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DYaugo 02-13-05 06:00 PM

Sammers I agree with you. Most people on the site that make commenst are upset because they never will have the a fraction of the talent it takes to to play cards like Annie. She is definitely one of the best if not the best woman player out there...wait let me think about that one....OK I thought about it...she is the best period!! Am I bias? And her brother is definitely a class act all the way. Any of you wannabe moron poker players on here who get off bad mouthing a PRO should step to the table and throw your ca$h out there and see how far you can go. I'm willing to lay odds you won't last the first day in a high stakes, why? Because you no HEART. Look up heart in the dictionary and you will see Annie Duke!! You guys are low lifes...Annie if you read this remarks from others just ignore them...they are moron and they don't know any better. Good Luck to you and may you continue to win and be role model for other aspiring players.D

iveyfan05 02-14-05 06:00 PM

the way annie treats others,in no way makes her a role moel...is she a great player of course..is she a good peson...hell no..

vampyre 02-14-05 06:00 PM

DYaugo is a very dumb shit. role model? Ha! if she is a role model then what the fuck is the world coming to?! And DY dumbshit some of us here actually DO step up to the plate. we are not all just talk. why dont you go back to popping your pimples aye?

uk defender 02-15-05 06:00 PM

Iveyfan05,I doubt very much whether you are in position to make an informed opinion about annie duke being a "good person".I mean,your'e only repeating what youve read on the internet with RE to Negreanu etc.You dont know her...never met her.Come on!Dont just repeat what youve read on the internet as if its YOURE opinion.

iveyfan05 02-15-05 06:00 PM

not repeating,,,i have seen her interact with fans personally...i lived in vegas for over a year...she was very rude in dealing with a young couple when i saw her..granted im not sure if she had a loosing session ,or was just in a bad mood..i just dont see why she didnt pose for the pic and be on here way

uk defender 02-16-05 06:00 PM

Fair enough if youve seen it yourself.I stand corrected....well..it could always be hormones..that time of the month!;-)

iveyfan05 02-16-05 06:00 PM

im not saying shes always like that,,,who knows, she may have just suffers a losing session...it just sucked that she didnt wanna take a pic with an obvious fan and his wife/g/f...

Dibble (e-mail me at dibdibs) 02-16-05 06:00 PM

I think Annie Duke is a really gud poker player. She is very pretty and ye she could be classed as a "MILF" athoulgh i dont think it's any of the Joe public's buisness wot Annie does in her private life so just lay off. I have never met Annie myself so i cant really make a true comment but i think that if she doesnt talk to one of her fans after a long game of poker then she doesnt bloody have to. If someone came up to you after you'd just finnished work and you really wanted to get home you wouldnt be interested would you? It's the same in Annie's case. When I see her playing she brings an ounce of happienes to the game. Makes everyone laid back rather than being really serious all the time. In short: Great poker player, Great mum and great person. Correct me if I'm wrong!

JOHN DOE 02-16-05 06:00 PM

Annie Is Hott

iveyfan05 02-17-05 06:00 PM

really? you guys think annie is hot? evelyn ng..hotttt...jen h...cute....cyndi v....cute....karina jett ..hott...annie duke....not so much lol

Unregistered 02-17-05 06:00 PM

You people are either idiots or you are children and should have your web time more closely supervised.

rivahqueen 02-21-05 06:00 PM

kudos to the above post and doyounotgetit. Well said.Let those who have performed better than Annie in the same class and level of tournaments speak up and all othres keep silent. You go girl. You are a good player, regardless of your sex, state of pregnancy or emotional state. Just remember, the same idiots that have made these rude and crude comments are the same idiots that hold a K2 off suit and belly ache and complain when they get beat by Ace's full of kings, staying they were "rivered". Consider the source, keep it in perspective adn then take all their money.

molly 02-25-05 06:00 PM

what is wrong with you people? All you guys that can only think of MILF and "doing" - go screw each other! This is a poker site and the fact that all you can talk about is sexual shows how StupiD and immature you are. Go to a playboy site and jack each other off! You insult ALL women with this kind of talk - including the women you know and love. You should be ashamed and I (almost) wish that a woman you know and love is treated EXACTLY the same way y'all have treated Annie here - with this disrespect. I say almost wish - cause I wouldn't wish it on any woman. Why don't you start a web site on how HOT the men are you bunch of jerks.

molly 02-25-05 06:00 PM

Because the only way you know how to TRY to get ahead in this world is with insults and stupid innuendos. GROW UP! Annie - congrats! and although I HOPE you don't read all these stupid, ignorant, scared men comments - know that there are people out here who just appreciate watching GOOD, INTERESTING POKER!

Unregistered 02-27-05 06:00 PM

Nicely said Molly. Unfortunatly, these men have no clue. I agree it is insulting to all women and it makes me sick too.

Annie Fan 02-27-05 06:00 PM

Hi Annie i love watching you play but stop crying champs dont cry.

pokah 02-27-05 06:00 PM

What do you mean she hasn't won? She beat Phil Hellmuth in the WSOP Tourney of Pros for 2 mil.

bender2004 02-28-05 06:00 PM

Annie, we need ya at Full Tilt. Come Join Your Brother. FTP is fast becoming a murderers row of poker players. All the real rollers are there. Bring Phil and Antonio over to FTP where the real ballaz ball.

Hey Molly 02-28-05 06:00 PM

We will never grow up! Cheers, Peter Pan

Connord 03-01-05 06:00 PM

"She is the best female that ever played the game 2. She is quite obnoxious and stuck up at times; many pros and hi-limit players don't like her attitude Posted by: Dirk Diggler on Mar 02, 2005 - IP=" Annie is a great player, got lucky against Phil in the TOC heads up but wasn't rattled by the better players at the TOC.

Curious 03-10-05 06:00 PM

Does anyone recall what 2 hole cards Annie was holding in the hole in the final hand against Phil Helmuth in the WSOP winner take all tournament of Champions???? The hand she won with?

Wah Wah Wah 03-14-05 06:00 PM

You talk about sexist men, hey at least we can spell Shauna HYATT's name right you numb skirt. LOL

silent cold 04-21-05 06:00 PM

Look, grow up. It is easy to see everyone's hole cards and know what to do.Who the hell cares what you think until you sit and win.As far as the junior high trash talking, spell correctly and you might come off as only being infantile.Get off the couch now and then and grow the sack to talk to a real live woman and you might like it.Then again.....

GBTHECOACH 04-22-05 06:00 PM

Seems people either lover her or hate her...Great talent...Top 50 in the world easy (and I think most of us would be jumping up and down for weeks if we could say that about our own play) Dont know if she is a hag or not but I love her play and she is one of the most beautiful woman on earth for sure. Better looking then poker talented and she has tons of talent. I cant believe some of the crap written about her. If she was your daughter would you want to read that crap.

The Dirty RAT 04-27-05 06:00 PM

Hey, GBtheGOAT why don't you get a clue,poker is nothing but LUCK!you little cross-eyed weasle,I don't care what anyone says,it's Capital L,U,C,K

Unregistered 04-28-05 06:00 PM

If it's all luck then why do we see the same players at final tables all the time. With any gambling luck is a big factor but to say poker is all luck you are complelty wrong. You obviously don't understand poker.

ItalianYankee 05-09-05 06:00 PM

Is that all you men think about?! Take a pill and whack yourself off...I LOVED watching Annie kick Phil Hellmuth's a**!!! Annie rocks!

HairCanada 05-11-05 06:00 PM

Read Negreanu's blog on Rec Poker if you think she's a bloody saint. Rude and obnoxious and what guy would not WANT to like her. Semi- good looking and a great player. Her tirade at this years WSOP was fun to watch. The board pairs she bluffs off her stack, classic

Hair Canada is right 05-14-05 06:00 PM

According to Negraneau, she is rude, degrades and humiliates people, has horrible hygene, and expects people to worship her because she's Annie Duke; but you'd never know by the way the media sanctifies her as an iconoclast ambassador of poker. Note that ESPN never made mention of her head-turning tirade after she got knocked out of the main event. She bluffed off her short stack on a tiny pot that didn't even amount to half of her bet (smells like a bluff) and went ballistic when the guy who called only had an ace kicker to go with the paired board. She then blames her early exit on "inferior players" who chased cards all day and sucked out on her pots. Her demeanor is as bad as Mike Matusow's but you will never see her portrayed in a negative light. Ahh the power of editing.

Dirk Diggler 05-30-05 06:00 PM

Hair Canada you are right. I did here something like that. I read in bluff magazine that in real life she is actually a bitch. I first realized that when she yelled at Jungblut at the 2004 WSOP just because he threw his cards into the muck. She is a bitch and I wish that ESPN would show her true personality.

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