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No question there is hack software out there, plus the bad sub programming in "shuffling" programs. As most on the net know, the aggressive better gets more hands given to him. First one to all in usually wins. So the fools go all in preflop and win. I have seen 12 preflops all in win 12 times in a row by the same guy. His best hand was a pair of 5's. All others were low cards offsuit. The heavy better is NOT winning because of all the folding. They are actually being fed the cards on the turn and river. Always bad feeling when pockets aces lose to a small straight that was Flopped A-K-9, turn - 3, river - 5, Idiot stayed against HEAVY bets with a 4-2 and won. Bad enough it happend once. But same guy in 5 hands won an all in against 3 kings with small straight 3-7. Some sites are just fun to play. But for real money NONE are honest. You have to treat it simply as a software game and NOT a real poker hand. Look at Paradise Poker and all the Prima poker sites for their "auditted" guarantee from PriceCoopersWaterhouse. The paper is a fake. Not accepted in any court of law or contract. WHY? Because it is signed "PriceCoopersWaterhouse, Inc". --NO AUTHORIZED representative. No person held to account. No such thing as a company signing a document, some real human must sign their own name on BEHALF of the company.