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weak vs strength

i am weakest when i limp in with a medium pair and play it strong and unfortunately always seem to hold a hand like 88 and the flop come 25 9
i figure there is no way someone has the nine and overplay the hand....
ive been working on that..

i am also weakest when i know i am the best player at the table but try to bully and use my skills by being overly creative and unique- but that only works against good players - bad players usually call me and outdraw me or make huge errors but somehow beat me...

another weakness is ego-- i try to beat up a lot of players bc i know im better than them-- sometimes it costs me

sometimes i become mike matusow and blow up for no reason with a weak hand-- usually just before i cash in a tourney

my strength is reading people- in a tourney last week against 321 players which I took down- i made correct reads 12 out of 12 times and laid down top pair with top kicker four times and was correct....
i also folded kk and qq when i read kk or aa and was correct

my final strength is my insane ability to be fearless no matter the stakes or competition