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FuckSakeUGotTheRoyal 05-06-06 02:53 PM

lol......that englishcat sounds like a right stalker

alextt 08-26-06 09:47 PM

please tell me no one is taking english cat seriuosly, he is unbelieveable

headlessman1964 12-31-06 01:59 AM

who fears him?
i like his bio,,who in the heck fears this jewelry-laden clown? lol and not a nice guy either

jellibeans 01-14-07 02:56 AM

hi devilfish, ur my fav poker player. i cant get u outta my head. i luv watching u on tv and ur on alot lately anyways keep up the good work

Chris Ulliott 02-18-07 09:20 PM

The Fish is my old man and it is really cool readin how he's inspired a fair few people.

jellibeans 03-11-07 04:04 PM

ur dad is a success and i hope to catch a glimpse of him in real life cause hes so cool

headlessman1964 10-02-07 06:21 AM

He is the biggest whining prick on the circuit,got a few skills,but aint no pro per se

bad_dog76 11-30-07 02:49 PM

This guy is a pure 100% asshole! Talks a bunch of shit when he loses, like he's never supposed to lose. *NEWSFLASH*, Devilfish, YOU SUCK! Donkey!

????? 03-05-10 12:55 AM

It turns out that he is another piece of garbage, just like Arieh, Hachem! MAN LAW!

Gary Clarkson 01-01-12 02:11 PM

A true gent, stopped his car last night to make sure my wife and I were safe getting home and sent his car back to pick us up as we had a long walk down a dark lane. Thanks for being so thoughtful.

hammers 12-12-12 05:43 PM

we used to love watching devilfish play late at night..and then all the oldies disappeared!! where have you gone,and why aren,tyou on our box any more?

Wantatheaction 12-24-12 06:47 AM

Dude this guy is a racist. Have you ever heard what was said between "Devil Fish" and John Juanda? Put shortly, he is a sad man. I'm pretty sure it this final table; [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeBVt-8wwo8[/url] .

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