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To Heather 08-12-04 07:00 PM

Hey Heather I know a real good doctor that can permanently remove your lips from Antonio's As*.

continuation from above 08-12-04 07:00 PM

What is your deal girl? Is "sexy" the only word you've learned through out life? Do you even know what poker is? Have you actually met Antonio, or are you just on his nuts like all the other money hungry bi*tches cause FYI you sound crazy!

Heather Nicole 08-13-04 07:00 PM

Who gives a crap who IT is. Man I thought this was Antonio's site. I quess i should have one too. I really should not be awnsering stupid questions from ignorant people. But hey might might as well up to date you. IF you know a good doctor have him explain to all of us how my lips are stuck to his asz and how i can be on his nutz too. FMI I seriously dont know how you got that. I know a good neurologist and phycologist that could help you hunny. I know what poker is and I do know other words besides sexy but thats all he is.(Ive had a persian they take care of thereselves im attracted to his style.) I think your jealous. I have never met him PROBABLY wont either. and? (Let me tell ya if i met Antonio hed be taken if he isnt already, I got that much confidence.) Im not always a biotch. Im not money hungry. I really dont see how you got that one. I work hard hunny, if that says anything.(I support two kids on my very own) Im not trash if that means anything. Im a very clean person I wish you could say that about your mouth. Please quit taking my prescious space now. email me [email]Heatherxgeorge@yahoo.com[/email]

Unregistered 08-15-04 07:00 PM

One word Heather Nicole: grammar

dave 08-16-04 07:00 PM

I've worked with Antonio on 3 WPT events and he is a gentleman and a great player...The commerce event he played in and won was one of our highest rated shows...and he was also one of the poker pros on two of our Hollywood Home games along with Phil Laak and they were a joy to work with...

noj/#1stunna/skaterj_00 08-21-04 07:00 PM

he is so ugly and so is his new girl friend vikki plett. i hear she is married and has two kids. they are both infadels if you ask me. this guy just sucked it up on WSOP.tried to buy a huge pot and got shafted. Dude you cant buy pots like you can buy love dude. Go back to being a magician. love canada

TO REPEAT 08-25-04 07:00 PM

I never thought about being a grammar teacher so im all right there. Just let me help you with your A.D.D. you ready? Hey im over here. ok. Just kiss my ass you no body to me. ‹^› (stop giving everyone shit) HN

JT Money 08-25-04 07:00 PM

I actually was fortunate enough to meet Antonio (and others) in July while at the Mirage. I was down there for work. I'm working with about 20 of the top players on the poker tour. Our company "flopgear.com" will be launching shortly w/ licensed merchandise. Check it out. Also - check out my photos of me w/ Antonio and others at joshthue.comAnyway - Antonio was super kewl as was his gf vikki.

Jackie/skichick 08-27-04 07:00 PM

I think Antonio is a great player. I was very impressed with his play vs. Vinny Vinh on tv recently. Sure part of his success is due to luck. The same can be said of all successful card players. People who are not impressed by him have the right to say so, but the racist, profane commentary is really so unnecessary. And...without question the man is good looking. It doesn't hurt to have him and Gus Hansen around when I'm watching poker for hours at a time. :-)

Unregistered 08-29-04 07:00 PM

Boy this guy is getting popular.

I have a Question 08-30-04 07:00 PM

Who is Vikki Plett that keeps getting mentioned?

TO: HN 08-30-04 07:00 PM

Once again- "NOBODY" is actually one word genious. Did you have those two kids of yours while you where still in high school bacause you sure seem like you've missed out on a lot...

Heather Nicole heatherxgeorge 08-30-04 07:00 PM

Please email with your stupid comments. Your trash. Come one man give it up. I might have missed out on a little book work but atleast my mom work is done. Come on fool. When asses like you come along I just tell them LOOK DUDE IM GED. Please find something better to do.

Mr. Belvedere 08-31-04 07:00 PM

Hey heather nicole, with all that said, I still can't understand what your saying, and wonder if you comprehend what they are. This website is supposed to be about Antonio, not your unfortunate life. I find Antonio entertaining, and frankly I don't give a sh*t what he looks like or who he's dating. By the way his magic tricks are awesome.

Kiss my ass 08-31-04 07:00 PM

This is to the guy who responded to Mr. Common sense. If you don't think it is a big deal, wait until your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend or mom or dad does it to you fuckbag. and to cowboy 51, its not his fault that there are shallow people in this world who only like him for his money but he is the ugliest piece of trash i have ever seen

Unregistered 08-31-04 07:00 PM

Hey now everyone lets all stop this shit. Antonio needed to change one thing and he has done it. if he has an old lady and she has kids so what your not raising them. Im sure that people wont be using him cause he has a family to take care of now. So get off him.

Unregistered 08-31-04 07:00 PM

you're right

Unregistered 09-11-04 07:00 PM

His girl is a hot. I wish them the best.

Bromptonizer 09-11-04 07:00 PM

gutsy but not as Gutsy as Gus Hanson. (See Bad Boys of Poker WPT finals)But his girlfriend is bangin!!

steve L. 09-15-04 07:00 PM

this guy is an amazing poker player

pocket7s 09-18-04 07:00 PM

like the way the guy plays poker he has to have nerves steel to make bluffs like that

antonio esfandiari 09-19-04 07:00 PM

I thank you all for giving me such joy to read all of your chatter. It really is quite amuzing. Screw you all that talked smack and thank you all that defended but either way please do not stop because it really does give me great pleasure. Antonio Esfandiari

mr common sense/maverickles 09-20-04 07:00 PM

hey antonio, are you embarassed about your girlfriend? why dont you just come out and say her name and how many children she has? but i understand you calling her husband to try and keep everything on the down low, i mean i wouldn't want my mom to find out that i was a home-wrecker. p.s. love the facial hair

Unregistered 09-21-04 07:00 PM

Who said anything about marriage? He could just be havin "fun".

Unregistered 09-23-04 07:00 PM

You guys are all so sad. Hardly anybody had anything valid or important to say at all, not much mention about poker??? Antonio is a really good player as are all the professionals. Some are just a bit better then others, or get luckier. He does not seem like a bad guy to me at all. I gotta say since my fav player is Gus Hansen I did love seeing Gus's call with 8 10 to Antonio's all in knocking him out of the bad boys of poker tourn. If you missed that one..watch the re-run. Good game and Antonio you did a good job.

Unregistered 10-09-04 07:00 PM

You are a colorful and entertaining player. Enjoy watching you play. Hope to see more of you on TV.

Yeah 10-20-04 07:00 PM

One of my favorite players. Really smooth at the table. Trying to play with my chips as well as he does...he's a good player.

Unregistered 10-31-04 07:00 PM

You should really put your energy into hating people you've at least met.

"R" 11-01-04 07:00 PM

haha, oh boy....if only you all knew him....it's not polite to disrepsect someone you do not know, not to mention very imature. Antonio happens to be a great classy guy who is just about the most generous person I've ever met when comes to his friends and family. I wish him the best of luck and many well wishes with his love for the Game of Poker. "R&R's" Antonio....

antonio esfandiari 11-02-04 07:00 PM

thats it? I wait over a month for that? No new brothers? I haven't picked up a new religion? I haven't gotten married? I need a little more gossip than that ladies and gentlemen. "R" your killing me! Please do tell.Antonio Esfandiari

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