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BB Suprise

It seems to me that I nearly always go out on hands I would have never played, but got to see the flop for free (unraised big blind) and something catches my eye. Casing point: I was in a tourney the other day, BB with 56 off. No one raised so I got to see the cards for free. Flop 7-7-8. I've got an open ended str8. There was also a flush draw possibility on the table as well. Checks around, to one player who made a sizable bet, all fold, and it gets to me. I call, figure I'd see the turn. The turn comes a 9. At this point, I figure the potentials: He could have JT, but I doubt hed have made such a bet on the flop with a gut shot. He could have 9-T which is more likely, which now would only give him top pair with another open ended str8 draw. He could be holding a seven, giving him trips. All cases, Id have won. I figure my hands strong and throw my chips in the middle. Sure enough, he had the boat, 7s over 8s. At the end of the hand, I reflected, and of course I instantly wrote it off as a bad beat. However, its playing those hands that should have been mucked in the first place that will lead you down a road of hurt. Watch out for the big blind specials.