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Jim "I wannabe as good as the devilfish" 07-25-04 07:00 PM

How good and classy is the devilfish. Its not often a scotsman is so praising of an englishman :), but he is the man. I just wish we could see more of him on the TV.

travis 07-30-04 07:00 PM

devilfish is poker god!!!!!!!

Tom 08-01-04 07:00 PM

Another sorry Brit player who thinks he's the best.

Mark 08-05-04 07:00 PM

Tom get a life.

Stephen Au-Yeung/ s 08-05-04 07:00 PM

The Devilfish earned his nickname during the very first tournament he ever played in Vegas in January,1997 against The Master. With everyone shouting, "Go on The Master," Dave's mate yelled, "go on The Devilfish," A name attached to Dave by Stephen Au-Yeung in Birmingham, Inventor of the Casino Table Games:Casino Hold'em Pokerâ„¢, the own of the websuit: devilfishpoker.com. The next day the headlines read "Devilfish devours the Master" and the rest, shall we say, is history.

Garret Russert 09-20-04 07:00 PM


pocket7s 10-07-04 07:00 PM

great player, you cant play him heads up for nothin i play a cash game with him and this guy can play man if he makes it to the final two forget a bout it you lost

craig/caigedgley 10-20-04 07:00 PM

im 14 and a big fan of The devil fish. ive played poker for about a year. Dave was un luky in the european championship and should have won but on the day he was unluky to keep his lead

craig/craigedgley 10-20-04 07:00 PM

un lucky NOT to keep hid lead

Justo 10-27-04 07:00 PM

To the critics, personal abuse and ridiculous challenges are born of the emotions top card players want in their opponents - jealousy and disrespect. Dave Ulliot is class, accept it, move on.

al. 11-12-04 07:00 PM

Just saw Dave play a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Must say I became an instant fan. Though Ive only just started following poker tournaments he has been a class ahead of anyone I am yet to see play. The guy played quite a lot of hands (relative to his opposition), won almost all of them, and he had crap cards throughout the night... what more can anyone ask of a poker player?

Ink 11-16-04 07:00 PM

i know uncle devilfish,he has a really nice family

Pete 11-16-04 07:00 PM

you dont know the devilfish or his family.I know the devilfish and i do not think he would approve of your phony attemps to mock him.you disgust me

ucky 11-18-04 07:00 PM

he's a muppet apparently..always chasin

djnpa_30 11-30-04 07:00 PM

really good player. i do agree that he does play too many hands,but ith his skills its hard to fault that,,a bit arrogant,but you need to have an ego to make it in poker i guess .all in all hes a really good player

simonjj 11-30-04 07:00 PM

big up the devil

english poker player 12-01-04 07:00 PM

Seen devilfish play well on late night poker and on wpt does he play cash games,if so what sort of limits.Im intrigued as to how this british player would compare to the top yanks at high stakes cash games.

Devilfsh 12-26-04 07:00 PM

What a player you are my hero, becoming a much better player thanks to you. My dream is to play you in Vegas some day. Good luck

ubershaw 01-03-05 07:00 PM

Go devilfish, poker player #1

imallin49 01-06-05 07:00 PM

The 'DevilFish' is a living legend, all you Yanks who cant take the fact that a fellow Englishman beats the hell out of you all should wake up and smell your decaff coffee. Ill see you all at WSOP 2006. At the final table. Im basing my game on the Devilfish

iveyfan05 01-06-05 07:00 PM

im basing my game on the devilfish???????wtf???are you like 15 years old?????to be good in poker you need to find your own style....im basing my style on gus hansen....lol...doesnt work that way....

Unregistered 01-09-05 07:00 PM

A miracle poker play

Unregistered 01-10-05 07:00 PM

keep it up df

zuumo 01-21-05 07:00 PM

why is it only the americans seem to hate devilfish? bad loser? what about the muppet called helmuth, now that is a sore looser.devilfish would wipe the floor with him and most of your other top players, if they are so world class why not show it by playing outside the states.class in a glass, devilfish.

iveyfan05 01-21-05 07:00 PM

until david has 9 wsop braclets ..stfu about him being better than phil....i dont dislike david, hes a great player,,,but not on thesame level as hellmuth

pochoprincess 01-22-05 07:00 PM

devilfish is by far the best looking player around! i love to watch him play...

iveyfan05 01-22-05 07:00 PM

best looking? he looks like the principal from ferris bullers day off with a greay hairdo lol..still a great player tho

Shaun 01-24-05 07:00 PM

I'm an American and I don't hate Devilfish, or any other poker player for that matter. Anyone who makes a living the way myself and millions of others can only wish for has my respect. The US versus the UK thing is very old, kids. There may still be some amusement value in it, but not much.

uk defender 01-28-05 07:00 PM

what do you think of devilfish iveyfan05? in the UK we had a programme called late nite poker and through that devilfish became well known to the british poker fans(this was '99..'00,before the poker boom).From what I can see he seems to have a great table image which he uses well and seems to be an extremely aggresive player.I am interested to know what sort of limits he plays in cash games?,because ive only heard about him playing tournaments. Also have you heard of the Hendon mob?there a well known group of English players who play alot of the 10k events?,i know there not quite up with the American big boys (negreanu,ivey etc)but i certainly think Ram Vaswani out of the mob is a talented player.Watch out for him at WSOP 06!!

iveyfan05 01-28-05 07:00 PM

david is a truly great player. no getting around that..hes a very dangerous player,and a lot of fun to watch. i have heard of the hendon mob..there is a post about them in fullcontactpoker. ppl in the u.s. that know poker should have heard of them...ram is a really good player.. i rememebr seeing him get some airtime at the wsop..wasnt catching many cards,,but he's defenitley a really really good player..i am also a fan of the guy from the u.k that won a braclet in a smaller buy in nl holdem event at this years wsop...i seemed to have forgotten his name..he was the guy that said iwont hold the cash up in the air, cause im british and that is vulgar ...he was fun to watch cause he was so ho hum about the win..he kept saying it was all luck,,and true enough he did get great cards at good times, i still thought he played well..if you can remember his name, i'd appreciate it ....

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