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Stud7. 08-18-04 06:00 PM

Hey Pokergal.... sorry to hear you have been treated poorly. All of the people I play with in tourneys, live games and home games would never treat a woman like that. We are not all bad. You go girl and make your dream happen... it's my dream as well to win some major tourneys... I have made the final table in 5 tourneys so far and I have been playing for two years. Not big money yet but I keep on trying. Good luck to you and maybe we will meet at the final table.

Unregistered 08-18-04 06:00 PM

that was funny when she kept bitchin about how that one dude did something wrong with his chips..I forget what but yea she acted like she just lost on some bs. and whats this deal with affleck, I mean I love that dude hes a great actor but just because she taught him how to play he's suddenly a "world class" player, haha

Unregistered 08-18-04 06:00 PM

i think annie duke is so hot the way she plays barefoot with her foot propped up

Pokergal 08-19-04 06:00 PM

thanks Stud -- Not all guys are like that, most are really cool. You can always tell the jerks from the class acts and that's in all walks of life, not just poker. See ya at the final table one day!Jen

AlisoninVegas 08-20-04 06:00 PM

Wow! Ms. Duke's page has by far more comments than any of the other players I have visited so far. What's interesting is the low level of comments made when the player HAPPENS to be female. What a perv and misogynistic way to look at life and the game we all love.

AceofSpades 08-20-04 06:00 PM

hey pokergal, i am also sorry to hear that you are being treated badly. i have also been called names for the way that i have been winning, i guess you are right it is because we are girls. Annie i hope that you keep up the good work

Stud7. 08-21-04 06:00 PM

Just remember this about Ben Affleck.... He did win the Cal State Poker Championship this year.... not too shabby! And Jen... it's just a matter of time!

MisterC 08-22-04 06:00 PM

Here's the link to Daniel Negreanu's thoughts on Annie:

[url]http://groups.google.com/group/rec.gambling.poker/browse_frm/thread/d3269fb1595761f9/df29691ba69a5c40?lnk=st&q=kidpoker+annie+duke&rnum =2&hl=en#df29691ba69a5c40[/url]

Unregistered 08-23-04 06:00 PM


tryla 08-25-04 06:00 PM

yo don't hate the player hate the game

YeahRight 08-30-04 06:00 PM

Why all the excitement over Annie Duke? I sat with her head-up at Bellagio for only about an hour and a half and took $7000 from her. I mean, she looks great at the table, but she's just another player. Seriously. Play her some time.

Unregistered 09-01-04 06:00 PM

whatever annie duke is a great player and you know it you are just jealous

brill 09-03-04 06:00 PM

solid player at omaha but i've never seen her solid hold'em play. best female player on the circuit.

Gus is the man 09-04-04 06:00 PM

OVERRATED. Harmon is a much better female player.

tinmantyke 09-14-04 06:00 PM

Hey Annie:i Love A Woman That Is Happy To Be A Milf....drop Me An Email And Any Chance You Doing Playboy?vg

acesfull 09-20-04 06:00 PM

she plays well but looks ridiculous with her feet proped up at the poker table listening to those damn headphones.

Pokergal 09-21-04 06:00 PM

You rock, girl! congrats on your win against phil helmuth. AWESOME play, gutsy moves and a truly exciting match. nothing was more satisfying than seeing you outplay Helmuth! The trip threes with the jack kicker (to Phil's trip threes with q kicker) was a little bit harsh but you recovered nicely. Loved when you had K - 9, flopped two pair, and then only showed Phil the nine to f*ck with his head. hehe. Nicely done.

nonplussed 09-21-04 06:00 PM

Eh, Helmuth is great though. He's a real jerk on the table, but Annie Duke got really lucky in the heads up play. I mean, there's only so many times you can both flop top pair at once. I mean, K7 vs K9, Phil made an excellent laydown, and even after she showed the nine, he said, "I had a feeling you flopped two pair". So, I mean, hands where you both have tens, and the flop is 10 x x, eventually one person is going to go all in and the higher kicker is going to prevail. So kudos to her for playing well, but I think luck was on her side, big time. That being said, I thought it was GREAT when she started crying after she flopped the set against her brother. There should be more of that at the poker table; people realizing they _shouldn't_ have won the hand, they they made a _terrible_ call, and they got unbelievably lucky. I mean, even on the turn and river, Howard was still drawing to four cards. But yeah, I thought she was great about administering the bad beat - and she didn't brag about it, or dance around the table.

Pokergal 09-21-04 06:00 PM

i agree nonplussed -- with both sentiments about Helmuth and with the fact that Annie had luck on her side -- no doubt. Phil did make the good laydown. It could've been an entire different game, however, if Phil wasn't so afraid to play his A-Q against Johnny Chan earlier in the tourney, but ya never know. Annie did have luck but I've never seen anyone win without luck. Raymer had a ton of lucky moments to win the WSOP as did Moneymakes last year. I think it's how it goes but it's how you play it when you get those lucky runs that matter. I agree, the heartfelt emotion shown when she won with inferior cards was appreciated. Personally I thought it was one of the more interesting tourneys I've seen.

Jumbles 09-21-04 06:00 PM

Go Annie! she made my day! watching her beat phil hellmuth!! happiest moment of my life!! well not quite, but still!!! sure she got lucky! but in the end, luck is party of poker. moneymaker, good player, but got tonnes of luck. raymer, great player, but got lucky (i.e his 10's vs mcclains aces) so yeh, annie got a bit lucky @ times, but she made the most of it when she was lucky and made the most of it when she got good hands! and thats what makes a great poker player! it was fantastic to see a girl win that table! especially one with the class and skill of annie duke. and as for phil hellmuth, he was once a great player, but that one victory in the main event, went to his head, and has never left his head! every table he sits at, he thinks he is the greatest player on the table, and its just not true. poker is a game of skill and luck, and phil hellmuth forgets that! he things because he is midly skillful he deserved to win everything!! NOT TRUE!!! he is a jerk, a whinging crybaby and all around arrogant prick! it was so satisfying to see him fall hard on his arse! good work annie!!!

KrisH 09-21-04 06:00 PM

I agree annie got lucky but im glad she beat phil he has got issues. She hung in there ealy with short stacks but made the right calls and made alot of all in calls that got her to the final with phil. It was just her night.

phil helmuth 09-21-04 06:00 PM

how big of a cry baby am i... annie rules i loved watching her beat helmuth that LOSER!!!!!!

Unregistered 09-21-04 06:00 PM

So happy to see that whimp Phil go down and the cry about it afterwards

Unregistered 09-21-04 06:00 PM

It would have been cool to see her and her brother go at it for all the money, cant stand Helmuth.

SpecialK1224 09-21-04 06:00 PM

Absolutely lucky. She didn't deserve to survive any of her all in bets that put her in position to be in the final 2. She would only win that tournament maybe once out of a 100 times.

Ricemode 09-21-04 06:00 PM

SO all you haters of Annie Duke... yea she just owned Helmuths bitch ass... stop hating cause your not that level...

chase/cmatthew 09-21-04 06:00 PM

the beat on helmuth will go down in history as one of the best ever!!!!!she was so farr in his head, he didn't know if he was coming or going.i'll bet he's still babbling like and idiot.

Artist 09-22-04 06:00 PM

Phill rules Annie just got lucky I hate her so much she allways trys to look at people's cards.I love it when Phill crys at the table, keep up the good work Phill.

Slayre 09-22-04 06:00 PM

"The best all-around woman poker player in the world today!"- Phil Hellmuth, Jr.

LittleLuLu 09-22-04 06:00 PM

I too was thrilled to see Annie whoop Hellmuth's whiny little bitch ass. I also again that some of it was luck but hello! it's poker some of it is always luck. Nobody can control the cards that fall. I think that she deserved that win way more then Hellmuth with his horrible table etiquette, what a soar loser. I think that Annie is one of the best players in the world. Keep it up girl! DOn't let these envious boobs get you down!

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