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get real 09-22-04 06:00 PM

Yes, it is true you need to be lucky to win a tournament. But you also need to know what to do with the luck when you get it. A well deserved win in the head to head final 2. Helmuth might actually be as good as he thinks he is if he had more respect for his opponents. Annie took advantage of this and destroyed his ability to read after she showed the 9 in response to his showing a king. You got beat by a girl Phil. LMAO if he thinks that is shameful.

nonplussed 09-22-04 06:00 PM

Eh, you're calling Helmuth a has-been, but, c'mon, he's won the main event, and won 8 OTHER bracelets, including 2 in _2003_. 2! So, I don't think calling him a has-been is quite fair. I wouldn't really call him whiny at the table as I would just call him _mean_. I mean, if you should beat him, he rails on your for being stupid for calling in the first place, and spits out a bunch of numbers as to why. When he said, he plays at such a high level that he gets frustrated at the table, he's absolutely right. I mean, don't any of you have bosses that are absolute pricks during the work day, but are actually pretty nice guys when it comes down to it? So, call Helmuth what you want, but he's definitely not a has-been. Like they said on the broadcast, he might be the best living hold-em player - since all nine of his braclets at the WSOP have come in hold-em events. As for the Ace Queen, he was right - I think it was the right laydown. I mean, AQ is a nice hand, but it's not a made hand, and he wasn't at the point where he really needed to call for so much of his stack. Besides, he still ended up at the final 2, right? And of COURSE him hitting his 10 on the river against chan's kings was really lucky. But that's poker - any hand can win. What was great about the Tournament of champions was seeing these professionals really go at it. I mean, they're all good players, and it was good seeing them playing well. Annie Duke showing him the nine was GREAT, even if he didn't totally fall for it - I mean, he said, "That's too reckless for you - I'll bet you flopped two-pair." Helmuth is proof that, if you play by the percentages, you can do great things. I mean, Doyle Bruson and Jonny Chan are the only other two people to win 9 bracelets at the WSOP, and it took Doyle 12 years longer to accomplish it, and it took Chan a while too. The reason Helmuth is my favorite player is because he has no problem being frustrated at the table. But I mean, even with Annie Duke, he didn't have much to be frustrated about. She didn't make any really crappy calls. I mean, the call against her brother was a bad one, but it was an understandable one. Her brother couldn't really say, "What the heck were you calling me with that for in the first place?" So, Helmuth at the end was more mad at himself. I'd be frustrated if I finished in second place also.

rru 09-22-04 06:00 PM

Annie beat him cause she got in his head and worked her magic. She was awesome! When you act like he does you are bound to take a huge fall.

Pokrstudent 09-23-04 06:00 PM

Where the hell did the MILF come into play?...this is P-O-K-E-R not Poke-her...leave that sex shit where it belongs...Annie - congrats on another win, the 2004 Tourney o' Champs...Damn woman, KICK SOME ASS IN 2005, I got all the bets covered that you win the 2005 MAIN EVENT!!!! (then Amarillo Slim can cut his throat, LOL)

tinmantyke 09-23-04 06:00 PM

Big congrads Annie, seeing you not only get into "Phil's" head, but you looked around while in-there, Any chance you saw any signs of intellegent live...he's such an ass!!! Myabe you can teel me why he lost, I mean listing to Phil play, new what you had every hand. And when you showed him your 9 keeping the K hidden, best move of the day!!!

observer 09-23-04 06:00 PM

I guess if it was just Annie's great luck for winning the Tournement, then the "fat one" had the greatest of luck when he won the WSOP.....as far as those berating AD.....there are very few players that are even likable, with most be obnoxious Phil Helmuths types, and I'll take AD anyday compared to them.....

pocket7s 09-24-04 06:00 PM

congrats on the tournament of champions win you deserved it, but i cant lie i was wanting howard to win it cause he also deserved it, but the reason i think wsop is even having a tournament of champions is because its hard to get to see pro's play each other cause there is so many amatuers but hey nonplussed is right you cant say phil hellmuth is a has been, hes far from that

omahapokernut 09-24-04 06:00 PM

How can you do anything but love this poker queen. Annie is not only one of the most attractive women on the planet, but she also has an incredible mind....just ask phil helmuth. He found out what I already knew...Annie rocks!!!!!

christysboy63 09-26-04 06:00 PM

I read through most of these comments and was really surprised at the level of comments below the belt. If you don't like someone you could be a little less childish about it. I haven't had the opportunity to meet Annie but I certainly wouldn't mind. Although the is, to me, extremely attractive, I would like to learn the game. Watching the World Series the last few years, I am impressed at her playing ability and the ability to shut off all emotion. Being able to play at that level with that intensity is a great ability. Congratulations Annie on your wins this year and I wish you more in the future.

smash 09-26-04 06:00 PM

she dint get into hellmuths head...three words OUTFLOPPED OUTFLOPPED OUTFLOPPED

mellomama72(akaDrDaft)mellomama72 09-30-04 06:00 PM

WELL! As I stumbled on this page I was so shocked to read all the lowly lies, gossip, and stupidity coming from some of the haters here! Shocking. And I appreciated reading the other stuff in between. Personally, I have been playing Hold'em for about 3 years now, starting back when Hoyle games were at Uproar, more recently at pogo, and have, over this time, developed a real passion for this game. I had never heard of WSOP, or any of these players or events until just recently, when I saw some of this year's WSOP on ESPN. (The first time I laid eyes on Doyle Brunson, his magnificent expressionless pokerface really stood out from the crowd.) And the first time I saw Annie Duke was during a commercial, when she was triumphantly holding up a couple of fistfulls of cash, and I was like, who's that girl? Well now I know! And I now happily play at UB very often, and have lots of fun there, among other places. But since I've just been an internet player and not a follower of the sport and it's players, as I said, I had no idea who any of these people were until very recently. When you are skilled enough to play at the level that they are at, of course some people get jealous of you, your ability, talent, and all that goes with it. If I could say anything to Annie Duke, it would be that I was so happy to watch her win the TOC, because I was rooting for her. And with all the total crap I read in here, I would be a royal bitch to some of these losers too, lol. But seriously, some of this shit went a little too far in my opinion, and Im hoping some of the commentors, like that dork Jim, got banned. If Annie Duke is having personal problems, That is her buisness, and I'd like to meet a person who doesn't have any personal problems, "star" or not. I wager a bet that her family and friends are very supportive of her, reguardless of what anyone else thinks, and I wish her and her entire family the very best blessings in life. Also, I noticed the sharp decline in obnoxious comments after the date that they aired her win at the TOC. (until this last little bit about a DUI or something.) And that's her buisness, and if I was her I'd be thinking how looney it is to read these people who dont even know me talk smack and gossip about me like they know me so well. But as a psychology major, I'm sure she probably understands all that, and doesn't sweat the small, ignorant stuff. Go Annie, you have been an inspiration to myself, and countless others, I'm sure. And as for however she sits at a table, Im sure it is comfortable to her, and that's what matters.

Unregistered 09-30-04 06:00 PM

Annie congrats on your win you are going to do fabulous in 2005. girl you got it, win it all.

butt muncher 10-02-04 06:00 PM

good work women!!!!!!!!!! but i want to see you in play boy soon.

mellomama 10-03-04 06:00 PM

"upmyarse" you prove my point precicely. People here (except for the ones who have something nice, relevant or meaningful to say) are taken with a grain of salt in my book. Especially you, I have a small son, so how would you like me to wish death upon your mom? Of course I don't, and I wish you good health and long life, even though you have shown yourself to be a total "arse" of the truest nature. Go Annie.

Odd1 10-04-04 06:00 PM

you go mellomama, upmyarse you have a little growing up to do. its so sad to see that some of you cant see what a great poker player and WOMAN that Annie really is, keep up the great playing Annie, I think you are the cats meow. Thank you for paving the way for us.

wizardofroz 10-04-04 06:00 PM

Annie is 1 lucky, babbling biotch. Her play is quite predictable, and her hug and near waterworks after knocking her brother out of the $2 million game was so pathetic.

frederik 10-05-04 06:00 PM

Ive had the pleasure of playing with annie back in 2001,she was very nice and played her hands well taking alot of my money,she did however have the worst breath i have ever known.

Unregistered 10-05-04 06:00 PM

Daniel Negreanu's a prissy little queen! Who cares what he thinks about Annie?

shadey 10-06-04 06:00 PM

Annie. What was that outburst all about at the 2004 wsop when you were playing that young lad who didn't muck properly. Threw your toys out the pram a little didn't you. fortunately you proved my point that you are an idiot. And your a mum?? tut tut. Shame really.

Tbone 10-06-04 06:00 PM

I think she's a good player. Maybe has a little too much of that "a woman can beat the men" attitude as if it's something she's out to prove. And I didn't much care for her complaining when she was knocked out of the main event. The guy didn't really make a bad call... He thought she was bluffing, and he was right. Nonetheless, she seems to know her way around the poker table.

paullybs 10-08-04 06:00 PM

im 40 and have a photo on [email]paullybs@yahoo.com[/email] and think Annies sexy even if she wasnt a card player..email me Annie im Paul -divorced Italian male..... your HOT

Mike/teecoy(pokerstars)/teecoy 10-08-04 06:00 PM

Annie was very lucky to win the tournement of champions. Let's look at some of the luck she had, AQ beating KK, 66 beating 77 raymer hitting top pair on the flop and annie outdrawing him on the turn, and other multiple times. Not to mention how many great laydowns phil made against her, there's only so many times you can throw away top pair, and each time phil did, he was beat, there was nothing he could do about it. I admit, annie is a solid poker player, but she gets too much credit than she should. Why is she even in the tournement of champions, yea she won a omaha hi/low event, but their were many and i mean MANY other players who had won more events and were probably more derserving. Kathy Leibert has been playing poker longer than annie, and i believe (don't quote me here) that she has won more cash/tournements than annie. It just puzzles me at the credit she gets.

eyesgottaknow 10-09-04 06:00 PM

Glad to see Annie finally win a big event rather than just ride on her brother's coattails. Word is that Annie has left her hubby and she and Ben Affleck are quite an item. Clonie has left her hubby also and has a new stud muffin for a boyfriend. I hate to hear all of this. It would be nice if women could become poker stars and keep their relationships/marriages intact. Just keeps feeding that old philosophy that poker is a "seedy" game which is something I had hoped we would overcome and bring poker into the world of respectability and overtake that boring game of golf! Annie is not a pretty woman by any means.......she looks very rough....the looker of all the women pokwer players is Clonie........now that's a beautiful woman and she's one heck of a poker player.

johncates. 10-10-04 06:00 PM

annie made a complete jike of herself on the TOC. All that crying set women back 20 years in poker. If you don't want to win the hand ... why call .... she should be grateful Raymer dumped all his chips to here so she could even have a chance to win anyway.

johncates. 10-10-04 06:00 PM

and another thing ... how does she make the TOC over Dan Harrington?

JohnCates. 10-11-04 06:00 PM

tell me another player who has broke down and started crying in the middle of a tournament ... any size!!!!

Joaninphilly 10-13-04 06:00 PM

Annie is a "very special gal " in every way. (beautiful bright and such a great poker player)!!!!! I,'m so very proud of her.Shes my niece and no one can say anything bad about her to me!!!!!!

Andrew/DarkTremor(stars)/tal_tempest 10-14-04 06:00 PM

All anyone needs to know about annie duke is that she's a decent poker player, she's one of the only female players, and she's hot. None of you people who haven't met her need to know anything other than what I just told you.

Jim McDonald/baggywinkles/baggywinkles 10-15-04 06:00 PM

Annie is all woman...and women are in touch with their emotions much more than men, or at least they show them more readily. The fact that Annie cries when she's filled with emotion makes her more attractive and feminine. The fact that she has had four children makes her more attractive, and the fact that she's a Kick-Ass poker champ makes her irresistable. The guys that want her to stop crying and showing emotion in a game/tournament are actually asking her to become more like a man, and hide her feelings. That's a really dumb expectation. Let's forget the macho BS and just enjoy watching a terrific lady win.

Unregistered 10-15-04 06:00 PM

That last comment... in fact... the last 2 comments make me wanna hurl. If I was a girl I'd pick a fight with her a send her home in an ambulance.

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