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Saravan 08-11-13 04:11 PM

Improve your tactics
Recently found an interesting program for poker. Here's a look.
Uni's tried. It is very interesting to know your opinion. How quickly you were able to understand.
As I understand it, the compiler differs slightly from the official.
No viruses, checked for virus total.
[URL]https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/11f97aa7f8c5a7e4fac4916a3b1fd37456f690e50ec591ed07 c9adef7d0b0b20/analysis/1375030394/[/URL]

baguspedia 04-30-14 11:56 AM

poker games is flexsible and lucky thing, i guest... math cant solve poker games to always win..

EmilAlmen 12-01-16 10:03 AM

In gambling psychological aspect is important to a poker player, second only to a very good statistic head to calculate the likely possibilities in the current game. Good luck.

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