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rookie 02-12-04 06:00 PM

POKER INFO - PROILE - Kathy Liebert
best woman player, bar none.

Debra S./twin1/soucyboy 03-03-04 06:00 PM

Hey, great article and I love to watch you play and lead the pack. I find she can be hard to read and that comes with experience.

pokermonk 03-19-04 06:00 PM

she straddles her 8 seat and im in 6, 300 bi hi low stud tourney at commerce. she talks so much she can't see her hole cards. she's so annoying i wanted to slap her around but i just talked her right out of her game, loving to watch her squirm away with her tail between her legs

pokerdali 04-01-04 06:00 PM

My limited viewing of her play doesn't impress me. Her almost immediate call w/ ATo of CLonie Gowan's Allin from UTG 5 handed from directly behind GOwan is one of the worst plays i haqve ever seen a pro make.

Diane 05-08-04 06:00 PM

One of the best players period. Congratulations on the gold bracelet!

Brian 05-12-04 06:00 PM

I had the pleasure of her company recently at a table, ruthless player, but a fun gal.*****Congrats on the new jewelry acquisition! 8)Clonie who?

sbryant 05-21-04 06:00 PM

Hi Kathy,i grew up in Cairo with your Mom. I actually met you when you were quite young. Have seen you on Tv occasionally. Gee, you are good!.Keep up the tenacity.Susan Haslauer Bryant

bk 06-30-04 06:00 PM

Biggest tells ever... Cant play for poop

GL. 07-29-04 06:00 PM

Listen up, BK, Kathy "can't play for poop" has one million reasons that prove you do not know what you are talking about. She's a winner and you're just jealous. Get over it. It's a small person that can't accept a inarguable fact like a million dollar win. Grow up.

Unregistered 08-01-04 06:00 PM

She isn't very good or should i say he come on she looks like Shrek and how much $ you win doesnt mean much sure greg raymer won 5 mill but he is a lucky peice of shit "hey look at me i hit a 2 outer like 20 times"

gurlwthnutz 08-16-04 06:00 PM

you guys need to grow up and start worrying about your own game instead of worrying about hers. She's a solid player... "she looks like shrek" -- and so does your mother - what does that have to do with playing poker, you woman-hating, jealous, jerk?

rivahqueen 10-09-04 06:00 PM

I long to live in a world where women are respected and their abilities are talked about.......not about them being a sexual object, or how they look and all that other crap. Let's face it, any woman who makes it in the poker world, which is still a man's world, has beat the crap out of alot of men to get where they are and they deserve our respect and adoration for their accomplishments.Let's stop bringing poker into the gutter and talk about the women players like the pros they are..........

slvsc2 11-16-04 06:00 PM

Kathy is a solid player. Unfortunately, our superficial society rewards style over substance. Jessica Lynch dyes her hair blonde and is making tons of money on the speaking circuit while the unfortunate large black woman who was hurt along with her received no offers. Kathy plays great poker and an anorexic silicone enhanced blonde gets all the TV time and is propped up as eye-candy for a poker web site. This is the world we live in folks. It's a pity but hopefully Kathy keeps plugging away and enjoys just how good she is at poker.

djnpa_30 11-30-04 06:00 PM

reaLLY good player too bad she looks like john goodman

In response to slvsc2... 12-03-04 06:00 PM

Well, lady, that is brutal...but I see your point and I can't disagree. Perhaps you are fucked up like me. More attention does go to the insanely beautiful Evelyn Ng as opposed to all of the unattractive players. But this is America, and everyone is an arrogant asshole,including me, and prolly you too. Thinking outside the box, I think that every human on the planet should be destroyed. Humans are sick, most of them at least. However, you should do the best you can to enjoy you life. Go out and have fun every once and a while. You only have one life, and you should live it up. That's my philosophy and I'm sticking to it.

Shaun/thechosenone1975 12-06-04 06:00 PM

Sheesh, you guys need to lighten up a little. If you are so concerned with the ugly people of the world, give them (myself included) some money or something. Relax, people. Go pat a puppy or something.

Unregistered 12-07-04 06:00 PM

any one gay here or what

Unregistered 12-07-04 06:00 PM

I love dogs! I was just spilling my philosophy. I really don't care about people that I don't know. And, no I'm not gay. Why do you ask? Sounds like you are interested, but thanks anyway for asking.

dblbellybuster 12-08-04 06:00 PM

I haven't heard anyone say that Greg Raymer is a fat lucky pig....along with Chris Moneymaker. Hmmmmm let' see now.....Erik Sidel... there's a real bowwow... WHO THE FUCK CARES......Poker is what we care about and money and bracelets....ask Hellmuth, so if and until you get one, you should not jude the play of a champion. We all have our opinions.....Dutch Boyd's play against TJ.....there's a winner for ya.....HEHEHE....GO KATHY AND IGNOR THESE ASSHOLES THAT ARE HELLBENT ON BRINGING MORE SHIT INTO THE GAME THAN TALENT AND SKILL.....

Unregistered 12-12-04 06:00 PM

Hey! What do you know, another Hellmuth fan. Must be a loser like Phil. Everyone has to be lucky to win the WSOP, keep that in mind.

dblbellybustr 12-20-04 06:00 PM

#1 ranked female tournament player by Cardplayer magazine........SWEET!!!!!!!

janetsup2 12-26-04 06:00 PM

New blonde doo looks great, This has nothing to do w/ play which is also fine!!! You go Kathy.

awesome 01-13-05 06:00 PM

Kathy is a great player.

ibyprprty 01-15-05 06:00 PM

Got seated next to her in the WSOP Ladies Event in A.C. yesterday. I had a MAJOR short stack and she had a MASSIVE chip lead. I looked at her and said, "Kathy, don't bully me." :-)She was a very nice woman to play with and I was suprised that she was NOT a bully. If she didn't have a hand, she laid it down BUT when she had a hand she PLAYED it. Bet heavily PREFLOP and bet heavily POSTFLOP (if anyone was still in the hand.)I ended up in 20th (or 21st place) don't remember cause ITM was up to 18th place...Kathy finished in 2nd place.It was a great experience and I look forward to playing with her again someday.

tillylace 01-16-05 06:00 PM

I played in the WSOP Ladies Event on Sat. too. I sat next to her for a long time. Though I just found out who she IS today looking at this website. She was so much fun to play with. VERY NICE. Awesome player!! I placed 16th at the tournament. Where did you find the results, ibyprprty?

pliebert 01-21-05 06:00 PM

Not only is she a GREAT player, but I think she's beautiful, as well as talented. She comes by her smarts naturally; her grandfather was a math genius, and the rest of the family are respected professionals. I'd love to hear from her.

jumper72 02-27-05 06:00 PM

Anyone know how I can write to Kathy. I really want to get a autographed picture of her for my dad. Please...can someone help me....thanks

Kathy Sux 03-02-05 06:00 PM

I can't stand her attitude. This biatch is stupid and she has to be one of the ugliest players ever.

iveyfan05 03-02-05 06:00 PM

bad player...dont even know why she is on the list...though i honestly reckon she is hot

larremore 03-10-05 06:00 PM

i cant really comment on her play cause shes so dam perty i end up watching that cute little face and lose trac of the game. that said....your a great player Kathy.

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