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SpecialK1224 10-09-04 06:00 PM

POKER INFO - PROILE - Mike Matosow
It was only a matter of time before the Mouth got his page, however the real question is Where is Ellix's page?The Mouth is an above average player, but nothing special.

iuindy2l 10-10-04 06:00 PM

Mike's not going to be playing for anything more than a pack of smokes for awhile.

pocket7s 10-10-04 06:00 PM

man at first i liked him but then i lost all respect when he cried when he was eliminated from 2004 wsop

Unregistered 10-10-04 06:00 PM

I read on RGP how he's going to jail for a drug arrest. Does anybody have the details?

Killsome1. 10-11-04 06:00 PM

LOL i cant belive a full grown man cried over a poker game. He better hope he dosent talk like that to someone like me, cause i would have knocked him straight the F#$k out.

god 10-11-04 06:00 PM

probably the biggest tit on the face on the planet... and he happens to be a poker player. I'm just guessing here but I suspect Raymer had the last laugh. Its a shame that mouthy shmuck won any money at all.

prushman 10-11-04 06:00 PM

Matasow is fair at best, but with him crying like a girlie-man was hilarious- so much for his "big balls" hope we never see that p.o.s. on tv again

yup 10-11-04 06:00 PM

off to prison buddy

Eatpasta/Eatpasta/eatpasta133 10-11-04 06:00 PM

Direct quotes from Mike "I am, without a doubt, one of the top 5 players in the world" "I have the biggest balls in No Limit Hold 'Em in the world. Without a doubt, the biggest balls in the world" This guy is one of the most self-centered idiots in poker. If he played 1/4 as much trash he talks he would be better than Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen and Lee watkinson combined. The fact that he cried is great.

Pokerplug. 10-12-04 06:00 PM

He can be an asshole, but is entertaining to watch at times.

Unregistered 10-14-04 06:00 PM

sucker...hes trash.

Dyreekio 10-14-04 06:00 PM

I love this man

Terrible 10-20-04 06:00 PM

He's terrible. Raymer Busting him was one of the top moments of the WSOP? Anyone catch the bit when Negraneau made fun of him...absolutely hilarious.

aaaaaaaaaa 10-21-04 06:00 PM

matasow is awesome

jaws 10-22-04 06:00 PM

when mike is BEHIND bars, im sure he will be a big winner a butt bingo too. Im sure we feel sorry for the once millionaire weeping joke.

scott the iceman 10-26-04 06:00 PM

do you think at this very moment he is down there somewhere crying about a bad beat?

Chad 11-02-04 06:00 PM

He's good. However, he's a terrible sport. I wish he would just shut the hell up when he plays. It was hilarious when he started crying when he lost at the WSOP! How ironic, rubs bad beats in everyone else's face, then busts out with one an cries about it. Perhaps he should sponsor vagisil the next time he plays.

texasKINGS 11-02-04 06:00 PM

i would have been kicked out of the tourny cause i would have popped his cryin' ass. play your cards and shutup...he needs to take tips from the true class acts such as lederer, seidel, brunson, and cloutier

BudFarmer 11-03-04 06:00 PM

He's a DORK!!

English Tony 11-11-04 06:00 PM

What a great laugh that was, first he is the big man then he is crying like a baby. The funny thing is he is not very good at playing poker anyway. I don't know where he gets this idea that he is in the top 5 players in the World. What an arsehole

billybabe 11-14-04 06:00 PM

I think mike is a WHINING crybaby, almost everyone hates the azzhole, and rightfully so. Hes the biggest walking richard cranium on this earth

slvsc2 11-16-04 06:00 PM

Mental case. Mommy didn't hug him, his beer was spiked, something... He's an embarassment to the game and I have to think he hangs out with these players because they need someone to make fun of. The guy's like Fredo on steroids. Crying after getting busted out? Comparing size with Raymer? Can you say bi-polar? Whatever he is using to grow hair is seeping into his brain. This guy is a joke. True, fun to watch. For him to claim that he is one of the top 5 players today is about the funniest thing I've heard this year.

beano 11-16-04 06:00 PM

i have a question for all of you....this may not be the best place for it. i would like to know what his and other pro's names are on the net. i have played for about a yr. (pretty high)...was mike "dill pickle" on UB? just curious...if i am being too nosy or out of step...just say so... i would think that some site out there has an index of who is who...even if done informally/unofficially

chump 11-21-04 06:00 PM

i believe you are correct....not officially of course--- and i do not know of any site like that shares notes or comments about players -- i am curious too.

mike 11-22-04 06:00 PM

matusow, just 86 more people to outlast and that 5m would be yoursmaybe next year

Steve 11-25-04 06:00 PM

i hate this guy, i mean come on.... stop cryin and play ure cards, when u when u win, when you lose you lose........ thats cards.. thats life... dont need to cry over it. maybe if he wasnt stupid with his millions he wouldnt be in the situation he was in to where it was "life or death" for him

djnpa_30 11-25-04 06:00 PM

matusow is a decent to good player..hes a bad to terrible person tho..he talked lotta trash to fatboy raymer than got busted by buffet boy..justice....

slvsc2 11-26-04 06:00 PM

I know this will come off as geeky but I finally remembered who Matasow reminded me of. MST3K fans who have the movie 'The Sidehackers,' should pop it in and look for the bad guy "J.C." That's Matasow. That, or the Dick Shawn character in, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World."

Dandy327 11-28-04 06:00 PM

Cant say that i have ever seen a smack talking fool at any table i have been at win the Big cheese personnally i think the guy is a fookin idiot but i guess time will tell maybe if he shut his trap and played with a little respect he might go far.

joann wallet 12-01-04 06:00 PM

I read on daniel negreanu website that mike matusow had been sent to prison for 6 months.Does any one know what he did??

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