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Unregistered 02-12-05 06:00 PM

revenge of the nerds. plus varky loves dogs and little kiddies

kjCoin 02-28-05 06:00 PM

I just found out that the 'coach' that Robert hired was just not anybody - he was the mastermind behind the MIT Blackjack team of the early 90's 'Mr M'. A math wizard. They tried to black out his image on the History channel, but it was obviously him. Once he admitted to moving to poker after blackjack, I knew it was him.

southern gambler 04-09-05 06:00 PM

He was what he was, a little bit goofy, like a star trek fan, be he WON, he made som VERY good plays at the final table to go from last to first. Then he played a big stack very solid. To me, Gus Hansen plays worse EVERY TIME I SEE HIM, I saw him call 400 k with 89 suited, yet he is a "genius" He gets lucky all the time, cracking big hands with crap over and over. RV may not be the best player ever, maybe not even good at all, but those 5 days he was, and no stupid post by jelous children can change that.

Hey 04-16-05 06:00 PM

He played a lot better at the final table than Moneymaker did. I didn't see any really dumb moves from him that required major luck.

Unregistered 04-21-05 06:00 PM

his coach is smart man played with him a lot in the bay area card club tournaments knows the odds if u watch the 2003 wsop after he leaves the casino u see the whole back of the group walking there called the berkeley brain trust

GBTHECOACH 04-23-05 06:00 PM

He is not and never will be a great player. He did though do somthing that none of us will do and that is be a world champ. Congrats Sir, great win. Hope you still have some of the money you won...Keep it up and enjoy your life. Dont let jellous people rain on your parade.

Vegas Mike 05-17-05 06:00 PM

Robert has been setting the poker world on fire lately. He came in second behind Chris Burke (actor from Life Goes On), in a celebrity poker tournament, in Kenosha.

Dirk Diggler 05-25-05 06:00 PM

This guy sucks ass. He got lucky in the 2002 wsop and now everyone thinks he is good or something. This guy can't play his way out of a wet paper bag. He got pocket aces every other hand at the WSOP main event final table and the only reason he won was because he got his money in with the worst hand and sucked out. This guy blows and any one who thinks he's good is a flat out moron.

Adam - ACSCashMoney 05-25-05 06:00 PM

Dirk Diggler, you might want to celebrate your 17th birthday before you begin talking. Your commentary is blatantly idiotic. At what point, other than calling 10% of his stack versus someone with Q-10 (other guy had a-9) did he get his money in with the worst hand? He was all in against Shipley twice, both times with J-J, both times against overcards, both wins. He also called down Gardner when Julian simply had a halfway decent flush draw and way overbet the pot. The man shouldn't have to apologize for other people's mistakes. The fact that your teenage ass managed to see 4 or 5 hands on ESPN reruns that he played (out of a couple thousand over 5 days) means nothing. ESPN doesn't show the hands that get people the stacks they need to MAKE the final table - the blind steals, the semibluffs, the value bets ... in other words something an amateur idiot like yourself wouldn't know about.

Unregistered 06-17-05 06:00 PM

this guy sucks

greatwhite 07-02-05 06:00 PM

Luckiest player to ever win the WSOP. Someone said that the only person better than Men the Master was this guy. He need a coach to help him at the WSOP. OVERRATED!

loveland 07-08-05 06:00 PM

its guys like robert that give players hope. you know if you have some game, you have a chance. robert has game and let me say from experience when you get a sniff of victory, it can be intoxicating. you almost feel unbeatable. sometimes thats how a championship is won

JetsFan315 07-10-05 06:00 PM

i did not even know that varkonyi was a fluke, until i saw him play (i didnt see the 02 WSOP) he has always been eliminated in like day 1 of the WSOP every year and this year is no exception. Olga Varkonyi (i think his wife) is still in it.

Unregistered 07-11-05 06:00 PM

you suck varkhoni

loveland 07-12-05 06:00 PM

they need a sight for olga. or share this one with her husband because she is a retty damn good player

JetsFan315 07-20-05 06:00 PM


Couldnt agree more. who would think he has aces, the probability of that is like .000003 or something like that. but i do think he is a fluke but his move against scotty was not bad.

Unregistered 07-28-05 06:00 PM

3+3/2 times the square root of pi = 0.987999 good pots odd call

Fred G 08-09-05 06:00 PM

The Greatest Player In The World. When Stu Ungar Saw Robert Play He Went Back To His Room And Overdosed.

A guy who lies a lot 08-17-05 06:00 PM

took doyle for 1.3$ M heads up at H.O.R.S.E last March. A god among men.

DONKEY 08-29-05 06:00 PM

No Other Word For This Clown But Hes A Donkey

Phil Hellmuth 09-06-05 06:00 PM

This nerd made me shave my fuking head.

dave caines 09-07-05 06:00 PM

best poker player around.

Bender 07-29-06 04:58 AM

Why is there even a profile on this guy

HPG ADMIN 07-29-06 12:14 PM

He still plays. He was on the professional poker tour. He sucks but he is well known.

HPG ADMIN 08-01-06 09:01 AM

WSOP UPDATE: "Robert Varkonyi ranked in the number 4 position by late Monday."

bad_dog76 08-11-06 02:29 PM

Never heard of this guy after 2002. Does he still play? I know his wife does. She's better than he is

DonkeySlayer 09-12-06 10:26 AM

This Donkey Hasnt Won Again
This Donkey, Who Went All In With Q 10 Time And Time Again And Got Miracle Lucky To Win It All, Has Never Won Anything Since. Look Up His Stats, He Won 1 20 Dollar Buy In Tourny And Thats It ! He Sucks, Hee Haw Hee Haw, Must Be Still Playing Q 10 For All His Chips, Damn Donk

Unregistered 09-14-06 12:00 AM

So true! He went pretty deep in this years WSOP but otherwise has done nothing. Moneymaker hasnt done much except for a 2nd place cash at Bay101, but at least he played with balls when he won the big one.

DonkeySlayer 11-09-06 09:07 PM

moneymaker played with balls?
moneymaker played like a donkey, he calls all ins with 33 to 4 over cards on the board, he goes all in with 8 8 against brenes who was holding A A and sucks out, he then sucks out on Ivey who had a boat and moneyDonk was dead to a ace hits it. He got lucky, did the wrong things and still got lucky and somehow won it all. He will never win another tourny 1k buy in or larger, ever.
Varkoni is even worse, the moron thinks Q 10 is a great hand, and now 16 years later hasnt learned it isnt. worst player to ever win the big one, varDonki

bad_dog76 12-20-06 08:42 AM

Donkey Slayer you da MAN! VarDonki! I love it. I'm glad to see at least one person on this board knows what the hell they're talking about.
Varkonyi SUCKS!

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