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Dboy 12-17-04 06:00 PM

I like this site for the speed of play. There are a lot of experienced players here though, so if you're looking to clean house on the novice players, look elsewhere. I recommend CaribbeanSunPoker.com for the most fish on the Net.

IveyWannabe3. 12-27-04 06:00 PM

absolute has nice freerolls but are very hard to win with all the poker degenratess at the beginning of the tournament that outdraw you. Nice site thoug

being skulled 12-30-04 06:00 PM

Good for playing with fake money but as for real money get the hell out of there. For instance, in one hour's playing time i saw a 444 flop as well as a AAA and 222 flop. What kind of bs is this. Do not ever think you have it won as nearly anyone with draws will play to the river. Abnormal number of quads and flushes as well as AA. I honestly believe the computer knows which person will win the hand and decides accordingly. Horrible program and BEWARE. IF you want to play poker fly to Vegas b/c you will save a lot of money.

skipp 01-02-05 06:00 PM

This site has the worst support I have ever seen. Support does not respond to my emails. Support will NOT give me any bonus I qualified for when emailed. In all fairness I have won money at the site and cashouts were not a problem. The regular bonuses offered are paid without problems. If you are ever asked to email promotions for a bonus you might as well forget it.

bluffthreat 01-07-05 06:00 PM

iv played alot of sites, and boy do i like this site, well i tried getting the 10 dollars free not sure who else i got to email but the code is HPG10 and im not sure what else has to be done thanks

floydfanj 01-07-05 06:00 PM

Have to wait forever to get games going...there is never anyone playing omaha. They still have a lot of work to do.

BigShoesAAAA 01-09-05 06:00 PM

This site is a joke. So slow, so unbelievably slow. Tightest old lady type players I've ever seen. With 1,500 in start chips a 1 or 3 buck SNG takes 3 hours. Key to site: Any and all aces all the time. Rags, whatever just play them. Got three winning absolute crap hands in a row that didn't play, then kk on BB beat by A7 big stack. Next time around AA cracked by K7 big stack. (flop 77K). I got the gist of it lol. Fold all PP on blind, go all in 48 off. Wouldn't waste one more nickle on there. Oh and I did win 2 out of 3 SNG's if you wonder about my play. Just took 2-3 hours each one. NINE PLAYERS. Oh and the kicker? My first, and last day on site, saw FOUR QUADS. FOUR. I had two of them myself. All on same table in same hour. Next table another two quads. Consistently flop down 333 222 aaa on flop. Just shook my head as deleted software. Dont bother going there.

sawseyetake 01-10-05 06:00 PM

hey all if you just want to make a lot of cash u need to play live not on AP. Unless u just deposited and u cant seem to lose until u withdraw and then u will recieve the worst 1 and 2 out beats on the river constantly. Tell me who the hell rated them the best and most trusted lol i surely didnt must have been dicfers. Save time just flush your cash down the toilet.

pureform 01-15-05 06:00 PM

once a week asking if i want to deposit money. This site is RIGGED! They dish out bad beats all the time to speed up play. they set you up to go all-in then bomb you on the river so they can rake more cash. AA will lose to 72 every time. THIS IS NOT REALISTIC POKER!!! BEWARE!!

david mcgurn/ daviemc 01-24-05 06:00 PM

terrific site,some bad sites out there. this is the best by far.

Troy/lestat5168 02-03-05 06:00 PM

This is by far the worst and/or most corrupt program I've ever seen. Have you ever seen 5 flushes in a row? how about 4 straights? well maybe you've seen 4 out of five hands come up a set of aces! Well if you haven't play here and you'll get to see it all the time! DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY WITH THESE CROOKS!

kangol 02-15-05 06:00 PM

of all the sites this one takes the cake. Their multi table tourneys have bugs that dont allow you to play. Freerolls have crapped out members and real money players are complaining that they were screwed out of money. AP has no response to anyone sending complaints not to mention they are ripping ppl off on cash outs. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. PERIOD

absolutlysucksass 02-21-05 06:00 PM

This is the worst site of them all. Customer support is rediculous. Takes 3 days to respond. They added hot keys, I didn't know existed till i was chatting and looked up to see my whole stack in the pot. They only require a $15 deposit but $50 to withdraw. thier server sucks, I dont know how many times i was involved in key pot to get disconnected( no all-in protection ). I normally hate all-in protection due to those that abuse it, but it really sucks when its the sites server that consistantly knocks you off!! I gave this site an honest chance but just seemed to be one disaster after another w/ no love from customer support. needless to say i've cashed out and will never be back. P.S. The bad beats are the same everywhere!!! I've been to most well known sites and they happen on all of them. Those of you that say these sites are rigged but are still playing them need to get your heads examined...lol

BR21 03-01-05 06:00 PM

I give this one a high rating because I've done so well and I like the fact that you can use your own images for the player. I have experienced the frustration of playing at places like Party Poker which are bogus sites because real mathmatical odds are completely irrelevant there. Also, it's impossible to be an effective bluffer at Party Poker because morons will say in with anything and still win. I like this site because it feels like a real poker game. My solution to the common bad-beat-on-the-river problem has been to run people out with big bets before the river. This strategy has worked really well for me at this site and is probably why I have no bad-beat complaints here. Try to run people out at Party Poker and you will end up with a big fist full of nothing.

Mike 03-03-05 06:00 PM

while i've enjoyed playing the tournaments and talking with the people...anytime I complain about something, it is a guaruntee i will lose money for the next couple weeks....they are able to take money from my credit card without using a device like neteller, but can't credit money back to my account...so i have to use a device that will charge me money to withdraw or pay $8 for a check that takes 10 days to get here....4 suited cards and 4 connecting cards on the board is very often...the dealer encourages action with the board it gives....new accounts always win....

sun 03-07-05 06:00 PM

for a while i did really good,then i cashed out, and nothing but bad beats since. on a one hundred dollar single table, the same guy beat my aces twice with , 4c5c. the second time put me out.i was stunned. i have flopped so many straights that get beat on the river, that i am not sure how to play em, because ALL-IN means nothing, not even on fairly high buy in tournaments. i could go on and on , but its too depressing. i dont know that its rigged, i dont know that its not rigged. i have my suspicions so i wont put anymore money in, but i dont have to because i might be able to get to the final table in a freeroll. that pays 10.00 for 1st and 5.00 for the rest. not bad for free. the only thing i miss about playing in the money games is the people that were there everyday and i got to play with the same people all the time on the single table tournaments. you tend to get a feel for the right way to play, because the goofballs never last with people who know each other. never had any enemies, but have a few rivalries that are fairly intense and competitive. i won a few multi table tournaments, but to win them i had to get a few crazy, lucky hands.i flopped quads a few boats and won on a few rivers. i've won and lost here. when i lose , i lose to hands that are very improbable, but ive won the very same way. who really knows if its a fair site.

me. 04-02-05 06:00 PM

this site is run by crooks, most rigged site on the new along with party poker

pazzba 04-19-05 06:00 PM

you can get a good run or a bad run its a funny old game.Its good here because there are not to many idiots on this site.

Louis Cannon 04-20-05 06:00 PM

I came to this poker room rating board to see if other players agreed with me and I see that many do. Those that take their poker seriously seem to know that the cards do not fall random at this site. I'm convinced and have decided to find another site. By the way I had pocket A's four times in one night. You might as well play with wild cards.

CHIPSTAKA 04-23-05 06:00 PM

I was bored one night and wanted to play poker. So I decided to give absolute poker another try. The last time I deposited $25 and went through it like water. This time I deposited $50. I played a 5+1 dollar tournament and was kicking butt. It came down to the last 3 and i had chiplead at 180,000 and two other people were in with like 50,000 each.None the less i took third on some very nasty bad beats.I still won like $118 dollars.I took 3rd out of 205 people,that wasnt bad.Today I entered a 10+1 dollar $8,000 guarentee tournament. I played like 3 hands and took some nasty beats again and said "I hate absolute poker" and next thing you know this other player named ugaistheteam told me to leave if I didnt like it. Then I get disconnected.This is the weird part now.... I reconnected numerous times and I went to the tournament lobby and tried to take my seat but the system wouldnt let me. It kept saying there was a problem with the server. The odd part was I could sit at any live action table or tournament table and play with no problems. I just could not sit at my seat in the tournament.I tried over and over with no sucess. I even went as far as to clean up my computer such as cookies,temp files etc.Nothing helped I couldnt sit down at the tournament. The whole time this was going on I was emailing the support and telling them what was going on. Ive never had anyother problems on anyother sites. Ive played on partypoker,pokerstars,pacific, crazypoker,ultimate bet and many more.Support said in other words the problem is not their fault and the wont refund my money.Mind you I only played 3 hands. I still had 1300 in chips. Long story short after numerous emails and advice and attempts to fix my computer which i dont believe is broke, I got nowhere. I asked him if It was worth losing a customer over 11 dollars and still he said he couldnt help me.HOw petty is that? I am cashing out my hundred dollars tomarrow and never playing there again.It was the wosrt run site ive ever experienced. The must have a bunch of brainwashed monkeys running the show. Ive seen better customer service at a burgerking. If you ask me ugaistheteam is working for the site. I mean they must be paying the man to say he loves the site that much. Its really horrible.Scroll up and see he has like two messages on this board and all are kissing absolutes azz.Im really mad right now so please forgive me. I even told the rep I would put it up on the bulliten board. He didnt care. (Inside info) ugaistheteam was playing a 25,000 arp tournament today. Do you know how long it takes to get 25,000 arp it took me three days of straight playing for like 420.Im talking like 8 hours a day.anyways ugaistheteam wasnt lying when he said he plays there all the time. However like someone above said and i read that its almost like they let the loyal repeating players and new players win. If anyone works for them ugaistheteam does.I think he got me booted out of the tournament. How could you have something like that looked into? lets ban together and spread the truth this site is crooked. I think players have a right to know. Goodnight Im tired of typing and franctly i am speachless irate but speachless. I quit now its back to pokerstars.

NJ-PLayer 05-02-05 06:00 PM

I must say it's Ok. I will say you go on runs though on this site. It almost seems at time you are invincable and yet others you are destined to lose. I have had runs like this in the poker world before at both live games and online but it seemed like to much repetition. I'm not sure what to say but hey it's online. who know's what happens on any site. If anyone in NJ wants to play live games [url]www.newjerseypokertour.com[/url] has a great bunch of games and professionally run tourney's. They never rake and play for great causes. Check it out. Will be worth your while

ananomous 05-02-05 06:00 PM

This has to be the worse site of all poker sites. Don't put your money in this one. A Flush will come out 55% of the time, the board pairs 60% of the time. I've never seen so much losing on the river. What did it for me was logging 50 hands, 32 hands out of those 50, the river card decided the winning hand and the person that won had a less than 8% chance of winning each time. I haven't been back since...

MA_Poker 05-04-05 06:00 PM

Absolutely Bogus. Nuff said, what I have to say has been said about 30 times in this post already. NO WAY the cards are random here, especially the river card. All the online poker rooms are shady, but this one is worse than most.

common sense 05-05-05 06:00 PM

As far as the randomness of the cards, Absolute seems much more realistic to me than Ultimate Bet. Absolute also has nice big buttons for "check," "call," etc., unlike The Gaming Club which has tiny ones. The only thing I don't like about Absolute is that their tournamnet lobby pages update crankily on my computer.

tom 05-18-05 06:00 PM

i personally think there are better places to play. their are a lot of good players here so, it's not that easy to walk away with anything in your pocket. as an experienced player, i would focus on the less competitive sites and hit up the less visited poker rooms.

allflushedup 06-03-05 06:00 PM

HORROBLE email responses, they rarely even respond. It is amazing. Easy site with alot of bad players though. If they had ANY kind of support It'd be a 9. One thing I don't like is that Mark Seif is their pro and he plays on there. I hate that guy. What a jerk.

reddog 06-15-05 06:00 PM

I have been playing Absolute, off and on for about two years. Good to see increased player traffic since the early days. Lots of posts on here about bad beats, etc.....I consider that bs since I play a lot of sites and cards run the way they do. Absolute has great reload bonuses and still a fair amount of fish. I quit playing Party since they bent me over on a withdrawal.

Unregistered 06-18-05 06:00 PM


Long time player 06-20-05 06:00 PM

I find the software and customer service adequate. All this complaining about bad beats, rigged site, etc., is a joke. Clearly you're inexperienced players. I wish you'd come back to the site. We need more easy players here.

linguini6 07-04-05 06:00 PM

i have enjoyed your game for some time now, but latley i have tried everthing to play again and it just wont let me.

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