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HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 01:33 AM

Antonio Esfandiari Eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 01:36 AM

David Williams Eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 01:36 AM

Hasan Habib Eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 01:38 AM

Phil Gordon gone.

Phil Gordon raised to $1,050 and it folds around to another player who raised to $15,000. Gordon said out loud something like "Why would you raise me so much?". Obviously Gordon put him on a bluff. Gordon called and the other player flips over Kings and busts Gordon.

Is it me or is that a stupid move?

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 01:39 AM

Mimi Rogers eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 01:41 AM

Allen Cunningham gone

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 03:44 AM

Annie Duke gone

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 03:45 AM

Juha Helppi busts

and Miami John Cernuto also

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 04:18 PM

Hellmuth gone

Paul 'X-22' Magriel sends Phil Hellmuth to the rail. Phil Hellmuth was all in with AdQh. He was in a hand with Paul 'X-22' Magriel who showed pocket 7h7d. The board came 9hJc4c9s5d giving Magriel the win to send Hellmuth home.

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 04:18 PM

Paul Phillips gone

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 09:05 PM

And Bloch
Russel Rosenbloom
Hoyt Corkins
Mark Sefi
Doyle Brunson
Mel Judah out
Chip Jett
T.J. Cloutier
Minh Nguyen

HPG ADMIN 07-09-05 11:41 PM

James Woods is out

Unregistered 07-10-05 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered
Phil Ivey

no ivey is in i checked cardplayer.com

oh yeah and Chris Ferguson is out so is hellmuth,chan,both brunsons,daniel negranue, robert varkonyi, and both sextons.

HPG ADMIN 07-10-05 07:46 PM

Shannon Sharpe John Phan
Tony Ma
Robert Williamson III
Marcel Luske
Dan Harrington
Chris Moneymarker
Gus Hansen
Barry and Jeff Shulman

Shannon Elizabeth busts out on a four-way all in
Shannon Elizabeth busts out in a hand where 4 players were all-in. Shannon had pocket Jacks. Another player had Pocket Queens, another player had Pocket Aces, and another plaer had A-K.

HPG ADMIN 07-10-05 07:50 PM

Amir Vahedi Eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-11-05 03:34 AM

Chip Reese

HPG ADMIN 07-11-05 03:35 AM

Huck Seed

HPG ADMIN 07-11-05 03:54 AM

Gavin Griffin Paul Wolfe

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 02:27 AM

Clonie Gowen
Kirill Gerasimov
Sammy Farha
Mark Napolitano
Olga Varkonyi

all gone

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 03:10 AM

Layne Flack

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 03:11 AM

Jim Meehan

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 03:37 PM

Dutch Boyd Eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 04:09 PM

Paul Darden out

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 04:43 PM

David Plastik Eliminated

HPG ADMIN 07-12-05 05:44 PM

Howard Lederer is eliminated by John Juanda. John has AK to Howard's AJ and hits a king on the flop.

HPG ADMIN 07-13-05 03:36 AM

Former Champ Russell Hamilton is eliminated in 59th Place - winning $145,875

HPG ADMIN 07-13-05 05:48 PM

Lee Watkinson Eliminated in 45th Place ($235,390)

Kenna James Eliminated in 44th Place ($235,390)

HPG ADMIN 07-13-05 06:58 PM

Farzad Bonyadi is out

it seems a little early considering how well he was doing

HPG ADMIN 07-13-05 10:13 PM

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf Eliminated in 32nd Place ($274,090)John Juanda Eliminated in 31st Place ($274,090)

Wake 07-14-05 06:02 AM

Gregory Rice out in 28th

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