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ftpriggedAA 11-11-07 07:39 PM

man how has this not been discussed. All sites have there rng certified or audited by 3rd parties..they all mention on there site how there rng works..except full tilt doesnt mention one word about there rng..zero..also it hasnt been tyested by a third party like every other site has. I must have logged over 500k hands on ftp..i can truly tell you that there are many action cards and bad beats more then the norm. In fact, full tilt is going out of there way to not have there rng tested and audited...in fact they said it would get done 27 months ago and it still hasnt occurred. YOU WILL SEE MORE RUNNER RUNNER ON FTP THEN ELSEWHERE..PLUS MANY PLAYERS RUN BELOW EV ON THERE ALL IN LUCK...THE BETTER PLAYERS ON 2P2

ftpriggedAA 11-11-07 07:41 PM

People Can Win There, But If Your Not Running Ev On Your All In Hands Something Is Wrong...example You Are All In On Flop 100 Hands And Ur Ahead 70/30 As The Fav U Should Win Near That Longterm..many 2plus2 Good Players Dont Run Ev On There All In Luck

fullrock444 11-11-07 08:42 PM

I liked your post Hoomey (and the others too) and I think that the time of the tourney is a very important reason to get out the lower stacks players, they need to open new tourneys the faster they can. I have notice a the pattern of losing 3:1 when I should win 3:1, but to me that seems to happen more often when the pot is bigger. For example: I have $ 25 and I go all in against an oponent with $ 5, I win in the normal rate, but if my stack is compromised, lets say my oponent has $50, I lose much more often then I should. It seems to me that if the software detects that it can broke a player, it will broke that player, so the player has to reload, thats simple and similar to the tournament reasoning. If your stack is at risk you will lose it, so you have to put more money in the site.
Another thing that I´d like to say, Im pretty happy that I found a forum in wich this topic is discussed, and Im pretty happy that this fraud at AP has been discovered, because It opens the debate. What I think amazing is that people can rob BANKS, take real money from super secured BANKS, but some people believe that poker sites will never be robbed or fraudulent, as they could be safier than BANKS, thats silly.
I believe that players of fulltilt should unite their hands log and make a big statistical analisys, that would be the ultimate proof of security or fraud.

jackson 11-17-07 09:37 PM

This is the first online poker site i've played on, and in a week and a half of play, i've already realized the site is rigged. I've seen a highly unusual number of bad beats. The most consistent theme i've noticed is during the final table in a multi-table sit and go, or during a 5-handed game on a full table sit & go, the small stack will almost always lose an all-in against a bigger stack even when the small stack has a huge advantage! And the same will happen to the next small stack to the point where the bottom stacks just start dropping like flies. It's so obvious why they would do this. They want these sit & go's and tournaments to wrap up quickly so they can get more of these games in, one day, which means more buy-in money. I feel sorry for people who have lost big money...I am luck to have lost just $200. After noticing this, I immediately withdrew my money. Just because this site is endorsed by these big players such as Ivey, Hansen, Juwanda, etc...don't assume that it's gonna be a fair game with your mistakes being the biggest obstacle. I've noticed im not the only one who's noticed this and if your reading this and you still continue to play full tilt online (or any other poker site because ive read a lot of bad reviews on this issue with the other sites)then YOU HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM...GET SOME HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bowie444 11-24-07 01:19 PM

I'd also like to request the Full Tilt support number - they're making it seemingly impossible for me to actually withdraw my funds from the site, which is the biggest con of any poker site I've played

dough 11-28-07 10:31 PM

FTP is rigged
Full Tilt is absolutely rigged. I have played THOUSANDS of hands there, and have come to expect the worst. It is ruining my ability to play live effectively because I am so conditioned to getting screwed. I am convinced that FTP has a program that rewards new players (it did me) and punishes players with small bankrolls. I have played enough poker in my life that I can say this without doubt. If it is truly random, it should be no different than what you see at the casino or the home game -- but that is simply not the case. Ignore at your own peril. I was lucky to escape with only losing a couple grand over the course of 18 months of playing tight and only getting my money in with the best hand for the most part. Ignore at your own peril. Stick to live action.

gooks69 11-30-07 06:52 PM

Hi, ive been reading the forum and discovered this topic about full tilt poker being rigged! I have been playing on the site for about 2-3 months and out of the 3 poker online sites i have played " Pokerheaven, William Hill poker and Party poker" This is by far the best site. I believe many people who play online poker expect to WIN, WIN , WIN, or win loads in a small period of time. Im 19 years old and i am from London, England. Im a student so you wont find me on the big stake tables, BUT i have made a nice tidy profit for myself just playing $10 - $33 sit n go's and Heads up. You can check it you wont on sharkscope gooks69 is the username. just under $800 at this time i wrote this post. (better up than down i say!) The way i make my profit is by simply setting myself a daily limit that i would like to win, for me i usually will cash in on around $50 - 80 a day, £30 - 40. But if i lose i will never spend more than $50 in a day. Once i win, i will then use FT's cool application where you can self exclude yourself from the real money tables. I do this incase i get bored later in the day and try to log back in and try to win more money ( this is where a lot of people lose!!!) trying to win more, but when they lose, they try to regain the original money back, but then tilt sets in and you could get yourself in trouble. When i self exclude my self, i always do it for 24 hours.You have the option to exlude yourself anything upto 180 days! But once you have accepted the exclusion this is irreversble and you CANNOT cancel it untill your exclusion runs out! This is good as the money usualy has time to settle in my money bookers acount. But for the bad beat side, YES you do see more than the average live game, but i believe if your a good player, You should still be able to make a profit eventually, EVEN if you do get a bad beat, i have had loads on full tilt, but becasue of the stakes i play, it does little damage to my bankroll, i mean ffs i have lost when me and another player both had pocket Aces, and he hit four hearts for a flush! But my best advice is to stick to a bank roll that suits you, never put more than 10 % of your bank roll into any one tourney, and you should be fine, i hope my advice helps anyone who plays on FTP, thanks..

Also FTP withdraw is very quick and easy, all you do is open yourslef a money bookers account, within your bank in 2-4 days.

be nice to hear form anyone else who has some joy on FTP

Jamesrpw 12-01-07 10:58 AM

Any online site would screw up your live game because you don't get to read the people only the betting pattern and live games the hands aren't programmed I was in a tourny thursday on full tilt and kept getting almost every hand twice in a row and both times didn't hit on the board.

alzee 12-06-07 05:21 PM

I have been playing of full tilt for about 18 months now, I mostly play heads up and the odd tournament but I am planning on never using this site again after my bankroll is used up... and that won't take long either... I am a professional player but this site is designed to entice amateurs to invest by rewarding bad play... forget about all this full tilt is rigged stuff, it's not to that extent where the problem lies, basically, the card generator is designed to deal out cards depending on who is playing at any given time, and deals cards accordingly, ie... the big all in hands and the magic river card.. proof of this lies in the way the card generator deals out the river card that may make somebody's flush, or full house, or str8, but where the scam lies is in that magic river card makes the hand for both players, an example would be the 8 of diamonds making a flush for one person but almost always it will also make the str8 for the opponent.. this creates action, so full tilt makes money.
this very rarely happens in live games where this situation occurs, the river card being the vital card for both players.

My advice to you if you decide to play online poker for money is don't.. full stop... you will invariably find yourself stressed and annoyed...

Play live games for low stakes, at least there the deck doesn't know what card it wants to deal next

the whole rigged issue is this, it's just people move from the real issue and complain about bad beats instead of the fact that the card generator is far from random.

Iceman77 12-11-07 01:44 AM

It's so nice to finally find a site where people agree w/ me on all the b.s. that occurs on FTP. I tried posting the same type of complaints on their forums and I tell you what, most of the responses I got were far from sympathetic. Instead I was called a sore loser or an idiot for getting my chips in the middle w/ the best hand, and constantly getting called by hands that should of never seen the flop and losing. I have noticed a pattern in the tournaments though. It seems that the random number generator has a tendacy to favor the player who goes all-in first in a multiway pot. Also I've noticed that literally the worst starting hand wins more often than any others combined. After numerous "bad beats", "suck outs", or whatever you want to call them I've found that nothing beats the real thing. I'm just glad I have the opportunity to play in live games on a nightly basis outside of the casino scene. My advice to everyone is to save yourself a few anerisms and early hair loss and leave FTP to the donkeys and pros, as it seems obvious the pros have the site on lock down. Makes sense to me, I mean why would the pros want fair competition, sounds like bad business to me for those who make a living at it. I just wish I had the revenue to create my own little "fish" bowl that I could make weekly withdrawals from to bankroll in the WSOP.

maad70 12-12-07 03:49 AM

I had a weird experience yesterday I just want to share: I played on a 6-handed sng (limit, 0.25/0.50) table with pocket threes; the flop showed 9-J-6, then a 3c on the turn and Js on the river (not 100% sure about the colour). After some raise/reraise action through out the hand I was all-in (not much, ~$3.60). I'm not much more than a novice, but to me, this looks like a full house. In the showdown my opponent showed 9-6 an won! I was so p....d that I didn't hit the "last hand" button or took a screenshot, so I can't even proof to myself wether I was suffering from strabismus, took my glasses of without noticing or what ever, but could it be, that the cards I was seeing where not the same that were dealt? I think I read in the chat box something about "nines full of sixes", but I'm even less sure about that.
I know how stupid this sounds and since I don't have any proof, I will pay much more attention next time. Did anybody ever experienced or heard of something like this?

Zenofex 12-12-07 10:59 AM

I've been playing on so many online sites now, and dedicated alot of time to spot when the random engine is fair or not.

Guys, THERE IS NO FAIR ONLINE POKER. By this I ofcourse compare it to live poker.

There is simply just to many bad beats, it is UNREAL that Turn and Rivers hit not only one hand but two hands.

Online poker does not apply to your knowledge about poker and how good you are at calculating odds, it applys more to Turn and river cards - reason - Turn and river cards almost ALWAYS beat the odds.

Lately i've been playing on FTP, this site is definetly NO DIFFERENT. LEANR it people online poker beats all odds, and YOU CANNOT compare it to real life poker.

Before i started on this site I had confidence that it might not be rigged, but this site beats the odds as all the others. My biggest dissapointment is that I really thought the pro's had more integrity and love for the game, to let this go on, but i guess its all about the $$$$$ as on the other sites.

Last NOTE.

All you pokersite owners out there, PLEASE understand, its is not that you earn money, you have to, to run a buisness. But for crying out loud, give us some real odds and sort out your engines and let people out there enjoy real poker. You will earn money anyway, maby not as many but you will have the support from the users.

Give back poker and stop sucking out people that try to earn a few $

Good luck at the tables all, you will need it.

maad70 12-13-07 02:35 AM

I was 100% right: strabismus! Checked the log and found this:

*** SHOW DOWN ***
u------- shows [6h 6s] a full house, Sixes full of Jacks
maad70 mucks
u------- wins the pot ($8.55) with a full house, Sixes full of Jacks
maad70 is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $9 | Rake $0.45
Board: [9d Js 6d 3c Jc]
Seat 1: A------ folded on the Turn
Seat 2: c-------- didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: W---------- didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: u------- (button) showed [6h 6s] and won ($8.55) with a full house, Sixes full of Jacks
Seat 5: S-------- (small blind) folded on the River
Seat 6: maad70 (big blind) mucked [3d 3h] - a full house, Threes full of Jacks

Guess I was too tired to see correctly.

brebug001 12-14-07 04:37 AM

I couldn't agree more with this thread. I have been playing on full tilt for about a year now. The closest casino is about an hour and a half away, so I felt full tilt is easier for some games and nice size tourneys. The bad beats that I see do happen in live games, but the amount of times in any sng are crazy. I was always a little leary of what happens, because I never see so many crazy hands in live play in the small amount of time. I decided to search around tonight to see if I find anything regarding online cheating. I stumbled on this and couldn't believe what I was reading. When I lose to a bad beat or lose money in a sitting, I never complained. I felt that I was playing bad and needed to work on my game. This site has made me a worse player in live games because I never want to fold, thinking the turn and river will always give me what I need, and calling with crap cards. Some how they always pop up on this site regardless of what cards are in play. Earlier tonight I was chip leader in a 20 sng after doubling up with four eights against a full house(HAPPENS ALL THE TIME). Next hand i'm playing pocket kings against 6 4 off suit, 10 10 5 come on the flop. The turn is a 6 and of course the river is a 6. Minutes later on another table I was chip leader with 4200 in chips and on the button suited A Q. seat before goes all in with 1025 chips so I call. BB goes all in 1075 in chips. Cards show over and they both have A J. Flop comes 5 4 8 turn 2 and of course river is a J. Minutes later, same table I get busted out(NO WAY, FULLHOUSE AGAINST FOUR OF A KIND). Don't get me wrong I have cashed out for some good size checks over the last year, but for the most part very little skill is required and I think the winning hand goes to the person the site has pre determined. If you still continue to keep depositing into this scam good luck, because that is what you will be playing with. Throw any skill or poker experience out the window and play with gods given luck. PEACE

brebug001 12-14-07 06:38 AM

poker sites rigged
I justed wanted to add an experience about party poker. I played here before i went to full tilt. I made a call to customer support asking them if there site was rigged and how it worked. I explained to them how I do well in live poker and have won several tourneys. Explained I didn't feel something was right, because I think I'm better then how things have been turning out with the crazy calls and bad beats. I was very polite and had a rather long conversation with him. I entered a $50 rebuy tourney after we hung up. Funny how things changed, I won the tourney for over $5,000. Into the morning i'm still playing. Now i'm on 10/20 n/l table. I go all in with a AA against JJ for over $1000. The other guy caught his J and had trips. The site paid me the cash and I was on the lossing end. The other guy was cussing and accusing of being a cheat. I explained how I have no idea how it happened. He said he was going to report me, and I never heard about it. After that I cashed out. I insisted on never playing there again, but the urge was to much, so I began to deposit money back into. I went on the worst run of cards and bad beats known to man. Something is definatly wrong with these poker sites. If you have had good experiences and feel different, keep playing or cash out and then retry. You will be right here posting the same things.

Iceman77 12-16-07 12:38 PM

I just busted out of a tournament on FTP w/ pocket 8's. Blinds were 10/30, I raise from the cut off to 120. 2 people call and the 3rd goes all-in over the top of me after calling the initial 30. Hard to put him on a strong hand when he limps in. I call the all-in as does the other 2 to my left. Cards exposed, all-in raiser shows A,J os, me pocket 8's, guy to my left shows 10,9 os, guy to his left shows A,J os. So as you can see preflop I'm loving it, having better than 30% chance to win against 3 other opponents w/ a medium pair. Out comes the flop 7,10,J to no surprise the flop hit everybody but the pocket pairs. Talk about sick. After losing I went to WPT.com and plugged the cards into their odds calculator to see the stats, and that's where I was shocked to see the RNG on FTP overcome the 1.5% for the guys holding A,J to split the pot. Now I wouldn't necessarily call this a bad beat, but it is b.s. considering 2 hands previous this one I saw the same thing in reverse like it should be. Pocket J's against 2 people holding A,8, me be one of them and as it should the Jacks held up. Can someone tell me why it happens like this? No, I can. Every sense I slammed the tech support on FTP.com my run of bad luck went even further south. Coincidence, I think not. I totally agree with brebug001. It seems a little odd that your luck can change so quickly after communicating with tech support. To me it's obvious that the techs can manipulate what's going on at any given chance. It wouldn't be to hard to attach a flag to a player's profile that signals the RNG to either help or hinder depending on the command issued by someone in charge.

NukMasta 12-16-07 07:36 PM

Wow, do i agree with most of these posters. This site is garbage. I dont know the scheme that they are doing but its something. I think its a dynamic river card and also they reward new players. But it doesnt matter. They are doing something, that is the point. Alot of this has been starting becasue of the US ban i would assume. Regardless of my thoughts, i am another player who has been struck by all this garbage people have been playing for. I am not a pro, but i CAN play put it that way. Ive also been through so much shit in my life that I have no doubt that these sites arent fair. I can only speak for full tilt tho. Check my stats NukMasta1 how do I go from winning and placing like that too not even placing. Bad luck? i think not. It makes perfect sense what some of these people have to say. 1. IT IS A PROGRAM WRITTEN BY MAN!!!!!! ANYTHING MAN-MADE I DONT TRUST, INCLUDING THE BIBLE AT TIMES. 2. SINCE THE US BAN THESE SITES ARE LOSING TONS OF MONEY! THE US BAN IS BECAUSE REAL CASINOS ARE LOSING TOO MUCH MONEY TOO THESE "ONLINE CASINOS" THE ONLINE CASINOS NEED TO MAKE UP SOMEHOW! 3. REMEMBER ANOTHER THING- MONEY RULES THIS EARTH, ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY!. Those are just a few general reasons. I like what that one guy said, "why take 1 mill when u can make it 10 mil". What ive been doing lately, is when someone makes a shit call and wins on river, I check their stats. 9 out 10 times they are new too full tilt. try it yourself its crazy. A couple other things....why are bots allowed? why is there no rules against bots? Im just happy i came up 100 bucks on full-tilt and cashed out before they could get any more. FUCK YOU FULL-TILT! THANKS FOR THE FREE $$$. But it all comes down to this......Dont trust anything you dont see for yourself, including GOD ;) (im probaly going to hell now ;P ). Dont trust the news, bible andything....THIS STUFF IS MAN-MADE

braden 12-24-07 02:45 PM

This sight is completely rigged imo. I've never experienced beats like this live. On fulltilt when I get my money in with the best hand and a 75% favorite to win the hand I am outdrawn by 2 to 3 outers 8/10 times. This sight needs to be investigated, but by who? They can do whatever they want and laugh all the way to the bank there is no one to stop them. You simply have to take their word that it is legit. I couldnt begin to tell you how many bad beats I have taken to the point where it makes no sense at all that people are actually profitable on this sight. Last night for instance I flopped top pair with A-10 after raising preflop in position, the guy to my right re raises me all in with 3-6 of clubs for the flush draw, I actually put him on a higher flush draw. Needless to say he ended up making a gutshot on turn and completing his str8 on the river not even hitting his flush. You would say ok w/e that happens, and I would agree only if it didn't happen CONSTANTLY. In a recent tourney I was in 3rd place out of about 700 and had someone try to bluff me out of a pot while I was holding QQ he had 7-2 offsuit!!! After completely missing the flop the turn brought the seven and the river brought the duece, I wasn't surprised, I was still not doing bad. Soon enough there was 11 of us left, and I picked up A-A with the blinds huge and antes big I had to move in considering I was fairly low stacked. I was insta called by 10-10 and of course he spiked a 10 on the river eliminating me in 11th. GG fultilt I hope everyone sponsored by this sight lives life lavishly in the bahamas enjoying all of our hard earned money that they are stealing. I am done with Fulltilt poker heading back to the local card room.

hizzamhock 01-08-08 12:26 PM

I used to play at pokerroom and hollywood poker before the US ban, and since I am a mac user, I switched to full tilt and as far as I know that is really my only option. Its funny because when I played at pokerroom and hollywood people used to say the same crap about those sites. Its so easy to blame bad beats on programming, but I have yet to see anyone prove that something unethical is going on at full tilt. Yes I have lost some hands to bad beats there and some were runner runner and one or two outers, but that is part of the game. Being the favorite does not gaurantee that you will win, and even long shot draws come in sometimes. Yes there are more bad beats online. Why? When you play live, you drive to the place with your money and you are at one table with nothing to distract you. Online, you can have the tv on and be playing at 4 or more tables. People do play looser online and you have to accept that bad beats will happen because some players will chase any draw. Its crazy but true, especially at the lower stakes.
This site is well designed and offers a wide variety of games from low to high limits. Lots of tournaments, sit and gos and ring game action. I know that alot of people will always be convinced that online poker is somehow rigged, and I cant prove that it is not. But I think that if you focus on improving your game instead of conspiracy theories, you will be better served. Do you really think that full tilt would risk their business by cheating its players? All it would take would be for one disgruntled employee to spill the beans. I dont think so. They make plenty of money from the rake and tournament fees, and they really dont care who wins or loses.
I feel the pain of those of you who have lost money to bad beats. In fact, no one likes bad beats, thats why they are called "bad." But as long as you are playing within your bankroll and managing your money correctly, it wont bankrupt you. Never play with more than 5 percent of your bankroll and you will be fine. You may have to step down a level sometimes. It happens to everyone that a string of bad beats kicks your butt, but you can chalk that up to variance. If loose goofball players never hit their 2 outers they would stop playing. I love having these types of players at my table. They may suck out from time to time, but in the long run they will have the worst of it.

rmil 01-23-08 12:57 PM

I am a low stakes no limit player, and I have played at many sites including Paradise Poker, Bodog, Poker Stars, and Full Tilt. Before the U.S. enforcement involving internet wagering, I built up a bankroll of 1500$ at Paradise Poker and cashed out when the site closed to U.S. Players. After this, I tried Bodog and Pokerstars, and after bad experiences at Pokerstars I made Bodog my new online poker home. I won about 2000$ at Bodog, but had to leave because I was having problems with payout checks taking up to 2 months to receive.
Then I moved onward to Full Tilt. Yes, this site is the most ridiculous scam in the history of online poker. But besides the "rigged" conspiracy theory, there are a number of other factors that contribute to this site being a huge rip-off. Let me enlighten you:

1. First off, Full Tilt charges an exorbitantly high rake. I never made it past the 10$ tables there (on other sites I increased my bankroll enough to play the 50$ tables) and I'll tell you why: the rake at the 10$ tables is 20%. Even playing like a pro, you will probably never beat a rake as high as this.

2. The majority of the players at the low stakes tables buy in for a tiny amount and gamble it on a whim. I remember sitting at numerous 10$ no limit ring games and most of the players have 3$ or less. They will reraise you their stack preflop at the drop of the hat, and it is often impossible to know if your QQ or JJ is good. These players are here to gamble, not to play poker.

3. Lastly, there is definitely something fishy about the cards that come out. I had a similar experience at Full Tilt that I did at Poker Stars: beware any site where your sets are consistently beat by higher sets, and 2-4 out draws hit with stunning regularity against made hands. I'm not going to go into specifics about how I think the game is rigged because I simply don't know. However, I have taken the advice of players who tell you what you should do when you think a site is rigged: I got out.

I now play at a different site (PlayersOnly Poker) and I can safely say that I am winning at Poker again. When I have the best hand after an all-in, I will occasionally lose to a draw, but for every time I lose there are about 3-10 times that I win. This is the way the odds say poker should be. My advice to all of you: stay away from Full Tilt Poker.

Docholiday 01-27-08 08:47 PM

I,ve been playing poker for bout 3 years and have experienced all types of bad beats and bad runs, but if my bankroll was a casino, I'd be sending the boys downstairs to ask fulltilt to leave the premises. It started off as a bad run but within 4 hrs I racked up 4 50/1's, 20 5/1's and 10 3/1's. Broke and miserable I tried to straighten my head and bankroll out. Next morning,first hand 25/1 bad beat,racked up about as many as the previous day. Today 1 50/1, 4 10/1's and 5 3/1's and ive only played for an hour!!! I was so sure I was being mugged that i googled full tilt rigged and here i am reading similar stories. Taking a run of bad beats on the chin is what being a good gambler is all about but so is realising that 3 days of this many bad beats is near mathmatically impossible and this site needs to be investigated.

hizzamhock 02-01-08 10:18 PM

Well I probably look like a fool after my previous post, but after reading the other posts and looking at what was happening at the tables, I have decided to cashout while I am ahead. The thing that really tipped it for me was a hand at a pot limit hold em table. I have pasted the hand history here. Full Tilt Poker Game #5057139893: Table Old Park - $0.05/$0.10 - Pot Limit Hold'em - 17:41:21 ET - 2008/01/30

bigfranky2727 raises to $0.35
Johnny Raggs calls $0.25
*** FLOP *** [Ac Qc 2s]
Johnny Raggs checks
bigfranky2727 bets $0.75
Johnny Raggs raises to $1.50
bigfranky2727 raises to $5.25
Johnny Raggs calls $0.90, and is all in
bigfranky2727 shows [9h Kc]
Johnny Raggs shows [Ad Th]
Uncalled bet of $2.85 returned to bigfranky2727
*** TURN *** [Ac Qc 2s] [Kd]
*** RIVER *** [Ac Qc 2s Kd] [9s]
bigfranky2727 shows two pair, Kings and Nines
Johnny Raggs shows a pair of Aces
bigfranky2727 wins the pot ($5) with two pair, Kings and Nines
Johnny Raggs is sitting out

So a player pushes all in on the flop with no pair and no draw, and spikes 2 pair on the turn and river? Very suspicious, like he knew it was coming. And I cant tell you how many backdoor straights and flushes I've seen here. Madness. Im so done with this site.

fulltillbroke 02-12-08 09:42 PM

Lost 280$ just tonight, check this out, all pre-flop: QQ twice - once guy called with K10 and gets 2 more 10's, second time guy calls 70$ with 8-3??? and gets 8-3???? On AJ twice - can't remember what happened but once guy got straight, on AQ suited guys calls with K2 offsuited and gets flush, guy tries bluff with 8-5 all-in when he was almost out and beats my KK with straight, lost with AA to QQQ - ok that was normal call by the guy and he got a bit lucky, and similar to this, guy calls AA with 99 and gets 9 - again not bad call and a bit lucky. So, i've lost 8 out of 9 times with best hand, and there was some very suspicious calls like these guys don't care about their money or there's something really fishy. I won't even mention some crazy straights and flushes when no one raised the pot, but that doesn't matter, loosing 8/9 best hands in one night DOES.

vagabond69 02-13-08 03:48 AM

you guys ARE SO RIGHT! this is the MOST rigged out of them all.

I lost all respect for the poker pros who are affiliated with this site.

I had so many nut flushes and straights on the flop destroyed by a set that would turn into full house. this site is just completely BULLSHlT!!

danieltx 02-14-08 12:07 AM

Your first point, #1, is incorrect. When using a packet sniffer, you'll find that the FullTiltPoker data is sent on port 443. Port 443 is a computer's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) port, and if you think it's something that's easily cracked, you'd better avoid ANY online credit card usage. Today, all credit card purchases, online banking, etc. use SSL protection.

nitemare6 02-14-08 09:49 PM

Yep ever since 2003-2004 I thought Full RIGGED Tilt was a scam, so I quit playing for a few years. Recently I started doing play chips. Then I put a few bucks on the site this week, and sure enough, the same b.s. began again. Tonight I was in 90 player SNG and went in with AK. I did not raise but called a raise from A9 who was all in. Sure enough, albeit I was 87/23% favorite to win, of course on Full RIGGED Tilt a 9 hit the flop. Ok I though**t it happens. A few minutes later I started playing low stakes hold em. I won a larger pot by bluffing after a pre flop raise. In fact I win more on Full Tilt via bluffing than by playing the best hands. Well I get AKos -and don't raise pre flop like I would in a live game most of the time. I call a later 3xs BB raise. Well, QxA hit. I check and bet comes in form 3xs pot. I raise and he goes all in. He has AJ. I got him. AK with this flop should win 4xs more than AJ. But being Full RIGGED Tilt of course a J hits the turn. A 15/1 shot hits. I could have gotten an A, K or paired the Q or other flopped card and won. This is just one recent example of what happens all the f-king time on this scam site. How any pro can make any claim that this site represents real poker is lying or else he is getting a different RNG for his seat at a table. In just 3 days I have seen such b.s. that mirrors the crap that happened back in 2003-2004. I can't wait until the US Congress finally decides to regulate these crooks. By the way I don't really like AK that much online but I will play it obviously. The problem with this scam poker site is that they have a RNG that has never been tested or varified that it is NOT set-up to create bigger pots for their financial gain. Further they allow improbable hands with low outs to happen FAR TOO OFTEN. How this site attracts so many players is beyond me. Maybe there are a lot of losers out there that border on compulsive gamblers and they keep coming back and losing money due to this random reinforcement that Full RIGGED Tilt rewards poor players with, i.e. giving them cards when they should have lost, and gotten spanked for crap play. These pros on this scam site have lost all respect from me. Good luck to anyone who throws money away. Oh yeah, one final comment this site flops WAY TOO MANY Aces and Ks AND it deals WAY TOO MANY flushes. Its almost comical! In fact it is, it's a JOKE!

AmericanDrifter 02-18-08 01:51 AM

You people are all paranoid. Full Tilt is no different than any other site. Over the last few years I have played at Bodog, Pokerstarts, UltimateBet, and Full Tilt. The one thing they all have in common is players who say "this site is so rigged" or "this is the most rigged site". The fact is that bad beats happen and they are far more memorable than favored hands holding. While a collection of antedotal observations about bad calls being paid off can create the illusion of a scam, it should not be considered statistical proof. Over a period of time, the cream rise to the top. The best players win over time, not because the site is rigged, but because they make the right decisions. Bad beats are frustrating, but getting your chips in the middle with the best is the only way to win.

nitemare6 02-19-08 05:32 PM

I love these guys who defend these online poker sites with their set-up improbable hands over and over again, that albeit they occur sometimes in real poker, happen far too often on FT so as to be at ODDS with the odds. The most improbable stuff happens on Full Tilt, and yes, the motive is to create action for their rakes. Today I am palying all afternoon and doing well playing decent poker. I get QK and the flop comes QQx. At the turn I push all in after the ONE other player in hand bets 3xs the pot. Of course he shows a Q (the ONE remaining Q in the alleged non-rigged cyber deck) and has an A kicker. Sorry but this is rigged poker. Now we can always rationalize that maybe I should not have bet so much since my opponent had just made a large bet on "something", but there was only ONE Q left in the deck and only ONE f-king card that could beat my K kicker!!! So I am not supposed to bet my hand. AND, of course, Full RIGGED Tilt managed to deal that one hand and thereby sucked out a large amount of my hard-earned profits. This site is crooked in my opinion and I don't see how anyone can play on here for profit or fun!

mrkromer 02-19-08 07:53 PM

Ha Ha
Hmm, so AQ held up against KQ? Incredible. Never seen that before.

rmil 02-24-08 04:18 PM

I'd like to address both nitemare6 and AmericanDrifter.

First off, nitemare6, your example of being beat by AQ with KQ is not a bad beat, nor is it anything out of the ordinary. It is nearly the same as getting beat with a pair of queens King kicker when someone has pair of queens Ace kicker. Anytime u have trips with a paired board, you are always in danger of losing to a higher kicker or a full house.

AmericanDrifter, while I agree that people who post a single example of a bad beat and then call the site rigged lack sufficient evidence to back up their claim, saying that "bad beats are more memorable" does nothing to prove that certain sites aren't rigged, or aren't rigged to cheat certain players at the very least. Yes, bad beats do happen, but they happen in a certain proportion to the number of times a favored hand should win, depending on the number of outs. If this proportion does not hold up, there is something wrong with the site.
I am not a statistics major or even a math major, so I do not have the education nor the time to pore through my entire hand history and offer the proof that Full Tilt is bogus. However, I am smart enough to know that people with 4 outs or less on the flop should win less than 20% of the time when the money goes all in. It was extremely clear to me during my run at Full Tilt that this was not the case. I was losing to people with ridiculous draws far more than I was winning.
All sites are NOT the same. To date, I have made money playing low stakes no limit at Paradise Poker, Bodog, and Players Only. The only two times I have ever cashed out at Full Tilt was 1.) after I placed in a tournament and 2.) after I decided I would never play at the site again. Do you mean to tell me that the players at the low stakes tables (.05 .10 - .25 .50) at Full Tilt are so much better that my strategy holds up on all those other sites but not there?
Many Full Tilt enthusiasts like to use the "tinfoil hat" argument and claim paranoia among the "losers" who think the site is rigged. To those I say this: aliens at Area 52 is a conspiracy theory. A business outside of U.S. jurisdiction cheating American players out of their money is far from a strech to imagine. If you still find it hard to wrap your head around the fact that such deception is possible, here you go:

1. Enron
2. Martha Stewart
3. Watergate
3. Watergate

In conclusion, I'm not slamming online poker. I love the site I'm playing at now and will continue to play there and (most likely) win. However, I refuse to stand idly by and say nothing about a site (Full Tilt) that I feel has truly ripped me off. I will tell everyone I know (and those I don't) that playing at Full Tilt is a dangerous bet.


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