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TheTruth 06-18-04 07:00 PM

POKER INFO - PROILE - Antonio Esfandiari
This guy sucks. Bad. Just real lucky.

Unregistered 06-20-04 07:00 PM

Is he Italian or Jew?

herman007 06-23-04 07:00 PM

I don't like his table manners, and I hate the wave he does after a win. However, I am not going to insult him on some chat site by calling him silly names.

look 06-23-04 07:00 PM

hes iranian, hes sexy and rich too.

ADAM/A/heavydman99 06-26-04 07:00 PM

Excellent player. Nothing better than watching him beat up on hellmuth at lucky chances...and outdraw him at the wsop 3k pot limit this year. Great player...will win a few more bracelets and continue to make final tables. Whats with all these disrespectful comments anyways...u people are morons.

Farhad Esfandiari 06-26-04 07:00 PM

my brother is the best poker player in the world. this year he has made over 3 million playin in tourneys and bid limit cash games. he just bought me a new car and hes the best.

Anthony 06-26-04 07:00 PM

over rated. knocked him out in a limit tourney. trys to bluff then when he gets caught he prays he can outdraw

michael/ jordan/ mj23 06-27-04 07:00 PM

Greatest Persian to ever play the game of poker. Hes a Jew to, which makes him great.

david.mahoney 06-28-04 07:00 PM

A great young gun on the poker scene, his record speaks for itself. Jealousy is a curse guys.

Poker Kitten 06-28-04 07:00 PM

He is very sexy. I love his hair.

MitchL 07-01-04 07:00 PM

Say what you want, but that re-steal against Vinnie Vinh at WPT was the best move I've seen on T.V. easy.

Monk104 07-12-04 07:00 PM

How can any of you insult proffessionals, there pros they must be good and not just lucky, no one can have that good of a lucky streak. Every player on the left are good players, some better than others but there all good players.Monk104.

Unregistered 07-15-04 07:00 PM

jew? brother farhad? where do you guys come up w this stuff? for the record i am persian. not italian. not jewish. i admit i dont know how to play. oh and if i have a long lost brother named farhad i would like to know about it. you guys seriously have way too much time on your hands. Antonio Esfandiari

Eric/K 07-16-04 07:00 PM

wow Antonio cool to see actual people post to their article lol. Why bother with those rude and racist people when you can play poker :DThough I don't respect your table manner much, I have huge respect for you for being able to concentrate at one thing like magic and poker forfew years and become very best at it.Hope to see you on TV with AA on headsup match lol!Cya.

pish tosh 07-20-04 07:00 PM

iranian players are the best at everthing exept grooming there back hair yeeeeeeee

Heather Nicole 07-27-04 07:00 PM

I think antonio is very sexy!!! He takes my breath away. He is good at what he does and doesnt need to change a thing. (except one thing you ask me and ill tell ya)

Unregistered 07-28-04 07:00 PM

what is it heather?

Nima/Nima Tehrani/Chosofeel 07-29-04 07:00 PM

I'm nima, Antonio's cuzin, for the record, he is a persian jew and yes, he does dominate the poker world, i don't know who that guy is claiming that he is antonio, and do not disrespect farhad, antonio's brother. Antonio will be participating in the WSOP

ON THE REAL TIP 07-31-04 07:00 PM

To all you haters out there-You know you're jealous because Antonio who came from another country and who stereotypically is suppose to be at a disadvantage in America has managed to become more successful and has made more money than you ignorant people can even count. Oh, and here's a thought, why don't you spend more of your time trying to keep your girl from running to Antonio instead of trying to figure out whether or not he's a Jew. His ethnicity or religion is insignificant to the fact that you are going to still be the poor, pathetic people that you are sitting at your computer while he's sitting behind a poker table winning money that you wish you had.

Dont Hate Him Cause You Aint Him 08-01-04 07:00 PM

Antonio is a great poker talent i play with him on ultimatebet all the time he actually wins at poker unlike most you morons who are here hating on him

Unregistered 08-01-04 07:00 PM

I hope you werent talking about all of us well who cares if im poor atleast im happy

Unregistered 08-01-04 07:00 PM

I was talking about anybody who said all that garbage up there, so if that's not you my comments weren't directed towards you.

the voice of reason 08-02-04 07:00 PM

Gutsy player and a welcome addition to UB's family. That said have a talk with the programmers over there? has it become afreerollers paradise or what? The quality of the site has declined since the day they first hosted a 1500 player freeroll. Stop over taxing the gerbil running the server with freerolls UB. You're losing real money customers every goddamn day.

Ryan S. 08-03-04 07:00 PM

ANTONIO.....Call me....your kicking some ass...who loves you man...and where did it all start ? LOL you , gabe, me , and a bottle of Jack -- You Da Man !!!!!!!!!!!!11

mike 08-03-04 07:00 PM

i think antonio has is head up his ass with all the money he makes He thinks he is better than everyone. He wont even talk to anyone. He just walks by with his nose up. Money aint getting you no where and to RYAN S go make you own your peice antonio will be broke soon

Rectal envy... 08-04-04 07:00 PM

Hey Mike, your just upset cuz it's not your head up his ass. I'm sure it's more pleasant than anywhere you've been!

Falafel Sam 08-05-04 07:00 PM

I met this guy at the my falafel bar, house of falafel in frisco. great tipper.

PokrStudent 08-05-04 07:00 PM

I think Anotonio is a decent player. But I THINK that the arm waving after winning a pot is a bit much...there is something to say about acting like a professional.

Heather Nicole 08-11-04 07:00 PM

Well if you dont like his hand wave... watch his lips it will turn you gay real fast. Im infactuated with him and all he has accomplished. I wish i knew more and had more to say. He is the SEXIEST poker player. Go Baby Go!

Shannon B/Sburgess/Shannonb7575 08-12-04 07:00 PM

Ahmed Esfandiari is a good player. I've played a number of times against him at the Bay. He has a way of playing hands and knows when to trap people and people when to go in strong. Until next time we meet at the Bay... Good Luck Magician....

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