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HPG ADMIN 03-05-13 08:49 PM

POKER TOOLS - Poker Odds
Poker Odds

Latamgrinder 08-20-13 10:47 AM

Is there a way to get this guide in a PDF format? Its just great

NB5 09-13-13 10:47 PM

Odds of.Quads on turn v full house full of lower cards? (guess this is the same as under set v higher set)

njaalgw@gmail.com 11-27-13 08:27 PM

The probability of at least or exactly one pair or trips when holding non-paired pocket cards that are given above are different from the probabilities given by the calculator in the link below - who is this so?

[url]http://www.texasholdem-poker.com/calculator?card1=14&card2=7&suit=Unsuited&chance_f ormat=percentage&decimals=2[/url]

Dead Money 08-20-15 10:39 PM

If I have two suited cards in Holdem, what are the odds of a flop of one card of each remaining suit and no pair?
Thanks, Dead Money.

BigOx56 04-20-17 02:36 PM

I think the odds of flopping quads stated above, about 407 to 1, is overstated. Suppose we have 77 and we are playing 9-handed. First we have to make sure that none of our opponents has a 7, because otherwise flopping quads is impossible. So the 16 cards dealt to our opponents must have come from the 48 cards remaining in the deck that are not sevens. (48 choose 16)/(50 choose 16) is (34x33)/(50x49) or about 0.458. Disregarding the order in which the flop cards are chosen, there is only one way to choose both sevens out of the 34 remaining cards in the deck, and the third flop card can be any one of 32. So there are 32/(34x33x32) flops that will give us quads, or 1 in 1056. So we will flop quads with a pocket pair only 13 times in 30,000 hands.

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