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grdred944 01-02-06 12:13 PM

Since all but one player (DN) agreed to chop the WSOP TC that Annie won before they even played, I don't put much stock in her winning that sit-n-go. Annie is a marginal player at best who is a world class whiner hanging on to her brother's coattails.

Bender 07-29-06 01:17 AM

Stupid *****...Couldn't play poker to save her life. I love how she preaches to people about poker. Really Duke? I could beat you both drunk and high. Win another braclet that's not a fluke then talk.

bad_dog76 08-11-06 02:26 PM

Another incredibly overrated poker brat who lives off of her brothers name. She'll never win another major title. Straight trash!

bad_dog76 08-14-06 03:12 PM

Jesus! What the hell is wrong with you people? Reading through these comments and seeing "She's HOT!" and "She's a MILF" You guys need to get laid, and FAST! This woman is not hot at all, not even close. She's disgusting and filthy. I wouldn't touch her with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

????? 09-29-06 11:26 PM

Why did the floor person, in the WSOP main event, adhere to this her request to have another player take off his jacket
that had trinkets attached to it????....All you see, in the
old pictures of the past events, are crazy costumes etc.

But the moron at the WSOP had the guy take the jacket off, so that the slut could have her way. This proves to me that she is a piece of garbage.

AdamWolf 10-17-06 01:59 PM

The guy
's jacket was physically makign enough noise that it was picked up by the cameras for ESPN, constantly. Nonstop jingling. Rickies Davies was the guy's name, I think.

SO Annie and the redheaded English guy..Vos? btoh asked about it.

It's really not much different form people getting on others for cursing at the table or anything else thats a constant distraction. or for another example..what if I borught a protable radio and set it by me. And fi yuo could hear it easily, and it was a major distraction that wa sunneccesary..wouldn't you like to have it removed?

SHANKPIPE 10-19-06 03:40 AM

This Duke's the Queen
Annie...my fave poker playin' babe!

????? 10-28-06 12:47 AM

What about all the bull shit that comes out of the players mouths, or that ass hole Phil Laak, and his BS....and speaking
of distractions, WHAT ABOUT THE MF ESPN CAMERAS, WHO CARES WHAT THEY PICK UP, they are a major distraction, as well as
the morons that ESPN entices to scream at the top of their
lungs..........your anology(radio playing) is full of it!

AdamWolf 10-29-06 11:26 AM

My analogy is full of it? Interesting, that this is the 2nd post I've seen today of yuors that antagonistically berated one of mine.

My analogy is not "full of it", as your points ar emore or less....weak.

Citing a player tlaking is ridiculous, firs tof all, becuase there's a vast difference between a player actually talking themselves..and a giant constantly loudly jingling vest.

Interesting which Phil you decide to call an asshole, by the way.

Also, being as the camera are mroe or less required to be there..the tournament director can't just throw them out. Nor can the players hear Lon McCaren and Norm Chad.

My point, which maybe you missed, was about unneccesary distractions. This was one.

????? 10-29-06 02:49 PM

Your another Democrate who wants to change everything,for the sake of change...IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE WSOP then you would have known that costumes were always in vogue ie: Puggy Pearson....but no, now the [edited] is distracted by it, and all the morons who want to come to her defense.

AdamWolf 10-30-06 02:46 PM

What does my political affiliation..or, my assumed political affiliation have to do with......anything?

And how come half of what you say seems to be dictated by the fact that Annie Duke isn't a man? You continue to just refer to her as a slut over and over again with seemingly no basis whatsoever for an actual opinion, other than dislike.

You also casually ignore the fact that Annie was NOT the only player at the table who asked about the jacket. There were, in fac,t several, yet you continue to blindly pin it on "that stupid slut", who i s"garbage" even though I'm betting she's had more success at this game than the both fo us combined and tripled.

????? 10-30-06 11:16 PM

She admits that she is a slut in her books, in so many words.
I like her game. But I wouldn't have just stood by and let her impose her will on the table, just because she's a cunt!

Montana Mike 11-16-06 09:48 PM

I have played poker with Annie since her poker days in Billings, Montana.

Annie has the "traits" of most successful poker players.

Daniel N. is correct, but can you knock Annie's success.

If you measure your life by poker, Annie is what it is all about.

No thanks!

Montana Mike

headlessman1964 12-31-06 12:09 AM

the ultimate,ultimate
ever notice tht ultimatebet has the biggest **** (duke)and the biggest prick (hellmouth i call him)to advertise for them? u folks that dig her watch too much espn,,they glamorize her and noone on the circuit can stand her,,we all in Vegas know what she is,,and u dudes that think she is hot need a date,,although her new push-up bra makes her look decent,,her hubby was good to the kids also btw,,he is a good man

headlessman1964 12-31-06 12:38 AM

her bro
btw,for all those that say she isn't like her brother are wrong also? tell me,what has Howard done to prove himself of any worth? lol he's a predictable drone that makes obvious plays,,longevity and losing 200 pounds shouldn't put you in an icon status lol

Cheerleader 10-28-07 10:39 PM

I had a chance to meet Annie at San Manuel tournament on Oct 25, 2007. I told Annie I wished I could play good poker like her one day and that she and I will be HEADS UP in a tournament. Then, she said "that will be a lot of money." She looks much better in person than on TV. Thanks Annie.

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