have a producer for the film and distribution syndicate

ggrafas on October 16, 2005

Stef, did you write an artice for cardplayer mag, I was loing for it, but I don't see it yet, I was wondering if yoy know if it will be out soon.

me. on October 14, 2005

Nobody whos commented on this sit could ever begin to understand or see the game the way Stu did. The man did better than anyone could and anyone ever will. Nobody will ever win 3 WOSP. Not to mention the 3 superbowl wins also. He was the best Gin player in the world and the best all around card player in the world in my eyes. Screw Juanda and Doyle and everyother hater who comments on this site. R.I.P Stu "the kid" Ungar. Gone but never forgotten

Greg C on October 12, 2005

Someday, someone will come along and match stueys feat. However, that will probably be a very very long time from now. Stu will always be a bonified legend in poker.

Unregistered on October 12, 2005

I dont think there ever will be another poker player like him. The word BEST says it all!

berin on October 12, 2005

thank god that loser kent has finally packed his bags and left, everyone has problems. May i suggest he seek proper help instead of whinging on stuey's page!!

the jackal on October 11, 2005

You can read about the 1980 and 81 WSOP in the Championship Table. Ungar was so incredibly aggressive against his oponents. He is truly the man.

Unregistered on October 11, 2005

Hey Stefanie, just wondering how the Christian Counseling is going for you. I remember you said you were going to school for it, and I was just curious how the journey has been treating you so far. I have really found it rewarding working with my Church in their program, although at first I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical at how effective I might be, having never done anything like that in the past and being fairly young but I was just told to speak from the heart about the experiences I had when I was living that kind of life and the change I went through when I was saved and it has been nothing short of amazing. I hope your journey is as rewarding as mine has been and I know you will do GREAT things with it. Take care and God bless you and yours. Sincerely,Stephen.....WGAIP

SJATriple777 on October 10, 2005

Stu Ungar was an amazing player both in poker and gin. No one could touch Stu when it came to the mental part of the game. There are a lot of close 2nds (as far as, who is the best poker player) but Stu gets my vote as the best poker (and gin)player ever. Pick up his book "One of a Kind" and you'll see for yourself. It's my favorite book......ever!!

Ryan S on October 8, 2005

has anyone seen the 1980 WSOP, and does anybody know where I could get it.

Tom on October 8, 2005

People love to hate the best, because they know that they can never reach that levelYou people on here who criticise him for taking drugs are a joke, you have your own vice do you not?compulsive gamblers the lot of ya, so he without sin chuck the first oneAs anyone knows whos actually won more than they ever dreamed of, you dont quite know what to do with it when you get it and it certainly isnt money anymoreseems to me he lived his life exactly as he wanted and had a hell of a lotta fun and success along the wayAnd if he could whup the field while off his face ... the man is my hero, and a legend to all who know what they are talking about here it seems, stop the hate, we know who you are, your the same sukkers who hang around whining and whinging after a bad beat ... stu never did, just put his money where his mouth was and accepted the outcome, god bless all like him

Big Fat Bluffa on October 7, 2005

How lucky can one guy get? This donkey time after time sucked out people on the river with donkey plays, kinda like Gabe Kaplan sytle. HeEEee HaWwww

This Donkey on October 6, 2005

I dont think anyone fills sorry for you Kent, your a man quite acting like your a lil homless boy cause you did not meet Stu Ungar's doughter. You act like we all got it good but you. This is what you sound like,Kent>>"hay guys im leaving this site cause no one loves me here I love god and people. Doesnt that sound bad? HAHAHAH Im funny.

Darren on October 4, 2005

These are the people you are left with.....good luck.

kent on October 4, 2005

And yes I never ever met a Doughter in my life... a few "Daughters" but you will learn that kind of stuff in high school. Parents and friends give compassion....Some never learn.

Kent on October 4, 2005

Hello everyone!! I am glad to hear everyone is enjoying the book. I just officially signed the contract for the movie to be made by Graham King. It was a little nerve wrecking to sign it only for the fact that you never knoe completely how the movie will turn out. I just want his life to be portrayed as acurate as possible. My mom and I are planning to consult on the script, so we'll see. Keep us in your prayers!! I know alot of you want me to respond to you personally but I really can't do that. I understand completely why you would want to talk to me but that is why I write on this website for now. I am sure we will do more book signings. We are still working on a website to post all that info. And by the way, I never saw my dad smoke anything in my life. Ciggaretts ect... Why? Well I'll talk to you later. Stefanie Ungar

Stefanie Ungar on October 3, 2005

Stefanie.... I truly do feel like a stalker now. You did help me at first by letting me know I was not alone and someone cared. I took time off to meet you and your mom. As far as a book signing... well I learned my lesson. I am sure your father Stuey would be proud... as far as the golden rule of my true father I am not so sure but I am not the judge. I do not feel the same as when I started writing on this site... Just more empty promises.... hope that doesn't happen with your movie deal. dometimes life just gets so busy and full of opportunity we forget about those who need us and or just some faith in human good. I would suggest following the golden rule first and foremost....but hey fame is awesome. My son turns thirteen this week he wont or can't speak to me either. Thanks for your response and stay busy. Just talk the talk. Kent

Kent on October 3, 2005

Kent, I understand this is a hard week for you but you need not to put all your faith in people because you will get let down at times. I think that is the mistake you make and that is probably why you feel so bitter inside. God is truely the only one who will never let you down. I can't help that I couldn't get to a computer to write in ATL. But the time I did find one I wrote. And you can't blame me for you taking time off from work because last thing I know before leaving on my trip was that you were asking what time the book signing was because you didn't know if you could make it or not. It has nothing to do with "fame." I am not going to talk about this again so everyone can be entertained by this. I still do hope everything works out between you and your son. Takecare, Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on October 3, 2005

Umm Kent your a wrido. Im guessing if her dad was here he would not be happy with you acting like Stefanie owes you something. I cant wait for the new movie to come out Stef. Stu is what I would call "life after death", he's bigger then ever and knows it were ever he is. Im glad you changed the name to the book, Stuey'the man behind the shads was kinda small for him. I love one of a kind that what I call you did you do a book signing in las vegas.I dont live there at the moment anymore, just wondering.

Darren on October 3, 2005

Thanks for the "Wirdo" statement and I know what my father thinks of me (he sees my work, honesty, dedication and most of all resprect for others) and Stefanie knows who and what I am from our writings and my openess. I meant no disrespect. I am taking this site off my favorites list due to people and the things they say even when they do not have empathy (look it up) or time to read everything said above. Stuey was awesome and left behind a great legacy and a great daughter. For those that wish to hurt people I hope "really hope" you get blessed soon... "Truly", L8tr Stef stay with the counseling and never forget those around you and that you can help a lot of people like me. God may never let me down... but someimes his messengers miss the mark and or message. You are right I am bitter and I guess it is due to the fact that all these people around me are claiming to know God and tell me to find him and act as if (he or she) is not in all of our hearts (good or bad). It is up to us to think enough about others to carry out God's promises of love and do the good work and use life experience and talents that is good and God inside us in order to truly take advantage of his of her talents and these opportunities given to us. Lots of excuses get in the way, promises but no true compassion. Anyone can talked about it when they are blessed 9like your father after a big win but who was there after a big loss.. your picture). what is truly hard is to stop and take time for those that are in desperate need (like letting it all hang out on a website for all to see and take heat for it as I have done). You did that and I am not blaming you.... I won't keep this up either. I just wish you understood like I once thought you did as a child of someone who once had my disease and you helped me understand the other side better. You did help and I am and was very truly greatful and wanted to tell you in person... but then again it is easy to say oh well... we will let you down... you need to trust God.... he is in all of us... remember the just (when your dad was winning) and the wicked (when he was not). Be a light of good for all to see. Just keep your word and faith... no excuses. God Bless, KentNo need to respond.... I will not be back on this site. Take care and enjoy making the movie and book signings. Your Father was very gifted and so is everyone in this world... when they use their gifts for good and selflessness.... if we chose to point that out. I appologize for thinking about me too much it is what causes me pain beyond belief. I guess it only helps to help others in need like taking care of ill children when others turn their back on sick babies and say "just trust God" (like he is in an office somewhere and not in our hearts). Gods work is never done and there are always a lot of excuses not to get involved. Yes I am bitter.... sorry. I will try to trust God and not his servants or let this affect the way I act (as a servant) when asked to help someone... I WILL. Take care and I do wish you all the best. Take care, Kent

Kent on October 3, 2005

I, ummm, feel a little uncomfortable.

Vegas Mike on October 3, 2005

C ya Mike was always good to read your blogs UR a good fan.

GG. on October 3, 2005

Stu good man, he and I used to catch dogs and cats together. Mmmm good eatin baby.

Scotty Nguyen Baby on October 2, 2005

Hey stef, I was wondering , I'll explain later, did your dad chain smoke? or smoke at all for that matter? cigarettes that is

rayray on October 2, 2005

hey stef, just finished one of a kind and just wanted to say that dalla and allson did a great job and stuey would be proud i think, of how it was done. one of the best reads of my life. one thing that was shown in that book that seemes evident about stu, was that in some ways, he was a very wise man. he was a scholar of life, he just ran short in the common sense department, as many with genuis iq's do. we'll dont want to bore you so once again, the book was phenomanal and cant wait for the authorized movie. always good to see your posts stef, and god bless

kingofcards23 on September 30, 2005

If that is the REAL Stefanie Ungar that has left them e-mails, PLEASE email me back I would love to chat with you online about your dad. I'am a HUGE fan and will be playing in my first WORLD SERIES in 2006:) I'am not a rich person and the $10,000 buy-in is a BIG amount, but I have to see if I can sit with the BEST in the WORLD$$ It will be my first trip to VEGAS and I wanted to visit your dads grave and pay my respect to the CHAMP!! I would be honored if you would sign and send my a copy of his book!! I would be more then happy to pay you any expenses like shipping, book fee, etc.... I'am a 27 year old dealer from Detroit and have your dads pics and posters all over my room, I would love if I could have a chat with someone as close to stu as u:) If you are not Stu's daughter then you should get a life!!! Cause for a fan of Stu like me you really got me thinking I might be able to chat with the BEST EVER'S daughter!! And it would be a big let down if your a imposter:( p.s. I'am cute too, so you don't have to chat with some ugly weirdo LOL hope to hear from you soon James Hudgins

Maybigsly420 on September 29, 2005

[email][/email] (take out the REMOVETHIS which is there to prevent spam)

I am doing an upcoming book about your dad and would like to at least get some input from you.
It's mainly a technical book that doesn't address his 'life', but rather focuses solely on his game. I would like to give your family the option to be a part of the project if you wish.

Contact me for more details.

Thanks on September 28, 2005

Like millions of others I am just discovering poker and enjoying reading about the great players that have been.Stuey Unger, for me, is by far the most enigmatic and mysterious of the greats. Stephanie, it would have been a great privilege to have shaken your fathers hand. I am sure that is very proud of you, you are a credit to each other.I am intrigued by what made Stuey such a brilliant player, I really don't think that there will ever be another player like him.I'm hoping to make it over to Vegas next year, could someone tell me where his grave is? I'd very much like to pay my respects to him.Best wishes to all-------krayten

krayten on September 25, 2005

this Kent guy sounds like a real fruit loop -- a flipping stalker!!!!!!!!!Stay the hell away from him stephanie

stalker alert on September 25, 2005

Hi stephanie, God bless you and your family. To me Stu Ungar is a legend, half the things he did were unreal. He was the greatest no-limit hold-em player of his time and that thing he did where he counted down the last 3 decks in a 6 deck shoe will never be equalled. As for his drug problem...who doesn't struggle with personal demons? Those people who can't look past that are small minded. God bless you Stephanie and God bless Stu.

luis v on September 22, 2005

Hey guys and girls, I haven't been on this site in a while. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts about my dad and I should also say my mom too. Have any of you checked out my 1st article I wrote for Cardplayer Magazine? I am in the process of writing the second one as well. In this next artcle I wrote about the foundation my mom and I are starting. It's called the "Stu Ungar Foundation." I can't wait to tell you all more. Were going to turn a negative into a positive. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed "One of a kind" (the story of my dad's life) Hopefully you have learned what life can end up like if you don't have God in your life. I hope you guys don't feel like I am the type to shove the whole "God thing" down you throat, but I do believe there are people out there that feel like they don't have any hope in there lives for things to get better and I really want you to know that there is. It can say this because it happened to me. You should have seen where I was before I invited God into my life. But that's another story! And I only wish that my dad could have found the same thing out sooner than he did. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note and say "hi." I'll keep you posted on more to come. Were comming real close to a movie deal. A real authorized movie not what some of you might have seen so far. Tell talk to you later!! Stefanie Ungar

Stefanie Ungar on September 22, 2005

Kent, are you still on here?

Stefanie Ungar on September 22, 2005

Steph....what happened? I Can't believe things went down the way they did when you were in town... I took 3 days time off from work (pediatric nurse you know) and everything...guess you didn't read my postings after your last one...thought I would have heard from you by now. Hope all is well... I am still scratching my head over everyhting and I really wanted to meet you and your Mom as I mentioned many times... was weird to see how fast I was fotgotten. I am getting used to it, God or no God. Funny how the little things get put aside for the fast track. Take care...God bless. Kent

Kent on September 22, 2005

Stefanie, I am sorry if my response seemed harsh I was just dissappointed and hurt. I didn't see your question about if I was still on here. I have given you all my personal contact info if you wanted to find me. I know God is working in your life and you must be very busy. Take care and keep up the good work. Kent

Kent on September 22, 2005

Stephanie,good to see you here. Don't listen to all these evil little punks saying nasty things. I wish I had met your father. I bought the book and for the most part he seems like a great guy. Too bad he got involved in drugs, but I know how it is as I used to drink a lot of booze. Good luck to you and your mother.

Unregistered on September 20, 2005

Does anyone know where to find or buy any Stu tournament videos? For all you guys talking trash on Stu, everyone has skeletons in their closets and the question isnt if he made mistakes in life. The point is that Stu was one of the greatest players and his lifestyle had nothing to do with playing cards. He wanted that book published because he wanted new players not to make his same mistake. If I was Stu, I dont think I would want anyone to know the way I lived but he saw it diffrent. I think if a new player learns from him, he accomplished his goal. God bless Stu, You are the man....

caster on September 20, 2005

Simply put, best ever. Monsterous gambler, brilliant mind- totally impossible to contend with. As a cash game player his aggression got him trapped a lot, but in tourneys where your pile is limited and everyone is terrified of 'going home', the man was unstoppable.

gulfport. on September 18, 2005

Best ever, such a genius. People that are just learning the game should look at what he did

CardShark on September 18, 2005

There is a great book out about the life of Stu Ungar called *One Of A Kind* The life story of Stuey *The Kid* Ungar. I saw them for sale on Major League Poker's website. The copies they have are signed by Stueys daughter Stephanie, and wife Madeline. A great read. Stu Ungar is the greatest gin player who ever lived and the best that ever will live. He took up poker seriously after beating all the greatest gin players in the world. He was so good no one would play him.

Great Stu Ungar Book!! on September 18, 2005

Stu was the greatest NLH player. Of that there is no question. He had his problems - who doesn't? He was feared beyond belief at the table. A photographic memory? Counting down Blackjack decks? Winning 10 of the 30 $5000 or more entry tournies he played in? Sure that fact alone puts him at the top of the pile. I don't know if the Stefanie Ungar on here is the real Stefanie or not but she seems genuine enough and conducts herself with impeccable grace regardless of whether she is the genuine article or not. I never met your Dad Steff but I followed his career from 1979 when I was 15. I finally made it to Vegas in 1994 and tried to meet him but couldn't manage to do so to my everlasting sorrow as it's not often you get to meet legends with a heart of gold. Good luck to you and you Mam Steff. God rest Stuey.

Sharks on September 18, 2005

i'm not gonna sit here and recite stu's accomplishments. anyone who knows anything about cards at all know the name and what stu did. i just wanted to tell a little story that will be appriciated here. my parents both gambled a lot, but not problematically, ever since i could remember. when i was 15 they took me to las vegas for the first time on vacation. we were more frequent atlantic city patrons. but i'll never forget seeing the man who made me wanna be a poker player playing at a razz table most high rollers couldn't even dream of buying into. stu embarrassed player after player. i watched him for at least 2 hours before my dad pulled me away to go to our room. saying that stu was the best card player of all time isn't enough. it's almost insulting to his ability to even compare him to any other player. the best player sets the bar for other players. stu ungar did not do this. he broke the bar and set what isn't a standard for a true legend, but an unattainable greatness that no man could ever come close to repeating. -thanks for being my hero stu. vinnieknish

vinnieknish on September 18, 2005

in repsonse to owen - the best at whatever he would try???- How about life. real winner there - one of millions of dead junkies - REAL HERO - your right he really conquered life

pk. on September 13, 2005

Hi Stefanie. I am a big fan of your father. You are rigth, the few I know of him. I recently ordered the book and I can´t wait more to get it. Let me tell you and all people in this web site why I am a big fan of Stuey, if I never met him. I am just because a great person like him never die. He is still here in our memories through the people who really met him, through his best friends, through his wonderful daughter. I just wanted to say thank you for remembering all his greats things, and I am pretty sure Stuey is very happy, watching how much you love him and support and defende him. Stefanie, I am pretty sure you will not accept, but I am very interested in performing an interview with you (could be through a chat or email), to be translated into spanish for all spanish speakers. If you would like to, write me to [email][/email]. I will apreciate that. I am sorry for my language misstakes, not english speaker (spanish).And just keep doing what you are doing. The simple fact of being here answering all facts, trues and myths about your father tells everybody you are a great person. You are as big as your father. Just dont even read disgusting and annoying people, and keep walking. Thanks for everything and thanks for being here.My best regards Stefanie. Fran

Fran on August 29, 2005

Stu takin money from god right now.

Unregistered on August 28, 2005

Just saw the movie 'High Roller' not sure it did any justice to the man - pretty much portrayed Stu as a weak individual with a knack for cards. You got the feeling that no one really knew him - at least from the movie's stand point.I hope the family can forgive him his weakness and remember the good times - probably something that we all can relate to in today's complicated and troubled times.Take care.

roncho on August 26, 2005

if stu were alive, he would spit on the face of these new champions like moneymaker,raymer, or hachem they are a bunch of loosers with no talent, stu would kick their butts....

littleboulez on August 25, 2005

...he was a crack-head! died broke; what a man!fucking junkie! got no props/ no respect 4 this man. srry!

hold it clean on August 24, 2005

stu is the man! watched him in the 81 and 97 world series the other day. twas great viewing. pity he is dead though. hopefully he is in heaven. RIP stu

Unregistered on August 24, 2005

they should have have let stephanie ungar get a freeroll to the womens event this past wsop if not let her have a free roll entry to the 2006 wsop event or the womens only event

tm3545 on August 23, 2005

Stef and Madeline Unger do not gamble.

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

STu Ungar is undoubtedly the luckiest poker player in history

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

a bonafide f'n legend

stuey on August 22, 2005

hey Stef how old are u and are we guna see u at the tables in the WSOP at all?

99. on August 22, 2005

Very true Vegas Mike.

Razormade on August 21, 2005

Stu was the best, the man won 3 World Championships, would have been 4, but he was out cold for awhile. Moss was voted 1 Championship out of his 3. So he truly never won 3 at the tables like Stu did. Stefanie your dad is an inspiration to me, to play harder, and to stay away from drugs. Thank You

goodpoker on August 21, 2005

There are a number of different factors that go into making a great poker player.Ungar had two of these factors to the highest degree.First, he was a horribly compulsive gambler. Cannot respect money and play at that level. You need to be able to push what amounts to a years wages for a PhD on a total bluff and not think twice about it.Secondly, he had the geniuses mind for numbers.Lastly, his striking ability to recognize patterns was applied to reading people.Miniscule little nuanced things that you did that last time you bluffed or that last time you had a monster hand- things that 99.9% of the population wouldn't notice, well, Stuey did, and he logged into that computer mind of his for future use.

asdf on August 21, 2005

Maybe I'm just hoping to see a player of Stu's caliber emerge someday. I try to wrap my mind around the idea that one player won all five times that he sat down to a final table in the WSOP, and I just want to see it for myself. We've seen Tiger Woods play golf, and Michael Jordan play basketball, and I want to see another Stu.

Vegas Mike on August 20, 2005

with all the online poker sites today would stu be the type of player with 7 different computer monitors running at the same time playing the highest no limit cash games possible? or would he be one of the players in the big game against andy beale?

Unregistered on August 20, 2005

Regarding Kasparov being superior to Bobby Fischer, that is conjecture that will never be settled.One thing that's for sure is that Bobby Fischer (who himself is half Jewish) is a rabid anti semite and severely mentally ill (not just because he is an anti Semite, but because he is genuinely insane).By virtue of Fischers words, many people try and detract from what he was in the world of chess because they don't like whatever it is that he has become.It's an arguable point whether Kasparov could have ever beaten Fischer, but it is very, very far from a slam dunk answer if I were to be betting on a match of either one in their prime.As this relates to Stu Ungar, it's true that an Ungar'esque player will one day emerge, but any way you look at it, he will never be Stu Ungar.It's doubtful that an individual that played at the level Mr. Ungar played at will ever be bested by much of a margin.There may be a more sober player who is more consistent than Stu Ungar or maybe a more diverse player who can dominate cash games in the same way he dominates tournamentplay, but I do believe Stu reached the apex of tournament play and reading into people that just can't get any better.It's an old philosophical debate that applies to lots of different things.For example, look at sprinters. Is there a ceiling where the human animal just can't run any faster, or 500 years from now will sprinters be running sub 2 minute miles?The fact is, I believe that Mr. Ungar was one of those rare cases where he had achieved 'absolute best'. While one day the historical dustbin may produce a player that is his peer, I seriously doubt that anyone will ever be a measurably 'better' tournament player than he was by sole virtue of his skill level being pretty much without flaw.Flawed as a man, yes. We all are.Flawed as a gambler, for damn sure. As far as tournament play, there were no flaws to speak of.

gulfport. on August 18, 2005

Stu was the most feared player in the world. Hands down the best. I just finished the book One of kind and I think its very good. Its really a deep look into the geneius of a disturbed mind. Its too bad that he went out the way he did because he'd be bustting out the young guns today.

Razormade on August 17, 2005

Just as there are better chess players now than in the past, eventually there will be a better tournament hold 'em player than Stu. Someone who reads Daniel Negreanu or Doyle Brunson like they're drunken Las Vegas tourists. Someone who can even tell what other players are folding before the flop, and calculate the probabilities instantaneously. Someone as brilliant as Stu, but still under control. I firmly believe this, just as Kasparov is considered by many to be superior to Bobby Fischer, someone will come along who's better than Stu.But we certainly haven't seen Stu's tournament equal yet, not even a remote rival. Yes, the fields are tremendously larger than they were even a few years ago, but consider that Stu sat down to 5 final WSOP tables and won all five bracelets, in a game that involves a tremendous amount of luck in the short run.

Vegas Mike on August 17, 2005

Very True Words Mike GG

Kent on August 17, 2005

i wish people would stp with the immature comments about stu. it is both crass and plain wrong. you are dishonroing a mans memory. i know my argument will do nothing do dissaude you, but stefanie i would like you to know that your father is my favorite player of all time, and i enjoy every story i hear about his wit and humor, as well as those about his card game mastery. i would have truly liked to meet him. i cant wait to read the book, still havent had any time to go out and get it. however ive heard great things and im very happy for you that you were able to do such a great thing for your father as tell the story, the true story, from his writings and the stories of others. thank you for posting on this site, i thorughly enjoy your posts. hope you had fun at the braves game. atlanta is my favorite team. hope hear back from ya.

kingofcards23 on August 16, 2005

people are so close minded there are many people who do drugs without anyone knowing instead of the focus being stu's addiction the focus should be how badly hed bust your ass in a second he saw through people and right through the deck hes the greatest no if ands or buts

tone skreebly on August 14, 2005

stefanie, it's [email][/email] I am off today as well. I got someone to cover weekend 4 me. Please please let me know if there is a way...too bad I have played Jocks and Jills be 4 wish I would have known I would have played. Hope you can write back. Kent )

Kent on August 13, 2005

I am going to be out and about today on my bike since it is a nice day. I have my book with me. Would be better if you could call my cell 678-227-0890 Thanks Stefanie glad U R enjoying the visit.

Kent on August 13, 2005

Stefanie...I am glad U had a good visit to Atl. I was really looking forward to meeting you. I know you are busy and I keep telling myself maybe I didn't hear from you due to fact you don't really know who I am just a guy on this website. I wanted to meet you to show you I am who I am and that what I have shared here is real. I took the weekend off from work and really wanted to hear from you before and today (Sunday). I was really excited after getting your message Sunday Morning. I am getting used to not hearing back from people and have to give it to God. I hope you had a great time at the game and that the book and signings are going well. God bless, Kent

Kent on August 13, 2005

Stefanie, I was able to get today off... I have called around and none of the Borders or Barnes and Nobles have book signings today? Did plans change? Please let me know something. Thanks, Kent

Kent on August 12, 2005

Kent, I am so sorry! We ended up going to a place called Jocks and jills for a chairity event. It was actually men"the Master" Chairty event. Scotty Nugen was there too. We had our book sighing there. I felt so bad I could get to a cumputer until now to let you know. I really, really do!!! But I am not leaving until Monday give me your E Mail adress again. Mabey I could get a signed book to you before we leave. Again, I am really sorry. I had no idea as to what exactally was going on in this trip. My mom and I also did a photo shoot today for "HighRoller" magazine . That issue will be out in Oct/Nov. I love this city! You are so lucky to live here. Well,I really shouldn't say "luck." I don't believe in luck. There is so much culture here and the restaurants are great. Well, I know I am going to the Braves game tomarrow(actually today, it's so late) but write me back and Mabey we can set something up. Talk to you later!! Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on August 12, 2005

Stefanie any word yet? U know which borders and when? or when u get here on Friday? I am free after 7:00pm? Thanks, Kent

Kent on August 9, 2005

I'll let you know later on today when I find out.

Stefanie Ungar on August 8, 2005

Ok, all I know at this point is that we are doing a book signing at Borders on Sat. duing the day. I don't know exactally what Borders in Altanta. It has been so crazy. I have not been given any info until today. Sorry this isn't much help as of right now. I'll try to get more specifics. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on August 8, 2005

OK cool let me know what U find out the sooner the better so I can get coverage. Thax hope to see ya soon. God Bless

Kent on August 8, 2005

Stefanie, do you know anying about website for your father--what it will be like and such? I'm looing forward to it

LarryRo on August 8, 2005

if u go to and check out this article about him it will proof how great he was, he won the main event 3 times only Johnny Moss has done that, and u cant say Moss sucked. every final table he has made it to he has come out the winner besides once.

Jetsfan315 on August 7, 2005

PokerMom,Don't worry yet. I dropped out of college too to pursue business, only to realize I made a mistake. I went back, knocked down a couple degrees, and going for a PhD now. I predict he will be back in school in due time.

PokerRookie on August 7, 2005

Thank you PokerRookie, but I'm not so sure. I'm always hopeful. I'll have sweet dreams with your predictions. The only thing I do know is that by standing aside and not trying to force him to do something he didn't want to do, he will never be a 40 yr. old with irrital bowel syndrome. It just sounds like such a shkeevy life out there. We shall see. Thanks again, Polly

poker mom on August 7, 2005

Hey Stephanie if you can get me your itenerary I might be able to get someone to cover my patient. I need to know ASAP you can e-mail to [email][/email] if you want. Really looking forward to the visit. Thanks again.. can't wait! Kent

Kent on August 7, 2005

Poker Mom you sound like a wonderful mother your son is lucky to have you. I still play poker just at a different level. Did you see the movie rounders? I used to call that the story of my life. At an early age I started and sold a company. I was called "gifted" in math as well and was and obtained 2.2 million dollars at age 22yrs old... I decided to live the life of a professional card player after growing up in a bridge playing family and having a love of cards from my mother like Stu Unger. Gin was always my favorite game...however, anythhing qith odds fascinated me andthe thrill of hitting or beating the odds was what made me feel alive "risking it all"... I eventually ended up with drugs as a result of my vegas lifestyle and woke up one day in recovery and broke... I found God again at age 24 (after being born again at 17 which was the greatest time in my life as Stefanie has pointed out above) I found business and personal success with Gods help and turned away which led to a hufe downfall and my parent's were thwere for me all the way. After I got "clean" and stayed clean for 16 yrs at which time I got married...had a son with a christian woman and became a nurse. I continued to pursue my dream of winning a bracelete and played cards regularly but a limits I could control and have made good money over the years...but just never broke through to get to a final table at WSOP... No matter how good you are the odds flip at times and well the cards didn't go my way. I never got back as close to God as I had been and always felt guilty for turning away. I am 42 now and quit playing tpurnament poker about 6 months ago and I have focused on getting back to people that care about me and away from the rush of "winning" and back to the great feeling I got from helping others which is why I wanted to be a nurse. I still play low limit cash and for fun. I am a Intensive Care pediatric nurse and take care of very ill children when they go home from hospital with critical illnesses and this helps me. I got divorced in 2000 and last year my ex wife took my son and moved away (without telling me) and I have only spoke to him a couple times via phone... We were very close and this has been my toughest loss by far. I have been trying to fill the void left in my life by helping others and have always been fascinated by Stu Ungers stoy and stumbled across Stefanie here and she has been a great help to me. I am just trying to get my faith back and put one foot in front of the other right now. I have found there is much more to life than winning. Thanks again for your comments and tell your son I wish him luck (even if he doesn't think he needs it) it can be done. Just ask any Pro Some times it just comes down to a turn of the cards like the flip of a coin I hope it goes his way... with great discipline and the support of a great family. I hope he realizes he is already a winner to have you for a mother. God bless you. Kent

Kent on August 6, 2005

Kent,What you wrote is inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. I hope you find the path that lets you connect with your son again. Always keep trying. I think my son appreciates me more than I ever thought he would. He has a lot of people pulling for him. Thank you for being part of the good luck wishers...and you're right, he doesn't think about the luck. It's all about the learning and polishing and tweaking and reading of the game. He's decided to get an apartment in Vegas. The inexpensive hotels and motels and filled with crack addicts and prostitutes. I know now he's staying in Vegas for a while at least. I guess I'm glad he doesn't want to be with the transient crowd. He said the strongest thing he uses are red bull caffeine drinks when he's in a tournament. He has studied more about poker than anything else. He's also become very disciplined. I can't believe there are actually good things about this!!! Also, I couldn't agree with you more about winning. It can be so empty and it is temporary. There is no greater feeling than making a child smile. THAT is a high. Take care, Polly

poker mom on August 6, 2005

I am going to be in Atlanta this Friday-Monday. I don't know exactally what We'll be doing but I'll Let you know. I'll be finding out probably tomarrow. Talk to you soon. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on August 6, 2005

Thanks Stephanie, I just took a case with a child 12 hr shifts this Friday, Sat, Sun 7A-7P hope there are evening stops or signings and or Monday anytime. Please let me know would be great 2 meet you all. Thanks again, Kent (

Kent on August 6, 2005

firstly i would like to say that all of those who have said such horrible things about stuey should be ashamed of themsleves. to talk so awfully about such a man, especially after his demise is just downright insensitive. the absolute apathy that some seem to feel on this sitre stuns me. stu was hands down the best card player alive. his accheivements at any game invloving a deck of cards were unbelievable. i am pretty good gin rummy player but no that i could live 5 hundred years and never approach stu's talent at the game. that does not even cover how extremely good he was at texas holdem. one of the youngest players ever to win. back to back wins, and three main event, not to mention two other bracelets in other events. his other accomplishments are too numerous to mention. i would just like to say that stef ungar, am very honored that u would post on this site. never let the ignorance of people on this site and their false perceptions bother you. stu had problems just like everyone else but i think that good far outweighs the bad. hope things go great for you and looking forward to reading book. thank you

kingofcards23 on August 6, 2005

When is that website expected to be up? It looks like it's well done so far.

LarryRo on August 5, 2005

Dear Poker Mom, It is so true!! Thank you for the nice things you have said about my parents. Yes, my mother is wonderful! She has always stuck by my side. That's what you sound like with your son. Tell him from me that he could always play poker if that's what he chooses to do but he shouldn't let that genius brain be limited to only to poker. Take Care. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on August 4, 2005

Stefanie,Thank you so much. A message from you will go a long way with my son. He calls frequently. I get told that I'm loved, he gets told that he's loved and then he just wants to talk to his Dad. Poker is a real "guy thing". I did have a talk with him before he left about exactly what you said. His talents are G-d given and should not be limited or squandered. I believe he knows that. By stepping aside and not fighting it, he left for Vegas with a clear heart and head. That's the best I could provide and I did. He is supporting himself and making money at something he loves. I hope you see something extra beautiful today. Thanks again, Polly

poker mom on August 4, 2005

Hey Stefanie have you gotten an itenerary yet for book tour and Atlanta visit? Looking forward to meeting you and your Mom. Saw the videos of U 2 fom Poker Player Interviews. One thing struck me extra hard... The faith your mother showed in your father and for you. I see the same thing that poker Mom mentions above it makes all the difference in the world to have that. I once read somewhere one of your father's comments. I read where he once said poker is the only job that when you show up everyone is wanting to beat you and leave you in an alley somewhere (something like that?). I love that is a lot like life... exceptfor the wonderful people God puts in your path who want to see you succeed and have faith in you. That is why I had a hard time with Poker for a living. Like your father no game was big enough and no one will ever admit how good you are no matter how much you win (always you got lucky...which is often meant as an insult versus skill) players always look for a way to get you "on tilt" so your mind doesn't work right. Your Dad understood this well and no matter how good you are no one gives you credit. It is only those that love and believe in us that gives us faith and hope to continue on. Good job Poker Mom and keep up the good work Stefanie. Please let me know whenu guys will be in town and say hello to your Mom 4 me. Thanks again 4 ur faith and maturity in christ. Kent

Kent on August 4, 2005

Kent,Thanks for the kind words. I have raised 7 children, although the one in Vegas is my only biological child. I believe that if you can't love them with every fiber of your being, you should go and figure out how to. I grew up without parents. I learned that nurturing children healed my own wounds. I also realized that I was loved if I can love this deeply. I'll never understand how my son came to the conclusion he did about poker. I just have to trust that he understands it and will explain it someday. I hope he gets his bracelet. Everyone deserves a dream. btw, he does not consider himself a gambler in any way. He bristles at that label. When did you stop playing? Poker Mom

poker mom on August 4, 2005

I first heard Stu's name from a family member of Cowboy Wolford. She talked about how he was the greatest poker player ever, but died tragically from a drug problem...I tried to read every web-site and book entry I could find on him. "One of a Kind" is a wonderful book. I can only imagine what Stuey was like. The ESPN clip said "He went through life like an open razor", that is truly a great way to live. We must forgive Stuey for his weaknesses, and thank him for his great legacy... After reading these postings for sometime, Stef, you sound like a great young lady, I'm sorry for your loss, and thanks for sharing his story....

Texas Bob on August 3, 2005

Stefanie,I just came upon this site. Last weekend I read "One of a Kind". I am haunted by it. I crossed paths with Stu Ungar in many different and odd ways. You should be very proud of a Father who loved you so much. No one is perfect. What you are doing with your life is a tribute to your his. I lost my parents when I was young. Everything I do and accomplish feels like my special team at work. My guess is that you also have a really wonderful Mother. I'm looking at poker info becuase I have a 21 yr. old son who just dropped out of college and moved to Vegas to play poker. He insists that he's going all the way. He might, but it's very hard to be supportive. The beauty is that he only wants my love right now and understands my fears with what he's doing. I'm hoping that your Dad's story is one that will be a beacon for him to stay on the right path. Like many poker players, my son is a math genius. He's also a wonderful young man with a terrific heart. I taught him to follow his passions. I didn't count on this one, but I'm going along with it.Thanks for all your words. They've made this Mom's heart a little lighter. Your father was a treasure. You learned well."He lifts you up and He turns you around and He puts your feet back on higher ground".

poker mom on August 3, 2005

hi stefanie, jus wandering if you have any pics u could post on the website of your dad at the 80, 81 wsop as i am too young to remember it.

jj. on August 2, 2005

Just got done finishing the book purchased on 7/28, Mr. Ungar quotes and Nolan Dalla writing was wonderfully written. The best story had to be fliipng the chips on the chair and when Mr. Ungar lost "f%$$ it". By the wayStefanie I wanted to let you know you are hot! trate

trate80 on August 1, 2005

Its funny listing to all you guys. I bet most of you didnt even care about him until the movie came out. Now that poker is big and shit you all want to get on the band wegon and what not. I bet most of you havent even seen him play lol you guys are funny

nick on July 30, 2005

this is for the girl who says she is stu's daughter. How can you exspect us to belive u are really his daughter u could be some freakshow or something we dont know. It's kind of hard to belive you are u know

nick on July 30, 2005

Nick....did you read any of this site prior to your comments. I think if you read the questions and Stephanies specific remarks you will know it is her...especially if you know anything about the Kid. I have been in poker world for over 22 years and have studied not only Stu Unger from his arrival into the poker world but I was an even higher level Gin player than poker ever thought of being. I really don't know if your comments were serious or just meant to be hurtful? Stu Unger was not only the best poker player I have ever seen (and has record to prove it well before TV or popularity of poker) he was and will always be the greatest (uncontested in GIN world by far) Gin player ever. He made sure we would learn a lesson from his life in the book he was preparing tp help others when he passed away to help us avoid his mistakes. I highly recommend the Book "One of A Kind" and that is from someone that has studied this remarkable human being throughout his career even back to his Gin days when he was still with us and when I was a teen ager._

Kent on July 30, 2005

Nick,She is his daughter, and if she was not, why do you care?? Get a life. She is his daughter though. I was wondering myself, I asked someone who would know, they confirmed it.

LarryRo on July 30, 2005

Thanks Stephanie... I was just curious about why that was not in the book. As far as the comment about "higher power of your choice" I am a christian and have seen many come to know his love. However, for many addicts there have been events (you know my story a little) where those around you that you see as christians either judge or even reject you for a difference in faith. This indifference and lack of unconditional love that Jesus teaches pushes people away. I have found that it is better to be loving and caring and do what I think christ would do "without any judgement or criticism of faith" and allow others to know what I am and who I am. If this helps them connect to what they come to know as christ then all is well? Get it? Many people have a block when it comes to this (self included) when I have a christian take my son away and not let me speak with him.... I know this is just one person...and she claims to have a close walk with christ. But actions speak much louder than words. I just want others to know peace. I wish I could find some. thanks again and you are a special girl. As far as gambling comment about what made your Dad special...what made him special was the stories about all he did for others when he won with the gifts God gave him. The most special gift was a daughter full of his love and charity. For me Gambling, drugs and anything that supposedly made "me" feel good. Did just that but left me empty inside. It was only when I became a nurse and focused on helping others that I was fulfilled truly. peace and love, Kent

Kent on July 28, 2005

Just to let you know my dad felt empty too when he gambled. Thats why no win was ever big enough & no game was ever high enough. It was good for a while but it didn't last because it was a false comfort. I had many conversations with him about this. Don't get me wromg he loved what he did for a living but it didn't fill that emptyness in his heart.This is when I started to talk to him about Jesus and how when you accept him in your life the emptyness is filled. It's like a brand new door is open in your life that you never even knew exsisted until that piont. For those who never experienced this you might really think I am a little WEIRD but until you see it in your own life I guess you won't understand, which is totally understandable. I completely agree with you that actions speak louder that words. I don't like either when some Christian act in ways that contradict things we believe in. That just goes to prove even more how we ALL fall short and sin. Otherwise Jesus didn't have to die on that cross. And if others are judging you that is not your problem(I know it hurts) God is the only one who can judge. He is the only one who knows the motives in our hearts. Kent, I know without a doubt in my mind that if you cast your cares upon him in this situation(which is what he say's to do in situation like this in life) with your son he will come through. Sometimes God does things in life to catch your attention so you will turn to him and depend on him to see the situation through. And somtimes it's just a test to see how strong and if your faith with be shaken during hardtimes. During trials is the only time your faith matures. I don't know if you already knew that but when I came to realize that it gave me alot more motavation to get through those times. I feel it inside you will have your son back in your life. I really do. Just don't lose hope. So many people give up the day before they get their miracle. Wake up thinking "today might me the day that God moves on my exwife heart and decides to let my son in my life again." On my dads website I am going to have a place to write people so I don't have to use this one anymore. Kent, you seem like such a nice guy I can't wait to hear about all the great things God is going to do in your life. God Bless you and you family. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on July 28, 2005

Steph I just started reading all of these comments about your dad and some of them are really nice and some people just have no self respect or respect for your dad. I think it takes a lot of courage to read these things and then respond to them as well. People should learn from you. If you dont mind I would really like you to email me on a more daily basis so that I can learn more about your dad from his very own daughter. Not everything but just some of the most interesting things about him and you growing up. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you.

Netob12 on July 28, 2005

These people who have been saying bad things on here are cowards at heart, and small minded. I think of that movie the Wizard of Oz, when the Wizard is all tough and loud, till the curtain is pulled away, and he is frightened old guy. It would be great to be able to pull moniter away and see who some of these people are. Wishful dreaming, of course. I know that Stefanie's father would be proud of her for defending him here---although he does not reeally need defending, he had a different life than others, and the good in him outweighed any mistakes he made. I hope that site of him is up soon, and hope it does well

LarryRo on July 28, 2005

Thanks probably do not realize just how much God does speak through you and you have given me hope. You will help many people with you christian maturity and faith. Thank you and some day I hope to meet you at a book signing. To hear from a child that has been on the other side of this cruel disease and all you have ovrcome and share so openly and to see your love/faith surely gives me hope and renews my faith. I am going back to church now (has been over six years) as a result of your comments and the book and the ice is melting from my heart. My eyes are opening up again which gives me hope. God bless and you are a very special child of God. Smile, Kent

Kent on July 28, 2005

Stephanie...the miracle is already happening and you are a part of it. I will keep you posted on things that I know will happen if I can walk in faith and maintain hope with Gods help. The site looks good I can't wait. Kent

Kent on July 28, 2005

The best hold em player the game has ever seen. He was incredible.

Dave on July 27, 2005

Supposly it's true about the bodygard story but I honestly don't know. Yes, it is true about the contract with him and Stupac. He agreed to pay off my dad's debt if my dad would let stupac back him and they would split the money. Just to clearify something too... I didn't say " higher power of your choice" because I believe Jesus is the Highest of all Highs. This is what I have come to know in my own life. I just want to make sure people understand exactly what I ment by the comment I made above. Takecare! Talk to you soon.

Stefanie Ungar on July 27, 2005

I just got done watching high roller for like the 10th time and wanted to read some more about the great Stu Ungar. Then I found this site, and well I think its horrible how all you people just sit there and talk trash about him, as if you could ever be as good at poker as he is. Maybe you should read about his big acomplishments and not just the drugs and BS that went with them. Frankly if it wasnt for the drugs and losing all his money countless times and his death nobody would talk about him like they dohe would just be another old timer at the table like Doyle Brunson. What made him so interesting was his non stop gambling on anything and everything.

big fan on July 27, 2005

Okay, this gets more unbelievable. According to what I have been able to discover, Stu made 6 final tables at the WSOP (4 No-Limit Championships and 2 "other" events"), and the only time he didn't win was because he was too drugged out to play and was blinded out of the tournament? So, in reality, he was 5 FOR 5? 5 times he sats down at a final table at the WSOP, and he won 5 bracelets? If that's true then we're going to see Joe Dimaggio's hitting streak broken before Stu's 5 for 5 is bested.

Vegas Mike on July 26, 2005

Stefanie-did you see my question above about the Stupac story I have read where he (or someone) claimed to have signed a contract with your dad and gave him walking around money and he said he was going to your birthday prior to his death in order to shake the guy who was supposed to watch him? I noticed it was not in the book so I suppose it must not have been true? Thanks and I look forward to you visit to Atl please keep me posted. Nice to hear about your counseling education I think you will be great at it. Kent

Kent on July 26, 2005

stu was the man, he was the greatest ever. there will never be a better gin player than him

andre from toronto on July 25, 2005

Thank you Stephanie for your comments on this message board, and its great to see that you have done well for yourself. I have recently gotten involved with my church in counseling for drug and alcohol addictions having been there and done that. Have you ever thought about counseling people for what you have been through living with someone with an addiction? Reading your posts I think you would be great at it and it might be something you might want to consider. I have nothing but respect for your father's God given gifts at the poker table and may he rest in peace. God be with you and your family. Sincerely, Stephen

SJATriple777 on July 25, 2005

It's funny you mentioned that about counseling because I am going to school to become a Christian couseler. The reason I say "Christian" Couseler is because I know God is the only One that actually healed and changed my life in so many ways. I wouldn't be able to sit across from someone in my office tring to help them knowing that I am leaving out the main ingrediant that truly works. Also, my mom and I have are putting together a website for my dad it's still under construction but you can go on and see what it looks like so far it [url][/url] I'll keep you all posted on more to come. Takecare!!!!

Stefanie Ungar on July 25, 2005

The website looks great so far!! I am so glad to hear that you are well on your way to becoming a Christian Counseler, I know you will do wonderful work in the years to come. I would love to hear how being a Counseler changes your perspective on life in general as it completely changed my outlook on things and brought me much closer to God. I wish you nothing but the best life has to offer and I look very forward to hearing more on your journey. Keep us posted and God be with you and yours. Stephen.....WGAIP.

SJATriple777 on July 25, 2005

Only one man in history captured titles at both the WSOP and the Super Bowl of Poker, and that man was Stu Ungar. And he won them three times each! (From Mike Sexton). Main event WSOP titles 1980-81 (back to back) and 1997 the comeback kid did it again! He had total of 5 WSOP wins and he himself admitted that there may someday be a better tournament poker player (I doubt it personally), however, it is undesputed that he was and will always be the best Gin player the world has ever seen (a very complex and much more subtle game than Poker heads up Stuey was the master. As far as drugs go Lorcet is a pain med (downer, red bull gives you wings, cocaine and meth amphetamine are prbably the hardest drugs to kick.... so if people are using these as much as noted above then they are playing russian rulette and should "read this book carefully". The lesson to be learned is that no matter how good you are and how much you may love your family, your talent, ..anything. If you place drugs in front of them you will lose it all. I agree with Stefanie in that almost every addict I have met (self included) the only thing that can help when medicine, religion and psychiatry have failed...that is a faith in something greater than yourself (a higher power of your choice). The only other options for addicts such as myself are Jails, institutions and death.

Kent on July 24, 2005

red bulls not a drug if it was it would be off the shelf i could buy a four pack of redbull and play online poker 2 days straight but there was a blog on pokerpages that on one of the wsop events a lot of the players were on hard stuff not redbull

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

180's are even better when i play a tournament at a bricks and mortar casino i mix either with vodka gives me strenght to go all in with 7-2 off suit if i have too

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

Stephanie, I bought the book "one of a kind" and really love reading it. It´s very fascinating! What strikes me is that it seems very honest, including both good and bad aspects. A suggestion to Stephanie: I´ve read you can´t even play poker. I really suggest you learn holdem (which would take a few minutes) and play the game, for two reasons: 1)You would get a better feeling of what your father accomplished, 2)with the incredible natural talent your father had I´m convinced that if you only got a portion of that talent you could become a good or even great player.

ostia on July 23, 2005

To The Ungar Family, I am sorry about your loss, I never seen him play (just a few highlights on ESPN) but I have read the book. I myself am a player, IT IS very hard the way everything is set up around gambling, There are people always taking Lorcet's to stay up & Xanax's to go down. I dont care what anyone say's, I've been there. Never used any coke/pot etc.. but pill's IS a MAJOR factor in tournament play, maybe not for some people & most wont admit it, but it's truth. Look at other great players in history, All have had drug problems or died from them, Len Bias, Brett Farve, Lawerence Taylor, Michael Irvin.. The list goes on people.. Its about pressure. Im willing to bet over 30% off the 2005 WSOP players have used something, even if it's something as small as a Red Bull energy drink. I am very curious to know about what years Mr. Stu Ungar played in the big events & his place in them, If anyone has a list or knows, could you please email me? Thanks Emmett

Emmett Dove / E on July 23, 2005

Re-read the book...awesome job again. Please pass my sentiments on to Nolan and Peter. Notice the stupac story where he had signed a contract and hired someone to follow and protect his investment as I have read in other stories is missing from book, Was that story not true? Look forward to meeting you and others in Atl book signing. Thanks and again very good book.

Kent on July 21, 2005

crack head that caught cards

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

"Posted by: on Jul 22, 2005 - IP= crack head that caught cards"

yeah right he has 4 WSOP bracelets, and won 3 WSOP Main Events, no one can get that lucky. lets see u win 4 WSOP bracelets and 3 of them be the Main Event.

Jetsfan315 on July 21, 2005

Way to Go Stu, Way to Go !

Unregistered on July 20, 2005

My personal opinion, he sold his soul to the devil, his great success had to have a great downfall.

Unregistered on July 20, 2005

stuey-drugs and all- you're still the greatest-truly one of a kind- rip with the poker gods

allen/ dejavu on July 20, 2005

It's in the book, he finished ninth one year, without even showing up for the final day and a half. He was OD'd and he had built enough chips to finish ninth until he was blinded off.

ya. on July 20, 2005

Stephanie, can you contribute to them a better pic of your dad, this one is too grainy!

question on July 20, 2005

After reading the book, only positive things to say. Go buy it! But as a sportswriter, a couple things they missed in proofreading. It's Stephanie was 14 years old, not "four-teen years old. "And it;s a playoff game, not a play-off game. Fix that stuff in the reprint!

ryan brown on July 19, 2005

I am a recovering addict and poker player, I too when starting out found it very very hard to control the urge to create "action" and to treat those around me poorly as well. I too have squandered my own edge in life by making poor choices and ensuring that I have had to work hard at breaking even in life. I was able and fortunate enough to have help forced on me years ago, and now am living the life I want; I get tp play poker as a semi-professional, win some local tourneys from time to time and meet a lot of great people in the process. I met Stu in 1989, when I was a teenager, and I continue to wish him the best and to Stefanie and Madeline as well. I only wish he could have seen what we all saw in him.

mike on July 19, 2005

I was looking up Suey's WSOP record on the herndon mob website, and according o their database Stuey made it to 6 WSOP final tables (all events, not just No Limit) and he won 5 bracelets. If that's true it blows my mind.

Vegas Mike on July 19, 2005

I will win one for you Stuey. RIP

SuicideKing on July 18, 2005

stu ungar was the best poker player who had a bad addiction..thats to bad or maybe we would still be watching him win and win and win the world series of poker..RIP Stu

nick on July 18, 2005

who the fuck is stu ungar
just kiddin stu ur the best.

some guy on July 18, 2005

i know who can play stu in the next movie get tobey maguire he already showed how bad he can go on tilt at this years world series

Unregistered on July 18, 2005

he just needs to shave the grizzly adams beard

Unregistered on July 18, 2005

stu ungar is no poker poser long live stuey if anyone whos going to make the next stuey movie is readingthis please do the next film right.

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

stephanie i saved the 2 articles in the cardplayer magazine as my favorites on my laptop i always like to read it for inspiration when i play in tournaments some of it was funny but then again some of it was sad but in the 2nd part it was like your dad was trying to get his life together but overall it was a good 2 part article.i will try to get an issue from ebay and frame it and put it in my game room .

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

I believe Atlanta is our first stop. It is in the middle of Aug. I'll give you the exact date later on.

Stefanie Ungar on July 16, 2005

Does anyone know where I can purchase old WSOP videos, for instance the 1997 WSOP?

Dan on July 16, 2005

all of those people who dont believe that this is really stu ungar's daughter, why would she humour us with her comments for almost a year now. Thank you stefanie for giving us all of this insight into your father's past. as an up and coming poker player, i admire you fathers poker playing ability very much and am remorseful that i never had a chance to observe him play. hopefully you will keep on writing because you are a true god sent. good luck with the book and everything STU UNGAR ROCKS

corydotcom on July 16, 2005

I just finished reading the book titled "One of a Kind". I loved it, and learned quite a bit from reading it. When so little is known about this extraordinary man, it was refreshing to get insight from folks who walked the path of life with him. Stef, if you read this, my heart goes out to you not just because of the loss of your father and his failings being made so public, but also because of the senseless cruelty levied toward you and your family by folks trying to be clever in their postings. I am looking foward to the new movie that more closely corrolates with the book. I saw the other movie, and the book is completely different. To the readers out there...take the time, pick up the'll love yourself for it. And to the morons who post sillyness...find something better to do with your time.

Steve the Karaoke Guy on July 15, 2005

Stef will you please let me know when U are going to be in Atlanta. Would like to mett you and your Mom at book signing. Book wa the know my story and well...all I can say is thank you, your Mom and Dad of course. Wish I had good news about son but haven't been able to speak with him... family is most important thing to me...trying to kep the faith. Hope you are well and doing well and in good health. I know your dad would be proud of this. Thanks for the nice word above Melodee. Stef thanks for posting here and being such a great person you have given me hope. Kent

Kent on July 15, 2005

ScrantonJack commented on how he didn't think Stu Ungar had a genius level IQ. If there is one thing about Ungar that IS NOT in dispute, it's his amazing mental capacity.His ability to count cards was unparalelled, and that is a direct byproduct of IQ. The whole concept of a multiple deck blackjack shoe came to be because of Stu Ungar and his ability to count.He won $100,000 from a Las Vegas Casino Man being able to count back four decks of shuffled cards.That means that four decks were shuffled (208 cards total). He looked at them once, and then recited off the value and suit of each card in a row, correctly, 208 times.It takes an amazing mind to do stuff like that.

gulfport. on July 14, 2005

As a young man I lived in California and was a damn good stud player. Being from the Midwest I had never played holdem until 1984. I just happened to be in Las Vegas when I met Stu. He taught me a lot about NLH but more importantly he taught me a lot about life. I am proud to call him a friend and the world is worst off because he is no longer with us. Stu was one of the nicest people I have ever met and because of him I am a better person. His addictions were a bi-product of his love to play poker. Johnny Moss once said he would be glad once He was dead, himself of course, then he wouldn't have to worry about looking across the table at Stu. Post and Fold for me Stu I'll be there eventually.

KyFats on July 13, 2005

I just finished the book. It was a very good book and i couldnt put it down which is hard for me. I havne't read more than two pages in one book since cliff notes in high school. I see your looking for a web designer. I have a link to a site of something I made about your father. please send me a e-mail so I can share with you it. my e-mail is [email]letitridet@yahoo.comm[/email]aybe I can build your website. i've been designing websites for around 10 years now. i already have a few ideas for it. anyways thanks for your book.

Wanabe on July 13, 2005

WHo is the idiot that stated that Hellmuth has 9 braclets... except for 1 the rest are mini games. He won the championship once. Unger entered the main event 3 times and won three times.... Helmuth is going on his 20th entry and won once...... How can you compare the two....

pokerGQ on July 13, 2005

too bad he was a cocaine addict or else stu would have about 5 main event braclets RIP he sleeps with the poker gods

ry. on July 13, 2005

Stefanie, it takes a lot to stay strong given all the moving you had to do and turbulent times that you went though. Stu seemed like a kind man, and parts of the book that described his love for you nearly brought me to tears. He was a great man with some inner demons. The book, "One of a Kind", was great. I finished it in one sitting. Good luck.

colgatepokerplayer on July 12, 2005

I could not let the book go, I was up till 6 am reading that book. It's such an amazing story. I was at the WSOP, but I got knocked out of the tournament early the 1st day and was depressed so I immediately went home. I bought the book not realizing that Stefanie Ungar and her mother would be there. I would've liked to meet them and get them to sign the book but I missed out. I found out they were there through the video clips of interviews from I don't think I need to wish you good luck on the book because I already know from reading it that it will be successful :)

Styl on July 12, 2005

Thank You to all of you who appreciate the book for what it is. This whole process of putting this book together was hard for me, my mom, and I am sure my dad too. It's not easy to put all your dirty laundry out there for the whole world to see. And for those of you who say you lost respect for my dad after reading this book, well I am sorry you did. But I hope you read through the lines and got to see who my dad was beyond just his drug problem. The book is very real and that's how he wanted it. He wanted it that way so someone who might be going down that path and reads it might take that as motovation to turn there life around and get there family back on tract. But as much as my dad loved me I wasn't enough to keep him from using drugs. For those of you who read the book know what I am talking about. I believe the only one to completly deliver someone from any addiction is God. And hopefully some people out there will come to understand this. We will be traveling aroud the country doing more book signings. I'll keep you all posted on the dates. God Bless each and every one of you out there. Takecare, Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on July 12, 2005

Stefanie, i was just doing some poker readings and i came across this site. it seems as if you are truely the daughter of the poker legend. i've found that i've been skipping to the imputs by you only, and if you're answering someones questions, i scroll back up. i admire your courage to talk about him and his life, as i would do the same for my family despite the problems and hardships we have all been put through with our family. i'm amazed with all of the negative opinion that you continued to stay on this site, but i think you're what keeps this site alive. keep up the posts, and post often as i will be returning. i am going to purchase the book tomorrow for a more clear story of your dad. up until i came to this site, i thought the movie was true, but now i must read the book to get the true story. i haven't read a book in years.....just mags and stuff of interest, so this will be my first book in a long time! i have you to thank for that, i need the break from everything and time to sit down and relax and read! takecare! Nick

Nicholas on July 12, 2005

im 29 and I started playing poker a while back, I know Stu Ungar was the greatest poker player ever and I think Stu enjoyed poker the ride of it I know I do, the guy did need some sort of reality check thou if you dont have money you dont eat or cant ay the rent, I know this all to well due to my last couple of games :-) I think to be a player as good as Stu is not just math or person reading its about feeling and I think Stu was a master of that how he felt thats what made stu so great, i dont know if stu went to church or temple but we have all lost a great human being and father, poker player second.. RIP Stu[I am interested in researching Stu hand play contact me if any body can provided me with this kind of thing?] [email][/email]

nigel on July 11, 2005

Stefanie, i saw a video clip of you at the WSOP this year....if this really is you....what did they ask you to do???

Corey H on July 11, 2005

Well the guy who interviewed me was from Card Player magazine. They didn't only interview me but they also interviewed my mom as well. They asked me what kind of things me dad bought me with his poker winnings, they asked me about his drug problem and if I thought he would ever get completly clean at some point. I can also tell you that I was asked to write a colum in Card Player Magazine so I will begin that sometime very soon. For those of you who want to see that interview you can log onto I did about 7 other interviews as well. 2 T.V programs, 1 Radio program called "Major League Poker", another for Bluff Magazine, and someothers I can't remember. I don't know what interview your exactally talking about but I think it's the Cardplayer one. Tell me if thats the same one you talking about. I also started off the WSOP with the "shuffle up and deal" line. I am not sure if ESPN will show that on TV. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Hope that helped! Takecare. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on July 11, 2005

just finished ONE OF A KIND- and boy was he reallyone of a kind- card genius- compulsive gambler-degenerate drug user- this book doesnt hold any punches from beginning to end- after finishing the last chapter i must say i felt sorry for him butalso lost respect for him- for what he did to himself- but also his friends and family. remindedme of jim morrison- a genius of another type whoabused himself much the same way that stuey did-what an f------ shame. ive changed my opinion of himas a person but i will always regard him as thegreatest all around card player ever. hope they makethe movie exactly the way the book tells the story-

rickyn/ fifthstreet on July 10, 2005

Actually I have played at over 30 sites. I played almost every Internet cardroom there is, because I do it on a professional level as a reviewer for a nationally recognized poker magazine.Contrary to what people say here, Party is easily one of the best sites there is. One just has to learn how to play with the people who play there, and adapt to the software.All you rockish old-farts "professional" land-based casino players on respirators should DEFINITELY stay away. The action here is way too good for you. You should stick to games where everyone folds to your UTG raise. Party Poker is designed for a new generation of poker players, specifically those who first learned poker on TV (ie. WPT on Travel Channel, WSOP on ESPN). This new breed of poker players are not afraid of action, and if there is anything they can stand it is "rockish old-farts "professional" land-based casino players on respirators" types.This is where Party Poker shines! Featuring the "action flop", Party Poker rewards the risk takers! If you are young guns, not afraid to take risks in order to get big payoffs (and BOY do I mean BIG: the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot routinely gets over $150,000 and it does so in a matter of days! Highly recommended place to play!) you should play here.BUT! Before you do, throw away all those poker books by "Experts". All that book learning won't help you here. At Party you will need nerves of steel and killer instincts, and no book teaches you that. If you got those, you will crush these games!Remember, Party's software rewards action and loose play (just read all the other comments here to confirm this! It is not just me saying this). So don't be afraid to play any suited cards, any Ace, and connectors too! Don't be afraid if the flop doesn't exactly hit you. Remember there are 2 more cards to come!Well, there is one drawback to Party, as with any online room. And that is the fact that you can't gloat to your opponents face when you crack their Aces with 75o that rivered a gutshot straight!

loveland on July 7, 2005

Stefanie, You should be proud of what you have done thus far for your Father! To ALL of you assholes out there who have written these horrible, nasty things on this site, you should be ashamed of yourselves for the comments written to Stephanie. When you all meet your MAKER I am sure you will pay for the unjust, unfair, and downright filthy, repulsive comments you wrote. Kent you are a gentleman, and I agree with what you have written. GOOD LUCK STEPHANIE! I can't wait to go get a copy of the book..... From all I have heard and read about your Father he was a good man with a problem, and we all have our own demons to deal with...

Melodee on July 7, 2005

Hey Stephanie, I walked into my office this morning and typed / searched Stu Ungar just for fun and landed on this website and saw everyone posting there opinions and comments. I am not considered a reader but I do read a book from time to time and I just finished your dads book. WOW! I laughed , I cried, I learned.I dont think that the movie did Stuey the justice, but the book was amazing. I am a player myself and the book inspired me. While I was reading the book, I actually had to stop reading it , take a breath sometimes and imagine the images in my head of the great plays your father had during his career and the heartache that your family went through. I have been through a lot in my life so there are somethings that I can relate to but, when it comes to his playing ability it was many levels higher that anyone could comprehend or ever will, as the same of his love for you, according to his actions written in the book.I am thing that has been bugging me..when he passed away... was it at the oasis in mesquite or was it in vegas?Take care.............If its o.k. with you someone ( I can if you want I do graphics for a living )Should put together an offical website for Stuey, a main info page that has pics and all his poker accomplishments, I was Shocked that there wasnt one!drop me an e-mail!

All In Alacali on July 6, 2005

"Posted by: Ikillwhitepeople on Jun 25, 2004A drug addict who got lucky a few timeslucky a few times."

he won 3 Main Events. r u kidding me. he is arguabally the best poker player EVER TO LIVE.

Jetsfan315 on July 6, 2005

Stu is the best of his time. Amazingly returning to win his last bracelet was amazing. Greater than Brunson, Slim, Chan, and my boy Hellmuth

nedrow on July 6, 2005

Dear ALL in Alacali, The reason that movie didn't do my dad justice is because My mom and I weren't part of that movie. We read the script and declined. They basically made a movie about a guy who won 3 WSOP championships and the rest was... well you know what the rest of it was like, I don't even have to say!!! The book we are totally behind 100%. We are working on getting someone for his website very soon. Thank You for your kind words on the book. It's getting great reviews. It has been out a week and a half and it is already going for second printing. Graham King the producer for the movies Avaitor, Traffic, Ali, and Gangs of New York has optioned the book so he can make a movie based on the book. We are very excited. His life was what I call a "Journey" that needs to be told. Well takecare! Stefanie Ungar

Stefanie Ungar on July 6, 2005

hey stef i was looking at your pictures at this years wsop on poker pages while i was playing on party poker youre very bright and happy girl keep your head up i just wish i was able to see you across the poker table even if its jsut a free roll take care and i will be sure to buy the new book :)

tm3545 on July 4, 2005

Hey Stefanie I bought One of a Kind on its release date here in Georgia 6-28. I finished the book last night and have to it is an excellant book. There was a lot of people that made that book happen. And without them the book would not have been as good as it was. To everyone wanting to read this book it is about Stu Ungar he was a son, brother, husband, father, friend, gambler, poker player, and addict. The book details every aspect of his life. Great read check out if you want a accurate account of how this man grew up and lived life to the fullest.

Brent M on June 30, 2005

I love the book too. And it takes alot for me to say I really like something(because so much stuff is fabricated about him) and this is as accurat as I've seen. It really does talk about all aspects of his life. I love that! There is a book release party tonight. I am really looking forward to it. So many people are comming. Doyal and Mke Sexton are on the guest list. Just to name drop a little. Too bad the man this is in honor of can't make it. I thought I had pretty much delt with his death by now but this is bring up some emotion that I didn't realize I still am dealing with. Anyway, I am not drowning myself in my sorrows. I really should be celebrating. This is what he wanted so I am just happy to see it's finally finished. Talk to you all later. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on June 30, 2005

Sup Stefanie just got your book I can't wait to start reading it... Although something like this brings back some sad feelings at least you have a book about the life of your father and know probably more than most ever will about there father. I hope all is well and that this book brings you and your family and friends closer. Thanks for keeping us up to date about the book can't wait to read it.

Wanabe on June 30, 2005

I am anxiously awaiting my copy of ONE OF A KIND - and hoping that they will make a new and improvedmovie about stu. As for people refering to stu as a genius- stu- as told by bob stupak- counted down half of a six deck shoe of cards after seeing the first half of the shoe- I dont know that this wouldqualify him as a GENIUS but I'M thinking that if hehad been pointed towards academics rather than gambling he would have probably been someone in the mold of a GOOD WILL HUNTING. what cant be measuredwas his inate ability to read other players and hisability to calculate the probability of cards thathadnt been played yet. if stu had been blessed withself discipline along with his other talents we wouldnt be discussing who was the greatest poker player of all time - it would be obvious.

rickyn/fifthstreet/tara100 on June 26, 2005

Best in the World.Women money career FAME.Always the best...Aris

vrs on June 25, 2005

Hi Stefanie,I wrote on March 20th but didn't hear back. Although I knew your dad till he was about 16, your Aunt Judy was someone very special to me. Although the book did shed some light on Judy and Stuey's relationship till about '81, I was disappointed not to learn anymore about her death. Would your Mom be able to add anything? I would so appreciate it because the book was an emotional ride and a half. thanks. larry soffes

lsoffes on June 24, 2005

Kent,As you guessed, I have been very busy. I'm here at the WSOP researching my next book, which will be a gonzo first-person account of this year's poker madness here. To answer your various questions: One of a Kind is now in stores (at least it was at the local Las Vegas Barnes and Nobles); the book was based on interviews that Nolan did with Stuey before he died, and also on extensive interviews with all the major players in Stuey's life, including Madeline and Stefanie, as well as Doyle, Puggy, Billy Baxter, Mike Salem, and many many others. For anyone who wants a book signed, there will be a signing at the poker expo at the Rio the first week of July, and Nolan and I are in the poker room virtually every day for anyone who wants a book signed and can find us (our pictures are on the inside dust jacket flap if you want to know what we look like). Hope you all enjoy the book. Stuey lived an amazing life and it's a hell of a story.

Peter Alson on June 21, 2005

I've been following the tracks of this book for the better part of 2 years now. So pleased it's finally ready for release.

trigger_m0rtis on June 21, 2005

Ungar wa sa loser in new york for years, he was overated as a gin player. He used to play with that slob gangster victor romano who supported him, and romano would intimidate opponents of ungar and give him tips as they played. he obviously did reach great status at gin, but as a human being he was a creeep who liked surrounding him with tough guys and gangsters, he was total punk on his own. I knew him, played him in new york more then most here can say. I feel bad for daughter but not enough to make her father sound like a saint

petegreek on June 21, 2005

Thanks for the response Peter I will go today to Barnes and Noble and get/order my copy. I was going to be in Vegas last part of July but trip got cancelled if you have a book tour or plan to pass through Atlanta please let me know I would love to meet either of you. Tell Nolan congrats on this and thanks for the hard work. I Look forward to your first hand account of this madness as well. From someone that has played 22 yrs and remembers the days that this game was not one to talk about in certain venues to one of the discovery channel, internet casino's and ESPN it is quite a different ball game today? Never thought I would see a day that as a Oklahoma kid hearing road stories from a poker playing father about the road warrior Brunson in hushed tones to the release of Super System (which changed my game and life) to the present day fame, fortune and popularity of a game I hold dear. Thanks again, Kent (

kent on June 21, 2005

what kind of loser would talk bad about stu ungar. i take joy in the fact that u lame ass bitches will achieve nothing in this life. zero

vampyre on June 20, 2005

OK, I am going to wade into the mud one more time and speak my mind. I read this stuff from others that just seem to want to say mean judmental things even about memories of the deceased. I can only imagine what life must be like for those with time for hurting others. Those of you who debate how the pros who played Stuey Ungar felt...or even those that talk about how mean he was and do not listen to what his own daughter has to say about him... please go to this website ([url][/url]) and see what Chan, Brunson, Sexton and yes even one of the famous card dealers that everyone talks about being "hit in eye with a card" tell his side of the story and what he learned from Stuey (good and bad). Please open your minds and read. I do not believe anyone is "better....or greater" than anyone else. In a world of individuals comparison is a sensless activity. All I know is that those who knew and loved this man say he had an ubelievable talent and I am fascinated and touched by his story. I respect what he did and he obviously left his mark on the world. I happen to think now that his greatest accomplishment and his greatest love (Stefanie) is his greatest legacy and she continues to try to make this world a better place and help others....Then there are other people I see writing on this site that appear to take great joy in hurting or trying to hurt others with judgemental comments while in the same breath admitting Stuey's talent. We all have our demons and the lesson I take from Stuey is that he overcame them to do what no person has ever done and will probably never do again. Those demons caught nack up to him, however, he did things I can only dream of... but most importantly the person he was looking at and chatting with on the phone while he Won his 3rd WSOP main event title is still here today doing good for others like me on this very web page. She has never been mean or hateful or disrespectful to anyone on this site...however, those who cannot control their selfs continue to attack and disrespect and she continues to be positive. These same people criticize Stuey for his faults...yet... the only legacy these people seem to want to leave is one of hurting others? I love cards, poker, GIN and mostly addrenaline rushes from taking chances. How I get that rush and the rewards often controls my actions (some good / some bad)... Those of us who are perfect should cast the first stone...lots of rocks being thrown on this site. But the one person that is making the world a better place and making others say, "I would be proud to be her Father" is Stuey's greatest legacy. Those being mean and saying mean things abuot Stuey's gifts, ability and character... what would your parent's say about that? I hope some of you will read the site link I am providing here with an open mind and heart. Note the spelling of "SteFanie's" name and ask yourself why would someone make up things and write what she has on this site if it was not her? Also, for those that will say, "oh that site he sent was just made up those people didn't really feel that way about Stuey Ungar"... note the e-mail addresses attached to the articles... it is them. For those that will blast back at me and continue to have a closed mind and need to hurt others... I hope you find a better purpose in this world. I have said what I have to say.... we ALL have talents I am just fascinated with Stuey Ungars talent and would like to achieve one 100th of his success and avoid his failures by learning from those that loved and respected his gifts. Wish we could all focus on what made him good and learn from those things that took his talents and life away. We ALL have those things inside us it is only a matter of choice if we act upon the good or the bad in us... enough said.Please visit this site and read: [url][/url]

kent on June 20, 2005

thanks for the update Stephanie. Can't wait for the book.

pete h. on June 20, 2005

Hey it's okay. I heard Phil Hullmuth is pretty good too.. I met him a couple of times, he's actually a pretty business oriented guy... always so busy!

Stefanie Ungar on June 19, 2005

Ungar had to be good player, probably best at Gin. But all the genius talk is crazy (I'll probably get blasted now by all the Ungar nuthuggers) For example, I keep reading he had agenius I.Q. According to what??? Also, every other top Poker tar is now called 'a mathamatical genius" He was a top card player, but not a superhuman, or a genius. He was not even best ever at poker. Close, but not top 10 ever. I know he won 3 times, but he was in every year for 20 years, and it was easier to win in 1980's then it is now.

ScrantonJack on June 19, 2005

played with him for almost 2 years,,best instincts of any poker player ever,,but stu was also very rude to dealers and the supporting cast around him,,he was not the nicest guy in the world but he did bust me quite often,,,he was an asshole way before helmuth and motormouth mike came along

old timer on June 19, 2005

Stefanie, I wrote question for Peter Alson (see above) he wrote one time on site (hope it was him) if you talk to him could you please ask him if he will come back to this page and respond? I am sure he is very busy but he did say he would be happy to answer questions. Thanks and can't wait for book. Is it out yet? Looking forward to your interview. Things a little better with son did hear from him. Thank you for the hope and faith you have provided. You are sweet and a very nice person. Kent

kent on June 18, 2005

Kent, I don't know when I will be talking to Peter but when I do I will ask him if that was really him on this site and ask him to respond to you. I am so happy to hear about you and your son!!! God is good. The book will be out on the 28th of this month. Takecare! Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on June 18, 2005

Unger was a terrible cash game player for anyone who cares.

texxasted on June 18, 2005

this guy has an afro. whats up with the porn star haircut

porn star hair on June 17, 2005 bad LOL always do that. Smile

kent on June 16, 2005


Unregistered on June 16, 2005

if they were able to get mr miyagi and ralph the mouth in high roller why couldnt they also go past the 2 dollar movie budget and also have joanie and cha chi and the fonz in the movie as well so it could have been a happy days reunion ...

Unregistered on June 16, 2005

Hey Everyone! I always tell you all that I'll keep you informed of anything going on. Well, I just did an interview with the "New York Times" newspaper today. You can look forward to it comming out on the 26th of this month. They interviewed the authors of my dad's book and other poker players as well. I know alot of you don't believe I am realy Stuey daughter but now you have some inside scoop that no one knows about yet. Talk to you all later. Take Care. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on June 15, 2005

Anyone that does not think U R really not Stuey's daughter has not read this site. Thanks Steph for everything I look forward to it. Hope everything going well at WSOP with book? Thanks, Kent

kent on June 15, 2005

Hey rickyn I agree the guy was great. What's a bummer is that he died. You know don't you think it would safe to say that he could have won Binions 3 in a row. I know he won it twice but I feel strongly he could have made in back to back to back if he would have played every year, nice write up btw

Unregistered on June 14, 2005

I've recently taken a great interest in researching Mr. Ungar- not just his life or his mis-steps therein but his game.The man was equal parts brilliant and reckless, which transcended his poker game and apparently drove to the the center of his real life as well.In high stakes games, the reckless types are impossibly frustrating, but rarely are they brilliant. Here is where Mr. Ungar had things wired tight.The genius types always have another side to them- you cannot have that sort of cerebral capacity and not find life difficult at times. I think that Stu Ungar and Bobby Fischer are in this grouping (although from what I've read, Mr. Ungar wasn't stricken with severe mental illness as Bobby Fischer seems to be nowadays...)I believe that with the explosive growth of the popularity of poker and a number of people asking "Who was the greatest ever", Stu Ungars status as a cult figure has just seen it's genesis. Everyone is interested in a tragic cases of unparalleled genius- Mr. Ungar seems to fit that bill nicely.I'm 26 and to look at what Stu Ungar had accomplished by that age, it makes me a bit jealous- being one of the finest poker and gin players on earth.I look forward to seeing the movie- I haven't done so yet.

gulfport. on June 14, 2005

Simply Stated- Stu Was- Without Question- The Bestall Around Card Game Player Ever. Remember- Stuwas The Reason Vegas Went To Multi Deck Blackjack-as For Gin No One- No One- Would Argue That He Wasthe Best To Ever Play That Game. As For Poker Hisrecord Is Unmatched In Nlh Tournaments- I Can Predict With Almost 100% Certainty That No Onewill Ever Win Binions World Series Of Poker Twice-by That I Mean Chan, Doyle, Phil, Raymer, Ferguson,ivey,hanson,carlos,huck, Daniel N., None Of The Past Winners And None Of The Future Winners Will Ever Repeat-- Theres Simply Too Many Players Competing Now And Theres Always A Bit Of Luck Involved- The Only Person Who I Would Not Say That About Is The Kid. He Would Be The Only One That Would Even Have A Chance At Repeating Because As Ive Already Stated He Was The Best All Around Card Game Player Ever - Period- End. Rip Stuey

rickyn/fifthstreet on June 13, 2005

its really her!! i swear it and im santa clause! see? i even got the beard...lolanyway Stu was definatly an amazing player, a persons life-style has nothing to do with determing who the best is. if i win 20 WSOP braclets but then go and screw sheep does this make me a bad poker player? no it just means that aside from being an amazing poker player i have a really nasty habit. same with Stu, amazing player, with a bad habit that does nothing to detract from what he acomplished, though it did stop him from acomplishing as much as he could have.

darkvision on June 12, 2005

wannabe and stefanie sound like same person posting here. I think ken is right about fake feud being drummed up. I do wish (if stephanie is really ungars daughter) that she would answer the tough questions instead of hiding behind excuses for not answering.

Unregistered on June 11, 2005

LMFAO aveN your a good story teller.. and a real tough guy who uses words like "uppity" LOL you know its some fat kid with nothing better to do than to try and make up stories about people because he got no friends. when you take that trip to road island dont forget your laptop so you can be sure to post up your fictional life story... and regarding me and stef as "friends".... friends are usually people you hang out with in real life. maybe you should try and get some... i've never even met stefanie my whole life... so get off my jock...

Wanabe on June 10, 2005

with a name like "wannabe' you should be LAST person to talk about people trying to be something they arent. And princess stff still does not answer about her mother and stus friend phil in carif you think i'm bluffing look up uncle I mentioned, he was kiled in mob war, knew ungar and phil, knew steffs mom and so on. believe what you want

aveN on June 10, 2005

Iam 22.

Stefanie Ungar on June 9, 2005

Your facts were wrong on so many things already. Do you really think I am actually going to give anything you have said much thought. Anyway, I feel as if I am arguing with a child and I am doing no better by replying to your commments. As I said before, I am not going to reply to anymore of your comments. Sorry everyone I need to exercise more self control.

Stefanie Ungar on June 8, 2005

Don't appologize Stefanie... take care and Thank you for being a part of something positive. I have learned a lot from you and your kindness. there will always be some people that just feel good hurting others. Don't let it affect you and your good nature or positivity. Then they win. Good decision not to respond. those with respect will ignore and not give thought or credibility to someone that wishes to hurt others simply by nature. Thanks again, Kent

Kent on June 8, 2005

this all sounds like fake feuding to me, something publicity people do to drum up a book sale---bi-sexual. is not, gangsters, and so on. probably one person or bunch of friends doing 90% of stuff here---stephanie, brooklyn guy, and others are all made up. what a waste of space

ken. on June 8, 2005

now person portraying unger daughter will make appearance--or will it be one of the other charactersand the guy claiming to be actor, asking for part in unger movie---please, we just had one!

ken. on June 8, 2005 old are you? Just curious?

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

well steph, you were asked if it was true,and ducked question. but if you wanna get upppity, ok. Now, my turn. the same ip adress is due to some of us in New york, who knew your father, phil brush , or both, using same internet cafe. and since you and your punk friend wannabe want to get rough,or you want details, here we go, little princess. My uncle was hank smurra, a friend of Phils till phil was banished from new york by the mob in the 80's. He also knew your father. unclle hank was killed years ago, but when alive him and others used to tell of phil and stuey dating stueys future wife wife at same time. that is where jokes and rumors come from regarding bi stuff. I do not beleive it, others swear it is true. You say you and your mom laugh at these things. good thing your dad aint michal jackson, you and her might laugh to death! i know one story that is even more interesting. ASk your mom about her and phil brush and there "encounter" in a car that your father found out about. Only a dope would still marry a women after that. ask her, go ahead, its known all over brooklyn. phil even took her to avenue N dice games when she was dating your dad. sorry to bring it up but you wanted to talk sh*t, you and friend "wannabe" hope you and mom enjoy goof laugh overe that story, sure you two will find it funny.

brooklyn aveN on June 7, 2005

and by the way, I am taking trip to rhoide island this week and may use hotel computer there, so don't get confused again over ip adresses. instead, try giving an occasional straight answer. You only give answers to those who agree with you on everything. try getting real

aveN on June 7, 2005

It is kind of hiliarious reading this stuff sometimes. I have to tell you you that. Me and my mom stated cracking up when I told her what was being talked about on this website. Anyway, please don't speak for me and say I "hardly knew my dad" because you all only know what you know from reading articles written on my dad. And in those articles ( 9 out of 10 of them) talks about how close were anyway. Kent, I got your message. I've been meaning to write you back sooner. You ask how I am the way that I am. I have to give all the credit to God for keeping his hand on me especially the past 5 years of my life. I have gone through some pretty tough times (not even mentioning my dad's death) after I realized that I had to invite Jesus into my life to help me work through my problems and everydays struggles that we all deal with that is when I saw my WHOLE life change. Trust me, I am not some (as they say) Jesus Freak but all I am telling you is what truly worked for me. I am only speaking for myself before some of you come at me with some crazy comments (which has been happening lately). But oh well what can I do. Hope you all are talking good care of yourselves. Kent I just wanted to say I think that's really cool you have been clean so long. Don't worry about falling from the last time. The most important thing is that you had a choice to stay in that lifestyle and you choose not to and you got bach up. That is the most important thing of all. Everything will work out with you and your son. Just give it to God and you'll see. Takecare. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on June 6, 2005

Thanks Stefanie, Some live like Christians and others talk about it. My X is one of those PK (Preachers Kid) literally who have God as their reason for doing what they do. It can make it hard sometimes to trust in the same or whatever...znother fourm...anyway... Thank you for your response. I am sure you have been kept well grounded and sound like a very mature Christian for your age. Most of all from your writing I know you loved and do love your father which gives me hope... All I can say is I can understand a little from his perspective and he was lucky to have you and an ex wife like your mother. Thanks again and please keep writing in this column. Your Father was a fascinating and gifted person people should know the truth. I can't wait to read the book and hope they make a "Good...True" movie about him. Hug your Mom for me I am sure she had a lot to do with the wonderful peson you seem to be. Kent

Kent on June 6, 2005

Peter, Thank you for what I believe will be a Fascinating book. My question is how much of it comes from Stu's own writing prior to his passing and how much came from "credible" witness acounts like Stephanie's and "true" friends that were not out to take from his talent and continue to spin yarns to profit from him at his expense? As you can see from this website a lot of things get made up and I was truly disappointed by the recent movie which I now know had no credibility. Also, has the WSOP recognized any formal intro or link to this years WSOP and recognition of the greatest WSOP champ of all time? Thanks for taking time to write here. Can't wait for the book. a link to where we can pre-order would be nice as well. Kent

Kent to Peter Alson on June 6, 2005

If you do not want to post links in this forum you can forward them to my e-mail at [email][/email] Wish I could be in Vegas to get an autographed copy. Thanks again

Kent P.S. Peter Alson on June 6, 2005

Greg Raymer and Moneymaker are the Gods of Poker...that's why they have their own website I can't see anyone playing better than these two players...they are the best I've seen. I feel that they are excellent role models for up and coming players.

Unregistered on June 6, 2005

raymer and moneymaker gods of poker? haha. you imbecile. raymer is good but as for moneymaker. answer me this. where did moneymaker finish in the 2004 main event? clue; he wasnt in the second day.

jj. on June 6, 2005

like i said greg raymer and chrus moneymakers are the new role models of poker and i feel all you you should respect their awesome ability to play the games, make strategic moves and read the other players flawlessly. of course JJ where were you ? You weren't at the event so you have no right to least moneymaker paid and entered the tournament more than what you can say for yourself...Moneymaker is an up and coming Legend!!!!

Unregistered on June 6, 2005

stephanie, if your dad left when you were young, and you hardly saw him, how can you expect people to believe what you say?

brooklyn aveN on June 6, 2005

I really don't care to write you back brooklyn aveN. You have the same IP # as the one who is writting saing my dad was bisexual. And by the way my dad never left at anytime in my life, that is until he passed away.

Stefanie Ungar on June 6, 2005

Stefanie, I am not sure if you read me message above, but can you email me so we can communicate me privately. I'd rather not have everybody "talk mess" about our conversation. marciej13@yahoo

marciej13 on June 6, 2005

ROFLMAO Greg Raymer and Moneymaker the best!?!? HAHAH moneymaker is in last place in the tournament with all the top players playing against eachother on TV. Greg got lucky... Anyone can get a lucky streak of cards. When one of them wins as many big tournaments as stu did in the amount of tournaments stu won them in than you might be able to say they are great players. until than i hope they write some books for you to read and than you come and sit down at the poker table so i can take your money. thanks have a good one !!

Wanabe on June 6, 2005

I can't even believe people are discussing Raymer and Moneymaker on Stuy's board, its a joke! You can ask any of the most respected players in the game today and both of those guys won't even be in their top 50. GUARANTEED.

tim on June 6, 2005

His name is Tartaglia not taglia. I am talking about stus friend boyfriend or whatever. he has been identified in articles as being with genovese crime family, but book called the vatican connection by former detective joe coffey says he is member of bonnano family. anyone know about this??

flash37flash on June 5, 2005

Ungar was known in vegas as being bi-sexual, why it's being kept a secret is beyond me, it's not a big deal

sy. on June 5, 2005

Stefanie,I am a SAG actor and I have worked on law and order and Sopranos shows that Michael Imperioli has been on. I know that you are not behind the movie that he starred in as your father and you have your own movie in the works to go along with the book that is going to be release at this years WSOP. Question for you - What actor do you want to see portray your father? Why? I would love to audition for that movie, the movie that you support. Maybe you could even have some of it filmed in New York. e-mail me

debona314 on June 4, 2005

talent and ability stand up over all things. as proved by the late, great stu ungar. truly a genius, you are sorely missed. stay strong stefanie,kind regards, jj

jj on June 4, 2005

No answer on the bi question, I found release date.guess bi sexual nature of ungar is off limits here. Bald phil, or uncle phil, or whatever you will call him in book was chased out of New York by mob in 1985 cause of being gay, rumours of him and stuey circulated. It may not be true, both dated madaline stueys wife, before she ,married ungar.I liked the movie that was out on him, they still show it on STARz network.

Frank-Da-Bank on June 4, 2005

Unger bi??? He was great player, but if around now, he would have tougher time. In past five years participation in Poker has probably tripled, way more competition, new guyentering every year, and they are good.I hope book has something new, instead of: Unger was a geniousunger was math expertunger did drugsetc., etc.,....His daughter hardly knew him, and authors only knew him in his final years. an't see anything new in book, maybe some minor stuff added to things already repeated a thousand times. The bi-sexual thing is news though.

rhenzo on June 3, 2005

Stefanie,I never met your dad, or played with him. But as a poker player I sure heard of him plenty. I used to sit back and listen to stories of how he could perform amazing feats at the poker table. One that amazed me the most is how he called an all in bet with a Ten high, because he read his opponents play so well. For your sake, I hope that you take comfort in the knowledge that so many people, all over the world loved him. Yes, we all know about his vices, and we have all had our vices. But let me tell you a short story. I was playing poker in eastern Europe once, in Slovenia. I recall the conversation moved onto who the worlds best tournament players were, and as soon as it did that, your Dad's name came up. Amazing. A place so far away, and yet even there I heard people speaking admirably of your father. My parents passed away when I was young also, and just remember, they are not completely gone if they are alive in your heart and memories. Nevermind the bad times, just remember the brilliance that your dad showed the world for the short time he was with us. God bless you.I look forward to reading your book about your dad Stephanie. Gerry

gerry. on June 2, 2005

to the guy saying he is author of book, i was wondering if there will be anything in book about rumers of stu being bisexual. I heard about it from a few people, he had a guy he called uncle phil, who he was involved with, a big bald older guy. Is it true and is it in boook. also is release date definite. thanks

Frank-da-bank on June 2, 2005

Hey Stefanie.

I just realized that you might have this thread bookmarked instead of the open Stu Ungar forum, thus might not have seen my message. I posted a thread regarding an upcoming project I am doing involving Mr Ungar.


Link There, hope to hear from ya either way. on June 2, 2005

hey sweety. and by that i mean stueys daughter. i just barey read about ur father. but i want to say that i strive to be like the card pla yer he was. i had a mother addict for most of the years of my life so i know what u went through. i have to say that just from what i have read that ur daddy was the best player ever. without a doubt. i know u loved him but believe him when he said that his disease ha d him stringer then u can think. i wanna be ur daddy. he gives me so much inspiration. i feel like i can be him. the way he played anyways. sorry dont mean to hurt ur feelings or bring up any bad memories but ur daddy was the best

jensenst1d on June 1, 2005

I think Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker are the new Stu Ungers of the this generation.....go Greg and Chris!!!! Who Ya!!

Unregistered on May 30, 2005

How Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker mud wrestling for cash? Wouldn't that be a site to see? Both wearing their matching batman underwear with goldfish on cool.

Unregistered on May 30, 2005

Stupid fuck. Gaymer and MoneyFaker the next Stu???? Both were last seen spending their entire wsop winnings at the gay buffet.-----Who Ya! Shove another corn cob up my ass Chris!

Douche Bag Boyd on May 30, 2005

stefanie, my son is to do a report about history of las vegas, to tell you the truth, I had no idea whom your father was until my 13 yr old told me, anyways,I haven't mentioned it to him, but can you email me, I'd like to ask a couple of questions. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Marcie

marciej13 on May 28, 2005

[url][/url] perfect guy to play the kid ungar ;)

stylistic on May 27, 2005

Hello everyone. My name is Peter Alson and I am the co-author, along with Nolan Dalla, of Stuey Ungar's biography, One of a Kind, The Rise and Fall of Stuey "The Kid" Ungar, the World's Greatest Poker Player. The book will be released on June 28th, and Nolan Dalla and I will both be in Las Vegas, at the World Series of Poker, a fitting place and occasion to mark the publication of the book. I am happy to answer any questions I can about the book and about anything else having to do with Stuey. Hello, Stefanie. Say hi to your mom, and I'll see you both soon in Las Vegas.

Peter Alson on May 27, 2005

It was changed. The new release date is June 28th. No longer June 19th. If it happens to change again (which I doubt) I'll keep you posted.

Stefanie Ungar on May 25, 2005

What many people seem to forget or maybe don't know is that Amirillo Slim used to hold events known as the Superbowl of Poker, which was also a $10,000 buy-in event that all the top players used to participate in. Stu won that event 3 times!! not to mention his 3 World Series wins. A feat that was never duplicated - so it amazes me that people would not put this man in a class of his own. I just can't even imagine how many more tournaments he would have won if he was still alive. Stef, please keep us updated on the release date of the book.

tim on May 24, 2005

I went to Barnes and Noble book store in my home town and they said publication of your book is delayed because Simon and Schuster set the date for release to May 2006 becase they were publishing books on the dead pope

gmctruckman1951 on May 24, 2005

Hi Stefanie, its nice to see you take time out of your life and respond to everyone that has a comment. My question to you Stefanie is how and when did you become so close with Christ? You seem like such a down to earth and old fashion type girl Stef. heres my e-mail address ivan_the_hurricane@yahoo

Hurricane_Ivan on May 23, 2005

Hey i wonder who gives a fuck about christ and religion? These fucks are responsible for the millions ofbrainwashed degenerates in the world today.

Cyberjesus on May 23, 2005

It's obvious why the guy was the best ever NL player. When you have a great poker mind, great intuition and total disregard for money this spells trouble for any opponent.

zakstar on May 22, 2005

When it comes to Poker and the possibilities of the human mind, Stuey will always be one of my heros. I love the stories, the slick moves, the awesome calls and the unrivaled confidence. Stuey showed us the possibilities for excellence in the human mind and the tragedy of human weakness. Thanks Stu. Wish you were still with us. Look'n forward to the biography.Respectfully,Jamie Reeves TorontoCanada

pocketrockets on May 22, 2005

hi stefanie yea frogs and shirley are still together even engaged hahaha had to see it comin anyways yea i am a fan of your fathers i also found out when your dad used to play at the dunes along time ago my when we owened the barber shop my dad used to cut his hair just a funny story anyways i hope everythings good with ya and dont listen to these people that are jerks well later

fabian on May 20, 2005

Like many of the other postings here in this forum in the beginning I want say, that Stu Ungar in his prime time was the best NL-Holdem player ever alive! There is no doubt about this. And he was the best gin rummy player in the world as well. But .... once you know, that your are best and once you know, that you can earn money as often and as much you want, the problems will arise. For him and for anybody else. I'm 100% sure about that. Everybody else would fall in those traps as well. It could begin with women, parties and sportsbetting and it might end with drugs and other bad things. Nobody in the whole world (IMO) has so much discipline to stand all these dangers and traps, once he knows that his abilities will probably get him back out of this easily by playing cards again or whatever he is mastering. But then the devil circle begins slowly and sooner or later you lose your game a little bit and you feel attracted even more to those traps (eg. drugs) and you'll reach the point, where there is no return to the right and straight way, where you originally came from. In the beginning of the 90's I have been living in Las Vegas and I was playing Poker for living. I was playing every day. Day in and day out @ Binion's Horseshoe downtown. Allthough I have never been sitting on the same table with Stu Ungar (while he was playing high stakes, I was playing baby limits), at those times he was there every day as well. He was winning a lot by playing cards and he was losing a lot by betting sports. I have seen him betting more money on one quarter of a NBA game at the Golden Nugget than many people will ever have in their entired life. I've seen it with my own eyes!For Stefanie: At those times your father has been playing a lot with/against the following guys and for collecting details for the book or a film those guys would definitely be able to add some stories: Doyle Brunson, Jonny Chan, Chip Reese, Bobby Baldwin. Another guy, who was hanging around with your dad a lot in those days was Micky Appleman. He probably could give you the most input.

Mike/Mike/junior1308 on May 19, 2005

Stefanie, thanks for the recent emails & calls, very sorry that Candice did NOT believe you were whom you said you were........If you still need Suite @ RIO for W.S.O.P. all you need to do is Email me via [url][/url] & I will Personally get it handled for you......Aplogize for any inconvienence.....D. Nigh

V.I.P. HOST on May 17, 2005

Poker God! Stu Is The Man! He Is My Hero!

dirk diggler on May 17, 2005

Dear David, I never called you or Emailed you. People have been Pretending to be me lately. So just beware. I would never need a suite at the Rio and I wouldn't need you to get it for me either. I have my own connections especially with my Dad's book being released at that time it wouldn't be any problem. But sorry I can't help you out with the pictures of my dad for your website. Takecare, Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on May 17, 2005

Stephanie, I just want to say that I admire you for being the kind of daughter anyone would be proud to have. I have played cards "Gin" and Poker for a long time 24yrs regular and with the extreme highs and lows comes the rush and let downs that adrenaline addicts only understand. I do understand the demons of addiction and the way you explain it gives your father and others like me a sense of human frailty. I stayed clean for 18 years (I am 42 yr old) only to fall back into the fast life and replace one addiction for another. I became a Nurse after recovery and hate the "grind" of life and often chase after the thrill that I feel your father chased or as I feel was born too (and even more scary he obtained it). My 12 yr old son was taken to another State by his mom (kidnapped) and I rarely even get to talk to him. I am still clean but miserable (you speak of this feeling I have now well when describing your father). You were lucky to get to know him and I hope and pray I will get to see my son more some day (his Mother obviously is not as nice as yours). I am sucessful but unhappy except for the one thing in life that gives me joy and that is my Son. I know your Father must have felt the same way about you and he is looking down... or better yet... through your eyes and reaching others like me. Please keep it up... not everyone understands the way you do. I did not like the movie and I do look forward to reading your Father's book and seeing a true story about his genius and what drove him. He was blessed to have you and I am sure your Mother played a major major role in your excellent nature as well. God bless. [email][/email]

kent in atl on May 17, 2005

Stephanie, I apologize for not coming to your father's funeral. I actually did not find out till a couple of day's after the fact when someone had placed a newspaper clipping on the windshield of my car. Without going into too much detail, Stu and I had a heated conversation one night where we basically told one another off. After that night, I remember he was over Don's and I did not get to see him for at least two months. Realistically,we had no way of communicating with each other after that night unless we ran into each other in a casino.Anyway saddened to know you did not get your just due, but am glad to know that you knew your father tried to do what was right. Honestly Stephanie, when I knew your father he didn't care about money, poker, or any other segment in life, the only thing he ever cared about was you. That was the one thing that put a smile on his face.

bibblybat on May 16, 2005

Watched the film. Gotta say it's terrible and does the man no justice. Way to many cliches from gangster films and the kid who played young Stu was annoying.My favourite poker player of all time (but I'm only 22) and not old enough to remember the other greats and don't care much for Phil "Big Mouth" Hellmuth. I've read some messages saying that Stu's bad points are always mentioned i.e. his addiction but this is the case for all major athletes/actors/whatever that have gone off the rails. Here in the UK, we have George Best and Paul Gascoigne who are probably the the most talented British soccer players of all time - there isn't an article that does not mention their problems with alcohol. I think that it SHOULD be mentioned, as an example, but it also makes the people seem more human and likeable (Best and Gazza are immensely popular here). That's my view anyway.

Kix, UK on May 16, 2005

Straight up, I watched the movie "High Roller" and I thought it was a pretty decent movie, so i went out and bought it. Unlike some people, I didn't buy it to learn every detail about Stuey Ungar, if i wanted to do that I would read a biography or something of that sort. I added it to my collection of other "man movies", i guess you could call it that (Scarface, Rounders, Pulp Fiction) stuff like that. It may be accurate, it may not, but i looked at it as a fictonal movie based on a real man. Second of all, I actually started reading all of these postings from like the last year, and most of the questions the majority of you all are asking, are somewhere on this page, just take the time to read through it. From what I have heard of Stu Ungar from articles and from different slots on ESPN, I believe he was a great in card playing. But I don't think most of you actually stop and think that he was a man. A normal man that had a normal family. He was very gifted when it came to cards, and he was awfully blessed to be able to do something he loved and enjoyed for a living, most of us aren't able to do that. About the drug thing, that was just something he did. The only reason people want to make a big deal about it is because he was so famous. There are millions of people that die every year over drugs, and people trash talk them like they are so horrible because they died from them. But what about the one's that did just as many drugs, but they happened to die from something eles (car accident, murder, etc.) They are classified differently just because they died from a different reason, but the habit was still there. I know i'm kind of clashing things together here, mostly because i'm not used to posting responses to forums, but when i type the word "Poker" into a search engine and the very first site that comes up is this one, and I read the things people have said on here, it kind of got me rowled up. Bottom line, every person is responsible for they're own life. And what they do is nobody's business but their's and God's. And i believe that every man's true purpose is to take care of their wife and kids, as long as they die doing that, and giving them all they love that they possible can, then I give them a tremendous amount of respect, poker player or not. To Stefanie Ungar, her family, and any other person out there that had the pleasure of knowing this "man" my prayers go out to you. Thanks for reading.

Joshua Akers, 20, Indiana on May 16, 2005

Pete you really seem like a great guy. It is people like you that keep me writing on this website. Thanks for your thoughtful words and prayers. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on May 15, 2005

this guy was the best. he won more tournaments than anyone. he cant be beat. RIP.

bobby on May 14, 2005

Yah well he never met Robert Varkoni heads up. Ungar would have forfeited instead of taking a humiliating beating.

glorification of Ungar on May 14, 2005

thanks for let me share in your dad's memory. His story touches my heart and pray for nothing but the best for you.

pete on May 12, 2005

no one will ever touch 3 WSOP wins...EVER...RIP Stu

rolly on May 12, 2005

I ment to see if he was who he said he was. I know im a big headed jerk though.

Darren on May 11, 2005

I do know what you mean Anthony. I think about that stuff all the time. Lately, I've been feeling like I shouldn't write on here as often anymore. And especially now I have people posting comments on here and saying they are me. Anyways, I would like to say thank you to all the people who come on here for the right reasons, which I believe is to keep my dad's momory alive. Alot of you have said some really touching things and It's been really nice reading them all. I'll check in on this website once in a while if anyone has questions about my dad. Keep an Eye out this summer on ESPN they are putting together a feature on my dad. They told me it is simular to the piece that was done almost a year ago but in this one it's going to be more in depth . My mom is going to be interviewed too. Takecare everyone and God Bless you. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on May 11, 2005

WOW. Then there must be alot of rong things said. Whats billy talking about? Im only 19 I have none of Ungars money lmao.

Darren on May 10, 2005

I don't know what you both are talking about. You told him you wanted to know the truth. What truth?

Stefanie Ungar on May 10, 2005

STEF:Email me via my website [url][/url]. THX GIRL!

V.I.P. HOST on May 10, 2005

Stef, All I want to say is be careful. Hard to distinguish between all the fact from fiction on a board like this and with the poker craze now going the way it is you have to stay sharp.

anthony on May 10, 2005

Your mother was a fuckin rat cuz, I know your real name isn't Darren but I expect that from a lowlife. Now the only truth you should be worrying about is the money Stu left you to take care of his daughter which I know she never received. Don't worry though when I see her I will make sure she knows who you are. By the way is your asshole puckering up yet?

billybat on May 9, 2005

OK, what are you both talking about? Billy where did you go? It was like you were there one day and gone the next. I was surprised not to see you at his funeral. Anyway, I was suprised by alot of things after he died. People who claimed to be his friends whom I've known my WHOLE life and have been M.I.A. since the day he died. But I've learned to let that stuff go a long time ago. He wasn't exactally friends with people who were model citzens. I guess I couldn't have expected too much. It's ok Billy. I know about money that was suppose to come to me and never did (not one penny) but God has been looking out for me and I am doing just fine. Takecare. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on May 9, 2005

STef: When you get few min(s) Checkout my site, although, still under construction & E-mail me, I'd like to discuss some "Issues" with you via Private E-mail and/or perhaps phone...... [url][/url] Thanks & extrememly sorry for all you've gone thru Prior to Father's Death as well as After....... D. Nigh VIP HOST

V.I.P. HOST on May 9, 2005

Guess no one knows anything about Romano. What about tataglia, the guy mentioned in those articles

Mike the Flash on May 9, 2005

where is he buried.

tiny tim on May 9, 2005

The man had to be a genius to do what he did he knew how to do everything poker demanded to win. R.I.P ps.Would love to see him tear up Chris Moneymaker, and Greg Raymer

Drewby on May 9, 2005

Raymer and Moneymaker's names shouldn't even be mentioned in the same paragraph with Stu, only player I've seen close to Stu lately is Danny.

Wyatt Earp 1 on May 9, 2005

Stu Ungar The Tortured Champion Ungar, who was born in New York City and raised on the city's Lower East Side, became a professional gambler at age 14, a year after his father, who was a bookmaker and bar operator, had died. Stu was an incredible gin rummy player. At age 10 in '63, he won his first gin rummy tournament in a Catskill Mountain Resort while vacationing with his parents. At age 14, he was regularly playing and beating the best players in New York. At 15 he dropped out of school when a well known bookie staked Stu to the $500 buy-in in a big gin rummy tournament. Stu won the $10,000 first prize without ever loosing a hand, a record still held in the card rooms of New York City. A week later, after giving his parents $1,000, he lost the rest on horses at the Aqueduct racetrack. It was a sign of things to come. Ungar moved to Miami where the juiciest Gin games were. He did well but his weakness for sports and track betting drained him of any success. In 1976 Stu reached Las Vegas, broke and just about beaten. Somehow he found the money to enter a $50,000 tournament. On the last two hands he forecast the losing player's cards - correctly. This bravado was another bad career move as it meant other players feared his skills. As a result, he could no longer find any games outside the tournaments. It wasn't long before he decided to try his luck at blackjack. He'd cleaned up on poker tables from Nevada to New Jersey and the time was right to move on. One night at Caesars Palace he won $83,000 but the manager stopped the play. Stu retaliated by correctly forecasting the last 18 cards left in the single-deck shoe. That was the beginning of the end for single deck blackjack tables. They were removed from Caesars and later from other casinos, and Stu's picture was posted up in the security rooms of dozens of casinos. Result: Stu was banned for life. His next feat was to bet any takers $10,000 that he could perform yet another memory miracle: he offered to count down the last two decks in a six-deck shoe! There were no takers. Then in January 1977 a former owner of Vegas World and designer of the Stratosphere Tower stepped into his life. Stu Ungar met Bob Stupak. The new taker offered Stu $100,000 to count down the last three decks, half-way through a six-deck shoe. If Stu lost he'd owe Bob $10,000. Memories of this amazing feat still linger on today in Las Vegas. To the astonishment of onlookers, and Bob, Stu didn't miss a single call from a total of 156 cards. When Bob handed him a check for $100,000, it marked the beginning of a lasting friendship between them. In 1980 at 24, Ungar entered his first world championship. He won and to silence the critics of his "fluke" he won the next year as well. He wasn't done with pure gambling though and he lost $900,000 in RAZZ game in an afternoon, $1m in a craps session and picked up $5m from Larry Flint (the porn king) over many heads-up sessions. Ultimately his fever for action took everything in the physical world and his drug addiction was close to taking his life. By the 1997 WSOP tournament in Las Vegas, Ungar hadn't been in the frame for over 7 years. He was seen around the gambling Mecca playing in small games but was pretty much written off by the poker world. He didn't have the money to enter the Championship event but an hour before play an anonymous benefactor produced the $10,000 entry. Four days later the greatest comeback in poker history had occurred and the record of three victories established. In all he won 10 major No limit Hold'em tournaments out of the 30 he entered! Two months later he was broke again. Another year of oblivion and Stu was on the comeback trail again with his old friend Bob Stupak offering to cancel his debts and signing him up for commissioned card play. With $2000 of Stupak's money in his pocket (spending money) he checked into a cheap downtown hotel. Two days later he was dead. He left behind a 15 year old daughter. He once said although he could conceive of a better poker player than himself, not in the next 50 years of the world would there be a better Gin player. Nov 22nd, 1998 - Oasis Motel, 1731 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Stu Ungar found dead. The Clark County Coroner's office on Monday ruled Ungar's death accidental based on the results of toxicology tests that came back from the lab Friday. A mixture of narcotics and pain killers triggered a heart condition that killed him. The drugs found in Ungar's system were cocaine, methadone and the pain-killer Percodan, Clark County Coroner Ron Flud said. No one drug by itself was enough to cause Ungar's death. "The cause is accidental death by coronary atherosclerosis". "The heart condition developed over a period of time. The attack was brought on by his life-style." Coronary atherosclerosis occurs when not enough blood can be pumped through the heart muscle. It is not uncommon to find a mixture of cocaine, Percodan and methadone in an autopsy of a drug user. Percodan is often used to bring a person down from his cocaine high so he can sleep. Methadone is given to heroine addicts to get them off the drug. It is not known when Ungar, a three-time world poker champion, took the drugs that contributed to his death. Police investigating the scene said they found no drug paraphernalia at that location. . Known for poker prowess, Ungar had deeper sideBy Ed Koch LAS VEGAS SUNStu Ungar was a high-stakes gambler who made millions of dollars playing poker and lost millions more at the tables and betting on sports games and horses.He was an admitted drug addict who did cocaine and partied with friends until the wee hours of the morning.Yet, even such a man had the unconditional love of at least one person -- his 16-year-old daughter, Stefanie Ungar."There was nothing phony about my dad. What you saw was what you got," said the Bishop Gorman High sophomore. "He never pretended to be something he was not."A lot of people knew my dad only as a great poker player. But he also was a generous man who did not have a mean bone in his body. He was funny and he was the gentlest man I knew."Ungar's destructive lifestyle caught up with him last Sunday, when he was found in a room at the Oasis Motel, 1731 S. Las Vegas Blvd. The man who was once nicknamed "The Kid" because of his youthful appearance was dead at 45. An autopsy conducted this week was inconclusive with toxicology tests pending.Services for Ungar, who won the 1980, '81 and '97 Binion's World Series of Poker, were scheduled for earlier today at Palm Mortuary Eastern. Interment will be in Palm Valley View Cemetery.On Thanksgiving Eve, Stefanie talked about her father to show another side of one of the most colorful Las Vegas characters of the last quarter century."I don't want to talk about his poker and gambling, because a lot of people have already done that," she said. "I want to talk about the man who would call me 20 times a day just to tell me he loved me and to make sure I was taking care of myself."Stefanie, who lived in Florida from 1989 to '97 before moving back to Las Vegas, lives with her mother and Ungar's ex-wife, Madeline Ungar, a Forum Shops clothing clerk, at the Las Vegas Country Club."My dad would ask me things like are you eating? If I said no, he would say he was coming over to take me out to eat. If I needed something, he'd give me his last $200 without me knowing it was all he had. Then he would walk around broke for days."At the 1997 World Series of Poker, Stu "The Kid" became known as Stu "The Comeback Kid" for his incredible performance. That day, he carried in his shirt pocket a photo of Stefanie for inspiration. He would occasionally look at it between hands en route to winning the $1 million first prize."He'd call at every break in the tournament and tell me there are only 18 players left, then six left and so on," Stefanie said. "When he won, he called and said they were opening a bottle of champagne in his room. My dad couldn't drink alcohol."But he did take drugs, something that was no secret in the poker world. Nor was it something Ungar tried to hide from his daughter."I talked to him about it all the time and encouraged him to check into a rehab program," Stefanie said. "But he told me people don't understand what it's like when you have money -- you can't get away from it. People who claimed to be his friends would come up to him and push it on him."He told me the only way he would be able to get away from that lifestyle was to move away from Las Vegas. I told him maybe you can move away and just come back every year to win the World Series of Poker. He laughed at that."Stefanie says she has no interest in even trying cocaine. In Florida, she said, she dumped a boyfriend who snorted it in front of her.A week before Stu died, Stefanie recalled, they were able to share a tender moment."We were watching TV and I told him how proud I was that he was my dad," she said. "He told me he was not proud about some of the things he had done, and he said that maybe if he had spent more time with me, his life would have been different."On one visit to Las Vegas several years ago, Stefanie saw a discarded letter written to Ungar from then-president George Bush, inviting her father to the White House."I asked my dad if he was going to go and he said no," Stefanie said. "I said, 'Dad, you know how rare it is to get an invitation to the White House?' He said: 'What am I going to talk to the president about? We have nothing in common.' Dad said he wouldn't even know which fork to use at dinner."Former Las Vegas hotel-casino owner Bob Stupak, who in recent weeks was forming a business partnership with Ungar to sponsor him at major poker tournaments, said his longtime friend indeed was not a sophisticated man."He did not understand much about anything other than poker," Stupak, himself a world-class poker player, said."For example, in 1980, Stu got invited to Ireland to play in a poker tournament but did not have a passport. He went to get one and was told it would take a while to process. Stu asked if there was a way to get it quicker, and the clerk said for 'a few extra dollars' it could be ready in a couple of days."The clerk was referring to an additional processing fee for a rush job, but, said Stupak, "Stu looked to his right, then to his left and then tried to slip the guy $300. That's what Stu thought the guy meant by a few extra dollars."Ungar was born Sept. 8, 1953, in New York City, and was raised on the Lower East Side. His father, a bookmaker and bar operator, died when Ungar was 13. Three years before that, he had taken Stu to the Catskills on vacation, where his son learned to play gin rummy and began hustling waiters in card games.At age 14, Ungar quit school and became a professional gambler, winning thousands of dollars from seasoned players four or five times his age. He became one of the world's top gin rummy players.Ungar came to Las Vegas in 1978 and learned how to play Texas hold 'em. He set the poker world on its ear in 1980, when he won the coveted $10,000 buy-in no-limit Texas hold 'em World Series of Poker title.When he repeated as champion of the granddaddy of all gaming tournaments the next year, Ungar secured a place for himself in poker annals and in gambling folklore.But 16 years and millions of won and lost dollars later, Ungar was broke. A friend paid his way into the 1997 World Series main event, where he made history. But the million-dollar purse he won did not last long. After paying off gambling debts and suffering heavy losses on horse and sports wagers, Ungar was broke two months later.On Friday, he signed a contract with Stupak, who paid off Ungar's gambling debts around town, giving him a fresh start."I felt he was a good investment," Stupak said, referring to Ungar's ability to overcome major odds and at times make incredible amounts of money for his backers.After signing the contract, Ungar asked Stupak for some "walking around money," and Stupak gave him $2,000.Stupak said Ungar called him Friday and left a message on Stupak's answering machine. Stupak tried to call Ungar all day Saturday but couldn't reach him, he said.The next morning, Ungar was found lying face up in his motel bed. The motel manager said he had about $800 in his pocket. Ungar had spent about $120 for the two-night stay in the motel. What happened to the rest of the money is unknown.

Wyatt Earp 1 on May 9, 2005

The above comment came from 2 newspaper articles that came out around the week he died. Most of it is true but there are still some facts that arn't exactally right on. So many people think he was broke 2 month's after winning the last WSOP but that wasn't true. He wasn't even broke when he died. And that was 18 months later. Just a little info for you all.

Stefanie Ungar on May 9, 2005

I don't know how people can talk about Stu's personal life like they are one to judge. I would like to consider myself a very good player, and yes i party a lil too much. But whos business is it but mine what i do? Same with stu, ussually the best poker players are the people who like the rush, the money and his personality and life MADE him such a good player, for those of you that said anyone can hold a candle to him....your welcome to your opinons but as a player you can hope to achieve 1/1000 of what he did in a weekend in our whole lives.

CA. on May 8, 2005

Yes Stephanie,I am the guy you met at the Gold Coast with your father.Tell the jerkoff who's trying to manipulate your mind that I said to go fuck himself.Forget about the restaurant we ate at the Gold Coast,remember the night in the room when it was just you,your father,and myself when you were in the room and you accidentally hit him in the eye just playing around and we laughed because your father kept bringing it up all night.The next day your father asked me to take you to the mall.I dropped you off at the mall and it was the last time I saw you.By the way,at the restaurant that night it was Stu and I on one side and you and your girlfriend on the other. I wont talk about the conversation we had that night but I remember it well.Miss your father much Stephanie!Good luck to you.

bibblybat on May 8, 2005

billybat, I'd appreciate any help you could provide me as far as sending me V.I.P. type cliental that gambles either in Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, or Even New Orleans.........Also check out my new site for Poker Cruise @ [url][/url] Thanks.......Jealous that you knew Stuey......I briefly met him once, but did NOT know him....but by far probably best NL Player, EVER

V.I.P. HOST on May 8, 2005

billyrat, your just another WANNABE. If you live in vegas still let me know cause I will meet to to find out the truth

Darren on May 8, 2005

The internet is full of sickos, so we just ignore them and read the post of decent people and of the real Stephanie Ungar. Don't worry about trying to save pedophiles, their days are numbered.

Pete on May 7, 2005

Reading these reply's is kinda humorous, some of you are very honest, but some seem Jealous of Stu's Poker greatest, yes, the man had serious problems & addictions & he paid the ultimate price for it....Was he the greatest poker player ever??? who knows but Def. in the top 5.....Poker Just like Anything, basketball, golf, etc etc has a TON of great talent, but Stu was amazing, yes he had drug problems, but when you factor that in, really makes you realize how good he was & perhaps could have been better......... [url][/url]

V.I.P. Vegas Host on May 6, 2005

anyone know how good romano mentioned in that article was??? was he better than unger and did he ever play in WSP

Mike the flash on May 6, 2005

Stephanie, Your dad without a doubt was the greatest NL player ever. Thanks for giving me the gift of being able to read your post. It's real cool. Looking forward to the book and will get it the first day it becomes available. It's great to know that your dad accepted Jesus. God Bless

Pete H on May 6, 2005

Nick the greek !! LOL I've read some books about him and he got schooled by johnny moss. Stu imo is better than Moss. Considering his record. So how could Nick The Greek even be compared.

wanabe on May 5, 2005

Thanks JOJO, The article almost reads like the recent movie "HIGH ROLLER". I wonder if that's how they based the movie.

Anthony on May 4, 2005

Hey Mike the Flash...that was agood article and thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.

Dan on May 4, 2005

Stu Is the GREATEST player that ever lived...A TRUE LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unregistered on May 4, 2005

I liked the article, did not like the movie though

jojo on May 4, 2005

My dad is buried in Las Vegas.

Stefanie Ungar on May 4, 2005

This was written in Ne wYork magazine years ago, right after Stu died, was one of best articles about him, it was written before rumours and alleged friends came out of woodwork [url][/url]

jojo on May 3, 2005

can't cut and paste pal? I found it at new york metro, by putting ungar +"end of the game" in gooogle search. Is old article, out of date, but interesting, some stuff about him I nevwer heard I dont think he was greatest at poker, he lost too many times way more than wins article also skips his drug use

miketheflash on May 3, 2005

great article, good stuff on stuey

jamesdogg on May 3, 2005

This Guy Is The Man. I've Played With Him Back In The Old Days.. Althought Not Poker, But Golf. I Am A Better Player Than Him, He Suck At Golf I Ended Up Making $215,000 From Him Even Thought I Gaved Him A Handicap! Fuking Unbelievable. He Rules At Poker, Im Not Really A Friend Of His, But I Like To Bet On Golf With Him ;) It Was A Good Move By Me ;)

Unregistered on May 2, 2005

dear stefanie where is your dad buried

tiny tim on May 2, 2005

Would have loved to party with this guy.

loser on May 2, 2005

Stephanie,please send me an email asap.

arnold- advibe on May 1, 2005

i think stu ungar was good but nick the greek was better in cash games both were good gamblers in poker!

peeps on April 30, 2005

I never seen the movie about Stu Ungar, but just recently read a few articles written about him in a poker magazine called card player which discussed his rise to a great poker player and his uncanny ability to play gin and read the cards. I do feel that many card players resepected him and also envied him. I'm sure he broke many egos. As far as I'm concerned I'm convinced by what was said about Stu Ungar and his titles that there will never be a better poker player than him. If you were to compare him to the players today I feel that there would be no comparison. He would dominate the field in "poker" but he loved action and bet on just about anything. When Stu Ungar died the world lost a true Poker and Gin Legend. Let us respect him for who he was and never ridicule him, becaue none of us here in this forum has walked in his shoes so therefore we have no right to pass judgement. I feel that we should all appreciate the fact that Stefanie has taken the time from her own life to write a book about her father and also has provided imput on this forum. I bet Stu would have walked all over all the players today if were with us now.

Dan on April 30, 2005

they need to remake the stu ungar movie with a bigger budget and use the real names who did they have working the sounds chim chim right when the pop music ends when his

Unregistered on April 27, 2005

wife shows him the new home you here a car alarm and when hes at the bus stop you see a 2003 trans am drive by and the time is supposed to be 1997.

Unregistered on April 27, 2005

Im the guy above who has a point. Everone claims to be a friend or a famly member or something but none of us but Stefanie know anything about Ungar. Im on here to ask Stefanie about him so I know more about the one of a kind guy. Im sorry but if you cant write anything that hasnt been writen dont write like you where Ungars best friend. I notice that everyone said thay knew him or met him. Stefanie you went to BishupGormen high school on maryland and okey? I live right next to it. If you went there.

Darren on April 27, 2005

of cours hes going to say yes. if he meet you he woulda braught that up to.

Unregistered on April 26, 2005

Ok then. If you happen to be the Bill I think I may have met can you tell me where we went to eat first because the guy above has a point. I am usually smarter then that.

Stefanie Ungar on April 26, 2005

no screen name = idiot more.

GBS on April 25, 2005

Dear Stephanie,After so many discussions with your father about you in 1998,I know that he would be extremely proud of you after seeing how you respected and admired him through all these wonderful things you have written on this website.Bill S.

billybat65 on April 25, 2005

bull $hit billyrat!

Unregistered on April 25, 2005

Are you the guy I met at the Goldcoast in 1998 with my dad?

Stefanie Ungar on April 25, 2005

many years ago when i saw that movie's website, I was very disappointed because I was so touched by Stu's life and I knew that this movie was going to be a piece of sh*t film. I hope the world ignores this film and hope that a better one will come out. To be honest, I know what it'll take for the a Stu Ungar film to be good. In fact, I'm waiting on Nolan Dalla's book to come out to see how he wrote Stu's life story. To be honest Stephanie, here is one advice that I will tell you now when Nolan's book is out. If there is potential in which a Studio wants to make a film about your father, I would decline, unless you're there to make money which i can tell is not the case. I say, wait a few more years. THe world, and the general audience has to learn poker. They have to know it like how they know baseball. POker is going in that direction and all it needs is time. Once that has been set, the world will truly be amazed by Stu Ungar's abilities. Right now the only kind of people that understand Ungar's abilities are the ones that DO PLAY POKER. That's why we're all touched because we know the difficulties. HOwever, the GENERAL audience doesn't yet. But soon they will. Be patient on the movie, let the book come out.

Stylistic on April 24, 2005

you sound like an idiot

Unregistered on April 24, 2005

Stylistic = idiot

Unregistered on April 24, 2005

I knew Ungar a bit in the 1970's, saw him play. He played in a club on 70th street in New York. Was a good guy, but a soft touch, was always helping out deadbeats. He had a lot of hangers on even then. He did lose sometimes, I don't think he really got great till he was in Vegas a few years. He had a few real friends, but mostly people looking for money when he won. His best friends were mostly old men, one guy was Victor who owned club he usually played in---and who made him a better card player. He also had a bunch of old men from downtown New York he would go out with to gamble. It is shame he did drugs, he was great, and wining world series of poker 3 times over 17 year period is great acomplishment, not something luck brings.

jimG on April 23, 2005

and by the way, movie was bullshit

jimg on April 23, 2005

Stephanie, I appreciate your response to my question about the rights to Nolan Dalla's book and the life rights of you and your father. If you don't mind, is there a studio or producer who currently is taking on the project? Whoever has the rights, I hope they don't mess it up like the makers of High Roller. Thanks for your time Stephanie, I really appreciate it.

chitter23 on April 20, 2005

Did you ever meet your Dad's Mother befor stefanie? Do you know any of the Ungar side of your famly? Just wondering.

Darren on April 19, 2005

Hay frddifish, Ill see you in the 2007 wsop and make sure you lose. If you ever come to vegas post it and we will meet to play heads up.

Darren on April 19, 2005

No, she died before I was born. Both of my grandparents died before I was born. I met my dad's sister when I was 2 yrs old but that was it. She has died too.

Stefanie Ungar on April 19, 2005

Well I was reading what Mike said, what a weridOOO.. My girlfriend is being bugged by a man who she only talked to for about 5 min about me and her. Now he goes to her work mad at her cause she didnt go to his work to talk ever again. We might have to get a restraining order on him. Or beat him up. I dont think that would be good cause if that happens he might just follow her home and get worse. Damn, Stefanie you must get those kinda freaks asking or begging you to meet them every day.

Darren on April 19, 2005

Ok Mike, firt things first, you cant get loste in vegas and theres plenty of bumms who wouldnt mind being your friend just buy them a beer and thay will be yours forever.

Darren on April 19, 2005

Hi Stefanie, I'm glad to see what a gracious, spiritually grounded young woman you've turned out to be. I'm sure your dad has been grateful for who you are and that you're honoring his memory without trying to make him appear any different than he was. Thanks for continuing to communicate on this list and ignoring the foolishness. I knew your dad in '81-'83, when you were very little. You, his baby girl, were the one thing that seemed real and important to him. Yeah, he had money and action flying all around him, but he'd was living in an empty house and when he wasn't gambling he seemed much like a lost child. I was a professional blackjack player at the time, Stuey's age, and was in awe of him. We used to hang out some and had a bunch of mutual gambling acquaintances. Your dad could be totally self-absorbed yet also sweet and generous like people have said. One morning after gambling all night he invited me over for breakfast and had pretty much nothing but a couple of eggs in the refrigerator. He fried them up and showed me baby pictures of you. I don't remember anything else we talked about but I've remembered your name all these years. I have no doubt that you, the person who is posting on this list, are for real. Anyway, back then nobody would play gin with Stuey because he was known to be unbeatable, even when he offered them ridiculous advantages. So he'd turned to poker and had already won the WSOP. When I first met him he was learning backgammon by playing against the best players-- he lost to my friends at first, but he was learning from everything that happened and by the end of the week he may have recovered his losses to them with a little poker. But then he'd go and blow what seemed to me obscene amounts of money on some crazy golf bets. He seemed to be playing his own unique game with life and I could never figure it out. That wasn't my style at all-- I'd carefully save up my winnings and after one good tournement I moved to Santa Barbara and said goodbye to the casinos.I've felt a bit richer from knowing your dad. He had all the problems that everyone knows about, but he always seemed larger than life-- a reminder that even with brilliance and money we can put ourselves through hell, and yet with all its craziness this world can be magic. Even now I get a smile thinking about his grin and his sweetness and his intensity.May the Kid rest in peace, and may you, stefanie, live in the peace that you seem to have found. Kate

Kate on April 19, 2005

Yes, that's what is says. I was the one who thought to put that. Because he was a great person, but an even greater loss. What I ment by that was he really was such a great person but he realy was a greater loss in so many ways... Poker World, My World, and many other ways. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on April 17, 2005

I saw the Stuey movie its called high roller now. NOT TO GOOD.You can get it at a best buy or rent it at block buster. The goods are in the book. I know one thing that will be in the book, Stu and his friend walked around with 200k in a paper bag then...? lol cant say, but stefanie I used to talk with Nolan, its been about a year though. I know a few insiders about the book. I wrote on another site with you stefanie, if you remember, but I dont like that site anymore. I stop by your dads grve somtimes cause my aunt is buried on the other side. doesnt it say on his head stone 'a great man but an even greater loss and a beloved father. If you see Nolan befor this WSOP tell him Darren said hi if you dont mind..

Darren on April 16, 2005

Fabian,of course I remember you. Tell Fernando I said "hi." Is he still with Shirly? Anyway, that's cool you are a fan of my dad's. For the most part, all of you guys are really cool on here and that's why I come on this site to begin with. If I was a fan of someone and they had a website I would love to talk to them. Of course I am not my dad but I guess I am the next best thing to actually being able to talk to him. He is half of me right? There are so many stories about him out there that arn't true and I feel I can kinda cancle some of those out with sharing with you all ACTUAL TRUE stories about him and his life. My mom and I are planing an offical website of him. I'll keep you all posted on that too. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on April 15, 2005

I think Stu may have had his priorities straight.Money is a tool in money-games...and so is fear. As it says in the book of Proverbs..."the timid become destitute, but the aggressive gain riches." I think Stu may have mastered selective aggression, and if I had a hero...he would be it.

politazazn on April 14, 2005

to stefanie, your father would be proud. can't wait for the book!

anonymous on April 14, 2005

its title should be wunderkind: the story of stu ungar

anonymous on April 14, 2005

Dear Stefanie, I think it is great that you are going to write a book about your dad. A lot of people such as myself can not wait for it to come out. I never new your father, but in my gut I feel like I did. I read all these articles on the net and can't help but notice all the similarities we have. I think a lot of ignorant people are to quick to judge somebody. I also think it is a shame that when the name Stu Ungar comes up, people usually have something negative to say, overlooking his brilliance and all the great things he has accomplished. I recently took a trip out to Vegas to play poker and visit some family, and the funniest thing happened. I was playing in a NL tourney at Binion's and at the break I went over to the gallery of champions. I seen the picture they have your father, who I am the biggest fan of. I gently rubbed the name of the late great Stu Unger, and said "Rest in Peace Stuey". After that I went back to my table and the next five hands i recieved were all pocket pairs. There was an unbelievable fealing I got inside, that whenever I looked at my first card I just new the next card was going to pair. I ended up finishing in third place, but deep down in my heart I think your father had something to do with it. So at the end of the tourney I went back over to picture and said "Thanks Stuey". I never was fortunate enough to sit down and play with your old man, but just to have that exciting experiance I felt like I have. But anyways, I hope you get a chance to read my story and i wish you and your family nothing but the best. R.I.P Stu Ungar. Sincerely MPerot

NPerot on April 14, 2005

just wanted to say stefanie your dad was a great player. I know how hard it is to deal with a parant on drugs because you know what a great person they are outside of the drugs well i just wanted to say that and cant wait for the book oh yeah I used to goto high school with ya i was one of Fernandos (froggy) morenos friends probably dont remember but its cool but i was trippin when i found out he was your dad because i knew of him and how great he was....

Fabian on April 13, 2005

After watching Stu Ungar win 1997 WSOP just this last few weeks, he was the first and only so far poker player I have ever searched for more info on via the internet.Wow what a find and interesting story, and hopefully a great movie someday.Theres just something about him, more than just the great plays he made, but some star quality.Although getting a movie to ever be close to the real life, is unlikely, I loved Bruce Lee and that Dragon movie was poor and missed out all the best Bruce Lee life story bits.Someday, some decent film makers will stumble on the Stu Ungar story, and well have a box office hit. It will be what sends Poker and texas holdem soaring even higher in growing popularity, bring a hude shoal of fish to the poker tables.

Unregistered on April 13, 2005

Above post was mine, forgot to put my name.Sorry it didnt work out for your father Steph, thats part of the tragedy of the story, hes the only player ive seen hold up a pic of his daughter after winning, and its a shame he didnt sort his life out, but seems that was his destiny.

Silverback on April 13, 2005

The guy that played stu Ungar in the "High Roller" completely sucked ass. Just by watching the WSOP tapes of STu Ungar, that guy did a very poor job of trying to act like Stu Ungar. Also, his features does not loook anything like Stu Ungar. I think the personality is the most important part.

Stylistic on April 13, 2005

Although the movie high roller was poorly done I think because of that movie though which has been playing on satellite TV on the starz channels quite alot lately that it will serve to Stu and Stefanie's advantage by bringing the legend of Stu to millions more people in time for the book release and hopefully a better movie to come in the near future of Stu's life story...One thing that I really liked about the movie though was that I thought it had an awesome musical soundtrack

DevilDriver on April 13, 2005

just like Stephanie said stu's life started downhill when he came t Las vegas....and I truly believe her..that city made many fine ppl bums and loser's. anyone who can will 3 WSOP titles and 3 of the other titles that were mentioned has to be the best therer ever was. cant wait for his book RIP Stuey

gmctruckman1951 on April 12, 2005

Stu was motivated by the challenge and the action of competition and out doing the other guy. The money to him was secondary, it was only the means to get into the excitment of things. Stu was an autistic card savant who had a heart and compassion of gold to boot, a person that if you spent time with would show you things about life and yourself that would change you. If he had a difficulty it wasn't the surface things that most talk about but rather the endless want of 'self' to have the high and 'fix' of challenge and compeating. I don't mean to offend any readers nor give the impression that I know all or have the right to say things about stu (because I don't)but just enough to say that many here who have made comments do so with out the full story. You will be in for a captavating experience when the book comes out by one of the most interesting human beings that has EVER graced the gambling world. pe

dr earle on April 12, 2005

In response to chitter23, I already signed the life rights over. I still have alot of say still but I had to do that in order for Simon and Schuster and or any movie deal to go through. So there really isn't anything that I can talk to you about. Also, in response to David Fresne, the only thing I can think of why my dad bet sports and horses the way he did (betting on alot of losers) is because if he bet on something that the odds were against him the payoff would be better. This man beat the odds his whole life so he probably wasn't afraid to go against the odds while betting either. I wish poker was enough for him but it obovisiously wasn't. I wish you all could have seen what it was like for me growing up watching him bet on 3 different games at once. It was quite comical. He would have 3 T.V's going at one time. A big screen, a smaller T.V next to that one and a satelite T.V in the very next room. He would run back in forth from room to room to keep up with the scores. And even sometimes he would have the radio on listening to a game too. Just to let all of you know... We are not sugar coating the book at all. The book is very truthful. I'll be honest, some stuff I really didn't want in there but then I knew if I did it that way it would have defeated part of the main purpose why my dad agreeded to start this book in the first place. It was to help people who might find themselves going down a simuliar path as his. As far as I know at the moment the book will be released on June 19th. I told you all I would keep you posted so you know as much as I do as of now. To the guy who calls himself "DevilDriver" That's really not that cool of a name. Do you honestly want to be known as a Devil Driver? Anyway, mabey that's none of my business but the guy who played my dad in that movie was Michael Imperoli. He plays in the show "The Soprano's" I don't know about the "Sweet Nothing" movie though. Talk to you all another time. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on April 11, 2005

Stefanie, I ran a google search on the movie Sweet Nothing (1996) and it was the same actor (Michael Imperoli) As for the DevilDriver nick it is just the name of one of my favorite rock bands...Nothing sinister...I believe in trying to live as christian as much as possible.

DevilDriver on April 11, 2005

His supper agressive style of play only worked in tournaments.In cash games, against real players, helost more than he won.

Unregistered on April 11, 2005

well i am never gambling again i turned 100 dollars into 1000 dollars and lost it all back from now on the only money i will ever have will come from my paychecks i still want to see vegas and will prolly still go but i had my final gambling experience and am now officially retired stefani when i get there i am gonna need a tour guide.

joe beck on April 10, 2005

Hi Stefanie, Posted a question to you awhile back. Just wanted to say a couple of things...I understand why you must not like the movie, as apparently the director used your dad to make some money, if you want to look on the bright side, he did a rather poor job of it, so I doubt his work in the movie advanced his career one bit. I did see the movie, and yes I was dissapointed but I am sure it will inspire people to learn more about your dad and search for true information, so perhaps it is not all bad?? I imagine people on here do not believe your identity in part because there is so much rudeness on here, and probably it surprises them that anyone is willing to take this. I commend you for taking the bad in order to further the good (ie tell us more about your dad).One thing I was thinking about in reference to your dad and wanted to ask you was what do you think the appeal was of him gambling on losers? (craps, horses, sports etc) I understand why some uneducated people do this, but as bright as your dad was he surely knew he was taking much the worst of it in these gambles. Is wanting action the best explanation for it? Isn't poker enough action?Please don't take this point the wrong way, I'm not trying to criticize his choices, as many poker pros today make similiar ones, but wondered if you could shed light on what motivates a highly intelligent person to take these bad bets?Thanks for your time and contributions, David

DavidduFresne on April 10, 2005

If I am not mistaken I think the actor that played Stu in the high roller movie was also the lead actor in a movie called sweet nothing where he was a crack addict.

DevilDriver on April 10, 2005

Just watched the movie High roller tonight about Stu Ungar...He was indeed the best...I wish the best for his Daughter also..

Dwight Vaughn/ advtwo on April 9, 2005

The movie was hideous to anyone who has done any research on Stu Ungar. There was one silver lining however; a segment of the movie concerning the '97 World Series of Poker that was a testament to Ungar's brilliance that was not shown on ESPN's hour long edited coverage of the event. In a scene showing the final table, a voiceover said that Ungar raised the blind and/or bet on SEVEN CONSECUTIVE HANDS and each time the table folded around him. No one dared find out if he was bluffing or not. He had everyone at that table psychologically defeated before he officially defeated them. Not many people if any, could do that so effectively. Other highlights: Mr. Miyagi did a superb transition from Daniel San's mentor to the Billy Baxter character; the actor who played the Doyle Brunson character in the '80 WSOP looked 500 lbs. smaller and 500 years older than Brunson; Vince Van Patten turned in his usual sub-par performance as Ungar's golfing and poker buddy. I was looking forward to seeing this film when I first heard of it, but it turned out to be a waste of my time as it was a one-sided production that only shed light on the debauchery of his demons and failed(or didn't care)to focus on as an above poster stated his generosity, charasmatic, and charming attributes. If you haven't seen it, the name Stu Ungar will draw you in but that's as far as it goes. This movie could be light years better if only done by people who cared instead of quick-buck artists or 'college students that started the project the night before it was due'.

I concur it was a crappy movie on April 9, 2005

I agree that the movie high roller didn't reflect all of Mr Ungars good qualities, but did in someways reflect some of them such as his skill and the love he had for his family...

DevilDriver on April 9, 2005

I watched the movie last night and it stunk, they didn't even included a documentary or anything in the menu or show real pics of Stu in a photo gallery. Who ever was behind the movie was just trying to make a quick buck, the actor playing Stu had none of the charm, charisma or good looks of Stu in his prime or downfall. I would like to caution Steph and friends trying to do a good book or even make a better movie, don't let it become an unrealistic love for the man story, his life should speak for itself, it was roller coaster and celebration of the good and the bad in life and shouldn't be sugar coated or made a tragedy, it was a life and down the corridor of life, just a door along Stu's journey through it. I remember after Elvis died, all the close friends like J.D. Sumner and others saying Elvis never did drugs, he hid it from them that well but it was pretty obvious, pictures don't lie but family and friends are sometimes as blind as a greedy director trying to make a fast buck. Good luck with all your endeavors with getting the true story out there. He was a genious with numbers, tells and instincts and Luck was a Lady to him whenever the cards were in his hand. Shame on any who try to degrade him for having an addiction he couldn't overcome and not being able to gather his "Better Angels" to help him overcome his demons, but every man has them, no one is perfect, everyone has something they are ashamed of and that haunts them so any who try to make themselves better than Stu aren't really looking in the mirror and being honest with themselves.

GBS on April 8, 2005

stefanie, your cool, i believe in you, i dont care what theese mean people say, do you have to work or do you just want to work cuz bet your sweet ass if i had parents that meant anyhting i wouldnt work, i work at freakin wal mart

joe back on April 6, 2005

oh yeah im probably coming to vegas for the first time in may 18-21 and im only 20 so what can i do there thats any fun i have money and i just want to see vegas and experience as much as i can minus the gambling which is probably a good thing

joe beck on April 6, 2005

I kinda wish I didn't HAVE to work at times, but I do! As much money as my dad won over the years I didn't see any of it after he passed away. But it's ok. I am making a living for myself and I don't think I could have respected myself living off my daddy's money. It's nice if you don't need to work but for me sometimes I feel like it helps keep me sane at times. There is alot you can do in Vegas besides gambling. There is alot of really good shows you can see. The restaurants are really good. There are also alot of rollercoasters you can ride if your into that and If your anything like me and like to shop there are tons of places to shop too. Take care of yourself and have a good trip.

Stefanie Ungar on April 6, 2005

Stephanie, I wrote some things back on March 26th about having talked with Nolan Dalla. Did you happen to read what I wrote?

chitter23 on April 6, 2005

How do you think that Michale Moore was able to portray Bush the way he did in Farenheit 911. All be it that a majority of the facts in the movie where true, the way he portrayed Bush was in a bad light and guess what Bush couldn't stop the movie from being made. The fact of the matter is as long as there is a little bit of truth in the movie they can say that it was based on a true story. They are not selling the movie as a true story just basing the movie on one.

Bugsy on April 5, 2005

I have actually bought the dvd of the movie . The only good thing about it that it has made me aware of who this Card Genius was . The film is a B movie poorly acted and without heart. With a great director and leading actor the film could be made into Oscar material .Most probably trying to act Stu's part would be incredibly difficult, Sean Penn would be great and Tarantino director.I wonder if last the world championship of poker Stu won is viewable in any format.Do not judge cause you will be judged!

Rocco on April 5, 2005

Bullsh!t. You Cant Do Nothing So I Can Go Make A Stu Unger Movie And If It Makes Money I Couldnt Get Sued Lmfao What A Joke

Unregistered on April 4, 2005

Does anyone else get the feeling that Doyle Brunson was jealous of Stuey? I've heard Doyle talk about how he picked up a tell on Stuey and won a large pot off of him, and I read where Doyle said that if Stuey had ever lost with high pair that he'd have been out of the tournament. I haven't read what Doyle said about coming in second to Stuey in the WSOP.Doyle is obviously a great player, and a million times better gambler than Stuey (it's not what you win, but what you keep, IMHO). But if Stuey was playing his best I doubt Doyle could touch him.

Vegas Mike on April 3, 2005

I don't even know the guy but I'm definitely the best poker player ever I will win big in LA one day . C I can rhyme as well lol.

Stew Ungar on April 3, 2005

A few people made comments on July 14th 2004 wat a year 2004 was but anyway 1 of them said people love to hate the best because they no they can never reach that level but I will reach that level someday and it won't be in Poker even though I love dat game it willl be in footy and if u follow the footy in about 6/7/8 years time look out for the new player for Richmond called Harry Barley and his cousin Henry Williams also playing for Richmond in about the same amount of years.

Stew Ungar on April 3, 2005

Some1 else made a post dat I didn't lyk it was on July 18th 2004 and they said dat he was in the top ten players of all time but nowhere near the best and judjing by the rest of the peoples comments he was the BEST there is and ever was.

Haz on April 3, 2005

Some other people made crap posts and 1 person made a great post about how people come on these sights and slag legends, I don't do that I actually think that I wish I had been alive to play the guy because it would've been an honour to play him and without meaning really not meaning to brag but I have a fair bit of poker talent myself I think but apparently this Stu Ungar legend was unmatched and I'll believe them till I find out if I win tons of big time tournaments.

Haz on April 3, 2005

Las Vegas people Las Vegas and I'm changing my name to High Roller so if u c the name High Roller it's me da same guy as Haz

Haz on April 3, 2005

I'll come back on here sometime. It was a good posting website cya around peoples.

High Roller on April 3, 2005

It is so funny to hear that you all don't really think I am really Stefanie. I guess you really can't tell. I don't blame you though. Anyway, the movie does say "based on a true story" but I can't do too much about it because he was known as a public figure like the guy above said. At least that's what my attorney told me. Yes I do work for a living. I have been working since I was 16 yrs and attend college although I took this semister off. Talk to you all later.

Stefanie Ungar on April 3, 2005

I doubt it is either. Never know on the net. Could just be a wannabe. Everyone is busy typing to her though huh? She getting what she wants out of this? Attention!?

justjojo on April 1, 2005

u morons she is not stu unger's daughter

Unregistered on March 30, 2005

could be

joe back on March 30, 2005

i hate gambling so much all i ever do is lose i suck at hold em i waste my pay checks on blackjack and roulette so me and my friend bought that movie as a joke and i thought it was really good and it kind of intrigued me so i came on here to find out more about him and i think i might actually read a book about him if i knew it was true so stefanie stephanie i dont know if you know of a true book or a true movie let me know and do you think its funny how hot you are in the movie ive never seen you before but the girl in the movie is pretty cute and if you look like that and have a bunch of money i was wondering if you would marry me seriously though i am interested in this guys life and want true real facts and i want to stop looseing all my money

joe back on March 29, 2005

You want to stop loosing your money then stop letting yourself loose it. Don't blame it on bad luck, stick to games that you can win at. I don't play hockey and the main reason is I am not a good skater, see how this relates. Don't play hold'em, blackjack, roulette if you can't at least win some of the time. Find something that you are good at and then play competitively for some cash.

Bugsy on March 29, 2005

no, i win and i loose just like everyone else it just hurts worse when i loose and stfanie do you have to work for a living or did you enherit enough money to live forever

joe beck on March 29, 2005

watched high roller the other day, thought it was awesome until I am reading it was not an accurate story. Still not to sure if "Stephanie" is who she says she is, so how do we know the story is accurate or not? Good movie, just a shame the industry cannot sort out facts before they suck us all in to watch them!

justjojo on March 28, 2005

geez i wonder why the tabloid magazines some times get sued for making up stuff on "public figures" they have the right to make stuff up so i wonder why they get sued.

Unregistered on March 27, 2005

Stephanie--Very interesting reading back and forth. I'm wondering if you have ever spoken to Gabe Kaplan (Mr. Kotter from Welcome Back Kotter). If you watch the '97 ESPN coverage of Stu's last win, Gabe's interview with Stu is quite touching. Gabe seems to have alot of insight into Stu, seemingly a witness to the challenges of his life. Gabe is a long-time poker personality (a final table WPT player this year), so I would think his insights would be quite valuable.

csquard on March 27, 2005

The reason the tabloids get sued is because they profess to be telling the truth. A movie never claims to be non-fiction. If it was a documentary on THE TRUE LIFE OF STU UNGAR, then they couldn't embellish.If I wanted to make a movie about Michael Jackson and depict scenes where he has little boys in his bed drinking wine...I could. It's one perspective on the life of a public figure and there's nothing Michael could do about it. It's a FICTIONALIZED account of his life. Why must you fight me on this?

chitter23 on March 27, 2005

ok so u can make up a story about someone just using there name and there is nothing they can do since it is fictionalized. thats make no sense

Unregistered on March 27, 2005

yea i guess that term in law called slander is made up. they can't make the movie without permission they are doing a movie on the robert blake and his killed wife and they had to have it approved. so no they cant just going making a movie about you making shit up it is called slander or did they just do away with slander in the law book.

the truth on March 26, 2005

I recently watched "High Roller" and was fascinated with the story, life and card playing abilities of Stu Ungar. Until doing some further research on the net did I come to realize that this movie was mostly fabricated. This is very upsetting knowing that anyone can re-shape someone's life in the movies to make some money. Stephanie I will be looking forward to the release of your fathers book as I would love to learn the truth about him, being only 21 and not getting into poker until a year ago he was before my time. I also must applaud you for dealing with all of the little brains that post their trailer park trash talk on this forum. This tool should be used as an outlet to share and indulge in the great mind and ability that your father possesed. Even though above I mentioned that "High Roller" was ficticious it managed to encapsulate me and allowed me the strength to strive for greater things in my life. With that being said I have truly been able to fine tune my poker game while keeping my head in check, this is due in part to your fathers up's and down's. Although I simply do not have the means to be a high roller like "The Kid", it doesn't take much to lose the little amount that I have. By gambling I just don't mean poker or the track what I mean is that life has to many choices and you must use analytical thought to process the very best outcome. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but if you analysed the situation correctly more often than not you will end up on top. At the poker table (and in life) the only sure thing is that there are no sure things. Sorry for the rant that probably doesn't make sense, but I felt I had to write something. Take care and God bless.

Bugsy on March 26, 2005

Slander doesn't apply here becuase a film is a work of fiction and Stu Ungar is a public figure. Now Stephanie and Madeline are not public figures which is why they are not characters in the movie.

chitter23 on March 26, 2005

Bugsy.....I hear you loud and clear. I've been motivated in my life by many great movies and I can totally relate. I love movies that inspire. Keep your game tight and take care.

chitter23 on March 26, 2005

stephanie i hear you complain that this movie wasnt accurate about ur father, if u were truly his daughter u would have a say in how the movie was made they cant make inaccurate movie without someone;s permission and u would have to give that permission so take ur bs lies to another board

the truth on March 25, 2005

Actually they can make movies like that and often do. High Roller was made without Stephanie and her mother Madeline's approval, but because Stu Ungar is a public figure...he's fair game and he can be portrayed on screen. And since most of the characters aside from Stu are fictitious, they don't need clearances from anyone to make the movie. Notice there was no Stephanie character in the credits. (I haven't seen it and don't plan to) They didn't go by Stu and Nolan Dalla's book, which I believe could make one hell of a movie. Instead, they went in a direction that could only lead to disaster. The producers cheaped out on obtaining clearances and most likely wouldn't allow Stephanie and Madeline story approval. So they did it without them and made a movie that does not do Stu Ungar's life justice. It's unfortunate. How can you tell Stu's story and not tell Stephanie's at the same time? You can't. The producers of High Roller tried and I can only imagine the results. Mr. Miyagi is in it for crying out loud. Is he supposed to be Bob Stupak or what? It angers me....but I digress. Stephanie, I spoke to Nolan Dalla a couple years ago expressing interest in his yet to be released book. The producer I worked for at the time, even had conversations with his agent at the time, Greg. For whatever reason thereafter, they have been unreachable. I think our lawyer made a lowball offer and offended Greg, but I've never been able to confirm this. Stephanie, is there any way we could have a conversation about this? I have some things I think you'd be interested in hearing. My name is Andrew Chitko and I can be reached via email at [email][/email]. I promise you Stephanie that this five minutes of time will not be wasted. Thanks.

chitter23 on March 25, 2005

i just saw the stu unger dvd i think it was great. all the drugs hookers and cards whar a great combo but what was his fascination with hookers and giving that one girl 30 g's. her pu$$y better been made of gold. R.I.P stuey

The Kid on March 24, 2005

I just saw the movie "High Roller", and although you don't like it Stephanie, it caused me to want to research your father which brought me here, so I guess in that respect the movie does some good. I am definately going to be buying the "One of a Kind" book.

Mastrodomas on March 24, 2005

I also saw High Roller and was very disappointted with how cheap the whole movie looked and felt. I would not recomend this movie to anyone. It wasn't even a B class movie more like C. I also watched the behind the bonus matrial and what I felt was that the director maybe backed the movie and was out to make a buck on someone elses life. The movie does your father no justice. I am looking forward to the book being relesed. Best of luck Stef.

Brent on March 24, 2005

The book, 'One of a knid: The Rise and Fall of Stuey "the kid" Ungar, the worlds gretest poker plyer' is available for pre-sale on amazon. The release date is listed as June 28.

Unregistered on March 23, 2005

can someone tell me where I can get dvds of stu actually playing?? i cant find the wsop events anywhere.

Ken. on March 22, 2005

Stephanie, I really think you should have an Official website of your father. YOu have to understand that people on these boards research everything online about Stu Ungar. While I was doing this, I was telling myself how I wished there was an official website of Stu Ungar that told all his stories and information. I think that would be very ideal since the book is coming out. And you can have your discussions in there! instead of here where anyone can pose as anybody just to make "dumb" comments. Anyway, Good luck on everything

Stylistic on March 22, 2005

STEFFFFFFFF what's up? talk to me, what do you think of John Leguizamo to play your dad? and what's up with the book? when's it coming out?

sammy the brick on March 21, 2005

Just wanted to say respect to the man. RIP Stuey. You saw both ends of it and left a hell of a legacy.

ZPinhead on March 20, 2005

Mighty, TOP 10 LOL Ok who else could count down the last 3 decks of a 6 deck shoe? Who else won every world series of poker championship they entered? Theres no 1 today who could even come close to stu's god given talent. If you think so show some proof... His wins speek for themselves.. He's the M. Jordan... Babe Ruth.. whatever u want to call it... Of poker, gin, & prolly any other card game he played... You can't even put any of todays top players in the same group stu was at.. All this talk about drugs and other crap you fools just jelous of the dood and hes not even around... You know your great when even when your gone people still talk about you... Movies getting made books ect... I'll bet you $100,000 there will never be movie about Phil Hellmuth... Or TJ.. BTW TJ IS A BIG HEADED PUNK in real life I told him i liked his book.. and he acted like he's too good to say thanks... 10 minutes later I Knocked u out of the tournament at Hustler casino... Called u down with pocket 8's and you had poket 7's... And i aint even that good... If you feel so greatly about someone else's card playing skills go to there forum and talk how great they are... Sorry for the rant... I've dropped to there level.. Ill stop while im ahead...

Wanabe on March 20, 2005

stuey was definite best NL Holdem player of all time, though he definitely aint the best all round poker player of all time. RIP stu

dreamfrog on March 20, 2005

Hey Wannabe, although I agree with you that Stuey is a legend, he didn't win every championship he entered. He came in 9th in the 1990 WSOP Main Event.

Andrew on March 20, 2005

Thanks for the info Andrew yeah i wasn't 100% sure about that. I was just on a rant man... So he was 3 for 4 winning & 4 for 4 making the final table... Thats still unbelievable.... I guess even if you know what people hold you still need to catch some cards...

Wanabe on March 20, 2005

bigguy, she dont want to learn ok, she is listening to what her father wished.

Unregistered on March 19, 2005

i honestly never knew that anyone had one 3 braclets at the WSOP main event. and i honestly never heard of any one talk about him when ever they are doing interviews. and i'm talking about the great ones now of days. they all talk about doyle and amarillo or others of that sort. but honestly i've never heard of stu untill i just watched the movie about him 2 days ago. i think he was a genious who just got mixed up with the wrong people. drugs ruined his life. he could have still been a great player no of days if he hadn't screwed up. but even though he was great i dont think he was the best. top 10 , but not the best.

Mighty Wingman on March 19, 2005

hi,i don't believe i saw your father and grandmother since the time they found your aunt judy and i in a compromising situation (i swear i was a gentleman to your aunt) at the raleigh hotel in what i believe to be the summer of '68. judy and i had a pretty long friendship thru many years at camp rossevelt. your dad and i were connected thru judy and basketball, a game that he especially loved and excelled in despite his diminutive size. i remember your grandmother fondly and visited the ungar apartment on FDR drive and grant street a number of times in the mid sixties. i was greatly affected upon hearing of judy's passing. she was really really special. would you mind filling me in on judy's life? if not, i understand. all the best, larry soffes.

Larry Soffes/lsoffes on March 19, 2005

i just watched high rollers and got on the internet to read about how good he really was since you never hear about him on the poker shows but he seemed amazing i thought doyle was the best but no where close to stu ungar he seemed to be a fearless genious and anyone says he aint you better look agian at his record of tournies won 10 out of 30 who else can do that. no one not even phil hellmuth or doyle can win 10 out of 30 big poker tournaments much respect for a true fearless gambler no matter what half these morons on here say there just jeaulous they couldnt live a life or even come close to a million dollars like he did. rip to a card genious

a big fan on March 18, 2005

Hey Stefanie, I am a big fan of your dads and think he was the greatest. Have you ever thought of taking up the sport. If you take after your dad you could be some poker player their still hasn't been a women winner at the world series of poker. Just curious if you have ever thought about learning the game. Or if your dad ever taught you the game also please keep us informed when your book on your father will be released.

bigguy on March 18, 2005

Stu Ungar was the GREATEST poker player that ever lived.

sonic83244 on March 18, 2005

Thank you Dan for taking the time to tell me those things. I feel the same as you. I wish he was still alive for many reasons, but I would have loved to see him dominate the poker world now. He would of got a kick out of how huge it is now. It would of got his competive juices flowing. He was so competive with EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I don't think anyone would be intrested in reading a book I wrote. I don't know anything about poker. Isn't that kind of funny! My dads known as the worlds best and I have no clue to the game. Anyway that's how he wanted it so I'll respect him with that even to this day. Stef

Stefanie Ungar on March 17, 2005

Stefanie wana send over a copy this way?

Wanabe on March 17, 2005

To the guy who said Hellmuth was better than Stu...Stu would send Phil home crying 9 out of 10 times!!

Unregistered on March 17, 2005

StefYour father just wanted to protect you from the seedy element that surrounded poker and casinos and backroom games. It was one bet he didn’t want to risk. It shows that his love for you was deeper that you can imagine. You should write your book and if there are some things about the game(s) that you don’t understand I’m sure you can consult some of the card players that knew your father and have them fill in the blanks and maybe share with you some of the most memorable times that they had with him. I remember reading an article about your father. The article mentioned that he didn’t play many Hold ‘em tournaments, but of the 30 that he played he placed first in 10 of them. To me that’s an amazing feat. The article didn’t mention the other finishes, but I’m sure he placed in the money. I feel that all of us each and every one of us have a certain talent, but sometimes we don’t want to pursue it for fear of how others judge us. I feel that your father was very gifted and had a passion for what he did and that’s what made him great. Passion can go a long a way…it becomes a part of you, your soul. I use to play a lot of pool and I knew a few pool players that were very talented. I would watch them run racks of 9-ball and think nothing of it, but they had other problems with drugs and alcohol or would take their winnings and loose it at the race tracks…. sometimes I ask myself how or why they seem to have so much going for them? I have no answers, but can only admire their true gifted ability to do what they did. I often wonder if the success is like a monkey on their backs. I just don’t why? I hope that everyone who reads these postings respects and understands what a gifted and talented person your father was.

Dan on March 17, 2005

I watched High Roller it was entertaining. The director said the guy in the room with Stu is left to the perception of the viewer. He said it could be death, an angel, the devil, or god that’s why the guy is so ambiguous at the end of the conversation. I guess whenever a book or movie is unauthorized I always take it with a grain of salt. I had never even heard of the guy before it just looked interesting. If anything it made me get online and find out more about him and I stumbled on to this site. I look forward to reading the book when it comes out. I think it's very courageous that his daughter is taking on the task of bringing his story to his fans. I am sure it was a way of getting to know him also, the way most of us get to know our parents as adults. I didn’t know what a hell raiser my dad was until I was an adult. It takes a lot of determination to write a book even if it’s about someone or something you love. My mother is a NY times best selling author and I watch her pull her hair out over every single book. Lots of luck to you Stefanie I’ll be sure to keep a look out for your book.

Good luck Stefanie!!! on March 17, 2005

High Roller DVD with Commentary. I have to admit I still went and bought the DVD. Couldn't help myself. But, with the commentary. The director acts like he knows it all. He also says everything is true he just exadgarated for the movie. He said that stu started gambeling at 11. I thought it was 14? Anyways just curious if you saw the commentary Stefanie and your thoughts about it...

Wanabe on March 16, 2005

No, I did not see the commentary. And probably never will. I don't want that guy making anymore money off my dad's life or what he seems to think my dads life was. Actually, my dad started gambling at 8 or 9. His facts were so messed up it's not even funny. Anyway, I sound like such a bitter person whenever I talk about this guy or the movie and I am really not like that. It just upsets me that my dads not here to defend himself and I don't want all of you guys to think his life was something that it wasn't. If he was around this movie would of never happened. That's why I am so excited to see his book and hopefully movie come out. Trust me, I just got A copy of the book 2 weeks ago and it's not sugarcoted at all. It's his true life storey (the good and the bad.) But that's how he wanted it. One thing about my dad was he always told it like it was and was very honest. The book is nothing different. Do you guy's think I write too much? I want this to be an open forum and people to feel free to write whatever they want. You guy's are my dad's fans and I don't want to interfere with that. I think the guy above got a little annoyed with me. Take care! Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on March 16, 2005

a comment regarding this post:Posted by: on Nov 27, 2004 - IP=, I just been reading some poker articles which talk about Stu playing heads-up holdem. One of them goes like this... It was Mansour Matloubi and Stuey playing $50000 headsup freeze outs. On one hand the flop came 3-3-7 rainbow, Stuey bet and Mansour calledd. Turn was King, both checked, river was Queen. Mansour had pocket 4-5 off suit, and smelled weakness in Stuey when the river came up so he went all-in with his last $30000. Stuey called the bet and turned over his 10-9!!!! There were only three hands that Stu could beat, 4-5, 4-6, 5-6. WHAT AN UNBELIEVEABLE CALL!!!I heard about a similar call where his KQ beat a huge bluff bet with KJ...where neither player made a pair....I think your off though with only three hands he could beat...what about 24, 25, 26.....? and in no way am I minimizing his excellent call...

glorp on March 16, 2005

As Barry Greenstein says on his web site there are alot of stories of some amazing calls by stu ungar.....but not as many stories about his laydowns!!

uk defender on March 16, 2005

To Stephanie...I want to take this time to say that your Dad was by far the “GREATEST” card player that ever lived. Most people here can’t seem to respect that only because they are envious or just enjoy bad mouthing someone they don’t know. Regardless of his involvement with drugs and the constant battle he fought he was still the greatest. One should not judge others because they have no right to until they can walk in that person’s shoes. Only your dad knew of his own demons and dealt with them the way he seemed fit too. What really bothers is that the poker world lost an incredible and remarkable card player. Can you imagine if he was alive today how he would completely dominate the field of players in today’s No Limit Hold ‘em games. He would destroy the competition. You dad was a natural…period end of story, which explains why he couldn’t teach you. He played cards like most of breathe. He didn’t have to think…he just knew. Stephanie I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your Dad. You should write book and explain who your Dad really was. I feel it would be a great contribution to the poker world society. I look at players today and very few impress me. There’s a difference between good and great…Stu Unger was great!! Good Luck and I wish you the very best.

Dan on March 16, 2005

Wow Steph, how cool. I will comment on some of the stuff above I spent the last hour reading. I am a sportswriter in Oregon, sorry about Indiana not making the tourney.I have played poker for about 10 years now, I am 29. I used to be called the kid all the time, and trust me, if you tip the dealers and floormen, they don't check your id if you're under 21, so Stu certainly could have done it.Funny how I am now an older player, though only 29, but it's a great game. I play online a few hours a day, to keep sharp and play tourneys about every two months around Oregon and Washington.Stu's World Series greatness was only challenged by Johhny Chan, as far as I see it. Chan won two in a row, and only Stu has accomplished that feat.Would have been nice to see how Stu did against today's players.I am someone who has struggled with a gambling addiction in the past. Same as Stu's. I could win at poker, then piss it away in the other parts of the casino. I had a bookie, got in trouble, ect... Then would have to "work" for hours playing poker to pay off the debts. It was only through lots of losing and re losing that I learned to play only poker, and quit the other stuff.So I can relate to how Stu could have had a hard time staying away from the other stuff. When poker comes to easy, you want a challenge. Add that to the drug use, and you have Mr. Unger.Steph, keep your head up. A great form of therapy, I agree, to read about your father.You never answered if you still live in Nevada. I am curious too. Have a good one! God Bless.

Ryanbrownsports on March 15, 2005

Good post

uk defender on March 13, 2005

Stu Unger was truly a poker legend with a brillant memory of cards and people. He would continue to dominate to this day if he didn't choose the wrong path in life. When you dominate what you are good at you feel absolutely fearless and think you nothing can stop you. He should be praised for his style of play and WSOP championships and as for his drug addiction we all make mistakes in life ans Stu lived his life to the fullest. I will be adding a full bio @ [url][/url] Stefanie you father was blessed with a true talent and will always be a poker superstar!

onlinepokerguides on March 13, 2005

hey Stefanie, rember me? Long time no type. I have to say I saw the movie High ROller, and I tried taking your warnings about it's accuracy into account. I have to say you were absolutly right, as I suspected, it was terrible. Anyway let me know about the book, the title, and the movie. May I suggest John Leguizamo to play your dad? I think he has a remarkable resemblance to your dad, the only problem would be that accent.

sammy the brick on March 12, 2005

Stu was a savant. Not wise and learnt as a scholar, but unconsciously brillant and wise in mathamatical odds and statistics, card sense and reading 'vibes' from others. When right his memory was photographic and instant and his mental ability to access an over all situation and use this recall to act appropriately and creatively was done in the same instant and in parallel. He had a fraction of a second brain, on any thing. Before you finished explaining a card or hand problem he cut you off, told you the answer and if you looked like you didn't grasp it in one second he would walk away already bored. All in one second! It was almost frightening to be with him, frightening in the sense that it made me feel that there is something eerie around and I am apart of it. (which I know is true). His brain was wired differently then 99.9999....% of the rest of us. In my opnion it was similar to the brains of Mozarts' or Leonhard Euler the 18th century Swiss mathematician, who both did calculations instantly, with ease and without apparent thought.Stu applied his phenomenal mental ability from an early age to what later became his expertise, and no one to my knowledge has been close to his ability in gin and combined abilities in gin, back gammond, black jack and no-limit tournament poker. This early 'setting' or 'seeding' of his brain is what happens to the brain of gifted child chess players who have gone on to be brillant chess masters like bobby fischer. To miss the fertile imprinting years from around 5 to 12 is,in general,to preclude that individual from being a world class master! (I don't mean to offend chess players, but you know the point Im making).Stu could be impatient, selfish and volatile yet by far this was out weighed by hiscompassion,kindness, trust and generosity. He like 99% of the rest of us had a self, and self always has contradictions, emotions and conflicts. The back ground and building of that self starts as a child, at an age when imprinting is beyound our control and may, in many cases, leave a disruptive and conflicting self to handle our future. Stu was unreal, and to think he would want to share his life's story with you, his mystifying brillance and accomplishments and self destructive tragedy is an act of the highest unselfishness.Imagine a Prince whos image to the world is that he has every thing, fame, beauty, wealth, controle and power of himself but then confesses to the world that it is not true, knowing he would be throwing it all away!To me this is a supreme act of truth in a moment of compassion to help others who may have the same demons as he. Some nay sayers stress his faults and criticize him, thats your right, but none of the ones who do can ever say he didn't honestly recognize and admitt his weakness and faults to himself and then share it with the WORLD. I think the book 'One of a knid: The Rise and Fall of Stuey "the kid" Ungar, the worlds gretest poker plyer.', will be for millions one of the greatest, most interesting stories of our era. You'll see.Well done stu, even though your gone your still going to bedazzle us all. Well done cous'. Doc Earle

phil earle/doc/earlephil on March 12, 2005

You know about stuff that I just found out about only 2 days ago in regards to my dad's book. Unless it was written about in card player magazine or one of those other magazines and I just don't know about it yet.

Stefanie Ungar on March 11, 2005

please read dutch boyds blog at his website ( for the entry 3/11/05...what a loser

uk defender on March 11, 2005

Stefanie, know about what stuff?

Wanabe on March 11, 2005

Nevermind. It's ok, just forget about it.

Stefanie Ungar on March 11, 2005

your dads bracelets, where are they now?

joe satra on March 11, 2005

Stef, I obviously posted my question in the wrong forum. Which is my mistake. All these questions and comments seem to be directed towards you. I thought this was a regular open forum. My question was about the movie High Roller. Not about how accurate the movie is. The question was, who was the guy in the hotel room w/Stu suppose to be? Or symbolize? You came back w/ it's not accurate and mostly fiction. Which is fine but had absolutely nothing to do w/ my question. The question was for anybody who has seen the movie.

Pravda on March 10, 2005

Dear Stefanie,I am anxiously awaiting the movie on your father coming out next week. I have read in many numerous places that a book by Nolan Dalla called "Behind The Shades" would be coming out, but I could never find an exact date or even timetable, but now I see that it will be out around WSOP 2005 so that is great news. I am looking forward to reading that book.Like many others, I first started watching poker in 2003 when ESPN began showing constant repeats of WSOP (not a bad thing), and I bought a book called Poker for Dummies. In this book, it had a section of the 10 greatest players of all time, and your father was obviously listed as one. It was the first time I had ever heard of your father, and I was so fascinated with his story, that I immediately had to google anything and everything on him that I could. What an amazing talent! I have ordered WSOP videos of the years your father won, so I can see exactly what it looks like to see a genius at work. You should be very proud of everything he accomplished, as he truly seemed like a special person that you only meet once in a lifetime. God bless you and your family.

Jay V on March 10, 2005

Damn, who moderates this? They're not doing a very good job just leaving thoughs comments up there. I bet it's people who lost alot of money to stu or wish they could have been blessed with his talents but there not. how can you compare phil helmuth (however u spell it) to stu? lol phil is a joke.. anyways i was all excited about the movie high roller until i came here and read all the comments.. now i probably wont even waist my money on that dvd... you book is called "One of a kind" right? Next WSOP? Meaning only sold at WSOP? Or will i be able to purchase it at or something? I can't wait for your real movie to come out please keep us posted. I too have lost my father when I was 18... So I know how you feel keep your head up and be strong...

Wanabe on March 10, 2005

I know why u talk about your father so much... Because It makes you feel good... It's like he's still there when you talk about him... At least thats how I feel.. Sorry for the double post... Peace

Wanabe on March 10, 2005

It definitely is an open forum. I mostly only answer questions directed to me. But if I do have answers to some of the other question asked about my dad then I will answer those sometimes as well. But anyway the guy in the room is suppose to be a demon comming to take my dad's life after my dad tells the demon his life story. Yes my dad's book will be released everywhere and on as well. Who's your connection Wanabe?

Stefanie Ungar on March 10, 2005

Stef... not really sure what u mean by who's my connection... Please explain more...

Wanabe on March 10, 2005

I watched the movie High Roller a few times on cable already, who is the guy talking to Stu in the room? The guy Stu leaves with? Stefanie, my heart feels for you sweetheart. You dad lived a wonderful life, you should be very proud of him. It's not about how long your here, it's about what you do with your life while your here.

Pravda on March 9, 2005

Hey Steph, any word on the book or movie. I was trying to do a little research on both but couldn't find out many details. Seems as though others are trying to make another movie on your fathers life. Saw a picture of you in a hotel room with your fathers picture. Pretty kool. I just would like to find the 1997 WSOP and get a copy of that. I can't imagine what would have been if your father tried to compete in all the WSOP. I think of him as a legend of the game. Hope all is well.

Don on March 9, 2005

I have told you guys before that the movie that came out already is not accurate AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was MOSTLY ALL fiction. Yes they got it right that he won 3 World Series championships but the rest of it was ridiculious. If you noticed my name wasn't even "Stefanie" in the movie it was "Nicole." So when I get questions about the movie I can't even answer them because the movie wasn't even based on his true life and I have no clue who these other characters were either. The book my dad was in the middle of writing before he passed away will be out at the next WSOP. That is in June/July. They might be holding the championship in honor of my dad this year but that's not for sure yet. And the movie can't start being filmed until the book is released first so I'll keep you posted on the movie "REAL MOVIE" as time goes on. That picture you saw of me was right after my dad died when I was 16. It was actually in my bedroom. Talk to you all later. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on March 9, 2005

Somebody else told me that I talk about him with great passion too. I wonder what it is that I say or how I say it that you all can feel my love for him. I guess when you truly love someone it just shows. Sorry, I don't want to get all mushy with all. Honestly, I don't know where you can get that footage from my dad playing. I know the earliest footage there is of him playing is at the 1981 WSOP. The thing that was done for ESPN was a profile of his life. I am sure you can contact ESPN for that. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on March 8, 2005

hi stefanie. i like reading your post about your father you talk about him with great mention about a piece on espn any idea how to buy footage of your father playing the game, good luck with the book

jake bullet on March 7, 2005

anyone got a torrent site for the movie

The Kid on March 5, 2005

It seems to get lost in the shuffle: Stu won the 1981 Deuce to Seven Draw and 1983 Seven Card Stud at the World Series of Poker.

jbare on March 2, 2005

Poker God!!!!!!!!! 3 World Series Main Event Titles.... Incredible!!!!!!!!

Dirk Diggler on March 1, 2005

Ok first let me say that u guys should take it easy on Mike L. So what if he wants to meet the girl. Maybe he is lonely. Its not the best way to go about it but at least he tried. Sorry but that dont make him a stalker. Anyways i want to say that im looking forward to this book or movie or whatever to come out. Ur father was like a role model to me. And im sure he is in a better place now. I agree with ur father about the lifestyle also cause i live it. Well i mean the gambling part. Its not for everyone. U have to have the mind for it and it has to make u happy. Im 21 and i started gambling at the same age as ur father. And i remember reading a article about what happened and about his love for u and i think thats great. and like Mike L. i also think it would be cool to meet u. Anyways im out.

TommyT on February 28, 2005

Oh and by the way Dutch Boyd is not the next greatest player in poker.(let me repeat IS NOT) He just doesnt have it period.

TommyT on February 28, 2005

Please Mr Stalker stop it!!...don't know about stef ungar but your'e a scarey bloke!. If you were as classy,educated as you keep saying you would abandon your futile request for contact with this girl. 1-she cant help you with your poker. 2-How do you know she even lives in Vegas. 3-How can stu ungar,help you with your life?...he had a raw natural talent for poker. You have an unhealthy fixation with him and his daughter. Get help....and stop saying she will regret it if she doesnt meet you.

Unregistered on February 28, 2005

Yes i agree, she is not going to help with ur poker game lol.

TommyT on February 28, 2005

crazy man needs to get a life and stop stalking the poor girl! BTW stu was the man!!

Unregistered on February 28, 2005

stefanie, can you at least please email me ( I promise you I am not crazy at all, I am 26 and very educated, classy and normal actually. also, I only asked about Judaism cause I am jewish and I knew your dad was as well.. But as I said I may be moving to the Las vegas area real soon and would love a friend to meet up with there and know. someone who can show me around a bit and make the transition a little easier.. I think through all your experiences and situations and knowledge about your Dad can also help me out and make it so I benefit from his experiences and keep the mistakes to a minimum... knowledge is power and we all need all the help we can get. stefanie please have the courage to email so we can talk, you wont be disappointed or regret it at all, I promise you.thanks Mike

Mike L.(Jmaguire11) on February 27, 2005

stalk much?

iveyfan05 on February 27, 2005

I am not going to get together with you. That's nice to know you might be moving to Vegas, I am sure you'll like it. You don't even know if I still live in Vegas so how could I show you around. Plus that wouldn't be smart anyway. I am glad your a fan of my dad's but I can't hang out with everyone who say's they want to know more about him. So maybe when the book comes out that can help you in some of the areas you say you need more info on. Just to let you know, my dad didn't recomend becoming a prof gambler to anyone. He said it's a hard lifestyle that most people don't realize.

Stefanie Ungar on February 27, 2005

Its good to see we are acting like adults here!!! Stu was one of the greatest. Good to see some recognition!Leave the girl alone. if she is, she is if shes not, shes not. Who cares!!! To the stalker:dude get a life! you may want to call a service. or just go out and meet someone... you'll be in jail in 3 years for stalking i am sure!Great movie. Was informative!!

bklyn on February 27, 2005

It's pretty undisputed Stu was the best NL Holdem player ever. However how did Stu do in other games. Did he have the same domination in say Limit Holdem, 7 card Stud, Razz, Omaha, so on and so forth. Also yes Baxter bankrolled Stu for the 97' WSOP. Would love to see Stu in these mega fields and torch people half to death. I just hope that in my lifetime we see another king of the poker moutain.

Bender2004 on February 26, 2005

You know what hurts most?! To here some people judge stu or even talk about who he was , or where did he go wrong. it really hurts. Guys don't waste your time , the man was a legend and always Have been one. Thats a fact. And in the gambling world and specially poker his name will never be forgotten. The true poker players( the ones you love and idolised) even don't dare to talk about him.And don't you guys worried he has been people who criticize him, please go and make something out of your own life.In the game he loved and in the world he chose to walke it, he did grave his name, and it will stay for ever. god bless your soul stu and million of us love you for ever.

Amir/Tus on February 26, 2005

stefanie ur daddy was backed by bob stupak and not billy baxter before you get on here claiming to be someone your not get your facts together. R.I.P kid

The Kid on February 25, 2005

If you don't think my facts are straight then you could actually watch the ESNP piece that was done on my dad and you will see Billy Baxter telling the story from his own mouth. By the way, my dad was backed by just about everyone in town but on the last WSOP he entered he was backed by Billy. He had a thing about being backed. Don't ask me why!!

Stefanie Ungar on February 25, 2005

Stefanie,I know there are lots of weirdos out there as you said, but I assure you I am not one of them, you would see that the moment you saw and hung out with me. as I said I am planning a move in the very near future to Las Vegas and would love a friend who knows the city a bit, restaurants, apt's etc.. I would really appreciate it if you discuss this with me via my email( I asked if you practice Judaism at all cause I am jewish myself from New jersey, living in Arizona now. I am very gifted at cards too, though I do not play poker or Gin rummy, only Blackjack actually, leaves the element of risk and luck out of the equation usually. I hope you can tell that I am super normal stefanie and a great guy. lets's get better acquainted, email me if you can please, nothing tried nothing gained. If you cant take the risk you cant reep the benefits :) later Mike

Mike L. on February 24, 2005

Mike, What is the fascination with Stefanie Ungar????....youv'e never met her...don't know her...youv'e only heard of her father through his famous poker skills.Like ive said before on here,its great that she comes on here to answer questions and talk about her dad etc.But anything apart from discussions on her dad and poker is irrelevant to any topic.To be honest no matter how many times you assure us your'e not a weirdo the fact that you are so desperate for contact with this girl you dont know ANYTHING about is abit strange.The reason im saying this is I dont want her to leave these msg boards through some stalker because it is interesting hearing her talk about her dad.Take it easy.

uk defender on February 24, 2005

Stephanie - The greatest single event and acheivement in your dad's life was when he accepted Jesus into his life. Jesus did not come to walk the earth 2000 years ago to condem all of us sinners, but to Save us. I am so glad to hear that your Dad was saved and is spending eternity in Heaven. And yes, his life and your book will probably help save many others from a life of addiction. I really hope you mention in your book about your dad accepting Jesus. That alone is worth more then any WSOP victories. Before all of you respond that I am some sort of Jesus freak. I am a former abuser of alcohol and drugs that has since turned his life around over the past 4 years by accepting and asking for Jesus help. And it worked !

nvflag on February 24, 2005

I definitely agree with you. I am so glad to hear that you have been clean for four years. You are one of the many, many people I know who has the same story as you do. I want his whole life story told in the book and movie so I have to figure out how to add that in there. Good luck to you and God Bless!

Stefanie Ungar on February 24, 2005

Dear Vampyre, I usually do not respond to posts focusing on religion but yours caught my eye for one particular reason. When you mentioned intelligence making one more adverse to irrational thoughts I found myself remembering relating strongly to that statement when I was in a profession that always required analytical thought and proof. I actually did not change my thinking until I saw a documentory on Stephen Hawkins ( one of the most brilliant scientists of our time ) come to an analytical conclusion that was based on math that there was a God. I by the way am not a person who believes in any one particular religion as I believe they are some how all linked aathough I can never prove that lol. I guess my point in a nut shell is that I don't believe you have to be based in a particular religion to believe in God and I feel that if one of the most intellectual minds of our time changed his views based on math and probabilities then maybe you might reconsider the possibility. And I agree, Stu was awesome and I wish you all the best also.

Anthony Martinenko on February 22, 2005

Dear Stefanie, I applaud your courage and am deeply moved by your devotion to your father. Every father should be so fortunate and I'm sure he now is as happy as any dad could be. I never knew your dad, just caught the end of his poker career. From what I can see he was the best, simply the best, as Mr. Stupak out it. I look at your dad as a tortured genius (maybe that wouldn't be a bad title :-). He certainly was a genius, and most geniuses not only find it nearly impossible to teach what they know, but many have trouble outside their comfort zone. Many also have addictive personalities, which can be a curse that counteracts the blessed genius. The bottom line is I believe what I read and hear about him being the best and I am pleased most of all that you have great memories of him. It's sad he won't get to see grandchildren in person (he will, however, from above), as I'm sure he'd love that. I hope the book works out well for you (and for his memory). Just a fan and a caring voice. Good luck to you and let me know if you'd like to e-mail chat sometime.

pumpkinhead on February 19, 2005

im pretty sure the more intelligent u r the more averse u r naturally to irrational thoughts and beliefs which is what believing in god is. obviously there are exceptions but its pretty easy to see there is no god. u can actually just about prove it, i know i can. thats not to say that there is no higher intelligence that created the universe but certainly the judeo-christian-muslim beliefs are total bs. by the way stu was awesome and i wish u all the best. peace

vampyre on February 18, 2005

from what i understand of top level pro poker,alot less is learnt about an opponent from physical tells than you would think.The staring an opponent down and trying to make it look as if they can see into your sole is more to intimidate than anything else.Much more is learnt from betting pattens and the story of how a pot develops than someones tick!

uk defender on February 17, 2005

I am just curious since I am relativly new to poker. I started just a year ago. 2 questions, If Stu Ungar were to enter an online site such as UltimateBet or Full Tilt poker Could he be as successful as in a live game (I mean completely torch the field) Secondly, with all the new online amateurs who play, would Stu still have domination over someone who will just call on anything and catch. Just curious.

bender2004 on February 16, 2005

Well i reckon for a start he would probably be playing in the biggest online game possible so you would have to be rich or stupid(or both) to "call on anything".As far as his maths skills...they will obviously be the same,perhaps become even more important online with RE value betting etc.Also his fantastc memory would also come into play alot remembering different players styles of play and deducing what hand his opponent holds from betting pattens over a number of hands.Its probably a very good guess that he would be a big winner at internet poker IMO!!

uk defender on February 16, 2005

Okay that does make sense. Stu Probably wouldn't have a great deal of success in a micro limit game .05/.10 NL holdem or play chips simply because people play any 2 cards like aces. However in a big game say $25/$50 NL,betting patterns, bluffs, reading players more of that comes into play. I'm just curious about online reads because there are no facial jestures, no card or chip placement. Only the cards.

bender2004 on February 16, 2005

Stu was the greatest. He physical and mentaly should not have played in the last WSOP event that he won. He always had his daughter on his mind during the whole time. And you know what? I remember watching that finals game. He looked like a zombie...but I will say this. He still won the whole enchilada. He must be god to win despite of the fatigue and demons he had to fight. Stu is in heaven and I would go all in on that bet!

Unregistered on February 15, 2005

Dear Stefanie, I have been reading about your dad lately and the whole story saddens me. On the one hand, he had great talent and sounds like he was the best at gin and poker, on the other, he had his demons which got the better of him in the end and he left you behind. He also lost more money than most people will ever see in their lifetime.But unlike some idiots who have posted remarks, I do not judge as it is not my place. The way some people talk on this site, it's as if they've never made a mistake in their lives.The talent and skill your dad had was inspiring and being very interested in poker, I can only hope to be 1% of the player he was.It really annoys me when people who don't even know him say he was lucky, or stupid (because of his addiction) or this, that or the other. God, you didn't even know the guy. Give your opinions on the facts. The guy was amazing at poker and gin. The rest is none of your business really. Some of the things that he done at the tables blew my mind. Amazing.Anyway, I hope your book does very well, I know I will be buying it (assuming it is released in the UK).Best wishes. HP.

HP. on February 14, 2005

Dear HP, Thank you so much for thoughts. I have often felt the same way. When people talk about ALL the other poker players they never mention what they battled in their personal lives they just talk about their poker skills and acomplishments. I guess it's human nature to want to know the dirt in peoples lives. My dad never kept anything a secret to begin with. He was an open book to begin with so I can't get mad when people always highlight his drug problem. But thanks again for showing your human side to me. So many people do act as if they have never made mistakes in life or had any problems. It's funny because now I see what celebrities go through. The book will be out in the UK. Take care.

Stefanie Ungar on February 14, 2005

When you accept Jesus into your heart you become Christian. What do you mean by "true Christian"? Do you mean... did he always live rightously? No, not always. But who does. Just because you are Christian doesn't mean you are perfect and never do wrong again. But the more you get to know God and his word you fall in love with him(that's in my case) and you turn from alot of your old ways out of your love for him.We all are sinners and that was the whole reason Jesus came to die on the cross so we can be forgiven for the times when we do fall short and sin. But yes he did accept Jesus into his heart before he passed away.

Stefanie Ungar on February 11, 2005

lol, what I meant by "true Christian" was did he accept Jesus as His Lord and Saviour. Great to hear that he did! thanks

Unregistered on February 11, 2005

HEy Stephanie XXXOO I missed you at the Breeze Bar the last time... Where are you now? Whats up when is the book coming out?See ya soonH~ :)

TI. on February 11, 2005

hey stef im wondering if ur dad was a christian like u are i doubt it since his high intelligence would probably make that offense

vampyre on February 10, 2005

In response to vampyre... I am just curious to know why you would think because of his high intelligence it would of been unlikely for him to be christian?

Stefanie Ungar on February 10, 2005

My dad had what is called true NATURAL talent. Of course that's nothing new but he didn't wake up one morning and decide "I want to learn how to play cards really well." By watching his mother play gin rummy when he was 8 or 9 is when he noticed he was in a different league when it came to cards. He would watch her play and he started catching her mistakes. In school is where his teachers noticed he was unlike other kids. His ability to understand math was scarey. Kids use to call him a "freak of nature." I feel like I am giving everything away. your not going to have anything to read about when the book comes out. I love talking about him though so I can't help it. I never realized how much he was looked up to in the poker world until he passed away. I always just saw him as my dad. Talk to you all soon I am sure.

Stefanie Ungar on February 10, 2005

Stef,I am also interested if Stu was a Christian (a true Christian that is). cheers

Unregistered on February 10, 2005

according to [url][/url]
Billy Baxter backed him the 10k

Ben on February 10, 2005

does anyone find that there seem to be several similarities between stuey and gus hanses...they both have been known to play very weak hands...and win with them consistantly...i watched the '97 wsop final table a few weeks ago on espn classic and i couldn't believe how many bluffs he showed...and was still given the respect of all the players at the table....people continued to lay down hands to him...and when they didn't he would show them the best hand...i know that gus doesn't have the credentials yet especially in the wsop...but his performances on the wpt are mid boggling he just always seems to know where he stands in a hand...just like i alone????

inquiry on February 8, 2005

....first of all...pat tilman died for his country doing something that your lame ass could never do...he left millions of dollars and the recognition of his teams fans to go and fight in a war...he was out there in the trenches and he died protecting your sorry, no good excuse for a life...there are many people who appreciate what he has done for this's true that ungar had a problem and he paid the ultimate price for that...but to say that he deserved to die is proposterous...he may not have been the best money manager and he didn't have life by the balls...but hebrought poker to a new far as cards go there was no one who could touch him...he gave new meaning to the term AGGRESIVE...and thats what makes a good poker player...not to mention his uncanny ablity to read player like a cheap book...he is who i strive to be the poker table...

response to zztops on February 8, 2005

To Stefanie ungar, Ive been reading articles etc on the internet about your dad and have to say he does seem abit of a legend in the poker world. Alot of the things written seem to be mentioning that your dad was like a maths whizz who could calculate complicated odds in his head and had a photographic memory etc. Do you have any anicdotes you could share with us on this? im just interested from reading what a remarkable mind your dad had. thanks PS-looking forward to the book!

uk defender on February 8, 2005

Hey guys! Don't worry those comments don't bother me at all. There has not been one person who I have spoke to who liked that movie. But you all will see the true storey based on his life when our book and movie come out. It's sad because when you are considered a public figure anyone can write about your life and you can't do anything about it.

Stefanie Ungar on February 7, 2005

Seen High Roller Again Last Night The 2nd Time For Me. Can't Help Feelin Empathy For Mr. Unger He Was An Addict, And Recovery Is Ongoing, Your Never Well. Only Better. The Sad Thing Is Unger Never Took The Biggest Gamble And Tried To Beat The Odds By Stayin Straight 1 Day At A Time, No Tellin What The Man Was Capable Of Doin With His Talent

tony. on February 4, 2005

To Stephanie and all others- Stu was the best hands down. All of us have our demons, and those that are at the top didnt get there easily. The higher you get in the world, the harder you fall. That can be said of Stu, both with cards, and his personal life. As someone who has been thorugh the ups and down in both, in ways quite similar to Stu's, I have nothing but the upmost respect for the man. I don't understand how anyone can sit here and type up the most disrespectful things, when they have absolutley no idea of the struggle and pain that addictions can cause, not to mention the fates that occur to most young geniuses (look up the history.) It is true that Stu's demons overcame him, but that doesnt take anything away from the mans talent and legend. Rest in peace Stu.

Danny Chavez on February 4, 2005

Stef, Call me naive but after reading response from uk defender I just realized how dumb it was to ask you for any response in this day and age. ( I think I spelt naive wrong lol ). At my age you sometimes don't think about things like this no matter how street wise you once were. To be honest, I felt like a kid again just knowing I had some type of contact with an idol I will never meet. UK defender is probably right, you should not be emailing anyone you don't know. Sorry for asking but will never say sorry for letting you know that your Dad's picture will remain on my wall as inspiration for a life long dream. My best to you Stef.

Tony Martinenko ( amartinenko) on February 3, 2005

i saw the movie last night, i dont know how acurate it was, as i know very little about stu other than he won 3 braclets and was considered by many as the greatest poker player ever...i liked the movie, but to me it was fiction cause i didnt know the real story...does that make sense? was the movie accurate?if not, does his family plan to respond somehow?i heard there was another book coming out..any plans on making that into a film as well?

iveyfan05 on February 3, 2005

Saw the movie last night - thought it was lousy. Bad script, acting, directing -- a real shame because it is such an incredible story of a fascinating and complex man. The short web bigraphies are much more engaging than this lousy film, and I look forward to the book.

JerseyGuy on February 2, 2005

I have to respond to "girlygirl" and "hollywoodgirl777" (and also to HOMEPOKERGAMES.COM...all the same IP!!!!hmmm).Comments such as "how did you become who you are today" and "can you give us young women some advice".WTF. All we know about stef is that she is stu ungars daughter!,it is nice of her to post on here and she seems like a nice girl and obviously loved her father very much & is a credit to him in keeping his legacy alive. But all this OTT praise and requests for email correspondence from random people(not the genuine ones who knew her father) from some guy hiding behind a computer screen who wants to move to Vegas and become a pro poker player. A little bit scary really. Im sure Stef would agree. Keep up the posts though Stef....and look forward to the book.

uk defender on February 1, 2005

Hiya Stef, Sweetheart I give you so much credit for taking all of this abuse from all of these nay sayers !!! You are an incredible lady !!!!! Your Dad and I used to pitch quarters on East 7th Street, across the Street from your Grandma Fagy & Grandpa Iddo's Fox's Corner Bar on Second Avenue. Your Dad Liked me so he would never play cards with me. Pitching quarters was all I could beat him at. He was a generous guy. If he walked into Sing Wu (The Local Chinese Restaurant) and you were eating, Your check was paid by Stuey, no questions asked !!! My Mother and my Aunt used to Babysit your Aunt Judy. Your Dad used to carry a shoebox with money and a deck of cards in it. Always ready for action. I wish your Dad was still around to swat these guys around like the flies that they are. Long live the legend of Stuey "THE KID" Ungar. And Stefanie God Bless you you are a beautiful lady. Sal

Sleepyinthecity on February 1, 2005

stefanie,I was hoping you could email me, I'm sure many ask you to do that but I wanna make sure I can learn from you and your dad's experiences, I feel I am in a VERY similar situation to him in so many ways... I saw High roller and felt this could not be very accurate truly to Stu's life... My dad and most of my family also grew up in that part of NY, I am too Jewish, was Bar Mitzvah'ed(spelling) etc.. I too hated school though did just finish college due to my folks pushing me and me wanting to accomplish that before leaving for Las Vegas.. I want to talk to you and hope I can learn much from your dad's book, as I am highly considering a career as a professional gambler, though I do NOT play poker or gin etc.. Do you practice Judaism at all like your dad's side of the family? Can you possibly email me so we can chat, I would love to have a friend there for when I make my move to Vegas and learn the ropes a bit.. Hope all is well, you seem very articulate, bright, and super sweet.. take careMike (

Mike L.(Jmaguire11) on January 30, 2005

STEF you seem so strong and admirable there is sooooooooooooo much strength in someone like you. How did you become who you are today can u give us young women some advice as to how you handle everything. thanks

girly-girl on January 30, 2005

Stefanie, I am so happy that your father (the greatest poker/gin rummy player that ever lived in my opinion ) is going to get some recognition in the way of movies and a biography. I only pray they do him the justice he deserves. You may find this funny but I actually keep a framed portrait of him in my den to look at when I need a little poker inspiration ( a shot of him in 1997 WSOP ) Which was the greatest poker comeback of all time and if I remember correctly, you played a major role in his determination for this win. I know you might be heading into some very busy times but if you do ever have time, it would be so fantastic to just get a quick email from you so I know that you know what a great inspiration your father has been to me. My best wishes, most sincerely, Tony Martinenko

Tony Martinenko (amartinenko) on January 30, 2005

No it wasn't either. It was Billy Baxter.

Stefanie Ungar on January 29, 2005

over-rated. you idiots overlook the most important factor in poker: LUCK. poker is a game that is about 70% luck and 30% skill. i dont care if you know exactly what everyone at the table is holding, you can still lose. Even Doyle Brunson said that he doesn't know what makes someone a great poker player, he cant explain it. That one mysterious quality that you maust have to be a successful player is luck. I dont care if you agree with me or not, if you have ever played the game you know deep down you agree.

Unregistered on January 29, 2005

I think it was an anonymous backer....maybe it was bob stupak??

uk defender on January 28, 2005

R.I.P. Stu UngarIn 1997, Stu Ungar had to borrow money to buy his seat at The World Series of Poker from a friend of his. When he won the tournament he repaid his friend with $500,000 of his $1,000,000 winnings. What was his friends name?

KEYeStarr on January 27, 2005

To answer the other persons question about if the book is going to be about his life... yes it is. It will be released at the next WSOP if you didn't know yet. That will be in July I believe. They have changed the date like 3 or 4 times already. Take care.

Stefanie Ungar on January 25, 2005

Dear ragingsea, Hi how are you? There has been so many people who have claimed to know my dad growing up and it just didn't feel right but you have said some key things when you wrote me and I just have this gut feeling that your telling the truth. Thank you so much for writing me. I am going to E- mail you so we can talk more. My dad and I use to play games like finger-lock too. That would be so great to see pictures of him when he was young. I have never seen any pictures of him before he was in his mid 20's. My grandmothers house burned down and all the pictures were distroyed. I don't even know what my grandmother looked like. That's so funny to hear he use to pay kids to do his homework because I use to do the same thing. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not that I was stupid but I just had other things on my mind. Well, I look forward to talking to you. Thanks again for writing. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on January 25, 2005

Your dad was in the middle of writing a book? Is it about his life story? Awesome.

Stylistic Films on January 23, 2005

He is the Steven Tyler of poker. Not to mention his beautiful daughter, Steph. And yes! Liv Tyler is also fine.

The greatest! on January 23, 2005

Anyone that talks bad about Ungar is dumb. That man is a genius, if you trash talkers played with him, he would have cleaned your clock out. Too bad you young kids weren't around to see a legend live. As for all the drugs he did, he was at least able to afford it.

wow on January 23, 2005

Dear Stefanie, it has been great reading all the articles and comments regarding your dad. I was happy to have known your father, his mother Fay and your aunt Judy. My mother was friends with your grandfather & grandmother as well ( Fox's Corner ). Your Dad & I went to grade school and junior high together. He was a real character. Used to pay kids to do his homework & hustle the unsuspecting kids at church bazaars. My mother & Stuey were a great pair always arguing & kidding around. She would kill him in games of finger-locks & he'd scream like a banshee & beg her for mercy. They liked and understood each other - he at 10 & she at 46. I remember a few school trips we went on together and some of the jokes & hijinx we were involved in. I have some old pictures & would be happy to send you copies when I ferret them out. The last time I saw him was about 1970 attending a game at a private apartment on Sutton Place. He couldn't believe I lived there. I hoped he'd visit afterwards but the game must have gone on forever. There are still a few old school mates of his on the lower east side of NY & when we get together we share fond memories of him. I'm sorry that I never tried to contact him when I finally got to Las Vegas. Would love to hear about your Aunt Judy and to know more about you. I'll check this site frequently to find out more about any books or movies. One more story - Stuey & I were in science class & argued over some nonsense - he called me a dumb polack & I called him a crummy Jew. We went back & forth getting louder & louder --- then off to the principal's office. Punishment for both came swiftly. Happy to have known this intelligent, funny & kooky guy who was your father. God Bless to you & yours. Hope to hear from you.

ragingsea0 on January 23, 2005

The greatest ever! But just like most of the gamblers, they do drugs after a win or lose. To me, he is smarter than Einstein, more athletic than Jordan, and a greater drug user than AL Capone.

Henry/Henry Boy/henry007xxx on January 22, 2005

I am glad your option of the movie made is the same as mine!! Yes, we are expecting a movie to be made soon. It will be based on the book my dad was in the middle of writing before he past away. There has been talk about a movie already but we still have to wait untill the book is released at the next WSOP first. This next year is going to be so exciting for me and my family as well as all my dad's fans.

Stefanie Ungar on January 20, 2005

I heard that the coming Stu Ungar film " High Roller" is not a well made film that depicted his life. I saw clips and trailers of it and I was very disappointed. Is it possible that they could make another film about Stu Ungar? Stefanie, the book with Nolan Dalla, did any studios buy the rights to it already? If so, we should expect another film about your dad's life to come out later in the future. I know for a fact, when i have the power, I will get it made for sure :)

stylisticfilms on January 19, 2005

this guy must have been a sharp wiz at reading i think reading is the only way to become a genius your not born with it u find it, he loved poker and other games

pokerchris954 on January 16, 2005

Mabe he had to get stoned in order to have the guts to make those bets................same as Men the Master,he can't play w/o a buzz...nor can that alcoholic Scotty.

no name on January 14, 2005

what raj was saying uk pretender was stu scored a victory when his daughter was born you english twit...moron

iveyfan05 on January 13, 2005

Stu Ungar was the man and there's nothing wrong with living in the fast lane, gambling and staying high. he chose that life for a reason and probably had more fun and excitement than most of us while he was around. i'd live a shortened life too if it had as much excitement as stu's...he had more fun in forty plus years than most have in a lifetime.

Unregistered on January 12, 2005

I just want to tell you Stefanie, that the greatest victory your father scored was having you ;:) I have never seen him play, but from what i´ve read he was second to none. Rip Stuey, and stefanie i wish you all the luck from now on. Yours Isaac

Isaac Rajman on January 9, 2005

That's is so good to hear that it has been two years. It's stories like yours that makes this whole book thing worth it. Do you really think I want all my dads buisness to be put out there the way it's going to? But he wanted to do this and now I have the responsibility to carry it on for him. My dad would of been so happy to hear you can use his life as example to stay clean. It kind of shows that mabey there was some good that came out of it. Take care and keep staying strong. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on January 8, 2005

Stefanie, Your father has inspired me in so many ways. Not only from his play, but of the generosity I've heard that he showed people in times of need. I believe he was not only the greatest poker players of all time, but i believe he had a heart unlike anyone elses'. Everyone out their take care- TA

TruePimpinBalla on January 8, 2005

Stefanie, Just wanted to thank you to take the time to answer my question. It is sad your Dad felt so empty, I know drugs and partying are fun but surely not satisfying.Please inform all of us when the book gets out. Thanks again, David

DavidduFresne on January 4, 2005

Stefanie, I just want to say I have read your posts for quite a while, and I really appreciate them. Anyone who says you are after money with the book must be overlooking the fact that you have nothing to do with the movie being made because you dont believe it was the truth about your father. That takes courage and morals to turn down, as I'm sure it would have been a nice check. So to all you people criticizing this woman, and her father, who is dead, please take a step back and at least have some decency. How would you feel if a bunch of strangers on a website were making fun of your dead father? Nobody's is perfect, and a lot of people abuse drugs, and probably 99% of those people didn't have the talent and skill that Stu Ungar had in his left pinky toenail. He is a legend, one of the greatest gaming minds of all time, and he deserves respect, as well as no comparison to people like Phil Helmuth. This new years I celebrated two years clean from drugs, I am a professional poker player and it is stories like that of Stu Ungar that keep me clean. He was and still is an inspiration to all who live by the use of their minds, intellect, and heart. Peace - SD

Eight of Hearts on January 4, 2005

Hello guys! I want to answer a few of your questions that was asked to me. On poker... I have no idea how to play poker. My dad never taught me how to play. For one, he told me that he didn't want me involved in that lifestyle. He would say the way that the guys talked at the table was disgusting and he didn't want me around that. Secondly, my dad never had the patience to teach cards to anyone. He would say that he didn't understand how he knew the things he knew so it was hard for him to teach others. For my dad, cards(any game) came so natural to him. He said it was scarey thought. I do know how to play Gin Rummy though. I am pretty good at it but I am no Stu Ungar. For the second guy's question... Yes my dad sure did live life as we say "in the fast lane" at times but I don't think in the end he was truly happy inside. He didn't like the fact that he had a drug problem. He would say he didn't even like the high he would get anymore. He just really had an addiction problem. Alot of people can judge and say what they want about him and the way he lived his life but I don't believe anyone should judge anyone until you have walked in that person's shoes. There are usually reasons behind why people drink and do drugs(mostly to escape from something) but as he found out later in life it get's you no where running from your problems. But to fully answer your question... I am sure he's had alot of fun and exciting times but to say if he was truly happy inside I could only tell you what he use to tell me "if he didn't have me then he would have nothing to live for." He wanted to write this book thats about to come out in hopes that someone who might be going through a similar situation would learn from his mistakes and it could help them. I think some people have a bad impression of my dad and I can't wait till this book comes out so some may see a different side to him that isn't always talked about. Talk to you all later. Stefanie

Stefanie Ungar on January 2, 2005

I just wanted to say one more thing. If you talk to any of the "Top Players" about who was one of the most generous guy's in the poker circle I know my dad's name would be mentioned. That's what he has known for. I've heard many stories from alot of these "top players" about his great generosity. Now I can't comment on if he donated to charity but I do know he always gave to people if they were in need.

Stefanie Ungar on January 2, 2005

Hey Stefanie, Don't know if you are still active on here as I notice there are a lot of idiots being crude. (Sorry for that.) Anyway, I wanted to ask you a question...Do you feel overall your Dad had a good life? I mean I know he died a lot younger than he should have and that must have been bad for you and his family, but do you think he was overall happy? I ask this because I have had some of the same problems your dad had, and although I have regrets at times I think they have also been some of my most excitement filled times, and that living life to the fullest is not always horrible even if it may be cutting short your life. Anyway, happy new year, and I will look forward to reading the book on Stu when it comes out. Sincerely, David

DavidduFresne on December 31, 2004

Stu Ungar was a great nl hold em player. He was a freak of nature when it came to card games. His raw abilities and talents will never be matched. However, I cannot say the same about his qualities as a person. He regularly abused dealers and even threw a card at a dealers eye once. Many of the top players he played against couldn't stand him-not because he took their money but because of the way he acted at the table. In my opinion he was a punk who lived and loved the fast life of drugs and gambling that lead to his demise. If you want an example of a poker player who is also a great person look for Barry Greenstein who donates millions of dollars in winings to charity not a drug habit.

Unregistered on December 30, 2004

Stefanie-My condolences go out to you and your family, this time of year must be hard for you. On a lighter note, how's your poker game? Did your dad teach you any of his tricks?

the same guy who made the last post on December 30, 2004

Jesus Stu...why didnt you buy a damn comb with all your money with you were alive

chris moneyfaker on December 25, 2004

wahoo, i just made a whole $5 playing 10 cent limit poker on pokerstars. Pretty soon Ill be playing in the biggest cash games in the world.

mil on December 24, 2004

I think this site is hillarious,people just come on and slag off all these famous players who are either loaded with cash or have had more success than all the people posting on here put together.Stu Ungar's daughter comes on here with info on a book comming out,and immediately people post abuse aimed at her. This site (obviously)should be taken with a pinch of salt,although I do wish people would post more interesting things at times,it does get a little bit boring people slagging off these great,successful players.

enty on December 21, 2004

Stefanie: I work for the upper deck company, we are the worldwide leader in sports and entertainment trading cards and memorabilia. We are in the process of producing a set of trading cards featuring poker players and would love to feature your father in our set. Can you please contact my email address above so that we can discuss an agreement that would allow us to use your father's image for our trading card product. Thank you.

michael_bernstein on December 21, 2004

hey upperdeck guy if you are for real here are some suggestions - Ace of Spades - stuey Ace of Clubs - Johnny mossAce of Diamonds - Doyle BrunsonAce of hearts - johnny chan. i.e. the four people to have the WSOP main event more than once are the four aces.Well you better make stuey the ace of spades anyway.

Unregistered on December 21, 2004

hey steph, say you will agree but only if they make stuey the ace of spades.

Unregistered on December 21, 2004

aah....oh well..4 times then, and winning 3! thats pretty ironic

tj.reece on December 18, 2004

Wow, Stu IS the greatest player. I have read as much as I can about him, and I was looking forward to this movie until stephanie said that it was untrue. Btw, how does everyone know what she looks like? Anyways, you guys should really stop bashing him for his drug problem. I know many people that do drugs, and yes...I do. If you want to call me a junkie for that then F*** You. Just because he did drugs, does not make him a bad person. I think that the fact that he had a drug problem and a gambling problem makes his life that more interesting. I started playing poker at 8 years old playing draw poker. I have only ever seen poker pages about him, and I have never seen anything about him playing gin rummy. But if he is a better gin rummy player than poker, then He must be amazing. I did not know until today, however that he only played the WSOP 3 times! I also heard that he played the Superbowl of poker and won 3 times there aswell. How many times did he play that? Anyways, the only other question about him that I have on him is I was always curious how he treated his family and why he and his ex wife broke up. I am really anticipating the biography coming out of him. Soon, there will be a report for school that I will have to do. I knew the day I found out about the project that I am going to do it on Stu Ungar. I really am interested in learning more about him. He is the greatest player ever!

tj.reece on December 17, 2004

It's hard work. Gambling. Playing poker. Don't let anyone tell you different. Think about what it's like sitting at a poker table with people whose only goal is to cut your throat, take your money, and leave you out back talking to yourself about what went wrong inside.

Unregistered on December 17, 2004

that above post was a quote from the great late Stu Ungar. [email][/email].... you said in your post that Stu only entered into the WSOP 3 times and won each time. while most people believe that its actually untrue, I know he did enter at least one other time and didnt win (he got like 12th or something)

Unregistered on December 17, 2004

Surely theres no such game as "no limit" holdem "cash game". Surely this implies that you can move all in with all the money you have?? I thought cash games are always played with limits ($20/40...$1500/3000)etc. Please correct me if im wrong?

tarot bailey on December 10, 2004

The differences between NL tournament play and NL cash play. In a tournament, a player most frequently has from five to 40 times the amount of the big blind. In a cash game, you will most frequently has 40 to 100 times the big blind. These differences do have a great impact on strategy. Its still table stakes, but you can probably rebuy if you want.A cash game is just a ring game... 9 people will sit down at a table with an amount each in chips, and if theyre playing NL they can put all there chips in the pot at once.In a tourney you can use a slightly bit of a different strategy. Say that a pot comes up between you and a short stack person. He goes all in on the flop with probable top pair or maybe two pair, and all you have is a flush draw. In a cash game you would probably fold unless you are getting good pot odds, but in a tourney you might gamble and call as if you make that flush then you'll be in chip leader position and have a greater position to win the game.

Unregistered on December 10, 2004

exactly. He was the greatest NLH tourney player ever, without a doubt. But he was still one of the best NLH cash players ever too.So if he's the best NLH tourney player and one of the top few NLH cash game players, then he is the best NLH PLAYER ever.

Unregistered on December 9, 2004

stefanie Unger. Your dad and I were very close. There are some things he shared with me about you, which some day I hope to share with you.Hesaid the most beautiful thing to me about you that a father could ever say about his daughter. I have a picture of him holding you as a baby, very little shows of you but it is you. Its the happiest moment I've ever seen him. N Dalla knows me well and can tell you I told him some compassionate and brillant things about your dad. Some 6 hrs of tapped phone converation. Nolan is a bright man with agreat heartthats in the right place. I wish you the greatest success with the book. doc earle

phil earle/phil/earlephil on December 8, 2004

Hes not the greatest NLH player ever. He's the greatest Gin player ever in that he was unbeatable. In terms of NLH he was probably the greatest tourney player ever. In cash games there were better that's TJs opinion and most of the dealers that knew him

Tourney Champion on December 8, 2004

hey when is the movie/slash book out

Unregistered on December 7, 2004


Unregistered on December 6, 2004

does anyone know of any links to sites that have stories about stuey's headsup battles or things like that? i'd like to check out more on that. that call mentioned above is unbelievable

Makaveli on December 5, 2004

man, the time its taken for the owner of this site to write up a biography on Stuey is long! It must be really good then!

Unregistered on December 2, 2004

what about PK's family,surely they will remember him?

curtis warren on December 1, 2004

The evidence speaks for itself.Stu was the greatest NL poker player ever! I´m impressed by the dignity Stephanie handles some stupid people who´s trying to smear her fathers memory. I fell sick when I read PK:s postings. He´s obviosly not in good mental shape.It´s easy too be hooked on drugs, but hard to get rid of the demons. He proved his extraordinary talent and mental power by winning his third WSOP 1997 after many years of addiction. That´s mental power!Stu Ungar will allways be admired and remembered as a great poker legend.With or without demons, no one will probably remember PK.

Gary on November 30, 2004

whoa, I just been reading some poker articles which talk about Stu playing heads-up holdem.One of them goes like this... It was Mansour Matloubi and Stuey playing $50000 headsup freeze outs.On one hand the flop came 3-3-7 rainbow, Stuey bet and Mansour calledd. Turn was King, both checked, river was Queen. Mansour had pocket 4-5 off suit, and smelled weakness in Stuey when the river came up so he went all-in with his last $30000.Stuey called the bet and turned over his 10-9!!!!There were only three hands that Stu could beat, 4-5, 4-6, 5-6.WHAT AN UNBELIEVEABLE CALL!!!

Unregistered on November 26, 2004

Thansk, Steph.... your dad is a champ! and always will be.. see ya soon! H~

TI. on November 26, 2004

Yes I do. I am glad you got a chance to look him up on the internet. He was a smart and amazing person huh? Take care and it was nice meeting you.

Stefanie Ungar on November 22, 2004

hey steph! im just wondering after reading some of your previous comments, as to whether you are Christian?

Unregistered on November 21, 2004

Yes I am Christian. The Lord has given me so much strength in dealing with my dad's death. Today is the anniversary of his death. It is 6 years now. He had such a good heart and was so funny. When I think about him those are the things that I remember most. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am just thankful that I had a dad like him who loved me so much. Even though my time with him was cut short I still have a lifetime full of memories that I keep close to my heart.

Stefanie Ungar on November 21, 2004

Do you know who this is... now! (Breeze Bar) H~

TI. on November 21, 2004

Stick up for him Steph!!! your a great girl with alot of heart! H~ TI (Breeze)

TI. on November 20, 2004

Don't let anyone get you down...You are a good girl who knows her father! TI H~ (Breeze Bar) Found it...

TI. on November 20, 2004

His book should be released at the next WSOP. We still havn't figured out the exact name fot it yet. I have a name I would like to call it but I need to talk it over with the people who are involved with this also. I will make sure to keep everyone posted when I here somthing for sure. This next WSOP is going to be great! We have a few project that will be released at that time. Things of my dad that no one has seen yet.

Stefanie Ungar on November 16, 2004

Hey Bracey need to step it up for IU this year. And i live in Bloomington if you need a game. Much respect for Stu Ungar, one of the all time greats. Actions speak louder than words. He isnt here saying anything yet only two people have won three titles. Nuff said.

aavnet on November 16, 2004

Hey Stefaine, what part of the country do you live in? Just curious to know if you live in Vegas. Your dad was awsome, and I actually had the chance to play a few rounds with him. ANy idea when the book is going to be out? What is the name?

jdp16985 on November 15, 2004

Has his movie come out yet, i can't find it anywere.

Joe on November 14, 2004

Stefanie, I certainly do not look up to your father as God. There is only one God almighty and your father is definitely not him. He was a great poker player and I was only trying to pay your father a compliment for his playing abilities. In that he was a great success. I apologize to you and everybody who has taken offense to my previous remark.

DJG on November 13, 2004

It's ok. I kind of knew you didn't mean it in that way but some people really worship their idols and God tells us not to. I was only tring to make that known to people who might do that with my dad.

Stefanie Ungar on November 13, 2004

Everyone is intitled to their own opinion. I am not going to sit here and try to sell my dad to you. If you think Moss was better then my dad then so-be-it. I know Moss was a great player but better then my dad I don't think so! And there are alot of players who will back me up on this. I am sure of it!! I have taped interviews from people who are looked up upon in the poker world that will be featured in my dad's upcomming book who witnessed thousands of games played between my dad and others including Moss and admit they never saw someone play the way my dad did. They said when his head was on straight he played with perfection. You can let the record speak for itself. No player has ever won a Superbowl of Poker AND a World Series of Poker tournament one time each but in Stu Ungar's case he won each one of those tournaments 3 times each. But I do agree with you on something Sammy the Brick, I don't like when my dad it looked up upon as a god either. There is only one God Almighty and my dad was not him but He sure was blessed with a God given talent. Take care.

Stefanie Ungar on November 8, 2004

Just to give you some info. Johnny Moss and my dad used to play against each other regularly before he passed and my dad has beat him plenty times. That's already a known fact by those who have been in the poker seen long before all this televised poker started. For those of you who don't know... the very first WSOP decided the winner by a show of hands of who they thought played best overall. Alot of professional poker players whom I grew up with don't really consider that an ACTUAL win.

Stefanie Ungar on November 7, 2004

To give you some info, I've been following poker since before all this craze myself. I'm 23 and have been playing since I was in the 4th grade. I'm sure Moss lost more than jsut a few hands in his life, and to more people than just your dad, if they ever really played. Poker isn't a game where the best player wins ALL the time in fact no player no matter how good can ever win all the time. I'm sure you know this since you've been around the game so long. As far as the first WSOP though it diodn't have the numbers of today nor the format, I feel it showed who was the best player not because he beat out a field of 2000 plus players and got really lucky a lot of times, like MM but rather played solidly and well this I think shows who is the better player. Brunson, Lederer, Hellmuth, and Chan are all much better than any champion since 1990 until today but the main event wins won't show that. Bottom line I stick to what I said, Moss was better than Ungar.

sammy the brick on November 7, 2004

Wait I just scrolled up and saw that you say you're Ungar's daughter, I have no reason to disbelieve you and I'm going to take your word for it. So forget the last part completely. What I would like to say is that I wish Moss had written a book and that I think had your dad written one it would have been useless because his game was one that couldn't be taught. Moss was a player with experiance, where your dad was naturally a great card counter and had an almost mystical ability to read people. His gin hold em stud and even black jack game were ledgendary, I recently read about a black jack game where he called off the remaining cards left in the shoe when accused of cheating. Your father was a great player who's talent was really God given but it makes me angry how people say he was a "god" and how Moss isn't even on this site.

sammy the brick on November 7, 2004

STOP WITH THIS BLAPHAMIS POKER god BULLSHIT PLEASEEEE!!! He was a great player a great gin and hold em player who counted cards like a genius, but his weakness for drugs overcame it all and so did his love for sports betting he is far from a god in any respect. Johnny Moss also had 3 wins no one mentions him nor is he even listed on this site, truely sad becuase I'm sure he could have beaten Stu heads up anyday and would have placed better at a tourney too.

sammy the brick on November 6, 2004

just curious about when i can expect the book on him to be realeased?

texasKINGS on November 2, 2004

Stu was a wizard at cards but the drugs did get him,if i can be like 10% of the skill that stu did have will be a happy man, RIP stu and we will allways remeber you.

freeman on October 30, 2004

stephanie do you play poker? do you have a boy friend?

Unregistered on October 29, 2004

I don't know when the book is comming out. We are still putting the final touches on it. Mabey it will be out by the next WSOP. I have nothing to do with the movie so I have no clue when it's comming out.

Stefanie Ungar on October 26, 2004

yo when is the movie or book gonna hit the scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unregistered on October 25, 2004

Dear Amir/Tus You have a gift for writing. I wanted to tell you in case no one ever has but I am guessing that's not the case. I really like the fact that you can see into my father's life for more then what is seen by the average person. You have the ability to analize just as he did that's probably the reason that you drew a liking to him. Alot of people highlight his drug problem as if that was who he was but there was so much more to this briliant man. He hated the fact that he had a drug problem. He would tell me he didn't even like the high anymore. It's just sad to see how evil drugs are and how they can have such a stronghold on someone. Hopefully someone reading this who might be in a simuliar situation can learn from watching my dad's mistakes and turn there life around. That is one of the main reason's my dad agreed to writting his life story before he passed away. Hopefuly you all will read it when it's out and not only see my dad for who he was as a poker player but as a person too.

Stefanie Ungar on October 22, 2004

Stu was really a legend. He was a true gambler and with out any doubt one of the greatest among who ever pulled in to the card games and specially the game of poker. with out no doubt, he was an A in the way that NLH should be played. There are lot of fascinating stories about how he did figure out , what people were holding and how he would put you under pressure of making any decision while you were having your chips piled up infront of his. He was a head and shoulder above all the other NLH tournament players in the history of the game.Although i agree with people who say that he was always broke and that is not what the game of poker is all about,how ever,as you all know and heard about, he was a true gambler. he would put his money on any thing. he was after the pleasure of gambling. after the hight of it. He had stood on the highest mountain of risk,fear and Adrenalin.thats what made him a legend. He was the man of action. he wasn't after a normal life; thats what he was born to do and he did it with out any fear to the end. I bet you that the man enjoyed his time more than any of us could ever think of or any body could ever put it in to the written work.Yes, my friends thats what gambling is all about, he had the highest climbes and to its reverse the deepest of drops, but he always came back,and never let these drops put him out of action. Partner, that require big heart, which he had. onthe other hand, what made him a legend was his unique abilities. Such as having photo graphic memory,a true ability in figuring the game mathematical aspects,ability to read people and find out about thier strenght and weeknesses, a true artist, a brave heart,and so many more ,but on top of all he was a real No limit player of the game of life.Okey he might have not won it compare to the one's who have, but he left his name as a legend in the history of gambling.I believe there are many poker players out thier who have become interested in the game of poker , because of his legendery stories. I'm one of those . when ever i see the picture of that childish , skinny, sweet guy sitting at the green felt table of the world series of poker with a huge pile of chips infront of him and sitting next to him are legendrey players, who look like monsters comparing to his physical size and are crashed by his unpredictable plays, i get this romantic feeling inside, a strange feeling which is undrestandable for those who are familiar with the game of life. This image of him, has made him one of a kind. i personally don't agree with his drug addiction, but i don't judge him on that base.Even though to me it sounds like this life" a normal life" was such a bordem for a man with his ability and talents. yes he wanted to be high, the highest as a man could possibley get( in a sense of action).He had it, he felt it and he got over the real game, the bigest game, the game of life.God bless his soul, love you kid.

Amir/Tus on October 20, 2004

I play sports in college and i just took up poker... I follow some of the same techniques as Stu Ungar and Phil Ivey... AGGRESIVE... Thanks for postin stefanie... HOLLA!

Bracey Wright on October 17, 2004

Thanks Stefanie, if it were not for your dad, then I wouldn't have been interested in the WSOP for all of these years.I understand drug addiction and have watched it destroy a many of people. (I hate drugs and all that they do to you.) I have also watched them recover from it. My brother reminds me so much of Stu. Brilliant beyond anyones imagination yet was hooked on drugs and also spent a many a night in jail. Stealing to support his habits. He was able to recover but not before it destroyed his early years as an adult. He is now 45 and VP of Finance for a major Auto dealership in Texas. BTW, never graduated from high school either. Dropped out at age 16. It is unfortunate that anyone on this board considers characters such as Stu as losers and such. They were brilliant people and beautiful at the same time. Drugs are a menace to society and it does seem to effect brillliant folks more than the average Joe. Not sure of the psycological reasoning behind it, but if you look back at cultures throughout history, some of the most brilliant of minds succumbed to drug abuse and ultimately died because of it. Yes, talent wasted, but the legacy that has been left behind by these flawed characters is reason enough to give respect to their brillance. Some make it some don't. Because I understand, I salute Stu and hope to make the final table this year at the WSOP. Cheers.

Mago on October 15, 2004

My Dad Never Went To Rehab. But It's Ok Because There Are Alot Of Rumors About Him That Will Be Cleared Up In The Book. The Book Isn't Called "the Man Behind The Shades" Anymore. But Yes I Just Signed On To Work With Nolan.

STEFANIE UNGAR on October 14, 2004

Does anyone know when the movie is going to be released or where to get a overseas copy.

Unregistered on October 12, 2004

Stephanie - Were you working with Nolan Dalla on the book about your father? (The Man Behind the Shades) From what I've heard, he has a lot of tapes of conversations/interviews and his book is supposed to be great. I know the editor that bought it has left Atria, and I know that it is being published in the UK. Any idea who is publishing it here and when it will be released?

curious about the book on October 11, 2004

The people who say that drug use is bad are the ones who take a drug everytime they sneeze or demand that the doc give them a pill for any little problem they have. Cocaine isn't as bad as some drugs, and for Stu to play right out of rehab and still win is a testament to his overwhelming skill. Stu won the main even 3 times, and whoever said that hellmuth was better needs to be kicked in the throat.

Stu is god! on October 10, 2004

never knew Stu, didn't even know how to play poker when he was alive but I've read alot about the man and talked to several pros who played with him and several dealers who dealt to him. Without a doubt, he was a card genius, not just poker. Alot of the "greats" of our time met their demise to drugs...Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin to name a was a didn't age, a different era than the world we live in today. It is obvious from everyone who new him that he loved his daughter, Stephanie very much....and knowing the world of Vegas do we really know he died of a drug overdose that he willing took? hmmmmmm Give them man his due and the respect he so richly deserves...yeah, Hellmuth has 9 bracelets for WSOP events....but not 3 for the main event.....BIG, BIG difference....Stu is a legend.....

rivahqueen on October 9, 2004

RIP Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POKER GOD, probably taking some money off Tupac and Biggie hahaha

Da Best on October 7, 2004

not a bad poker player????? Guess you know nothing about this man, he was the only player to every win WSOP 3 times,i don't count JMoss. Enter 30 major NL tourney and won 10 of it. that's 33% of winning. "but definately not the best of all time" than who is?

Hey John Juanda on October 7, 2004

from what Ive read about him, sounds like he was in a league of his own. what a legend

Unregistered on October 5, 2004

stu's father,iddo, and my father,nate, were brothers. i went to stu's bar-mitzvah . he was quite a smart boy. what happened to the movie ? i would love to see them immortalize him

stu's cousin on September 28, 2004

RIP to a poker legend that I have not learned enough about yet to comment.

MLaw on September 27, 2004

Imagine what he coulda done...Great player! Great person! Bad Habits :( RIP STU...Take some of God's money too!

Pokrstudent on September 23, 2004

when did stu unger die??

yoduhlookcloser on September 14, 2004

One of the best, but stupidity (drugs) got the best of him.

Rick on September 14, 2004

not a bad poker player but definately not the best of all time

John Juanda on September 9, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Stefanie Ungar on September 7, 2004

Dear Stefanie Unger, I knew your father from Bennies club in NY around 1976. Yes he was the best Gin rummy player around bar non. And then became the best poker player that I ever seen, Including John Moss. I may be able to help you with some memoirs back then. Feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Bill

BILL S on September 2, 2004

Thanks for the kind words. I guess you really wouldn't know if this is me or not but I really am Stefanie. I like to go online from time-to-time and read about my dad because for me it helps me keep his memory alive(kind of like therapy for me).

Stefanie Ungar on August 24, 2004

The best No-Limit Hold-Em' and Gin player to have ever lived and my personal inspiration to improve my poker game and continue learning.Stefanie, if that is really you (it is the Internet, so you can't blame a guy for being weary :) ), I look far beyond your Dad's personal demons and look to his unreal talent. He is, was, and will be along with Brunson "The Man" in No-Limit poker. Anybody else is just a pretender.Amen to whoever said that you could take every negative person on here, add up their talent level and multiply it by 5,000 and Stuey on his worst day would bust them in less than 20 minutes, guaranteed.An untouched genuis of the game, RIP Mr. Ungar, you are the best. God Bless your family Stefanie.

ACG2x on August 23, 2004

Is that movie guna come out then? i rarely go to movies because of the price today but this one would be worth goin to if it goes into theatres

smash on August 22, 2004

Why would you want to see a movie that has barely any truth behind it?

Stefanie Ungar on August 22, 2004

so is the movie still guna come out? cuz i never got to see stu play because of my young age, i really want to see the movie about the poker legend stu ungar..RIP

smash on August 12, 2004

i love how people talk about how shitty some clean players and then praise this druggie. he probably only won the WS because the little pink elephant floating on top of the poker table was telling him what every held. with all the talent he had he was too stupid to give himself a life. the only thing he shows gamblers is how not to live and that even the most extensive of skill can be thrown away by terrible decisions.

some guy on August 12, 2004

In response to pk... I am sorry you feel such ill feelings towards my father. I almost wasn't going to respond to your comment because I didn't want to lower myself but I can't read this and not stick up for my dad especially since he isn't here to stick up for himself. I am by no means using his life to make money. His life was incredible and it deserves to be told. When your the best in the world at anything you deserved reconigation. I am especially looking forward to this book coming out so people like you can see that there was alot more to my dad life then just his drug use.

Stefanie Ungar on August 10, 2004

For those of you who are intrested in the movie comming out, I don't have any infomation on that because we were not behind that movie. I read the script and didn't care for it. I wanted it to be totally based on my fathers life(the good and the bad) but the guy behind the movie felt it was fine the way he wrote it so we declined.

Stefanie Ungar on August 10, 2004

He lost more than he won-died broke- he's no better th an the rest of the losers out there-actaully he is was one up-he was also a junkie- amazing how so many people praise a degerate gambling junkie who died broke- he was a poor excuse for a human- A dime a dozen- jsut another dead junkie in my mind

pk. on August 7, 2004

in repsonse to owen- the best at whatever he would try???- How about life. REAL WINNER THERe- one of millions of dead junkies- REAL HERO- your right he really conquered life

pk. on August 7, 2004

and stepahnie ungar should be ashamed of herself by making money off her own father's tragedies- but hey -apple dont fall far from the tree - your father was a degenerate drug addict - JUST ANOTHER LOSER - he got what he deserves

pk. on August 7, 2004

Hello to all readers here. If Stu were still alive there would not be any doubt about why he is the greatest gin/poker player ever. The reason that the game has become so popular is due to legends like Stu Ungar. To Stefanie and Ms Ungar, his spirit lives on in his name and memory. I am related to Jerry Ungar, Stu's cousin, and am now teaching Danny Ungar to play the best game ever. We all go by the name the Ungar gang and will be ready for wsop 2005 or 06, he is only 19. We will never play like Stu did but hope to keep the Ungar name in poker for many more years to come... so watch out... there are other Ungar's still out here and getting ready.

freddifish on August 4, 2004

Phil Hellmuth is 10x better that Stu Ungar. 9 braclets to 3

b.. on August 2, 2004

Take the collective poker talent of everyone to have made a post in this site, put it in one player, and Stu Ungar would beat that person in ten minutes headsup. I would also like to thank his daughter and family for compiling a book about his life. Being a twentysomething player I am truly thankful that tournament structures have changed, It is incredible to think of his accomplishments given the way those tournaments rode players like abused workhorses. Perhaps the greatest loss of our time not to be able to watch him play, but it is nothing to your loss, Ms. Ungar. To hell with those who would disrespect him over drugs, they weren't there. They don't know the pressure he felt, more than likely they'll never know it. But they will dream every time they sit at a card table that they had a tenth of the genius your father possessed. I anxiously await the release of your book as well as the film next year. I hope it shows people who think poker is an easy living exactly how many obstacles we indeed face. God bless and thank you again.

the voice of reason on August 2, 2004

The Guy Was So Good I Think He Cheated lol j/k wish he was around still so ppl like varkonyi and raymer couldnt win they really suck

Unregistered on August 1, 2004

anytime a real professional (not some jackass on a message board) is asked who the greatest of all time is they always say stu ungar. the funny thing is that hold'em was not his best game. this guy was winning $10,000 hands of gin when he was a teenager. it seems to me he would have been the best at what ever he decided to do.

owen on August 1, 2004

Three World Series Of Poker Main Event titles, three Super Bowl Of Poker Main Event titles, and countless other wins...Over 31 MILLION in earnings in such a limited number of events...How can anyone dispute who's the greatest No-Limit Hold-'Em player of all time...STU UNGAR BY FAR...SECOND TO NONE.

BruddahV on July 29, 2004

the Micheal Jordan of poker

DJ. on July 26, 2004

Stef: Great to see your posting regarding Stu's life, please keep us posted as to when the book is coming out on the greatest poker player that ever lived there are thousands of us poker players out there which are waiting for that book, RIP STU!

mud-rat - mattc22 on July 25, 2004

Hello i am a young poker player and i was wondering if there are sites to get tips from stew or videos of his tourneys. -email me or post please

rocketdog457 on July 25, 2004

He was truly one of the best players in history if not the best of all time he just played it like he invented the game otherwise the game would have invented him!

Duncan Zientek on July 25, 2004

One of the greatest ever, no doubt about that, i could see him winning so many wsop braclets and from what i heard hes a truly a gentleman, everyone including me has their own demons, but that doesnt change who you are.. rip stuey

Dan Lavoie on July 20, 2004

My mother and I, along with a few others are putting together a book about my dad's life as we speak. Hopefully it with be released by the next WSOP. His life was amazing. Even I was surpried to hear about all the things he went through while he was making a name for himself. For those of you who think he was nothing but a coke head I'll fill you in on a few things... my dad never smoked ciggaretts, drank, smoked pot or anythings of that nature his whole life. He was the stratest guy you ever met. It wasn't until he came to Vegas and he was be playing in tournaments that lasted 3 or 4 days in a row that's actually how drugs got introduced to him. Luckly tournament arn't like that now of days.

Stefanie Ungar on July 19, 2004

Nice to see you here! You are VERY good looking. Too bad about your Dad, but there's always that picture in his pocket, right? Peace.

Wow Stef!! on July 19, 2004

how do i get a copy of his biography? can't find it anywhere

doc on July 18, 2004

could have been the mj of poker if he had common sense and stayed off drugs. ONE of the greats. Top 10 but nothing like best ever

Unregistered on July 17, 2004

the Bobby Fisher of poker

Unregistered on July 16, 2004

Stuey's legend lives in the movie "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story" (formerly called "Stuey"), picked up by New Line and set to release next April (or maybe sooner). Michael Imperioli (Christopher of the "Sopranos" plays Stuey, written, produced and directed by Tony Vidmer. Details at official web site [url][/url] and Yahoo! group site [url][/url] It's awesome! I saw it at the Nashville Film Festival.

jon on July 15, 2004

i turned on the tv one day to watch stu dominate the last world series he won. I thought the game was rigged or he had x-ray glasses. All the pros today are Lucky hes dead, he was the best and made a joke out of the rest.

rip to the kid on July 14, 2004

He was the best. What made him great was his ability to play as if he wasn't trying. But his mind was always alert to waht was going on around him. The drugs took some of that away and eventually it did him in. If wall street had ever found him in the early 80's he would be an "Allan Greenspan" type with a clue to the markets.

Dizzy G on July 13, 2004

What a marvelous poker pro. Im sory to see him go. With 3 wsop main event titles, it maKES HIM A LEGEND

HaryTerry on July 13, 2004

Stu is immortal, a genius possessing skills that can only be acquired from God. Like Mozart or Einstein, his skills defied the bounds of human nature. The fact that so many dim wits slam him for his lifestyle prove the fact of his genius. No one can criticize his game, only his personal troubles which actually make his achievements that much more remarkable. People love to hate the best, because they know that they can never reach that level.Stu was and is the greatest!

acesup/davidkent/davidchinaski on July 13, 2004

cute? are you kidding me? did you see him in '96? you want a good looking poker player? it's Phil Ivey... but if you want a legend... Stu's your guy

Unregistered on July 12, 2004

Don't knock the man because he did drugs. He had his personal demons stemming from a crappy childhood. His parents were bad and they died young. What can you expect from the man? Luck can win you one WSOP but it can't win you 3. Stu was one of the greatest minds to ever touch felt. He deserves nothing but respect.

Gimpy on July 7, 2004

Stew Ungar was in a league of his own. No one can be compared to him, and he hands down the best player to ever have played the game. I don't think that anyone in my lifetime will be even close to being as good as ungar. And the remarkable part is that NLH wasn't even his best game. Just think what he could have done if he didn't get into all of those drugs. RIP Stu, you're the man.

Steve on July 5, 2004

imagine how many more tournaments this guy couldve won. whoever said hes a drug addict and lucky, didnt see the man play poker at all in his life. stuey is the best ever at winning and losing.

brian on July 4, 2004

He got banned from a casino for counting down the last 14 cards in a one deck shoe to a pit boss after being accused of cheating cause he was up so much. Then he got dared for $100,000 to his $10,000 to count down the last 3 decks of a 6 deck shoe. He did it with ease. What a remarkable brain.

Miller on July 3, 2004

what a waste of poker talent,if i had his skills id never touch drugs and only bet on things i could beat.a sad story.

Unregistered on June 29, 2004

he could have had it all... the man would win a million in poker then drop the lot on golf games or craps... repeated this cycle a number of times in his life... but thats what made him such a great NL poker player, he simply didn't care about the money...

RIP Stu Ungar on June 29, 2004

He is very sexy and cute. Looking at him make me want to cuddle with him all night. I get loopy in my stomache just looking at his picture.

Poker Kitten on June 28, 2004

ungar was the the won ever one as many tournaments and live cash than this guy did... RIP

Unregistered on June 25, 2004

A drug addict who got lucky a few times

Ikillwhitepeople on June 24, 2004

The best poker player ever hands down--3 for 3 -enough said-- a legend --Please don't compare Hellmuth, Cloutier, Slim, or Brunson to this man.

imalegend on June 15, 2004

yes just because someone has no respect for money doesnt mean that he doesnt deserve respect. Stu i hope god doesnt kick ya out for taking all his money but i dont think the devil would have ya. RIP

macdude420 on June 9, 2004

whens the damn Stu movie comin out, it's taking forever! Stu the man

Mr. Beats on June 7, 2004

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