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nomo4life 02-06-05 07:00 PM

Full Tilt is a great poker engine. It is nice to have the avatars and being able to change the avatar's emotions is a nice little additive in the program along with changing the background. One particular thing that is great on Full Tilt is the ability to rotate your seat at the table. Only downfall right now of the site is the lack of traffic in the mornings (currently there is 300 players online) which makes it difficult to find a game or fill a sit and go tournament. Pros play more often than you believe. Log on at night time and you are bound to see atleast one table occupied by a professional. The cards are fair and the play is very good. Beginners beware because most the players you encounter know what they are doing. Pros on the site that I've seen play or have played with include Andy Bloch, Phil Ivey, Clonie Gowen, Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Rafe Furst, and John Juanda. They play at all different stakes, but typically about the $2/$4 range or higher. Hope this helps all of you and convinces you guys to download FTP.

DKH 02-09-05 07:00 PM

I like being able to play with the Pros. And you don't have to be at high limits to play with them. This past weekend Phil Gordan sat down at 4 different 5 & 10 cent tables. The waiting list to play with him was about 20 deep at each table. I played in an Omaha Tourney with Chris Ferguson and was at his table for a while. I have also played with Clonie Gowan and Eric Siedel. Usually the Pros will chat, but are overwhelmed by "observers" asking questions. I will echo an earlier post and say it's sometimes hard to get a game, since there are so few players there right now, and also you WILL run into some bad players at lower limits, but on the whole the players seem pretty sophisticated. GREAT bonus right now.

zman 02-10-05 07:00 PM

software sucks cartoons suck

IveyWannabe3. 02-12-05 07:00 PM

this site is good it was my first online poker site and i enjoy the software freerolls are nice but a waste of time

cjklavetter 02-13-05 07:00 PM

good site. The players here for the most part know they're stuff in accordance to the limit they are playing, unlike other sites where you are meeting up against a loose player making a great hand every time. I would like to see more players at full tilt in the earlier part of the day. The sit and gos are good and the pay outs at the multi tables are great. I originally hated this site a while back ago but coming back to it I have found it to be one of the best. PS Erik Seidel is a Class A champ. He really helped me in a pinch when I was obligated to serve military duties and couldn't make a tournament. So all you sharks need to take it easy on him (lol).

cjklavetter 02-13-05 07:00 PM

Oh yeah, Full Tilt's customer service is the best customer service of any BUSINESS on the internet. Holy crap they get stuff taken care of fast. If you order any merch using your points be prepared to wait (6-8 wks).

lman 02-15-05 07:00 PM

Best site by far. Software awesome, blind structure perfect. Good players.

call911 02-17-05 07:00 PM

I have been playing online for a little over 1 year. I have moved to Fulltilt from PartyPoker. Party Poker is full of a bunch of knuckle heads. They play recklessly and with no regard for their own bankroll. Full Tilt seems more inline with the way the game should be played. I'm not saying there is only one way to play, but there should be some regard for the game as it was designed. Full Tilt is where you want to play if you have plans to get better.

Lamb_of_john. 02-21-05 07:00 PM

I have played at party poker and stars and absolute. Full tilt is alot better than any of them. Full tilt has the best look and the most serious players. they even play the free rolls liek they are for real money.

carole yamin smagerts 02-21-05 07:00 PM

can i buy the merchandise outright or do i have to buy with points. i play mostly tourney's. tell me how, please.

Ben 03-11-05 07:00 PM

Only problem they have is not enough players. Right now at 2:35 PM on Saturday, they only have 2500 people playing. This makes table selection difficult or impossible when it's late or a weekday. The only games that really go are hold'em and tourneys. At the moment, there are nearly 100 hold'em games, but only one omaha hi/lo game is going, two omaha, 0 stud hi/lo, 1 stud, 1 razz. Its a fun site to play if you like hold'em, and especially if you're a tourney player, since many pros play on the site (I busted Erik Seidel two nights ago in a $5 stud hi/lo tournament). Also offers an incredible 100% bonus up to $600, but it goes by slowly, and will take you a few months to clear.

Michael/ Attilla 03-13-05 07:00 PM

more players = 10, best site so far- it's the little things - great razz!

kinish 03-15-05 07:00 PM

I love the site! I got so sick of party pokers bull shit ass action induced flops. So far full tilt seems to be as fair as a live poker game with your friends. Well actually maybe more fair than that. After dealing with the crap party poker customer service puts you through, Full Tilt is a breath of fresh air (excuse the cliche). If your'e playing party poker now my advice is to come to Full Tilt. The skill of the players is good and there are not that many bad beats compared to party poker. The only negative thing I could say is that there are not that many players. Maybe because all the crappy players, which is a majority, are at party poker and other bigger sites. Full Tilt is a site with 90 percent skilled players. If you play higher staked games this is the place for you. You even get a chance to play with the pro's. I love the 3/6 and 5/10 limit games, and the 2/4 no limit games are great too.

LucasM 03-16-05 07:00 PM

"Kinish" Its quite obvious that you in someway work for this site. But it's a funny read. Because talk about a commercial going wrong :) Who wants to play againts skilled players (Johnny C maybe..). Well i never played at this site.. so i don't know anything about it. But i for sure didn't get tempted by your advertisement. // See you at xxpoker.com (i didn't want to write the name, but its not partypoker)

charlie fu 03-19-05 07:00 PM

Why is Eric Sidel playing in a $5 tourney?

rick1 03-26-05 07:00 PM

dont believe all these previous comments. its ovious they are the owners of the site putting comments on here to drum up bussiness. i have never played it. so im not saying its a good or bad site. its just clear they are the owners not real players trying to get your business.

norm 03-31-05 07:00 PM

bad beat central nice play to play if u always want to lose on the river or have your flush busted by four of a kind only hand that wont lose here is the royal pocket aces?? chuck em u will get burned by 2 pair every time and prob a deuce 5. site sucks most people are very rude and skill has no factor bad beats are so often no one will fold anything they know they will turn that pair of deuces in to trips or better by the flop stay away unless your doctor has subscribed pain and aggravation. I like slamin my peepee in the car door as much as the next guy but i can only take so much. And by the way i cashed out while i was ahead. Go play empire more peeps better games way more realistic randomness to cards

beentheredonethat 04-02-05 07:00 PM

too many idiots there, everyone is a "all in" freak

ndhill 04-18-05 07:00 PM

I have been playing on Full Tilt for a little over 6 months now, and I have to admit that I will not play at any other online poker site. I have been lucky enough to sit and play with many of the games top ranked pros such as : Andy Bloch, Phil Ivey, Clonie Gowen, Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, and John Juanda. It is nice for me, who likes to watch these players play on TV, get to really play with these people. The play on the site is tops. The Free Rolls are not filled with people who play like they don't care. The cash game play is very tuff. This site has, by far, the most competative games/players I have found in any online poker site. Another key to Full Tilt's success is the variety of games/Tourneys they offer. everything from PL/NL/limit hold 'em to RAZZ/Stud/Stud Hi-lo/Omaha. They offer many different tourneys from hold'em to razz and everything in between. They also have more WSOP/WPT entery tourneys than any site. The software/interface is great, the players are good. the tourneys are competative (may pros play in everything form the $5.00+$.20 to the $200+$16) and the fact that you get to sit at a table and chat/play with your favorite pros is a great feature that you can't get at any other online poker site! If you want a great all-around poker site that is a lot of fun, I highly recommend FullTiltPoker.com!!! Hope this helps. See you at the tables! Nick 'pokerp1mp' (pokerp1mp84 on Full-Tilt)

alberto 04-20-05 07:00 PM

I have play on Full Tilt for 1 day only, but the differece from other poker rooms is that here i have win only 1$ in 8 hours, this is the sign that this poker room is not rigged!! In all poker rooms in the begin you win forewer and after a few days you begin to lose all!! Not in full tilt poker. If you want to play like live games play on Full Tilt!

iceman1 05-01-05 07:00 PM

At first I thought Full Tilt was not rigged as most of the other poker sitres MOST definitely are. But after having progressed into higher games and back again to smaller tables, the stuff I have seen both as an observer and a player, is rendering this site as suspect as the others. So now, not only can you play agaisnt seasoned pros but you can worry and wonder if the Full Tilt high tech system is giving them hands but doing so in a sophisticated manner such that it is not easily detectable. That being said Full Tilt stil seems to have less b.s. draw outs and flops than UltimateBet.com and Party Poker, which are REAL SCAMS in my view.

ujelus2 05-04-05 07:00 PM

As is the problem with almost all online sites, I get sick and tired of seeing the same hands. Every 3rd or 4th hand is the same, and seems to be a flush or a straight almost every hand------pretty unrealistic in my book. Someone always rivers ya it seems like. The customer service is a joke to me. They lost two of my transfers for real money that took me 6 weeks to get straightened out. I ordered 2 t-shirt with my points that took forever to get and took 2 months to get them. If you e-mail support with a problem, sometimes they answer you sometimes they don't. Don't say anything around player "Quiet Lion", he's a narc. Nice playing with the pros -- some will even play funny money with you sometimes. Freerolls are a joke for payouts for the time you put in getting to win them (won 4, 2 3rds, and 2 4th's. Got banned from the site for BS reasons. Support person was lipping off to me and I lipped back and got banned. Overall --- not too pleased with it.

uhavenobrain 05-09-05 07:00 PM

**** good ****
play with pros
neat gameplay features (avatar, backgrounds, skins, interface
min players' time for maximum effectiveness
random number gen ok
graphic (32 bits) ok
small tables
hight limits
blind structure ok
few pop ups
some beginners' tips/articles
decent amount of online player at very late night
news board ok payout ok

**** bad *****
one of the most expensive rake in online gameroom
customer support sucks
payout for freroll/too few freeroll sucks
rewards sucks (tshirts hats jacket etc...)
too many good/bad players at one table
lack features in handhistory (reviews, ratio analysis, scores system)
need better people search engine (time online, pros seach lack Multiplatform (mac os, linux, red hat, etc)
few pennies or very mirco limit games
need more players with pro interactions
need more beginners help guide
need a higher limit playmoney level still lack some types of poker games, such as pineapple, draw five etc... i got banned too ...

NJRounder 05-10-05 07:00 PM

Worst software in on-line poker. If you can find the "lucky seat" you'll strike it rich, if not you'll be doomed to hours of rags.

RocksNPocks 05-22-05 07:00 PM

This is by far the best site I have played on and I plan on sticking with them as long as they dont change their software! I can actually bluff unlike other Poker sites that happen to flop cards that benefit anyone who decides to play that hand. DONT PLAY PARTY POKER! PARTY POKER IS THE BIGGEST SCAM!!!! Absolute Poker and Poker Stars seem like fair sites but at times the hands seem a little fishy. Piggs Peak is absolutely horrible.

Martin 06-13-05 07:00 PM

I hate people that hatre sites because of loose player or "all-in freaks". I love playing aginst those people, if you are a good player you will be VERY profitable against maniacs like thing. Don't complain and learn how to play !! Don't blame the software for bad beats.

Stud7. 06-26-05 07:00 PM

This site can be the best or the worst depending on what day it is. I have had days where the card just kept on coming and other days where, like NJRounder points out, if you aren't in the "hotseat" you will be drawing rags all day. And, that's my point. A site should be fair to all and Full Tilt is not. For example, if I was looking at a possible straight the river would always make the flush.... guaranteed. I was busted out of many many hands by the miracle card on the river... so many times that the odds of that happening must be in the millions. Others who were in tourneys with me were all saying the same thing that the miracle cards were falling all over and it just couldn't be happening by chance. Not that the people running the site were doing it on purpose, just that the program was f'ed up! I am not going to put my money in a site where I can't get a square game. I hear Ultimate Bet and Doyle's Room were two of the best for "real" poker.

tombaskin/ BSKNLFMSTR 07-01-05 07:00 PM

I'm a beginner but have poster a few thousand hrs. at the card roomsin the 50's and 60's. I believe I have a reasonable sense for bad beats and they do seem excessive; but at the stakes i'm playing/breaking in/ I don't have the credentials to complain " as yet" I would just as soon lose a little and get a fair shake than sufferthe ignomies of too many bad-beats. Maybe hanging a few programmers and site bosses would get the message across. 666

kap10saveahoe 07-03-05 07:00 PM

had a question. has anyone else besides myself have trouble uninstalling the software? its an alright site but i like POKERHOST better....

pjilliporsally 07-07-05 07:00 PM

i havent played here yet. i wasondering what the min deposit is thx ohil

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