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aet 06-19-04 06:00 PM

POKER TOOLS - Poker Software Listings
Why don't you have PokerOffice listed?

deadserious 06-21-04 05:59 PM

Don't forget about PokerBuddy from [URL="http://www.yourpokerbuddy.com"]www.yourpokerbuddy.com[/URL]. It's a great journal application for your poker sessions. It also has a few cool extras, including a home tournament director feature.

what about... 08-09-04 05:59 PM

Any opinion of the Poki's Poker Academy program?

just 09-15-04 05:59 PM

I've been using poker charts for the past couple of weeks and am very happy with it. Any good programs out there for calculating odds and such?

someone looking to run somethin 09-28-04 05:59 PM

i have a little home game which is completely run on credit, payments being on the last day of the month. we play roughly every day there are a lot of us. do you know a program to run about 10 people tracking all debts?

ace_aceking 10-01-04 05:59 PM

I have used Poker Journal for about a year now and it is excellent. I had previously used StatKing and the tryout version of a program offered by CardPlayer Magazine for around $30. Even though Poker Journal is free I think it is much better. Easy to use and offers powerful sorting capabilities. Keeps online results separate from brick and mortar cardrooms.

Robert Franks 10-22-04 05:59 PM

Poker Journal is excellent and has helped me keep my game on track. You have to creat a separate file for tournament play.

Goozmeister 12-09-04 05:59 PM

Me and my poker buddies have been using Poker2night as a tournament clock and blinds manager. I got it from [URL="http://poker2night.50webs.com/"]http://poker2night.50webs.com/[/URL] and the full version was dam cheap and has everything we need.

InTheCue 12-14-04 05:59 PM

I see you have the Wilson products here, and they used to be the best software training tools around, until Poker Academy came along last year. How come you don't list Poker Academy here?

JohnnyIrish 12-28-04 05:59 PM

I haven't tried Poker Academy, but I found a game that was more for begginers then the Wilson software. It's called Hold'em Tutor and you can download it at [URL="http://www.holdemtutor.com"]www.holdemtutor.com[/URL]. Great game for teaching low-limit.

bananabb 01-05-05 05:59 PM

Is there any hold 'em software -- even really bad software -- that is Macintosh based?

bananabb 01-11-05 05:59 PM

I love your featured software... but why isn't The TexasHoldemCompanion.com software listed? Thanks and would love to see those boys up here!

Poker Enthusiast 01-28-05 05:59 PM

Please add a listing about Holdem Winner, [URL="http://www.holdem-winner.com"]www.holdem-winner.com[/URL] i found it very useful when learning the game

anthony 01-28-05 05:59 PM

wilson software may be good, but man what crappy graphics, this is the year 2005 not 1992 come on guys. it hurts my eyes seeing that, making good graphics for a poker game these day dont take much effort guys and the funny thing see they revised it and put " realistic graphic" so they say. i like what this game does but i just cant stand looking at very outdated graphics. am sorry.

John Doe 02-09-05 05:59 PM

very good for tracking live play....................

JJD 02-18-05 05:59 PM

Since PokerCharts is no longer free, you can add PokerDominator.com's Session Tracking to the FREE online session tracking software. [URL="http://www.pokerdominator.com/sessiontracking"]http://www.pokerdominator.com/sessiontracking[/URL]

Fred 02-25-05 05:59 PM

How about Dr. Neau's Tournament Manager? [URL="http://drneau.com/TournamentManager.htm"]http://drneau.com/TournamentManager.htm[/URL]

PokerGuru 02-26-05 05:59 PM

I just bought a really cool software called Poker-Spy from [URL="http://www.poker-spy.com"]www.poker-spy.com[/URL]. It's much easier to use than other tracking programs and gives me a good read on how my opponents are playing during the current game. It also shows the mucked hands at the shutdown.

bigpun97 03-09-05 05:59 PM

i am looking for a poker payout calculator for a charity game...one that i can enter the % cut for the charity and the number of players and it will calculate the payout shcedule. thanke please e-mail it to me if anyone has one

imaluckyone 03-12-05 05:59 PM

i use pokerledger.com its simple and easy to use and i can keep track of all my wins and loses there.. its free as well..

IMPORTANT 04-05-05 05:59 PM

Is There Any Software For Calculating Omaha Odds? Free Or To Purchase? Thanks Everyone

Jack 04-11-05 05:59 PM

Check out [URL="http://www.statsgenie.com/poker"]www.statsgenie.com/poker[/URL] for a cool web based poker league management system.

Kinish 04-17-05 05:59 PM

Also check out TheTournamentDirector.net its downloadable for a optional donation

Dan 04-18-05 05:59 PM

[URL="http://www.texasrankem.com"]http://www.texasrankem.com[/URL] is a free online app that does alot of what pokercharts does and a few other things too

happygolucky 06-28-05 05:59 PM

Poker Charts Gets Expensive. I've been using MyPokerExpert.com for a while now and it works really well.

tjp 07-10-05 05:59 PM

poker sherlock is the latest and greatest of the pt po genre. beware though as party and others are clamping down on some products especially poker edge.

jeroenimo 07-20-05 05:59 PM

i Have been playing now for the last week DD poker, and till now this is the best poker game software to just play, that i have found.i don't mind to pay for other software if someone has another topper.if you want to play but don't have the patients that it takes to play online , this is a great solution.

poker player 08-30-05 05:59 PM

I was just wondering if you are planning on reviewing the new version of Poker Academy, it used to be called Poki's Poker Academy poker, do you think it is better than Wilsons?

Anthony Giombetti 03-08-06 05:59 PM

Hi..I see Wilson's is mentioned, but it seems that you're missing one of the top Texas Hold'em poker software games & simulators on the market: Poker Academy Pro ([URL="http://www.poker-academy.com"]http://www.poker-academy.com[/URL]). It's rated Excellent by PC Gamer. PokerNews.com says it's well worth the investment. GameZone awarded it an Editor's Choice. I encourage you to check it out and add it to your comprehensive list of resources for Texas Holdem players.

Tjomsland 07-11-07 06:59 PM


I am new here, but not new to Texas Hold'em. Below, you will see my Amazon review of Poker Academy. It is only for serious players who really want to take their game to the next level. When I decided to take up Texas Hold'em, I was serious, so I didn't even question the $129.95 that the Pro Version sold for at the time. I had never played poker at a live table in my life. But PAPro taught me the game and got me to the place of playing live in casinos. My first tournament was at the Rio and out of 100 players, I finished 25th. I have never not finished in the money since that time.

Don't poo-poo what you haven't tried. Poker Academy works, period. Also, notice the other reviews on Amazon and they are all 5 stars. These are folks I played against online when I was learning the game.

"TJ" Tjomsland :)

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
By Richard C. Johnson "Tjomsland" (San Diego, CA USA) -
I bought this Professional version on July 31, 2005. This is way more than a Texas Hold'em game, this is an Artificial Intelligence software program that becomes more difficult to play the "bots" as they will adjust to your play. I had never played this game before in my life but wanted to get the best tutorial information available and paying for the Professional version seemed a small price to pay when all of my research had determined there is nothing like this product on the market.

I played thousands of games against the bots and then moved to the online site for the Poker Academy where players like myself using the same software play together. I progressed from Level 1, to Level 2 to Level 3. I consider this getting a Doctorate in Poker. It has supplied me with the education I needed to proceed on to playing for money which I have recently started doing online and actually am winning at.

If you care about improving your gaming, this is a must. More statistics, advise, graphs, etc. are available than you can imagine. You even have a complete history of every hand that you play with the Poker Academy, so you can review and even replay them and plug holes in your game.

And, the "support" from this group of professionals is beyond any you have ever seen. There is so much more, but find our for yourself. Good luck and good cards.

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