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Tryla 07-22-04 06:00 PM

POKER INFO - PROILE - Wild Bill Hickok
dead mans hand made me some money. thanx bill.

charlie 08-02-04 06:00 PM

is that really a picture of wild bill?

Unregistered 08-03-04 06:00 PM


greg 08-04-04 06:00 PM

This guy owes me money

Nachtwulf 09-13-04 06:00 PM

The "Dead Man's Hand" was black aces over black eights, the the fifth card is an area of contention between three cards (in order of credability): The 5 of Diamonds (The actual card is supposedly on display in Deadwood), 9 of Diamonds, and the Queen of Clubs (On display at Ripley's Believe it or Not.) All three are supposedly reported by first hand accounts. However, the Jack of Diamonds and King of Spades have both been potrayed in movies as the "fifth" card, due to thier more "photogenic" natures.

B.. 10-10-04 06:00 PM

Old Style Saloon No. 10 (saloon10.com) in Deadwood shows a 9 diamonds on their site as the card which will win you the "Deadman's Hand Bonus"

Willy The Kid 10-17-04 06:00 PM

Its Acatually Old Saloon No. 10 I've been there

Corey Kissling/Kisser 11-07-04 06:00 PM

how did he get the name of Wild Bill?

bruce 12-14-04 06:00 PM

doc holiday was better card player than hiitcock

nate j 01-10-05 06:00 PM

I agree DOC HOLIDAY was a better card player

My Great Grandfather was there 01-19-05 06:00 PM

You are all wrong about the composition of the cards. They are the ace of diamonds, the ace of clubs, the eight of hearts, the eight of spades and the queen of hearts. They can be seen at the Adams Museum in Deadwood, SD, and were donated with documentation by my father, Richard H. Stephens who received them from Richard Stephens, the man who picked them up, and passed through to him by his father, James Stephens. Go check it out. They have been there since the mid-1970's.

pirates66 02-08-05 06:00 PM

Wow... I live in Yankton.

Santa 02-25-05 06:00 PM

It says that his older brother is named Lorenzo........Would that be Lorenzo Llamas of "RENEGADE"??? He is such a dreamboat!!!

Unregistered 02-27-05 06:00 PM

I rule and would definitely beat any of you in NL...school is in session.

Information Desk 03-04-05 06:00 PM

No, he is a little older than Lorenzo Lame-Ass

Alain/ chaos.boarder 03-08-05 06:00 PM

Wild Bill was a sheriff not a marshal was he not? Not that that means much here nor there :P. Either way he's a dead guy who desereved to be shot.

Bill Swearingen 03-16-05 06:00 PM

You're all a bunch of hoopleheads.

morybund 03-31-05 06:00 PM

anybody got a pix of hickock and McCall in the same frame? the player across from Bill should have warned him. Why didn't he do you suppose?

padme 04-18-05 06:00 PM

I think maybe he was in the whole thing with mccall or maybe he was to concentrated on the game.either way,(ALAIN'/Kracker HE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE SHOT

dayton 04-30-05 06:00 PM

just at deadwood three months ago. Salloon #10 has a chair mounted in a glass case up on a wall above the door you enter. This is purportedly the same chair Wild Bill was killed in while playing poker. Anyone here who has a desire to see Deadwood should get their ass in gear an go... the history is alive and well. Even if Bill isn't.

the real story 04-30-05 06:00 PM

I dont think the guy intended to shoot him necessarily. I think he was aiming at that overgrown caterpillar on Hickocks face and missed.

randaddy 05-05-05 06:00 PM

When Wild Bill was young he ran across Jack McCall during a cattle drive and McCall was a hot head and Wild Bill set him straight and made him leave the drive. WB always sat with his back to the wall during a poker game but this time he didn't. He felt uneasy about it and at the end of his last hand he was going to change chairs when Jack McCall who had a long history with Wild Bill shot him.

BoonsFarm 05-14-05 06:00 PM

I could out play this clown... I heard he sucked anyway...

bruce 05-16-05 06:00 PM

doc holiday will kill wild bill on poker anyday

the bride 05-30-05 06:00 PM

I Will Kill Bill!

loveland 07-13-05 06:00 PM

he was a terrible gambler. back then five card draw was a cheaters game and he wasnt any kind of a machanic

JetsFan315 07-28-05 06:00 PM

r u kidding me? he is a legend, he is in the poker hall of fame.

Ben 07-30-05 06:00 PM

No way Jetsfan, he's not done much at the WSOP and I've never seen him make a final table on the WPT or anything.

james 07-31-05 06:00 PM

He Was A Hick & A Redneck

JetsFan315 07-31-05 06:00 PM

"Posted by: Ben on Jul 31, 2005 - IP= No way Jetsfan, he's not done much at the WSOP and I've never seen him make a final table on the WPT or anything."

that reason is NEITHER OF THE TOURNAMENTS EXISTED WHEN HE WAS ALIVE! the WPT was made in 03 and WSOP in 1970. hes a poker hall of famer, there is also must be a reason for that

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