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PlayinHarder 07-25-05 06:00 PM

Was at PokerStars TruePoker... and that is the only experiance I had. I like this site. I seem to do well in the SitNGo's competition is weak so for so I enjoy it. Never really seemed to have to many bad beats, but I might not be logging the hours some of you guys do. Get my bud handed to me in ring games, but I chalk that up to experiance. Think I play a little over my head.

fulltiltsucks 08-01-05 06:00 PM

with the amount of bad beats this site has to be rigged. You will consistently lose with the best hand. Players calling with rags and hitting unreal runner - runner on a consistent basis. I can't decide who is worse, partypoker or full tilt.

jonnowales 08-02-05 06:00 PM

yeh, there are loads of bad beats, and constant runner runner for loose players calling with rags.

Sieve 08-02-05 06:00 PM

First of all, any site with the name "tilt" in it should throw up red flags. I cash out from Pokerstars and other sites everyday. I am a winning player. I have been to casinos, and flops like J J J or any other flop like it I have seen maybe 3 times. You can see flops like that 3 times in an hour on Full tilt. If you like being burned by morons, this site is all you. Flop a set, or even 4 of a kind? Prepare to get beat by a straight flush. This software seems to be designed to get money raked, not to make an enjoyable fair online poker room. Enjoy cartoons that you can make happy angry or confused, then holy crap, please play here. The only thing this site did right was pay the pros a lot of money to sponsor it. They can afford it with all the "rigged rake" they are receiving. I will never play here again(btw I played for months here, thinking I was just on a bad streak, I didn't just play for 1 day and get bad luck).

Never play at Full Tilt 08-13-05 06:00 PM

I have been playing at Full Tilt for about 6 months. Every time I deposit money and start playing its great. I will be up about 25% of my deposit. As soon as it reaches that amount it goes straight down untill I have about $10.00 left and then I will start to win again. Being delt rags after rags is true. I played for a week straight and did not get delt on pair or 2 face cards together. Whats up with that? Then I tried playing 2 tables at once and every time I did at least 2 times I would get the same whole cards delt to me at the same time on 2 different tables. I cant count the times I have had the same hand delt to me in row. That seems alittle weird to me and unnatural. I recommend playing at a different site. Stay away from Full Tilt Poker. I play plenty of other sites and make money. But not here have I ever made a profit that stayed.

Unregistered 08-13-05 06:00 PM

I too have noticed that many times when playing at full tilt you will be dealt the same hand at the same time if playing two tables. I am not talking once in a while, it happens quite often. I don't care how many pros endorse this site, something is fishy when this keeps happening.

sept. 1st 08-31-05 06:00 PM

does anyone kno the customer service number for Full Tilt....

Lath 08-31-05 06:00 PM

It's not as bad as Pacific Poker or Party Poker, but still rigged. Not saying that you can't win money here or at the other places, you can (and I do). I started using poker trackig software a few months ago to actually see the numbers of what was happening. This place has a slight edge to the other 3 I have played... but its still rigged. Statistics don't lie. Just go down to your local casino. Maybe you run into a little collusion but that isn't the worst thing in the world. It would be nice if the US government would legalize and regulate online gambling. I would be will to pay the taxes on winnings to get a straight game from the comfort of my office.

Unregistered 09-16-05 06:00 PM

Full Tilt Poker is absolutely RIGGED. I have conducted a concerted study of them over many months, and they are cheating players for sure. Make no doubt it if you are targeted by them in any way, you will not receive cards and will get more bad beats than is possible under even the most liberal probability scenarios. It is a rigged site, and needs to be investigated soon given that American pro poker players are endorsing it therby giving it an air of credibility when there is none. Further I believe based upon my observations that they have shill players who get favorable card treatment! Do NOT play on this site or any others unless you don't mind being cheated. Notice how some claim only poor/losing players complain. This is not true. It is reverse. In fact it is the neerw and poor plauyers are too "stupid", and inexperienced to know any better. Not the better players like me.

j bays 09-16-05 06:00 PM

this has got to be the most unrealistic site out there just today i was playing i got A K someone else got A K someone else got 10 10 and someone else got J J and the flop was A K 10. that never happens

Unregistered 09-19-05 06:00 PM

this site is a joke only bad players who go for straight draws or flush draws always win u lose aa to k10 flop was a 2 7 all in called hit runner runner what a joke this site is rigged whe u have king high flush always fold someone always has ace high flush happen to me 10 times in one day

Unregistered 09-19-05 06:00 PM

if u start to complain on the chat u lose every hand

HPG ADMIN 02-19-06 10:38 PM

"if u start to complain on the chat u lose every hand"

you really think that?

purpleheartcop 03-06-06 11:29 PM

I have played a dozen sites and rate this as 5. While consistently turning a profit at other sites I lost at this site. It is fun sitting with Phil and Howard until you realize you are losing your pants to millionaire poker pros. Payouts take weeks instead of days.

chelsearule1 03-30-06 08:49 AM

this week i have played on fulltiltpoker i had aq about 7 times i raise someone calls flop comes ace everytime and go all in everytime someone had ak everytime and i didnt hit a queen once never play on this site terrible.

Unregistered 06-03-06 06:02 AM

It does seem rigged.
I play poker every night for about 3 hours. I do quite well on almost all the sites except for this one. I joined the real money at Full Tilt because I felt that this site was credible, boy was I mistaken. I had never experienced so many bad beats in my life! I am talking I had an Ace high flush, someone DRAWS a full house on the turn and river after going all in for BIG money. I have KK, someone goes all in, I call, she has QQ. Guess what happened next! You get the idea, The bigger the pots, the worse the beats and I am talking premium hands here.

After a couple of weeks and a couple hundred hours, I still had this same impression. I no longer play for cash here, nor will I.

I hope this helps someone else. Try to find a fair game elsewhere

TheRaizer657 06-04-06 07:55 PM

Ok here are some of my experiences, make your own observation. I signed up on may 10th with 125 and made 1300 in 3 days(!) then all of a sudden I lost it all. On the following monday, I think the 10th was a wednesday, I was busted down to 75. The sunday after the 10th, I lost with AA 5 times IN A ROW to underpair all in preflop. I then sat with my whole bankroll on two tables, and in 3 hours was up over 600. Im sorry but that in itself is very uncommon. Anyway i decide Im done for the night I close one table and on another table, one that I had opened for 50 and now had 380, i click stand up and it says you cant while involved in a hand. I get dealt qq. Now, i had been getting dead cards almost an hour straight, and I SWEAR i get better cards if I try to leave my seat, consistenly. So I get QQ in the sb, it gets folded to the button who smooth calls(the players name is The Company no less his avatar is some white guy) and I raise to 8, a HUGE raise, to get him off so i can go to sleep. He smooth calls! The flop 242. I pot it and he smooth calls again, the turn brings a queen, i move all in for all my money and he calls, and shows 27OS. There is not a player in the world who will call that raise with 27os. So i have him drawing to one out in the deck, and he fucking hits it on the river for quads?!?!?! Thats not a bad play, he knew it was coming. I have a mind for patterns, and I'm very good at seeing them, and I kid you not, REPEATEDLY i lose big pots when im ahead, in casino play and homegames if Im the favorite moving all in my win percentage is naturally about 60%, online if I have the best hand I win maybe 10% if that. I REPEATEDLY lose the big pots and get my bankroll drained, only to then get some crazy win streak and make tons in an hour or two. Last saturday I won like 300 in like 20 minutes. ANother hand I flopped a set of jacks, and banged all in, I hit a boat and some guy hit runner runner straight flush. Also very often I get the exact same whole cards on multiple tables at once, i mean the exact same cards the exact same time, it happens very often and I would assume that means the system is purposely giving YOU what it wants or is programmed to, I do NOT think the cards are random at all. Just mo. Oh yeah one more thing, I have witnessed bad beat tables, about 2 days ago i was on a table and about 5 times in a row I saw an underpair hit a set and crack an overpair, I got kk and went up agaisnt AA which in a 6 handed game is pretty uncommon, i flopped a set, i had jacks a shortstack had 88 i raise he bangs all in i call he hits a set, i saw kings crack aces again and 99 beat 1010 and had it. Numbers dont lie and neither do I, if you're 20% then you're 20%, for these underpair to keep winning again and again is against the math of poker.-

Unregistered 06-22-06 10:20 AM

hell yes these sites are rigged
ilove the argument that if your being cheated its because your a shitty player, and no u dont see the same bad beat in a casino, and the argument that there are more hands being delt so your going to see more crazy stuff is utterly rediculis, what does the amount of hands being delt have to do with the way the cards fall at KEY, times? the ones not claiming cheat are the ones that are calling all ins with 8-3 off and beating a-k all the time, hell ive won with bs hands and said oh thats not right, also how do online site support players going like 0-100 with pocket prs hitting the set, every site has there own little quirks like party poker is the flush capital of the planet ultimate bet is the st capital poker stars is the 2 pr capital and full tilt is the bad beat capital, for years ive went site to site to site looking for a fair game and have yet to find one, now y do i think online is rigged well here is my reasons, first anybody else noticed that on any tourny table the table chip leader ALWAYS seems to hit just what he needs at key times, also if a chip leader makes a very stupid move like calling an all in with an obvious st or fl on board and loses then the very next hand is delt a-a or k-k or a-k and they always hold up, also on limit games what is up with the im almost out of money all in with any 2 cards win, is this to keep the player in and rakes coming?? and theres alot more but im done for now

Unregistered 06-28-06 05:56 AM

This site is the Bad Beat Mecca of all time.
I log between 3-5 hours of poker per night and am I semi-professional player meaning that I supplement my income playing online poker. I can consistently make money at the other sites but boy is this site crazy. After playing at full tilt for a couple of hundred hours, I can't agree more that this is the bad beat capitol. I have seen flops where 6 players go all in and they have AA KK QQ AK etc. ALL at the same time! It's absolutely insane. Then usually, the lower pairs crack the higher pairs for some crazy pot. I can have AAA on this site and not feel safe. I once had four of a kind TWICE within two hands. Do the math on that one. Oh yeah, then someone else caught Four of a kind about ten minutes later. I guess someone will just bash this thread and say that I am complaining but I hope this helps to steer some newbies away and get a "fair" game somewhere els.

Unregistered 07-01-06 04:34 PM

I don't doubt your post but where would the fair play sites be??

Unregistered 07-06-06 02:57 AM

So glad I found this thread. I'm actually up 300K play chips at fulltilt. But the deals are so unlikely that i'll probably need to relearn the game. I consistently play rag-rag flush draws and win. I'm almost scared to go all-in on 4 of a kind, which I have seen as my own hand way too many times. An earlier poster was absolutely right, 4-of-a-kind gets beat by a another player's straight flush more than half the time. And I've seen way too many of each. By contrast, I've logged way more hours on a PC poker game and never seen a straight flush come up. Aces get cracked by small pairs far more often than they stand up. I'm not sure people are cheating. This site just encourages players to stay in until the river. Somebody's miracle card will be waiting there.

I'll find another site and start again. Any suggestions? I wouldn't want to put money on the table with the "skills" I've gained at fulltilt.

HPG ADMIN 07-06-06 03:22 AM

play the way you play now but play micro-limit games - they should be the same as play money

lsutygr 07-20-06 03:20 AM

I love playing on this site for play chips as a warm up to playing at the real casinos since im a pro player. I have played at about 5 different poker sites and found that they all have about the same degree of improbability. I was playing on this site one night recently and saw 3 quad hands 3 times in a row. to put that into perspective, the odds of that happening are close to impossible (for real table games). basically in order to win consistantly on any online poker site you have to have an adjusted style of play (usually the worst hand going in wins so you have to play every hand with extreme caution) which is why i will probably never put another dime into another online site. the negatives of online play outweigh the positives. negatives are 1)limited time to make decisions 2) limit on what you want to put into the account and withdraw 3)collusion happens all the time 4) you can be disconnected if using a wireless network too frequently costing you money (many times i had the nuts on the flop but was folded due to my connection being lost and that always seemed to happen when i had a definite winning hand) 5) action happens really quick so you will most likely lose full concentration after playing only 20 min basically putting you on tilt unless you have an immense amount of patience and concentration. live table games go much slower so for instance i can play all day until i am extremely tired without losing any focus on my reads or calculations. online poker is something that is currently being looked into for outlawing and i hope that happens so all of you online players can join me at the real games ( online players are so easy to spot at the table and they are the easiest to win against due to that altered play i talked about :) so please everyone that happens to read this, please play in the real games. i have mouths to feed :P

Vicfats 08-05-06 12:10 AM

I too have noticed when playing two tables at FullTilt that I will often get the same hands at the same time on both tables. I don't know what the deal is with this, but I have taken all my money out it seems a bit fishy.

bad_dog76 08-31-06 10:18 AM

You make great points about all online poker sites. I'm with you I hope they outlaw all of them and soon. I've broken about even as far as playing for money goes. But far too many times my all ins have been called on draws and gut shot straights. Even when I've been 87% to win preflop I've lost at least half of those hands. All sites are similiar bad play is rewarded. But this does help live play IMMENSELY! The last three times I've been to the local casino I've raked in the dough. I don't play high stakes (100 dollar buy in no limit table) But I cashed out $660 bucks in about 3 hours. I couldn't believe the amount of fish at the table. Playing cards like Q2 suited and J4. One hand I flopped quads and bet a little after the flop and the turn hoping the 2 callers caught, with an ace of spades on the river on had a flush and one had a str8. I won about $200 in that hand alone lol. Internet poker has definitely helped my cash in live games more than ever. I thank them for that!

OoogaBooga 09-19-06 07:15 PM


10h Jh
Ks Kc
Qs Qc
Js 10s
Jc 10c
Jd 10d
9h 8h
Kd Qd
Ah Kh Ad


HPG ADMIN 09-19-06 10:36 PM

If it is your last hand on that site then you should still be able to pull it up. Pull it up and post a screenshot here.

turtlehead45 10-28-06 06:43 PM

full tilt rigged
I play poker seriously to make money. I figured that the software is rigged and will speculate on why that is. On full tilt table, there is an autopost blinds button. When people are ready to leave the table and quit for the night, they usually uncheck this option. Over months of playing on this website, i have figured out that i get way above average hands way too often after this button is unchecked. Twice in one day when a friend was watching me play, i told him about this. After i was ending both sessions that i played that day, the hand immediately after i unchecked the "Autopost Blinds" button i was dealt pocket kings. Just today i also called it out. I told my friend this and the very next hand i was dealt AK suited. Of course this doesn't happen everytime, but it happes FAR TOO OFTEN. Why would anyone want to play at a site where this is the case? It will happen to you when someone else is ready to leave.

Unregistered 12-02-06 12:02 AM

full tilt is rigged
i have played poker for about two years now. im a good player who only plays solid cards i hardly ever bluff. because i only play quality hands. all sites are rigged but this is the worst by far. its true, if you play at two different tables you do get the same cards, and have you ever noticed after a hand, the next hand you will be dealt the winning hand. at least i do. it was so bad tonight. that i was calling out peoples cards at table. if your in a cash game, and you get 10s-kks fold them everytime. i have lost 400.00 tonight in the same scenario someone always had a higher pair everytime. and i lost twice with aces against 3s or 4s. it makes me so sick to watch this happen. This is how you know when ur playing on a rigged site. 1)when you know ur beat and you got pocket kings before the flop. ur getting the same cards over and over again. tonight i wrote down how many hands in a row i had a 2 rag. 22 hands in a row, and im not lieing either, 22 hands in a row i was dealt a 2. its unreal and unfair. what i cant understand is why havent some high stakes players complained, because only rich people can settle this dispute in court not the average class people. i hope you all never play on this site again. oh and if you do and u happen to win a tourney, they want let you withdraw the money for up to 2 weeks. please take my advise never play on this site again.

missionjack 02-06-07 12:33 AM

rigged beyond belief
The site sends out rollercoaster cards. The idea is to get you rollercoaster high and on tilt. Do not play ring games they have their own players. I have met two on other sites that have acknowledged themselves when I see them in fulltiltpoker ring games. They bankroll players at all limits give 15% and take 85% and guess who comes out on top at any ring game. These two people who I met long ago on Cryptologic network say the same thing certain hands hit over and over. K/7 and j/4 dominate. I have seen it. I have talked to fulltilt support and they roundabout deny it. The only players that win are the ones they choose. And their players change names once a month. Just play any limit and you will see winners disapear never to be seen again. Hmmm they win all the time but never come back, hmmmmmm.

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