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ItsNotATumor! 06-06-04 07:00 PM

POKER INFO - PROILE - Alan Goehring
Who?? Looks like Lyle Lovitt.

adam 06-07-04 07:00 PM

won the 1st season wpt championship

Unregistered 06-20-04 07:00 PM

Have not seen him since last season. I love when Phil Hellmuth was talking trash to him at the Battle at the Sands.

Unregistered 10-17-04 07:00 PM

Hahaha, he has more money then all of you... Poker is a hobby, he retired at 37 with more money then any of you will make

Shkerdhati 10-27-04 07:00 PM

i saw this guy at the wpt against the young russian, i must say that the Russian guy went all in 4 times in a row with NOTHING, and this guy was a coward.... too bad gerasimov lost though.

Juice 11-05-04 07:00 PM

4 times in a row with nothing.. then lost when he went all in against a monster... hmmm maybe poker's more than just playing each hand perfectly and more about the big picture... hhmmmm.... seems like Alan's good at that...

Cspas 11-10-04 07:00 PM

Just look at [url]www.howardlederer.com[/url] to see how good Howard thinks this guy is...and then maybe anyone who thinks he plays poorly will be humble enough to be quiet

Enkhbat 12-01-04 07:00 PM

I heard he is a very unorthodox player

Unregistered 02-28-05 07:00 PM

I am Captain Cool and I rule the No Limit games...no one and I mean no one can even hold a candle to my ability to play this game. By the way ladies I'm always here if you want lessons...for a price of course or trade?

sonic83244 03-18-05 07:00 PM

One of the most unconventional players i've ever seen. Impossible to put on a hand. Extremely fearless, aggressive, and dangerous player.

Unregistered 05-01-05 07:00 PM

all this guy did was make a real good bluff of $200,000.00 thats the only thing he did and got lucky with the 8 on fith street.

ReT 06-07-05 07:00 PM

i Play Poker Since 7 Years Old. now im 18.10/1 match %.I See this Guy.. mmm nice.. butif u wanna be good player .. just dont think about money Just play, dont talk with u mind. just play.

JetsFan315 07-10-05 07:00 PM

i at first thought that he was a fluke after watching the 1st WPT championship. but he actually finished second against noel furlong in the 99 WSOP.

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