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nyc rob
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agree with nyclub. prima especially has cards designed to help the poor players that call any bets with any possible draw no matter how poor it is. The price waterhouse is from south african company. and it specifies that they tested "a simulated deal" they never looked at actual cards dealt on the site. most sites claim their random number generator is tested. none test the cards dealt. they do not have to use the rng for every card. if the river card is selected rather by algorythim to allow the person they select to win (for whatever reason) the rng is perfect it is just not used for that card. Saying the site is fair because of an honest rng is like getting a ticket for running a red light and going to court with proof that your brakes worked. It shows that you COULD have stopped not that you DID. Certifiying a poker sites RNG only, Shows that they CAN deal random cards NOT that they did. The only way to insure fair cards is by statistically testing the actual cards dealt. Especially with regard to the odds of the favorate winning after the turn compared with how often the favorate actually did win. my experience is on most sites if 2 people are left after the turn. on aveage the favorate should win 70 - 80 % and online it wins about 60 % And in certain cardrooms (no names but prima comes to mind) if 2 people go all in preflop it will be 50 / 50 who wins no matter what the cards are. K7 off will beat KK half the time when it should win 1 in 20. AK will beat 99 half the time which it should. A 8 will beat QQ half the time which it should not. etc etc.