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anna 07-24-05 06:00 PM

how have you all seen his gf? where can we find pics?

PokerVertigo 07-26-05 06:00 PM

We are calling him gay because he is gay. Many gay celebrities have been out with the opposite sex to discourage rumors. Take Vin Diesel, Matt Damon, Elton John and Michael Jackson. Michael even went out with people that were his age! How that must have disgusted him!

GetReal 07-30-05 06:00 PM

It is amazing how much garbage is posted about this player, first of all it is typical for the losers to bash a successful person. Race, creed, gender is not the issue here, this guy can play and has proved it on the tables and in the big tournaments..what have you haters proved ? Nothing ..except being a bunch of racist clowns that have so little in your lives that you bash someone that has worked hard and now is a success in his chosen field which is poker. heather is the only one here that has a good heart and who cares if hr grammar is not up to par? Get a life you haters and keep your false BS to yourselves and TRY to emulate this player's success...Losers

the matador 08-01-05 06:00 PM

antonio isnt gay he is banging that chick from american pie

get realigous get security 08-03-05 06:00 PM

ATT: ALL CASINO STAFF AND SECURITY: BE on high alert of a poker wannabe: antonio efandiari. He may seem unassuming but may sneak a backpack into the poker room claiming to be professional poker player. Under no circumstance do you assume he is a professional player. Keep an eye underneath the table he plays because he is known to leave suspicious packages there. Shoot the m f in he waves his arms - its a last dance to allah before he sacrifices his sorry ass

tm3545 08-17-05 06:00 PM

you bluff too much antonio you could have won that circuit event on espn ,it was funny watching that on tv you and the guy who eventually won it looked calm and poised everyone else looked like they just walked into a casino for the first time

Unregistered 08-23-05 06:00 PM

you can say all this bad stuff about him but you cant say that he is a bad poker player

Bird 08-24-05 06:00 PM

YOU ARE MY HERO! GO ANTONIO ESFANDIARI. YOU ROCK AT POKER. YOU ROCK AT LIFE! TEACH ME POKER. BARDAR! I think your rock and rings and elite! Can a brother get a phone call sometime?

SuperPasha 10-10-05 04:05 AM

I hear his brother is really good too...

????? 10-31-05 10:09 PM

Owns Hellmuth, OWNED BY GUS!

grdred944 01-06-06 12:01 PM

Antonio is another flash in the pan who shows traces of decent game. His look and style plays well to the masses of morons who want to emulate him. I encourage it because Antonio's style is a losing proposition long-term.

TheRaizer657 07-07-06 04:51 PM

October 10, 2005
I hear his brother is really good too...

LOl I hear his brother is a DONK. J/k paul ;)

alan 07-11-06 06:53 PM

you can easley beat J.T

Olstad 07-25-06 10:17 AM

Whether or not he is a good pokerplayer is one thing... I think he is decent, but i hate when this little fag do his trademark wave! You are not cool, you have glasses!

bad_dog76 08-11-06 01:46 PM

Very overrated player. Needs a good kick in the nuts when he does his stupid fairy wave.

jesse shultz 08-19-06 04:03 AM

say what you want about his fairy wave, but dude, that guy's a muthaf-ing PIMP! i've seen his "girlfriend". i've seen him with that american pie girl. and now he's banging that brandi rose chick. this girl blows the both of those other girls out of the water. super f-ing hot, best female poker player i've ever played against, but man what a bitch. everytime she cleans you out of your money she says "thank you thank you". what i wouldn't give to nail her against the wall and say thank you thank you. f-ing bitch.

bad_dog76 08-31-06 02:33 PM

Dude, the guy has money. Money can get you any chick you want if the price is right. Buying women doesn't make you a pimp. Getting women with no money makes you a PIMP!

DonkeySlayer 11-24-06 08:03 PM

Tough guy lol
Wonder if this guy can beat up mike tyson? lol, effeminite sissy, hes never won a fist fight in his life

headlessman1964 12-31-06 12:48 AM

how does this clown even get a page? cuz of his magic? what's he got,1 bracelet? lol i guarantee he has had a weiner in his mouth lol

shaheen shareef 05-04-07 11:52 PM

His young and his good he will get better as time goes by keep up the good work dont let those low life player heaters get to u cheers agha all the best.

Jeannie 07-13-07 07:42 AM

I just wanted to say that you rock, Antonio! You're an amazing poker player, and you are very handsome and have a great sense of humor.

bad_dog76 11-30-07 02:37 PM

Antonio needs to shut the fuck up on "High Stakes Poker". I love this country too but how many fucking times are you going to say the same thing, over and over and over and over again. Try playing a few hands and shutting your mouth. Jesus Christ you're annoying as hell, I might hate you more than Phil Laak.
Which reminds me, does it still chap you that Laak left you for a woman?
Everyone knows you're gay Antonio

thegrinder 09-01-08 02:43 AM

Charisma, Guts, and Poker Savy make Antonio a threat at any table

vittek 12-29-08 09:53 PM

He brings fun to the game. He never says anything bad about players or is out of line in cash games that ive seen. When he was younger he got out of line a couple times with his waive and the time he busted phil ivey.. but he apoligized the next day. Hes really matured and he cares about the game. I recently met him at the panarama towers with my friend buffalo joe who he is cool with. He came over to my car and shook my hand even though he was late for a tourny at the time. Ive always been a fan of antonio and hope he continues with his success

????? 11-09-09 08:54 PM

He turns out to be a no class [edited],
playing in his bare feet at the WSOP Main Event.

Then he showed a complete lack of "skill" in several hands I saw on TV..He is not a premier player in this game, he's more of a dog!

VA Poker 11-11-09 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by ????? (Post 211978)
He turns out to be a no class [edited],
playing in his bare feet at the WSOP Main Event.

Then he showed a complete lack of "skill" in several hands I saw on TV..He is not a premier player in this game, he's more of a dog!

What is your problem? All you do is come on here an insult people in an extremely offensive and ignorant manner. Nothing you ever say is relevant to anything. How could a bigot such as yourself even bring up the word "class"? Do you think you have class? Is getting on poker forums to say racist things class? Please stop taking out your personal issues on this forum and go seek some professional help.

VA Poker 01-17-10 01:32 AM


Officially the last post I'll make myself read on this forum. I hope all of you enjoy all of the blatant racism this site has to offer. I've begged the mods here to stop this shit. This site is a joke.

????? 09-09-13 08:00 PM

He turns out to be a person who is capable to get in to your head, and
uses it to his advantage in poker...i give him credit...[edited]

some groups of people have never totally advanced from the stone age!

nature1970 06-03-15 06:11 PM

nice man likes the game and understands the rythm i respect him laak helouth matasow and jennifer tilly good ppl.

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