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My biggest mistake is sometimes I will choose to make a move, with someone that calls everything. just like the other night. I was on the button, with KJ suited. Final table of a multi table tourney, was in solid chip position to make some decent money. Well everyone at the table folded in front of me, so it was down to me and the BB. I decide to try and bluff a little at this pot, steal the blinds, keep everyone guessing. I raise all-in with my KJ suited and the big blind, after taking 5 minutes to think about this (really, 5 minutes), calls my all-in. In the read that i got from this player earlier in the game, he likes to play most hand in the BB's, and the only card that i was worried about was the Ace. sure enough he called my all in with ACE, eight unsuited. I asked him why he called my allin with that and he replied, "dead man's hand, thats the only reason." So he callled my all in with something he heard off the history channel. He went on to win the hand, ace high, neither one of us hit a pair, straight draw, or flush draw, just a really crappy beat.