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2HighIsTheNutz 06-20-08 06:56 AM

Any two, baby!

jaywepp 06-21-08 01:03 AM

So... I have 1600 FTP points... I've vowed not to put money back on the site.. so i play a point game and place to get a 26 sat token.

I play a nine person sat with 3rd place being 66 bucks! I could have won the tourney... but ditch to 3rd to get the cash rather then a token.

So I start playing some regular games... 1st game ten dollar buy in.. already doubled up and looking good. Have ace eight. Raise and get a few callers. Flop comes 9 8 4... I raise and get a call.. okay.. time to hit the breaks.. river comes and eight! Okay... check.. bet to me.. yadda yadda all ins... He has pocket nines. I shake my head in disgust

Thank god i won my way back to the table. This has bought me at least another 2 weeks of knowing that you can't win on here after you hit a certain mark.

jaywepp 06-21-08 01:05 AM

Almost Forgot
Second game... I am fourth in a nine person game.. but a competitive fourth. I get pocket kings and raise in first position. Big blind reraises... Yep.. he had pocket aces.

Not saying this doesn't happen.. but darn if it doesn't seem to happen ten fold on this site. I know, it must be because i play more hands

kriskris911 06-21-08 01:07 PM

I am finally done with Full tilt, although I am only 200 FTP away from qualifying for the iron man challenge.
Dear Full tilt,
Your poker site is a crock of shit. I wish that my account be closed. This time when I receive the confirmation email for my account status I really expect that my account is indeed closed. Because if I ever go mentally insane and decide to download your software again, I do not wish to be accused of fraudulent activity like I was a few months ago.

Anyone want to add something?

2HighIsTheNutz 06-21-08 03:43 PM

P.s. F*ck It, I'll Play It Live. F*cking Thing Sucks!!!!

simo1981 06-21-08 10:24 PM

P.P.S..And one last question... On your site, does RNG stand for "Rigged number generator"???

kkk777 06-22-08 12:55 AM

Dear Full Tilt - I am coming to Aruba. I am buying a cannon.

The KK vs AA thing is very true, but then usually a K comes on the flop.

Ant8472 06-22-08 03:07 AM

Another shocker of a day on Full Tilt. Ever since I did okay in a tournament a month ago I've had nothing but bad luck. That bad luck continued today. I had KK 4 times. 3 times it reuslted in me being knocked out. It is so predictable. I don't know how many countless times I had KK against ace-small and an ace comes. What is the chance of an ace hitting the board? 25%? It seems to be happening more than 50% of the time when i have KK.
I continued on having a series of bad beats today. If I am not folding cards I am playing and being beaten. For instance, I was short stacked and went all in with my pocket 4s after a flop of J-2-3. The big stack called me post flop. He was playing from middle position. Guess what he had? I knew I was risking a jack being in his hand but I had to take the chance. Well he had 2-3 in his hand. 2 bloody 3. This sort of thing always happens on Full Tilt. Sometimes I think some of the characters on that site have it figured out and once they get to big stack they just play everything because of the reinforcement of getting a lot of luck. It seems that some people are getting long periods of extremely good luck while I am getting the opposite.
I am finding lately that any time I have QQ, KK and AA I am losing a lot of chips and being knocked out of tournaments. Much of the time what happens is that someone else on the table has better pockets but if I get AA someone sucks out on a ridiculous hand. I played in 5 tournaments today and went out in all of them on bad beats. I barely saw a decent card and when I did have a monster hand someone had a bigger hand. Continuation bets don't work anymore. My opponents always catch their cards. No one seems to fold because everyone catches a part of the flop on FT.
For some reason, I continue to persevere with FT but I am getting to the end of my rope. It is just that reasonable doubt I have that perhaps I am misinterpeting my bad luck as bad play that keeps me there but the more I continue to get these bad beats the surer I am becoming.

2HighIsTheNutz 06-22-08 06:16 AM

Just when I thought I was out, FTP keeps pulling me back in. I had $1.20 left in my account, so I entered one of those massive 1200+ player tourneys for $1 and finished 15th. Now I'll be at the micro-limit SNGs trying to build on my winnings. I already know how it's going to play out - I'll get up to some magic amount and then the switch will get flipped and the big pairs will turn into rags, runner-runner-runner-runner flushes and straights galore, and always a crowd favourite - quads over quads. It's gonna be a hell of a ride. But the important thing is I haven't deposited a single penny since the last ridiculous freefall, so I can at least get some entertainment out of it.

fulltillbroke 06-22-08 09:44 PM

So many donks out there, i would love to play with them live lol, but on ftp they get lucky 7/10 times it's hilarious. Can someone explain me why is 88-92% on turn in your favor often too low for lucky donks? They should win 1/10 times right? Well i've lost 4 times in a row last night going with those odds.

kkk777 06-22-08 10:55 PM

Not sure what you are asking, fulltiltbroke.
Thing is - there are too many aces. Aces show on board more than any other card.
When 2 people hold aces - odds of one hitting flop are - what? 12%?
but on FTP is closer to 70%.
3 of a suit hits the flop about 20% of the time.
Hand that is behind goes ahead an inordinant amount.

But all this can be proven. Just record 1000 hands and chart the results.

But just because they are located - where in aruba? - doesnt mean they are not accountable to some kind of international law.

simo1981 06-23-08 12:44 AM

Heres a doozy of a round. 6 plyr sng, i get AA, BB raises, i call. Another raise, i re raise this time. Both other players go all in i call. I had AA, button has KK and the BB has 99! In a six plyr sng. But thats not all, after the hand is done (my AA actually held up all the way) other player said he folded 88 and the only other player said he wouldve flopped the nut flush. Now thats what u call a full tilt Action Hand.

simo1981 06-23-08 04:30 AM

Some filthy donk sucked out half my stack in a MTT tourney with a 4 runner flush today. I was filthy as, and next hand i got AA! Every one folded, he was BB, i was SB. i raised all in, but before i did i typed "take the rest of em, i gotta go". And he called, i hit trips and his J 10 off got snapped. Might be unethical, but screw full tilt for allowing him to screw me, i was just reclaiming what was originally mine :D

nitemare6 06-23-08 08:22 PM

the main reason you can't play profitably on Full RIGGED Tilt is because there are hands you must play and ways to bet these hands in order to get paid off and receive value so yourremain profitable. Only on F-RIGGED-T you never know if this is the time when the rigged RNG is designed so that your flopped set or straight or 2p is gonna lose to a runner runner runner flush or straight etc.! Now how to you avoid this reality on a rigged poker stie?! In a live game at least you can look at your opponent and have some way to know if it's a bluff and/or the probability of what he might be holding judging from his bettign hisotry at ther table! PLUS if a donk bets wildly like we so often (TOO OFTEN) see on F-RIGGED-T then he will get burned and finally leave or learn to play more appropriately unless he wants lose his entire bankroll. So how does one adapt to "rigged" poker and how do you adapt when you don't know when the rig is in or when you might just win with a pair of 6s or AK! How the H do you do that successfully over the LT?!

kriskris911 06-23-08 08:34 PM

I was only playing at certain times of the day. It worked well for me for awhile, but the bullshit caught up. It really sucks that we cannot play on full tilt. With all the donkeys we all should be dominating the tables, but its not the case. I play on pokerstars now and I don't see half the shit that I do on full tilt. Why is it that I make a nice profit on pokerstars and not full tilt? Because it isn't rigged! And whatever donkeys are on it, are kept to a minimum because all the good players beat the shit out of em.

2HighIsTheNutz 06-24-08 07:07 PM

LOL - same shit as always. 20-30+ hands with no face cards, no pairs, never hit the flop. When I hit the flop someone has hit it even harder. Whenever I flop two-pair, the board has all of the same suit (which becomes four of the same suit on the turn of course), etc. It's really depressing. I've still been able to cash a few times, but it feels like I'm running uphill the whole way. Measly bankroll is dwindling slowly but surely. Last time was already ITM at a single table SNG in 2nd place. Hardly playing any hands (because I'm card dead as usual). Third place guy is crippled badly, so I probably could have just sat back until he went broke. Then I pick up pocket 10s in the small blind, had to go all-in or else I couldn't respect myself in the morning. The big stack who had been laying down to the crippled stack (I smell collusion!!!) every time actually calls me with K-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY BUDDY WHY?!?!?! Of course he flops two pair. I can't hit the board to save my life, but this donkey flops two pair at a key time?! Same old shit at FTP.

2HighIsTheNutz 06-24-08 10:29 PM

And there it is, broke again. AK from early position, raise 3.5x the blind. 1 caller. Flop comes A-X-X. Bet the pot. Guys goes all-in. Call. He flips over A-Q. I immediately said out loud, "here comes the queen on the river". Sure enough, river came and thar she blows. So fixed it's not funny. When you can start to call the beats exactly how they're going to go down and be right every time, there's a problem. Still not going to deposit any money, FTP - nice try to lure me into a fool's proposition, but I'm not falling for it. I'll save my own money for more realistic sites.

nitemare6 06-24-08 11:06 PM

2HighIsTheNutz >> you obviously don't believe that it is rigged and you keep coming back for random reinforcement. The site is total garbage, for sure in the smaller games and small tournaments. I played one or two freerolls and $1 tournaments last 5 days for fun and laughs, and sure enough each time the most improbable calls were made against me when I had strong starting hands and/or flops and of course the cheats running/designing the RNG at Full Rigged Tilt managed somehow to give these long shot donks/retards the cards they needed!! If it didn't happen ober and over and over and over I might chalk it up to poker. But this isn't poker.

nitemare6 06-24-08 11:15 PM

finished a tournament ($1) few hours ago. I have smaller stack and sure enough I get KJs and raise PF - get an all-in bet and call it figuring what the H I need chips. Well sure enough I am ahead on the flop with Kxx. The turn gives one guy a open end straight and the toher guy has an A in his hand (AJ) -- SO with ONE card to go I figure I am ahead and could actually win this like in a real live game. But NOOOOoooo........... sure enough the Full RIGGED Tilt joker poker dealing system gives the guy a straight on the river. 27K chip pot and there goes the tournament! I had the guy that got the straight almost dominated PF (he had JQ). If this happend sometime, I wouldn't care but it is soooo common when you have a smaller stacks of chips on f-rigged-tilt! Total garbage site!

nitemare6 06-24-08 11:18 PM

the other guy had A10 not AJ

fulltillbroke 06-24-08 11:37 PM

I'm talking about situation like this, me almost oot of sng having 8d2d on bb, everyone folds except sb and he just calls with AdKd, flop Dc3s8s, i raise 2bb guys calls, turn 9s. Since i'm almost out i go all in. Now at this moment odds are 86,36 for me 13,64 for him, he calls and river is Kh. It happens out there so often like odds are reversed, happened to me now and 4 times in a row last time. And you are right about ace, just last sng several times two or three people had an ace and there was one on table. As for two people having straight and flush at the same time, that's pretty common at ftp

2HighIsTheNutz 06-24-08 11:52 PM

nitemare6: Huh? I think I've been pretty consistent about it being rigged. Hence why I won't deposit any more money. And there's no "random" reinforcement, it's pretty much the entire story. It's not like I'm hitting hands and then just not talking about those. There are no such stories to tell unfortunately. When I talk about cashing and feeling like I'm going uphill, it's because the bad beats knock out the other players before they knock me out. It's not like I "win" sometimes - more like I don't lose sometimes. There are probably 20-30 examples that I don't mention, since they are marginal on an individual basis. Like 60:40% hands, face card vs. face card when the blinds are eating people alive. I guess I've been on each end of the percentages about an equal amount of times, so on average I'm in a coin flip situation on those. I'd be expecting to win 50% of the time. Times won out of this last run? I'm sure there must have been one or two, but I can't recall a single time. Certainly nothing close to half. Of the times when I'm in a dominate position, not a single time. The opponent MUST FOLD for me to take the pot. If he calls, it doesn't matter how far behind he is, he will catch. On Pokerstars the action is the same, but the percentages are almost perfect. I win 50% of the coin flips, and 70-80% of the hands where I dominate (matched highcard+higher kicker, overpair, and the like). Trust me dude, I believe it is rigged.

2HighIsTheNutz 06-25-08 12:11 AM

I feel like I should give two more all-in battle examples that I didn't even bother to log-in and mention, because fuck I'd be here every 5 seconds. K-K vs 6-3s (why he called... no idea) flops a set of 6's, and J-J vs 9-10o hits a straight on the river - and yes, that's a king-high straight, so I hit my set as well. Are there cases where I picked up aces or kings and won? Sure... because they folded. There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXAMPLES IN THE LAST THREE DAYS THAT HAVE A GLORIOUS ENDING. ZERO. Like I said, the only cashes I have are when I can actually get a donkey to fold, and have a big enough stack to carry me through to a money finish. So don't fucking accuse me of screwing around, nitemare6. I've got to say that really burns me, sir.

PokerGods 06-25-08 12:15 AM

I feel your pain guys I have read all the posts on this page. Your points are valid, BUT you MUST remember its poker. Anything can happen as randomly or as predictably as possible. Just like we have bad days in real ring games and real tournament scenarios, your going to have them online as well thats just a part of the game. You can expect that at Fulltilt, Pokerstarts, ultimate bet, and any casino you set foot in. If you cant deal with the fluctuation in the game then it might not be the right game for you. Just be sure that you have an adequate bankroll and that you are making the right plays. A lot of people blame the game, but its really their bad play causing them to lose consistently. If you have a problem digesting this then also realize that poker is a game that shouldnt be consider in the short term like one game or 2 games or even 10 games. Look at the game in the statistical long run. Might make you feel better. Note: Ive been playing @ Full Tilt for almost 2 years now, when I first began playing I felt just like you guys, but once you find your game you will see things in a different light. I won lots of $$ there.. its a great site. Give it chance.

Ps. Freerolls & low limit games are full of weak players. Dont complain about them. Take advantage of them!! When at the table dont scare the fish!! Only play freerolls if you have a huge tolerance for disappointment. With fields of 2000 + your odds are like 2000+ to 1. Your better off just buying for real money because play money plays NOTHING NOTHING like Real $$$$. You cannot compare the two or make a judgment on the site based on play money games

Ant8472 06-25-08 03:11 AM

Like 2HighistheNutz, the cards that hit the board are so bad for me that my play needs to be adjusted to make them fold when I have the best of it. By outplaying my opponent I can build some sort of stack. If we see cards or have a showdown I lose. They seem to catch their card everytime. I know that the bad luck won't just stay around forever. Even on FT the programming will eventually restore the balance to an extent. But for now, Im having the worst possible run. I can only out-manouvre players, I cannot draw seem to draw out on opponents, just quite the reverse.

There is no explanation for the bad luck I've had lately.

simo1981 06-25-08 06:05 AM

PokerGods its easy to say dont blame the site but when the bad beats keep coming and donkey calls keep getting paid of time after time after time after time after time its obvious to even blind freddy something is up. Its SO obvious the odds are not even close to being legit. i agree with u saying adjust your game. on this site adjuyst your game by chasing the runner runner runner draws and 1 outers, you will win.

kriskris911 06-25-08 04:04 PM

Wow PokerGod, how much is full tilt paying you to say that? You aren't paying attention to anything that we are saying. We all know about poker, we know about its ups and its downs. I wasn't a beginner when I started playing on full tilt, yes everyone needs to improve their game and adapt to the people they are playing against. Every time you play poker you learn something new and incorporate it into your play. That is one reason why poker is a great game to play. I have runs of bad cards when I play live games. You are right! Lets look at it in the long run. Statistically I make a lot of money playing poker over the long run. But not on full tilt! Any moron knows to take advantage of the weak players, and not to 'tap on the aquarium'. But what you are neglecting to see is that WE NEVER MAKE ANY MONEY OFF OF THE DONKEYS AND THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!. The odds are always in their favor. How would you like me to adopt my play when I flop a full house? IT DOESNT MATTER!! Because the guy with K9 is not going to lay his hand down and he WILL hit that 9 on the river. We are complaining because everytime we are the favorite to win, we LOSE! I should be making tons of money when someone is drawing, but 80% of the time, they will hit their draw. It's disgusting! Full tilt is nowhere close to real poker. And we do play for REAL $$$$ in tourneys. But the same bull shit stands.
Yea its my bad play that is causing me lose money. Top two pair, always crushed on the river by another top two pair. Full houses always drowned.....three people pre-flop have pocket pairs and WE ALL HIT A SET??????????????? Yea but we all have bad days in real ring games and real tournament scenarios, and your goint to see them online too and in casinos. But casinos insure against improbability. If full tilt had a bad beat jackpot, they would be broke!

fulltillbroke 06-25-08 05:06 PM

Pokergods, trust me i know how to adapt to players and to this ftp machine. I'm playing very tight and im making money there now but it's so damn slow and takes a lot of patience, and sometimes you have to trust that machine won't kill you. Finished last night with KsKd, i raise 5bb everyone folds except one guy who reraise. Ok, he's good, let's try to take him out, i just call. Flop 2s2c4c. I raise, he re-raises i call. Me hoping that he's not one of the players who firmly believes in A4 or even worse A2. Turn 4h, i raise he reraise... Noting suspicious except for the previously mentioned scenarios or possible AA. I finally go all-in, he calls and shows 9h9c, great only 9 on river saves him and there's 4.95% for that. Do i have to tell you what happened...

fulltillbroke 06-25-08 05:23 PM

And how many times we have to tell you that there's too much action there. More action - more tournaments - more money. As i was writing previous message, one guy had DdJs other had Ah10s and third had AsKd. After some raising and calling flop was KcDsJd. So, straight, two pairs and pair of kings with ace kicker. Of course all three players goes all-in. This is not strange at ftp, only thing that was strange was that DdJs guy didn't get full on river

nitemare6 06-25-08 07:54 PM


you are either work for Full RIGGED Tilt or you have a poker IQ under 75 and/or just began playing last month! Which is it?!! FUll Tilt joker poker is a garbage site that has benefited from the popularity of poker and is probably crooked as they come. Look at what we are finding out slowly but surely about UltimatBet, Absolute Poker etc. etc. ALL of these online poker sites are scams, adn are cheating in sundry ways!! It is so easy to steal people's monies online and there are enough suckers/gamblers to allow that to happen. F-R-T's business model is to create renadom reinforcement when you first join to suck you in and make you beleive that somehow skill or more experience will prevail. That is a total joke; this site is so non-random and "rigged" that it stinks! I will never play for cash there again... ever!

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