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Nicole Gomes/Nickie/nicolegomes_us 12-09-04 06:00 PM

You are a true inspiration to me. I hope one day to have some of your accomplishments! (Not only in my dreams).

Hooten/Monkeyman/mouseowl 12-10-04 06:00 PM

gratz on your wins in 2004!! Hope to see ya do even better in 2005. Just a thought, it is a good thing you took Howard out with the 6s. He was steaming on Phil and I feel he would not of played well heads up on him. You owned Phil (Hellmouth)<-- pun) and it almost made me cry it was so cool. Keep up the great work.

Mr Postman 12-21-04 06:00 PM

Annie and her brother Howard remind me of Karen and Richard Carpenter?!

AL. 12-21-04 06:00 PM

I Just Cant Belive How She Took Out Her Bro

jbare 12-26-04 06:00 PM

I wonder if annie has been approached by Hugh Hefner to pose in Playboy?

Unregistered 12-28-04 06:00 PM

Fucking men out there who don't have a big enough brain to comment on her poker skills they have to be pigs cause she happens to be a women. I know guys your brain can only think of one thing at a time.

sarah 12-28-04 06:00 PM

MisterC: I can't find those articles Negreanu wrote about Duke. Do those links you listed still work? Where else can I find them?

Tilly Lace 01-02-05 06:00 PM

You go girl!!! You keep doing exactly what you are doing because it seems to be working quite well. I have been called a c**t, ect.. at poker tables but I smile because I know got under their skin. How can people say such awful things? Even if you did meet her and she was rude, haven't you ever had a bad day?

iveyfan05 01-03-05 06:00 PM

annie is a god player, but SOOOOO annoying,,,i hate it when she doesnt get her way, she gets that voice thats on the same level as nails on a chalkboard...as far as how she looks.....she does bear a striking resemblence to regean from the movie the excorsist,,, and i mean after the devil takes over

Unregistered 01-04-05 06:00 PM

Annie Is The Shit

Nine Ball/fsmith35 01-11-05 06:00 PM

Annie is one of my favorite poker players to watch on TV. I wish she were on more often. I have never seen her act like anything but a lady. That is one of the things I like best about her. My wife and I both agree that she has striking good looks. Annie is the best all-around woman poker player in the world today!

iveyfan05 01-11-05 06:00 PM

great poker player yes.....good looking.....um not even a little bit....shes striking alright ..the same way star jones is striking

Bumblebee711 01-15-05 06:00 PM

Annie rocks! Without question she's the best female poker player in the world. Yeah, she's hot too! 99.9% of you who slam her have never even met the woman. You all talk a lot of crap like a bunch of old gossipping hens. Annie, you're the best. Good luck in the future cutie.

jbare 01-16-05 06:00 PM

She made a fool out of hellmuth and makes good money. What more could a man want?

Big Al 01-30-05 06:00 PM

Anyone know her email address? I need it.

Unregistered 02-01-05 06:00 PM

yes her email address is I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOUR .05/.10 SORRY [email]ASS@HOTMAIL.COM[/email]

pokerprincess 02-02-05 06:00 PM

annie is such an inspiration. i love watching her play.

iveyfan05 02-02-05 06:00 PM

shes a great player no doubt..but why is it she always seems to be whinning...

DoYouNotGetIt? 02-03-05 06:00 PM

It's intriguing that so many say that there are pro players that don't like Annie for some reason or another. Annoying behaviour? Emotional releases? Getafreakinclue, Annie knows EXACTLY what she's doing. If it has an effect on her opposition, it works; she wins. Don't like her? Damn, she's not there to be liked, shes there to take her opponent's money away. That's the game. Is it a Ladylike game? Is it a gentlemanly game? No, the best games are barbaric bloodfests, BUT they are PLAYED by ladies and gentlemen. Bankroll yourself with ten grand and see how long YOU last at Bellagio. If you are successful and make a living, you won't have many people that like you after you take their money. Until you can do that, you are not in the right place criticizing Annie, or Phil, or any of the people who make damn good money playing a game. Those of you who think you are, quite simply put, are full of shit.

Unregistered 02-03-05 06:00 PM

Nicely Put

iveyfan05 02-03-05 06:00 PM

reply to doyounotgetit: i dont mind her being ruthless at the tables..thats not my problem with her...its the way she treats ppl away from them...i have read player interviews that say she treats ppl with norespect..im talking about a specific player thats way more successful than her, so i know its not jealousy..i dont care if she is pure evil at the tables, there is no reason to act that way away from it...look at players like ivey, negreanu,harmon,..all very good human beings at and away from the tables..annie is a whiner and a crybaby,i am not doubting her talent at the tables..i just wish her personality would catch up to her poker skill...there are lots of pros that make a living from poker without acting like a spoiled rotten 12 yr old...i never said i would last at the bellagio..as my above post was on her behavior and not her skill..maybe you should try reading it before attacking somebody .....

this is Billy again (aka DoYouNotGetIt) 02-03-05 06:00 PM

sorry if you took that personally, those were my thoughts on the overall concensus. iveyfan, i know that in this medium interpretation of plain text is wide open. i was just commenting.Now with that said, there are a-holes and there are saints. It's a fact. If this were a forum to discuss human behavior in general, and not how it relates to poker, I could consider your rebuttal reply relevant. If my wife were still home I'd ask her to define complex exhibited by your reply. Since I know you'll take it personally, I'll ask. Why does it make a fat rat's ass what Annie does away from the tables as far as this forum goes?Now if you rally want to be attacked, you have given me plenty of ammunition to attack you with. Just scroll up and re-read your posts.Your Honor, the prosecution rests, I'm done.

Billy again 02-03-05 06:00 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my wife is a MILF and she secretly appreciates being called a MILF.

iveyfan05 02-03-05 06:00 PM

your honor? rest my case?lol....i can tell you are ONE of those people.... we all know the type....they type ythat are utterly convinced of their own greatness and importance...are you of such a small mind that you cannot see that it's possible to be a great pro and well liked? as for attacking me personally, if you feel you need to do that to validate your meager exsistance then fire away... im more into poker than bashing somebody i don't know over the internet..i'd much rather discuss when to check raise or how to slow play ...but you do what you feel you need to...

Unregistered 02-05-05 06:00 PM

billy, save your finger tips. just shut up.

uk defender 02-07-05 06:00 PM

Just wondered what limits you guys play?live or internet etc?

iveyfan05 02-07-05 06:00 PM

live i play baby nl...1/2 nl/ 2/4 nl....online i play mostly limit like 1/2 2/4...lotta sngs tho,,pretty much anywhere from a 5-20 dollar buy in..depending on how im playing...which right now is piss poor...keep getting sucked out on...ppl calling huge prelop raises with ace rag and catching ....i play mostly on party poker, but also on statrs and full tilt..i live like 50 minutes from atlantic city so i try to get there a few times a month...i prefer live play, but its easier to play online, but not as profitable for me yet tho...

vampyre 02-10-05 06:00 PM

hey i played with iveyfan05 online once (your the guy from FTR right) i called your AI raise preflop with K-10 suited, you had KK, but I won with a flush. sorry

Unregistered 02-10-05 06:00 PM

"but it was suited..."

iveyfan05 02-11-05 06:00 PM

ftr? i play at party poker and pokerstars ..and my name isdiffrent there than here

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