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Crix 06-19-04 06:00 PM

Simply georgeous, what more is there to say, oh yea, she plays a mean game of poker as well.

Crix 06-19-04 06:00 PM

She's got me so excited, I can't even spell gorgeous right.

Unregistered 06-20-04 06:00 PM

Do something about that mole hunny

Danielle 06-30-04 06:00 PM

Not only beautiful, but talented as well.

JimT420 07-12-04 06:00 PM

I herd Evelyn and Jennifer Harmon were offerd 100k+ by playboy to do a photoshoot. They were going to do it but Jennifer has been having problems with her kidney latley so the had to put the photo shoot on hold for a few months.

brill 07-12-04 06:00 PM

her chip tricks are wicked

steve L. 07-15-04 06:00 PM

wow, just... wow, lol

WTF 07-19-04 06:00 PM

What kind of last name is Ng...come on buy a vowel.

phillyscr 07-21-04 06:00 PM

Sooooooo pretty

Jay T. 07-21-04 06:00 PM

She is a great looking player. Did you see her on ESPN? She can do tricks with those poker chips better than any player.

blair 07-25-04 06:00 PM

Any more actual data on her? I swear I played her about 5 years ago at the Bellagio. Very low-limit; 4-8 and 8-16 tables. She was a distraction, and was noodling her chips nervously, but she wasn't winning all that hard; nor was I. Probably she got busted on the higher limit tables and was building her stake up again, but still on tilt. She's clearly cleaned up both her game and her chip-gags. It'd be fun to go up against her again.

Ryan 08-03-04 06:00 PM

I would have a very hard time playing at a table with her...too much of a distraction.

GoodNews 08-15-04 06:00 PM

very dangerous player, will get many caled/raised very often because of her looks making her a prime candidate to be an early chip leader

ericjtidd 09-02-04 06:00 PM

I LOVE Evy! She plays a mean game and is SUCH a cool girl...

Colin. 09-17-04 06:00 PM

Ng (ink w/o the k sound) is a actually a Chinese last name. She's probably comes from a Chinese-Indonesian family.

Chad 11-02-04 06:00 PM

Beautiful, rich, likes poker... I would definitely marry that woman.

brian 11-11-04 06:00 PM

she busted me at foxwoods. i loved every minute of it.

Chad 11-28-04 06:00 PM

3 words that best describe her...hot, hot, and hot!

djnpa_30 11-28-04 06:00 PM

all i can say is im in love...evelyn will u marry me

thedetroitrounder 12-03-04 06:00 PM

i dont know if i could have a wife who could beat me at poker, and she would, but with her looks i suppose thats the least i should care about.

play with my chips 12-06-04 06:00 PM

saw her on the game show network, she's hot.

??? 12-06-04 06:00 PM

what asian female poker player does negreanu go out with?

algi rhymer 12-08-04 06:00 PM

He's not going out with a female poker player he is engaged to a bird called Lori.I think he used to go out with Evelyn.

chris marsden 12-08-04 06:00 PM

She could do with getting rid of the those horrible moles on her face.

WTF Chris? 12-08-04 06:00 PM

R U gay?!!! I think you are, saying stuff like that about a woman that is obviously too good for you

roger/thesource/roger506 12-08-04 06:00 PM

evelyn will you marry me?

chris marsden 12-10-04 06:00 PM

No im not gay,she is an attractive girl and i presume a good poker player.However if you go on her site and look at the pictures she isnt "absolutely amazingly stunning",but in my opinion she would be better off getting rid of those couple of fury moles on her face.

Maybe 12-14-04 06:00 PM

but it doesn't really matter because she is just that hot.

Oz. 01-04-05 06:00 PM

From memory Ng is a Vietnamese name. Though last names and place of birth don't mean anything these days.

OMG 01-05-05 06:00 PM

you guys all need to freakin get out more. yeah there is no doubt she is fine but its not like she's the hottest girl in the world. get a god dang life and get over her, you know you could never get a girl as rich as her anyways

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