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Unregistered 08-27-05 06:14 PM

I just play the cards, wisely, that are delt to me, i don't have to bluff my way into winning pots. My weakness is not betting agressivly into the pot when i have a strong hand after the flop and turn to scare away the a$$holes that are trying to get their way into a straight or a flush.

Unregistered 10-17-05 06:14 PM

Strong; I like to change up playing style. I will get a good solid hands like top pairs. I will take my time beating trying to get them thinking its a weak hand. Then just beat low, like limping in. Then the next time I may toss some big beats in making them think I trying too bluff. It all depends on the postion and chips in the pot.

Weak; Picking up on players that do the samething.

Ace Mahoney 05-26-08 02:22 PM

I'm not sure about my strongest, but my weakest without a doubt is. When I'm up alot I get stupid and constantly bet big trying to push pots and buy hands trying to move people out of the hand. Did this yesterday actually. Was up close to 70.00 and ended up only 32.00 in a cash game. I still won but would have won more had I not been so dumb and just continued playing smart.

HPG ADMIN 05-26-08 07:26 PM

was it limit or no-limit cash game?

Ace Mahoney 05-27-08 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by HomePokerGames Admin (Post 209688)
was it limit or no-limit cash game?

no limit. played last night cash no limit. played very smart and very good. and came out ahead 50.00. Didn't get stupid like the day before.

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