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Unregistered 06-20-04 06:00 PM


jon 06-21-04 06:00 PM

This dude is psycho!

Big Balls! 06-22-04 06:00 PM

This guy is wacked out of his mind!!! I LOVE IT

Mike C. Central Calif 06-23-04 06:00 PM

I am very angry about the use of your nickname and find absolutely nothing cute or funny about it.I am asking you t get some respect for the families whose lives were ruined by that murderer & immediately cease using it.G.M.C. Central California

Mike C..are you kidding me? 06-23-04 06:00 PM

Dude, do you think Phil gave himself that nickname? The poker world gave him that name because with his hood on he looks like the the drawing of the UNA BOMBER. Has nothing to do with that moron at the University of Cal. He is not disrespecting any families.

herman007 06-23-04 06:00 PM

Hey Mike C. in the central valley...GET A LIFE!

Unregistered 06-25-04 06:00 PM


cm. 06-26-04 06:00 PM

Terrible player; antics are unamusing.

Unregistered 06-27-04 06:00 PM

laak is great

JAck Flamin_Jesus eire101 07-18-04 06:00 PM

I think The unabomber is a decent player and his unpredictability helps him achieve his goals and all those who put him down,i will respect there opinion when they compete at the level he has!

HackerJack 07-20-04 06:00 PM

Whether you like him or not, this guy has brought a huge number of extra fans into the game. And you can't argue with the kind of final table success he has had in 2004.

larns 07-23-04 06:00 PM

i have recently got the poker bug, after watching the world poker championships on TV i watched the Una Bomber kick ass, now i am getting into poker. he makes the game more fun with his crazy eccentricity. funny

Mad Monkey 08-08-04 06:00 PM

Phil Laak is great, and i love the nick name Unabomber and the way he acts it cracks me up

renee--weenfan 08-16-04 06:00 PM

phil is ill---and quite attractive i might add.

Kitty 08-19-04 06:00 PM

no, its all just a lame act. a very, very lucky player. thats all. very little talent & a lot of luck. Hey, thats poker! The 'crazy/wacky guy' act is so transparent its just not true. pathetic.

Pro 08-20-04 06:00 PM

Hey Kitty:The people that say poker is all about luck, are the ones that don't have any. And really, who is more pathetic: The lucky Unabomber winning money out of a "talentless" game, or the person sitting at home watching him?

AlisoninVegas 08-20-04 06:00 PM

Time will show the poker skills. For now, I'm going to try to enjoy his other skill set. Phil at least gives the ladies something to look at besides overweight, middle-aged, balding geek pros, no offense guys.

Unabomber 08-27-04 06:00 PM

Pro is some stupid teenager. Don't listen to him.

pokerface 08-31-04 06:00 PM

Phil Laak is another good player. Not great but good. The antics he needs to leave at home. Nothing humerous about it at all. He seems to suffer from A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Dissorder). The WPT needs to crack down on him and make him act like he has civilized parents. Otherwise, no more tourneys. Period.

rock 09-01-04 06:00 PM

I thought he was funny, awesome and I can't wait to see him at another final table. I thought he played great too, he did win!!! I keep it on Tevo so I can watch again. Loved it, love him

pocket7s 09-03-04 06:00 PM

dude anybody who doesnt like the phil laak is either boring or yeah boring that pretty much sums it up since that is all i can post or it will get deleted man though his nickname makes it sound like he has on testicle

Marina 09-04-04 06:00 PM

Hey all...I just saw this guy on t.v. win a tourney against Humberto Brenes at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. While I admit he won simply because of luck (there was an Ace drawn on the river to give him a pair of rockets over Humberto's pair of 8's), Mr. Laak had to have had some talent to make it to that final table. He was crazy, though!! Kept taking his shoes off, kept jumping up and down almost like he was a monkey, and he was trying to get peaks at the turn and the river cards before they were layed down. I didn't think players were allowed to do that. (If anyone out there saw this same game, did you notice the dirty looks that one female dealer kept giving Mr. Laak everytime he tried to peek??)

Marina 09-04-04 06:00 PM

Reprise...The hand I mentioned in my previous post was the one played before the winning hand. I didn't mean to make it seem as if that was the hand that won Phil Laak the tourney.

researcher 09-07-04 06:00 PM

The WPT is allowing this jerk to trash a good program.And the punks, that are playing against him, shouldmake him sit down, and stop ^&%* with their game.Until someone reigns him in, he will only get worse;someone needs to give him one warniong, then jack his jaw.............screw the WPT for allowing this to go on.

Econ 09-08-04 06:00 PM

Um, who would win in a fight, Laak or God? Trick question...Laak is God.

amber 09-13-04 06:00 PM

i have a crush on him. he's so hott!

Pokrstudent 09-23-04 06:00 PM

Laak, sit down and shut up...you act like an idiot sometimes. No doubt your skill and luck, but put shine on it please.

Gigohead. 09-29-04 06:00 PM

I swear I tuned to ESPN this summer WSoP 2004, I did not see him right? Where was he? I was so looking forward to seeing him. I may be wrong, but I did not see him in the final table.

DEREK RILEY 10-13-04 06:00 PM

Hello, this is DEREK RILEY. MY Dad (MIKE RILEY) I think was at the Big Dog and got your autograph on a hat for me. You wrote, "question everything" He got to play against you and many other poker greats! Thank you so much for the autograph and I hope you keep on winning.

The Grim Reaper/brainstormrandd 10-21-04 06:00 PM

This is just the beginning of The Hold Em Craze. Phil groom it man! Santa Claus is coming to town, (the big Networks), with BIG BUNDLES...for those like you, RECOGNIZED NAME, good player & entertaining. Keep signing those hats.

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