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cms5179 01-17-04 06:00 PM

POKER INFO - PROILE - Humberto Brenes
Harley Hall, the great west coast player,should be included on your site with a profile.

J.. 01-28-04 06:00 PM

Harley Hall is a pretty good amateur, but should no be on this list of player profiles.

rookie 02-12-04 06:00 PM

class act. this guy was born a winner.

civil66 02-23-04 06:00 PM

Is this the guy that wear the two pairs of glasses and listens to a walkman? If so he's annoying as all get out! Someone check him for his green card!

Gman 03-06-04 06:00 PM

Harley Hall is all right I guess...I think Allen Cunningham deserves some respect though, he is well-known as a great gentleman at the tables, and is very consistent IN ALL GAMES. Which is certainly not easy obviously. He is like, 25 or so, young obviously, already has a couple of bracelets and is destined to be a great player. IMO they should go on ahead and give him his credit now.

DeuceSeven Offsuit 04-01-04 06:00 PM

A word to the wise Humberto...Always fold pocket Aces if you suspect pocket eights in your opponents hand...pocket eights win every time. No need to thank me. Just revel in my wisdom.

Roy Batty 04-02-04 06:00 PM

Chews gum like a horse.I was laughing my butt off when MM beat him,it was classic.Obnoxious...

Unregistered 05-11-04 06:00 PM

He's a great player, if MM wouldn't have gotten that 8 against him, who knows how far he would have gone

RoyBiggins 06-03-04 06:00 PM

Humberto is a good guy, unless he's up against the likes of Phil Laak or Hon Le. Then u can say, "ba-buy!"

Unregistered 07-26-04 06:00 PM

the two pairs of glasses is pointless. I highly doubt that that extra pair helps.

Unregistered 08-01-04 06:00 PM

Good tip for everyone fold vs moneymaker if he had AK he'd bust your aces (aces 92% fav)

The Corporation - Will 08-10-04 06:00 PM

Humberto is a man of confidence. He fears no one. Moneymaker should have lost that hand and been knocked out by Humberto but MM hit his 2 outs. Great play MM. 8% chance man. NH. Good Read.

Zafle222 08-16-04 06:00 PM

He's a great player if u ask me. MoneyMaker got lucky against him and i like the 2 pair of sun glasses. It distinguishes him from other players and people likes at the glasses instead of facial expressions. He's 1 of the best.

Ace Dr 10-04-04 06:00 PM

Humberto is a master of the game, his presence on the table is always a warning to others players. A soon to be world champion.

Reinaldo 10-19-04 06:00 PM

Im from Costa Rica like Humberto, yes ! he is the father of every poker player here. His Da MAN!!! (like he will say)

naw he's cool 01-18-05 06:00 PM

I like this dude. I'd smoke a Cuban with him and drink some Corona.

humberto numer 1 fan 04-27-05 06:00 PM

humberto ur the man

Unregistered 05-01-05 06:00 PM

oh man this guy is great, it would be fun to play with this guy

Unregistered 06-07-05 06:00 PM

he's a lucky shit just like his brothers...can't play a lick

twhacker 07-14-05 06:00 PM

where does he live in costa rica?

JetsFan315 07-28-05 06:00 PM

"Posted by: on Jun 08, 2005 - IP= he's a lucky shit just like his brothers...can't play a lick" lets see u play him.

pokergodess 08-10-05 06:00 PM

I don't think anyone can be that lucky, He knows what he's doing and he is soooo cute.

Observer 08-19-05 06:00 PM

That would've been a TOUGH laydown to fold KK pre-flop, even if it was risky to battle the chip leader in 2nd place. If anyone here has mucked AA or KK pre-flop for any reason, please reply here!

This guy 08-19-05 06:00 PM

he's funnier than a 3.00 bill

alex brenes 08-23-05 06:00 PM

this guy annoys me a lot.

Poker Stevo 08-25-05 06:00 PM

I am a South Florida player, and I would love to meet Humberto (he's a 1hr drive away). I would love to learn from the likes of a pro tournament player like Humberto...everytime I turn on the World Poker Tour he is at a final table. Outstanding Player.

kadazuro 08-30-05 06:00 PM

humberto is a great player, and all the ticos are proud of him, keep at the good job humberto. pura vida.

????? 12-15-05 07:26 PM

One of these days, he's going to choke on the gum he chews.

undertaker 12-23-05 12:41 PM

Hes a good player no doubt but i dont know if he has what it takes to win a wpt event.

Soupjonz 07-20-06 04:35 PM

Humberto is the man! This guy has won millions upon millions playing tournament poker. He has won two World Series bracelets, 1st in the 2002 World Poker Open (which is now a WPT event), and as for World Poker Tour finals tables...he finished 7th in the 2003 LA Poker Classic (TV bubble), and 2nd for the Season 2 Invitational. In season 3 he made two final tables, finishing 2nd at Bellagio and 3rd at Foxwoods. I am not even mentioning the countless cashes he has made in his career. Anyone with in reason can win a WPT tournament, but Humberto has shown a consistency that is much better than just winning one event. Don't forget, the people that have won those events had better cards in the end! Humberto Brenes definitely has what it takes to take down a WPT event, but skill can only go so far before the cards take over.

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