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sportsbettor 06-28-04 06:00 PM

gee. he doesn't bring much to the table. he is just a man who sees poker writing as an opportunity to make his living. his books stink.

splat 07-02-04 06:00 PM

i thought lou was full of crap when i started, but only after i played a year or two did i see him as a voice of reason. Ive read everything he has written. See more of him at pokerpages .com.Thanks lou you ended my plans for becoming pro,got me to stop playing low limmit hell, and saved my family a few paychecks. thank you

stop the spam 01-06-05 06:00 PM

Man he spams too much Royal Vegas.

Tomasz152pok 08-26-05 06:00 PM

hi i have ask you pleas tell me when im plaing holdem NL end playing only trips how long to the table to cath end only playing trips cards thank

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